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* * * Diddy Kong Racing - A FAQ * * *
Author: marshmallow ([email protected]

Hey, hey! Since I won't be receiving any stellar titles until Christmas, 
I'm doing this FAQ so I won't go insane. I finished this before Xmas, 
but you won't read it until the 26th, since Gamefaqs is going on a 
little hiatus. Oh well, here you go. Right now, as you read this, I'm 
working on more FAQs for the games I got for Xmas... 

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Version 1.0 

Revision History: 

March 29th - Well, I spellchecked the entire thing with my new 
Spellchecker. New things? Changed font. Anything else? No :)

March 9th - hot of the press!
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Table of Contents
- - - - - - - - - - - 
1) Vehicles
2) Characters
3) Tracks
4) Secret Balloons
5) Items
6) Secrets
7) Codes
8) Credits
9) Legal Junk
10) End

1) Vehicles


The most used vehicle in the game, the Car is very fast and 
maneuverable. Turn tight corners by holding down R and using the Control 
Stick to navigate. If there's a REALLY sharp curve try holding both R 
and B. You can brake with B, back up when stopped, and accelerate with 
A. Shoot/activate items with Z. Slows down when you go off track.


Now we're talking! This can go practically everywhere, and it controls 
like a real plane would. Due to this, hitting someone with a projectile 
is difficult, but if you do get hit you're screwed since you'll wipe out 
completely, coming to a complete stop.


Fastest vehicle in the game, the Hovercraft can go over any terrain and 
not be slowed down, since it doesn't touch the ground! However, it does 
touch the water, but that's ok, since it can float. It can turn on a 
dime, but it's acceleration is a bit...sluggish.

2) Characters

# 1 - Diddy Kong:

Star of the game, Diddy Kong takes off time from exploring with his 
friends to help out his friends. Diddy is an all around good character, 
with a medium in almost every category. # 1 when controlled by the AI.

Acceleration - Medium
Handling - Medium
Top Speed - Medium

# 2 - Tiptup:

Tiptup, a turtle with a strange voice. Personally, I think Tiptup is the 
best character besides T.T.! Use him to try to earn him...

Acceleration - Great
Handling - Awesome 
Top Speed - Average

# 3 - Pipsy:

Argh! This mouse is so disgustingly cute it makes me want to vomit...

Acceleration - Above Average
Handling - Great
Top Speed - Average

# 4 - Bumper:

Hey, look everybody...an ugly Badger! :) 

Acceleration - Average
Handling - Average
Top Speed - Great

# 5 - Conker:

Watch out, or the demonic squirrel will drag you into the pits of 

Acceleration - Great
Handling - Ok
Top Speed - Ok

# 6 - Timber:

Timber is a kid Tiger, and he sounds like a freak, too! 

Acceleration - Ok
Handling - Ok
Top Speed - Ok

# 7 - Banjo:

Before starring in his own game with his pal, Kazooie, he's decided to 
one up everyone else. 

Acceleration - Slow
Handling - Average
Top Speed - Great

# 8 - Krunch:

Krunch is a fat Kremling, make no mistake about it.

Acceleration - Very slow
Handling - Very poor
Top Speed - Awesome

\/\/\/\/ SECRET CHARACTERS \//\/\\//\

# 9 - Drumstick:

This guy's voice is hilarious...why? It just is...

Acceleration - Great
Handling - Great
Top Speed - Great

# 10 - T.T.:

This is the one who manages the tracks.

Acceleration - Awesome
Handling - Awesome
Top Speed - Awesome

3) Tracks

The basic set-up is like this: Un-lock track with balloons you have 
collected, get a balloon on track, defeat all tracks in a level, defeat 
boss, get Silver Coin challenge, race each track, get 1st, and collect 
all the Silver Coins. Do this to all courses. Beat a harder Boss and 
receive a piece of the WizPig Amulet. . Find a key in the level. Unlock 
Bonus level; win bonus level for a piece of the T.T. Amulet. Unlock 
Trophy Race. Race each track in a row; get an average of 1st place to 
get Golden WizPig Trophy. And then it's on to the next level...

