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         /  ______/| /  ____   /|  /  ____   /|  /  /|
        /  /|____|/ /  /|_ /  / / /  /|_ /  / / /  / /
       /  / /      /  / / /  / / /  / / /  / / /  / /
      /  / /      /  / / /  / / /  / / /  / / /  / /
     /  /_/____  /  /_/_/  / / /  /_/_/  / / /  /_/____
    /_________/|/_________/ / /_________/ / /_________/|
    |________|/ |_________|/  |_________|/  |________|/
      ____  ____  ____  ____  ___   ____  ____  ____
     |  _ \|    ||    ||  _ \|   \ |  _ ||  _ \|  __| 
     |    /|  | ||  | ||   _/|  | ||  __||   _/|__  |
     |  _ \|  | ||    ||   \ |  | || |__ |   \  __| |
     |____/|____||__|_||_|\_||___/ |____||_|\_||____| 
                           ___   ___
                          /  /| /  /|
                       __/  /_//  / /
                      /_   ______/ / 
                      |/  /|_____|/
                      /  / /
                     /__/ /
 ´          Cool Boarders 4 guide for Playstation            `
            |By:          Saturn                 |
            |E-Mail:      [email protected]       |
            |Created:     04/07/2001             |
            |Last Update: 04/08/2001             | 
            |Version:     2.0                    |
            |Based in the European PAL version   |

 ´                        DISCLAIMER                         `

  Copyright (c) Saturn 2000. This Faq is exclusively for 
  personal and private use. It cannot be reproduced, 
  modified, reedited, published or used for any promotional 
  or comercial purposes. Only available at www.GameFaqs.com.
  I will not give you permission to use this Faq in your Web
  site. However, I might change my mind at any time. You may
  print this Faq if you wish so.  

  Cool Boarders(c)1999 Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc.

  If you have any question or simply want to contribute or
  give your opinion, feel free to E-mail me. However, I will 
  not reply the following topics: flaming (If you want to 
  criticize my faq, do it in a moderated way), personal 
  opinions about the game, foreign languages (I only know 
  Portuguese and English) and contributions with lack of 
  information. If you find any error in this faq, PLEASE
  correct me! 

 ´                       WHAT'S NEW ?                        `  

  Version 3.0
  -Corrected some small errors (sorry about the wrong location 
   of the shortcut in Vermont. I said left when it is right;
   I knew that, but I typped it wrong without notice) 
  -Added general information in some sections
  -Added "Shortcuts" section 
  -Added limit times, times to beat and scores to the 
   "Walktrough" section for Single Event/Tournament modes
  -Added more advices in "Advice" section

  Next Update
  I'll look for more shortcuts (if there are more). That 
  missing trick in Trickmaster Pro should also be included
  (I hope). As for credits section... there are no credits, 
  and it should be out of this faq in the next version. 
  The only person I have to thank is Jeff "CJayC" Veasey
  for posting my Faq.

 +                         CONTENT                           +

  1. Controls
  2. Tricks list
  3. Boards list
  4. Advices
  5. Events discription
  6. Walkthrough
       A) Single Event/Tournament modes
       B) Trickmaster
  7. Shortcuts
  8. Secrets 
  9. Cheats
 10. Credits       

 +                       1. CONTROLS                         +

               ____                         ____ 
              /____\                       /____\
             /   _   \-------------------/   _   \
            /  _| |_  \                 / _ (T) _ \
            | |_ D _| |   !SL!   !ST!   |(S) _ (C)| 
            \   |_|   /   _         _   \   (X)   /
            |\       /  /   \     /   \  \       /| 
            |  ----- ( ( LS  )!A!(  RS ) ) -----  |
            |         \ \___/ -_- \___/ /         |
            |         /\ ___ /   \ ___ /\         |
            |        /                   \        |
             \      /                     \      /
              \____/                       \____/ 

 |Direccional Buttons (D) | Move left and right              |
 |Left stick (LS)         | Move left and right (analog mode)| 
 |Right stick (RS)        | Not used                         | 
 |Triangle (T)            | Slide                            |
 |Circle (C)              | Flips (with Dir. buttons in air) |
 |Square (S)              | Add trick                        |
 |Cross (X)               | Jump (hold to power up), trick   |
 |                        | (with Dir. buttons in air)       |
 |Analog (A)              | Set to analog mode               |
 |Select (SL)             | Not used                         |
 |Start (ST)              | Open in-game menu                |

