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California Speed -- FAQ 
by Poln ([email protected])  <--  Send any corrections/problems here

What's New

-Added 1 quote when passing cars
-Added 1 quote when car is passing you

-Minor Fixes

-Fixed time to start (60 seconds)
-Added Monterey (rough start)

-Fixed some tracks.
-Fixed 2 p link

Currently, a FAQ + 9 Track Guides

Soon I'm going to tell you about the tracks in this game.

This is my first FAQ attempt at this game.  Hope this FAQ works well.  If 
there are any corrections or problems, send an e-mail to the address above.
Thank you.

Legal Disclaimer
c. 1998-1999 by Poln.  This FAQ is for personal use only.  No part of this 
FAQ maybe rewritten without the express written consent of the author. You 
may take something here your for your use, but please give credit where 
credit is due.  Don't stick you name claiming that this FAQ is yours.  NOBODY 
wants to plagiarize others people's work and rip things off. If I found out 
that this FAQ has been plagiarized, disciplinary action will be taken 
seriously (that means I can tell everyone that you're a lamer and your e-mail 
address will be filtered).  Also, this is free, don't make money selling this 
sh*t.  If you wish to redistribute, fine, but it has to be in its entirety.  
I don't want to see any type of abuse from this FAQ.

I've include some similarities of real life in CA and this driving game. 
Examples are SFO, Hearst Castle, and others... 

Welcome to California Speed.  This is one of the new racing games from 
Midway/Atari who brought you SF Rush, Radical Bikers X, and others.  If you 
are into racing games, then this game is for you.  Okay.. for this game, you 
can choose different scenery of California on what to race on.. There is a 
lap race available for those of you who like car racing like Indy 500 or 
Daytona 500 (vid Daytona USA/Daytona USA 2).  You can also choose "do the
state" option which can you race around CA.  When I first saw this game, I
think to myself "WOW, this is neat."

The signs/obstacles that you see are real. Example, in Silicon Valley, you 
see Hwy. 237 which is the Milipitas Freeway.  Technically, this is true.  
Hwy. 237 cuts through 101 and I-880.  Starts at HWY 85 (Mtn. View/Sunnyvale) 
and ends at I-680 which turns into Calaveras Rd in Milpitas.  It will also
take you to Great America theme park which is in Santa Clara as well as 
McCarthy Blvd (in Milpitas).  Silicon Valley is at the south side of the Bay 
Area.  P.S. Like the fast food _In-N-Out_ . 

Another real thing is the Call Boxes that you see at the side of the road 
every few feet or so when you are on a major Hwy/Freeway.  In real life, this 
is true.

For those of you who don't know what a Call Box is, let's say that you are 
in trouble, your vehicle has trouble, or you got involved in an accident.
You use call boxes to get assistance to suit your needs.  You may get service 
from CalTrans (Transportation dept), or from a response team (fire dept, 
E.M.T. or police).  When calling, you need to know what call box your 
calling, the location, what county, and your nature of your 10-80. (signs on 
call boxes will tell you where you are). If you got trouble in a city, the
response time is around 15-20 min. where if you are in the countryside, may 
take up to 2 hours (or more) to get there.    

During attract mode/demo session, if you press view 1, view 3, and Radio 
button together, then it will show you the version number like this: v1.0r8 
and the date.

Start of Game

When you first put in your coins, you get to select your track.  You can 
choose different races to play for OR you can choose an option to do the 
entire course which is similar to the Crusin' series. Yes, I did the state
before and it was very interesting.  If you want to know what the ending
is........ (maybe you should try to look at the bottom of this document).  
[For entire course, you will first start in Silicon Valley, then Santa 
Cruz....until you reached SF].  Sorry, there are NO hidden tracks in this 
game like the Crusin series.

+ If you decided to choose a race track option, you will do 3 laps around
  the track.  You will see your track time as you finish your lap (similar
  to other racing games).

