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Lethal's Devil May Cry Faq (v.1)
BY: Jason Hurtada a.k.a. Lethal
Version 1.0- Updated 10.21.01
contact: [email protected]
Devil May Cry Site: http://www.survivalhorror.com/data/dmc/index.shtml
Main Site: http://www.survivalhorror.com/

Yeah I know it's not survival horror...it's gothic horror, totally 
different..right :-)

If you need help, I suggest my website's forum 
as they can get your questions faster than I can. Expect two days to 
three day wait if you email me, because I got a lot to do, and so 
little time to do it in. :-)

I am making this walkthrough from the notes I made while playing a
friends Japanese version, the blissful Japanese version I bought a 
couple months ago, but only played five times as well as the 
purchased U.S. version I bought on 10.17.01, so I have a long way 
to complete each mission, so if I made a mistake, I'd would really 
like your help.

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Intro's Introduction....

Though he was a demon, the legendary swordsman awoke one day to justice. 
Alone, he defeated the demon army and imprisoned their emperor, Mundus, 
saving the human world from damnation. 

Now, 2000 years later in a large American metropolis, a man named Dante, 
a private investigator of the supernatural, is seeking revenge for the 
death of his mother and brother. However, Dante comes face-to-face with 
his destiny, discovering the evil conspiracy goes back thousands of years 
and that the evil Mundus has arisen anew. 

The world is waiting, for Dante is no ordinary man, and with his 
father's sword in hand, he must enter the demon realm and avenge 

X.     ITEMS
          . MISSION 1- Curse of the Bloody Puppets
          . MISSION 2- Judge of Death

          . LOCATIONS
          . MISSION Walkthroughs (soon)

          . DEMO CODES

          . BASIC RANKINGS
          . PENALTIES

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Added blue orb pieces. Added more walkthru. Yeah I'm slow with the 

Finished Personal Game, started FAQ game to search for all 
secrets that I missed, and I did miss a lot the first time :-)
Given that I whipped this Faq up in 1 day, don't expect a lot 
of the walkthrough done, however I am working hard to finish It, I will 
try and update this as often as I can. Hopefully by next week, it 
will be completely finished. Sue me if I only wrote down mission one, 
but, hey, I wrote like nine or ten pages of info in five hours.

 Originally, Devil May Cry was supposed to be the basis for the next 
Resident Evil (4), but during the middle of production, it ultimately 
became Devil May Cry. Introduced on November 17 2000, Devil May Cry is 
a collaborative effort between producer Shinji Mikami and director 
Hideki Kamiya. Devil May Cry is being dubbed as "gothic horror" I don't 
know why. Maybe because capcom loves anything connected to the horror 
element, even though DMC is pure action.

I decided to write this Faq, even though DMC + a botched mod chip 
operation were the cause of a lot of grief about two months earlier. 
Anyways it's time to put that behind me, it's time to shout non-sense
type catch phrases, just like Dante.


The story of "Devil May Cry" follows the hero Dante, a half-human, 
half-demon who must save the world. He is the son of the legendary 
Sparda, who fought against the evil forces, years earlier. Dante's 
task is not an easy one, as he must fight his way through an unstoppable 
army of darkness in his quest to face the ultimate evil: Mundus. The 
emperor of darkness himself has come back to raise "hell", trying one 
more time to take control of the world. Dante, a private investigator 
of the supernatural, is seeking revenge for the death of his mother and 
brother. However, Dante comes face to face with his destiny, 
discovering the evil conspiracy goes back thousands of years With his 
twin set of guns, and his father's sword, he'll find out how far he 
can go.

Why Devil May Cry?
It's a play on words of the phrase "Devil May Care", but a movie was 
already named that, so director Hideki Kamiya decided to use 
Devil May Cry.

Devil May Cry is also the name on the front of Dante's Supernatural 
Private Investigator Business.

Devil May Cry was supposed to be Resident Evil 4 on the PS2, but because 
the developers decided to take a different route during the middle of 
production, it ultimately became Devil May Cry. (note: that doesn't mean 
Resident Evil 4 is scrapped, it is in production right now) We could 
have had Resident Evil 4 in production as of this moment because the 
scenario of the game was written well over a year ago! 

The original title was Devil May Care, after the well known phrase or 
title. It was changed to Devil May Cry because a movie already had 
that title.(Hideki) 

The producer Shinji Mikami said to us (Hideki the director + team): 
"Make me a revolutionary Biohazard game". so, after Mikami's words, 
the idea for a new game developed. 

Hideki gets much of his inspiration for games from what else? movies. 
This is the reason why a guy like Dante can come in and defeat evil 
with the crudest of weapons. 

Dante's twin guns are named "ebony and ivory", probably a reference 
to the song of the same name, because they go together in perfect 
harmony, blah, blah, blah, blah, why don't we... 

The marionette demons were originally "cyborgs", but because they 
were boring, they became the happy little clowns we know of today. 

