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                   #@                       			                            @#	
		   #@ |||||||       |||||||||||    |||     ||||||||||||||||||     |||       @#
		   #@ |||  |||      |||            |||             |||          ||| |||     @#
		   #@ |||   |||     |||            |||             |||         |||   |||    @#
		   #@ |||    |||    |||            |||             |||        |||     |||   @#
		   #@ |||     |||   |||||||||||    |||             |||       |||       |||  @#
		   #@ |||    |||    |||            |||             |||       |||||||||||||  @#
		   #@ |||   |||     |||            |||             |||       |||       |||  @#
		   #@ |||  |||      |||            |||             |||       |||       |||  @#
		   #@ |||||||       |||||||||||    |||||||||||||   |||       |||       |||  @#
                   #@              							    @#
                   #@   								    @#
                   #@   								    @#
                   #@ ||||||||||||  |||||||||||||  ||||||        |||||||||    ||||||||||||  @#
                   #@ |||           |||       |||  |||  ||      |||           |||           @#
                   #@ |||           |||       |||  |||   ||    |||            |||           @#
                   #@ |||           |||       |||  |||   ||   |||             |||           @#
                   #@ ||||||||||||  |||       |||  |||   ||   |||             ||||||||||||  @#
                   #@ |||           |||       |||  |||  ||    |||             |||           @#
                   #@ |||           |||       |||  ||||||      |||            |||           @#
                   #@ |||           |||       |||  |||  ||      |||           |||           @#
                   #@ |||           |||||||||||||  |||   ||      |||||||||    ||||||||||||  @#
                   #@ 								            @#

            Geodeath ([email protected])               version 1.0            created on 17/02/2001


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owned by me, George Ioakimidis (Geodeath). All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged and respected
that are not specifically mentioned in this FAQ. To continue, this FAQ and everything included herein is protected
International Copyright Laws.


I would like to say something. First, this faq/walkthrough is not made with the lazy gamer in mind.
Having said that, i mean that this document was written to help some guyz finish some difficult missions,
and not to just copy the game and finish it reading the faq.
Also notice that this was my first faq, so any ideas or complains should be sent to :
[email protected]  Anyway here are some notes:

This game is DYNAMIC. What the hell does this mean?
This means that when i say there is a soldier at your left, it could be wrong!
This is because there is some AI, so if you play as i played the game will be exactly the same!
If for example you alert a base that i didnt, dont be surprised to see loads more soldiers coming
in. So when i give locations of enemies, be wary but not CARELESS!
Also there are some words i use through the faq that you may not understand. There are:

"waypointing"  This means, follow your waypoints. Every mission has a map. On each map there are waypoints
set for your convenience. So when you see this term just follow the road to your next waypoint.

"unleash hell mission"  This means that the mission you are playing contains FAR more soldiers
that i could pinpoint (and this faq would be 1 mb longer!) and that it is rather simple.
If you got a mission that you must kill everyone, i dont think you actually need help, cause
most of the time enemies are presented on the map!


If anyone wants to contact me for any reason, my email is:
[email protected]

I will be more than happy to solve some problems you got with the specific or not game,
and to receive credit for what i did.

Single player game:



OBJECTIVES: Eliminate the mercenary detachment located at objective breeze.

As you start,head southwest. At the top of the hill,watch for a soldier coming from your right.
Kill him.Procceed southwest,but take care of the soldiers west of you, by the house on the hill.
As you continue southwest you will encounter 2 more soldiers : One is at the top of the turret
and the other one is at ground level behind the barrels at the middle of the place. After you
kill both, another one starts running across the warzone. Kill him too!
If you wait a bit longer another one starts running the same way! Needless to say, kill him too.
Now, approach the opening at your southwest. There are 2 soldiers waiting for you. One is by
the tree southwest and the other one is by the house close to the tree. Ignore everything else
and head down to the house southwest. BE CAREFUL! On entrance there is a man south of you
waiting! Dispose of him quickly! While still in the house, go south (where the last man was
standing) and look outside the door. There is a soldier by the window in the house at your west.
Zoom into him, and shoot. Approach this house, and shoot just after you enter, cause there is
soldier facing opposite of you, but if you wait a little longer, he wont! Get out of the house
and procceed north up the hill to collect the ammo and health inside the house by the bridge.
Just be careful as opposite the house door is a soldier by a chopped tree.
Get out and use the bridge to get to the other side, stopping by to shoot a soldier coming for
you below the bridge on your southeast. Killing this last soldier grants you victory,and you
have just finished mission 1.


