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Divine Divinity
Version 11.26.02

This is my very first FAQ.  I have always wanted to make one, so I am finally doing 
it.  If you need to contact me, feel free to email me at [email protected]  Also, 
if you use AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) my screen name is kmagicka.

Another small note on emails:  In the subject line, please refer to Divine 
Divinity.  Also, I’ve been getting a bunch of scam and virus containing emails, do 
not, I repeat DO NOT, give my information out to anyone not connected to Divine 
Divinity.  What I mean by connected is anyone needing information about the game, 
or anyone that wants to use my Walkthrough/FAQ to publish on another website.

And one last thing:  Even though this Walkthrough/FAQ is published on many 
international websites, I only speak and read English.  So please, if you speak 
other than English, please translate it for me.


   I. The Legal Stuff and Credits
  II. A Little About Me
 III. Version History
  IV. The Quests
   V. Teleporter Scrolls and Locations
  VI. Special Items
 VII. Skills
VIII. Potions
  IX. Gameplay Tips

The Legal Stuff and Credits

First the legal stuff...

This document Copyright 2002 by kmagicka.

This document is protected by US Copyright Law, and the Berne Copyright Convention 
of 1976.  It is for private and personal use only--it cannot be reprinted in part 
or in whole, or reproduced in any way or in any form (written or otherwise).  It is 
a free document that cannot be used in any sort of commercial transaction, 
including selling it or giving it away as a gift.  This FAQ cannot be referenced, 
altered, or used by anybody (including webmasters, publishers, and magazine staff) 
without my express written permission.

The following is the list of authorized websites that can publish this 
FAQ/Walkthrough.  To be added you must first get my permission.
     - www.gamefaqs.com         - www.cheatcodes.com
     - dhl.net                  - www.gamesover.com
     - www.ggmania.com          - www.cheatcc.com
     - rwartow.tripod.com       - www.cheathappens.com
     - www.actiontrip.com       - www.neoseeker.com
     - www.trainerscity.com     - www.the-spoiler.com
     - www.a2zcheats.com

And a special thanks goes to...

Larian Studios:  They made the game, and quite simply, the game is awesome.

SpiderDude:  The one who inspired me to make this FAQ.  Without his help, this 
wouldn’t have been possible.

Johnny B:  He gave me the information on duplicating items.  He also provided some 
information on robbing people.

BlackDeath:  She finished the Axe of Stone quest before I did, and gave me all the 
information for it.

A Little About Me

I decided to add this section because of several questions that I have received 
about me.  Mostly it has been where am I and what do I do.  Well, here is a bit 
about me.

I am currently living in Hampton, VA.  For those of you that are outside the United 
States, I’m in Virginia.  I work full time in the United States Air Force.

Just recently I had my first child.  She is absolutely the biggest blessing of my 
life.  Her name is Aurora McKaille (McKaille is her middle name).  She was born on 
11 September.

Well, other than that, life is grand.

Version History

10.14.02:  The FAQ is born!

10.22.02:  I’ve added a bit more info to the quests section and I have also added 
more to the teleporters.  There is now more, in-depth information about potion 
making.  I have also done some reformatting to make it a bit more user friendly.

10.27.02:  Just added more information, nothing big.

11.08.02:  Big update.  Sorry it has been so long.  Between a full time job and a 
two month old, time has been in short supply lately.

11.26.02:  Yeah, I know, it’s been awhile.  I just added a few more quests.

The Quests

The following information is only the quests and how to solve them.  Since this 
game is, for the most part, open-ended, there is really no way to write 
a ‘walkthrough.’

The quests that I have all the information for are listed first; otherwise, they 
are in alphabetical order.  All the quests are with their game title and 
information.  Not all of them are complete, but as I get more information, I will 
update the FAQ.

Also, a quick and easy way to find a specific quest, hit CTRL-F.  In the window 
type the name of the quest or a keyword or two and hit enter.

If you have any information to add, just drop me an email.

These are the quests with complete information...

An appointment with the new ruler of Ferol.
Game Information:  I have a letter of invitation from Janus, the young son of the 
late Duke.  He wishes me to meet him at Stormfist castle, the ancient stronghold of 
the human royal family.
How to obtain:  The quest is given to you after you talk to Commander Ralph and 
expose Dr. Elrath.
Solution:  (Be advised!  Do not go into the castle until you’re level 30-35.  Also, 
you will lose your teleporter stones here.  So don’t go until you are sure you are 
   1.  Go to the castle and talk to the Captain of the Guard standing outside
       the castle gate.  Show him the invitation.  Walk into the castle. 
       Theus will meet you and escort you to the throne room.  Talk to Janus.
   2.  Meet Janus in his room
       Game Information:  Duke Janus has asked me to attend him in his room. 
       Apparently he has some tasks he would like me to perform in my new
       (and ridiculously titled) role as Lord Protector.
       Solution:  Talk to Janus.  He is located in his room in the
       northeastern room of the castle.
   3.  Find the white cat
       Game Information:  It appears my duties as Lord Protector for Duke
       Janus consist of foolishly inconsequential and petty tasks.  The
       spoiled brat has asked me to find his white cat, which must be
       strolling somewhere in the castle.  Afterwards, I should report back
       to him.
       Solution:  After leaving Janus’ room, the cat approaches you.  Talk to
       the cat, then return to Janus’ room.
   4.  Deliver a love letter to Lela
       Game Information:  I am beginning to feel like Janus’ errand boy.  The
       little brat has given me a love letter that I have to deliver to his 
       –girlfriend- Lela.  I really hope Lela is not as arrogant and spoiled
       as Janus.  Afterwards, Janus has asked me to return to his room again. 
       I fear this irritating boy has more menial duties in store for me.
       Solution:  Talk to Lela.  She is located in the room south of Janus’. 
       Afterwards, talk to Janus again.
   5.  Flowers for Lela
       Game Information:  Janus told me that there is a beautiful patch of
       flowers in the garden of the castle.  I am to pick some flowers and
       take them to Lela...*sigh* As usual, I am to report back to him when I
       am done.  I really need to get out of here!
       Solution:  The flowers are located near the well next to the outside
       entrance.  Grab the flowers.  Talk to Lela, and then talk to Janus.
   6.  Find the teddy bear
       Game Information:  Lela has lost one of her favorite toys...a small
       teddy-bear called Uncle Samakayne.  It’s my task to find this
       pointless bauble somewhere in the castle.  I hope these foolish
       errands will soon end.
       Solution:  The teddy bear is in the corner just outside of Janus’
       room.  Give the bear to Lela.  When you leave her room, you’ll be
       approached by Theus.
   7.  The merchant’s meeting
       Game Information:  Theus has informed me that my presence is required
       in the throne room.  Apparently, I am to protect Janus during a
       meeting with some fat, short-winded merchants.
       Solution:  Go to the throne room.

A trapped friend
Game Information:  a little girl in Verdistis asked me to free her trapped cat 
Cosmo from a cellar in the Merchant’s Guild.  But how can I get access to the 
cellars?  I doubt the merchant’s would care much for the life of a street 
cat...Simply asking them isn’t an option, I guess.
How to obtain:  Go into the garden area south of the Merchant’s Guild.  A little 
girl named Diana will approach.
Solution:  After joining the Merchant’s Guild, Trevor will give you a key to the 
library.  Go into the library and search the desk next to the door.  Take the four 
keys and go down into the cellar.  Using the four keys, explore the cellar until 
you find the cat.  Afterwards go back to Diana.

Axe of Stone
(This quest information was given to me by BlackDeath, I have not yet started this 
quest myself.)
Game Information:  In order to persuade Eoulus to join council of seven. I must 
find out what happened to the Axe of Stone. I should start my investigations in the 
Dwarven Hall.
How to obtain: Start the Council of Seven quest and after success to find five of 
the seven council member (Org, Human, Elf, lizard, Zandalor). Then go back to 
Council Hall and touch the dwarven statue and Zandalor will tell you Eoulus is in 
the Dwarven Village. Use the teleport to go back Dwarven Village and find Eoulus 
near the big stone where the Axe of Stone hang on it before the axe missing. Talk 
to him and he will only join the Council of Seven after you find the Axe of Stone.
Solution: The axe is located inside the cave in Dwarven Hall. The cave is near the 
southwest corner of the Dwarves' hall prison room where you get the one of the 
treasure map (Armor of Larian quest). Before you get the Axe of Stone quest the the 
cave is only one level only after you get the quest the second level entrance will 
appear. Enter the second level of cave you will meet the sentry that will ask you 
the password if you want to enter the cave. You can whether choose give the sentry 
the password or just kill the sentry. The password you can get from drunkard 
burgomaster in the dwarf's village. But why you want to do that since you can 
easily kill the Sentry with a weapon that can freeze enemy. (Actually you can kill 
all enemy boss easily with a weapon with frost attribute ). You will get good 
experience point from killing the Sentry. The axe in the north part of map but you 
will have to defeat Moriendor in order to retrieve the axe. After get the axe 
remember to get the evidence (a manuscript) in the northeast of the map. The 
manuscript is important in order to get the Dragon Armor quest. After get both the 
item show to the Dwarven King. You will get the Dragon Armor quest as reward.

Game Information:  The so-called attack of mountain trolls against innocent 
families never took place.  Saphiro  and his partners were simply paid to lure me 
into a ambush and kill me.
How to obtain:  Go to the troll camp (it’s marked on the map).
Solution:  Kill the attackers.

Bring Finnigan his magic lock picks
Game Information:  Finnigan, the bartender of the Thieves’ Guild, has asked me to 
bring him his magic lockpicks.  He says they should be in the desk of Kratus, the 
commander of the Verdistis Town Guard.  But I must ensure Kratus does not see me.
How to obtain:  Talk to Finnigan.  He is located in the Ducal Inn cellar behind the 
Solution:  Go to the Verdistis Town Guard (marked on your map).  Go through the 
main door.  Wait until Kratus goes into the side room.  Click on the sturdy desk 
(left side) and take the lockpicks.  Return to Finnigan.