Shinji wanted realism, this mended Hideki and the team went to Spain 
and England trying to get inspiration for the many castle settings 
within the game. 

The son of Sparda (the legendary demon warrior), Dante is a half-human 
half demon who must battle the same being who his father faced years 
earlier: Mundus. Dante is the hero of the game and you control him 
through several difficult missions. Dante, a private investigator of 
the supernatural, is seeking revenge for the death of his mother and 
brother. However, Dante comes face to face with his destiny, discovering 
the evil conspiracy goes back thousands of years and that the evil 
Mundus has arisen a new. With his twin set of .45's (Ebony and Ivory) 
and his Sword, Dante going to see how for he can go.  

Seeks out Dante at his place of business (devil May Cry) and she seeks 
him out for his services. she isn't human, in fact she is a demon, she
warns Dante of the Demonic Uprising on Mallet Island. She looks a lot
like Dante's dead mother, and Dante knows that this isn't a 
coincidence. Can she be trusted?

(Nelo) Nero Angelo
Nero Angelo is one of the main villains of the game. His powers allow 
him to mimic anyone, and it shows when he mimics Dante. Unlike Dante, 
Angelo Nero is 100% demon and is the "Knight of the demon world"- so 
ultimately he may be Mundus' right hand man. He is skilled in weapons 
as well as the martial arts, however, he has found an equal in Dante. 
He is shown in the demo trying to grab Dante's amulet, but it proves 
too strong. Why does he want it? You'll just have to find out. 

The emperor of all evil, he has arisen anew. Like his father, Dante 
must vanquish Mundus.  Looks like a giant Greek statue on crack.

Who is vergil, what connection does he have to Dante, to Nelo(Nero)?
I know. hahahahahaha. You will find out soon.


Description: If hell was a big corporation, the Marionettes would be 
working in the mail room. They are the foot soldiers of evil. They are 
puppets that have been possessed by evil spirits. Although the may look 
cheery and happy, they are in fact sad, evil, creatures. Many of them 
have staves or knives, some have circular hand blades, and some even 
have shotguns. They dress cool though.

Leg Wrap- will wrap their legs around you and keep slashing.
Puppet Spin- They will spin towards you with knifes and blades out, 
like a washing machine of death. Some of the weapons get flung towards 
Super Yell- They yell, and it will stop you in your tracks for a while.

Not really a threat, they are slow enough that you can kill them
with whatever you have. try avoiding the groups though, try and 
separate them by attacking from afar. If fighting close, try and get 
them into a juggle to get rid of them.


Description: glowing Masked demons with long robes, and even longer 
pairs of scissors. They are evil spirits that float in the air, 
waiting to kill Dante. They are seen coming out of a painting in one 
of the earlier cut scenes.

Scissors- Those scissors aren't just for show, when Dante is within 
them, the Sin's close them quickly.

Strategy: Aim for the mask, as this is their weak point. They are 
relatively slow, but can be quite troublesome in large groups. Try 
and use the shotgun on enemies of this type, E + I are just too weak 
and too slow to get the job done.


Description: A variation of the Sin Scissors. Now the Sins are equipt 
with much more deadlier Scythes, with a longer reach.

Scythe- Will slash you with that big ass farming tool. Will inflict 
some damage to Dante.
Boomerang- I don't know how they do it, but the Sins can hurl their 
weapon like a boomerang. 

Strategy: use the same strategy as you did on the Sin Scissors. 
Shotgun and the Grenade Gun are pretty useful when dealing with 
groups of these demons. Going in and slashing them with a sword is 
another way to deal with them, but long range attacks are wise.


Description: Floating Skulls...they are demons of the sea. Did I 
mention they were skulls. They roam around looking for victims to 
feast on. 

Gas Cloud- I didn't know demons could fart through their mouth. 
The skulls emit a toxic cloud at Dante. not to damaging, more 
annoying than anything else.
Bite- Bite, duh.

Strategy- Handguns, shotgun, grenade gun, pick one. I like 
handguns, but shotgun is obviously the middle choice, being 
that its a combination of fast firepower.


Description: Giant Insects that have been possessed by evil spirits. 
They have huge claws and are able to use their ability of flight to 
their advantage. They also crawl around in their own filth.

Maggots- The Beelzebub's like to spit their spawn at you, maggots! 
Once Dante gets hit, he will become stunned. This prevents Dante 
from attacking for a moment.
Head ram- flying overhead, the insect demons will ram Dante with 
their head.
Back Slash- The insect will cling to Dante's back and repeatedly 
slash at his back.

Strategy: Like most of the enemies, they can be wasted away with 
the shotgun. Just avoid the maggot spit, and the slashes and you 
will be fine. Try using more of your special attacks when 
surrounded in a group, other than that, they are relatively weak.


Description: they are similar to the Sins in appearance. They 
where long black robes, but instead of masks, they have skull 
faces and huge long horns. Like the Sin Scissors, they carry 
around a long pair of scissors.