OBJECTIVES: Capture all vehicle,equipment, and contraband at the enemy airfield designated
objective rain.

Proceed south along the waypoint and continue west, again along the waypoint. By the time you
pass the bridge, 3 soldiers come running to you from your northwest! Do your job. Also be sure
to shoot the soldier by the three trees south of you. Sometimes soldiers are waiting for you
at the nearby shores so give a zoomed look around as they can come out of nowhere!
Proceed west along the waypoint again. By the time you can see the plane in your southeast
you may notice 2 soldiers in the very distance running east. If you can catch them shoot.
If not leave them for later (if you find them alive of course!). Continue Southeast accross
the bridge, and then south to get to the airfield. Continue southeast to get to the plane.
Now be careful! There are 3 warehouses. There is going to be a soldier facing opposite of you
as you come in the eastern warehouse. There is going to be another man in the eastern camouflaged
hall. Killing that last man, you are victorious again! congrats, head to the third mission.


OBJECTIVES: Penetrate enemy defenses, then locate and destroy a cache of drugs and munition,
designated objective GALE.

As you start, proceed north till you can have a clear view of the two houses northern of you.
Kill the soldiers (there are 4-5) from the distance and then proceed carefully north to the houses
and then, northeastern along your waypoint, till you get to the opening with the 2 big trees left
and right. 2-3 soldiers will come from northeast. 2 more should be waiting aroun the right
tree or in the small cannyon. Do your job. Then procced northeastern and enter the cannyon.
At appoximately 96 metres to waypoint you can see a soldier stand by the trees at north. Kill
him. Then, climb the hill. From here be quick or be dead! From the hill you got a wonderful view
of all your surroundings but keep in mind that every bullet you hear is for YOU as the easier
you can see them, the easier they can see you too! You should be able to kill 3-4 soldiers from
here more or less, depending on your teammates coming in. After the field is somewhat more
peaceful, proceed north to kill 2 more soldiers at: 168 and 129 metres to waypoint facing north.
 Then proceed south to the village. Now pay attention. We have 9 buildings.Below is a small map.
where you see the @ symbol means,there is a soldier! The drugs and munition cache is the $ symbol.
You must put a satchel charge there and detonate it with your remote detonator. After explosion
head to the next waypoint for extraction.

     ------    ------     -------
     |    |    |  @ |     |  @  |
     ------    ------     -------
-----       ------      ------
|$ @|       | @  |      |    |
-----       ------      ------

-----      ------
| @ |      |    |
-----      ------

   | @  |

4)Bad habit

OBJECTIVES: Intercept and destroy the druglord's convoy,designated objective hail.

In this mission all you have to do is to destroy the entire convoy of the druglord.
To do so IGNORE EVERYTHING!!! and just keep going northwest along your waypoints till you come
to waypoint 6(objective hail). There are 2 places you must not ignore entirely though.
These are: In the start, just before you pass the first bridge there are 2 soldiers in front of you!
and after passing waypoint 5, onwards to waypoint 6, in your right, on top of the hill there are
at least 3 soldiers waiting for you. Keeping these key places in mind, concentrate on waypoint 6.
when you are there, hit F10 so the map comes up. Look for the time the convoy passes in front
of you, and when it does, first destroy the 3 front vehicles so the followinf cannot pass!
You got to keep shooting till every vehicle and man is down. When everyone is settled down,
head for the next waypoints for extraction, keeping in mind that soldiers can come from anywhere!
just be careful and quick. After all you got the MAG weapon which is sent straight from hell...
good luck!


OBJECTIVES: Infiltrate the enemy base-camp, designated objective calm, and steal a copy of the
enemy's encryption codebook.

Proceed East to the second waypoint. After passing the second waypoint you must be careful.
Soldiers are everywhere! Go at the top of a nearby hill and look at your northeast. there are 2
soldiers one at norteast and the other at east and a little north. Continue on your waypoint, till
you reach the place the last soldiers were standing. From there, you have a nice view. There are
2 soldiers east and at ground level, and 2 more inside the building. Kill everyone and proceed
to the next waypoint inside the building to grab the book and finish the mission!


