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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

June 27, 2003, 2003

Version 1.0 (FINALLY have all 5 cases). My apologies for taking so long to get this 
all-important case included here.

Written By: Scott Krumpe

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Copyright 2003 Scott Krumpe

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This game is based on the popular TV series of the same name and the main
characters you interact with are the ones from the show, using the real
actors and an actual scriptwriter.

To save time and space and keep this guide simple, I have assumed certain
things that should be followed unless otherwise noted:

1) Ask all questions that are on the screen.
2) Talk to all witnesses/victims/suspects.
3) All evidence with a yellow tag needs no further evaluation.
4) Unless necessary, I won't say what info you get from the game.

This game ships with 5 cases:

1) "Inn & Out"-This is the tutorial case. A female murder victim is
   discovered in her hotel room tied to her bed.
2) "Light my fire"-A fire is set in a businessman's home office.
3) "Garvey's Beat"-You must investigate the death of a police officer.
4) "More Fun Than a Barrel of Corpses"-A strange call comes in to the CSI
    switchboard. Upon investigation, you come upon a body in a barrel.
5) "Leda's Swan Song"-Grissom is missing, and your job is to find him.

And you get 14 tools to detect and collect evidence in the field.
The info on the tools is in the manual and game so I won't detail here.

Case 1-"Inn & Out"
    "John Webster once said, `Death hath a thousand doors to let out life.'
Let's find out which one our victim took." - Gil Grissom on your first case
as a CSI intern.
    This being the first case, the game walks you through a portion of this
case. I will just pick up from where the tutorial leaves off.
    If you were paying attention when you had to use the UV light on her neck, you 
noticed something sticking out of her mouth. Now it is time to collect that 
evidence. Zoom in until you can see that it is a $20 bill and grab it with the 
gloves and zoom back out to the room view. Pan around until you can see the bracelet 
right behind Gris and zoom in to collect it. This next one is a bit tricky, just to 
the right of the bed is a table and 2 chairs, under the left chair is a remote, 
click on it and dust it for prints then zoom back out. Next you want to check out 
the sink in the bathroom, click on it until you can spray the Luminol and take a 
swab for Greg. Then zoom back out to the room, pan to the TV and dust it for prints. 
Now head over to Jenny’s apartment and ask her your questions.
    Time to talk to Al in the morgue, ask him all your questions and collect the 
skin from under her nails. If you missed the money in her mouth at the hotel, don’t 
worry, he will give it to you here and you still get full credit.
    At this point, you want to head over to the lab and give Greg the swab from the 
sink stain, the skin sample, the ligature, and the money. Warm up the computer and 
do a search on the prints (both sets) you got from the hotel. Now everything should 
have a yellow tag except the swab from the sink(silver) and the hair and partials 
from the remote(no tag on either). Now go talk to Brass so you can head over to her 
apartment and check it out.
    When you get to her apartment, grab the medicine bottle, just to the left of the 
center of the screen on the table in front of the TV. Pan around and click on her 
computer to grab a copy of her schedule. Pan left until you see a blinking light on 
the counter, click on it and listen to the message to collect the tape. The last 
thing you need here is a little further to the left, by the stools at the counter, 
the hotel receipts are on the counter between the left and center stools.
    Go back to the lab and give Greg everything you just collected except the 
printout from Kylie’s computer, that you want to run through the lab computer along 
with the prints Greg gives you from the medicine bottle. The printout will give you 
Devon Rodgers’ rap sheet, compare this to the partials from the remote.
    You now have enough evidence to get DNA from Susten and Devon, so go to Brass 
and bring them both in. Take the samples you get from both of them over to Greg, and 
run all the hair through the microscope. Make sure evertyhing is yellow-tagged at 
this point(I have problems with the swab from the sink staying silver and just have 
to drag it back to Greg for it to change yellow).
    Now, BE SURE TO TALK TO SUSTEN FIRST, you want to know why his blood is in the 
bathroom sink and you do want 100% on this case, right? Then bring Devon back in to 
arrest him for this crime.
    Case closed.
    Or is it?
Case 2-"Light my Fire"
    You begin this case by meeting Sara at an arson scene. There is no question
that the fire was deliberately set, the question is who did it and why. Talk
to the vic, Jason Gray. Then start processing the scene. Click above the
painting behind Sara and use the sniffer to take a sample, then zoom in on the
floor beneath that area. Collect the piece of broken glass and then check the
wood fragment with the UV light and grab it. Now click on the phone on the desk
and hit the redial button. Then check the burnt paper for prints, using the
Ninhydrin. Click to the left of the desk. Grab the lighter under the desk and