Catch the thief!
Game Information:  Several cows have disappeared.  Farmer Tom suspects a thief 
takes them at night.  According to Tom, the thief must be living close to his farm 
because nobody can take cows far without attracting attention.  I will see if I can 
discover the truth for him.
How to obtain:  Talk to Tom.  He is standing outside the farm house located near 
the southwest corner of Stormfist castle.
Solution:  Go to the cellar located in Dorian’s house.  It is located in the 
northwest corner of the poor area.  After checking out the cellar, talk to Dorian.  
Tell him that you will keep his secret.  Afterwards inform Tom.

Collect herbs for George
Game Information:  George, the retired healer, has asked me to fetch him some rare 
herbs called Drudanae from Lanilor’s garden.
How to obtain:  Talk to George.  He is located in his house in the southeastern 
corner of the village.
Solution:  Follow George into the side room and look (but do not take) the Drudanae 
plant near the table.  Talk to Lanilor and get permission to take some herbs from 
his garden.  Go to Lanilor’s garden and grab the plant.  If Otho stops you, tell 
him that you have permission.  Take the plant back to George.

Contact Captain Mitox
Game Information:  General Alix has asked me to deliver a sealed message to Captain 
Mitox.  This renowned war veteran can be found encamped just west of a destroyed 
village near the dukedom’s southern border, where he is currently fending off an 
orc attack.
How to obtain:  Talk to General Alix.  She is located inside her army barracks.
Solution:  Talk to Captain Mitox.  His camp is located south of Captain Alix’s 
barracks.  He is in the north building of the camp.

Deal with the trolls
Game Information:  The people in the farmlands live in constant fear of troll 
attacks.  They need somebody who can settle this matter once and for all.  I must 
find the trolls lair and rid the area of those foul creatures.
How to obtain:  Talk to Homer.  He is located outside the building east of the 
Solution:  Go to the cave located west of the bridge.  Kill all of the trolls 
located inside to include the king.  Afterwards, talk again to Homer.

Deliver a letter
Game Information:  Harriet and her family are victims of the latest orc attacks.  
She has asked e to deliver a letter to her uncle Afrasam.  He is the innkeeper of 
the Ducal Inn, a well known tavern in Verdistis.
How to obtain:  Talk to Harriet.  She is located in the room in the northeast 
corner of the Blue Boar Inn.
Solution:  Talk to Afrasam.  He is in the Ducal Inn, which is located in 
Verdistis.  (It’s marked on the map.)

Deliver a new wheel
Game Information:  Marcus asked me to bring the driver’s of his cart a new wheel.  
I’ve agreed to do this, because nobody deserved to be stuck in the wilderness for 
How to obtain:  After solving the ‘Missing Delivery’ quest, talk to Marcus.
Solution:  Go back to the location of the cart.

Deliver the grain order bill to Hugh
Game Information:  Leptine, the owner of Verdistis’ General Store, wished me to 
deliver a grain order bill to Hugh, one of the farmers near Rivertown.
How to obtain:  Talk to Leptine.  He is located in the building to the north west 
of the Ducal Inn, which is in Verditis.
   1.  Talk to Hugh.  He is in the farmhouse located near the north west of
       Stormfist Castle.
   2.  Tell Leptine, Hugh refused the order bill
       Game Information:  Hugh refused the accept the order bill:  Leptine
       already owes him nearly 3,000 gold coins.  I have to tell Leptine that
       he won’t get any grain.
       Solution:  I ‘failed to solve’ because I paid the bill for him.
   3.  Tell Leptine the grain is on its way
       Game Information:  I decided to settle Leptine’s debts.  I need to
       inform him of what I did...and tell him that grain is coming his way!
       Solution:  Talk to Leptine.  He is located in the building to the
       north west of the Ducal Inn, which is in Verditis.

Disappearing Gems
Game Information:  An old man has told me about a strange occurrence.  Apparently, 
near the poor graveyard entrance, a gem keeps appearing and disappearing.  The old 
man believes it is some foul magic.
How to obtain:  Talk to Malachias.  He is located on the road to the southeast of 
the quarantine area.  Give him some money.
Solution:  The gem is located near the shrubbery west of Malachias.  Follow the gem 
until you run into a Dwarf.  He says something about selling your entrails to Dr. 
Elrath.  Then a bunch of thugs show up.  Beat the thugs.  (Side note:  I have yet 
to figure out the point of this quest.)

Dr. Elrath exposed!
Game Information:  I found a letter in Dr. Elrath’s cellar.  In it I found evidence 
that this so-called doctor is responsible for the Grey Death epidemic.  And all 
this while, everybody believed the –good- doctor was the only person that could 
cure them!  I must report this to the proper authorities immediately!  I hope they 
hang him.  Slowly.
How to obtain:  Read the letter in Dr. Elrath’s cellar.
Solution:  Talk to Commander Ralph.  He is located inside the Rivertown Watch.

Enter Stormfist castle
Game Information:  I am not allowed to enter Stormfist castle.  However, the guard 
told me that if I do something heroic, I might receive an invitation from the Duke.
How to obtain: Talk to the Captain of the Guard.  He is located in the entrance of 
Stormfist castle.
Solution:  After you expose Dr. Elrath, Commander Ralph will give you an invitation 
to see Duke Janus.

Escaping Stormfist castle
Janus has ordered the guards at the castle gate to prevent me from leaving the 
castle.  I do not wish to remain any longer than I have to, so I must find a way to 
How to obtain:  When you talk to Janus for the ‘An appointment with the new ruler 
of Ferol’ quest, you’ll get this quest.
Solution:  After solving ‘An appointment with the new ruler of Ferol’ quest, you 
get kicked out of the castle.

Escaping the House of Madness
Game Information:  Where am I?  What is this place?  I only know, I have to escape 
from here.  But how?
How to obtain:  While exploring Iona’s Dungeon, there is a room with a bunch of 
books on tables.  Enter the room and you’ll be transported to the ‘House of 
Solution:  Go through the doors of the house until you come to a room with beds.  
Sleep in one of the beds.

Expose the Duke’s murderer
Game Information:  Commander Ralph does not believe the Duke died of natural 
causes.  He has asked me to investigate this matter and to begin by trying to make 
contact with the Assassin’s Guild.  To do this, I must contact Sir Dante in 
How to obtain:  Talk to Commander Ralph.  He is located in the Rivertown Watch.
   1.  Talk to Sir Dante.  He is in his house (marked on the Verdistis map).
   2.  Steal Sir Patrick’s title deed
       Game Information:  Sir Dante has asked me to steal Sir Patrick’s title
       deed in return for information on the Assassin’s Guild
       Solution:  Use the teleporter stone west of Sir Patrick’s house near
       the fence line.  Flip the lever until the room with the treasure
       chests opens.  Take the deed off the table (drag it into your
       inventory).  Use the stone in the center room to go back out.  Talk
       again to Sir Dante.
   3.  Get in touch with the Assassin’s Guild
       Game Information:  According to Sir Dante, the archivist of the
       Merchant’s Guild is also a contact to the Assassins’ Guild.  I must go
       a speak to him to find out more about the murderer of the Duke.
       Solution:  Talk to Yarum.  He is located in the Merchants’ Guild (
       marked on the map).  After talking to Yarum, kill the assassins that
       attack you.  Follow Yarum into the cupboard.  Explore the dungeon
       until you find Yarum.  Talk to Yarum to arrange a meeting with Cybu. 
       Talk to Commander Ralph.  He is located in the Rivertown Watch (marked
       on your map).
   4.  Meet Cybu, the murderer of the Duke
       Game Information:  Yarun has sworn to arrange a meeting with Cybu, the
       alleged killer of the Duke.  I can meet Cybu in an abandoned house in
       Verdistis.  But perhaps I should warn Commander Ralph instead of going
       there alone.
       Solution:  Talk to Commander Ralph.  He is located in the Rivertown
   5.  Meet Ralph in Verdistis
       Game Information:  Commander Ralph has told me to go to Verdistis and
       meet him where the meeting with Cybu was arranged.  Together we shall
       avenge the Duke’s death!
       Solution:  Go to abandoned house (marked on Verdistis map).  After
       cutscene with Commander Ralph, talk to Cybu and watch the cutscene.

Find a collector’s item
Game Information:  Raymond asked me to find an ancient burial vase he needs to 
complete his collection.  The vase is somewhere in an underground burial chamber in 
the northern part of the Dark Forest.
How to obtain:  Talk to Raymond.  He is in the Dark Forest.  Follow the road from 
the entrance south until you find a campsite.
Solution: Explore cave to the southeast of the forest entrance.

Find a cure for Simon
Game Information:  The lizard healer, Goemoe, is treating a wounded soldier called 
Simon.  There is a shrine of healing near Goemoe’s house that produces healing 
gems.  Simon desperately needs such a gem.  However, the shrine will not recharge 
itself and there is only one gem left.  Goemoe told me that the dwarf, Otho, is 
treating another wounded soldier and they cannot decide which one of them should 
receive the last healing gem.  If I am to avoid a hard decision about who lives and 
dies, I must find a way to duplicate the gem.
How to obtain:  Talk to Goemoe.  He is outside his house located north of George’s 
Solution:  Go to the Healing Shrine.  It is located to the north of Goemoe’s 
house.  Get the last healing gem from it.  Go to the unlocked house along the north 
of the village.  Take the Magic Mirror; it is sitting on top of a small package.  
Find a puddle that you see your reflection in and drop the Magic Mirror into it.  
Drop the healing gem on the same spot.  There should now be two healing gems.  Talk 
to Simon and give him one of the gems.  Give the other to Verlat.  Afterwards, talk 
to Goemoe.

