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        '##b,  '###b   '###b   !##Y/                                              
       &####b &#####b &#####b  d##V
      '#b d#P'#P  '##'#P  '## !##Y
      ##'    ##   Y####   Y## d##V
      ##    g##   d####   d##!##!  
      ##, d#Pd#b '##P##' '##Pd##'     , 
      d#bd##Pd####P d#####P!!########/
       ###P   &##P   &###P  d#######/  
    '######b  .####b,  .###,     d#####b  @####b   d#####Pd#####b  d#####/   
    &#######b&######b  #####'   !#######b ######b '#####'!#######bd#####/ 
   '##P  ###b##P $##b &#P ##'   d#P  @##B d##`$#b d##    d#P  @##[email protected]##(
   &##  a##P&##  &##P'##' ##b  !##b :d##P'##  ##b'#####P!##B :d##P d####\
  '######K '###  &##P########' d#######  d##  ##Pd#####'d#######    d####B
  &#P  ###b&##b d##Pd########'!#### @##b'##b d#P'###   !#### @##b     )##B 
 '##  a###bd######Pd#### '###bd###P ####d######Pd#####Pd###P #### /#####P
 &########b Q####P/####P &########' ###K4#####' 4#####7####' ###K/#####P
                                       ######P   Y######B
                                      ######P    )######B
                                      ######b    )######'
                                    #####P     )######B
                                    #####b     )######B
                                     #####b   d######P
                           CoolBoarders 3 FAQ
                              Version 1.5
                            By: Robert Stone
                       E-mail: [email protected]
             The latest version of this FAQ can be found at:
                           PlayStation Haven
                  http://welcome.to/playstationhaven or

                          Cheat Code Central



*****Important: Please Read*****

To best view this FAQ, it is highly recommended that you use a basic text 
veiwer, such as Wordpad or Notepad, with a type-writer font such as Courier
New. The margins should be set at one inch, as well as the font size 
should be 10 or lower. The exact characters are 76 characters per line. The
FAQ is being veiwed properly if the dashed line above this paragraph isn't 
cut off and fits on one line. Now that you've been completely confused, 
onwards to the rest of the FAQ.


-- Table of Contents --

- What's New in this Version

- Introduction

- Frequently Asked Questions

- Rumors

- Controller Key
  - Directional Pad
  - Buttons
  - Commands

- The Characters
  - The Regular Characters
  - The Secret Characters
- The Boards
  - Free Ride
  - Free Style
  - Alpine
  - Secret Boards
    - Free Ride
    - Free Style
    - Alpine

- The Tricks
  - Spins
  - Flips
  - Grabs
  - Grinds
  - Scoring System
    - Trick Points
    - Combo Points
    - Ultimate Combos

- The Courses 
  - Downhill
  - Boarder X
  - Slalom
  - Halfpipe
  - Big Air
  - Slope Style
  - Avalanche
  - U.S. Open

- Tournament Tips

- Cheats
  - Codes
  - Completion Date Screen
  - Different Views

- Gameshark Codes

- What's Different from CoolBoarders 2
  - Graphics
  - Controls
    - The Power Bar
    - Tricks 
    - Fighting (#_*)
    - Announcer
  - Scoring System
  - Courses

- Credits

- Legal Mumbo Jumbo


-- What's New in this Version --

Version 1.5 (7/24/99)

- Finally completed all of the course descriptions. Wahooey!
- Deleted all of the records in the "Courses" section. Read the correlating
  FAQ to find out why. It's #12 if you can't figure it out.
- Added some new FAQs. Obviously.
- Included a new paragraph to the Ultimate combos section.
- Made some final touches to the Introduction.
- And yes, I do realize that this was a big skip in the version number, but
  I wanted to keep it looking somewhat even. ^_^

Version 1.0 (3/5/99)

- Added a new FAQ.
- Included an extra note on the GameShark codes.
- Added new locations where the "handplant" trick is possible.
- Added some stuff on Sasha in the "Characters" section.
- New spin, biggest, and most grabs records.
- Rewrote "Introduction".
- Added an extra tip to the "Grinds" section.
- Added more people to the "list". Blah Blah Blah.
- Took some sedative (That was a joke if you were wondering).

Version 0.9 (1/30/99)

- Deleted the "Rumors" section.
- Revised two of the answers to FAQs #6 and #11.
- Added new sub-section to the the "Tricks" section, called "Ultimate 
- Updated and revised all of the records in the "Courses" section. 
- Added an important note to "Courses" section pertaining to the records.
- Put in the number of the flips for the biggest flip record. 
- Still need to finish the secret characters and boards charts. 

Version 0.8 (1/22/99)

- Deleted the "secret" cheat. It doesn't work apparentally.
- Updated the biggest flip record (again).
- Added the point total for an "Insane 6 button combo".
- Included a lot more FAQs.
- Restated two of the answers to the FAQs.
- Added another rumor to the "Rumors" section.
- Added tons of more people to the PEOPLE WHO'VE ACTUALLY FINISHED 
  AVALANCHE chart.

Version 0.7 (1/9/99)

- Added course descriptions for the Boarder X and Slalom courses. 
- Updated Avalanche course description. 
- New cheats added. 
- Seriously overhauled the "Frequently Asked Questions" section.
- Rewrote some of the second paragraph in the "Introduction" section. 
- Included a cool, new chart that mentions all of the people who've 
  finished the Avalanche course in the (of course) "Avalanche" section. 
- Redid the "Cool" section of the CoolBoarders 3 ASCII Art, it was really 
  bothering me before.
- Even gave this section a new look. Don't you love it?

Version 0.6 (1/1/99) 

- Updated biggest flip and spin records (so quit mailing me about it!). 
- Added the first frequently asked question (hey! isn't that what this thing 
  is for?!). 
- Updated all of the stats for all of the boards. 
- Added a "Rumors" section. 
- Added details to the "Courses" section.
- Added very neat tip about performing combos (see "Combos" section). 
- Put in an extra paragraph in the intro. 
- Added a new cheat to the "Cheats" section.