                           - - - DINO DOMAIN - - -

To get here: Drive forward from your starting place.

The Key can be found in Ancient Lake.

# 1 - Ancient Lake

Default Craft: Car

To get the best out of this track, you'll have to cut across the grass 
near the middle. To do this without slowing down, simply hit the Boost 
Arrow near the corner, go skidding across the grass, then pick up the 
Blue Balloon! By the third lap you'll have an Ultra Boost; let it loose 
and wizz pass everyone! Oh, be careful of the dinosaur at the last turn, 
it's a killer. 

The key is out in the grass on a small ramp. Pretty hard to miss! 

Locations of Silver Coins:

1. Right in front of the starting line

2. After the first Balloon Group

3. After the last one

4. After the last one :)

5. You'll have to skip the shortcut and go on the road to collect this 

6. Before the dinosaur appears

7. In the middle of the road which the dinosaur is pounding

8. Before the finish line, in a group of bananas

# 2 - Fossil Canyon

Default Craft: Car

After the first Booster, and passing the Green Balloons, hit the second 
Booster Arrow, then go near the edge of the lake and hit the third; 
you'll go rocketing over the lake and right into the tunnel! On the last 
legs, there's two ways to go. Although the left lane is shorter, the 
right lane leads to some Blue Balloons...

Locations of Silver Coins:

1. Right in front of the Starting Line

2. Inside the first curve

3. Near the 3rd Booster

4. On the shores of the lake (take the shortcut to get)

5. On the fourth Booster Arrow

6. Right outside the tunnel

7. Before the fork in the road

8. Take the left side and it'll be right there. Or, you could fall down 
from the right side.

# 3 - Jungle Falls

Default Craft: Car

There's a Booster Arrow on the first turn, it's on the far left. It's 
pretty easy to miss! There's not really any shortcuts, but I guess I 
should include this; instead of driving through the skeleton of the 
dinosaur, go through his skull to find a Booster Arrow! Also, before the 
second Booster Arrow is a Blue Balloon. Collect it, hit the Booster, 
then when it wears off (which will be at the entrance of the tunnel), 
hit the Rocket Boost!

Locations of Silver Coins:

1. Directly in front of the Starting Line

2. Inside the first curve

3. On the bridge

4. On the shore of the river. Yes, you'll have to take a dive into the 
lake to get that one...

5. ...but you'll also receive this one on your way out of the lake!

6. After the cave

7. In the skull of the skeleton

8. Right before the Starting Line

# 4 - Hot Top Volcano

Default Craft: Airplane

Go forward and through the right passage to get a Blue Balloon. Get 
another Blue Balloon from under the ridge, and a third from under the 
small bridge thing IF you can. Go through the tunnel and fire your 
Booster right before the first Booster Ring to go rocketing forward, 
then you'll fly through another before whirling through the exit!

Locations of Silver Coins:

1. Behind the pillar that is in front of the Starting Line

2. Take the left side in the first fork

3. And another left to snag this one

4. Right over the hill

5. Right over a rock bridge

6. At the entrance of a tunnel

7. At the second to last Booster Circle

8. In the last Booster Circle

Bonus Game - Fire Mountain

Default Craft: Airplane

(Note: Requires Key to un-lock)

The object of the game is to get three dinosaur eggs into your nest 
before any of the other players do. The eggs will appear in the lava pit 
in the center of the level. When you touch them you pick them up 
automatically and they will be carried behind you. When you press Z they 
will be dropped. The best way to win is to steal from other peoples' 
nests, then take them to your own. If anyone tries the trick on you, use 
some Rockets! At the top of the screen are four plates with each 
character's face on them. When an egg is laid in their nest an egg icon 
will start to flash under their plate; the egg can be stolen. But when 
it stops flashing, it's there FOREVER! 

