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Q: How can I win races with the three beginners' cars? They aren't very powerful.

A: When you start the game off, you begin with one of three very weak cars - a Toyota Yaris, a classic Ford Pinto or a 
classic Volkswagen Beetle. In their stock state, you are not going to win any street races or car shows. However, you can 
modify all three of these cars. To do this, go to your garage and click on your car. Click 'customize' and you'll get an auto 
parts store with all kinds of custom parts. Go to performance modifications and start buying the initial upgrades - power, 
weight savings, handling, etc. They are very inexpensive and each one will add 20 performance points to your car.

Also important is how accurately you shift when you race. When you race, your task is to click as the light turns green to 
go, and shift before you hit redline. You'll earn points as you do these, but you will earn negative points for shifting after 
you redline. If you shift RIGHT before you hit redline though, practically as you first hit it, you will earn double the points 
as a bonus. So what you want to do, is practice before each race until you're absolutely positive that you can hit the bonus 
every time. With all of those extra points, you will very easily win races against similarly powered cars and even stand a 
shot in races against more powerful cars.

Q: How do I make money and gain levels in Car Town?

A: Do jobs, win races, deliver pizza, sell tacos or ice cream, and go on road trips. Functional items in your shop can also 
earn you money just by being in your shop.

Q: What jobs should I do? How do I do more than just fuzzy dice and car washes?

A: Fuzzy dice and car washes are great jobs for if you're actively playing, as they earn the most coins and experience per 
hour. However, they're not very good for if you need to be away from the computer for any length of time.

To do jobs other than those two, ignore your friends' cars and click on an empty bay. You'll get a list of jobs you can do. 
Just click the one you want to do. Set a long term job if you're going to be away from the computer for any length of time.

Q: Why did my customer leave without paying?

A: You didn't collect the money they owed you after the job was finished. After the job is finished, you have a time limit to 
collect the money which is equal to the length of time that the job took to finish (IE. You have five minutes to collect on a 5 
minute job, or 12 hours to collect on a 12 hour job).

Q: Who is Rusty and why is he my friend?

A: Rusty is a computer-generated friend who you can race with. Even if you have no other friends who play Car Town, 
you can still answer his challenges, win money and gain experience by beating him in a race.

Q: How do I earn free cars?

A: Two ways. Sometimes you will be offered a car to test drive, and you can keep it if you win a certain number of races 
within a week. Other times, Rusty will race you for pinks, so if you beat him, you keep the car he races you with. If you 
lose, you still get to keep your car, you just won't get his car. 

Also, your friends who play the game might post bulletins saying that they found an abandoned taco truck, milk truck, or 
ice cream truck. If you are the first to click the link that they post, you get to keep the abandoned truck as your own.

Q: Does it matter who I hire to work in my shop?

A: no, you can hire anybody you want. They don't need to be someone who plays the game already and they don't need 
to accept any invites to play. Their character will simply be in your shop, and can do any job you want them to.

Q: How do I hire more people/expand the shop?

A: Unlock the ability to hire more friends or expand the shop by gaining levels.

Q: What items should I buy for the shop?

A: Buy more work bays if you want to do more jobs, but only have as many work bays as you have people working in your 
shop, because any more than that is useless. Buy functional items in order to make extra money just for having them in the 
shop. Other items are for decorative purposes only.

Q: How do I win car shows?

A: Make your show car stand out by customizing it. Lift it, lower it, paint it or give it a custom decal. Add big rims, 
whitewalled tires, and undercarriage neon lights, add a body kit, add a spoiler. The more your car stands out, the better 
the chances of winning a car show, especially if you enter a special work truck, but even a regular Yaris, Beetle or Pinto 
can win if it stands out.

Q: Will the money earned from functional items ever expire?

A: No, unlike job money it will never expire. You can take as long as you want to collect money from functional items.

Q: I don't have enough room in my shop for all of my cars. What should I do?

A: Either expand your shop or put cars in storage. Stored cars can still be taken out later.

That's all for now. If you have anymore questions, post them in comments!

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