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             #####_                                      _#####
            #      #########_        ##        _#########      #
           #                 \      #  #      /                 #
            #                 MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM                 #
             ################   MM   MM   MM   ################
 __._                       #   MM   MM   MM   #    
##   ####_      #############   MM   MM   MM   #############         ###_###
#_.(.      \.   #_              MM   MM   MM               #      _ (      \
######       ) |   \#####    _  MM   MM _ MM   _   _########  _  / \|  ##   )
 ######   ##  \| ## )# / \ /\_\ / \ | \| || | | | / \|  )|  )| || # |  #    #
  `####)   ##  )  _ |#| # | | _  # ||    || | | || # | #)| #)| || # |     ###
    #####   #   \ | \#| # |  | | # ||    |\  ^  /| # |  \|  \| || # |  #)  ##
     (###       | #\ ||_|_|\ _/ \_/ |_|\_| \_^_/ |_|_|_|_\_|_\_|| # |  ##) (
      ####      #_###_###########################################\_/|  "#  (#
      (#################)       MM) (MM) (MM       (#############   #__# \ #)
       (#####           #####   MM) (MM) (MM   #####       ############## ###
                           (#  (MM) (MM) (MM)  #)                  #####
                           ()  ()()  MM  ()()  ()
                            #### (   MM  () ####
                                 (..)  (..)

North American                        - Version of the Game
www.dingojellybean.com                - My website
Dingo Jellybean                       - My super cool, gotta have it alias
1.00                                  - Version of the guide. (Currently)
3%                                    - Projected progress of guide
7/19/00                               - Date I FIRST started the guide.
dingo_jellybean - @ - AsianAvenue.com - Email I seldom check


Message Board: http://pub44.ezboard.com/bdingojellybean

If you have questions, post there and I will answer it when I can. Sorry
if you can't contact me on AIM anymore...if it weren't for people warning
me up to 70% at times AFTER HELPING THEM, then I wouldn't have to close off
AIM to those who need help with a certain game. Thank you.


-------------------------------- [ Credits ] --------------------------------

-+- Enix(www.enix.com)
    For one of the best games ever to go portable, not only that they took
    the time to completely re-design the game and add some new elements to
    it too! Kick ass!

-+- Boris A. Glazer(mazaika.tripod.com)
    For his software that gave me an outline of the DW3 logo.
-+- GameFAQs(www.gamefaqs.com)
    For hosting and respecting this guide.

-+- Dingo Jellybean(www.dingojellybean.com)
    For typing up this guide and finishing the rest of the text art and


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This document is copyright; Dingo Jellybean, 2000-2001.

==============================End of Copyright===============================

- Introduction
- Tips
- Walkthrough
- Bestiary
- Spells/Items/Weapons/Armors List
- Credits

----------------------------- [ Introduction ] ------------------------------

Hey guys...while I'm a long time Dragon Warrior fan, this is my first guide
to the series. I'm going to try to make it as comprehensive as possible and
I will need your(readers) patience to do it. So if you can so kindly please
leave all questions to yourselves...for now...until I can get through the 
game completely. I recently played Dragon Warrior 1/2 and I enjoyed it a lot,
so seeing how DW3 was released recently, I really wanted the title since the
first 2 remakes were a lot of fun on the portable system.

The cart is in a clear blue like case...it's a very "sexay" GBC cartridge and
I for one love it. The graphics in the game have taken another level much 
like the last two remakes, unlike Square who just adds cinematics to the game
and leave everything the same(with exception to FF4, where they completely
re-translated the game), Enix not only redesigns the entire game, but also
re-translate a lot of the text, add more animation to the game and basically
giving the game a whole new experience. I really urge you people to try this
game out, it's a lot of fun and one of the best RPGs you can bring with you
while you're out at a boring restaurant or watching Final Fantasy: The
Spirits Within(hehe).

So sit back, read the guide if you need help and avoid it if you hate 
spoilers because in virtually any guide you read...spoilers are abundant
and redundant.

--------------------------------- [ Tips ] ----------------------------------

Okay...so this section is kinda useless, UNLESS you are new to RPGs. The
section below is designed to help you out if you have some trouble 
understanding RPGs.

