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    XBOX Exhibition Disk Vol.1  FAQ
          by : StarKnightX
   e-mail : [email protected]
     ver.1.0     created : 2/23/03
      (C) 2003 by Jason O'Bryan

Table of Contents
 I   - Intro
       What is the Exhibition Disk?
       Where Can I Get One?
       Version History

 II  - Games
        1. Halo : Combat Evolved
        2. Madden NFL 2003
        3. NFL Fever 2003
        4. Panzer Dragoon Orta
        5. Quantum Redshift
        6. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
        7. Timesplitters 2
        8. Toe Jam & Earl 3 : Mission to Earth
        9. Whacked!

 III - Videos
        1. Blinx
        2. Brute Force
        3. G4 on Volleyball
        4. G4 on E3
        5. G4 TV for Gamers
        6. Halo 2
        7. Halo Cheats 1
        8. Halo Cheats 2
        9. MechAssualt
       10. Mortal Kombat : Deadly Alliance
       11. NBA Inside Drive 2003
       12. NFL 2K3
       13. Shenmue 2
       14. Unreal Championship
       15. Xbox.com
       16. Xbox Live
       17. And Finally

 IV  - Music / Music Videos
        1. Death Cab for Cutie
        2. Kind of Like Spitting
        3. Plan B
        4. Rilo Kiley
        5. The D-Plan
        6. The Long Winters

 V   - Extras / Downloadable Content
        1.Dead or Alive 3
        2.Project Gotham Racing
        3.Rallisport Challenge

 VI  - Conclusion
       Copyright Info
       E-Mail Address

 Hey , my name is StarKnightX and this is my FAQ for the Xbox Exhibition Disk
vol.1 . This is my first guide of any sort so if their are any problems let me

What is the Exhibition Disk?
The first in most likely a long series of demo disks produced by
Microsoft (Think the Playstation Jampacks). The disk contains 9 demos ,
17 promo videos , 6 indie musical artist samplers , and 3 free downloads.
A second vol. has already been confirmed for release around March 5. Hopefully
they won't oversatuate the market with them like Sony.

Where can I get One?
Before you could get them at almost any store that sells games but now
with vol.2 coming out I think vol.1 has been discontinued. If anyone can
confirm this for me you'll get credit. If you have any interest in this
or any of the future Exhibition disks , then I'd advise you get them
sooner than later.

Version History
ver. 1    February 25, 2003 - First Release ;
                            Added , Timesplitters 2 , Whacked
                            , Quantum Redshift Walkthroughs
                            and Info , cleaned file up

ver. 0.5  February 23, 2003 - First Version , Never Sent ;
                            All Video,Extras and Music Info Complete

 2. Games

1. Halo : Combat Evolved
Controls : Left Stick  - Move
           D-Pad       - Move
           Back        - Go Back
           Start       - Pause
           Right Stick - Turn / Aim
           L           - Throw Grenades
           R           - Fire Weapon
           Y           - Switch Weapons
           X           - Pick-Up / Swap / Reload Weapon
           B           - Melee Attack
           A           - Jump
           White       - Flashlight On/Off
           Black       - Switch Grenade Type

Who hasn't played this game? Heck even the disk description says "Need we say
more...?" You'll play level 4 - "The Silent Cartographer" presumably
on easy mode (it seemed easy to me). If you need help go read one of the full
FAQs for the game on gamefaqs because they explain it better than I could , but
if you have any experience with a first person shooting game before than you
shouldn't have to much trouble with this demo.

2. Madden NFL 2003
 (descriptions will look like this "offense/defense")
Controls : Both Sticks  - Move Ball Carrier / Move Player
           L            - Throw / Spin
           R            - Throw / Swim
           Y            - Jump
           X            - Throw / Dive
           B            - Throw / Sprint
           A            - Snap Ball / Control Player Nearest Ball
           Black        - Strip
           Back         - Call Time-out
           Start        - Pause

More Info Next Update

3. NFL Fever 2003
 (Description same as Madden "Offense/Defense"
Controls : Left stick  - Move Ball Carrier / Move Player
           Right Stick - Huddle and Showboat / NA
           L & R       - Juke Left and Right / Swim
           Y           - Stiff Arm
           X           - Shoulder Charge / Player Nearest Ball
           B           - Spin / Dive Tackle
           A           - Turbo (both)
           White       - Lateral / Rip
           Black       - Dive / Dive for pass