Version 0.5 (12/5/98)

- Well, since this is the first version, everything is new. This FAQ isn't 
  even close to being completed, but I think what I've got down currently 
  will be of some use. Hooray!


-- Introduction --

Well, hi there. If you're really busy and just wanna know some of the 
gameplay factors of this awesome game, then read right on ahead. I just 
want to make out some points to you (the reader) during this FAQ. I'll be 
refering a lot to CoolBoarders 2, and how different it is compared to
CoolBoarders 3 (even included an entire section on it). I'm just warning 

Now that I'm done with this FAQ, it contains (almost) everything you'd need 
to know about CoolBoarders 3. I don't really want anymore e-mail about this 
FAQ, as I'm pretty much through with updating it. I'm pleased to see that 
there are actually some people who read this, as I'm glad to know that all 
this hard work was for the benefit of someone out there. You people out 
there should also take note that many of the questions that I get from 
my e-mail can be answered by just reading the FAQ. I also promised a 
certain person that I'd add a "cheesy combos" section to the FAQ, but I
didn't have the time, sorry. Some one also suggested that I add a section 
to the FAQ about what I'd like to see in a sequel to this game. If I get 
enough submissions about this, I just might go to the trouble of making one 
more update. And that's final ^_^! Otherwise, enjoy reading this FAQ that 
I've so diligently worked on.

Oh yeah, and if you want to see a really cool effect with the ASCII art, 
kinda unfocus your eyes for a few seconds and move your head in circles 
(if you do this too long, it'll give you a headache, not to mention people 
might think you're doing some kind of bird impression. Believe me, it's 
happened ^_^, Just kidding)(Another side note: If you just took anything
that I just said seriously, you should have your head examined). Well 
that's enough of my bad humor, so on with the show! I guess.


-- Frequently Asked Questions --

1. How do you finish the Avalanche run?

Please read the "Avalanche" section in the "Courses" chapter.

2. What's the best way to land a trick combo without losing your pointage?
Headed Downhill? regular stance / crouch? leaning uphill? Which key(s) 
work best to right yourself? The L2/R2 Spin keys? Flip? Lean? Can you help
analyse and break down how to land a heavy combo without wiping out and
blowing it?

Well, some advice I can give is to give yourself some time to land instead
of mashing the buttons until the last second. You almost always land with 
the proper lean, but I usually fall because I'm halfway in a spin. Try to
adjust left to right with the directional pad. Or you could always go for 
the safe route and just pull off a bunch of grabs in the air. It's mainly
your personal taste that should determine how you should land.

3. How do you pull off a quad frontflip and on what course?

To perform multiple flips, just keep pressing the command for that kind of
flip multiple times. The only courses where it seems possible to be able 
to do a quad frontflip is on the Alps and Devil's Butt Big Air, Mt. Koji 
Halfpipe, and Powder Hill Downhill courses. If anyone else has been able 
to a quad ff on another course, please e-mail me.

4. How do you erase and/or replace the stupid programmers names off the 
high scores listed for best times and highest points in the various events?

You must beat the record time and/or point total (depending on which 
course) for that course in the Pro difficulty setting. All of these times
and point totals are listed in the "Courses" section. The Professional 
difficulty is the only difficulty in the game that you can set records at.
This doesn't really matter in the single person events like Halfpipe, Big
Air, and Slope Style, but it makes it a lot harder to beat the records on
the Downhill, Boarder X, and Slalom courses, where you actually compete 
against computer-controlled opponents.

5. Once, when I beat the record for Mt. Koji, Boarder X The game put in a
Trophy Icon on it's Intro/Map Page even though it never offered and/or
delivered a Trophy for that Event? What's up with that?

All that you need to do to get a trophy for the racing (ex. Boarder X and 
Slalom) courses is to get first place. Oh, and you need to be in Pro 
difficulty, also.

6. Where the hell are the rest of those secret boards??? esp. ULTRA FAST ???

I'm very confused on this subject, since I've seen other people with a 
different order of secret boards and riders. If someone could give me the 
list of the order that you get the secret characters and board in, I'd be
very thankful. But ULTRA PRIME is one of the last secret boards that you 

7. In the print ad (in OPS mag) there's a shot of the boarders going 
between two snow plows. What the heck course/event is that on?

The snow plows are found on the Devil's Butt Slope Style course. That is 
a pretty neat looking section of the course, if I do say so myself.

8. Analog vs Digital keypad on Dual Shock. (Or) Are you using either or 
both simultaneously?

Well, I like to use the analog (regular) directional pad when performing
tricks, while I use the digital (joystick) keypad for racing. On Downhill
courses, this causes me to become utterly confused ^_^.

9. Should I just cheat and enter in all the secret passwords right away
or should I keep playing the game fair and square, and patiently wait for
it to open up the secret boads, characters and Mountains?

You should do whatever you damn well feel like doing. I personally got all
of the courses, boards, riders, whatnot first and then just used the cheats
for some amusement.

10. Why are all the reviews of this games so lame? 

Don't ask me, I think it's a great game. I have heard bad things about 
this game being too much of a sequel, but I think that is why I wrote the
"What's Different from CoolBoarders 2" section.

11. Where's this secret course that I've been hearing about?

I'm just guessing that you've heard the rumor that there's some kind of
super secret course that is so hard to unlock. Well with all the mail I've
gotten, no one has actually confirmed this course, yet I _have_ had people
un-confirm it for me. I really really really doubt there is such a course.
Move on with your life and don't be so dissapointed.

12. What happened to all the records in the "Courses" section?

I took them all out because people kept submitting them to me, even though
I explicitly put a notice at the top of the "Courses" section saying that 
I wouldn't add any records since they weren't made for submission. I had 
just put them up there to be a guide as to what is good and what isn't. 
But, since I'm sick and tired of responding to people who send me records, 
I just decided to delete them.

13. How much is "Too Much" when it comes to playing CoolBoarders 3?

When you write a FAQ for it ^_^. And when you send crazy e-mails to people
telling about how long you've been playing CoolBoarders 3. Yes, I mean 
you, CLB!