Boss Race: Triceratops

Default Craft: Car

Get a rocket start, now you have to dodge pillars as they fall. However, 
if you are fast enough they shouldn't be a problem, but if you mess up 
you'll have to go around. In this case it would be best to knock him 
down with a few Missiles to slow him down. Then near the end of the 
canyon a boulder will come down; go left or right, but just not in the 
middle! The rest of the track is a long curve around a mountain. Yes, 
there is a shortcut, but chances are you'll mess up and go flying off 
when you come out, so I usually don't take it.  Get any Blue Balloons 
you can, then use them when the track is relatively straight.

                           - - - SNOWFLAKE MOUNTAIN - - - 

How to get here: Using the Airplane, drive through the hole with snow 
around it, it's next to the entrance to Dino Domain. 

The Key is in Snowball Valley

# 1 - Everfrost Peak

Default Vehicle: Airplane

The key to winning is to collect the Blue Balloons and use them in 
conjunction with the Booster Circles. After the cave, go right and 
collect two Blue Balloons, one in the air and one on the ground, then 
the last one, then use them before going through a Booster Circle!

Locations of Silver Coins:

1. Directly in front of the Starting Line

2. To the left of the first Zipper

3. After that you'll notice a small island with a tree. Go down there 
and collect it...

4. ...and the one behind it, as well!

5. Above a rocky ridge

6. Right after the tunnel

7. Above another rocky ridge...

8. ...and you'll have to come back another lap to collect the one 

# 2 - Walrus Cove

Default Craft: Car

Pretty complicated, you have to do a lot of things at once, very 
quickly. Go forward and through the cave and collect the Blue Balloon, 
use it immediately to get to the loop-da-loop first, where you will get 
an automatic boost. Through another cave and another Blue Balloon, hit 
two boosters and go through another tunnel. Here you can collect another 
Blue Balloon and hit even more booster arrows. Now, at the end is a fork 
in the road...sorta. Take the left and you will find a Booster Arrow, 
however, the road is very thin and it's easy to fall into the icy water 
(which would slow you down). There you go...

Locations of Silver Coins:

1. Before the loop-da-loop

2. At the entrance to the first tunnel

3. After the two Zippers, turn a hard left and collect this one

4. At the exit of the third cave

5. After a group of balloons

6. Before the fork in the road, go to the far right, next to the icy 
shore, and collect the one by the tree.

7. Ditto. 

8. In the shortcut

# 3 - Snowball Valley

Default Craft: Car

This course is pretty easy, not to mention short. Instead of going where 
the arrow points, go left, into an icy tunnel with two Blue Balloons. 
Come to think of it, this course is crawling with Blue Balloons! After 
the tunnel, turn a hard right and hit the Booster, then go through the 
valley with Snowballs going over it. Be careful! If you one hits you 
you'll be flattened out for several seconds. Ok, it's into the tunnel 
then out into the exit...simple.

To get the key, turn to your immediate left at the very start. Don't go 
forward, just turn left. You'll find an aclove with the Key!

Locations of Silver Coins:

1. Like always, in front of the Starting Line

2. Go left at the first fork. At the entrance to the tunnel.

3. After exiting the tunnel, turn a hard right.

4. In the bunch of balloons after the first Zipper

5. Behind the Starting Line

6. Go right at the first fork instead, it's out in the open

7. In the Snowball valley, right side

8. In the Snowball valley, left side

# 4 - Frosty Village

Default Craft: Car

Rush forward and grab the Blue Balloon in the tunnel, then quickly 
swerve right and hit the Booster Arrow. You'll go careening over a 
village; hit the Rocket Boost to go even faster in the air! Through a 
tunnel with a Booster...heck, the best way to win this race is to 
connect with all the boosters! There's not much after that...oh, when 
you're in a Hovercraft, there's a shortcut out in the water in the form 
of a cave. 

Locations of Silver Coins:

1. In front of the Starting Line, to the far left.

2. Instead of hitting the first Zipper, go down the hill to the right...

3. ...and when you come back, the left side

4. Near a house in the little village

5. In the cave, you'll have to hit the 

6. On the hill in the forest; after the third zipper

7. On the straightaway; look near the left wall

8. Right before going over the finish line, look to your left, out in 
the water. You'll have to use your sliding skills to get it without 
touching the water.