            .---.                            .---.
           /     \                          /     \
          |       \	                   /       |
          |    ____\_                    _/____    |
          |   /.----.\                  /.----.\   | 
          |  /|| L2 ||\	               /|| R2 ||\  |
          | / ||____||_\______________/_||____|| \ |
          |¨  |.----.|         _        |.----.|  ¨|
           \  ||_L1_||        (_)       ||_R1_||  /
                        _|_|_      _|_|_
                        -----      -----
   | L1      | Left punch (if "Fighting" option is active) |
   | L2      | Brake, Rotate (in air)                      |
   | R1      | Right Punch (if "Fighting" option is active)|
   | R2      | Foot switch, Rotate (in air)                |

 +                       2. Tricks List                      +

  Here's the list of all the tricks in the game:

 | Tail Grab       | Down + X                                |
 | Sad Air         | Up + X                                  | 
 | Indy            | Left + X                                | 
 | Backside        | Right + X                               | 
 | Mute Grab       | Diagonal Up/Left + X                    |
 | Melancholy      | Diagonal Up/Right + X                   |
 | Stalefish       | Diagonal Down/Left + X                  |
 | Lien Air        | Diagonal Down/Right + X                 |
 | Tailshift       | Down + X(hold) + Square                 |
 | Stiffy          | Up + X (hold) + Square                  |
 | Indy Nosebone   | Left + X(hold) + Square                 |
 | Method          | Right + X(hold) + Square                |
 | Japan Air       | Diagonal Up/Left + X (hold) + Square    |
 | Method Melon    | Diagonal Up/Right + X (hold) + Square   |
 | Stalefish Tweak | Diagonal Down/Left + X (hold) + Square  |
 | Crossbone       | Diagonal Down/Right + X (hold) + Square |
 | Backs. Shifty   | Left + Circle                           |
 | Fronts. Shifty  | Right + Circle                          |
 | Back Flip       | Up + Circle                             |
 | Front Flip      | Down + Circle                           |
 | Nose Slide      | Up + Triangle (air and ground)          |
 | Railslide       | Triangle (near sliding rail/edge)       |
 | Hand Plant      | Down + Trangle (Half pipe's edge only)  |
 | Fronts. Rotate  | L2 in air(from 180º to 1800º)           |
 | Backs. Rotate   | R2 in air(from 180º to 1800º)           |
 | "Double" tricks | 2x the same trick                       |
 | "Triple" tricks | 3x the same trick                       |
 | "Quad" tricks   | 4x the same trick                       |
 | "Hyper" tricks  | 5 or more times the same trick          |
  Note: This list was based in "Regular foot". For "Goofy 
  foot", frontside and backside moves are switched 

 +                       3. BOARDS LIST                      +

  There are a total of 34 Boards in two different classes: 
  Freeride and Freestyle. Each board is rated by three 
  sats: speed, stability and response. And what's the 
  difference between Freeride and Freestyle boards? 
  -Freeride boards are usually used for races, so speed is
  the most important thing. Freeride boards have a better
  speed than Freestyle Boards.   
  -Freestyle boards are used for events like Slope Style where
  you have to do a lot of tricks and manoeuvers. In those
  events, a good stability and response are more important 
  than speed. 
  All the stats are important, but for some events, some of 
  them are more important than the others. That's why
  you should choose your board before entering an event. 