-- Controller Key --

Here's the Controls for CoolBoarders 3, as well as my abbreviations of the 
butttons and directions:

      [ L2 ]              [ R2 ]                 
      [ L1 ]              [ R1 ] 
     UL  U  UR             
      O  O  O              (T)
       \ | /
   L O---+---O R      (S)       (C)
       / | \
      O  O  O              (X)
     LD  D  DR

Note: CoolBoarders 3 does make use of the Dual Shock Analog controller, so 
you can use the left digital joystick. The directions for the digital 
controller are the same as the analog one listed here.

-- Directional Pad --

U = Up direction on the controller
D = Down direction on the controller
L = Left direction on the controller
R = Right direction on the controller
UL = Up-Left direction on the controller
UR = Up-Right direction on the controller
DL = Down-Left direction on the controller
DR = Down-Right direction on the controller

-- Buttons --

S = Square button
X = (You guessed it) X button
C = Circle button
T = Triangle button
L1 = L1 button
L2 = L2 button
R1 = R1 button
R2 = R2 button

-- Commands --
Press = Press and release the button or direction
Hold = Hold the button down for the time mentioned
+ = Execute the next command 
() = Execute these commands simultaneously


-- The Characters --

The all-to-handy section on the many "characters" in this game. I must 
admit, some of these riders seem pretty stereotypical to me...

-- The Regular Characters --

The regular characters' abilities aren't up to par with many of the secret
characters', but everybody has to start out with them, so might as well
get acquainted with 'em.


Cliff       This guy seems good enough, but he's just your average boarder.
            He's got a cool sweatshirt, but that's about it.
Summer      Your main girl character, with blond hair. Really can't say 
            much else about her except that she seem's pretty quick.
Flint       Besides Travis, this is my fav character. He gets real high 
            when he jumps, plus he seems to pull off flips quickly. Plus,
            he's got the coolest hair in the game (besides Cool).

Sasha       I have to admit, Sasha looks like one of the ugliest girls 
            I've ever seen. I really don't use her that much. But Mike says
            that she's a very good boarder, so I guess I'll take back what
            I said. (But she still looks like a hoochie ^_^)

Nick        This guys seems like the game's impression of a punk 
            snowboarder, but I guess he isn't all that bad. The goatee is
            cool, but that beanie of his gives me headaches. 

Grant       A black guy with pretty simple wear. He (believe it or not) is
            a pretty good jumper.

Violet      This girl looks like she's gonna shatter if she's falls on a
            jump. Obviously, she wears violet colored clothing. 

Joker       OK, there's just one word to describe this guy: weird. With 
            that blue mohawk of his, he is the oddest looking regular 
            character in the game. I guess that mohawk has some good 
            aerodynamic properties cause he's pretty good for racing.

Blake       I guess this was the developer's idea of what a homey-G 
            snowboarder should look like. He's got the headphones and 
            everything. Haven't used him that much.
Travis      As much as I hate to admit it, this is my favorite person. 
            This little midget is kinda like the alien in CoolBoarders 2,
            being that he's small and a fast spinner (not as much as the 
            alien was, though).

Akiko       She's your basic Asian rider, my friend uses her a lot, cause
            he says she's got good agility.

Tadashi     He's another Asian boarder, as if you couldn't guess by the 
            name. When the comp uses him, he's always one of the fast ones.
Gordon      This guy is nothing special in the appearance department, but 
            he's got really good agility.

-- The Secret Characters --

This is the section that lists (guess what!!!) the many secret characters
of CoolBoarders 3. I don't think that there is any disticint advantage on
the courses when it comes to regular characters, but some of the secret 
characters are the much better and faster, plus they're the coolest looking 
ones in the game. 


Fast Eddie     You gotta love the racing helmet! Real fast!           

Mars           This guy looks like he's been smoking something.      

Kimber         She's kinda plain, pink duds, cool pigtails.      

Irving         I never imagined an old man snowboarding, but it happened.      

Bob            A cowboy that's got hops. The whole getup is there, jeans,
               cowboy hat, giant belt buckle, the works. He seems to be 
               floating when he jumps.

Joshua         Some kinda doctor or somethin'. Basic snowboarding wear. 
               He's a good all-around kinda guy.      

Cool           One word: Disco! He's got the fattest afro this side of 
               "Saturday Night Fever". He's also got some weird symbol on
               the back of his jacket.     

Burg           Heard he's the fastest (and fattest) character in the game. 
               Likes burgers. A lot more than you realize, judging by his
               appearance. Another character I thought I would never see 
               in a snowboarding game.     


-- The Boards --

Boards completely affects how well your boarder does, so it is essential to
choose the correct board for the right situation.

-- Free Style --

Free Style Snowboards are predominantly for tricks, mainly the Halfpipe and
Big Air contests. They have the most balance, middle of the road handling,
and poor speed.


Name         Max Speed   Response  Stability     Average         Make     

Special          1          9          9          6.33          Burton     
Chopper          1          9          9          6.33          Burton
Punch            2          9          9          6.66          Burton
Canyon           2          8          10         6.66          Burton 
Concept          2          8          10         6.66          Burton

Personal Favorite: Concept

-- Free Ride --

Free Ride Snowboards are the balance between Free Style and Alpine boards.
They are good for Downhill, certain Boarder X and Slope Style courses. All
of the boards stats are usually middle-of-the-road.


Name         Max Speed   Response  Stability     Average         Make

Charger          8          6          6          6.66          Burton
Motion           8          11         6          8.33          Burton
Swatch           8          7          7          7.33          Burton
Supermodel       9          11         7          9.00          Burton
Mountain         9          6          7          7.33          Burton

Personal Favorite: Supermodel

-- Alpine --

Alpine Snowboards are for one purpose: racing. Don't even think that you'll
be able to pull off any kind of trick with this type of board. But what it
does do (race, that is) it does extremely well. This board has the best
speed and handling of all the regular boards by far. But like I said before,
don't even try to jump with this thing because its balance is nil.