Then choose your car.  Press one of the view buttons to select the 2nd row or 
the last row of cars to race.  You can choose from a hot rod, to an old car 
and/or *really* a golf cart.  I don't know why you want to choose it, but if 
you want to do it, that's fine.  You can change colors of your vehicle.  
Currently, I explain very well on how to do it now.  You can hold the RADIO 
button to choose a hidden car that is not shown.  One of them is a muscle
car, the other is a police car.  Hope that the vehicle you choose is the 
right one for you.

or...how about this... imagine driving through the mountains, go through a 
shopping mall accidentally/purposefully hit people ("GET OUTTA OF MY 
WAY!!!"), drive on a roller coaster track, drive on the edge of a bridge or 
drive on a race track.  You can with this new racing game, California Speed.  
If you run through street lamps, signs, (some pole), you have little or no 
effect in the speed as long as you are in control.  If you hit a tree, that's 
a different story.  The 3D graphics are really cool.  Example, in Monterey 
Coast, you see a cool water as you go through it.  Or in Mojave Desert, you 
see something that is awesome, but I can't put that in words that well. You 
may need to see it for yourself.

There are shortcuts and/or alternative routes throughout the game.  If you
can tell me where you can access it, that would be great.


Mirror Track

If you wish, you have the option of racing a mirror track.  All you need to 
do is choose a track, hold ALL 3 viewing buttons then select.  When starting, 
it will be different.  You will see a mirror image of everything including 
signs, turns, etc.  so if you turn right, the mirror image, you will turn 
left and vice versa.  Traffic flow will be the same so stay on the right
side of the road, if you can, unless you want to pass, avoid obstacles,
etc. I've haven't tried this myself so if you did this already, tell me about 
it and I'll add it to the FAQ.

Next, you choose your transmission...  Automatic or Manual.  

Now you can start the race.  

As in any racing game (except for Pole Position), you will start in last 
place, in this case 10th (2 player link, either 9th or 10th).  You are trying 
to pass all these cars towards 1st place.  You have 60 seconds to start.  
In race tracks (such as Searts Point Raceway), you have 45 seconds to start.
Extra time will be added as you go through checkpoints.  

When you pass the cars, do the best you can.  When passing cars and/or move 
up the ranking, you will hear a voice that complement you for doing so.  Here 
are some of the phrases...

"Nice Pass"     "Awesome Move" 
"Great Job"     "Cool..you're moving up"

When a vehicle is passing you.....

"You're catching up"

More will be added later....

Speed... the speed that you are driving is around 200-205 MPH on the 
straightaway.  Downhill up to 210+ MPH.  

Car Types/Stats

Here are a list of cars, speed, traction, etc. Thanks to Mike Turner 
([email protected]) for this info.

Cresta Convertible
Top Speed:                      203 MPH/325 HPH                         
Traction:                       Medium
Acceleration:                   4.65 Secs
Weight:                         2940 Lbs.
Horsepower:                     [email protected] RPM

Top Speed:                      206 MPH/330 HPH                         
Traction:                       Medium
Acceleration:                   4.71 Secs
Weight:                         3220 Lbs.
Horsepower:                     [email protected] RPM

Top Speed:                      200 MPH/320 HPH                         
Traction:                       High
Acceleration:                   5.01 Secs
Weight:                         5140 Lbs.
Horsepower:                     [email protected] RPM

Top Speed:                      206 MPH/330 HPH                         
Traction:                       Medium
Acceleration:                   4.73 Secs
Weight:                         3140 Lbs.
Horsepower:                     [email protected] RPM

Top Speed:                      206 MPH/330 HPH                         
Traction:                       Medium
Acceleration:                   4.71 Secs
Weight:                         3220 Lbs.
Horsepower:                     [email protected] RPM

Street Fighter
Top Speed:                      202 MPH/323 HPH                         
Traction:                       Medium/High
Acceleration:                   4.87 Secs
Weight:                         3140 Lbs.
Horsepower:                     [email protected] RPM

Wide Hog
Top Speed:                      201 MPH/322 HPH                         
Traction:                       High
Acceleration:                   5.01 Secs
Weight:                         7213 Lbs.
Horsepower:                     [email protected] RPM

Top Speed:                      206 MPH/330 HPH                         
Traction:                       Medium
Acceleration:                   4.71 Secs
Weight:                         3220 Lbs.
Horsepower:                     [email protected] RPM

Road Burner
Top Speed:                      205 MPH/328 HPH                         
Traction:                       Medium/High
Acceleration:                   4.85 Secs
Weight:                         4819 Lbs.
Horsepower:                     [email protected] RPM

Top Speed:                      205 MPH/328 HPH                         
Traction:                       High
Acceleration:                   4.65 Secs
Weight:                         4840 Lbs.
Horsepower:                     [email protected] RPM