Bonus Game - Icicle Pyramid

(Note: You need the Key to un-lock this level)

Default Craft: Car

The object of the game is to kill everyone else by hitting them with 
projectiles, mines, and other offensive tools until all of their bananas 
are gone. I think it's pretty fun! It's also pretty easy...oh well.

Boss: Walrus

Default Craft: Hovercraft

This guy's track is just one long, relatively straight line. If you 
don't hit any walls or anything, you should be fine! There are only a 
handful of Blue Balloons, and they are very difficult to reach, so don't 
mess up!

                         - - - SHEBERT ISLAND - - -

How to get here: Go out in the water and you'll see the entrance on a 
small island.

The Key is in Crescent Island

# 1 - Whale Bay

Default Craft: Hovercraft

The level is a large circle around an island, with waterfalls and 
Booster Circles everywhere. There is quite a large shortcut: After the 
second or so booster Circle, there will be a boat and a whale in front. 
Head for the boat, head on. The whale will come out of the water, 
serving as a ramp to the boat! Nice one, eh?

Locations of Silver Coins:

1. In front of the Starting Line; in a Zipper Circle

2. On the first turn

3. Right after the last one

4. In the 2nd Zipper Circle

5. Near the whale that serves as a ramp to the ship

6. Ignore the shortcut, it's out on a rock

7. In another Zipper Circle

8. In the straight-a-way to the Finishing Line

# 2 - Crescent Island

Default Craft: Car

All you really have to do to guarantee a win is to not mess up :) Turn 
left at the fork near the start to find two Zippers, then make sure to 
hit the 3rd Zipper near the turn. When you find the boat, turn a hard 
left and go down the tunnel, then exit to find another Zipper. Whee!

The Key is easy to find. From the start, go on the ocean to the left 
(easier in the Hovercraft) and look at the side of the walls; it'll be 
in an aclove.

Silver Coin Locations:

1. Take the left route at the start

2. Ditto.

3. Take the right route at the start

4. After the fork, head towards the right wall

5. Right before the ship. Problem is, it's at an awkward angle. Use the 
R button.

6. Instead of going down the tunnel in the ship, continue, then turn 
left to find a ramp that leads to a hole which drops you into the 
tunnel. The coin is in the hole.

7. Before entering the last tunnel. Again, it's at a strange angle.

8. When exiting the last tunnel, there will be a pillar to your extreme 
right. Cut to the inside of this to find it! This can also be used as a 
shortcut, but it is not advised as if you hit the wall you slow down a 

# 3 - Pirate Lagoon

Default Craft: Hovercraft

Again, it's all about not goofing up. It also helps to retrieve the Blue 
Balloons that are scattered across the curves. At the very end will be a 
ramp which will propel you across a wall, showing you the game's awesome 
flare effects. 

Silver Coin Locations:

1. Near the first Zipper Circle

2. On a hill after the last one

3. On the first curve

4. After the previous one, look on the right wall

5. After the tunnel, keep on the left wall

6. After the Balloonies!

7. Skip the shortcut and you'll find it

8. Right before the Finishing Line!

# 4 - Treasure Cave

Default Craft: Car

This level is _EASY_! Just hit the zippers and you'll be fine...no 
shortcuts, no nothing.

Silver Coin Locations:

1. Right in front of you

2. Near the first Zipper

3. After the tunnel, you'll have to bear right into a grove of trees

4. Near the third Zipper, right outside the cave

5. Inside the cave

6. Inside the cave

7. Inside the cave

8. Ditto!

Bonus Game - Dark Water Beach

Default Craft: Hovercraft

Again, you have to slaughter everyone before they do the same to you. 
Shouldn't be too difficult...and if it is, you suck, sorry.

Boss: Octopus

Default Craft: Hovercraft

Basically, grab the Blue Balloons and use them immediately. If you hit 
something and stall, you're pretty much screwed since this guy is faster 
than you! At first he lays mines, then he lays bubbles...ouch.

                        - - - DRAGON FOREST - - - 

How to get here: Using a Hovercraft or Airplane, go through the leftmost 
waterfall in the main area where Taj walks around. 