OBJECTIVES: Eliminate the remaining mercenaries defending the druglord's villa, designated
objective storm and capture the druglord.

You start the mission west of the villa. Go west till you are 75 metres to waypoint. Zooming in
will reveal a soldier scouting in the far west. Shoot him. Immediately turn around and kill the
2 soldiers by the trees that will shoot you if you dont. From here on, the mission is pretty
straightforward. I cannot give exact coordinations of enemy soldiers, but keep these in mind:
After you can see the villa, zoom in at your northwest. You can see 2 soldiers running.
As for the villa soldiers:  There are turrets at the villa's corners so remember that in every
of these turrets there is a soldier waiting. One final word of advice: Your teammates are west
of you shooting down soldiers continously, so you are not alone. As this mission is the last in
Peru, we are going to move on to chad.



OBJECTIVES: Resque the hostage being held in the terrorists camp, designated objective tremor.

You start Southeast of your mission. Head northwest till you come to 197 metres to waypoint 2.
Then look south and you will see a soldier waiting. Kill him and continue nortwest along the
waypoints. At 90 metres to waypoint 2 you will see a building. If you wait a little you will
notice 2 soldiers scouting. Kill them too, then proceed to your waypoint ignoring the house.
At 110 metres to waypoint 3 you will see 2 soldiers waiting at ground level (you will be on
a hill by that time). Kill them both and continue on your waypoint. At 72 metres to waypoint 3
you will come across a set of buildings. The one in front of you has a soldier in it. Continue
north till you are 50 metres to waypoint 4. The house in front of you has 4-5 soldiers, and 2 more
just behind it. Kill the ones behind it firts, then make your entrance and kill all of them.
Then get the hell out of the house and head to the tent at your northwest to find the "hostage".
you will notice no hostage inside so the mission is aborted and you must proceed to extraction
point to finnish the mission.


OBJECTIVES: Destroy enemy convoy, designated objective blast, and capture the officer
commanding it.

This mission is WAY easy! You got to destroy a convoy. The SECOND vehicle (the land rover) must NOT
be destroyed! Just follow the waypoints, killing 2 soldiers that stand in your waypoints, and wait
for the convoy to pass in front of you. By the time it passes, start shooting soldiers and the first
vehicle, then leave the second to pass and then unleash hell! Shoot everything! After half a minute
you will be done. But here are some tips. If you prefer you can always ambush the convoy at a later
stage of the mission, as to not alert the terrorist base. In case the base is alerted, a dozen soldiers
will come for you. But dont be scared, you got tha Mag! This is the heaviest weapon so, killing all the
machinery along with the soldiers is dead easy! Good luck!

3)Snake eyes

OBJECTIVES: Infiltrate the enemy base-camp, designated objective steam, and steal a laptop computer.

From your starting point, head north along the waypoint. Follow your waypoints until you come at
45 metres from waypoint 3. There you will encounter a jeep with 2 soldiers coming from the west,
and 2 soldiers coming from the east. Kill everyone and proceed to your waypoint. At 208 metres to
waypoint 4 you will notice 2 soldiers east of you. Kill them and proceed. After a little, you will
come across to 2 soldiers, the one behind sandbags, and the other just by the last one. Kill both
and now pay attention!!!!!! You are going to do the following: Head east slowly and kill one soldier
at a time, so it can be easier! There are WAY to many soldiers to pinpoint individually so try to be
careful and remember these things: In EVERY tent there are soldiers! And every tent has 2 doors.
The one has ALWAYS sandbags. There are always soldiers at sandbags. Try and clear first the camouflaged
tents left of the big tents and every soldier running outside the tents and ONLY then proceed to clear
the tents one to one. The western tent has the laptop in it, so after you clear the field, and your
teammates have come for assist, get inside and grab it. Then you proceed to the extraction point to
finnish the mission.

4)Dust to dust

OBJECTIVES: Destroy the CNLF communications post, designated objective rumble.