  This is the list of all the boards in the game and which 
  character uses them. Each "Pro" only uses two different 
  boards (one Freestyle and one Freeride). They can only use
  their own boards, which means they cannot use the secret
  boards. Players and costumized players can use any board.  

 | Initial Freestyle boards      | Character                 |
 | X 156                         | Darren Cingel             |
 | Balance 48,5                  | Natasza Zurken            |
 | Zeppelin 151                  | Brian Savard              |
 | EX 158                        | Jimmy Halopoff            |
 | Extra Freestyle boards        | Character                 |
 | Punch 37                      | Shaun White               |
 | Futura 155                    | Tricia Byrnes             |
 | Variable 157                  | Noah Salasnek             |
 | Dimension 156                 | Andrew Crawford           |
 | Seven 53                      | Jason Brown               |
 | Fuel 156                      | Jennie Waara              |
 | M3 56                         | Chad Otterstrom           |
 | Balance 57.5                  | Ross Powers               |
 | Rippey 58.5                   | Jim Rippey                |
 | M. Taggart Pro                | Michelle Taggart          |
 | Fat Bob 162                   | Chris Engelsman           |
 | JP 148                        | JP Walker                 |
 | Secret Freestyle board        | Character                 |
 | Brushie 153                   | None*                     |

 | Initial Freeride boards       | Character                 |
 | C 148                         | Darren Cingel             |
 | Custom 48                     | Natasza Zurken            |
 | Stealth Eldo 159              | Brian Savard              |
 | Ultimate 159                  | Jimmy Halopoff            |
 | Extra Freeride boards         | Character                 |
 | Punch 42                      | Shaun White               |
 | Luna 147                      | Tricia Byrnes             |
 | Maverick 164                  | Noah Salasnek             |
 | Lithium 156                   | Andrew Crawford           |
 | Seven 56                      | Jason Brown               |
 | Timelsee 155                  | Jennie Waara              |
 | M3 60                         | Chad Otterstrom           |
 | Custom 64                     | Ross Powers               |
 | Fluid 64                      | Jim Rippey                |
 | 550 Series 156                | Michelle Taggart          |
 | Ultima 166                    | Chris Engelsman           |
 | DS 159                        | JP Walker                 |
 | Secret Freeride board         | Character                 |
 | Mahaffey Pro                  | None*                     |
 *Only Players and Costumized players can use this board. 

 +                         4. ADVICES                        +

  1. Before entering the competitions, you should practice a 
  bit in Practice Mode to get used to the game and learn the  
  movements. First,try to do them one by one until you see you 
  can easily do them all.

  2. After learning the movements, you have to start 
  practicing the combinations. If you want to win the first
  place in some of the events, then you have to do at least
  5.000 point with a single combo. Later on, 10.000+ points 
  in one combo will be needed to win the events. Go to the 
  half pipes. This is a great place to start practicing those
  combinations. At the beggining, try to do 2.000/3.000 
  points. I'll tell you what to do to increase your points in 
  a combo.

  3. You will lose your points if you end the combination with 
  a bad fall. Learning how to fall is another important thing 
  to do. 

  4. After mastering the 5.000 points combinations and the
  falls, start practicing the 8.000+ points combinations. When
  you see that you canget those points , go for the Big Jump 
  and try to achieve 10.000+ points. This is the hardest
  part, specially to obtain a good fall after the combination.

  5. Now I will tell you how to improve your points. It's 
  always essencial to use combinations if you want to get 
  many points. These advices are optional because there are 
  other ways to get a good combo.   
  -A good jump is the first step to make a good combination.
   Try to jump hi in a good place
  -There are two tricks you will be using a lot at the same 
   time: Backflips and  Rotations. They will not give you many 
   points, but you'll see what happens when you start using 
   the other tricks. 
  -If you're using an analog pad, rotate the stick to the 
   right. This will improve the Backflips and the tricks you 
   are about to do.  
  -While doing Backflips and Frontside rotations, start using  
   easy moves such as Tail Grab and Indy as many times as you
  -While doing all this toghether, you should also press
   the Square button. Movements like Japan Air or Crossbone 
   will start to show up.
   You have to do all this while in the air. It seems 
  complicated (in fact, it is, because you have to press a lot
  of buttons at the same time), but after you get used to it
  I guarantee that with a good combo like this you can hit the 
  12.000 points sometimes. Your combo should be something like
      3x Backflip +  720º + 2x Tail grab + Indy + Sad Air  
      + Tail shift + Indy nosebone.