Spin Attack- The D.S. will fly up and spin down towards Dante, 
trying to stab him with the scissors.
Scissor Spin- The demon will whirl around the scissors, causing 
multiple hits if Dante comes in contact with the scissors.

Strategy: you have to deal with these demons head on. Close combat 
is the only effective way of dealing with this demon. Like the Sins, 
the head is the D.S' weak point. However, they have a way of 
blocking shots at its head. Once the creature begins to glow, it 
can't be harmed. When it stops glowing, move in for an attack. 
This type of enemy is best matched when in demon mode. You can also 
try to take it down with a shot gun, but often this takes too long. 
Watch out for it's special attacks. Make sure to clear the area when 
it motions for it's spin attack. 


Description: They look a lot like toned down versions of the 
phantom boss. They have a glowing neon eye, and sharp teeth. These 
giant spiders have huge claws that make it difficult for Dante to 
take them out easily. 

Rock Spit- The Kyklops will spit rocks at Dante...duh.
Pounce- The Kyklops will leap and try to land on Dante, crushing him 
under the weight.
Claw Swipe- The Kyklops will do a good amount of damage if they can 
get their hands on Dante.

Strategy: try keeping a safe distance form the Kyklops. Make sure to 
avoid the spit attacks by jumping. The best method here is to use 
heavy hitting weapons . by this time, you would already know enough 
to by many D.T. techniques, put them to good use here. Moves like Air 
Raid and Vortex are best suited to crush this fool into submission.


Description: Evil soldiers that serve the dark emperor. They are 
reptilian in nature, with gladiator type armaments. They carry 
around a circular shield, as well as a sharp set of claws. They 
also wear a helmet to hide their hideous reptile faces.

Claw Slash- Will use this take the most, usually when Dante is close.
Claw throw- will throw talons at Dante when he is far away.

Strategy: Since the blades are quite fast, they will continue to resort 
to using their claws most of the time. Since they are so quick and 
cheap...they are quite annoying. Try using as well as heavy fire 
power like the grenade gun. The alastor is quick enough to [email protected]#$ 
slap the blades. Try and juggle them as this is an easy way to mess 
this creature up.


Description: They are odd looking creatures that are sort of hunch 
backed. They have feet like a cat, and a head of a bird. They also 
carry around circular blades that are on fire.
Boomerang- The Fetish hurls it's circular blades at Dante.
Flame thrower spray- the fetish will shoot a burst of flame from 
its mouth.  
Spin- Like many of the other demons in this game, the fetish will 
spin around, hoping to hit Dante in the process.
Beak Hit- If close enough,  the fetish will grab Dante and hit him 
with its beak.
Yell- similar to the Marionettes, this attack will stun Dante.

Strategy: Watch out for the flame attack! It doesn't use it often, but 
if you go into a prolonged battle with it, it will use it. Try using 
the ifrit, mostly your special kicks and punches that you bought will 
destroy the fetish quickly.


Description: A being of pure energy. It is a glowing blue creature. 
It can take the shape of a man, with a big cyclops head. But it's 
true form is that of a giant bat.

Eye Beam- When in human form, the Plasma will shoot an eye beam from 
it's eye. A short blade beam, or a long range beam.
Sword cut- It will slash Dante with a Alastor type electric sword.
Multiple Copies- It can split into copies of itself.

Strategy: Try using the grenade gun when the Plasma has gone batty. 
I think Shotguns work if you are able to dodge it's beams, but it's 
only if comfortable with dodging. Try using ifrit when the fool 
turns into a human form, but make sure not to get caught in the beam.


Description: A suped up version of the blade. Has longer claws, 
and is more metallic in look. Unlike the blade, it has more tools at 
its disposal.

Warp- It will teleport to another point in the fighting area. You are 
able to see the path it takes. If you are in the way, your bound to 
get hurt.
Icicles- Will shot Icicles at Dante, just like the rest of the damn 
demons in this game :-)
Cold Wave- A wave of air that damages all in its path
Impalement- Will manipulate the ground to send shards of ice up.

Strategy: Fire cancels ice. Use the ifrit.


Description: By far, one of the uglier, ugly demons in the game. 
Crawls like a reptile, and claws to match. There are many different 
variations of this creature, but you can tell them apart from the 
others because of the bg protruding eye from its body. Just like 
William Birken from Resident Evil 2.

Eye Spit- Will spit some crap from its eye. After a while the spit 
explodes and spreads poison.
Magical Drain- Will drain your magic.
Head smash- grabs Dante and introduced his head to the ground.
Claw Swipe- will use it's claw to swipe Dante.



Description: A giant talking spider with glowing red eyes. He is your 
first boss battle. He seems to use fire and anything heat related as his 
main weapon. He has a really cool design however, segments of his body 
are totally made out of flame.