Head Southwest. After 10 or so metres you will see 2 soldiers at ground level. Zoom into them and Shoot!
Continue along your waypoint. At 54 metres to waypoint 3 you will notice 2 soldiers at far south. Zoom
and shoot. 2-3 metres front you will see a jeep at ground level getting ready to go. You will of course
change that! Shoot till its burned down, and immediately turn southeast to find that you have been noticed
by 2 soldiers coming your way. Shoot them too. At 461 metres to waypoint 4 turn east to find 2 soldiers hidden
in the hill. Shoot and continue your way. At 110 metres to waypoint 4 soldiers from the hill in front of you
will start shooting at you. Shoot and proceed. Now, move carefully, almost step by step, so you can kill
one soldier at time. First kill the 3 soldiers east of you on the hill, then the soldiers at the roof of the
building, then get down at ground level, so you can kill the soldiers standing by the sandbags. Be careful not
to kill your teammates as i did.....LOL! After you kill everybody ( to be sure of it just press F10 to see.
circles are soldiers that are alive, and x marks are signs of dead soldiers.) Head into the building next to
the antenna and throw a bomb at the radio, then get outside and throw a bomb at the antenna (if it is still
standing from the bomb at the radio) and at the sattelite dish on top of the building. You've pretty much
finnished another mission.

5)Metal hammer

OBJECTIVES: Pacify the enemy training base, designated objective flare.

Starting out, head to your waypoint. At 45 metres from waypoint 2 turn left and zoom into the monument. There
is a soldier by it. As you continue, another one will come left of the monument. At 76 metres to waypoint 3
turn left to kill 2 soldiers running west. Then turn south to find 2 more sniping at you. At 253 metres to
waypoint 5 there is a soldier by sangbags at you northeast. Continue on your waypoint till you can see one more
sandbag to your right. By the time you kill this soldier, all hell breaks loose!!!!! Dont be scared by the
heavy shooting, just relax and take your time.  First take the buildings, from right to left. Inside the big
building at the center of the field there are 4 soldiers inside. After you clear this room one teammate assists.
Then proceed to the big-like a castle- building and kill the two soldiers at the gate, then enter the building.
there are two soldiers left and front of where you enter, and another one at top of the stairs by your right.
Phew! that was it. Mission complete!

6)Full stop

OBJECTIVES: Penetrate the enemy base and resque the hostage, designated objective lava.

This mission is a pain in the ass! follow your waypoints till you are at 150 metres to waypoint 3. Then kill
the soldier at the sandbags, and the one on top of the turret. Continue moving but be ready to kill a soldier
coming from your right.Now.... You must move clockwise to the perimeter so you can clear ALL of the turret and
sandbag soldiers and some more that will be coming every now and then. I cannot give you exact locations on
this mission sorry. They are moving continously! After you manage to kill the perimeter (always have the map
open -> F10). Go inside the base VERY CAREFULLY cause soldiers will be coming all the time and the map WONT
show them! After you can sneak inside get inside the house that is alone, not the other two. Inside there is a
soldier and the hostage. by the time you enter your team assists. Kill everybody around that is located in the
map and then the hostage will run! Escort him to the extraction point to finnish the mission......


1)Jump start

OBJECTIVES: Destroy the enemy base west of the city dumai, designated objective larson.

This mission is one of the helpless missions. I cannot give any directions or help about
this one as there are TONS of soldiers and they are moving constantly! You'll see for yourself.
Anyway this mission is also rather straightforward, so even if i could, the directions would be
3 lines long.


OBJECTIVES: Infiltrate the terrorist's base and destroy their radar and missile launcher.

Well, you start the mission south of your waypoint. Head on your waypoint and then kill the two
soldiers north of you. By the time you shoot them, the nearby base is alerted and a wild wild
shootout beggins.... go near the base, so you can see some soldiers at ground level. Eliminate
them and then take out the soldiers on the turrets. Clear any remaining soldiers that came after
the base has been alerted, and then proceed northeast to take out 2-3 soldiers up the hill.
Then turn northwest again to approach the base. Open up your map (F10) and kill any remaining
soldier. Proceed to clear the tents. There are soldiers in EVERY tent! Be aware of 2 soldiers
at the top of the perimeter. They usually scout so look at your map to locate them. After you clear
everything move north to get to a smaller base with a missile and a mobile antenna. Kill the two
soldiers nearby (locate by using the map) and then get your missile launcher at hands and destroy
the antenna and the missile. Mission complete soldier!


OBJECTIVES: Penetrate the enemy defenses to retreive a laptop computer, designated objective stokes.