  6. A good combo doesn't happen all the times. You shouldn't
  be worried about that. If you can get between 5.000 and 
  8.000 points in Half Pipes most of the times, that is 
  perfect. Hitting the 10.000 only happens a few times (unless
  you are a very good player). There are areas where it's  
  hard to get more than 5.000 points, since there are no good
  places to jump. Don't expect a lot of points all the time.   
  7. It is important to select the type of board you want to 
  use in each event. Although you don't have many options at 
  the beggining, you will need them later. For example, it's
  hard to do the three Backflips in the Trick Master mode if 
  you don't choose a board with a good response. If you can't
  win an event because you need a faster board or one stable 
  board, them you should costumize your own board.

  8. There is a way to do multiple combos and get a lot of 
  points. I made many, many points with this, but it's not very 
  functional because it only works in events with some good 
  slopes. After performing a combo in the air, use a Nose Slide
  while falling. You should fall using the Nose Slide. Keep
  using Nose Slide until the next slope. While in the air, use
  another combo and use Nose slide during the fall. Repeat this
  process to earn a lot of points. This is best done in 
  France's Slope Style event.

  9. At the beggining of a race (Downhill or CBX), press X to 
  do a small jump and gain some advantage over the other 
  snowboarders. This will not garantee you the first place, 
  but it's a good way to start. 

 +                 5. EVENTS DESCRIPTION                     +

  There are a total of six different types of events. They 
  are: Down Hill, Slope Style, Half Pipe, Big Air, CBX and
  Special. I'll give you a description of each one of them.

  -Down Hill: A race down the hill against three snowboarders. 
   No points are required here, and the winner is the first
   to reach the end line. You should also try to beat the
   record time. 

  -Slope Style: Go down the slope doing as much tricks as you 
   can. You have a limited time and your performance also 
   counts. There are a lot of obstacles you can use to 
   upgrade your points.

  -Half pipe: This is the best place to use you best tricks.
   There is a time limit to do as much tricks as possible.
   The Half pipe provides you great jumps, so use your combos
   a lot to impress the spectators. Show them what you can do.  

  -Big Air: One very big jump awaits. Go as fast as you can 
   and while in the air do as much tricks as possible. You can
   only use one combo here, and you must use a good one 
   because you need a lot of points. 

  -CBX: Run against three more snowboarders and try to get the 
   first place. Passing the finishing line in first is not
   enough to get a record and the first place. There are 
   penalties for those who miss the gates. 

  -Special: These are only bonus events. Some of them are 
   very strange, like tagging snwomans or running from an 
   alien invasion. Unlock the special events and find out how
   they are.    

 +                    6. WALKTHROUGH                         +

  Here's the complete walkthrough to all the events. This
  walkthrough is based in "Pro" mode. You should complete
  the other modes before. Try to achieve first place in every
  single event, then go for Pro mode. You can also use these
  advices to complete Rookie and Veteran modes.  
            A) Single Events / Tournament modes            

  You might be wondering why I put these two modes together.
  Because they both have the same events, so you will be using
  the same strategies for the two. In Single event, you choose
  a mountain, an event and you try to get first place. In
  Tournament mode, you have to play in some of the the events 
  available in Single Events mode (except the Special events) 
  to get the first place at the end. You can save your game in 
  the Tournament mode and you should do it, because if you 
  loose an event you only need to load your last save instead 
  of playing everything from the beggining. 