First Battle: Become a demon and aim for the face. His face is his weak 
spot. Continue to slash. Try and mix it up , the stinger is one of the 
better attacks to use on him. Try and avoid his fireballs, and make sure 
and get out of the way when he tries and leaps on you. Watch out, he 
likes to use its tail to mess you up. I hope you like to jump, because 
that is the only way to survive without taking too much damage.

Second Battle: Not much has changed. Just continue the same tactics you 
used to beat him the first time.

Columns of Fire- Phantom will raise columns of fire on from the ground 
to harm Dante.
Fireball spit- Phantom will spit fireballs at Dante...often.
Crush- Super jumping into the air, Phantom will try to land on Dante.


Description: A being made up of...you guessed it, shadows. It has 
glowing eyes, and a form that resembles a cat that was shocked by 
lightning. It has the ability to change forms and teleport. 

Strategy: The shadow is fast, but that doesn't mean it is impossible 
to defeat. Most of the time, it is very easy to see what it will do 
next. It always uses that stupid spike move, so make sure to dodge or 
super jump out of the way when he motions for that attack. Keep using 
the shotgun against it, after several blasts, an orb from its body will 
appear, gut that thing every chance you get. Another easier way, is just 
to deal with the creature in Devil Mode, by now, you should know when to 
use this thing, and this is one of the situations. Use your D.T. powers 
in conjunction with some sg blasts and your sword. I think just being in 
Devil mode was good enough to waste shadow, as your weapons are more 

Lunge- The creature will change shape and lunge at dante.
Puddle of Spikes- It will move along the floor and emerge as spikes.


Description: look like the sins. It would seem as if Capcom has 
run out of character ideas? hmm.

Whirlwind Attack- A pocket of air will lift Dante off the ground, 
stunning him for a period of time. 
Four Scythes- The most annoying attack of all time! The D Scythe 
will hurl 4 scythes at Dante and inflict a lot of damage. Watch out 
for this attack. You will know it is coming when you see the D.S. 
readying its 4 scythes.
Spin Dive- Like many of the other demons, it will spin down at Dante 
with it's weapon.

Strategy: Same deal with all Death's and Sins. the head. Take it out 
with a jump and a sword attack. By now, you should have more of the 
powerful techniques. If not, I suggest you buy some.


Description: A weird shaped demon with pipes coming out of it. It 
also has human skulls as part of it's body. It was created by the 
Dark Emperor.

There are so many attacks, it's just an annoying fight. 

Sharp projectile- the creature shoots a piece of itself at Dante.
Engulf- The creature will take Dante inside, and then Dante must 
fight two enemies.
Gun fire- Orbs will surrond the Nightmare, and fire bullets? 
at Dante.
Laser- Shoots a blast similar to Plasma.
Magic Suck- will grab Dante and suck the Magic out of him.
Slice Attack- will have a blade that will slice anything around it.

Strategy: Transform into demon mode. If you continue to attack it, 
eventually, it will show you it's core, it's weak spot. Attack that. 
The best offense, is the use of the Air Raid, its the most effective 
Demon Attack. It will always return to a puddle state, always try and 
strike the ICON PANEL in order to get it to a more solid state, this 
way it will be easier to kill. Always run when you see that the demon 
is motioning for one if it's MANY special attacks. 

Another way to beat the monster, is by getting hurt in the process. 
Get caught into the monster, and you will have to fight 
two enemies. Since your in the later stages of the game, it won't 
be a problem to waste them with your best weapons. Holy Water is also 
a good thing to use against Nightmare when inside it. When you come back 
out, you would have hurt the nightmare badly, I think 1/2 it's life 
will be gone.

Finally, watch out when you see the core of the enemy emerge, it's 
always something...not good. 

Description: The coolest character in the game, this foe wears black 
armor , a cape, and wields a pretty cool sword. Is there some 
connection between him and Dante? Of course there is. Unlike the other 
enemies in the game, this is the closest to a human fight in the game.
He matches Dante in every department, so it's kinda like fighting 
Dante against Dante.

Sword Slash- used often during close combat. Mostly done after you 
have been on the offense for a while.
Lunge- It's like the stinger attack Dante has.
Punch- he can uppercut Dante at times.
Energy Blast- a blast of energy that he shoots at Dante.
Blade attack- you will see him set up the blades, jump over em 
just before they hit.

Round One
He loves to block, he will block many of your attacks. The best 
thing to do is go devil on him, and use your sword to slash at him. 
Keep going till you finally strike him. You can try messing with 
him, by trying to get at his back, but sometimes, you react so slow, 
that he picks up on it, and blocks it. Try getting him every time he 
stops blocking. Don't get pissed and simply waste your devil powers, 
pick the right time and go for it. He usually drops his guard when he 
teleports from one area to another...for a split second. He is also 
vulnerable when he does that energy blast motion, so mess him up that 
way, THIS SHOULD be the "easiest" way to finish him. When he starts 
motioning to use that sword, super jump out of the way. If you 
haven't learned how to dodge by jumping, I am surprised you got this 

Round Two
Stick with your fighting strategy of the first fight. He will be a bit 
harder, or easier, depending on if you are already a certified demon ass
kicker, but he will drop sooner or later.