Top Speed:                      206 MPH/330 HPH                         
Traction:                       Medium
Acceleration:                   4.71 Secs
Weight:                         3220 Lbs.
Horsepower:                     [email protected] RPM

Top Speed:                      207 MPH/331 HPH                         
Traction:                       Medium/Low
Acceleration:                   4.63 Secs
Weight:                         2240 Lbs.
Horsepower:                     [email protected] RPM

Top Speed:                      202 MPH/323 HPH                         
Traction:                       High
Acceleration:                   4.97 Secs
Weight:                         1140 Lbs.
Horsepower:                     [email protected] RPM

Velocity 6000
Top Speed:                      206 MPH/330 HPH                         
Traction:                       Medium
Acceleration:                   4.76 Secs
Weight:                         3140 Lbs.
Horsepower:                     [email protected] RPM

Top Speed:                      205 MPH/328 HPH                         
Traction:                       Medium/High
Acceleration:                   4.85 Secs
Weight:                         4819 Lbs.
Horsepower:                     [email protected] RPM

Top Speed:
1. F1                           207 MPH/331 HPH
2. C.H.P.                       206 MPH/330 HPH
2. Predator                     206 MPH/330 HPH
2. Fairchild                    206 MPH/330 HPH
2. M2                           206 MPH/330 HPH
2. Sledster                     206 MPH/330 HPH
2. Velocity 6000                206 MPH/330 HPH
3. Road Burner                  205 MPH/328 HPH
3. SUV                          205 MPH/328 HPH
3. Rodster                      205 MPH/328 HPH
4. Cresta Convertible           203 MPH/325 HPH
5. Street Fighter               202 MPH/323 HPH
5. Kart                         202 MPH/323 HPH
6. Wide Hog                     201 MPH/322 HPH
7. Dakar                        200 MPH/320 HPH

1. F1                           4.63 Secs
2. Cresta Convertible           4.65 Secs
2. SUV                          4.65 Secs
3. C.H.P.                       4.71 Secs
3. Fairchild                    4.71 Secs
3. M2                           4.71 Secs
3. Sledster                     4.71 Secs
4. Predator                     4.73 Secs
5. Velocity 6000                4.76 Secs
6. Road Burner                  4.85 Secs
6. Rodster                      4.85 Secs
7. Street Fighter               4.87 Secs
8. Kart                         4.97 Secs
9. Dakar                        5.01 Secs
9. Wide Hog                     5.01 Secs

1. Dakar                        High
1. Wide Hog                     High
1. SUV                          High
1. Kart                         High 
2. Street Fighter               Medium/High
2. Road Burner                  Medium/High
2. Rodster                      Medium/High
3. Cresta Convertible           Medium
3. C.H.P.                       Medium
3. Predator                     Medium
3. Fairchild                    Medium
3. M2                           Medium
3. Sledster                     Medium
3. Velocity 6000                Medium
4. F1                           Medium/Low


There are 3 Views that you can choose 

                             1. Road Cam           In this position, you are 
                                                   in the driver's seat.

                             2. Tailgate Cam       This view is like a car
                                                   behind a car as you 
                                                   followed them.

                             3. Sky Cam            This view is like a view 
                                                   from the helicopter.


When an oncoming car travels towards you or when you hit a slow moving 
vehicle, you'll to a flip and get back in the road.  You will lose 
considerable speed down to around 50-60 MPH and you'll lose time.  Bummer.
Also, if you hit the wall, or uncontrollable turn (sharp turn), you will also 
lose time for it.

What's unique from the other driving games is that you will need to know
approximately where the oncoming vehicle is.  For example, in Monterey
Bay, there is an oncoming car when you enter the golf course (when you
past the black fence) which you are entering Pebble Beach *or* in Santa
Cruz, there is an oncoming vehicle at the entrance to the roller coaster.
Name of the roller coaster BTW is the Big Dipper.  If you can spot that or
at least remember in the back of your mind, you could avoid obstacles that

Finish Race

You will cross the finish area (similar to Road Blasters, 1987-88), you have
completed the race.  It will show you the actual time that you did, and the 
record time.  Hope you break a record.  You get to enter your initials if you 
are one of the top 10 fastest times for this track.  

If you are in first place, you will receive a free race.  If you do, you can 
choose another track, and you can choose a different car if you want.  Some 
arcades, you will need to pay per play so check the screen carefully.  

There are 2 sets of fast times.  One is regular racing, the other is for 
mirrored track so if you race in a mirrored track, you will get to put in the 
fastest time in a mirrored track section.  When finished, will see the times 
that you raced in [mirrored]. 