  In some of the events (Slope Style, Half Pipe and Big Air),
  you have to do three runs. The final score will be 
  determined by two of the three runs. 
  -Best run + second best run = final score. 
  This means you always have an extra run to get a better 

  In Tournament mode, you will receive points after each 
  event. The points you receive are determined by your
  position at the end of the event. 
  -1st position: 500 points
  -2nd position: 300 points
  -3rd position: 200 points  
  -4th position: 100 points
  You don't need to achieve the first position in all the 
  events to win the tournament. However, your final score
  must be the higher one at the end of the tournament.

 ----------------------    VERMONT   -------------------------

  Down Hill  
  Very easy. Pick up the fastest board. At the beggining,
  press X to do a small jump to gain speed and get the first
  place. Now you have to maintain your position until the end.
  Jump sometimes to gain speed, but don't jump too much. Use
  Railslide in the tree trunks. This is very useful to gain
  speed and to avoid the deep powder areas that will slow you
  down. Be carefull with the trees and don't forget to jump 
  over the river at the end.
  -Score: 7.000; Time to beat: 2:07:20)

  Slope style
  Very easy, too. Forget the railslide and use the ramps to do
  2.000/3.000 points combos. You can win this in the first 
  -Score: 10.000; Time limit: 1:12:00

  Half Pipe
  A few 3.000 points combos in the first run will do. No 
  special strategies required.
  -Score: 15.000; Time limit: 1:30:00

  Big Air
  Two runs with 5.000/6.000 points in the big jump will do.
  You can also do one or two small jumps before the big one
  to earn more points.
  -Score: 10.000; Time limit: 0:36:00  

  Getting first place can be a bit hard if you don't have a 
  good and fast board. Don't miss the gates and try not to
  crush too many times to get there on time.
  -Time limit: 1:08:40

  The first times you play this, try to find the deep powder
  areas and how to avoid them. Soon or later you will know
  exactly what to do, where to jump and places to avoid. Then
  try to finish this. It may take some time.

 ----------------------   COLORADO   -------------------------

  Down Hill 
  Use the same strategy you used in Vermont, but don't use
  the railslide. Jump in the big slopes (but be careful with 
  the rocks) and avoid the deep powder areas.
  -Score: 9.000; Time to beat: 2:40:80

  Slope Style
  Use railslide often. There are only a few good places to 
  jump here. Try to jump as many times as possible, but don't
  use complicated combos. 2.000/3.000 points in every jump
  is more than enough to complete this in one or two runs.  
  Careful with the river.  
  -Score: 15.000; Time limit: 1:24:00

  Half Pipe
  This is a good half pipe. You can easily get enough
  points in one run. Use 3.000 points combos (4.000 points if 
  you can) enough times. If you see you can't do it in one 
  run, you still have two more tries. Don't miss too many 
  jumps though.
  -Score: 70.000; Time limit: 1:48:00

  Big Air
  This Big air is harder than the previous. For the first 
  time, you might have some difficulties. Before the big 
  jump, you should try to do three small jumps. One at the
  beggining (get 1.000 points), another one in the middle 
  (get 1.000 points) and a good one before the final jump 
  (get 3.000 points). In the big jump, get at least 3.500
  points. Don't miss the hole in the placard, otherwise you'll
  crush. You can jump over the placard if you want. In two 
  runs you will get the needed points. If you're good, you can
  get those points in one run.
  -Score: 15.000; Time limit: 1:00:00

  This one is easy. Get a fast board, don't miss any gate 
  and... run! Restart if anything goes wrong.
  Time to beat: 1:02:40

  You have to clear all gates here. Clear the yellow gates by 
  passing through them. Clear the blue gates by passing 
  through them while performing a trick. You get 12 seconds 
  for every gate (which is the maximum time). This is not as
  hard as it seems. It can be easily done in a few tries.