The Key is in Boulder Canyon

# 1 - Greenwood Village

Default Craft: Car

Whoo, there's a lot to say about this level...First off, there is a 
semi-shortcut near the start. If you can fall down the well, which looks 
like a large hole in the ground, and drive through the tunnel fast 
enough, you'll pop up in the underground area before anyone else! 
However, this is VERY difficult to do, so instead, I advise hitting the 
Zipper that is hidden to the left of it. Next off is the fork. The left 
route may look shorter, but it's not, in fact, you'll probably end up 
smacking into the wall and slowing yourself down. Also, on the last 
curve, turn a hard left to find another Zipper that will propel you over 
the Finish Line.

Silver Coin Locations:

1. After the first Zipper, turn to the extreme left

2. Near the well

3. In the underground tunnel

4. After the hill with the Rainbow Balloon

5. Near the end of the tunnel

6. Take the normal way

7. Take the odd way

8. Right after the tunnel, it's at an awkward angle, though.

# 2 -  Windmill Plains

Default Craft: Airplane

Rocket forward and grab the Blue Balloon, then use it's power to thrust 
yourself into the second windmill. Hug the ground and you'll get a third 
boost, which will propel you into the first Zipper Circle. By now you're 
way ahead of the pack as you go into the tunnel. When you're in the 
canyon, make sure to grab the Blue Balloon on the floor!

Silver Coin Locations:

1. In the first Windmill

2. In the second Windmill

3. At the entrance to the underground passageway...look low! It's easy 
to miss it.

4. In the tunnel, near the left wall. 

5. In the third Windmill

6. After the above one, venture to your left to find a waterfall; look 
under it. This one can be difficult to retrieve without smacking into 
the wall!

7. In the canyon, right after the Blue Balloon

8. Right before the last tunnel, to the left. Skip the Zipper Circle, it 
points away from it and will launch you at the tunnel instead of the 

# 3 - Boulder Canyon

Default Craft: Hovercraft

This stage is FUN! There are several logs in the water which spin very 
rapidly, hitting them will knock you around, so avoid them the best you 
can. In the beginning, get the Blue Balloon on the rock, then you'll go 
careening down a waterfall, grab the first Balloon, which is blue, then 
weave out to avoid the nasty green one, then weave back in to collect 
the third Blue Balloon, making an Ultra Boost. Use this on the bridge up 
ahead to rocket past everyone. Then choose whichever path you want to 
the end.

The Key is very well hidden in this stage! First, get an Ultra Boost, 
then go to the bridge. See the little bell hanging on a chain? get under 
it and jump (R) and the bridge will lift. Use the Ultra Boost to go up 
the bridge to find a small ledge which will have...tada...the Key!

Silver Coin Locations:

1. Right next to the first Blue Balloon

2. Before the waterfall

3. Behind a badly placed Log...

4. On a zipper when entering the castle

5. Before the green river; to the far left

6. At the fork in the castle, turn left

7. Same thing

8. Near a tree, almost to the exit

# 4 - Haunted Woods

Default Craft: Car

This stage is rather basic...but after the first ghost tunnel, go right 
in front of the Balloons to find hidden Zippers! Then follow the right 
wall to find another one, it will help you up the steep hill.

Silver Coin Locations:

1. Take the right route

2. Right route...

3. Instead, take the left route

4. In the tunnel

5. Right before the haunter woods with ghostly heads...

6. In the forest, deep curve

7. Ditto

8. On the bridge that leads to the final area

Bonus Game - Smokey Castle 

Default Craft: Car

All you have to do is go collect bananas, then come back and put them in 
your treasure chest. You can only hold 2 bananas at once, though. This 
game is so EASY!

Boss: Dragon

Basically, collect the Blue Balloons to get an Ultra Boost, then use it 
on the straight-a-way that leads to the finish line. Also, on the first 
lap, make sure to peg him with a missile (easier if it's homing).

WizPig 1

To get here: Collect all four pieces of the WizPig Amulet to open up the 
Statue of his head, then go through his mouth.