If you don't like the default music provided, then you can change the radio 
by pressing the RADIO button located on the left site opposite of the START 
button.  You will hear music changes, but it won't show what the name of the 
music is.  

2 Player
For those of you have 2 player link, this is fun.  You have about 10 seconds 
after the first player start the button.  Otherwise, it will start solo.  
After you press start, one of you choose a race to start, choose 
vehicle...etc...  Race starts.  Under your place (like 7th place), you will 
see something like this:  1/2 or 2/2 which what place you are in a 2 player 
mode.  Whoever finished the race first, the other player have 5 seconds to 
finish the race.  Otherwise, your luck ran out.  This is different from other 
racing games where you don't stop in the middle of the race if the other 
player finished 1st.  When crossing the finish line, you can put you 
initials if you are one of the top 10 fastest times in your machine.  If 
you are officially in 1st place (by ranking, not by 2 player), you will 
earn a free game if you machine permits, otherwise, pay per play.

Update.. settings on different machines may very.  In 2 Player link, you
can earn a free game if you are 1st in terms of a player (first person
crosses the finish line plays for free, if not, the guidlines will be the
same (see above)

I wonder what happens when there is a dead heat.  

Now the guide..

NOT all if the Tracks are listed here.  More will be posted as I get some 
experience for those tracks or you can contribute to them..

Silicon Valley [Easy]
When you start, try to pass the cars smoothly.  You see buildings, companies 
that make high tech stuff, etc.  Turns are NOT very tight as you might expect,
but you may need to get a grip on the controls.  Otherwise, you may hit the 
wall, jump the curb, etc. and may loose speed and time.  Nearby, you see a 
highway sign which displays HWY 237 which is the Millpitas Highway.

Stay on the right side of the road as you can.. If you see an obstacle go
by, then try to swerve around it, hoping that you don't get caught in the 
middle.  When you pass the final checkpoint.  You will go through the wonders 
of the high tech era.  That is, what's it like inside a computer.  When you 
are in that area, there is NO oncoming traffic so you don't have to worry 
about hitting it.  This is the final lag to the finish. When you come in to 
the weird area, the voice would say "Wooo, Psychedelic."  In there you see a 
Pentium processor, lights, semi-conductor stuff, and parts for the computer.  
A rainbow of colors that you see as well..

You will also see the signs 3D FX..  (I thought 3 Com) oh well.. let me know 
if I'm wrong.  Then you go through a tunnel to the finish line.  Technically, 
when you are on a curve, try to have a smooth one.

There is a mini shortcut at the beginning of the race.  You go over the cones,
down the hill, then go up.  Kind of dismal so you should stay with the course.
                      Avg. Time 2:15:xx
                      Best Time 2:12:90

Santa Cruz [Expert]
You will start in Los Gatos, CA and you will go through HWY. 17 (I-880 will 
turn to Hwy. 17 once you past Los Gatos, CA (Near San Jose).  I-880 begins at 
the east end of the Bay Bridge (NEW Cypress Overpass, most expensive road 
project in U.S. history which is about 1 billion dollars).  Hwy. 17, just as 
in real life is a windy road when you get to Santa Cruz.  The highway is
closed when there's an accident, or mud slides.  It's a 4 lane curvy road.
Some people don't like to drive on Hwy. 17 because of the windy road, but 
that's the only way to get to Santa Cruz unless, you want to take Hwy. 156
west from 101 and then take Hwy 1 north to Santa Cruz. That is possible to do 
so, but it could take longer.  

Santa Cruz a town well known for the boardwalk. You will drive up and down the
hill of Hwy. 17 going through forest, mountains, etc. till you reach to town 
of Santa Cruz.  On the side, you will see Call Boxes (see above for what they 
are).  They mean nothing for the race, but in real life, will come in handy.  
There are sharp turns along the road so in you try to make a turn and end up 
in a wall.. It's hard to get out.  No foolin.  You will be frustrated and end 
up dead last.  

Once your there, you go through the town, then enter an amusement center where
you ride (I mean, drive through) the roller coaster.  The name of the roller 
coaster is "The Giant Dipper."  You will travel on the roller coaster track to
the finish line.  Careful, some of the turns are really tight so don't lose 
your grip.

For information about the Boardwalk, phone (408)-426-7433
Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce (408)-423-1111

Monterey [?]