More Info Next Update

4. Panzer Dragoon Orta
Controls : Left Stick & D-Pad  - Control Flight / Move Weapon Cursor
           Right Stick / Black / White
                               - Berserk Attack
           L                   - Rotate view 90 degrees left
           R                   - Rotate view 90 degrees right
           L & R together      - Spin view 180 degrees
           Y                   - Morph
           X                   - Accelerate / Glide Attack
           B                   - Decelerate
           A                   - Fire Handgun / Laser
           Start               - Pause

Awesome game , best on disk in my opinion (Halo doesn't count since it's been
out for so long but even still....) Some Tips :
  - Learn the advantages of each form :
      Normal = Average
      Heavy = High Power , low speed , can't glide
      Light = No Homing Laser , rapid fire handgun , fastest
Use Light when the enemy starts launching lots of missiles , and Heavy
when you fight strong enemies (i.e. the boss)
  - Watch the Radar for enemies from behind
  - Only use the Berserk attack in an emergency (in this demo that's close to
impossible , just save it for the boss and trash him with it unless you want to
be very mean to the normal enemies).
  - Basically , just keep shooting , watch your radar , and when you fight the
boss , switch to heavy mode for maximum damage , switch to light if he launches
a missile barrage then switch back , tear him a new one with the berserk attack
, simple.
  - Lastly if you thought the demo was easy (probably be most of you)
don't get used to it , the real game is supposed to be much harder.

5. Quantum Redshift
Controls : Left Stick & D-Pad - Steer / Tilt Car
           L                  - Powerslide
           R                  - Accelerate
           Y                  - Activate
           X                  - Fire Non-Homing Weapon
           B                  - Fire Homing Weapon
           A                  - Turbo Boost
           White              - Rear View
           Black              - Change Camera View
           Back               - Reset SPARC on truck
           Start              - Pause

An Okay racing game around thesame lines as F-Zero and Wipeout.
In the demo you get one play mode (Quick race) two characters (Tara and
Prince Yuri) and one course (Brackenstowe Vale).
 - There appears to be no diffenece in the two characters so choose
Whoever you wish.
 - Go for the power-ups. This should be fairly obvious but it has to be
said anyway. Particular make an effert for the white stars.
 - Points don't matter here so don't kill for them.
 - If you get the warning buzzer , hit Y to put up your shields before you
get a missile in the butt.
 - Use your non-homing weapons (X) on straight aways and homing missiles
(A) anywhere else.
 - Lastly , Fire away! Your not getting graded and the enemy doesn't
play nice , so if the enemy is in your sights let him have it.

6. Splinter Cell
Controls : Left Stick  - Move Sam Fisher
           D-Pad       - Move Sam / Control Menu
           Right Stick - Movement of Camera
           R           - Fire Weapon in Hand / Throw
           Y           - Jump
           X           - Draw F2000 or Pistol
           B           - Crouch , Roll , pick up legs on zip-line
           A           - Interaction
           White       - Rate of Fire
           Black       - Quick Inventory
           Back        - Back one step in menu
           Start       - Menu / Full Inventory

Walkthrough Coming Soon...

7. Timesplitters 2
Controls : Left Stick         - Move
           D-Pad (left/right) - select weapon
           D-Pad (up/down)    - Zoom in/out (Aim Mode Only)
           Right Stick        - Turn Character , Look up/down
           L                  - Secondary Fire (Special Weapons)
           R                  - Primary Fire
           Y                  - Manual Reload
           A                  - Respawn / Activate Item
           Start              - Pause / Menu