Well, move east, southeast and south to waypoints 1, 2 and 3 respectively. By the time you arrive
at waypoint 3 (and sometimes sooner!) the base is alerted. You have 2 options:
1)To wait for your teammated without alerting the base (that means standing away from waypoint 3
and avoid any shooting), so they can clear the room for you.
2)Or to take a risk and try to kill everyone by yourself! I believe you can manage this if you
have been through all the game till now.
In case you prefer the first option, just relax and let your teammates do their job. If the get
killed, you must continue on your own the killing!
In case you want to play Rambo and mission impossible, just take soldiers one by one ALWAYS with
the map as a guide. There are LOADS of soldiers, so take your time. This is another unleash-hell
mission as no directions can be given! There are at least 50 soldiers around the base marked in the
map and at least 10-20 more tha will come around if the base is alerted, that will NOT be marked in
the map. When you clear everything, just go inside the Camouflage tent and grab that laptop. Then
proceed to the extraction point. Mission complete!

4)Safe passage

OBJECTIVE: Escort the indonesian president during his tour through the special operations area(SOA).

You start by some vehicles. Continue along their path. The limousine contains the president.
After 100+ metres there will be teams of 3 soldiers coming from west north and east of your way.
After a while they stop coming. Then a convoy of 2 military vehicles and a jeep come from northeast.
Destroy them and watch for a chopper coming in. The sooner you destroy the chopper, the sooner the
mission ends, as it unloads soldiers everytime it lands. After you kill every soldier the mission is
over. One small tip. Search everywhere for soldiers as they are not represented in the map!
do not give up if you hear shooting, as this time it is for real!


OBJECTIVES: Locate and difuse a terrorist bomb, designated objective Lee.

You got to disarm a bomb located at 458 metres to waypoint 1. When you start the mission hit F10
to see the map. !!!!!! Literaly at least 100 soldiers are waiting for you in this mission. So you
decide again:
1) you can play rambo by killing everyone (dont worry there arent any time limits-ignore the
2) Or you can just go from the shore and kill only the needed soldiers to get to the bomb.
I will examine the second option, as it is far easier and requires far less time to complete.
When you start the mission head southwest. Needless to say, having the map open at all times,
kill everyone in your way. When you get to the shore continue southern by the shore(always) so you
can be less viewable by enemies and to avoid unneeded shooting. when you reach the point that your
men reside, just kill everyone in your way to get to the 2 pillars by the house. If you get
completely south, the pillars are the first thing you will come across moving to the village, so
you cannot really get lost. The bomb is located at 458 metres to waypoint 1, on the left pillar.
After you grab the bomb, the mission is over.

6)Shut Down

OBJECTIVES: Pacify all enemy forces at a terrorist base, designated objective eaton.

You start southeast of your target. Immediately head east to kill 2 teams of enemy soldiers
(presented in the map). Then continue on your waypoint, but stop at 233 metres to waypoint 4
to kill a soldier in the background on the turret. Head southeast and then northeast killing every
soldiers presented in the map. This mission is also a "unleash-hell" one. No specific directions
can be given! The only thing you should consider is that when you hear your teammate say
that the chopper is taking off, hide! Let it pass over you and then shoot it till it falls

7)Lock Down

OBJECTIVES: Capture the commander of a terrorist base, designated objective moore.

After you start, head south and kill the two soldiers that appear in your map. Then continue south and kill everyone using
your map, brain and your powerful sniper! After you kill anyone hust enter the western house and capture the commander.
Just remember that in each small bunker there are 2 soldiers, where at the big one there are 4 soldiers inside. Good luck.

8)Ground zero
OBJECTIVES: Retreive stolen cdc materials from a terrorist base, designated objective jones.

A simple shoot everybody and go stage. Just have your map always open and use it as a guide for enemy locations, and when
you get to the village head for the eastern house(NOT tent) and get the bag. Then go to the extraction point to finish the



OBJECTIVES: Capture the enemy communication and command center, designated objective musket.

Another no brainer! These missions suck! They make me nervous as a faqwriter, as i cannot say anything!
Anyway, just head north till you find the 2 soldiers in front of you. By the time you kill them, 2 more will appear up the
hill in the far north, 2 more from the east and 2 more from the west trying to get to the top of the hill. After this point,
you just have to zoom, shoot and use your map again. Nothing special. Just kill everyone and you are finished.