You will start in a similar fashion as in Santa Cruz, but this time, in a
shorter stance.  The sky turns foggy as you drive near the coast. You'll
be off the road and drive on a beach sand. In the distance, you will see blue 
ocean water, and windsurfers having a wonderful time. As you drive through, 
you'll have a few hard lefts like in this diagram below.

           \    /\   \         
            \    \    \ 
             \    \    \    Wet sand
 grass        \   /     \
              /  /      /
             /         /
            /         /
           /         /

As you can see, if you drive onto the grassy area or on wet sand, your
speed may go down so be careful.. You also go under the deck.  Don't hit
the wood pilings.. (ouch..).

After the beach, you will drive through Old Monterey.  When you enter, you
will jump over the water, the drive around the old buildings past the
cannery (curvy road) until you enter the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  As you
get in, you will see fish on the windows. The drive is at an angle so
get a grip on the steering wheel.  While you in, there is a fork
up ahead.  You can either exit (regular to a road) [left side], or jump
out of the building through the glass [right side]. As you exit, you will
enter the 17-Mile drive which you enter pebble beach, a well known golf
course. You'll drive on a paved sidewalk til you reach the finish line.  It's 
ok to drive on the grass to a certain extent.  [of course, if you went out of 
bounds, you'll slow down]. 

#Monterey, and Monterey Bay Aquarium is a very fun place to visit. You should 
go to the aquarium because you can see and learn about different things in
the water.  This is one of the largest aquariums in the world.  You can join a
membership there much like a membership for a science museum and the zoo.  For
information about Monterey Bay Aquarium, call this number for more info...
                   ticket info... 800-756-3737 in CA 
                                 elsewhere call the info line or through 
                                 BASS tickets or you can go to this

There's Sea World in San Diego, and Marine World in Vallejo (about 1
hour north from SFO), but that's a zoological park and a different story.

Monterey Chamber of Commerce/Visitor Center # 408-649-1770

Hwy 1 [Expert]

This is a 2 lane road though out the course till you reach the end.  You will 
start at Half Moon Bay (I think) and you travel through the forest as fog
rolls around.  It's really foggy in the summer, but on a clear day, you will 
see a nice view of the Pacific Ocean.  No foolin.  You will also cross one of
the historic bridges where you see an arch at the bottom. pretty cool. Turns
can be hard.  Remember if a turn, you hit a wall, you are going to get

You will see people hitchhiking as you go along the road along the way before 
you reach the estate of Hearst Castle.  This is a 2 lane road.  Turns are 
moderate, not so steep or tight. When you cross the bridge, the bridge is a 
historic bridge that you may see in one of the postcards which it was built 
in the 1920's-30's.  Road is narrow so be careful driving.

There is an alternate route to this, you can drive beside the Pacific
Ocean on the sand.  You can also get a better view of the historic bridge
structure.  Very cool.. I don't where it is located.  Someone told me that
is not a good alternate.  Well..you be the judge and tell me.

Later on, you will drive on a grassy road, a gravel road and lastly through a 
swimming pool (you can drive around it if you want) to the finish line. You 
end up at Hearst Castle*. I'm not sure if the name of the swimming pool is
the Neptune Pool.

If you drive through the swimming pool instead of around it, you be careful 
at the ladder part of the pool so you won't hit the wall or pillar.

*If you don't know about Hearst Castle, contact the National Geographic 
Society.  They have tons of info for this place.  (Tours there are run by 
National Geographic).  This is located in San Simeon. [Remember, the
changing of the mind]. Hearst Castle is a fun place to visit.  There are 4 
different kind of tours cause the place is huge.  You need walking shoes cause
you need to walk around and through. You need to buy tickets for each separate
tour so plan ahead on which tour you want.  Tour 1 is the most popular one.  
This is for beginners.  There are tours 2-3 which they are good as well.  Tour
4 is seasonal only (spring/summer).  OH.. BTW.. you can't see it if fog rolls 
around.  Cause the quarters is on top of the ground.  Again, contact the 
National Geographic Society for more info.  
                        The number for info (805)-927-6811
                                Ticket info (800)-444-4445

Central Valley [Easy]

For me personally, it's should be intermediate.  Cause when you go through 
the mall, you need to be careful on where to drive.  