Find a cure for Verlat
Game Information:  The soldier Verlat was badly wounded during an orc ambush and is 
now in the care of the dwarven healer Otho.  To heal Verlat, I need to access a 
shrine of healing near Goemoe’s house that produces healing gems.  Otho told me 
that the shrine doesn’t recharge itself.  There is only one gem left.  The lizard 
healer, Goemoe. Is treating a wounded soldier, who is in need of this gem too.  I 
don’t like the aspect of making a moral decision who should receive the healing 
gem.  I need to find a way o duplicate the gem if I want to save both patients.
How to obtain:  Talk to Otho.  He is located in the northwestern house.
Solution:  Go to the Healing Shrine.  It is located to the north of Goemoe’s 
house.  Get the last healing gem from it.  Go to the unlocked house along the north 
of the village.  Take the Magic Mirror; it is sitting on top of a small package.  
Find a puddle that you see your reflection in and drop the Magic Mirror into it.  
Drop the healing gem on the same spot.  There should now be two healing gems.  Talk 
to Verlat and give him one of the gems.  Give the other to Simon.  Afterwards, talk 
to Goemoe.

Find a potion for Cedric
Game Information:  I must find a potion to cure Cedric of the plague victims in the 
quarantined area in the poor quarter.
How to obtain:  Talk to Cedric.  He is located in the eastern house within the 
quarantined area.
Solution:  While in Dr. Elrath’s cellar, be sure to grab both of the cure potions.  
They are located on a book shelf towards the southeast corner.  Give one of the 
potions to Cedric, and give another to any of the other victims.  However, you will 
have to either pickpocket or kill one of the two people with potions.  This way you 
can retrieve a potion to give to the third victim.

Find a potion for Sarah
Game Information:  I must find a potion to cure Sarah, one of the plague victims in 
the quarantined area in the poor quarter.
How to obtain:  Talk to Sarah.  He is located in the eastern house within the 
quarantined area.
Solution:  While in Dr. Elrath’s cellar, be sure to grab both of the cure potions.  
They are located on a book shelf towards the southeast corner.  Give one of the 
potions to Sarah, and give another to any of the other victims.  However, you will 
have to either pickpocket or kill one of the two people with potions.  This way you 
can retrieve a potion to give to the third victim.

Find a potion for Tidus
Game Information:  I must find a potion to cure Tidus, one of the plague victims in 
the quarantined area in the poor quarter.
How to obtain:  Talk to Tidus.  He is located in the eastern house within the 
quarantined area.
Solution:  While in Dr. Elrath’s cellar, be sure to grab both of the cure potions.  
They are located on a book shelf towards the southeast corner.  Give one of the 
potions to Tidus, and give another to any of the other victims.  However, you will 
have to either pickpocket or kill one of the two people with potions.  This way you 
can retrieve a potion to give to the third victim.

Find a solution to the plaque problem in Rivertown
Game Information:  A young knight called Seth told me that people are dying because 
of a mysterious plague in Rivertown.  I must try to find a cure for the plague 
before it spreads to other towns within the Dukedom.
How to obtain:  Talk to Seth.  He is located just outside the gates of Aleroth.
   1.  Talk to Mardaneus.  After he refuses, talk to Seth again.
   2.  An escort for the healers
       Game Information:  The healers are needed in Rivertown to help combat
       the plaque, but the woods around Aleroth are swarming with Orc raiding
       parties.  The healers refuse to travel to Rivertown because of this
       danger.  I need to get to the army commander and ask him to dispatch
       an escort.
       Solution:  Talk to General Alix.  She is located in her army barracks.
   3.  After solving ‘Who is responsible for the harvest disaster?’ quest,
       this one will be solved too.

Find clues about wares
Game Information:  Merchant Marcus is interested in getting information about his 
lost wares.
How to obtain:  Talk to Marcus after finding the burning cart.
Solution:  Talk to Marcus after exploring the cave.

Find my equipment in Iona’s Dungeon
Game Information:  Arhu has shown me where Iona has stored the equipment she stole 
from me.
How to obtain:  Go up the stairs from the starting point.  Arhu will start a 
Solution:  Get the key from atop the barrels in the room in the center of the 
area.  Use the key to unlock the chest.

Find Rimmer in Glenborus
Game Information:  Strobur has told me about his brother Rimmer, who now lives in 
the Dwarven village – Glenborus.  If I ever meet him, I will tell him his brother 
sends his best wishes.
How to obtain:  Talk to Strobur.  He is in the Dwarven Hall.  His house is located 
south of the forge.
Solution:  Talk to Rimmer.  He is in the Dwarven village north of the teleporter.

Find the password to the treasure room
Game Information:  I require a password to enter the Stormfist Castle treasure 
room.  A talking door refuses me entry without the proper password.
How to obtain:  Exploring the treasure area of Stormfist Castle.  (You get to it 
from the Rivertown sewers.)  You’ll eventually come across an odd door.
   1.  Find Zandalor.  He is somewhere in the treasure area of Stormfist
   2.  The password is ANVAS ENROD
       Zandalor has told me the password to open the door.  It is ANVAS
       ENROD.  Clearly the door has been built by the ancient forces of evil.
       Solution:  Talk to the door.  Give it the correct password (which is
       ANVAS ENROD).

Find the second teleporter pyramid
Game Information:  Lanilor gave me a magical object which looks like a tiny 
pyramid.  He told me that a duplicate exists and that the pair could be used for 
teleportation.  If I used the pyramid, I might have a chance to acquire the 
duplicate too.  I might also end up dead.
How to obtain:  Lanilor approaches after you open up the catacombs.
Solution:  Drop the pyramid on the ground, and then click on it.  It will teleport 
you to the other one.  To get back to the town, leave the room you teleported into, 
and go up the hall.  Use the portal stone to teleport yourself into the well.  OR  
Explore the catacombs until you find the other pyramid.

Find the suppliers of Tingalf
Game Information:  I have talked to Lieutenant Robin about Tingalf, who sells goods 
of doubtful origin.  To arrest Tingalf, the authorities have to know more about his 
How to obtain:  Talk to Lieutenant Robin.  He is located in the north west corner 
of the Merchant’s area.  He is in between the houses of Blake and Kistanalius.

Find the Sword of Lies
Game Information:  I have rescued Zandalor from the cellars of Stormfist Castle.  
Before we leave, however, he wants me to find out what happened to the Sword of 
How to obtain: Talk to Zandalor.  You’ll find him in the treasure room of Stormfist 
Castle.  (You can enter the Treasure rooms from the Rivertown sewers.)
   1.  Unlock the door to the treasure room behind the odd door.  You unlock
       it by giving it the correct password.  The password is ANVAS ENROD. 
       Explore the room.
   2.  The Sword of Lies is gone!
       Game Information:  I must report this to Zandalor immediately!  The
       Sword of Lies has been taken!
       Solution:  Talk to Zandalor.

Find the teleporter activation scrolls
Game Information:  Zandalor has given me the activation scroll for the mage’s 
teleporter.  He believes the Elven Lord Elredor can help me obtain the elves’ 
teleporter scroll.  Elredor can often be found in the Archer’s Guild.  Zandalor 
also suggested looking for further information in the Cursed Abbey.
How to obtain:  Zandalor shows up after the dragon rider ‘kills’ you.  He then 
gives you the scroll and the quest.
Solution:  Go to the Archers’ Guild.  Talk to the guild master (I forgot his 
name).  He will give it to you.

Find the truth about Tingalf
Game Information:  Trevor believes Tingalf is selling wares under the counter and 
without a license from the Merchant’s Guild.  He sends me to the Rivertown Market 
to find proof of it.
How to obtain:  Talk to Trevor after solving the ‘Restore Maria’s Reputation’ quest.
Solution:  Go into the Rivertown sewers.  Kill the thieves and take the letter.  
(The thieves are located to the right of the entrance.)  Afterwards, go back and 
talk to Trevor.

Find Zandalor
Game Information:  I met another Marked One named Wouter in the Dwarven Bread Inn.  
It appears he too is waiting for Zandalor.  Zandalor told him that he was going to 
go to Stormfist castle to find the other Marked One.  I am unwilling to wait for 
his return so I will go to the castle to find them both!
How to obtain:  Talk to Wouter.  He is inside the Dwarven Bread Inn.
Solution:  Zandalor is in the treasure area of Stormfist Castle.  You can gain 
entrance through the Rivertown sewers.

Game Information:  Anthrabent has asked me to set the cart f the trader Mpenzak on 
fire.  I could do it using the lamp on the cart.  I should perform the task while 
Mpenzak is busy drinking a beer in the Ducal Inn.
Solution:  Go to the cart (marked on the map).  Click on the lamp.  Talk to 

Free the hostages
Game Information:  A small boy has told me that a gang of brutal thieves entered 
the house of his parents and locked them in the bedroom.  Entering the house 
through the front door might not be a good tactic.
How to obtain:  The boy approaches along the road heading south towards the 
Archer’s Guild.
Solution:  Go to the house, it is marked on your map.  Use the ‘alt’ key to kind a 
door behind the house leading to the bedroom.  Use lockpick to open the door.  Free 
the people and take the key.  Use the key to unlock the door leading to the 
thieves.  Kill the thieves.  Go to the Archer’s Guild and talk to Arnie.  He is 
near the entrance.

Gareth’s Feign Death potion
Game Information:  Gareth, a soldier, has asked me to be on the look out for a 
potion that will allow him to feign death.  He wants to use it to escape the army.
How to obtain:  Talk to Gareth.  He is located in front of the southwest building 
inside General Alix’s army barracks.
Solution:  After solving ‘The Church’ quest, talk to Father Theofolus and get a 
Feign Death potion from him.  Then go and talk to Gareth in Captain Alix’s barracks.