OBJECTIVES: Penetrate enemy lines and destroy and improved sam radar site.

WOW! An actual mission! Head north, at 100 metres to waypoint 2 there are 2 soldiers at your left, on the hill. Kill and continue
on your waypoint. Continue on your waypoint till you get to the third one. Then ignore waypoint 4 and go west!
Open up your map and press the zoom out button (by default this is -). Then go perimeter-like to reach the small square
point at your northwest, by the bunker. When you are there, just strafe left of the bunker being sure noone sees you,
and shoot the small green mobil radar. Thats all! This was a  scam-mission! Too small! Anyway after destroying that
thing go to the extraction point. notice the 2 soldier running in the backround near the extraction point, and beware
of two more as you approach better.


OBJECTIVE: Ambush and destroy an enemy armored column that has just been reported to be in the vicinity of ushsay.

This is a simple Destroy-the-convoy stage. So after you start open up your map and zoom out so you can see where the
convoy starts its way. Go there and destroy the first so the others cannot move and stay there! Then you have all the time
to take your time killing soldiers and the rest. If you dont catch the first one dont worry! They are as slow as a turtle
and you can always cath up on them later. But beware that you should better go chasing the vehicles cause as soon as every
vehicle is destroyed the mission is OVER! No extraction point. But beware, cause if you end your mission in front of some
soldiers they could kill you before you press enter and lose!!!! Good luck!


OBJECTIVES: Resque american pows are being held at objective weasel.

Just after you start, be warned that this mission is easy! You only got to find some us pows. Well, head southwest till you
reach the village. Then walk step by step with your map open to see where enemy soldiers are! There are 5-6 soldiers around
so make it quick and you wont be noticed. After you kill these soldiers, head southwest again, looking for enemies that heard
your shooting before. If this is the case, there are gonna be 4-5 soldiers coming from: 2 from the hill southeast, 2 from
your west, and 1-2 from your east with this order (pretty much). After you are clear head for the main base. By the time you
are at 120 metres to waypoint 4 enemy soldiers will possibly snipe at you from the hill straight ahead(if you are noticed).
Kill them and proceed into the small bunker. Kill the troops inside and stay there till you kill everybody around that base.
If you keep inside, there is very little danger! Kill everyone that appears on your map and then just enter the house in
front of you, (the one @ 378 metres to waypoint 1) and look for the pows. Mission complete! Hint: If you found the pows but
you cannot finish the mission, search around the base for soldiers that does not appear on your map. You will undoubtedly
hear constant shooting if anyone is alive, anyway.


OBJECTIVES: Recover the reconnaisance box from a downed f-18 close to bravo team's forward deployed area of responsibility.

Well, what we got here? One of the easiest missions of the game! No kidding: Head southeast till the second waypoint.
At the southeast of the second waypoint there is a group of 2 soldiers. Kill them and continue along your route.
Open up your map and see where enemy soldiers are. Then continue killing 2-3 soldiers that get in yout way.
When you come to a point where the F-18 is viewable, use your sniping technique and kill everyone around the fallen
plane. Then simply run to it, grab the red box by its nose and continue to the extraction point. Two more soldiers are
awaiting your arrival close to the extraction point, so dont let them do what they had in mind and finish the mission.


OBJECTIVES: Destroy the enemy power generation facility, designated objective SDL.

Well, well, well.... Just another easy mission! Head forward. After a few mere step, you should ALREADY be able to snipe into
the enemy soldiers, so take out your map and your zooming techniques and kill whoever you can. Then just continue on your
waypoints killing people in front of you. Nothing tricky, except soldiers at the top of the hill at your right. Then enter
the house to get ammo and health supplies. Continue waypointing till you reach the top of the hill. Then once again focus
on enemies using your zoom abilities and clear the field. Then proceed to the big house. Beware, there are 5 soldiers to
be aware of as you reach the house's door. Then just throw 2 satchel charges, 1 at the antenna-like structure and 1 at the
power generator and blow them sky-high. Mission acomplished!


OBJECTIVES: Capture the enemy airfield, designated objective grant.