 -----------------------   FRANCE    -------------------------

  Down Hill
  This down hill is bigger than the previous two. You have to 
  do some big but easy jumps. There are a few rocks in the 
  middle of the circuit, so be careful. You can easily avoid
  them. At the end, there are many deep powder areas and 
  -Score: 30.000; Time to beat: 2:45:60  
  Slope Style
  This event is very long too, which is good because it 
  provides a lot of opportunities to improve your points.
  Use 5.000/8.000 points combos in big jumps and 3.000 points
  combos in smaller jumps. You should be able to get the 
  requested points in the first run, otherwise in two runs.
  If you can't get more than 5.000 points in the big jumps,
  don't worry. Even with 3.000 points it's easy to get
  that score.
  -Score: 80.000; Time limit: 2:30:00

  Half Pipe
  This was not so hard as I thought. Getting 80.000
  points it's not hard. Use 5.000/8.000 points combos, and
  don't be afraid of getting 3.000 or less points in a few
  jumps. You can't miss many jumps here. You need at least
  40.000 points in two runs to win the cup. 
  -Score: 80.000; Time limit: 1:48:00

  Big Air
  You should be able to do two jumps before the big one. 
  Jump over the table at the beggining (get 5.000+ points)
  and jump over the two streets (get more 5.000 points).
  Then you should get 8.000 points in the big jump 
  (10.000+ if you can). This should give you the needed points 
  in one run. Another option is to get 9.000 points in two
  -Score: 35.000; Time limit: 1:00:00 

  This event has a lot of bends and jumps. You have to do 
  everything very fast. Jump whenever you see the "Danger"
  signals and don't miss the gates. 
  -Time to beat: 1:48:00

  You're in the middle of an avalanche. Avoid being hit by
  the rocks or snow balls, otherwise you'll lose. This is
  a fast event and it's not very hard. Try to get to the end
  in safety. 

 ------------------------   JAPAN   --------------------------

  Down Hill
  A hi-speed event. It's not very hard, but you need to have 
  a good control of the character. Avoid the rocks and use
  trunks and rails to railslide. There are many tough bends 
  in the end so try not to crush against the rocks here. 
  -Score: 10.000; Time to beat: 2:13:20 

  Slope Style
  There are many places where you can do some good jumps. Use
  3.000/5.000 points combos and ignore the  rails. You need
  at least 22.000 points in two runs, which is easy, but you
  may want to try to do it in the first run. Jump the river
  before the finishing line (if you fall down, you might have
  to restart).
  -Score: 60.000; Time limit: 2:36:00

  Half Pipe
  The biggest and most complex half pipe you've seen so far. 
  A lot of points to do here. Use the same strategy you've
  used in France to complete this event in two runs. Use the
  ramps in the middle of the half pipe to get more points.
  Try to 5.000 combos points. Here, you can even get 
  10.000 points with a combo, but it's not easy.
  -Score: 120.000; Time limit: 2:48:00

  Big Air
  The hardest big air so far. You can do one jump before the
  big jump. Try to get 8.000 points in the first jump and
  8.000/10.000 in the big jump. You have to jump over 2 
  bridges to get 10.000 points. You can also ignore the first
  jump and get 9.000 points in two runs. Do some half pipe 
  before the finishing line (if you have time) to get more 
  points (if you need them).
  -Score: 30.000; Time limit: 0:36:00  

  This is another hard event. You have to jump many times.
  There are many tough bends, and you'll miss some gates. 
  Try not to miss too many if you want to get there on time.
  Choose a fast board for this event.
  -Time to beat: 1:25:20

  Tag all the snowmans. You get extra time for every one you 
  tag. Some of them are tricky to tag, specially the moving 
  ones. This is probably the hardest special event.