- Think carefully on who your characters should be. A balance approach is
  often more favorable then 100% brute force or magic.

- It's always good to level up and gain gold around a new town that you
  visit. Sure it's tedious, but it will help you in the long run and will
  make you much more formidable against your opponents.

- Talk to everyone you see...and as "un-hip" as this may sound, get out a
  sheet of paper and jot down some things if you think you are prone to

- Try to keep some items handy, magic isn't always reliable as you may 
  sometimes find yourself low on MP after a tough battle and you are a good
  distance away from towns.

- If first you don't succeed, try again...right? Yes, but with a new approach
  at hand. It's okay to lose to a certain opponent, at least the second time
  you know what to prepare for. Use the ole' paper and pen method if you can,
  you'd be surprised how much it can help the RPG newbie and veteran.

- Normally each character can equip certain items and such, you can give the
  items off to each party member by selecting "Item" then selecting on the
  appropriate item, then select "Pass" and select who you want to give the
  item to, then it'll tell you if you want that party member to equip the
  item(assuming of course you gave them a weapon or armor), if the stats are
  in your favor, go ahead and have that party member equip that item.

- By pressing the Select button after conversations, you can later recall
  the words of people later on by using the Recall, Recollect, and Remember
  spells. Take advantage of this since it costs no MP and remember, you're
  only human...we are all prone to forget things now and then.

- Always check every little pot, barrel, bush, or whatever that you see.
  They may contain some useful items.

- When you walk outside for a certain period of time it turns dark, you can
  reverse this effect by sleeping at an inn or casting PassTime. When it's
  dark, the ratio for random encounters is higher than that of day.

- Look where you walk, in forests the party is much more prone to random
  encounters then on plain fields...unless you want to level up more quickly
  I suggest you try to walk on the plains when possible.

----------------------------- [ Walkthrough ] -------------------------------

When you start the game, enter a four letter name(try to avoid the 
obscenities :P) for the hero, there really is no given name for the hero
actually...so it's up to you.

Now head out to the waterfall, you'll hear a voice echo from the waterfall
asking you to answer his questions truthfully. It's really up to you to
decide if you want to answer them truthfully or not. However, keep in mind
that depending on what you tell him will later determine the overall
character of your hero and will affect his or her stats.

After you have answered all the questions, you will be warped to a town and
you will later overhear the queen about wanting all the jewels. She'll inform
you about the king's plan of a pre-emptive strike, head downstairs and the
king does exactly just that. Talk to the king, either you join forces with
him or he'll dismiss you...regardless of what you decide, head to the left
side of the throne room and back outside to the waterfall. You'll soon learn
what your personality is(which can vary depending on which answers you chose
earlier) and you will awaken from your dream.

Town Of Aliahan
Party's Level: 1
Items: Club(2), Stick, Traveller Gown(2), 50G, 25G, TinyMedal, Antidote,
       STRseed, Herb, 5G
Monsters: None

It's your 16th birthday(actually, it's an anniversary of it) and the king
wishes to give you his blessings. The hero follows his mother out of his
bedroom and before the bridge leading to the castle, you can head the other
direction which will prompt the hero's mother to ask a series of questions
about the hero's actions. If you answer all "yes" you are free to roam
around the town before visiting the king, but I suggest you visit the king
anyways. He'll tell you about Baramos and provide you with 50G, and some
weapons and armor.

Before you leave the castle, make sure you head down to the first floor
and go around to the bottom right of the castle and check the room on the
left, thw two barrels contain a TinyMedal and Antidote.

Now head out of the castle and to the top left corner of the town is the
Tavern, head inside and pick your companions. I suggest you take all three
party members to make your journey a little more easier. When you do, make
sure to give each party member what the king gave you(like Traveler gowns,
sticks, and clubs). Also to the left of the Tavern is a barrel that contains
25G(it's the 2nd barrel in which you will have to walk around).

In the hero's house there's an Herb in the kitchen, upstairs in the dresser
is a STRseed and 5G...that should pretty much be all the items to collect
in the town.