Name         Max Speed   Response  Stability     Average         Make

Wire             11         13         2          8.66          Burton

Personal Favorite: Just Guess...
-- Secret Boards --

The game becomes a lot easier once you get access to a few secret boards. 
You can get the secret boards by meeting or exceeding the required score 
and/or time that's listed at the bottom of the loading screen for each one
of the Downhill, Halfpipe, Big Air, and Slope Style courses for each 

-- Secret Free Style --


Name         Max Speed   Response  Stability     Average        Make     

Balance          4          7          11         7.33         Burton     
Custom           6          7          12         8.33         Burton
Waara            8          6          13         9.00          Ride
Brushie          10         6          14         10.00         Ride
FL               11         5          15         10.33        Burton

Personal Favorite: Custom

-- Secret Free Ride --


Name         Max Speed   Response  Stability     Average        Make     

Element          10         9          9          9.33         Burton     
Timeless         11         6          10         9.00          Ride
Freedom          11         11         10         10.66        Burton
Mahaffey         12         6          11         9.66          Ride
Johan            13         6          12         10.33        Burton

Personal Favorite: Freedom (The best board in the game, in my opinion)

-- Secret Alpine --


Name         Max Speed   Response  Stability     Average        Make     

Factory Prime    13         13         2          9.33         Burton
Ultra Prime      15         13         2          10.00        Burton

Personal Favorite: Ultra Prime


-- The Tricks --

This section is devoted to the all-powerful tricks that you must master to
be truly effective at CoolBoarders 3. There will be a description for each
of the kinds of tricks, any helpful hints, and the best record of each 
trick (please submit any records that beat out mine). I didn't know where
else to put this, but press X at the beginning of a race to start off 
faster (like you didn't know that already).

-- Spins --

Spins are the backbone of any good trick. Most of the time, you should 
start off a trick with a spin. You can spin in the air by pressing L2 or
R2 once your boarder is in the air. The degree of the spin correlates with
the score you get for the spin. So if you do a 360° spin, you'll get 360
points for the spin. 1 point per degree.

:: SPINS ::

Frontside Spin:   L2     1 Point per Degree
Backside Spin:    R2     1 Point per Degree 
(Note: These commands are for regular stance riders. If you selected 
goofy stance after the board select screen, please reverse the above 
Biggest Spin: Frontside 1800° - 1800 Points          

-- Flips --

Flips may not net you as many initial trick points as spins, but they are
easy to pull off and relatively quick (especially the frontflip). But 
most importantly, they are essential in pulling off a big combo. I really
suggest using the frontflip over the backflip, because it's easier to 
land on the back of the board than it is to land on the nose of the board
(yes, that was confusing wasn't it?). Yet, I've heard that a Rodeo flip 
will make you spin a lot faster. Take special note that if you keep using 
one kind of flip too often, the initial points that you get for the trick 
itself will decrease. Here's the list of the different kinds of flips.

:: FLIPS ::

Frontflip:        U + C     400 Points
Backflip:         D + C     400 Points
Misty:            L + C     250 Points
Rodeo:            R + C     250 Points
(Note: To execute two or more flips in the air, just press the command 

Biggest Flip(s): Hyper Back Flip (5 Flips) - 2000 Points

-- Grabs --

A truly skilled player will be able to add grabs into his combo of tricks.
There are nearly a dozen different grabs. You should keep your grabs 
varied throughout your run through a Downhill course, Halfpipe, Big Air 
contest, etc., because you won't get as many points for grabs that you 
use too often. You can do as many as eight grabs in one trick (it might be
possible to do more, but I've never personally done it myself). Oh yeah,
if you want your grabs to accummulate more points, then perform the 
command for the trick, and then hold the button that you used for the 
trick. This looks very cool with a spin.

:: GRABS ::

Tailgrab:         D + X     50 Points
Stiffy:           U + X     250 Points
Stalefish:        L + X     75 Points
Sad Air:          R + X     75 Points
Indy:             DL + X    100 Points
Method:           DR + X    200 Points
Japan Air:        UL + X    150 Points
Melancholy:       UR + X    100 Points

FS Shifty:        L + T     204 Points
BS Shifty:        R + T     204 Points
*90° Noseslide:   D + T     10 Points
*180° Noseslide:  U + T     10 Points
(Note: The FS and BS Shifty commands should be switched if riding in the 
"goofy" stance)

* The Noseslides aren't actually grabs, since the point deduction rule 
doesn't apply to them and the fact that they can be performed on the 

Biggest Grabs: Melancholy to Method to Indy to Japan air - 4776 Points 
Most Grabs: Hyper Tailgrab (9 grabs) - 372 Points

-- Grinds --

Grinds are probably the most underestimated trick in CoolBoarders 3. But,
if you want to be good in the Slope Style courses, you're just gonna 
have to learn how to use grinds effectively. To perform a grind, just 
tap the triangle button when you're near a rail. Your boarder should jump
onto the rail and start grinding. If you'd like to change the way that 
you're facing when you're on the rail, hit L2 to turn left 90° or R2 to
turn right 90°. This is helpful when you want to land straight on the
ground after a grind, because if you don't land after a railslide, then you 
don't get the points (duh). The cool part about grind though, is the fact
that you can charge your power meter while on the rail. This means you can
jump off elevated rails and perform tricks! The railslide actually becomes
the first part of your combo! This adds an entirely new dimension to the 
art of grinding. Plus, even if you don't have the air time to perform a big 
trick in the air (like when the rail is on the ground), just add on a 
Noseslide after jumping off the rail. Hey, it's cheesy, but it'll net you 
a few extra points, won't it? See what you can mix up with a grind.
-- Scoring System --

This is the section dedicated to the all-important scoring system, which
should be understood thoroughly before playing the game.

-- Trick Points --

These are the points you get for just doing the trick. Ex. 250 points for
a misty flip or 10 points for a Noseslide. If you do multiple tricks in 
the air, they will be added onto one another. Doing multiple tricks in the
air will also give you combo points, which is discussed in the next section.