You got a difficut mission at last! But not entirely....
Start waypointing. You may find a group of two soldiers at your left or a soldier at your front in your way. Kill them.
Continue waypointing till you get to the group of houses with your 2 teammates around. An enemy chopper is heading your way!
Dont stay there! The key to finishing this mission is to help your teammates coming from your right to survive, cause if they
survive the chopper and soldier attack they will help you VERY MUCH cleaning the rest of the stage! So, move where your bodies
are and keep shooting all the soldiers coming in. You also have to face the chopper! To do so just move backwards, with you
facing the chopped and keep shooting it. After 10 or so shots it should be down! Then the only thing left to do is to
eliminate the soldiers at the top of the buildings in front of you..... The only thing you should be careful is that one
turret holds 3 soldiers, so dont be to careless or you could die in a second if you go bare!


OBJECTIVES: Attack and destroy an enemy fire base, designated objective lee.

Well, another shoot everyone visible at your map mission..
Thing to be careful of:
There are sandbag soldiers all aroung the base! Kill them immediately!
There are small bunkers at every corner of the base. Kill them too.
The key for finishing this mission is aquiring position in the big bunker. Enter the bunker and remember that there is
a soldier at every part of this bunker.(it is divided by 4 walls). After you kill the bunker's insiders kill everyone
possible from inside the bunker!


OBJECTIVES: Bravo will destroy an enemy supply concoy discovered near gullistan.

YEAH!!!!!! another destroy the convoy mission!
Again just forget waypoints, run like hell to the place the convoy starts moving, killing ofcourse anyone that shoots you
or gets in your way! Then take out the Law-antitank weapon and destroy the first vehicle. Then take out the grenades or the
sniper and destroy the rest of the convoy. Mission complete!


OBJECTIVES: Attack and destroy the remaining elite core of enemy fighters.

This mission is a simple deathmatch to the end! You only got to kill the remaining soldiers and grab a suitcase to finish
the mission. From your starting point follow the waypoints till you see clearly the soldiers up the cliff in front of you.
Then zoom in and clear everything. There are soldiers coming from your right too! clear them too and continue waypointing
till you reach your objective. There, things are easier. Every soldier is present at the map and can be cleared out very
simply: Just crouch and walk carefully killing one soldier at the time. When you reach up the cliff (your objective)
enter the first tent, kill the soldier inside and grab the suitcase! Mission complete!


1)Birds of prey

OBJECTIVES: Capture an enemy forward arming and refuelling pointand its adjacent command buildings.

An easy mission with hard enemies though. Moving on your waypoints reveal 2 teams of 2 soldiers each, one coming from
your north and the other at your east. Move onto the next waypoint. When you can see the base destroy the chopper and the
soldiers that surrounds it. Then lean left and right in order to kill:
The soldiers at the top of the buildings,
the soldiers at the sandbags, (there is a soldiers inside the building facing you, be careful)
and soldiers inside the warehouse and around it.
After you kill everybody, with your teammates assistance of course, move onto the next waypoint. Leave one teammate go
in front. Follow him. When his is hit by an enemy, stay there and move step by step till you eliminate
any remaining soldiers.(they are 4-5) Mission complete!

2)Chain lighning

OBJECTIVES: Penetrate enemy lines and laser designate sam and artillery site for naval bombardment.

Start waypointing till you can see the little bunker in front of you. Then snipe into the 2 soldiers in the very far and
kill them. Then enter the bunker, killing the insider, and stay there! From there Kill EVERYBODY you can see.
Also use your map to see where enemies are located! After you 've cleared most of the around troops, move onto the next
waypoint. When you clear that base too destroy the sam launchers and the various vehicles around using your sniper.
That was objective 1. When you are done with objective 1 head to your left up to the hills, so you can see your next
objective: 3 more sam launchers. Destroy them too and leave the area, moving onto the last waypoint to evac.

3)Rapid strike

OBJECTIVES: Attack the enemy command and center and eliminate all personnel there.

Stupid mission. Just move and shoot every man on the map. No tricky parts.


OBJECTIVES: Attack the airbase at objective rook and destroy all air assets there.

Again!! ARGHHHH!!! Just move and kill whatever moves and then proceed to the extraction point!

5)Snow blind

OBJECTIVES: Destroy the enemy's primary sattelite up-link facility, designated objective solaris.

