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By Michael T. Tyler
Unpublished work Copyright, June 8, 1999, Michael T. Tyler

This Bust A Move 4 for Gameboy Color guide is for private and personal use only. It can only be 
reproduced electronically, and if placed on a web page or site, may be altered as long as this 
disclaimer and the above copyright notice appears in full. This guide is not to be used for any 
commercial, profitable and/or promotional purposes; this includes being used by publishers of 
magazines, guides, books, etc. or being incorporated into magazines, etc. in ANY way. This 
includes such gaming magazines such as Expert Gamer, Game Cave or the likes. This guide was 
created and is owned by me, Michael T. Tyler . Any and all copyrights 
and trademarks are acknowledged that are not specifically mentioned in this FAQ, including 
those belonging to Acclaim, Crawfish Interactive, Taito and Nintendo. Anyone else other than 
Michael T. Tyler claiming this FAQ as their own work will face a serious lawsuit.

1) FAQ History
	1.1 Version 1.0
2) Introduction & His Story
	2.1 Introduction to Puzzle Bobble (Bub & Bob 101)
	2.2 The Story... So Far
3) Controls
	3.1 Button Configuration
4) Game Basics
	4.1 Objective
	4.2 Special Bubbles
	4.3 Basic Strategies
5) Game Modes & Strategy
	5.1 Arcade
		5.1.1 Objective
		5.1.2 Mode Description
		5.1.3 Level Map
		5.1.4 The Pulley System
		5.1.5 Level Hints
		5.1.6 Ending
	5.2 Vs. Computer
		5.2.1	Objective
		5.2.2 Mode Description
		5.2.3 Playable Characters
		5.2.4 Hidden Characters
		5.2.5 Attack Patterns & Vs. Strategy
	5.3 Challenge
		5.3.1 Objective
		5.3.2 Mode Description
		5.3.3 Ranking Process & Stage Evaluation
		5.3.4 Level Descriptions
		5.3.5 Level Strategy
	5.4 Options
6) Scoring System
	6.1 Scoring Table
7) Codes
	7.1 In Game Codes
8) Other Resources
	8.1 Related Websites
9) Thanks
	9.1 Special Thanks

1) FAQ History

1.1 Version 1.0

Everything that is not included in later editions!

2) Introduction & His Story

2.1 Introduction to Puzzle Bobble (Bub & Bob 101)

* To be added in future update.

2.2 The Story... Thus Far

Planet BubbleLuna is where the twin brothers Bub and Bob live. This planet was very peaceful and 
calm until a momentous incident occured. Today, no sun resides over the planet BubbleLuna. In 
fact, there will be no sun rise tomorrow morning, or the morning after, or the morning after 
that... for now darkness and night continues without end. It is now believed that the fairy of 
the night, Cleon, probably stole the planet's magnificent light source, the Rainbow, as ordered 
by Full-Moon Madame Luna. Without the rainbow, Bub and Bob's world is without light. Ultimately, 
Madame Luna feared the Rainbow would be taken from her, so she divided it into seven (7) 
different colored light bubbles, and dispersed the light bubbles throught the universe. 

"We must get light back on our planet!" Bub abd Bob embarked on a universal-wide journey in an 
effort to retrieve the seven lost light bubbles. If Planet Luna is to ever see the light of day 
again, and everyone is to live happily ever after, they must succeed in their quest.

* Above two paragraphs copyright 1999 Acclaim.

3) Controls

3.1 Button Configuration

A = fire bubble
B = centers launcher
LEFT, RIGHT = move launcher right or left
START = pause game
SELECT + START + A + B = reset game to title screen

4) Game Basics

4.1 Objective

To eliminate bubbles by touching three or more bubbles of the same color to drop them. The more 
bubbles dropped, the higher your score. Continue to eliminate bubbles until all are gone. The 
game is over once a color or star bubble crossed the line towards the bottom of the playfield. 
Look under game modes for specific objectives and miscleanous information.