-- Combos --

You can really start to rack up points if you do multiple tricks in the
air, known as combos. The bigger the combo, the more points. The way to
make combos in CoolBoarders 3 is as simple as this:

Spin + Flip + Grab + Grab + Grab = Big Combo Points

That's it. I'm not saying this is the best way to pull off combos, just 
the way that I found was the easiest. You could always switch or skip
one of the forementioned steps in the combo, whatever suits your taste.
If that string is too simple for you, you can always add on another
flip or two. The trick is to be able to pull off all of these in one 
simple, smooth string of commands. **IMPORTANT TIP** A really quick and 
easy way to combo with a flip and grab is to press in a certain direction, 
and then press X + C at the same time. It's like killing two birds with 
one stone. Hee Hee (Stone). Yeah I'm pathetic, making jokes out of my 
last name ^_^.

-- Ultimate Combos --

There are ways to extend combos beyond the basic formula that is shown in
the previous paragraph. If you've read the "Rumors" section before this
update, you would've noticed that one of the rumors was that it is possible 
to actually jump, do some tricks, then land directly onto a rail, and 
then jump of the rail and continue doing tricks in one, single combo. Well,
this is now a fact, and one that you should take advantage of if you're 
skilled and lucky enough. The timing is very critical, since the way that 
you combo a jump into a railslide is by pushing T at the exact moment 
before your rider is about to land onto the rail, otherwise your rider will 
collide with the rail and you'll lose all of the points for the trick you
just did before you landed on the rail. I know this may sound confusing, so
here's a diagram of what I just said:


Let's just say, this can have a whole lot of potential when it comes to 
combo points. But this rare and difficult to perform, so I only suggest
that you try this if you're good and your rider is aligned perfectly with
the rail.

Another way to extend your basic combo is by performing a "handplant" on 
the Devil's Butt Slope Style course. I haven't done this personally, but
some one sent this to me in an e-mail and I was wondering if anyone else
out there can do this, so here's what the e-mail said. "I can do it on 
the jump across the snow plows (moving) on the (Devil's Butt) Slope Style
course - what i do is jump off the left tree rail, do a flip-spin-grabs
hit down and triangle (not exactly sure how it happens) I then bounce off
the moving snow plow on the left and do more tricks and land." I've now 
had people tell me that it's possible to do this off the truck on the 
Everest Downhill course, the finish line banners, and off of those camera 
men that are on those camera towers. Try to do this, and if you do then 
you're a true combo master-san. If you're having trouble seeing this 
happening, I've made another diagram.

JUMP + COMBO + HANDPLANT (press T right before landing on snowplow) 

Believe it or not, but there is actually another method that has been 
found to extend your combos. It's pretty simple and it's actually quite 
possible to do if you're fast enough with the buttons. All that you need 
to do is start a basic grind, jump, do a quick grab (like a tailgrab), 
press T again to grind again, and then jump off for a combo. Sound simple 
enough? This is slightly difficult (not nearly as much as the previous) but
quite do-able. As usual, I have provided a diagram for those people who 
like to see things visually.


And there you have it, your all too valuable guide to impossible tricks 
and combos. I've provided a combo point chart below for your veiwing 
pleasure (and I do realize, that I put pretty much everything in this FAQ 
about CoolBoarders 3).

Easy (2-button)     |   250 Points  
                    |                [+750 Points]
Medium (3-button)   |   1000 Points 
                    |                [+1000 Points]
Hard (4-button)     |   2000 Points
                    |                [+1500 Points]
Extreme (5-button)  |   3500 Points
                    |                [+1500 Points] 
Insanity (6-button) V   5000 Points

Note: I think it's possible to do even bigger combo, but you'll only get
an extra 1500 points. Notice that after an Extreme combo, the extra amount
of points doesn't rise.


-- The Courses --

SPECIAL NOTE: The records posted here will not be updated or SHOWN here 
anymore, because I didn't design this section to be a bulletin board for 
who has the highest score on whatever. All of the records that were posted 
here were very beatable, and I've realized this from the many people who 
sent in records that were better than the one's that were posted here. I 
had just designed the records charts so some one could look at them and 
aspire to beat them. But I guess no one really cared about that, so I 
deleted them so the ingrates who kept sending me email with their records
would stop bugging me. Plus there's always that almighty fact that most of 
the people who send me records can't prove it to me, also.

-- Downhill --

The Downhill courses are kinda like a test of all of your skills put 
together in one event. To break the records on these courses, you will need
to get both a fast time and a good trick score. The one point of advice 
that I'd give to you when racing on the Downhill courses is to stay 
conservative. If you bail out when pulling off some big trick, it's almost 
certain that you'll lose the race (and therefore not beat the record). When 
racing, if you want to be sure that you'll win, stick to doing grabs, and 
flips if you have enough time, so there's little risk of you messing up on 
your landing. Believe me, once you get good enough, the trick points will 
show up. Just worry about getting to that finish line first. I strongly 
recommend that you use a mid-range board, or maybe even one of the faster 
Free Style boards, like FL (but then again, if you have the FL, you don't 
have too many more records to break, now do you?). 


Powder Hill:            1st with 3400 

Devil's Butt:           1st with 4100 

Mt. Koji:               1st with 4200 

Alps:                   1st with 4400 

Everest:                1st with 5000 

-- Boarder X --

Boarder X is a mix betweeen Downhill and Slalom. You race against three
other competitors. The courses are designed like Downhill with Slalom-
style gates. Even though it's possible to knock down an opponent with
punches, I recommend not doing it, since you could easily be KO'ed 
yourself. Just concentrate on going as fast as possible. The fastest
way to get a good, fast start is to hold down on the directional pad.
You can get an extra 2 to 3 mph faster if you hold down. The best way
to corner is to not let up on holding down, but to keep holding down
and turn with the left or right directional button and edge by using
the Square button. You can turn more sharply, so the turns are quicker
and don't reduce your speed as much as letting off the down button and
just turning with the directional pad. Boarder X takes a lot of practice
to finish with a good score, so memorize the where courses' tough 
corners are and start turning early. When racing, try to keep the time
in the air to a minimum, because you go just as fast (if not faster) 
when you're on the ground, and you don't have to worry about landing on
a tree, mogul, fence, icy rock, other rider ^_^, etc. When it comes to
board selection, all three factors of the board come into play in 
Boarder X. Most importantly, speed is _the_ most important factor. It
doesn't matter how well you can handle a course if the competitors 
blow by you. Response and Stability are important on different courses.
Certain courses are very even, but have many tight corners. I'd 
recommend a good handling board in this case. Whereas, other courses 
have a lot of jumps that make you land at funny angles. These courses
should be attacked with a board with good balance. And that's all I 
have to say about that. 