Round Three
The hardest battle. He has new tools at his disposal. Always strike 
when he motions for the energy blast (just like before). You have to 
go devil mode to survive, so make sure you got some devil stars on hand. 
Just keep using air raid to waste him. The new attacks shouldn't even 
harm you if you have enough D.T. , but try using your heavy hitting 
weapons, the grenade gun can be of some use when he reels back, but not 
a lot of damage. When you see him motion for his new blade attack, wait 
for them to strike you, and just jump out of the way when they strike.


Working on it.


Swords and other Hand weapons
Force Edge
Location: In inventory at start of the game.
Description: One of your main weapons at the beginning of the game. It 
is a plain, but ornate sword, and can quickly strike any opponent 
within it's reach. Isn't that powerful, but can help you survive long 
enough to get more powerful weapons. 

Location: Mission 2, Protruding out of the woman statue.
Description: A sword that wields lighting!. It's bigger than the force 
edge and more powerful. It gives Dante speed and better aerial 
capabilities...like he needed them anyways, With this weapon, you are 
finally able to use your Devil trigger Abilities. Once you have this, 
go and shop for new attacks.

Location: Mission 18, Cut scene.
This is the upgrade of the force edge, it's final form. This weapon was 
yielded by Dante's father, the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda, and 
therefore, all other swords suck. It's got a weird shape to it, with 
a thick blade that encompasses the entire length of the sword. It also 
works well as a long range weapon, as the weapon has the ability to hurt 
enemies from farther away.

Location: Mission 9, Once you get to the room with the floating 
platforms, at the top.
Description: This is one of the cooler weapons in the game. Your 
hands are burning with the power of flame when you wear them. They are 
more of a hand to hand weapon, but allows you to do more "martial arts" 
type attacks on your enemies...did I say with the power of flame!

Guns and long range weapons

Ebony and Ivory
Location: Have it at start of the game.
Description: A twin set of .45's that Dante has with him. Dante is able 
to do cool moves with these guns, including juggling your opponent in 
mid-air! It is also a rapid fire weapon, although it is still 
relatively weak.
Location: Mission 2, Library 2F on the desk in the corner. 
Description: Blow up stuff with the bad-ass shotgun. The cool thing about 
this shot gun is that Dante uses it single handedly. Has the most damage 
when up close to an enemy. 

Needle Gun
Location: Mission 12, On the Ghost ships first lower deck near the stairs.
Description: this is the weapon you will need the most during the majority 
of Mission 12, it is also a very useful underwater weapon..it is useful 
because it is the only underwater weapon. It can only be used underwater. 
It is a semi-automatic weapon and it will have to do when exploring 
underwater scenarios.

Grenade Gun
Location: Mission 8, 3f Across the bridge near the skeleton
Description: This gun packs power! It fires exploding shells of shrapnel 
and should be used only on the tougher enemies. It is virtually useless 
on quick enemies. But when used on big fat demon scum, it's incredibly 

Nightmare B
Location: Mission 21 
Description: this weapon looks really weird. It is a product of 
"underworld technology".  It looks more like an insect carcass than an 
actual weapon. It has the effect of shooting a beam of energy at all 
opponents in the room, but has the side effect of draining the DT gauge. 
Use sparingly.


You will not be able to use any skills early on in the game, but once 
you get the Alastor sword in mission 2, many of the hand weapons you 
receive after will have Devil Trigger Abilities. Here is a list of the 
attacks you can get.

F- Forward
B- Back
U- Up
D- Down
O- Circle
X- X button
T- Triangle
S- Square

Force Edge Attack Moves

The force Edge are just basic moves, but they merit some acknowledgment. 
here is the list of moves.

Kick Jump 
Move: T, then T at Height of jump
Description: Allows Dante to reach higher places.

Move: Hold R1, Control with Analog(s), T
Description: A roll...duh

Move: Tap O at timed intervals
Description: Dante will slash at the opponent, you can also make combos 
of this move if you time consecutive taps perfectly.

High Time
Move: R1, Back, Hold O, Release, O
Will slash the enemies with a jump, then slash again when he comes down.

Alastor Attack Moves

Move: Hold R1, F, O 
Cost: Level 1- 350 Level 2- 1400
Description: Dante will lunge with the Alastor sword, this is one of the 
first DT moves you can acquire in the game. It will stab your enemy with 
it's electric current.

Stinger Jump
Move: Near ledge, Hold R1, F, O
Cost: A part of the Stinger Purchase
Description: Gives you a super jump.

Round Trip
Move: Hold O, release to activate
Cost: 1550
Description: Dante uses the Alastor like a boomerang. Damn, that's cool.

Air Hike
Move: Tap T at the peak of a jump.
Cost:  4000
Description: Gives Dante the power to do a kick jump without having to 
step all over an enemy first. Gives Dante super jump capabilities for 
escaping a hoard of enemies.