4.2 Special Bubbles

* Anti-gravity block - A block that floats upward.
* Fulcrum Block - Eliminated only once all attached bubbles are zapped into infinity!
* Jama-Block - Can not be eliminated, only dropped. 
* Rainbow Bubble - Turns to color of attached bubbles that are popped.
* Star Bubble: Eliminates all bubbles of same color it is shot with. For example, shooting a 
blue bubble on a star bubble eliminates all blue bubbles within the playing field. Cool, isn't

4.3 Basic Strategies

* Will be highly detailed in upcoming versions.

5) Game Modes & Strategy

5.1 Arcade Mode

5.1.1 Objective
The objective of arcade mode is to eliminate all bubbles in playing field to advance to next 

5.1.2 Mode Description
As in Mortal Kombat, you are allowed to choose your destiny with three difficulty levels. (Heh! 
Heh! Had to sneak that lame joke in there!) The difficulty level always shows a guideline and 
lasts only five rounds. To defeat arcade mode in normal or expert difficulty, all 30 rounds must 
be completed before running out of credits. A guideline is not shown unless you lost in a certain 
round and continued.

5.1.3 Level Map

Lev. 26-30 ..  U   V   W   ?   X   Y   Z
                \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ /
Lev. 21-25 ....  O   P   Q   R   S   T
                  \ / \ / \ / \ / \ /
Lev. 16-20 ......  J   K   L   M   N
                    \ / \ / \ / \ /
Lev. 11-15 ........  F   G   H   I
                      \ / \ / \ /
Lev. 06-10 ..........  C   D   E
                        \ / \ /
Lev. 01-05 ............  A   B
                          \ /

* Credit: Marco Marzolla, Bust A Move 2 Levels FAQ

5.1.4 The Pulley System

Beware, oh beware of the unbalanced pulleys! Here is an explanation of the pulley system from 
the Puzzle Bobble 4 FAQ by Carl Chavez, the Bub and Bob guru:

"A pulley consists of two anchor blocks attached to a rope. If each anchor has an equivalent 
number of bubbles attached to it, the pulley is balanced. If you add bubbles to one side, it 
pulls that bubble cluster down and moves the other up. *All* bubbles attached to the bubble 
cluster will be dropped if the anchor bubble is dropped, even if they're touching other
bubbles. The pulley will stop moving if the anchor's bubble cluster is connected to either 
another pulley anchor's bubble cluster, its own pulley anchor's bubble cluster, or to a
stationary anchor.

5.1.5 Level Hints

* To be added in future update for the more difficult levels.

5.1.6 Ending
You are congratulated and the more puzzles code is shown. Afterwards, the credits roll.

5.2 Vs. Computer

5.2.1 Objective
A winner is only declared once the opponent has a bubble crossing the bottom borderline of the
playing field.

5.2.2 Mode Description
For anyone familiar with the Playstation version of BAM4, the vs. computer mode in the GBC 
version is the same as the Win A Contest mode in BAM4 for PSX. With 16 or more wins, you 
complete an illustration of your character. Along the way, characters can be unlocked when
you face one and defeat it. Unfortunately the game does not save high scores or unlocked
characters, so they must be earned each time the GBC is turned on. UGH!