-- Slalom --

Slalom courses are the most technical courses in all of CoolBoarders 3.
Don't use anything but an Alpine board, or use you'll miss much too many
flags. Use the Square (edging) button with reckless abandon, especially in
those sections where you don't have that much time between flags. In the 
Slalom, you're only competing against one other person who usually isn't 
anywhere near you, so don't ever go out of your way to fight. NEVER EVER do
tricks on a Slalom course, since there's no reason to at all (the records
depend on wheter you finish in a certain time, not with a certain amount of 
trick points). If you miss more than one gate or fall down during a race, 
just restart (if possible) since your opponent will gain a very large lead 
that you won't be able to recover from (especially in Pro difficulty, but 
what other difficulty would you be racing at? ^_^). In a nutshell, just use
the strategies that you would use for a technical Boarder X race.  

-- Halfpipe --

The Halfpipe is a test of your button jamming skills, and one shouldn't be 
hasty to hold back. If there ever is a time to pull out all the stops, the 
Halfpipe is it. You will pretty much land everything when on the Halfpipe, 
as long as you have a decent Free Style board and you're not in the process 
of a grab, flip, etc. You can literally land sideways and not fall down, 
but this still is a bad thing. You're rhythm gets completely wasted if you 
land funny, and therefore your speed gets killed in the process too. This 
kinda gets eliminated if you pick a board with a higher control rating as 
you can get back on rhythm a lot easier if you get set in the correct 
direction. This is why I don't like using the FL board too much on the 
Halfpipe. Also, remember that you are being timed. Even though I usually 
never run out of it, you should still always be wary of it. 


Powder Hill:            17500
Devil's Butt:           14000 

Mt. Koji:               28000 

Alps:                   38000

Everest:                49000

-- Big Air --

Big Air is a lot like Halfpipe in that you will want to go all out when 
performing tricks, yet it is not nearly as easy to land in the Big Air 
event. Also, there's the fact that you don't need to worry about carving 
and turning at all on Big Air, so just go for the board with high speed 
and balance ratings. Going for multiple flips would also be a good idea, 
as it adds that little extra 400 points that you need to get over the top 
in the subject of points.


Powder Hill:            3200

Devil's Butt:           4400
Mt. Koji:               9200 

Alps:                   7700 

Everest:                9500

-- Slope Style --

On the Slope Style courses, you only have one chance, so make it count 
by going conservative and build small combos at the beginning, then bust 
out the big tricks at the end of the course. Always plan your jump or 
grind ahead of time, so you'll be prepared for the jump. Don't go out of
your way for some big ramp when there's a rail or small mogul nearby. Most 
likely you won't be powered up enough or line up correctly, though you 
were in perfect position for a good small trick off the rail or small 
mogul. Once you think you have enough points and time is starting to run
short, head straight for the finish line, or you'll start losing tons of
hard-earned points. Also, once you're in penalty time, don't do any 
tricks, because they won't be added to your score.


Powder Hill:            4000

Devil's Butt:           5030 

Mt. Koji:               7250

Alps:                   6450

Everest:                8350

-- Avalanche --

The last mountain you earn isn't really like the other mountains, just one 
Downhill course. The catch is that you're being chased by an Avalanche and
that the snowballs coming down the course hurt you. You're boarder can 
only take so much punishment, and when you've been hit by about five
snowballs in a close interval of time, the screen will go white and you'll
have to start over or quit. Believe me, it's a test of your insanity point.
I don't know if it's lazy programming on the developers part, but the only 
advice that I can give is that the giant rolling snowballs will always be 
in the same spot, no matter how fast or slow you go. So, memorize where the
snowballs are going to be, and aviod those areas. Also, if you have the 
chance after you've been pelted, move out of the way as quickly as possible,
because the snowballs come down in lines, so once you get hit once, you
usually get hit lots more. And for those people who can't seem to clear that
final big gap just follow the directions from this e-mail that I got, since
it explains the process better than I could: "I dont know if you have passed 
the Avalanche level yet, but just before the "unjumpable" gap stay all the 
way to the left of the screen. There is a tall rock divider just before the 
gap. Stay to the left of it. There is another ramp over there, taller than 
the one in front of the gap. Hold x and jump over. The (course) finishes 
right after that gap." After the course finishes, your rider should raise 
his/her hands in the air, like they had just won an event. The screen will
turn white and you'll be given the option to restart or quit. Some of the 
best characters to use for this course seem to be Joker, Fast Eddie, and 
Bob, while the best boards for this course seem to be the Johan and Mahaffey 


If you're having trouble with Avalanche, you should ask these people, 
because they know how to beat it better than I do. This list is final and
I won't be accepting any more entries, sorry.

Andrew Maltby       [email protected]
Tom Ekman           [email protected]
Drew McWilliams     [email protected]
Steve Miskovitz     [email protected]
Kersti Poindexter   [email protected]
Ryan Norris         [email protected]
Steve Sander        [email protected] 
Nick                [email protected]
                    [email protected]
Joey Campagnola     [email protected]
                    [email protected]
Rob Fancher	        [email protected]
                    [email protected]
Brandon Damm	  [email protected]	
Michael Ward        [email protected]
Richard Rhee        [email protected]
Bill Johnson        [email protected]
Rosie B.            [email protected]
Joe King            [email protected]
Dog1.               [email protected]
Travis Simpkins     [email protected]
Tim Hussar          [email protected]
Mike Maksymowych    [email protected]
Chris Martin        [email protected]
Chris Yee           [email protected]
K.C. Rothbart       [email protected]

-- U.S. Open --

Well, what can I say? This is just another kind of extra tournament that 
you get access to once you've completed all the other ones. Just follow 
the previous course outlines that I mentioned above and you should do 
just fine and dandy.