Default Craft: Car

This guy may seem impossible to beat at first, but it's actually very 
easy (yeah, this coming from a guy who has owned the game since last 
Christmas). You pretty much have to memorize the track, the location of 
the zippers, then hit each and every one of them...These are the best 
rainstorm effects I've ever seen! :)

                            - - - FUTURE FUN LAND - - -

How to get Here: See Secrets Section

There is no Key or Bonus Game.

# 1 - Stardust Alley
Default Craft: Airplane

All you really have to do to win this course is to avoid the UFOs that 
fire lasers at you, the electricity, and the walls. After the first UFO, 
turn to your extreme right and follow the path to a secret tunnel that 
will deliver you before the exit!

Silver Coin Locations:

1. In front of the first Zipper Circle

2. After the second Zipper Circle

3. In the first tunnel...beware of the electricity!

4. On the right side of the first UFO

5. ...and the left

6. Skip the shortcut and you'll find a huge machine spewing out 
electricity. Carefully navigate inside of it and grab the coin!

7. In the shortcut

8. In the last cave; out in the open 

# 2 - Darkmoon Caverns

Default Craft: Car

This level is filled with twists and turns, it's pretty hard to 
navigate. Memorize the locations of the Zippers and you should be 
fine...It's nice to have a Blue Balloon Item handy before going into the 
loop-da-loops, this way you can get there before anyone else does, 
allowing you to rocket ahead.

Silver Coin Locations:

1. On the first curve

2. First area where a UFO is firing lasers at the track...be careful!

3. 2nd tunnel, after a Zipper

4. Exit of the 2nd tunnel

5. In-between two craters

6. 2nd area with UFO firing lasers at the track

7. On the first loop-da-loop

8. And before the second loop-da-loop. It's a tough one to get, it's at 
an awkward angle...

# 3 - Spaceport Alpha

Default Craft: Airplane

The main two obstacles in this aerial stage is the twisty tunnel and the 
laser filled hallway...In the tunnel, there will be a 90 degree dip, 
then another turn straight up. To navigate this, use your R button, it 
will turn your Airplane very sharply. In the hallway, there will be 
about a dozen or so laser turrets firing at you! Dodge the best you can, 
using the Zippers and Blue Balloons to get through quicker.

Silver Coin Locations:

1. Right in front of the starting line...sorta.

2. Instead of turning on the second curve, keep going straight, it's 
right by the wall

3. In the twisted tunnel

4. Area after the twisted tunnel

5. This one is precariously positioned in the Laser Filled Hallway

6. In the blue tunnel, up near the ceiling. You'll have to turn very 
hard to your right when exiting the Laser Filled Hallway

7. Exit of blue hallway

8. This one is high in the air, in the center of the Laser Filled 

# 4 - Starcity

Default Craft: Car

After the tunnel the path has no rails and a Zipper is placed near the 
edge...If you lose control and slip over you'll fall below and surely 
lose the race. However, if you hit the Zipper and navigate the rail-less 
path then you'll surely win! Do what you wish, that's all I'm saying. In 
the city there will be painful 90 degree turns...Only a master of the R 
button will be able to grab the Blue Balloons scattered around here...

Silver Coin Locations:

1. On the rail-less path, right next to the cliff

2. Ditto.

3. At the exit of the giant gold ball tunnel...

4. City, tight corner

5. Ditto...

6. Ditto.

7. Ditto I say!

8. At the entrance of the last tunnel

Wizpig II

Note: To reach him, you must have 47 Balloons and the T.T. Amulet

Default Craft: Airplane

Now you get to race the master on his home course, and he gets to ride 
on a rocket. Now, this guy is faster, bigger, and tougher than you, but 
you...uh...well, you get to use Blue Balloons and Missiles! This course 
is filled with obstacles, and at the heart of it all is a room where 
lasers will be EVERYWHERE! Fly to the top for this one...If you can 
collect three Blue Balloons and use them at the end, then well, you 
pretty much have him beat. Mess up a few times and you WILL lose! I'm 
not going to go into detail here, since you should pretty much have it 
all under control...good luck! You'll need it...