5.2.3 Playable Characters:

* Bub - The hero of our wonderful story! Has a bubbly personality. (Get it, bubbly!) Has
attack pattern for beginners.
* Alkanet - A princess from Planet Freeze. Attacks mainly with rainbow bubbles.
* Marino - The son of Queen Naleto of planet Wavy. Prepares for battle since Kingdom of the Sea
was roughed by the incident. Has an aggresive attack pattern.
* Kurol - A baby donning costumes prom planet Grrrrmm. Uses agreesive pattern in battle.
* Tam-Tam - The Lord Protector of planet Navajo. He can be nice, nasty or just plain Nicety! 
His attack pattern remains a mystery. 
* Cleon - See section 2.2 She wishes to overthrow Madame Luna to assume title Conquerer of the 
Universe. Attack pattern is versatile and aggresive.
* G - No. Not GTE, G. G is an old man from planet Ordeuax. Has an attack pattern for beginners.
* Brumb - My personal character of choice to humiliate competition. He is an evil, mad sorcerer 
from planet Marzuk. Has a very aggresive attack pattern.
* Develon - A cute dragon from planet Diable and is the arch-rival of Bub and Bob. A very
balanced character.
* Gigant - A cheif secutiry robot guard at a ruined castle on planet Gothic. Most aggresive 
charcter in game. 

5.2.4 Hidden Characters
* Will be added in next faq update.

5.2.5 Attack Patterns & Vs. Strategy
Abbreviations are as follows: R = red, B = blue, Bo = bright ornage, Lo = light orange, G = 
green, Ra = rainbow, St = star and F = fulcrum block.

* Bub - Bub's arsenal mainly consists of same colored bubbles. Never panic if bubbles are 
closing in on the bottom of the playing field. Due to Bub's attack pattern and the chain 
reaction system, hope is never lost, especially when the right bubble comes at the right 
moment. Attack pattern:

R  R  Lo Bo G  B  B
R  R  Lo Bo G  B  B

* Alkanet - Simply pop through the rainbow bubbles by popping three or more blue bubbles at once. 
Alkanet's attack also contains a star bubble and when popped at the proper moment will spell near 
instant defeat for Alkanet. Attack pattern:

B  Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra B
B  Ra Ra St Ra Ra Ra

* Marino - Battle using the same strategy as against Alkanet. The only differnce is that Marino
does not use a star bubble. Attack pattern:

Ra Ra G  Ra Ra Ra Ra
Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra B

* Kurol -  Offers a unique attack pattern. As with the three previous characters, never panic! 
With the right colored bubble at the correct moment, Kurol can be tossed to a major disadvantage.
Attack pattern: 

R  R  Bo Lo G  B  B
Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra

* Tam-Tam - Use similar strategy as battling Bub. Bub and Tam Tam's attack pattern are very close.
Attack pattern:

R  R  Bo Lo G  B  B
R  Bo Bo Lo G  G  B

* Cleon - The Fairy of the Night poses a serious threat except with one fatal flaw... Cleon's 
arsenal includes a star bubble. Be very careful and make sure to eliminate jama blocks ASAP.
Otherwise, your game might as well be over! Attack pattern:

R  Lo Ra St Ra Ja  B
G  Lo R  Bo B  G  Lo

* G - G's attack pattern is a modified version of Bub and Tam-Tam's. As usual, never panic when 
battling G because huge chain reaction combos are waiting to happen when battling this old 
geezer! Attack pattern:

R  G  R  Bo B  G  B
B  Bo B  G  R  Bo R

* Bramb - Bramb is quite possibly the toughest of playable character to defeat. His attack 
pattern contains not one, but two jama blocks and no star or rainbow bubbles. This makes
accuracy and major chain reactions a very important to perform while battling Bramb. It is 
imperative to not panic against this tough adversary. Attack pattern:

R  Ja  R  G  Bo G  B
R  G  Bo  G  B  Ja B

* Develon - With an attack similar to Bub, Develon's a true pushover. Attack pattern:

R  R  Lo Bo G  B  B
R  Lo Lo Bo G  G  B

* Gigant - Although no special bubbles appear in Gigant's arsenal, his misclanneous mixup
of color bubbles can add tons of misery to opponents. Like Brumb one major chain reaction by
Giant can cause an opponent nightmares. Attack pattern:

Bo G  B  Bo B  G  Bo
G  Bo B  G  B  Bo G

5.3 Challenge

5.3.1 Objective
To receive the highest ranking possible. 

5.3.2 Mode Description
After clearing a specific number of rounds, you are evaluated based on speed, accuracy and 
technique. There are five stages, each composing of five rounds except the third which is
one long round. 