Devil Mode
Move: Press L1, T, then R1 at height of jump.
Cost: Free with purchase of Air Raid or Vortex.
Description: Allows you do the Devil Mode moves, such as Air raid and 
Vortex. You also become a kick ass demon monster for a while.

Air Raid (devil mode move)
Move: Press X/S during devil mode
Cost: 750
Description: Demon Dante flies above and shoots lighting bolts at your 
enemies from above. You can also move while doing this to avoid enemy 

Vortex (devil mode move) 
Move: Press O during Devil Mode
Cost: Level 1- 1150 Level 2- 2400
Description: Dante goes down for a hell dive, into some tornado type 
deal. So you're a living bomb. You can control where you land somewhat. 
Worth it when you reach Level 2.

Ifrit Attack Moves
Rolling Blaze
Move: Left Analog + T
Cost: 3450
Description: Dante will jump into the air, while doing so, he will 
burst into flames, hitting any enemy close enough to Dante. More of 
a defense weapon.

Magma Drive
Move: R1, Back, O
Cost: 500
Description: A cool uppercut type move, that allows you to sock 
enemies into the air. once their, it's juggle time!

Kick 13
Move: R1, Forward, O
Cost: Level 1-700 Level 2-2100
Description: A flaming roundhouse kick...literally. Use it to knock 
demons to the ground. It also looks amazing. Use when surrounded by 

Meteor (devil mode move)
Move: Hold R1, Back, O
Cost Level 1-900 Level 2-2700
Description: Allows you to shoot fire ball blasts at your opponent. 
You can change the power of the blast by charging up with O, once 
it's charged, release O. You can also fire a barrage of fire balls 
by tapping O.

Inferno (devil mode move)
Move: T, Left Analog, O
Cost: 4850
Description: The move that will get your ass out of a lot of trouble 
:-) Dante will punch the ground and it will burst into flames, 
damaging any enemy that would be stupid enough to mess with Dante. 
This attack is better used sparingly.


Red Orb
you can use these red orbs to open locked door during the game. The red 
orbs also allow you to exchange for power ups, moves, and even items. 

Green Orb
Green orbs will heal Dante.  

Purple Orb
will increase the gauge for demon mode.  

Yellow Orb
Allows you to continue when you have died.  

Blue Orb
increase or life gauge. These blue orbs can also come in pieces, which 
if taken will only do a fourth as much as a whole blue orb.  
Green Star
will heal dante if taken.  

Yellow Star
will make dante invincible for a short period of time.  

Purple Star
will refill a portion of the demon gauge.  

Holy Water
Is an attack item, if you take it, all enemies within a certain area 
will be damaged.  


Tip before getting it on.....

Always buy the latest moves, I suggest you keep those red orbs for 
attacks, and only buy health items when you truly need them. Turst me, 
there will always be another health item around the corner, and getting 
attacks are more important. 

Find an empty room and practice those attacks. Yeah you bought them, 
but do you know how to use them?

More expensive doesn't mean more powerful. If you bought air hike, 
all you did was buy a really expensive jump. Try building up your attack 
list with less costly attacks first and then work your way up.

Mix up your attacks. Not becuase it helps, but becuase seeing Dante do 
stinger for the 1,000 time is boring.

Save Demon trigger mvoes for bosses, groups of harder enemys, or when 
your desparate.

MISSION 1- Curse of the Bloody Puppets

After the first cut scene, Trish, in all her glory, departs. When you 
finally have control, make your way down the path, you will see a 
glowing yellow orb on your way up the path, make sure to grab that. 
Also when you get to the messed up bridge, jump up their and into the 
little watch tower to get the blue orb. Then continue to follow the 
path up into the castle. When you finally get into the castle, you will 
be in a big hall way. Make your way down the hall to the door that's 
covered in a red goo (HOW ONIMUSHA ;-) anyways, the door is locked. 
You can only enter this door once you get 45 red orbs. Okay, make your 
way to the middle of the hall to collect the red orb pieces scattered 
about. Your on your way!

Now make your way to the 2f via the stairs. If you go to your right, 
you will notice a path that is blocked off by rocks. Use a kick jump 
to get over this and make your way to the other side. There should be 
5 red orbs.  After that, back track over the rubble, and make your way 
around 2f. At the center of 2f (when you are circling it) there should 
be a table with more red orbs as well as a god of time statue. Anyways, 
make your way up the remaining part of 2f. Kick jump to the other side 
to get the blue orb piece.