 ----------------------    ALASKA    -------------------------

  Down Hill
  The fastest event in the game. Avoid the rocks and jump over 
  deep powder areas. You may also jump in the big slopes and
  railslide in the rails, but it's not necessary. Inside the
  ice cave there are plenty of bends.
  -Score: 40.000; Time to beat: 2:15:60

  Slope Style
  The easiest event in Alaska. You'll be using railslide more
  than usuall. Whenever you can, do some jumps and try to get
  3.000/5.000 points. Don't fall too many times. You should 
  get enough points in the first run. If you don't, you still
  have two more runs to upgrade your points. 
  -Score: 60.000; Time limit: 1:48:00

  Half Pipe
  The hardest half pipe. You need to do a lot of points here.
  Same strategy used in Japan, but try not to do less than 
  5.000 points per jump. Your 8.000 points combos come in 
  handy right now (10.000 if you can). You must get more than
  100,000 points in two runs. 
  -Score: 150.000; Time limit: 2:48:00

  Big Air
  It's case to say: uh-oh! You can do one jump before the big 
  jump. Jump at the very beggining and get 5.000+ points, then
  get at least 7.000 points in the big jump. You should get
  enough points in the next run. Another option is to ignore 
  the first jump and do 10.000+ points in the big jump.
  -Score: 22.000; Time limit: 0:24:00

  The hardest CBX. A lot of jumps, many hard bends, speed 
  needed,... Use the same strategy you used in Japan. Again,
  you'll miss some gates. Try not to miss too many gates.
  -Time to beat: 1:36:00

  Same as the Special event in Colorado, but it's very hard.
  Avoid the aliens, as they will "kill" you. Use the alien
  plants to get to the high gates. They will throw you if
  you stay close to them. Some of the gates are located in
  hard places to get, and you might not see them. Good luck!    

 		        B) Trickmaster 

  This is where you have to show what you can do. You're 
  being evaluated for your performance. Do all the tricks
  that show up in the screen and don't miss them if you want
  to finish this mode with 100%. There are three difficulty 
  levels. Here's the list of the tricks/combos you have to do
  in all the difficulty levels.  

  Rookie level (17 tricks):

 | 1- Tail Grab             | 10- Backside 360               |
 | 2- Sad Air               | 11- Front Flip                 |
 | 3- Indy                  | 12- Back Flip                  |
 | 4- Backside              | 13- 360, Tail grab             |
 | 5- Mute Grab             | 14- 360, Sad Air               |
 | 6- Melancholy            | 15- Double Tail Grab           |
 | 7- Lien Air              | 16- Double Front Flip          |
 | 8- Stalefish             | 17- Tail Grab, Sad Air         |
 | 9- Frontside 360         |                                |

  Veteran level (20 tricks):

 | 1- Tailshift             | 11- Back Flip, Sad Air         |
 | 2- Stiffy                | 12- 360, Tailshift             |
 | 3- Indy Nosebone         | 13- 360, Stiffy                |
 | 4- Method                | 14- Tail Grab, Sad Air         |
 | 5- Japan Air             | 15- Indy, Sad Air              |
 | 6- Method Melon          | 16- Backside 360, Indy         |
 | 7- Crossbone             | 17- Frontside 360, Sad Air     | 
 | 8- Stalefish Tweak       | 18- Lien Air, Stalefish        |
 | 9- Shifty                | 19- Backside 360, Shifty       |
 |10- Front Flip, Tail Grab | 20- Double Front Flip, Sad Air |

  Pro level (23 tricks):

 | 1- 360, Tail Grab                      |
 | 2- 360, Tailshift                      |
 | 3- Triple Tail Grab                    |
 | 4- Front Flip, Stiffy                  |
 | 5- Tail Grab, Stiffy                   |
 | 6- Back Flip, Tailshift                |
 | 7- 360, Double Back Flip               |
 | 8- Frontside 720                       |
 | 9- Japan Air, Melancholy               |
 | 10- Triple Back Flip                   |
 | 11- Indy Nosebone, Stalefish           | 
 | 12- Front Flip, Stalefish              |
 | 13- Front Flip, Tail Grab, Sad Air     |
 | 14- Backside 360, Indy Nosebone        |
 | 15- Quad Tail Grab                     |
 | 16- Frontside 360, Method              | 
 | 17- Backside 360, Backflip             |
 | 18- Backside 360, Crossbone            |
 | 19- Double Front Flip, Indy            |
 | 20- Double Back Flip, Stale Fish       |
 | 21- Frontside 360, Frontflip, Sad Air  |
 | 22- 360, Tail Grab, Sad Air            |
 | 23- (to be updated)                    |

 +                       7. SHORTCUTS                        +

  Shortcuts are secret paths that will take you to the finish 
  line faster. Here's the location of the shortcuts I found 
  in the game. If you know another one, please tell me.