5.3.3 Ranking System & Stage Evaluation
The GBC BAM4 version of the ranking system is totally opposite of the PSX version. However, 20
ranking levels still remain. The worst ranking is 10th Class. Other notable rankings include
1st Class, 1st Honor and Expert (Best). Each stage ranks you on a scale from A (best) to F 
(worst). If you fail to clear a certain stage, your grade is lowered by one letter. 

5.3.4 Stage Descriptions
Each level judges you based on certain aspects of gameplay. For instance level 2 tests you on time.
Below are excerpts taken directly from the BAM4 game. All passages are copyright 1999 Acclaim.

* Level 1 
"Let's clear!"

"Let's clear five rounds."

"Even if you fail, you can still go to the next stage."

* Level 2
"Hurry up! Hurry Up!"

"Hurry as quickly as you can."

* Level 3
"Rapidly advancing"

"Burst the advancing bubbles."

"How far can you go?"

* Level 4
"Burst as many as you can"

"Burst as many possible at one time."

"If you become too greedy, you'll fail!"

* Level 5
"Don't use too many bubbles."

"Try not to shoot too many of your bubbles."

"Aim as accurately as you can."

5.3.5 Level Strategy
Always remember that you always automatically advance to the next round of place regardless 
if you clear it or not. Also, each character has his or her own round configuration, but each 
round is similar for every character. I.E. You will not see pulleys on stage 1, round 1. 
Strategy will be added in upcoming editions of this FAQ for stages 1, 2, 4 and 5.

* Stage 3 Strategy - Note that this one long continous screen. It normally takes at least four
to five minutes to complete and each character has a unique configuration. For example, Kurol's
stage 3 includes a ton of star bubbles while Bub's contains many colored bubbles. Specific 
character strategies will updated in upcoming FAQ updates.

6) Scoring System

6.1 Scoring Table

Each bubble is worth 10 points when it pops. The table below gives bonus point value for extra 
bubbles popped:

Dropped Bubbles   Points
 1                    20
 2                    40 
 3                    80
 4                   160
 5                   320
 6                   640
 7                  1280
 8                  2560
 9                  5120
10                 10240
11                 20480
12                 41960
13                 81920
14                163840
15                327680
16                655360
17               1310720
18               2621440
19               5242880
20              10485760

A Bonus is also given between 0 and 500,000 for finishing within 28 seconds, unlike the PSX 
version where a bonus is given for round completion within 65 seconds. Don't ask why Acclaim
is so lazy. A more detailed time bonus breakdown will appear in the next update.

7) Codes

7.1 In Game Codes

The following code must be entered at the title screen. A small pink-orangish creature will 
appear in the bottom right hand corner to confirm correct code entry.

* Extra Puzzles: A, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, A

8) Releated Bub and Bob Sites

8.1 Websites

* To be added in future FAQ updates! For right now visit bubandbob.com, I personally guarantee,
you will not be disappointed!

9) Credits & Thanks

9.1 Special Credits & Thanks

* Special thanks to Acclaim for having plenty of great options. However, a special gas face 
(otherwise known as the Bozak) shout out goes to Acclaim for screwing up the color scheme.
* Carl Chavez for his wonderful Bub and Bob website and FAQ located bubandbob.com.
* Game FAQs and Just the FAQs for their magnificent FAQ sites.
* To me, for completely wasting my valuable time!
* Credit goes to Kao Megura for most of opening disclaimer.
* No thanks to Internet thieves and plagarisers. You cut-up cucumber heads suck serious 
posterior. And if I catch any plagarisers claiming my work as their own, you definitely haven't
heard of Smoking Joe Morrissey!

(c) 1999. Unpublished Works, Michael T. Tyler, .

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