George Murdered!
Game Information:  George has been killed!  No money or goods are stolen!  Still, I 
am of a mind that George’s murder is somehow connected to the mysterious merchant 
who argued with George in his store.  Perhaps the other healers can tell me more.
How to obtain:  Enter George’s house after restoring Mardaneus’ sanity.
   1.  Talk to Mardaneus.  He is located in his house.
   2.  Expose George’s murderer
       Game Information:  The healers are unaware who might be the killer.
       Mardaneus has asked me to investigate the crime and keep him informed.
       Solution:  Kill the vampire under Pierce’s Wine Barrel.  It is located
       north of the Ducal Inn, which is in Verdistis.  Afterwards go back to
       Aleroth and talk to Mardaneus.

Help Apollo finding his friend Shrimpo
Game Information:  Apollo is looking for his good friend Shrimpo.  Apparently, he 
believes Shrimpo is somewhere near the graveyard area.
How to obtain:  Apollo approaches when you leave the graveyard.  The graveyard is 
located northeast of the Cursed Abbey.
Solution:  Go to the group of tombstones located to the northeast of the chapel 
where the Duke is.  The group of tombstones has three trees and a couple of 
boulders in it.  Click on the tombstones to reveal the names on them.  Each name 
starts with a letter of Shrimpo’s name.  Click on the tombstones, starting with ‘S’ 
and go clockwise to spell out ‘Shrimpo’.  When Shrimpo comes out, kill him (you 
won’t have much choice).  After you kill him, Apollo approaches and talks to you.

Help a scared knight
Game information:  A knight is hiding in one of the nearby stables.  An assassin 
who seems to be nearby is hunting him.  I promised to see if I could find this 
would-be murderer to give him a taste of his own medicine.
How to obtain:  Talk to the knight (I didn’t get his name).  He is located in the 
western most building in the farmlands.
Solution:  Kill Crawler.  He is located in the orchard.  Afterwards, talk to the 
knight again.

Help the cook
Game Information:  The cook of Stormfist castle has asked me to help him with the 
dishes.  What an irony:  the hero reduced to a dishwasher!
How to obtain:  After getting into Stormfist castle, talk to the cook.  He is 
located in the southeastern room of the castle.
Solution:  Move the bucket with water to the dish pan.  Then move the pile of 
dishes to the dishpan.  Keep moving the dish pile until all the dishes are clean.  
After you leave the castle, the quest will be solved.  (I think it has a small bug 
in it.)  To move the dishes, you can put them into your inventory OR left click on 
them, hold down the button and move them.

Isoldes’ love letter
Game Information:  The milkmaid, Isolde, has asked me to deliver a love letter to 
her loved one in the barracks.  His name is Gareth.
How to obtain:  Talk to Isolde.  She is located outside the building east of the 
bridge in the farmlands.
Solution:  Talk to Gareth.  He is located in front of the southwest building inside 
General Alix’s army barracks.

Kidnapped by a zombie
Game Information:  Upon entering a graveyard, I saw a woman being kidnapped by what 
appeared to be a zombie.  I must rescue her!
How to obtain:  Enter the graveyard south of the quarantine area.
Solution:  In the center of the graveyard there are four pits.  Enter one of them.  
Kill a bunch of zombies (I think).

Kill Stalker
Game Information:  A hermit has asked me to kill a dangerous monster in its lair, 
which lies south-west from here.
How to obtain:  Talk to the hermit of the Dark Forest.  Follow the road southwest 
until you find his house.
Soltuion:  Explore the cave (marked on map).  Kill Stalker.

Kill the vampire
Game Information:  I was able to save the boy, but the case is still open.  AS long 
as the vampire lives, the people in Rivertown are in danger.  Though the blood 
sucker spared the life of the kid, I’m afraid I have to try killing him somehow...
How to obtain:  After saving the boy, you’ll automatically get this quest.
Solution:  Use telekinesis to move the lever just inside the locked room.  Kill the 

Meet General Alix at the Barracks
Game Information:  A very satisfied Captain Mitox wishes me to report to General 
Alix at the Barracks.  Perhaps I can finally see some reward for all this hard, 
dangerous work.
How to obtain:  Talk to Captain Mitox after solving the ‘Poison the well in the Orc 
Camp’ quest.
Solution:  Talk to Captain Alix.  She is located in her army barracks.

Missing Delivery
Game Information:  Marcus, a merchant from the Rivertown market, says his latest 
delivery of goods is missing.  He has asked me to look for his cart to the South of 
Rivertown Market.
How to obtain:  After the cut scene between Marcus and another merchant, talk to 
Marcus.  He is located on the south side of the bazaar.
Solution:  Follow the road leading southeast from the Dwarven Bread Inn.  Talk to 

Nearby Depot
Tingalf has told me about a depot of goods nearby.  He also told me that it is 
dangerous showing an interest in such things.  Apparently it is near Rivertown 
Market.  But where?
How to obtain:  After you show Marcus the letter, talk to Tingalf.  He is located 
near the southeast corner of Geoff’s (the blacksmith) house.
Solution:  Go into the Rivertown sewers.  Kill the thieves and take the letter 
(drag it into your inventory).

Nericon’s Garden
Game Information:  I bought a key to Nericon’s Garden from a merchant.  He told me 
there is a myth about treasure being hidden in Nericon’s Garden.  He also mentioned 
something about frogs...
How to obtain:  Talk to Blake.  He is located in the northwest building of the 
Merchant’s Area.  He will only sell the key if your reputation is 7 or higher.
Solution:  Enter Nericon’s Garden.  Kill all the frogs, there are four of them.  
You can’t kill them with any weapon though.  You need a spell.  (I used ‘Meteor 

Philosophy of life
Game Information:  I encountered three followers of Nemris, the philosopher.  They 
are unable to worship the statue of their master in Nericon’s Garden because the 
gate is locked.  They have asked me to retrieve the key from the merchant named 
Blake in Rivertown.
How to obtain:  Talk to Otto.  He is located on the road northeast of Hugh’s house.
Solution:  Buy the key from Blake.  He is located in the west house of the 
Merchant’s Area.  To get the key, your reputation has to be at least 7.  Enter 
Nericon’s Garden.  Talk to statue in the back of the garden.  Answer the three 
questions correctly.  The questions are:
   1.  Life is based on one foundation.  Name it!
       Answer:  Experience
   2.  Life is made of two equal parts.  Name them!
       Answer:  Truth and untruth
   3.  There are three paths in life, whose balance are the key to
       existence.  Name them!
       Answer:  Good, evil, and neutrality

Poison the well in the Orc Camp
Game Information:  Captain Mitox gave me a strong poison to throw into the well the 
orc troops are using as their water supply.  The task will not be easy for I must 
somehow sneak into the heart of the camp in order to get near their well.  Upon 
completion I should go back to him.
How to obtain:  Talk to Captain Mitox after solving the ‘Ravage the Supply Train’ 
Solution:  Go to well marked on map.  (You may need to sneak...I just hacked and 
slashed my way through.) After the cutscene go back and talk to Captain Mitox again.

Ravage the supply train
Game Information:  Captain Mitox has asked me to destroy an orcish supply train 
transporting explosives and to report back to him.  I assume that without these 
supplies, the orcs will be unable to sustain their siege on the town.
How to obtain:  When you solve the ‘Contact Captain Mitox’ quest.  He will then 
give you this quest.
Solution:  Find the supply area.  It’s a fenced in area with four wagons.  (It 
really stands out.)  Drag the barrel of explosives into the area.  After the 
cutscene, go back to Captain Mitox.

Remove the curse
Game Information:  One of the local farmers, a burly fellow called Finn, told me 
that an abbey that lies to the north is cursed.  He hears ghastly voices and saw 
strange lights at night.  I promised to take a look and see if I can remove the 
curse from the old building.
How to obtain: Talk to Finn.  He is located outside the northern most farmhouse.
Solution:  Solve ‘The Cursed Abbey’ quest.  Talk to Finn afterwards.

Rescue Lanilor the elf from his icy prison
Game Information:  It seems one of the healers, a strange man called Mardaneus, has 
lost his mind and has frozen one of his elven colleagues within an ice pillar.  I 
must find a way to rescue the elf from the icy prison.  The elf advised me to sneak 
into Mardaneus’ house and try and convince the old fool to reverse his spell.
How to obtain:  After leaving Lanilor’s house, head southwest.  After the cut scene 
between Lanilor and Mardaneus, talk to the freezing Lanilor.
Solution:  Go into the well to the east of Mardaneus’ house.  Go up the stairs on 
the other side of the well (inside).  Talk to Mardaneus.

Restore Mardaneus’ sanity
Game Information:  It seems that the healer Mardaneus may have been possessed by a 
demon.  I must find out why this fellow behaves so strangely.
How to obtain:  After solving the ‘Rescue Lanilor the elf from his icy prison’ 
quest, Lanilor gives you this quest.
   1.  Unlock the entrance to the catacombs beneath Aleroth
       Game Information:  According the elf, Lanilor, I must explore the
       catacombs beneath the village to find a cure for Mardaneus’ odd
       behavior.  The entrance to the caverns lies near four statues.  I have
       to move all four statues to the north in order to open the portal to
       the catacombs.  Lanilor warned me that evil creatures wander the
       caverns.  I have a bad feeling about this.
       Solution:  Go to the center of the village to the area with four
       dragon statues and a bigger statue in the center.  Click on the
       statues until they are all turned north.
   2.  Explore the catacombs until you come across a chamber with a bunch of
       neutral (non-attacking) skeletons.  Talk to one of them.
   3.  Help the dead necromancer
       Game information:  Some friendly skeletons explained they are trying
       to rescue their dead master, a necromancer called Thelyron.  They are
       using levers that are imbued with powerful magics, but something keeps
       going wrong.  I have a feeling that if I can help them to resurrect
       Thelyron, I may gain some information about Mardaneus.
       Solution:  Carefully watch the cut scene where the skeletons pull
       various levers.  Go to the lever that isn’t getting pulled.  When the
       cut scene begins again, pull the lever when it’s your turn.
   4.  Talk to Thelyron.  He is located near the center of the room
       surrounded by other undead creatures.
   5.  Kill Thelyron
       Game Information:  It appears that the undead necromancer is the
       source of Mardaneus’ obsession!  He will not stop haunting the healer
       unless I kill him.  Well, it may be a questionable task, but somebody
       has to do it.
       Solution:  Kill Thelyron.