The rag up between the chair and the computer. Pan around and click on the left
window and then click on the glass on the floor. You can't collect any of it,
you just want to be thorough. Now go outside and get a cast of the kneeprint
and zoom out once. Just between the print and the wall is a bunch of broken
glass, zoom in and grab a piece with the tweezers. Talk to Gray one more time
before heading over to the lab.
    Give all of your evidence except the prints to Greg, unless you want to run
the window glass under the microscope, you get a yellow tag on it either way.
Run your prints through AFIS and you will have a yellow tag on everything.
    Now go talk to Brass. You only have a couple questions for him, but you get
a new location. Go talk to Ritchie and ask him all your questions. Go back to
Brass and get your new location.
    Time for a little trip to the airport. Click on the tail of the plane to
verify that it is Gray's. Then grab the rag from the bucket by the nose. Click
on the lockers to be thorough, you can't get in. Then grab the letter from the
workbench. Pan around to the shelves and zoom in on the second box on the middle
shelf. Zoom in until you can grab the fuel invoice.
    Now to put Greg back to work. You only need him to analyze the rag from the
hangar. Bring in Gray for questioning and get his confession. Now head out and
process his shed for corroborating evidence.
    The first thing you want to do is cast for footprints in front of the shed.
The first one is right in the middle of the screen. The second is harder to get,
click on the dark area of ground just above and slightly left of the main print.
Now, before you open the door, click on the handle and dust for prints. Then go
inside to get the evidence you need to prove Gray's story. Zoom in on the gas
can and swab the neck. Grab one of the wine bottles from the shelf above the
ladder. This last one is a bit tricky, just to the left of the top rung of the
ladder are some nails. Click on them and use the tweezers to grab the thread.
    Go back to the lab and give Greg the gas sample and the thread. Run all the
shoe and fingerprints through the computer, including the ones that separate. At
this point everything should have a yellow tag except the larger shoe print.
    Go back and talk to Gray, you want him to deny knowing Ginns. Then go talk
to Ginns. After you have gotten more incriminating evidence about Gray, go back
and talk to him one last time. He will tell you the whole story. Now talk to
Ginns to see if he can back it up and you will have 100% on this case.

Case 3-"Garvey's Beat"
    You start by meeting Nick at the crime scene. Examine the head wound and
use the Mikrosil to make a cast. Then examine the bullet wounds to the chest.
zoom out and then take a swab of the blood near Nick's feet. You will also
see a gun between the officer and his car, dust it for prints and then
collect it. Pan around to find the tire iron behind Nick and zoom in on it.
Use the Magnifying Scope to find and collect the red fiber and then collect
the tire iron.
    Next pan to the car and click on it. Inside you will collect the ID you
find between the seats and then zoom in and tear off the top page from the
notepad. There is also a stain on the driver's seat, spray it with Luminol
and then collect a sample with the swab. Then you will go to the morgue and
get the info from Al.
    Now go to the lab and have Greg examine the red fiber, the gun, the tire
iron, the bullets recovered from the body, the page from the pad, the cast of
the wound the blood sample from the road, the blood sample from the car, and
the ID you found in the car. Next run the prints from the gun through AFIS
and scan the ID.
    You will then return to the crime scene to collect the gun that was under
the car. Go to the lab and use the computer to get in on a web chat session.
Then give the gun to Greg to examine. You will then be able to go to Brass
and ask some questions.
    You will receive a new location, Riley's apartment. You go to Riley's,
then back to Brass to get a warrant, and then back to Riley's. There you will
collect the prints from the soda cans at the right of the screen and the info
from his computer. You also need to look at the crime books on his desk and
his bulletin board to gain those points. Go to the lab and run the prints you
just found through AFIS.
    Next you go to Brass and you get another new location, the UNLV computer
lab. Go to the computer lab and talk to the Professor and collect the prints
from the soda can behind Nick. Then go to the lab and run the new set of
prints. Go back to Riley's and ask him your new questions.
    Next you go back to Brass and get him to bring in Laskin, your newest
suspect. You will question him and collect a fiber from his sweater. Go to
the lab and have Greg check this new fiber. Then you get a tip about the
computer lab you have to check. When you get there, zoom in on the sweater
between Nick and the officer. You will zoom in until you can collect the
dandruff flakes, then zoom back out to grab the sweater.
    Go to Brass to get warrants for DNA from all your suspects, you will go
to the locations based on which suspect you chose and Laskin will be
eliminated. Go to the lab and give Greg the new DNA evidence, then go back to 
Brass to bring in the Professor for interrogation.
    That will get you all the info you need to solve the crime and get 100%.