Now you should have 45 pieces by now. Go back to the first main hall on 
1f and use them on the door. When you enter the door, search the pieces 
of armor for more red orbs and a blue orb piece...by destroying them. 
Now enter the next room and take the stairs up. There is a table for you 
to break,
once you do, it should show some red orbs. There is a door, go through 
it, but before you do, notice the wall in the ceiling for later. Now 
enter the room, notice the ladder to an entrance you cannot go through, 
and a switch in the room. Search this room for a body of water an search 
it for another blue orb piece. back track to the previous room and jump
 up to the whole in the ceiling. Int his room will be a few red orbs as 
well as a Marionette. It's quite isn't it, so peaceful, so calm? Now 
notice that glowing thing? WELL it ain’t so peaceful now, isn't it? Waste 
the Marionette and take the Rusty Key. You will be attacked so make sure 
your ready to fight these wusses.

Now fight your way out of their, and back track to the main hall on the 
1st floor. Now search the hall for a green door and use the Rusty Key to 
unlock this door. Now enter this room. It's one of the cooler rooms cuz 
it has an airplane on it. Search the airplane for another blue orb piece.
Now examine the door, in the room, and you will notice a door. You will 
need 17 souls to open this door.

Now make your way to the corner with the insignia, this will be referred 
to as icon panels, you have to slash this until they get activated. When 
it lights up, the elevator type thing will take you down. Once you get 
down there, it's action time! Fight all the Marionettes in the room until 
there are no more, once you are finished, go back to the elevator and go 
up. There are more enemies to fight here, kill them all, and now open the 
door you couldn’t unlock.

End of Mission 1

Mission 2- Judeg of Death

From the start , search around for the door on the left. When you enter 
this door, you will find a god of time statue. Do what you have to do, 
and make sure to collect the orbs around the room.

Exit the room, and make your way around the half circle path, past the 
double doors (but remember them for later).Now when you make it to the 
end of the hall, you will find a sword sticking out of the statue. Pick 
this up, and now you will have the alastor sword! Now you can buy devil 
trigger moves. 

Now make your way to the door enar the statue. In this 
library, search around for journals on the shelfs. Now make your way to 
the 2f of the library. In the corner is a table, within it is the 
shotgun. smash the table to get that mofo. Now go to the other side and 
examine the painting, you should get the rusty key.

Now backtrack to the double doors you found earlier. Use the key and 
enter. Now in this room, there is a set of stairs to the left of where 
you enter. Take the stairs that lead up. Now make your way around the 
blacony, jumping over the gaps in the floor. Now make your way to the 
double doors at the end. There be marionettes in hear.

Anyways, make your way to the gold  altar and hit it with your sword. 
If you did it right, the altar should move back. Notice the trap door 
that appears. Enter it.

Now in this room, you should see the staff of judgement...it is glowing. 
Now grab that. A door appears, take that door, and it should lead you 
back to the 1f library. Now you have to defeat 3 sins, I got scissors. 
Use your shotgun most of the time, I liked to test out the alastor so I 
used that to kill the sins, but if yuor gonna be a total dork, 
use the shotgun. Anyways, after you defeat them, the library door 

Now make your way to the statue of death, which is right outside the door.
Face it and use the staff of judegemtn on it. A door with open. Enter 
it to end the mission.

There are several secret missions that you can play during the game, 
there are twelve in all.

LOCATIONS + Walkthroughs (soon)

Where: Mission 3
How to get it: Go back to that broken bridge and take a flying leap into 
the water. 

Where: Mission 4
How to get it: Go back into the Cathedral where you fought Phantom.

Where: Mission 4
How to get it: In the god of time room. Defeat Phantom Baby 1 1st.

Where: Mission 4
How to get it: Go back to that area under the plane room. Use the 

Where: Mission 5
How to get it: Re-enter the room where you first encounter the 
Beelzebub monster.

Where: Mission 11
How to get it: Go back into area that ended the previous mission.

Where: Mission 13
How to get it: Make your way back to Cappy's cabin and search the 
corpse for the action button.

Where: Mission 15
How to get it: Backtrack to the area where you found the shield 
emblem and examine the skull on the wall.

Where: Mission 16
How to get it: After the defeat of Griffon. Backtrack to plane 

Where: Mission 16 
How to get it: After defeating Nightmare, backtrack to plane room. 

Where: Mission 17
How to get it: You need to get to the other side of the broken bridge, 
so you must transform into a demon and activate air raid, making sure 
not to fall into the water.

Where: Mission 21
How to get it: Go to the wall adjacent to the God of Time Statue.

Blue orb fragments can be found during the game, once you collect four, 
you are able to increase the life bar. Similar to Onimusha.

Pre-mission 1       .The watch tower before starting mission 1.
1                   .2F, left side, jump over the gap to the other 

1                   .After you enter the door (45 orbs), within the 
                     suits of armor.

1                   .On the wing of the plane.

2                   .Within the table next to the god of time statue.

2                   .Backtrack to the altar across the bridge, 
                     after the Sargasso fight.

3                   .On the floating platform above the bridge.

3                   .Beat the critical hit mission.

4                   .Beat the phantom baby mission.

4                   .Beat Phantom Baby 2.

4                   .Defeat the three beast mission.

5                   .In the courtyard, in the tower above the hole on 
                     the walkway.