Restore Maria’s reputation
Game Information:  In the poor area of Rivertown, I met a woman who claims to have 
lived in Verdistis in great wealth.  Then a man named Malcolm stole everything from 
her and her family, and chased her away from Verdistis.  She says Malcolm has been 
stealing from the Merchant’s Guild too, perhaps I should go and find out more about 
How to obtain:  Talk to Maria.  She is located in the center building of the poor 
area of Rivertown.
   1.  Go to Malcom’s House (marked on the Verdistis map) and take the
       ‘Merchant’s Guild’s Financial Records.  They are located on top of a
   2.  Maria was right
       Game Information:  Malcolm was indeed stealing money from the
       Merchant’s Guild.  I found the evidence n a book in his house.  I
       should go a report this to the Merchant’s Guild!
       Solution:  Talk to Trevor.  He is in the Merchant’s Guild (marked on
       the Verdistis map).  Afterwards go talk to Maria.  She is located in
       the center building of the poor area of Rivertown.  (NOTE:  After
       Maria is at the Merchant’s Guild, talk to her and she’ll help you buy
       or rent a house.)

Retrieve the magic axe called Slasher
Game Information:  Some bold orcs are looking for a magical axe called Slasher.  
Smiruk, the leader, told me that the weapon lies somewhere in the catacombs beneath 
How to obtain:  Talk to Smiruk.  He is with a group of neutral orcs that you will 
run across while exploring the catacombs.
Solution:  While exploring the catacombs, you’ll find several unidentified axes.  
One of them, once identified, is the ‘Slasher.’  You can get items identified by 
either George or Otho.  Give the axe to Smiruk.

The bar fight
Game Information:  In the Dwarven Bread Inn, there is a fight pit where you can 
challenge the local fighting champion, by defeating him, you can win a lot of money.
How to obtain:  Talk to Sean.  He is located in the cellar of the Dwarven Bread Inn 
on the upper side of the fighting ring.
Solution:  Defeat Burleigh.  Talk to Sean.

The brooch
Game Information:  Randell, Sir Dante’s servant, has asked me to pick up a brooch 
that I being made for Sir Dante’s wife.  I am to speak to Elmer Vignus, the dwarven 
jeweler about this matter.  He can be founf in the Dwarven Halls.
How to obtain:  Talk to Randell.  His located inside Sir Dante’s house (its marked 
on the Verdistis map).
Solution:  Talk to Elmer Vingus.  He is the Dwarven Hall.  His house is west of the 

The burning cart
Game Information:  I returned to the cart with the replacement wheel only to find 
that it has been attacked while I was away.  The driver’s and goods are gone.  The 
clues nearby suggest an orc raiding party is responsible, but I have my doubts.  
Maybe I can find more clues if I investigate the surrounding area further.
How to obtain:  When you return to the cart and solve the ‘Deliver a new wheel’ 
quest, you’ll automatically get this quest.
Solution:  Follow the blood and later money trail.  (It may get a bit tricky one 
you enter the wooded area.)  Explore the cave at the end of the trail.  Kill the 
bad guys.  Read and take the letter off the table.

The Church
Game Information:  When I entered the Church, I saw a ghost attacking a priest and 
a monk.  The priest ran away into his confession chair.
How to obtain:  Enter the Church.  It is located to the north of the Cursed Abbey.
   1.  Talk to Father Theofolus.  He is located in the center of the church.
   2.  Desecration
       Game Information:  I spoke to Father Theofolus, he believes something,
       or someone may have been desecrating the Church.  That would explain
       why spirits are roaming the place,
       Solution: (This part is solved when the whole quest is solved.)
   3.  Go into the confessional and come back out of it.  (I’m not sure if
       anything important is down there.)
   4.  Peeing boy
       Game Information:  I saw a boy peeing into a golden chest in front of
       the altar, perhaps this is causing the desecration.
       Solution:  Talk the Father Theofolus.

The Cursed Abbey
Game Information:  The old abbey in the north of Rivertown seems to be haunted by 
creatures of the night.  Perhaps I can find a way to drive them away or even remove 
the cause of this curse.
How to obtain:  Enter the old abbey located to the north of the farmlands.
Solution:  Fight your way to the basement of the abbey.  Talk to The Engineer.  
Give him the 1000 gold and free him.

The murderer of the Duke
Game Information:  The ghost of the old Duke has asked me to find his murderer.  
Apparently, he was riding his horse when he suddenly felt a sting in his leg.  He 
believes he was hit by a poisonous arrow.
How to obtain:  Talk to the Duke.  He is located inside the chapel of the large 
   1.  Arrange the meeting with Cybu during the ‘Expose the Duke’s murderer’
   2.  Cybu, the assassin, killed the Duke
       Game Information:  An assassin named Cybu killed the Duke.  I should
       go and tell the Duke so he can finally rest in peace!
       Solution:  Talk to the Duke.  He is in the chapel of the large
       graveyard.  The graveyard is north east of the Cursed Abbey.

The sword in the stone
Game Information:  Deep in the Dark Forest, I’ve encountered a strange talking 
sword stuck into a stone.  Is it possible to pull it free?  Considering it’s bad 
manners, I’m wondering if I should even try.
How to obtain:  While exploring the Dark Forest north of the Talking Tree, you’ll 
come across the sword.
   1.  Pull the sword out of the stone.
   2.  Sword in the Stone Creature
       Game Information:  What have I done?  By pulling that damned sword out
       of the stone, I freed a powerful creature.  If I can believe its
       rantings, it will bring doom on all who are living un the forest.  But
       how can I beat this monster?  Or how can I at least imprison it again?
       Solution:  Put the sword back in the stone.

The tree
Game Information:  The Alchemist in the Dark Forest agreed to improve me 
understanding of Alchemy if I would bring him a special herb that is guarded by an 
old tree.  How hard could the task be?
How to obtain:  Talk to Medicus.  His house is south west of the Warrior’s Guild.
Solution:  Go to the Talking Tree.  Take the blueish-purple herb.  Go back to 

Thieves’ Guild entry tests
Game Information: Rob, the quild master, has asked me to prove me worth as a 
thief.  He will allow me to become a member of his guild if I complete several 
How to obtain:  Talk to Rob.  He is the Ducal Inn which is located in Verdistis.  
(It’s marked on your map.)
   1.  First Thieves’ Guild test
       Game Information:  I never imagined that Rob, the owner of the Ducal
       Inn, could be the guild master of the Thieves’ Guild – but that just
       shows he knows his job, I suppose.  In order to join, I have to
       perform a number of tasks.  The first seems a bit too easy.  I have to
       steal a necklace from Sweeny, one of the drunken guests in the Ducal
       Inn, and hand it over to Rob.
       Solution:  Pickpocket (skill level 1 or higher) Sweeny.  He
       is located he in the south east corner of the room.  Talk to Rob
   2.  Second Thieves’ Guild test
       Game Information:  For the second test, I need to fetch a bottle of
       ale out from Rob’s cellar – which, of course, he keeps locked at all
       times.  Why he bothers to lock it with all the capable thieves around
       is a mystery.
       Solution:  Lockpick (skill level at least 2) the door in the north
       east corner of the Ducal Inn cellar.  Take the bottle and return to

Game Information:  Marcus gave me some information about Tingalf, a trader who 
sells goods of dubious origin.  Maybe I should have a little talk with him.
How to obtain:  After getting the letter from the cave, show it to Marcus.
Solution:  Talk to Tingalf.  He is located by the southeast corner of Geoff’s (the 
blacksmith) house.

To Rivertown
Game Information:  I have found a letter in the cave of the highwaymen that points 
towards the black market now flourishing in Rivertown.  Maybe the goods were 
delivered to the legitimate market, but certainly not to the merchant Marcus.  I am 
sure he will not be happy about this.
How to obtain:  After killing the bad guys in the cave, take and read the letter 
off the table.
Solution:  Talk to Marcus and show him the letter.

Where is Zandalor?
Arhu told me that Zandalor went into the dungeons of Stormfist castle to 
investigate Janus and the strange sword he wields.  I must find a way to gain 
access to the cellars and see if I can find the old wizard.
How to obtain:  A white cat approaches you while you are in the castle.  He gives 
you the quest.
   1.  When you leave Iona’s Dungeon, the cat will approach and continue the
   2.  Find out what happened to Zandalor
       Game Information:  Arhu is fairly sure that something has happened to
       Zandalor.  I have been thrown out of Stormfist Castle so I cannot
       enter the castle again without being seen.  Arhu wants me to get in
       touch with the Thieves’ Guild, he says these scoundrels can get into
       anywhere they want.  According to Arhu, I can contact the Thieves’
       Guild in the Ducal Inn, located in Verdistis.
       Solution:  Talk to Rob.  He is in the Ducal Inn (marked on the
       Verdistis map).
   3.  The entrance to the Stormfist Castle cellars
       Game Information:  Rob, the guild master of the Thieves’ Guild, has
       shown me the entrance to Stormfist Castle cellars.  I must go through
       the sewers under Rivertown to the location he marked on my map.
       Solution:  Go through the entrance though the cellars that is marked
       on the map.