You start of the country side of the road where you see farm houses, silos, 
windmills, etc. (You will see tons of windmills off I-580 east of Castro 
Valley, CA).  The default music is the countryside.  Stay on the right side 
of the road as oncoming traffic may came and you could get hit. 

There are 2 secret shortcuts in this game.  You will enter from the left side
(I don't know exactly where they are).  You can see it by going through the 
barricades.  You will drive through a dirt road until you reach the main 

As you cross the railroad tracks, you are going to drive inside the mall.
A voice would say "oooh..shopping" or "drive thru shopping." As you go in, 
you see people all around it.  You can hit people there.  When you hit them 
you say to yourself, "GET OUTTA MY WAY" so you can drive through to the 
finish line.  Be very careful.  If you hit the trees, a wall, or whatever, 
you may get out of control so watch where you're going. You can go on the 
upper level or the lower level when you drive through the mall.  The finish 
line is when you are about to leave the mall towards the parking lot.   

Los Angeles [Expert]

At the start of the race, you can go take either I-5, or go through the cones 
and take I-405.  Dosen't matter what you take, you'll end up in downtown LA.  
You will see a HOLLYWOOD sign as you drive by.

   If you drive I-5, you will see a white sign on the left that tells you   
   $271 fine for violating the use of the carpool lane during certain
   hours. It's true.  Fines are variable in SF and LA so don't cheat in a
   carpool lane.  In SFO, NO CHEATING on the Bay Bridge. 

   If you drive I-405, you drive the upper portion, see the HY sign, then
   rejoin I-5 as you head into downtown.  You will see buildings, signs,
   thats about it.

In either case, you'll be forced off the freeway to drive into downtown LA. 
You will see a yellow sign straight ahead that says "Freeway Ends 1/2 MI."

When you drive through downtown LA you will see people on the sidewalk. You 
can hit them if you want. The Road is 4 lanes, turns are moderate... little 
difficult, but hope you can come out safely.

At the edge of downtown, you will go back to the freeway, with more turns and 
some are very tricky (think of a "pretzel maze" that what Caltrans call it).  
Again, choose the route you want (either go straight, or go through the cones 
(I-5 or I-405).

  I-5  - you will go on a downward slope, steeper turn. Stay on the right  
  side of the road. You don't want to be in an accident. You'll drive at an 

  I-405 - you can take it by going over the cones.  stay level for a while, 
  this is my favorite area cause its not as steep as I-5 (1st half of it 
  anyway).  You will curve right as you jump off the freeway (I-405) and join 
  I-5. (similar to a bus jump from the movie, "Speed." but not quite. 

The 2nd (latter) part is not as easy as you might think.  You will curve right
at an angle which is the hardest part of the race.  This curve is similar to 
Yosemite and/or Santa Cruz on the roller coaster.  You will be forced off the 
freeway and into the ditch.  

You are in a ditch (I don't know that the technical term is). Best side is the
left side because as you left the ditch to a road, it will be a smooth change.
Right side, may need to drive at an angle when you are in transition to a 

When you leave the ditch, you drive alongside the Pacific Ocean as you see 
the palm trees on either side of the road. You can hit trees, but it will 
slow you down.  If the speed is not reasonable, then you will hit and get 
stuck much like Cursin USA's Beverly Hills Race.  Turns are easy to moderate, 
not that difficult.

You are now entering a movie studio, which you may see on the cartoon TV show,
"Animanics." You will see movie warehouses, studio set, and other things that 
might me used in a movie. As you enter voice would say, "Hey, 
that's __________!" (name of a famous actor/actress).  You will finish the 
race as you leave the studios.

Los Angeles Visitor Center Number.. (213)-689-8822

Visit the LA website at http://www.calenderlive.com (part of the CitySearch 

Yosemite [Expert]
Before I begin, there is no oncoming traffic in this course so it would be a 
little easier on you (yea, right). This is one the hardest races in this 

Ah yes, Yosemite.  You will start driving on HWY 120.  Real life, Hwy. 120 
heading east from I-5 which is not far from I-580 (north of Tracy, CA) and 
I-205.  You will drive in a 2 lane road throughout the course.  You will go 
through the woods past the campers/tents and cross the river (hydroplane).  
Turns are very windy, this is as hard as Redwood Forest in Crusin' USA.
You will drive under the waterfall at an angle (similar to LA, Santa Cruz). 
If speed is around 188MPH, you're doing just fine.  As you leave the 
waterfall, you will go through 3 U-turns.  Those are the hardest part of the 
race. [If somebody wants to brief me on paper how to maneuver these U-turns, 
that would be great].  Once you leave, you will go through more windy turns 
trying to pass cars.  This is not easy.. Later, you will climb up El Capitan 
rock.  This is one of the well known landmarks in Yosemite.  You may drive 
out of control at times so if you are off the road, try to come back to the 
road. Then, drive through Tioga Pass to the finish line.  