Not enough to do here really! Aftet killing all the mapped soldiers which is REALLY easy, you need to
destroy the sattelite dish. To do this just go on your waypoints killing everybody (as usual)
and when you arrive at the point you see a big bunker in front of you (remember the Big bunkers? the ones
divided into four pieces!) enter and kill all 4 of the insiders. Then stay inside to kill everybody around
the bunker and then just go outside and throw some grenades onto the dish, located in top of the bunker.
No tricky parts should be noticed to extraction point.

6)Fallen angel

OBJECTIVES: Resque the crew of a downled friendly command chopper.

Another easy mission.....
You start south of your objective. At start head right to kill the team of soldiers that appear on your map,
and then proceed north to find the small bunker. By the bunker, kill everyone close to the bunker and the enter.
Kill any insider and stay inside so you can kill whoever visible. Then continue waypointing till you find the chopper!
That simple. By the time you reach the chopper you should have found the chopper's crew by it. If not search for them.
When you come to them, they run to the extraction point. Follow them to finish the mission.


OBJECTIVES: Destroy an enemy outpost, designated objective castle.

There are 31 soldiers exactly to eliminate in this mission.
First head right, to the farmost buildings from the central base so you can kill from a distance :).
When you clear the field up ahead, go bunker by bunker close to the base and kill everyone located on your map.
There is no objective in this mission, you only got to kill everyone. The right most building holds a soldiers and 2 (!)
health packs, so if you become injured at any time during the mission just go in there and grab one. When you kill
everyone, head for the main building in the centre of the map and kill everybody visible. Then you may notice an enemy
that is viewable on the map but that he is on a building that you cannot enter in order to finish the mission.
This is a trick:
The soldier is not IN the building, he is in TOP of the building, on the northeast corner.
Just walk away enouph from the building and shoot him as soon as he is viewable. Mission acomplished!

8)Pandora's box

OBJECTIVES: Steal a laptop computer containing nuclear launch codes from an enemy base, designated objective bishop.

In this mission you got to steal a laptop from an enemy building. It sounds very difficult but it is AAARGGG!!!! easy
again. Look:
After you start follow the waypoints. When you see the LARGE amount of soldiers on you northwest on your map
do the following. IGNORE the heavy load of soldiers, and instead, head for the right handed buildings. There are 2 by
the way. In the second there is the laptop on the second floor waiting to be picked-up. enter the house and kill everyone.
There are 2 soldiers in the entrance, one at the very entrance and the other just before the hall, and there are 2-3 more.
2 on the second floor and one at the stairs. Kill everybody and steal the laptop. Then proceed to the extraction point to
finish the mission. Be warned! The extraction point is right in the centre of an enemy base! There are 5-6 soldiers all
visible from far away so you shoudn' have any problem at all.

9)Storm chaser

OBJECTIVES: Destroy the crates containing the enemy's nuclear launch electronics.

You got to destroy 2 sets of nuclear crates.
After you start look for 2 soldiers on your left up the hill. When you are done, continue waypointing till you can see the
top of the buildings. When you can, zoom into the top of them and shoot down all the soldiers. Strafe left and shoot down
the chopper that is taking off. Then continue into the main base, wall to wall, killing one at a time. Go clockwise through
the silos so you can have clear view. When you are done shooting down enemies head for the first small square on the map.
There is the first crate set. Set the satchel charge and destroy it. Then proceed to the second keeping in mind that
soldiers come continuously, so be quick! Enter the second building, killing the 2 soldiers by the entrance, and proceed to
the second floor. There are 2 more soldiers to kill. Set the satchel charge, get the hell outa there and blow it sky high!
The proceed to the extraction point for immediate removal!

10)Snow fox

OBJECTIVES: Capture the supply base, designated objective nova, where the enemy is storing the nuclear weapons.

THIS IS THE LAST MISSION! So you should already think twice before even think it is easy!
The whole idea is this:
Normally you would have to go dynamically into the base and kill everyone. WRONG!!!!
As you start you must head left, so you can hit the enemy base from its side! This way you can execute one to one
the enemy soldiers! BEWARE, not all soldiers appear on the map! You will be hearing shooting ALL the time!
Dont be afraid to proceed when you hear shooting! Enemies are a bit dumb, so even if they are inside a building and you
are outside they will start firing for no reason! This could drive you mad searching for the nearby enemy that shoots to
you! The whole picture is this:
After you head left, kill everybody on the roofs. Then walk REALLY step by step and crouched, to kill everyone standing and
visible. Then go near the building and enter ins

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