6                   .From the start go right and jump up the broken part 
                     of the wall.

7                   .Beat the One-eyed Evil Mission.

8                   .Find the statue of the two horses, and make your 
                     way to the platform behind the trident. 

8                   .Locate the pool near the trident and jump into it.

8                   .When you pass the gate, locate the pool to the 
                     right, and jump into it.

9                   .In the courtyard. Make your way left and up the 
                     path until you reach a tombstone. Break it, and you 
                     should recieve the piece.

11                  .In the courtyard. Make your way to the bottom 
                     floor. It should be on a pedistal in the area.

11                  .Beat the wandering ghost mission.

11                  .When you are in the well area, defeat all the 

12                  .Its on the bow of the ship. (the long pointy 
                     thing in front)

14                  .Beat the water cell secret mission.

14                  .Exit the ship and the pool of water, and jump into 
                     the pool under the broken mast.

14                  .After the elevator ride, jump the the ledge on 
                     Dante's left.

14                  .In the mid-level cave, find the bridge, and to the 
                     right of it should be a ledge.

15                  .Beat Treasure of the reaper mission.

15                  .Should be in the area under the ledge where you 
                     find the pair of lances.

15                  .Pass the purple shield door, and behind the cracked 

15                  .It is located on the walkway, right above the 
                     coliseum type area.

16                  .Beat stairway of traquility mission.

16                  .Back right corner in the main hall.

16                  .Find the statue of the ehad, and jump benath it.

16                  .Beat Shadow of Darkness Mission.

17                  .Beat blue gem in the sky mission.

17                  .In the room with the skeleton the can shoot fire.

18                  .Its in a barrel underwater.

18                  .The room with the icon trigger, near the stairs.

18                  .Find the place with the Philosophers egg receptacle
                     and enter the doors on the top left.

19                  .Near the bed within the last mirror.

19                  .Right before you exit the courtyard, it should be 
                     on a platform next to the tower.

19                  .In the tower in the courtyard.

Master Code - EC8783C01446A6EC
(The master code used to make all the following codes work. This is 
important if you want the other codes to work)

Unlimited Health - 4CD98ECA1456E4FD

Maxed Red Orbs - 0CFC39341456E7A6

Infinite Magic - 4CD9925A1456E67D

"Acid" Mode -    4CFC2F961456E7A6
(the playing screen will be altered to a weird state!!!)
Master All Moves - 4CFC3926145630A5
(You will be able to unlock not only the moves available in the U.S. 
demo, but the full Japanese game as well.


S: 1000-1500 points
A: 800-999 points
B: 500-799 points
C: 0-499 points
D: -1 or below

Mission          Time          Orbs
1                6:00          400 
2                7:00          450 
3                3:00          550 
4                4:00          550 
5                2:00          100 
6                3:30          250 
7                3:00          650 
8                3:00          585 
9                8:00          1500 
10               4:30          600 
11               5:30          1000 
12               4:00          700 
13               2:30          200 
14               5:00          500 
15               10:00         1400 
16               6:00          1000 
17               7:00          600 
18               6:00          900 
19               3:30          500 
20               4:30          700 
21               5:00          700 
22               5:00           0 
23               7:00          600 


MISSION                       POINTS

Critical Hit                   200
Phantom Baby                   100
Phantom Baby 2                 100
The Three Beasts               100
One-Eyed Evil                  200
Wandering Ghost                200
Water Cell                     100
Treasure of the Reaper         200
Stairway of Tranquility        100
Shadow of Darkness             200
Blue Gem in the Sky            200
Hidden Bangle                  200


ITEM                          POINTS
DEVIL STAR                     100
HOLY WATER                     100
YELLOW ORB                     300
VITAL STAR                     300
UNTOUCHABLE                    500

Unlock Special Group Photo
If you’re a super pimp and get an S ranking on all missions, you will be 
able to get this special group photo. Is it worth it? who knows.

Unlock Dante Must Die Mode
Defeat the Legendary Dark Knight Mode to get D.M.D mode.

Unlock Easy Difficulty
Play poorly through the early part of the game, and you will unlock 
this mode.

Unlock Hard Difficulty
You will get this once you beat the game. 

Unlock Legendary Dark Knight Mode
You must beat the game on hard mode. 

Unlock Super Dante Mode
Super Dante, to get him, beat the game on Legendary Dark Knight Mode.

www.Survivalhorror.com staff for doing stuff.

Jason Weeks for some info.

For Earl, who taught me how to make a shiv from a bedpost.

Thanks goes to Kengo for providing most of the Japanese translations 
for the website.

Thanks to gamefaqs.com for posting my faq.

Special thanks goes to son of Sparda for many of the corrections about 
devil my cry info, and his observations.

Thanks to Capcom for another hit.

My second faq written for any game. I did a Silent Hill 2 faq with my 
friend Tdeath and everyone liked it. I wanted to do another faq, cuz faq 
writting is....fun. I will probably do another faq after this one.

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