NOTE: If you prefer to pick your own classes, head upstairs on the 2nd floor
      of the Tavern and talk to the clerk. You can register names and such
      along with boosting the stats of a certain character in your favor as
      well as selecting the class of that character, once you have registered
      a character, you can call him or her downstairs at the tavern.

      Also before heading out, you make want to check the well at the bottom
      right part of Aliahan, inside is a Medal collector and depending on
      how many medals you give him will determine what you receive from him
      in return:

            Prize      | # of medals
      Spiny            | 5
      Garter           | 10
      Blade            | 20
      INTSpecs         | 35
      Ninja(suit)      | 50
      Justice          | 60
      AGLScarf         | 70
      Vivify(staff)    | 90
      Sacred           | 95
      Gold Pass        | 100

Your next task is to head out to the village of Reeve, but I suggest you
stay around Aliahan and fight some battles and gain some quick gold and 
levels to stand a better chance against some of the enemies later on.

Town Of Reeve
Party's Level: 3
Items: None
Monsters: None

When you arrive here, you'll get word of a Thief Key that's south in a forest
as well as the Magic Bomb.

-------------------------------- [ Spells ] ---------------------------------

Spell      |                     Effect                    |    Class    | MP
Antidote   | Removes poison from one party member.         |    Cleric   |
Awaken     | Awakens all sleeping party members.           |    Cleric   |
Bang       | Small explosions strike all monsters.         |     Mage    |
Beat       | A death curse that aggects one monster.       |    Cleric   |
BeDragon   | Transforms the mage into a fire-spewing dragon|     Mage    |
             until the end of battle.
Boom       | Strong explosions blast all monsters.         |  Hero/Mage  |
CurseOff   | Removes a cursed piece of equipment.          |     Mage    |
Explodet   | Immense explosions devastate all monsters.    |     Mage    |
Barrier    | Raises the whole part's protection against    |    Cleric   |
             fire and ice attacks.
Blaze      | A small fireball is launched at a monster.    |  Hero/Mage  | 2
BlazeMore  | A powerful fireball is launced at a monster.  |     Mage    |
BlazeMost  | A huge and intense fireball is launched at a  |     Mage    |
BlizMost   | Countless shards of arrow-lie ice pierce all  |     Mage    |
Blizzard   | A howling blizzard inflicts severe damage on  |     Mage    |
             one group of monsters.
Bounce     | Bounces back all spells launched at the user. |     Mage    |
Chance     | The ultimate spell with completely random     |     Mage    |
Defeat     | A death curse that affects a group of         |    Cleric   |
Defense    | Reduces the DEF of one group of monsters.     |    Cleric   |
Disperse   | Blows one monster away from battle.           |    Cleric   |
EagleEye   | Identifies the location of a nearby building  |    Thief    |
             or town.
Excavate   | Digs the ground underfoot to find money or an |    Dealer   |
Expel      | A burst of sacred light makes one group of    | Hero/Cleric | 2
             monsters disappear.
Firebal    | Flames are blown at a group of monsters.      |  Hero/Mage  |
Firebane   | Powerful flames roast a group of monsters.    |     Mage    |
Firebolt   | Terrifying flames inflict severe damage on a  |     Mage    |
             group of monsters.
Forget     | Used to forget the memorized speeches of      |     Hero    |
Heal       | Restores the HP of one party member by a      | Hero/Cleric | 3
HealAll    | Fully restores the HP of one party member.    | Hero/Cleric |
HealMore   | Greatly restores the HP of one party member.  | Hero/Cleric |
HealUs     | Greatly restores the HP of all party members. |    Cleric   |
HealUsAll  | Fully restores the HP of all party members.   |     Hero    |
Icebolt    | A small block of ice strikes on monster.      |     Mage    |
Increase   | Raises the DEF of all party members.          |     Mage    |
Infernos   | Razor-sharp winds tear at a group of monsters.|    Cleric   |
Infermore  | A tornado of razor-sharp winds assails a group|    Cleric   |
             of monsters.
Infermost  | A huge tornado of razor-sharp winds inflicts  |    Cleric   |
             severe damage on a group of enemies.
Ironize    | Turns all party members into blocks of iron   |     Hero    |