Ah yes Timesplitters , how I loved thee on the PS2 and now can love thee
even more on my Xbox.
 This level should seem very familiar to Goldeneye fans (A dam level with
music that sounds stripped right out of it , oh yeah) anyway off we go.
 Our objectives here are to
  1)Deactivate the communications dish
  2)Investigate secret digging site
  3)Retrieve Time Crystal
  4)Access the top of the dam
  -)secondary objective , burn all evidence in the filling cabinent
and all we have to start off with is a temperal uplink , Learn to love it.
  First walk forward and pick up much needed weapons , a silenced pistol
and a sniper scope. Equip the sniper and come around the corner and shoot the
guard to the right of you in the head then turn left , look at the
guard on the catwalk and shoot him too , finally walk all the way to the back
left of the fence look forward at the woman by the wall and shoot her as well.
Switch back to the uplink. You need to get to the building with
the torn open door so make your way over there making sure not to be
picked by sensors. Go in and walk to the red switch . This deactivates the
cameras . Turn them both off. Now walk around back of the building where a
guard should be waiting and cap him with your pistol. This should alert
one last guard to come out , kill him. Now with them dead , climb the
catwalk and go across to a hole in a building. Drop inside to pick up
timed mines . Go nextdoor and you'll see a filing cabinet. Open it then
throw a bomb on it. 1 cabinet down . When you go back outside look up
towards the top of the dam and you'll see a sniper in a window , kill him.
Now with all threats dead check all the rooms for some body armor , sniper ammo
, another cabinet to blow up (3 to go) a switch to activate the door into the
dam, and throw a mine onto the satellite to destroy it
(objective 1 complete)
  Go inside and you'll come to a elevator door. No power. (NEW OBJECTIVE
(5)Restore power).Climb the stairs watching out for steam and killing any
guards in your way. When you get to some barrels and a camera shoot the barrel
to blow up the camera. Go through the corridor killing all. Make
sure to check all the side rooms here for armor , ammo , and steam valves
you have to shut down to proceed. You should have picked up a soviet in
the corridor , use it! After going back down to ground level you'll come
to a push button door , equip your sniper and turn left as you go out the door
and you'll see another sniper in the same spot as the last one (but
on the opposite side now) kill them (the guy sometimes takes two hits)
just make sure they're both dead. Go up the stairs and trash the guards around
here (watch out for the sensors) then go inside the complex. Kill
the guard around the corner , then go downstairs and blow up the guy by
the barrels. Pop into the nearby closet to blow up filing cabinet #3. This next
room has an anoying camera so shoot it out with your sniper then kill the
guards that come running. Nearby are the last two filing cabinents (secondary
objective complete!).CHECKPOINT!
  Now your in the power room. Destroy all the enemies here and take out
the auto-turrents as well. Go upstairs and open the next door and proceed
downthe corridor to room 2. Go in and stop by the watch station. Turn off the
camera and open the two doors. Go around and kill all the nearby guards making
sure to pick up the shotgun. Leave the room , what the? , meet the
timesplitters , the real bad guys. Shoot them in the head to finish them
quickly so you can leave the room. Now head all the way back up to the
power room station with the disk you found in the autopsy room. Yeah , powers
back up (objective 5 complete). Oops , the restrained timsplitters have gotten
loose (NEW OBJECTIVE (6) Destroy bio-hazard container).
They'll come to you so gun them down and head down the corridor towards
the digging site (Objective 2 complete) and throw some timed mines to destroy
the biohazard container (objective 6 complete). Special forces
have been deployed , watch out. Before you leave the corridor make sure to go
into room 3 for the time crystal (objective 3 complete) and room 1 for ammo and
armor.(NEW OBJECTIVE (7) allow no mutants to survive) their's
only 5 so don't worry to much . One is right in the power room (1/5) as
your leaving another comes by on fire (2/5) as you go up the stairs
another jumps you (3/5) going further up another gets dusted by a special
agent (4/5) watch out here for a guard with a flamethrower. Go outside letting
the guards kill most of the timesplitters for you and finish of
whoever is left (Objective 7 complete). Head back into the dam and jump
into the elevator and ride it to the top (objective 4 complete) run over
to the turrent (NEW OBJECTIVE (8)Eliminate the Gunship) Wait that's it?

8. Toe Jam & Earl 3 : Mission to Earth
Controls : Left Stick  - Run / Walk
           Right Stick - Pan and Zoom Camera
           L           - Look Around Mode
           R           - Swing Camera Behind
           Y           - Funkify
           X           - Funk-Fu
           B           - Present
           A           - Jump
           White       - Map / Info
           Black       - Talk
           Start       - Pause / Status Screens

*Note : If anybody would like to send in any effective tips or anything
        for this game that would be great.