Case 4-"More Fun Than a Barrel of Corpses"
    In this case, you actually start out with no locations and have to generate
them through the evidence you collect as you go.
    You start out in the lab, where you meet with Warrick to analyze the tape.
On the computer select Audio Analysis, you will listen to the call one time from
beginning to end. Then you want to isolate the parts that will give you a new 
location. The first one is at the "00:00:10" area and the second is the last
section of the tape. You then go to the Internet Directory and get your first
location, the Monaco Casino.
    Go to the Monaco and click on the barrel, you only want to click on it now,
otherwise you will not get 100% on the case. You then want to talk to the animal
trainer and get all the info from him. Go to Brass and ask about a warrant to
open the barrel.
    Go back to the Monaco. This time you want to use the IR camera on the
barrel. After you discover the vic, click on her head and collect the casino
chips from her mouth. Then examine her clothing and collect the sap and dirt
samples from her pants, you will get 2 separate samples from her pants. At this
point, you want to cast the tire tread that is just below Warrick. Pan around
and find the pay phone on the loading dock, behind and to the right of the
trainer. Dust for prints, just to be thorough and get that high score. You have
one new question for the trainer, so ask it. Then click on the elephant, again,
just to be thorough.
    Now go to the morgue and get all the info on the vic from Al. Head over to
the lab. Give Greg both stains from the vic's clothing and the pollen swab you
got from Al. Then run the prints from the phone and the cast of the tire tread
through the computer. At this point, all your evidence will have a yellow tag,
except the pollen list that Greg just gave you.
    Now go to Brass and ask all your questions, you will be given another new
location. Go to the Desert Demonstration Gardens and process that location. Try
the door on the shed, just for the points. Pan to the right and find the
trashcan. Zoom all the way in on and find the tissue. Use the magnifier to find
the hair, it is in the fold by the upper light area, and collect with the
tweezers. Zoom out once and use the gloves to collect the tissue. Get back to
the full view of the Gardens. Pan right, past Warrick, and click on the tire 
track to the left of the group of birds. Click there and then examine the
flattened grass. Next collect a dirt sample from the rock on the left, and
use the dust print lifter to get a tire tread from the rock on the right.
    Head on back to the lab and give Greg the tissue, the dirt sample, and the
hair. On the computer, you want to run a search on the tread from the Gardens
and then compare it to the tread you found at the Monaco. All your evidence will
have a yellow tag, except for the hair and tissue. Head over to the morgue and
get the info and DNA sample from Al. Then go back to the lab and give the DNA
to Greg. All your evidence will get a yellow tag.
    Now you want to head over to Brass to find out about Maxamine. Ask all your
questions and get a new location, the pharmacy. Head over to the pharmacy and
ask Leda all your questions. Go back over to Brass and ask the one question you
have. Head out to Dr. Wilkinson's office and ask all the questions. Then go over
to his house and ask Mrs. Wilkinson her questions, this will open up the truck
for examination.
    Check out the truck. Collect the tread pattern from the rear tire using the
lifting tape. Then click on the bed of the truck. Collect the wood chips from
the left side of the bed using gloves. Then use a swab to collect a sample of
the sap on the right side of the bed. Grab the receipt at the front and head
back over to the lab.
    Give Greg the sap and wood chips from the truck. The run the tread print
Through the computer and compare to either of the other prints you collected
earlier. All of your evidence will be yellow tagged at this point.
    Now you want to follow this part closely to be sure you get 100%. Go to
Brass and ask about the firewood. Bring in Leda for interrogation and get her
DNA sample. Then bring in Dr. W and get his DNA. Next you want to talk to Mrs.
W and collect her DNA. Now go back and talk to Leda again and then talk to the
Dr. once more. Head over to the lab and have Greg run ALL the DNA, the order
doesn't matter, you just want it all analyzed.
    Bring in Leda once more to get 100%.