Who is responsible for the Harvest Disaster?
Game Information:  The Dellabaere family in the farmlands are in trouble.  Their 
harvest is failing but nobody knows why.  Hugh Dellabaere suspects that somebody 
has poisoned their cornfields.  If I don’t find out who responsible, the Dellabaere 
family will have to move to Rivertown.
How to obtain: Talk to Hugh.  He is located in the farm house near the NW corner of 
Stormfist castle.
   1.  Enter cave west of the Blue Boar Inn.  Kill Tipsix. Take the key.
   2.  An Orc is the perpetrator
       Game Information:  It appears an Orc named Tipsix was poisoning the
       harvest.  When I killed him, he dropped a key.  I ought to report this
       to Hugh.
       Solution:  Talk to Hugh.  He is located in the farm house near the
       northwest corner of Stormfist castle.
   3.  Where does the key fit?
       Game Information:  Hugh asked me to find the lock to which the key I
       found on Tipsix’s body fits.  Seems like looking for a needle in a
       hay stack...
       Solution:  Unlock the door in the cellar on the Blue Boar Inn.  It is
       the room with the poison barrels.
   4.  The key fits!
       Game Information:  I was able to open a door in the Blue Boar Inn with
       the key I found on the foul Orc’s body.  The room was filled with more
       barrels of poison like the ones I found in that cave the Orc was
       hiding in!  I better question the owner of this inn about what it is
       doing there!
       Solution:  Talk to Splinter.  He is the owner of the Blue Boar Inn and
       is located behind the bar.
   5.  The cellar was rented to Dr. Elrath
       Game Information:  The cellar was rented to a Dr. Elrath who I can
       find in the merchant’s area.
       Solution:  Talk to Dr. Elrath.  He is located in his house in the
       southwestern corner of the Merchant’s Area.
   6.  Dr. Elrath’s key was stolen
       Game Information:  Dr. Elrath claims that his key to the cellar had
       been stolen.  I don’t know whether I should believe him or not...
       Solution:  (I’m not sure how I solved this one.)
   7.  After leaving the doctor’s house.  Go to the southeastern corner of
       his house and press the ‘alt’ key.  You should be able to find a key
       near a rock.  Take the key.  Go back and unlock the door to his house.
       (I used the ‘alt’ key to find it.)  Spin the globe and use the lamps
       to open both doors to the room that leads to the cellar.  Once in the
       cellar kick the demon’s butt.  (The hit-and-run tactic works
       wonderfully.)  Take the two potions from the bookcase in the
       southeastern corner and the letter from the table.
   8.  Dr. Elrath is a fake!
       Game Information:  After exposing our good doctor as the perpetrator
       who was causing the plague in Rivertown, I am now quite sure he was
       behind the poisoning of the harvest in the farmlands!
       Solution:  When leaving the house, you’ll run into Dr. Elrath.  After
       the confrontation, the quest will be solved.

These are the quests that I am still working on...

A Bottle of Wine
Game Information:  I asked Perce about the exquisite bottle of wine for Corinna the 
Summoner, but unfortunately, he has sold the last one to Anthrabert, a merchant 
living in the Ducal Inn.
How to obtain:  After getting the ‘Do I want to summon a demon?’ quest, talk to 
Pierce.  He is in his wine shop located north of the Ducal Inn.

Aid the third Marked One!
Game Information:  Zandalor and I saw the third Marked One attacked by a dragon 
rider.  We must help him if he still lives!  Otherwise,I will be the only Marked 
One left!
How to obtain:  When Zandalor teleports you out of the Castle, there will be a 
cutscene where the Marked One gets attacked.
Solution:  Somehow or another I ‘Failed to solve this one’.  I think it is a part 
of the story line though.

Avenge Graham
Game Information:  Graham lost an eye in a fight against Crigon, a brutal and cruel 
ex-soldier and now seeks revenge.
How to obtain:  Talk to Graham.  He is the Ducal Inn. 

Becoming a member of the Warrior’s Guild
Game Information:  To become a member of the Warrior’s Guild, I must complete two 
How to obtain:  Talk to Arlik.  He is in the main building of the Warrior’s Guild.  
The Warriors Guild is in the Dark Forest.
   1.  The first test
       Game Information:  I must retrieve an artifact named the Eye of the
       Cyclops, which is located in the cellars of the Warrior’s Guild.
       Solution:  Explore the cellars, activate the levers to get all the
       rooms open.  Kill the Guardian of the Cyclops.  Then talk to Alrik
   2.  The second test
       Game Information:  I must go and find the Heart of the Dragon, which
       can be found in an ancient castle nearby.  A cult of Dragon
       worshippers protects it.

Do I want to summon a demon?
Game Information:  Corinna agreed to teach me the skill of summoning, but I must 
first bring her some items.  A branch of the Talking Tree in the Dark Forest, a 
bottle of wine from Pierce, the wine merchant and a book in the possession of 
Penumbra. She is locked in the Thieves’ Guild and in order to free her, I have to 
be a member of the Thieves’ Guild.
How to obtain:  Talk to Corinna.  She is located South of the Verdistis teleporter.

Evil Transformation
Game Information:  A talking boar has told me an amazing and disturbing tale.  
There is an evil mage who is transforming people into animals to make a profit 
selling them as meat.  I am not sure I can believe such a fantastic and gruesome 
story.  The house of this evil mage is supposed to be to the southeast.  Maybe I 
can find a cure for this poor fellow.
How to obtain:  While exploring the Dark Forest, a talking boar will approach you.

Fight the mountain trolls
Game Information:  Saphiro has asked me to help him.  It seems mountain trolls 
attacked him and his family, and now he wants revenge.
How to obtain:  Follow the road heading east.  Saphiro will approach you.
Soltuion:  I ‘failed to solve’ this one, but I think that is what supposed to 

Finding the Holy Weapon
Game Information:  It seems there are three artifacts floating around the world.  
The one who finds them all may sacrifice two of them in order to gain a powerfully 
enchanted weapon.
How to obtain:  While inside Iona’s Dungeon, the sword can be found in the Chamber 
of Illusion.  You’ll get the quest when you pick the sword up.

Kill Boratus and find a cure for his animals
Game Information:  I have found the house of the evil mage Boratus and discovered a 
secret cellar.  I must stop Boratus and find a wa to help the people he has 
transformed into animals.
How to obtain:  Go to Boratus’ house and click on the picture behind the bed to 
open the room to the cellar.  Once inside the cellar, take the keys from the strong 
table.  Unlock the room to the cow and talk to it.  When Boratus shows up, kill 
him.  Take the key from his dead body and open the locked chest.  Read the book.
   1.  Find the Dwarven Priest
       Game Information:  a clue found in the laboratory of Boratus hints at
       a possible way to undo his transformations.  If I can find a Dwarven
       priest, he might have access to some holy water that could reverse the
       Solution:  Talk to Penthalus.  He is the Dwarven Halls.  His house is
       located north west of the entrance, and south of the king’s room.
   2.  Find the Grail
       Game Information:  The dwarven priest has agreed to give me the holy
       water I need to undo the transformations wrought by Boratus, but it
       appears I need to find a holy grail to hold the water in order to take
       it to the victims.

Meet the wizard, Zandalor, at the Dwarven Bread Inn
Game Information:  Zandalor, a powerful wizard, rescued me from a bounty hunter 
riding a small dragon (the bounty hunter, that is, not Zandalor.)  The old wizard 
told me that an evil cult called the Black Ring is bent on killing me.  Zandalor 
also told me that I am a Marked One, someone who has a magical aura about them.  
Apparently, there are two other Marked Ones.  Zandalor wants me to go to the 
Dwarven Bread Inn, where he has arranged a meeting with these others.
How to obtain:  Zandalor shows up after the dragon rider ‘kills’ you.
Solution:  I ‘failed to solve’ this one.  However, it seems to be a part of the 
story line.

Meet Zandalor at the Dwarven Bread Inn
Game Information:  Zandalor has told me to quickly gather some equipment and then 
meet him in front of the Dwarven Bread Inn.
How to obtain:  After teleporting out of Stormfist Castle there will be a cutscene 
with another ‘Marked One’.  After trying to aid the other ‘Marked One’, you will 
get this quest.

Solve the problems between the Elves and the Dwarves.
Game Information:  There is great tension and conflict between the elves and 
dwarves.  I have promised to find a way to resolve the issues.
How to obtain:  Talk to Elean.  He is at the well in the center of Fir Nimble.

Treasure Maps
Game Information:  I have heard of a strange map divided into several parts that 
are spread out all over the world.  I am curious as to where it would lead me – if 
I could find all parts of it – that is...
How to obtain:  Explore the spider cave.  It is located north of the Archer’s Guild.

The following is quest information given to me from SpiderDude.  I haven’t gotten 
the rest of the information for most of these quests, so I’m putting the 
information on here as is.  Please also note that I have yet to get to these parts 
of the game.  If you have a question regarding this information, I may not be able 
to answer them, however, I am more than willing to research the answers for you.

Zombie Jake in Aleroth
- Find him under the house, south of the graveyard. 
- Go to his grave in Aleroth and bring him some flowers from the grave from his 

Balin's Necklace
- Go to Jonas, and then back to Balin, then find Balin's necklace. It's in one of 
the houses nearby. 

Graham's Revenge on Cirgon
- Either kill Cirgon and get the gloves, hardly any experience and solve the quest
- Or leave Cirgon alive, go back to Graham and tell him, then get massive 
experience, but fail the mission 

Buad's Tea
- It's in the House of the Verdistis alchemist, one or two houses east from 
Malcolm's house. You find a trapdoor UNDER a bed (south room). Don't bother to move 
the bed around, just use lock picking level 5 on it (on the trapdoor not the bed, 
of course). In the cellar you move the barrels away and find the room with Buad's 
- Well, I read the book, and am trying to get the invisibility ring. Haven't 
succeeded yet: Tried throwing the book into the open tea barrel, moved it on the 
shiny blue spot, tried to throw those potions in there, used the special gloves, 
you find there etc. But I'm not giving up!!! VERY IMPORTANT: Don't move the open 
tea about, it explodes, shut tea may be moved around safely. It's also highly 
poisonous supposed to kill the talking tree in Dark Forest. 