-- Tournament Tips --

Here's some helpful hints when it comes to tournaments:

•  Always know what event is coming next, so you can pick the best board
for the best situation. It says the next event at the bottom of every
results screen. But if you forget anyways, here's the order:

Boarder X Semifinals
Boarder X Finals
Slope Style
Big Air
Slalom Semifinals
Slalom Finals

•  You gotta know what boards to use when, so here's a list of what boards
to use for each event.

Boarder X - Free Ride or Alpine
Slope Style - Free Style or Free Ride
Halfpipe - Free Style
Big Air - Free Style
Slalom - Alpine
Downhill - Free Ride or Alpine
(Note: There may be two types of boards listed for some events. This is 
because you might want to sacrifice speed for balance with a Free Ride 
instead of an Alpine on the Boarder X and Downhill courses, and some 
Slope Style courses are long, so you might want some extra speed that 
you could get from a Free Ride board instead of a Free Style.)

•  If you do good on the first few events, save your game so that if you
mess up, you can just go back and retry it with your good scores. Don't 
worry if you don't get first place in every event. Unlike in CoolBoarders
2 (oh great, here he goes again), you don't have to get first place in 
nearly every event, because the field evens themselves out. Hopefully, 
you'll get a few first place finishes, but it's probably possible to get
first place in a tournament with all second place finishes (I wouldn't 
know, since I usually get first or last place ^_^).

•  If you have a lot of patience and want to be cheesy in the tournament,
you can always start a tournament and get first place in the first event,
save, then restart from your loaded tournament if you don't get first on
the second event. You usually only need to get first place in the first 
three events and you'll win the tournament. (I know this paragraph is 
contradicting the previous one, but both methods can be used, just that 
this method is a lot cheesier.)


-- Cheats --

Here's some codes for the game, like it isn't easy enough ^_^. (I didn't
make these myself, so I take no credit for them.)

-- Codes --

Enter one of these codes as your name at the Tournament entry screen, 
you'll hear someone say "cheater" or "big heads activated" in the 
background, depending on which cheat you input. You can enter all of them
at one time if you wish, just erase the first name and input the second
code that you want. You don't have to go through a tournament to activate
the codes either, so just press Triangle once you're through with 
inserting the codes that you want to use:

wonitall     Access all tracks
open_em      Access all riders
bigheads     (Believe it or not) Big heads 
             (L2 shrinks the head, R2 make it bigger)
showpos      Shows your position in the bottom-left corner of the screen

-- Completion Date --

At the screen that has the single player or split screen option, press 
and hold (L1, L2, R1, R2) to show the date the game was completed on the 
bottom-right hand corner of the screen.

-- Different Views --
(Submitted by: Pete Dako - [email protected])

You can use the "select button" to cycle through a few different close-up
views during regular play. You can also use the down arrow and left arrows 
to slow and/or stop action during replays.


-- Gameshark Codes --

These codes have been confirmed to work, except for the version 2.4 
Gameshark, which has been said to have problems with the codes, so if they 
don't work for you... well, tough luck ^_^.( I didn't make these codes 
either, so again, I take no credit for them.)


Have 50000 Points                      8009AD9C C350 
Always Place First & Infinite Time     8009C694 0000 
Have All Mountains                     80069078 0005 
Have Extra Characters                  800BD7CC 0015 
Have Extra Free Style Boards           800BDDE0 000A 
Have Extra Free Ride Boards            800BDEF8 000A 
Have Extra Alpine Boards               800BE010 0003


-- What's Different from CoolBoarders 2 --

This is the section where I describe what differences there are between 
the most recent edition of CoolBoarders as compared to CoolBoarders 2. 
If you've never played CoolBoarders 2, then go and buy it right now, 
you're doing yourself a favor (It's a greatest hit, or something like 
that, so it'll only set you back $20). Even though CB 2 is a great 
game, CB 3 is in a different league when compared to CB 2, and a much 
more realistic experience. But now on to the detailed sections, 
explaining why each one of these factors are important in CoolBoarders 3.

-- Graphics --

First off, when I started playing the game I was really impressed with 
graphical detail, but that isn't really important when it comes to playing
the game. What _is_ important though, it the game's processing speed. 
Even though the game is really fluid, it does seem considerably slower.
This allows more time to prepare for jumps, as well as tricks in midair.
In CB 2, you were tapping out the grabs as fast as you possibly could, 
while in this game, it allows more time for grabs. But I'm not saying 
that this makes tricks easier in the long run, but allows beginners to
have more time to perform grabs and simple tricks. For info on this 
subject please read on to the controls section.

-- Controls --

Oh yes, the controls. You might as well as throw away all of the rumors 
that you've heard that say CB 3 is anywhere close to being like CB 2 in 
the controls department, because I can't stress how different they are 
when it comes to controls. There are many different elements of the 
controls that need to be given attention to.

-- The Power Bar (No, not that energy food crap) --

In CB 3, instead of charging up for as long a time as possible as you 
did in CB 2, you have to actually time your power level in this game. 
Power is important in determining the height of your jump, as well as
the quickness in which you pull off tricks in midair. Also, that power bar 
in the bottom right hand corner of the screen actually falls after it has 
reached its peak for a second or so. Believe it or not though, you can 
raise that power bar before a jump. How is that possible, do you ask? If 
you hold down, your bar will slowly rise. You can do this anytime, not 
just while you're holding down X. I think that it also correlates with 
speed and momentum. If anyone knows anything more about the 
characteristics of the all-powerful power bar, please tell me.

-- Tricks --

Of course, what would a CoolBoarders game be like without eye popping 
tricks. Sadly to say, you can't pull of anymore 7600º spins or 2060º 
misty flips with the Alien now. But you now have the power to decide what 
you're gonna do in mid-air in CB 3, instead of on the ground like you had
to in CB 2. The button layout has been changed too. These two factors 
take on large importance, and if you want more info on this subject, 
just read the Tricks section in this FAQ.