  -Secret cave in Vermont (Slope Style event)

  From the start position, count three houses on the right. 
  The third house is after a jump. After the third house there
  is a hidden entrance to the right. You have to railslide in
  the tree trunk there to enter the cave.  

  -Secret railroad in Colorado (Down Hill event)

  After a big bend with powder to the left, there is a secret 
  entrance to the left behind the trees. Railslide in the 
  rails and you'll be near the finish line after you get out 
  of the tunnel. You also gain a lot of speed here. 

  -Secret mountain path in Japan (Down Hill event)
  When you have to choose the left or right path, you can see a 
  japanese temple in the top of a big rock. If you can jump to 
  the temple using a small ramp in front of it, you'll find a 
  secret path in the rocks. It is not easy.

  I'll be looking for more secret paths, specially in Alaska.

 +                       8. SECRETS                          +

  Unlock Special Events

  Go to "Single Events", choose one location and set a record 
  in all the events. The special event for that location will
  be available after that. The Special events are Powder Hill
  (Vermont), Gate Attack (Colorado), Avalanche Escape (France), 
  Snowman Tag (Japan) and Alien Escape (Alaska).

  Unlock Secret Players

   Complete 100% of the Trickmaster Rookie mode.

   Complete 100% of the Special event in Vermont.

   Complete 100% of the Special event in Colorado.

   Complete 100% of the Trickmaster Veteran mode.

   Complete 100% of the Trickmaster Pro mode.

  -Honey Brown: 
   Complete 100% of the Special event in France.

   Complete 100% of the Special event in Japan.

   Complete 100% of the Special event in Alaska.

  Unlock extra Pro characters

  -Shaun White: 
   Finish Vermont Tournament in 1st position.

  -Tricia Byrnes: 
   Finish Vermont Tournament in 1st position.

  -Noah Salasnek: 
   Finish Vermont Tournament in 1st position.

  -Andrew Crawford: 
   Finish Vermont Tournament in 1st position.

  -Jason Brown: 
   Finish Colorado Tournament in 1st position.

  -Jennie Waara: 
   Finish Colorado Tournament in 1st position.

  -Chad Otterstrom: 
   Finish Colorado Tournament in 1st position.

  -Ross Powers: 
   Finish Colorado Tournament in 1st position.

  -Jim Rippey: 
   Finish France Tournament in 1st position.
  -Micchele Taggart: 
   Finish France Tournament in 1st position.
  -Chris Engelsman: 
   Finish France Tournament in 1st position.
  -JP Walker: 
   Finish France Tournament in 1st position.

  Unlock extra locations

  -Colorado in Tournament mode: 
   Finish Vermont Tournament in 1st position.

  -France in Single event/Tournament modes: 
   Finish Colorado Tournament in 1st position.    

  -Japan in Single event/Tournament modes:
   Finish France Tournament in 1st position.

  -Alaska in Single event/Tournament modes:
   Finish Japan Tournament in 1st position.

   Note: These secret locations also become available in
   Practice mode after you unlock them   

  Unlock extra boards

  Each extra Pro character you unlock has two new boards.
  Check "Boards list" section to see which extra boards each
  character has.

  Unlock secret boards

  Complete Alaska Tournament in 1st position. Brushie 153 and
  Mahafrey Pro should be available in the board selection 

 +                       9. CHEATS                           +

  I only found two cheats for this game:

  -All Pro characters: enter ICHEAT as a name

  -All Special Events: enter IMSPECIAL as a name

 +                       10. CREDITS                         +
  (to be updated)

  Thanks for reading my Faq!

 Cool Boarders(c)1999 Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc.

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