The Summoning Ritual
- Branch: Found in the Dark Forrest But I suggest doing the alchemist quest at the 
same time, then you can get the I want the herbs response, then tell it there are 
woodcutters close and he'll let you get the herbs (and you can nick a branch at the 
same time).
- Book: Free Penumbra from Thieves Guild; get her dagger at the same place where 
you get the magic lock picks. (After this you can get the "Special Treatment" in 
the whore's house.
- Bottle of Wine at the wine seller in Verdistis you get instructions where to get 

Find Teleport Stones
- The teleport stones you can get back after you defeat the Succubus in the Council 
of Seven area. Look in the west of that area for the Imp who stole them. 

Borathus The Mage
- Kill Boratus (flag on your map).
- Go to the Dwarven Halls and visit the healer in those halls. Look for talk option 
about the grail.
- Leave the halls for the Dark Forest, move south, staying close to the mountains. 
Take the left bend where you can see a bit of a castle. At the end of this cove is 
a cave: pile of rocks and tree stump. Beware of traps down there. 
- Get the grail and take it back to the Dwarven healer 

Diamonds are a girl's best friend (The Necklace quest)
- Go to the jeweler in the dwarf's halls. If you show him the picture of the 
necklace, he makes a copy of it for you. 

Stone Axe Quest
- The cave-in the mines will be open. There is a wooden barrier somewhere in the 
cave, but it's one level deeper. 
- In order to proceed through this cave-in you have to know the password for the 
sentry. The drunkard burgomaster in the dwarf’s village will give it away for some 
ale, try being friendly to him and get the ale from Rimmer.
- After succeeding don't forget the letter revealing the king's brother treachery.
- If you complete the Axe quest by giving it to the king you get the Armor quest. 
If you complete the axe quest by taking it back to the town yourself and talking to 
that priestly type you don't get the armor quest! 

Council Of Seven
- Zandalor will join first since he is already there.
- Mardaneus: simply walk over to Lanilor's house (just north of Mardaneus’) and 
open the door an evil woman (Demona) attacks you, kill her and grab the key to 
Mardaneus’ house.
- Goemoe: First you must talk with one of the other healers, then you must go back 
to the Council of Seven and touch the statue again (you should see a snake). Then 
travel to Verdistis and go to merchant guild. Talk with the boss and go to the 
house he means.
- Eoulus should be in the Dwarven Village, after you finish the quest he will be in 
the house below the stone axe.
- Find the Imp, and he will tell you to touch a magic sphere and say a word to 
enter a magic world. Do this at once since this the only option you will get. Once 
inside help the bees against the wasps, while taking care not to kill any bees or 
the quest will fail. Click on the sphere again to leave the place.
- Bronthion will be in the Elves compound in Dark Forest, if not go to Archer's 
guild and talk to the elf there.
- Orc: is found in one of the four prisons south of the Orc Supply Train 

Wishing Well
- The best result you get is a whole level up by spending 1000 gold and choosing 
experience. Try to wait with the well until the last possible moment before 
ascending. Gives you more bang for your buck so to speak. 

Kill the five Black Ring Members
- If you go back to the main platform, where your exit path lies (middle), you see 
5 paths, reading from left to right:
Josephine - Moriendor - Iona - exit path - Demona - Cornelius.

Teleportation Scrolls and Locations

Scroll:  Get it from Zandalor after the bounty hunter ‘kills’ you.
Teleporter Locations:
 - Southwest of Aleroth
 - North of Merchant’s Area
 - North of the graveyard

Scroll:  Deliver the letter given to you from Captain Alix to Captain Mitox.  He 
will give you the scroll.  OR.  You can get the scroll if you follow the wizard's 
quest about looking in the Cursed Abbey for more clues.
Teleporter Locations:
 - Southwest of the entrance to General Alix’s army barracks
 - Southeast corner of the fenced-in pasture located northwest of the Blue
   Boar Inn.
 - Inside the courtyard of the Cursed Abbey.

Scroll:  Talk to Goemoe after he leaves the village.  He can be found in the Blue 
Boar Inn.
Teleporter Location:

Scroll: Talk to the dwarf in the backroom of the Dwarf Bread Inn. When he offers 
you a gem, tell him to give it to the needy. When he leaves take the scroll off the 
Teleporter Location:
 - Near the northwest corner of the Dwarven Bread Inn.
 - West of the dwarven village
 - East of the burned wagon on the plateau

Scroll:  Get it in the Archer's Guild.
Teleporter Location:

Scroll:  Get it from Orc Mage in the South East encampment
Teleporter Location:

Scroll: Imp's Deserted Castle in Dark Forest, you find it there in a cell on a dead 
Teleporter Location:

Special Items

The following is more information given to me by SpiderDude.  I haven’t run into 
any of this stuff in the game yet, so I am not exactly sure what is what.

Chaos Sword
 - The Sword of Chaos is found under a rock pile, where you have to remove
   boulders and a tree stump on top of it is found east of the Dwarven
   village in the woods.

Devine Artifacts
 - Dagger: Book in Thieves Guild
 - Amulet: Amulet in the Elven Ruins at Dark Forrest, where you solve the urn
 - Sword: in Iona's dungeon, chamber of illusions. In the near of that room
   is a candle, a pentagram and a skeleton. Put out the candle and the wall
   will disappear.
You have to sacrifice the 3 pieces to get the holy weapon. The entry to the cave 
can be found northwest from the graveyard teleporter or north and slightly to the 
east from the church. There is a little group of trees and bushes. The entry is 
hidden in there. Go down and DON'T, I repeat don't, open the sarcophagus. Place 
yourself in the right blue circle and click on the statue. Save before sacrificing 
and reload until you get the weapon you want. 

Treasure cave/ Silver Armor
 - The 1st map is in a spider hole (near the elves teleporter)
 - The 2nd map you get from 'Mpenzak' in Verdistis.
 - The 3rd map in the sewers of Verdistis in the northeast within a corpse.
 - The 4th map is in the hall of the dwarfs (near the entry to the mines is a
   small prison - you need lock pick level 4 to open the door).
The armor itself is found in the Stalker cave, get the quest first from an old 
hermit standing somewhat south of the urn collectors in the Dark Forest. 
The Treasure cave is in the Northwest corner of the Dark Forest, near the 
mountains, hidden under trees. Go to each cove (2nd one) and press the ALT key or 
move the mouse slowly over bushes and trees. If you've found it, look for 3 
crystals laid in blue bowls. Collect them (drag and drop to your inventory) and go 
south in this dungeon to an empty grey bowl, put them in (one by one) and proceed 
through the new opening. In next area just place one of your teleporter stones 
(very important) near the chests, put your loot in them. And leave a teleporter 
stone since there is no way to return, because the teleporter in the Easter egg 
area does not function. Make sure you have this in your inventory:
 - Silver Armor
 - Stack of 5 Ale from Rimmer
 - Exactly 2002 Gold
 - 4 ropes (the ones in that same cave)
Use the ropes on the prisons when you have opened them up. You have to use those 
ropes on the trapdoors in order to proceed under earth. You're warned about some 
imprisoned monsters. If you go there, kill all those "bugs" and talk to Sven later 
on, he will thank and reward you. 

Dragon Set
 - The belt is in an abandoned house of Verdistis. The house should be to the
   WEST of the town. When you get inside and walk towards the hatch, the
   floor will break and you'll land in the basement.
 - The shield is in the armory of the Stormfist castle. If you were already
   kicked out, approach the entrance, and fling your pyramid through the
   entrance and you'll be able to visit the castle again (just avoid making a
   mess because this seems to be an exploit and not something intended).
 - The gloves are in one of the burial pyres in the Elves Burial to the
   south. keep looking out for a selectable pyre cuz it's the only one that
   has anything inside.
 - The quest to get the armor is given to you by the dwarf king. To enable
   it you MUST bring a note from the caves (same caves where you get the ax)
   that proves the king brother's guilt (it's a study in the very north east
   corner of the caves). It's hard to get because you must defeat an
   extremely tough wizard to get there. When you are about to enter the
   throne room, you might need to use the fling trick (just throw the note
   inside the room and pick it up after the checkpoint) to get the note past
   the checkpoint where the guards take all your stuff away temporarily.
   After you talk about the note's subject, the king will tell you that you
   need to get the armor and the dragon heart. If you complete the Axe quest
   by giving it to the king you get the armor quest. If you complete the axe
   quest by taking it back to the town yourself and talking to that priestly
   type you don't get the armor quest!
Armor: go to Sir Patrick at Verdistis and after you ask him, he'll send you on a 
simple and quick errand (be sure to have 2500 gold handy).
Dragon heart: This is another tough one. Go to the warrior's guild and ask for 
admission. After the first quest, you'll be sent to retrieve it. I hope you didn't 
kill the dragon rider in the imp's castle before the quest was given.
After you have both, just go to the dwarfs' smith at the halls and after a day's 
work hell have the plate ready.
 - Show the restored dragon armor to the dwarf king (get it through the
   checkpoint) and you'll get the helm. 


This is even more stuff that was given to me by SpiderDude.

Also, throughout the game, there are several spell books laying about.  I would 
like a list of all the books and their locations.  If anyone has this information 
or even part of it, I would like to have it.  Naturally, anyone that provides me 
information will get full credit.