4) Secret Balloons

1) Right in front of the entrance to Dino Domain.

2) To the left of the WizPig Statue Head; on a ledge.

3) Before entering Snow Flake Mountain, follow the river. Keep 
going...see the giant log? To the right of that, before going under the 
log, is a small area with trees. Carefully get in there to find it!

4) After finding Secret Balloon # 3, go under the log and hold left on 
the control stick. Don't let go...aha! There's a balloon out in the 

5, 6, and 7) After a few races, Taj will challenge you to a race around 
the Overworld. If you win, you get a Balloon! You race in a Car, 
Airplane, and Hovercraft. Simple!

5) Items

Balloon Items (Found on tracks):

Everytime you collect one of these, you get a certain item. If you 
collect two of the same item in a row, you get an upgrade! If you get 
three, it gets even better. So, here we go...

Blue Balloons (check out Secrets Section to see how to nearly triple the 
1. Boost - Small boost
2. Blue Boost - A better boost
3. Ultra Boost - Woohoo!

Red Balloons (you lose two bananas when hit, as well):
1. One missile, aim well!
2. Homing Missile
3. 10 ordinary Missiles. Pick up more red balloons before you use them 
all and they will be replenished!

Purple Balloons:
1. Small orange shield; invincible. You can also knock out other racers!
2. Blue Shield; even better
3. Lasts 30 seconds!

Green Balloons:
1. Oil Spill, players spin out
2. Mine, when someone hits it, they lose 2 bananas and flip out
3. Bubble, craft will float in mid-air for five seconds. Ouchies!

Rainbow Balloons:
1. Magnet, will let you pull up to another racer
2. Same, but has more range
3. The player will be pulled back!

Gold Balloons:
These are rewards for completing a track (1st place), you get another 
one for completing the Silver Coin Challenge (1st place, again). So you 
can get two Golden Balloons from each course. Gold Balloons will allow 
you to open up new courses.

Silver Balloons:
Same as above, except they only appear in Adventure 2.

Found in a course (one per world). It opens up the Bonus Area.

T.T. Amulet:
You get 1/4 of this item everytime you are successful in beating a Bonus 
Game. When you have all four pieces you can open up the T.T. Door.

WizPig Amulet:
After collecting all the Silver Coins in a world, beat the boss again 
and it will give you 1/4 of this item. When you have all pieces it will 
open up the WizPig Statue, allowing you to race him (1st time).

After receiving a piece of the WizPig Amulet in a world, you get the 
chance to participate in a Trophy Challenge. Here, you race Mario 64 GP 
Style, earning points for each place you get. Whomever has the most 
points at the end will win a WizPig Trophy!

Zippers (aka Booster Arrows):
Hit these and you will burst forward, a rocket flame behind you. Check 
out the Secrets section to find out to nearly triple the power of 

Zipper Circle/Booster Circle:
Same as above, except it's a circle. Made for Airplanes and Hovercraft 
(when in water).

Found on tracks, these will slightly increase your top speed. However, 
it stops working after about 10 or so. But it's always a good idea to 
keep a few extra, you never know when someone will peg you with a 

6) Secrets

Triple Booster Power:

BEFORE activating a Blue Balloon or going over a Zipper, let go of the 
acceleration button and your rocket power will turn green, signaling 
that you've done it correctly. With green, you can pass nearly any 
opponent. Put your thumb back on the accelerator when rainbow colored 
gas starts coming from your vehicle. This trick doesn't seem to work 
that well with the Hovercraft, though...

Secret Level - Future Fun Land

After finding everything in the game, go to the beach with the tower and 
the small sign with all of your Trophies on it. Park next to it, and a 
cinema will show you going into the tower, which will blast off like a 
rocket to a secret level!

Secret Character - Drumstick:

After collecting the T.T. Amulet, WizPig Amulet, all four WizPig 
Trophies, and 39 Balloons, go out into the area near Taj. See those 
frogs hopping around? One should have a pair of red feathers on their 
head. Carefully get up to it and run over it! Drumstick will pop out. 
Now you can pick him at the Character Select Screen.