             that can't be damaged.
Invisible  | Makes the party invisible for a short while.  |     Mage    |
Location   | Identifies what floor the party is on in a    |    Thief    |
             cave or tower.
MapMagic   | Indicates the presence of anything mysterious |    Thief    |
             within sight.
NumbOff    | Cures one party member of paralysis.          |    Cleric   |
Open       | Opens any locked door.                        |     Mage    |
Outside    | Instantly carries the whole party out of a    |  Hero/Mage  |
             cave or tower.
PanicAll   | Causes one monster to become confused.        |     Mage    |
Passtime   | Instantly turns the day into night, and       |     Mage    |
Recall     | Used to recall the memorized speeches of      |     Hero    | 0
Recollect  | Used to greatly recall the memorized speeches |     Hero    |
             of people.
Remember   | Used to deeply recall the memorized speeches  |     Hero    |
             of people.
Repel      | Keeps weak monsters weaker than you away.     |     Hero    |
Return     | Instantly carries the whole party to a        |  Hero/Mage  |
             previously visited castle or town.
Revive     | Revives a dead party member to full HP.       |    Cleric   |
RobMagic   | Steals MP from one monster.                   |     Mage    |
Sacrifice  | Instantly slays all monsters in exchange for  |    Cleric   |
             the user's own life.
Sap        | Greatly reduces the DEF of one monster.       |    Cleric   |
Sleep      | Lulls one group of monsters into deep sleep.  | Hero/Cleric |
SlowAll    | Reduces the agility of one group of monsters. |    Cleric   |
Smell      | Determines the number of treasures on a given |    Thief    |
             floor of a cave or tower.
SnowStorm  | Powerful blasts of frigid air strikes a group |     Mage    |
             of monsters.
SpeedUp    | Raises the agility of all party members.      |    Cleric   |
StepGuard  | Fully protects against damage-causing floors  |     Mage    |
             and poison bogs.
StopSpell  | Prevents one group of monsters from casting   | Hero/Cleric |
Surround   | Confounds a group of monsters with a mirage,  |    Cleric   |
             reducing their accuracy.
Thordain   | A powerful blast of electricity strikes all   |     Mage    |
Tiptoe     | Reduces the likelihood of seeing monsters     |    Theif    |
             over a certain distance.
Transform  | Transforms the user into a chosen character   |     Mage    |
             including all stats.
TwinHits   | Doubles the ATK of one party member to enable |     Mage    |
             more powerful attacks.
Upper      | Sharply raises the DEF of one party member.   |     Mage    |
Vivify     | May revive a dead party member to 1/2 HP.     | Hero/Cleric |
Whistle    | A whistle is blown to attract monsters.       |    Jester   |
X-Ray      | Checks a treasure chest to determine if it is |     Mage    |
             a monster or an item.
YellHelp   | Randomly summons a dealer, innkeeper or a     |     Mage    |
Zap        | A vicious thunderbolt strikes one monster.    |     Hero    |

-------------------------------- [ Medals ] ---------------------------------

In Dragon Warrior 3(GBC), monsters you encounter sometimes drop medals if
you defeat them. There are over 150 medals, and these medals come in three
different materials...Bronze, Silver, and Gold. You can trade medals with
another friend via a Link Cable, collecting 150 medals of different variety
causes something to happen...which I don't know yet since I only have 2
medals at this current update. :P

Medal      |           Habitat          | Medal #
Slime      |       Aliahan Region       | 1
Raven      |       Aliahan Region       | 2

-------------------------------- [ Credits ] --------------------------------

-+- Enix(www.enix.com)
    For one of the best games ever to go portable, not only that they took
    the time to completely re-design the game and add some new elements to
    it too! Kick ass!

-+- Boris A. Glazer(mazaika.tripod.com)
    For his software that gave me an outline of the DW3 logo.
-+- GameFAQs(www.gamefaqs.com)
    For hosting and respecting this guide.

-+- Dingo Jellybean(www.dingojellybean.com)
    For typing up this guide and finishing the rest of the text art and

Time of completion: 2 hours, 3 minutes, 19 seconds

Copyright(C) Dingo Jellybean; 2001

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