If you want information about Yosemite National Park or any national park or 
forest, contact the US Forestry. You can also call this number for more info
(209)-372-0200. Yosemite is a very nice place to visit, despite the fire
several years ago (1992).

                               Avg time  2:02:xx
                              Best time  1:58:11

San Francisco [Expert]
This track is harder (as hard as Yosemite).  Turns are tighter and may require
you to ge a grip on your vehicle.  Anyway, you will start off crossing the
Oakland-Bay Bridge which is I-80.  You won't see the toll booth, but in 
reality, this is a toll bridge and you need to pay $1.00 to cross it when you 
head towards SFO.

No charge if you are going to East Bay.  As you cross the bridge.  You may see 
holes in the road.  The holes that you see came from the 1989 earthquake 
which measured 7.1 on the r. scale.  If you fall in the hole, you'll drive on 
the lower deck till you reach downtown.  You can drive up to the upper deck 
if you so choose. [You may not see Treasure Island or Yerba Breuna Island in 
this arcade simulation].  When approaching dtwn, you see overhead sign which 
is HWY 101 SFO, and Downtown San Francisco. (Real life 4th Street exit).  You 
will turn right and see buildings, another sign near the Ferry 
Building/Embarcadero area and a curvy road through Victorian houses. You will 
also going to pass Market St.  This is the main road in downtown SFO. (I can 
tell by the traffic light).

There are downhill which your vehicle will jump down to much like SF Rush.  
Control your wheel when you land. Be careful when you jump and try to land 
towards the Transamerica Building.  You may end up being crashed. ouch..

Try not to steer hard in those places.  A gradual turn would do. When you get 
through downtown, you will go through the toll plaza to cross the Golden Gate 
Bridge. Try not to hit the pillar as you go through the toll booths (much
like the toll booths in Crusin' USA's Iowa and Indiana courses). [Real life, 
No charge if you headed towards Marin County as you leave SFO.  If you cross 
the GG Bridge towards SF, there will be a $1.00 fee]. They'll make you detour 
to the edge where you drive up and down the cable.  You can use either side.

You see below a 10-43 which means that traffic is really tied-up and it's
bumper to bumper.  It's kind of neat to drive on the cable to avoid traffic.  
The only bad part is when you go up, the speed will go down till you reach 
the top, then you go down, up, down.

When completed, you are on HWY 101 headed north into the country side as you 
see green stuff there.  Also, its wine country.  You will drive there for a 
short time then you see Victorian houses on either side of the road which is 
similar to Crusin' USA San Francisco Track.  That is, you will go up and 

Later, you will go into the MUNI subway tunnel (1 level higher than BART
subway) and drive on its tracks.  Be careful of trains going by.  If you hit 
one, boy, you are screwed. Again, stay on the right side of the road. You 
will drive through stations and into the tunnel.  When you are at the end of 
the tunnel, you are at the finish line. yay.

If you are playing "do the state," this is the last race.

For information about MUNI transit in San Francisco and Daily City, call 

For BART subway, call (510)-465-BART 
[Yes, I know there are other local numbers to call BART, you just need to 
figure them out.]

Website for SFO.. http://www.citysearch7.com (part of the CitySearch

                      Avg. time 1:52:xx
                      Best time 1:48:xx  

More tracks later..


If you "do the state" and finish the entire course (14 races), you will see 
an awesome ending. The ending is very cool.. However, I'm not going to give 
away what the ending was.. If you are really desperate in wanting to know 
what it is, e-mail me about it and lets chat.

Contest is when you can e-mail to the address or snail main to get a T-shirt 
which is much similar to Road Blasters (which you completed 50 races).  Sorry 
the contest expired in September, 1998.  Aww.. to bad.  This frustrates
people when they completed the race only realized that the contest is over,
but you got an awesome ending to brighten up your day (or night).   


[email protected] -- Name of the roller coaster in Santa Cruz.
Mike Turner ([email protected]) -- Car information/stats.

That's it for now.. Be a good, but save driver.

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