Free Skills:
 - Trader's Tongue:  In the blue boar inn at the bar you will find a man
   named EL'GAMMON. If you talk to him he will try to sell you useless goods.
   Buy all of them until he doesn't have any left and then talk to him again.
 - Trader's Tongue:  3 books in the Merchant guild library. 1st book, bottom
   left-hand room, middle table. 2nd book, on top of bookshelf in north part
   of same room. 3rd book, northwest door, behind one of the covered chairs
   near the north wall.
 - Identify item: gained from doing the broken wheel quest for the stuck cart
 - Alchemy: do easy quest for the alchemist in the dark forest.
 - Restoration: learn from Goemoe in Aleroth after you heal both sick
   soldiers and learn from the statue in Nericon’s garden after answering its
 - Lock pick: learn from Rob after joining thieves’ guild
 - Lock pick: talk to the guy in the thieves’ guild base, take him on the
   bet, and unlock four doors, which requires you have 4 lock pick. Talk to
   him again, and he is impressed, and will teach you one level of lock pick,
   so you can open the last and fifth door which needs 5
 - Aura of command: side with the bees when you go to retrieve the imp
   council member.
 - Demon summoning: Summoner in Verdistis.
 - Bless: Save the kid from Vampire in the Dark Cave, then help Knight
   fighting Trolls.
 - Restoration: Tell Mardeneus who killed George and why. 

Essential Warrior Skills:
 - Weapons skill: Just the weapon you want to have 
 - Lock pick: Level 3 max since u get 2 in game at thieves guild
 - Magic shield: Adds 5 to all resistances per every point spent on t.
 - Spirit Damage: Adds a 100% chance of inflicting 20-30 spirit damage at 5th
 - Augment Dam: Adds
 - Freeze: Adds
 - Alchemy: Don't put a point in alchemy. The alchemist in the dark forest
   main map will teach you alchemy as a reward
 - Enchant weapon!!!!!!!!
 - Restoration: no more then 2 since you get the other 3 from quests 

Essential Mage Skills:
 - Rats: One of the most underrated skills. Their magical property that they
   force the enemy to attack them will save you many times, and when playing
   with the wizard, they have the additional nice property that you can swap
   locations with them.
 - Monster identification, too. It saves lots of mana seeing their
   resistances at level 5
 - Deadly Discs: works wonders in crowded areas
 - Magic Shield
 - Normal Shield 

Essential Survivor Skills:
 - Deadly gift: especially the scorpion traps are amazing at higher levels
 - Wisdom: for extra experience and faster advancement 


To make a potion, you need alchemy skill of at least 2.  Walk up to a patch of 
mushrooms or herbs.  Open your inventory up.  Drag a flask over the herb/mushroom 
until it blinks.  Then unclick the flask and voila instant potion!

Purple = Healing
White = Stamina
Blue = Magic

Red = Healing
Blue = Magic
White = Poison
Orange = Stamina

Small Flask = Minor Potion = Alchemy skill:  2
Flask = Potion = Alchemy skill:  3
Large Flask = Super Potion = Alchemy skill:  4

Mixing Potions:
To mix potions, you need alchemy skill of at least 1.  Open your inventory.  Drag 
one potion over the other until it blinks.  Unclick the potion.
 - Red + blue = white (restoration)
 - Yellow + blue = black (shadow potion, invisibility)
 - Yellow + red = orange (strength)
 - Yellow + white= purple (temporary resistance)
 - Augmentor makes a potion larger 

Drudanea / Super Drugs
If you use a empty potion bottle on some Drudanea (that stuff George the shopkeeper 
asked for at the start) then you get Super Drug (need alchemy 2). Drink it and it 
seems to permanently change your stats, +100 to poison -100 to Spirit. 

Gameplay Tips

Duplicating Items
First, quicksave and open your inventory then click on the item you wish to 
duplicate and drag it to the play area but don't drop it. Then press Ctrl-L while 
still having the left mouse button clicked on the play area and when you see the 
bar starting to fill up release it. If you did it correctly (and there was no X 
over the item at the part of the play area that you had the mouse over) then the 
item should drop where you pointed it before loading and also be on the inventory. 
So far this trick has worked for me on charms potions skill-books money weapons 
(though nothing unique, I haven't tried anything unique so far) and the 
teleportation pyramids (though I reloaded just in case it got stuck) it should work 
with everything.

Robbing People
 - When you put a barrel or a chest in your inventory and drag all items
   directly into it, you can rob just about everything with no one accusing
   you of theft, just be sure to be on your own when taking the items out of
   the chest and in your inventory.
 - For the Rivertown alchemist back room who will lock the door when you try
   to get in try this: Open the door, but don't step through the doorway,
   throw the pyramid through into the corridor, then close the door again.
   Now you should be able to pyramid in and out.
 - Move the whole container that the item is in out of the house (nobody says
   anything about it but the merchants but if when you release the button and
   then click somewhere outside the shop you can leave the shop before he
   tells you anything).
 - For items inside cupboards that you can't move, you can do the same thing
   as above only you have to move each item individually after you open the

Using Charm Enchantments
 - If you collect a lot of enchantments, and you can only enchant one gem
   spot, click the item you want to enchant several times. Fill them all one
   by one, and then close them. This way I made a sword with over 20
 - In the last part of the game two vendors offer gold versions, it could be
   a good idea to save some spots for those. 

Portable Bed
 - In a house near the abbey you can find a portable bed. You're able to move
   it to your inventory.
 - You can also get a couple of bales of hay and spread them on the ground
   making a bed that you can reuse. 

Fast Experience
 - Find two powerful enemies that give a hefty chunk of experience,
   preferably ones that are a little way apart. (For those at the end of the
   game a couple of blue dragon riders are perfect. 10000 experience per
 - Kill the first one (and any accompanying enemies), and then use resurrect
   to bring them back to life. They'll be shown as allies, but if you walk
   far enough away they'll revert back to being enemies. Go to where the
   other enemy is, and repeat. Walk back to the other enemy, and they should
   now be hostile again. You can kill them again for more experience. You can
   then resurrect them, walk to other enemy and kill/resurrect them... repeat
   between enemies until you have suitable levels. 
 - Warnings: This can be a time consuming method. Especially at higher
   levels. If you need to sleep whilst doing this, make sure all enemies are
   hostile. If any are friendly they will die when you sleep. (And you can't
   resurrect them.) Also, make sure that any surrounding enemies can't kill
   them whilst they're friendly. If they die, they can't be resurrected

Failed Item Quests workaround
If you messed up the Holy Weapons quest AND are through with all other
quests you can complete and are ready to go bang the gong, this could work for you. 
Do this right before you go to the gong as some of the world changes. First, save 
your game outside the entry stairs at the Holy Weapons conversion site. Second, 
start a new game and immediately save it. Third, open the Divinity file (windows 
Explorer), go to saved games and copy your "good" saved game into another 
directory. If this FIX doesn't work for you, just copy the saved "good" game back 
to its original spot under saved games. Now, move the data, Items and Inv files 
from your "good" saved game to the new saved game. When you do this and load the 
new game to start playing, your character should still be exactly the same (stats, 
items and all) but when you go down the stairs, you will be able to complete the 
quest and get an awesome ONE HANDED SWORD! The quest will still be listed in your 
book, but you get lots of experience points and the sword. Now walk to the 
blacksmith above the merchants and have him ID the sword. Now save under a new 
name, just in case! Go back to your files and move the new Data, Items and Inv 
files back from that last save to your "good" save and load up that game. You will 
still be in the blacksmith's room, and the door is locked - just click on him and 
it opens. Go to the teleporter out back and back to the gong and continue the game! 

General Gameplay
 - Due to the high level of item interaction, some puzzles or quests require
   you to move boxes and stuff around to reveal a secret hatch, door or
   lever. If you ever see a bunch of stuff (boxes or such) piled up, chances
   are that there's something underneath or hidden by them, just grab them
   and move them aside. There might be the key that you are looking for.
 - Make sure to at least click on the books and manuscripts lying around,
   I've found a few puzzles where the big clues are found in manuscripts or
   books nearby.
 - When you're just running around in the wilderness, use your ALT key to
   highlight items that might be stashed away behind bushes or trees. I've
   run across about 10 potions just sitting underneath a tree, but you can't
   see them if you're just running by. The ALT key is your friend.
 - You can actually pick up CHESTS or BARRELS by dragging them into your
   inventory window.... then place them at your home base so you can stash
   loot in them. Also any CHESTS that you can't pick lock or open now, just
   take them to your home base so you can deal with them later.
 - Even one level of Poison is REALLY handy. It even helps you run away
   sometimes because a monster that's been poisoned can't move that fast,
   they sort of move around in a very jerky motion as the poison is working.
 - Any weapons that have COLD damage will FREEZE opponents when you hit
   them... combine that with Poison and you can take out much larger groups
   just by whacking each monster frozen while the poison takes over. You can
   hit one monster after another and soon you have 5 frozen Orcs
   simultaneously dying from poison. It's even better when you have the STUN
 - Read your journal, it seems obvious but it's not really... the journal
   actually contains hints that you may not have picked up during your
   conversations with NPCs.
 - Don't sweat it if you can't figure something out... go explore for a bit,
   there's tons of quests and things to do in the world of Divinity. Make
   sure to mark in on your map so you can come back later. 

Definitely DON'T DO IT tips
 - Don't enter Commander Ralph's room. He'll kick you out and lock the door
   breaking a quest. A big one!
 - Don't use the key for the Gardens on the Graveyard first. It causes a
   break by not then working for the Gardens!
 - Don't open any one of the four tombs in the holy weapon secret room. It
   breaks a very hard to complete quest!
 - Don't kill the assassin before finding the clues (corpses) at the burning
   wagon and the secret hideaway there; you'll probably bust the quest!
 - Don't get the sword from the stone and then leave the Dark woods, when you
   return almost every living thing, including the elves will be dead!
 - Don't hit the gong before finishing all your open quests, you won't be
   able to go back after that!
 - Don't refuse to touch the imp's ball! Eh? That sounded a bit perverted =)
   But anyway, you get only one chance to do so!

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