-- Fighting --

In the December 1997 edition of "GamePro" magazine, the reveiwer for 
CoolBoarders 2 said "If you only you could punch your opponent, we'd be
talking godlike (as relating to the gameplay of CB 2)." Well, apparently 
that guy must've been on the development team from CoolBoarders 3, 
because there's fighting in this game. Yes, you can actually punch out 
the guy standing next to you. All it takes is two punches right after 
the other to knock one of your opponents flat on their butt. I have to 
stay it's a stress reliever, and one of the main reasons for playing 
in two-player mode.

-- Announcer --

Thank god! There isn't one! I just realized this when I went back and
started playing CoolBoarders 2 again. That guy was so damn annoying! I
can't thank the developers enough for not including an announcer again!

-- Scoring System --

The scoring system in CoolBoarders 3 is a lot easier to figure out than
CB 2, mainly because of the fact that the computer keeps a running score of
what you do in mid-air. It takes out a lot of the guess work of what your
score will be once you've landed the trick. The scoring system is somewhat
different too, and the two main parts of the scoring system are trick
points and combo points. If you want to know more about the scoring system,
check out the Tricks section.

-- Courses --

The courses have some major differences from CoolBoarders 2, but the width
is the most important element when it comes to difference in style of 
gameplay. Instead of those thin, "tunnel" courses that relied heavily on 
tight control in CoolBoarders 2, the track is wide. There are multiple
ways to go around the courses, unlike in CoolBoarders 2, where you were
given a jump, and you took it. This allows you to replay courses and find
better jumps that you didn't notice the first time you went down the 


-- Credits --

These are all the people blessed enough to be added to my contributors 
list. If you think that you've been short-handed and would like your name
posted here, please complain to me with evil hate-mail ^_^. If for some
reason, you don't want your name posted (like that would ever happen)
please tell me and I'll be sure to take it off as quickly as possible.
(If you have some info about CoolBoarders 3 that you think should be posted
in this FAQ, please mail me at [email protected])

Myself =) - Of course, I'm gonna thank myself for working so diligently
on this thing for what seems like forever. Whew, I'm beat. I
think I'll take a nap...

[email protected] - For confirming the Gameshark codes.

Matt Bagwell ([email protected]) - For submitting the biggest grabs 

CLB ([email protected]) - For submitting the biggest spin and flip 
records. But what's up with that last e-mail you sent me... must've been
playing too many hours of CoolBoarders 3.

Mike Cemino ([email protected]) - Telling me that it's possible to
do quad frontflips off of more courses than Alps Big Air.

Pete Dako ([email protected]) - For submitting the "Different Views"
cheat and asking some really thought provoking questions, and then 
answering them for me! Oh yeah, and for inspiring me to make even more 
corny jokes throughout this FAQ, so blame him ^_^!

Will Decker ([email protected]) - For telling me about the Noseslide
trick after a grind (like I didn't know that all ready ^_^)

Tom Ekman ([email protected]) - For telling me about the jump to railslide

GameFAQs.com - For letting me put this FAQ onto their site. You have gotta
go to this place if you haven't already.

Kevin R. Hart ([email protected]) - For telling me about the 5000
point combo.

Nate Heim ([email protected]) - For the compliments and informing me about
the infamous flip record thingie.

[email protected] - For being another one of the people who reminded me
about the flip record.

Janne Käyrä ([email protected]) - For giving me the idea about the third 
Ultimate Combo. I still couldn't get it to work the way that you told me 
how to do it, though.

Zach Keene - For letting me "copy" his copyright info. 

Chris Kuhn ([email protected]) - For confirming the five flip record.

Kyle ([email protected]) - For the "handplant" combo linker trick, and
for verifying the jump, to railslide, to jump linker, too.

Mike Maksymowych ([email protected]) - For giving me THE biggest spin
record and most grabs record, along with making me change my opinion about

Andrew Maltby (howie[email protected]) - Being the first person to explain
really well how to finish the Avalanche course. Plus, he was the first 
person to tell me that it's possible to do a hyper backflip. This guy's 
a gaming maestro!

Chris Martin ([email protected]) - For telling me that the "handplant" 
combo is possible off of the truck on the Everest course.
Drew McWilliams ([email protected]) - For confirming all of the 
Avalanche info and for submitting some really high scores for the Everest
Halfpipe and Slope Style courses.

Notorious D.O.U.G. ([email protected]) - For being the first person to
tell me about how you can do four flips.  

[email protected] - Flip record, blah, blah.

Steve Sander ([email protected]) - For explaining how to clear
the gap at the end of the Avalanche course so well. Thanks a lot!

Mike Sanderson ([email protected]) - For e-mailing me with the ideas about 
what the developers could add to the sequel for this game. Maybe someday, 
I'll write up a section about it.

Aaron Vanover ([email protected]) - For sending me a load of stuff,
much too much to mention. This guy sure does like his CB3!

Michael Wyatt ([email protected]) - For telling me the hint about
pressing X at the beginning of the race for a speed boost.

Idol Minds - For making such a great CoolBoarders game with enough new
ideas to make me wanna play this game all day long.


-- Legal Mumbo Jumbo --

Yeah, I know that I'm copying off of Zach Keene's Einhänder FAQ (with a 
few renditions of my own, of course), but he phrases it so well...

 This CoolBoarders 3 FAQ is (C) 1998 Robert Stone. As Grand King-Pimp-Daddy 
of Copyrightedness, I grant upon thee the following rights:

1) Thou mayst give this FAQ to whomever you so choose. The key word here is
   "give". If anybody gets paid for this, it darn well better be me. :)

2) Thou mayst put this FAQ up on thine website, so long as it remains
   completely intact. And I do mean completely. But, please e-mail me 
   before you do so.

(Oh yeah, Zach Keene just wishes he was a King-Pimp-Daddy like me ^_^, if
you're reading this, Zach, I'm just kidding)

The Unofficial CoolBoarders 3 FAQ (c) 1998, 1999 by Robert Stone. 
CoolBoarders 3 (c) 1998  989 Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment

                              !!!The End!!!
 !!!Now you don't have to put up with anymore of that lame humor of mine!!!

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