Secret Character - T.T.:

On each track, if you get a good time, you can race T.T. the clock! If 
you can beat him on EVERY course in the entire game (including Future 
Fun Land), he becomes a selectable character! T.T. is the best driver in 
the game, so this would be a good idea...Personally, I like to open him 
up in the 'Tracks' area on the options menu.

Dino Domain:         Time to Meet T.T.         Time to Beat T.T.
Ancient Lake          1:07.00                     1:01.28
Fossil Canyon         1:37.00                     1:30.18
Jungle Falls          1:08.00                     1:02.50
Hot Top Volcano       1:35.00                     1:30.71

SnowFlake Mountain:

Everfrost Peak        1:53.00                     1:48.00
Walrus Cove           2:10.00                     2:06.28
Snowball Valley       1:13.00                     1:06.41
Frosty Village        1:44.00                     1:39.40

Sherbert Island:

Whale Bay             1:19.00                     1:13.11
Crescent Island       1:39.00                     1:33.16
Pirate Lagoon         1:34.00                     1:28.56
Treasure Caves        1:10.00                     1:05.63

Dragon Forest:

Windmill Plains       2:22.00                     2:13.13
Greenwood Village     1:46.00                     1:40.61
Boulder Canyon        2:11.00                     2:02.35
Haunted Woods         1:22.00                     1:09.51

Future Fun Land:

Spacedust Alley       2:12.00                     2:06.16
Darkmoon Caverns      2:20.00                     2:12.05
Spaceport Alpha       2:16.00                     2:09.03
Star City             2:07.00                     2:01.45

Mystery Times:

When you beat WizPig 2 and see the 2nd ending, there are times that are 
way shorter than the T.T. times above. These are the BEST times set by 
Rare staff during the production of the game. You do not get ANYTHING if 
you beat them all...except maybe a little feeling of accomplishment =)

Adventure 2:

Do everything there is to do and you get another Adventure...sorta. 
Tracks are mirrored, the A.I. is insanely hard, you have Silver Balloons 
instead of yellow...and Silver Coins are in different locations. NO! I'm 
not going to cover that... :)

7) Codes

Code                   What it Does

BYEBYEBALLOONS     All the balloons disappear

TOXICOFFENDER      All balloons are green

BODYARMOR          All balloons are yellow

OPPOSITESATTRACT   All balloons are rainbow

BOMBSAWAY          All balloons are red

ROCKETFUEL         All balloons are blue

BYEBYEBALLOONS     All the balloons disappear

FREEFORALL         Items collected are automatically at fully power 
VITAMINB           No limit to the number of bananas you can collect 
                   before your speed no longer increases

FREEFRUIT          Start each track with 10 bananas

BOGUSBANANAS       Bananas reduce your speed

NOYELLOWSTUFF      Bananas are useless

JOINTVENTURE       Two players can play the Adventure Mode

BLABBERMOUTH       Random character noises are played instead of horn 

ARNOLD             Big Characters

TEENYWEENIES       Small Characters

OFFROAD            No speed loss by going on rough ground

DOUBLEVISION       Two players can be the same character

TIMETOLOSE         The computer AI gets tough

ZAPTHEZIPPERS      Zippers go 'bye bye'

JUKEBOX            Music test

WHODIDTHIS         Runs credits...like you wanted to see it!

Note: These will only work in the Tracks Mode, except for JOINTADVENTURE

8) Credits



rareware.com (hilarious)

N64 Code Center (www.n64cc.com): Codes (see above section).

9) Legal Junk

This guide can not be copied without permission of the author. It can 
not be used as a means of profit. Basically, just don't put your name 
where mine should be (i.e. stealing).
Copyright (C) 1998 marshmallow

Yes, you can print it out, silly =) Just don't sell it for money.

10) End

There aren't any mistakes in this guide because I am PERFECT! Yes, it's 
true, I am. If you have any questions on why I am perfect and you're 
not, e-mail me at [email protected]

- marshmallow -

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