9. Whacked!
Controls : Left Stick  - Move
           Right Stick - Turn / Aim
           D-Pad       - Character Movement
           L           - Sidestep Left
           R           - Sidestep Right
           Y & B       - Jump
           X & A       - Attack
           White       - Change Camera Angle

This twisteed gameshow is fairly average.You get four characters and three
 - In combat you have to collect 50 stars to win. The best play tactic is
to pretty much ignore the enemy and just look for stars. If the enemy
crowds togther or gets in the way then blast them , otherwise just look
for stars.
 - Fragfest speaks for itself , kill the most guys in 5 minutes. The best way
to kill guys here is to send off the edge , the garbage disposal works
well too.
 - In Chicken you have to collect 50 stars but you have to kill chickens
to stars , and if you get killed 3 times you lose. The key here is to just keep
moving and attacking , easy.

 3. Videos
 Various videos (duh!) Just brief descriptions
(video is a trailers unless stated otherwise)

  1. Blinx
  2. Brute Force
  3. G4 on Volleyball
    - clip from G4 tv about DOA volleyball. Oddly enough they spend most
      of the time talking about DOA3 instead.
  4. G4 on E3
     - G4 talking about the coolest xbox stuff at E3
  5. G4 TV 4 Gamers
     - selfpromotion for G4
  6. Halo 2
  7. Halo Cheats 1
     - Shows how to do the very cool "warthog jump"
  8. Halo Cheats 2
     - How to make level 2 "Halo" a little easier
  9. MechAssualt
 10. Mortal Kombat : Deadly Alliance
 11. NBA Inside Drive '03
 12. NFL 2K3
 13. Shenmue 2
 14. Unreal Championship
 15. Xbox.com
     - More Shameless Self-promotion
 16. Xbox Live
     - Funny video promoting (what else) Xbox Live
 17. And Finally
     - Credits on who made this disk

 4. Music / Music Videos
  Here you get a few music videos and some songs from various indie
groups. Best of all the songs are all downloadable to boot.

1. Death Cab for Cutie
 Music Video :"A Movie Script Ending"
 Songs : "A Movie Script Ending" , "Why You'd Want to Live Here"

2. Kind of Like Spitting
 Song : Passionate

3. Plan B
 Song : Love

4. Rilo Kiley
 Song : "The Execution of all Things"

5. The Dismemberment Plan (The D-Plan)
 Music Video : "Time Bomb"
 Songs : "Superpowers" , "Time Bomb"

6. The Long Winters
 Song : "Carparts"

 5. Extras

1. Dead or Alive 3
 This is the EXACT same thing from issue #7 (June) of the Official Xbox
Magazine , which means that it contains a playable demo and booster disk
of DOA3 with all the same extra costumes from before so if you wanted the
booster disk before and missed issue 7 then this is a second chance at it.
(Personally the extra costumes aren't that great , save for a few , mostly the
girls of course).

2. Project Gotham Racing
 There are two downloadable saves for PGR
  1) Fully Unlocked file with 500,000+ Kudos points
  2) Profile of Microsoft's 'J Aliard'
 If you have the game then both are worth downloading because file 1 can give a
good taste of what the game has got (or if it's too hard for you) , and file 2
can give you some extra challenge if the game's too easy.

3. Rallisport Challenge
 There are also two files for Rallisport
  1)Fully Unlocked Game at normal difficulty with some Easter eggs
  2)Fully Unlocked Game at easy difficulty
 File 1 is the only really good one here as you can only truly beat the
game on normal difficulty (on easy you can't play the last competition)
and it gives you some Easter eggs.

 *Note: if anybody can tell me what these Easter eggs are I'll credit you.

 Thanks to myself for finally getting off my lazy butt and writing a FAQ       
         like I've been wanting to do.
 Thanks to Slodeth for his ODCM guide which inspired me to write this      
guide , and gave me a working organization method to work with.
 Thanks to CJayC for having such an awesome site in GameFAQs.
 Thanks to you for reading my simple guide.
Contact Info:

E-Mail Address : [email protected]

 Please don't send me spam I don't want it or need it.
 If have a question or comment or whatever about the guide or otherwise please
make the e-mail obvious of this , like put in the subject Xbox or Exhibition or
something , Makes it easier you know. You can e-mail if just want to someone to
talk to as well , just no junk.
This document is copyrighted material and the author's intellectual
property. It cannot be altered or distributed in any way, shape, or form
as someone else's work. I have no issues with places other than GameFAQs
using this as a guide reference, but I ask that you request permission
before doing so, so I'm informed of in advance.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
their respective trademark and copyright holders.

This document is copyright 2003 by Jason O'Bryan.

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