Case 5-"Leda's Swan Song"
    This case actually ties into cases 1 and 4, so hopefully you got 100 on both
of those. Grissom has gone to the Desert Demonstration Gardens and disappeared,
you must track him down.
    Begin by talking to Brass and getting all the info from him. Then go to the
holding cell and talk to Leda(remember her from the Benedetti case?). Then head
over to her apartment and collect the evidence there. To your right is a
bookcase. You need to get a sample from the greasy handprint from the right side
and then look at the mythology book on the left side. Next look under the TV to
the left of that bookcase and collect the bottle of liquid. On the table between
the sofas you want to grab the casino chips. Now, just to the right of Cath on
the sofa, you want to zoom in on the cell phone. Dust it for prints and grab it
for Greg. Then look on the cabinet to her left. There is a photo album on the
top. Click on it an dust the left side for prints and then grab the page from
the right side. To the left of the cabinet is a table with some keys and an
ashtray. Grab the keys. Now click on the lower part of the ashtray. You want to
spray Ninhydrin and get those prints. Then collect that scrap. Zoom out once and
click on the upper portion of the ashtray and collect the other scrap.
    Now go back over to the Gardens. Talk to the groundskeeper until he has no
more info for you. Pan around to Cath's left. Just below that clump of cacti
between her and the birds you will find a footprint you want to cast. Next click
on those birds and collect the larva. Continue on around until you see the light
pole and tire tracks. Click on the area of the pole that looks like it was hit
and use the magnifier to find and collect the paint chip. Then cast the tire
    Go over to the lab and give Greg the swab from the greasy stain, the paint
chip, the burnt note, the casino chips, the bottle, the phone, the album page,
both keys, and the bug. Run both sets of prints through AFIS and compare them.
Put the footprint and tire tread through. And run a search on the newspaper
clipping. At this point, everything will have a yellow tag except the prints
from the album, the tire tread, the casino chips and the small key.
    Go back to Brass and he will give you evidence from the Yardstrum and
Benedetti cases. Head back to the lab and give Greg the ligature, casino chip,
and money. Then run the prints and tire tread through the computer. You will get
a yellow tag on everything but the small key.
    Talk to Brass and he will open up the hotel and Kylie's apartment from case
1 and let you go back and talk to Dr. Wilkinson from case 4. Go to the hotel and
talk to the owner until he has nothing more for you then pan around to the
window. Get out on the fire escape and swab the handprint from the windowsill.
Run over to the apartment and check the scheduler on her computer.
    Swing back by the lab and give the swab to Greg and run the printout from
the apartment through the computer. Run over to Dr. W's and check his truck.
    Now go talk to Brass and ask all your questions. Then head to the holding
cell and talk to Leda. Go back and forth until they both shut up.
    Swing over to the storage lot. After the door jams, get the pipe from behind
the dumpster and the barrel from by the far wall. Save Grissom and enjoy the
perfect score you just got from this case.

At this point, you should have 100 on all the cases and can get to view the bonus 

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