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       -F1 World Grand Prix- N64  
        Version 1  

        By:Luis Solis
        [email protected]

I. Introduction
II. Controls
III. Difficulty Settings
IV. Drivers
V. Tracks
VI. Grand Prix Mode
VII. Challenge Mode
VIII. 2 Player Mode

I. Introduction

11 Teams. . . .
22 Drivers. . . .
17 Tracks. . . .
1 Goal. . . .be World Champion.

F-1 World Grand Prix brings all the Formula One action right into your
home. With 17 official tracks and 22 drivers, you can take Mika Hakkinen
through the streets of Monaco or the highspeed track in Germany. Take on
a friend in 2 Player Mode or be placed in real life events that happened 
during the '97 season. F-1 World Grand Prix has everything you would want
in a Formula One game and much much more.


II. Controls

-Main Menu-
A: Accept
B: Go Back

-In Game Controls-
A: Accelerate
B: Brake
Cl: Left Side Mirrors
Cr: Right Side Mirrors
Cd: Rear View Mirrors
Cu: Change Views
Start: Pause
D-Pad/Analog: Move Car
Z: Put Car in Reverse(car must be stopped completly)


III. Difficulty Setting

- Option of setting brake assist/acceleration assist
- Little damage done to car
- Cars give way for passing

- No brake/acceleration assist
- More damage done to car 
- Passing is harder
- Tires tend to ware out faster on this setting

- Turns have to be taking carefully(spin outs occur very easily)
- Lots of damage done even in slight bumps
- Cars won't give up spots without a fight
- 107% Rule in effect during qualifying


IV. Drivers

Damon Hill
Pedro Diniz

Driver Williams(name can be edited)
Heinz-Harold Frentzen

Michael Schumacher
Eddie Irvine

Jean Alesi
Gerhard Berger

Mika Hakkinen
David Coulthard

Ralf Schumacher
Giancarlo Fisichella

Olivier Panis
Shinji Nakano

Johnny Herbert
Nicola Larini

Jos Verstappen
Mika Salo

Ukyo Katayama
Jarno Trulli

Rubens Barrichello
Jan Magnussen


V. Tracks

The tracks are listed in the order they appear in the Grand Prix mode. I 
am not including car settings since that is really up to the driver 
preference. Experiment with different settings to see what you find best. 
Tyre choice is really up to the player. Extra pit stop with soft tyres 
but better handling. Also the pit stops seem to last the same weather 
you change tyres or not or put in 2 laps worth of gas or 20 laps of gas.

Fairly easy track with no bumps. Lots of good places to pass.

Medium difficultly course with some downhill running. Fast in some places 
while somewhat slow in others.

The turns in this course are little bit harder. Be careful not to 
accerlerate to early in the turns. 

-San Marino-
Track gets a little narrow in certain places. Again don't accerlerate to
early in the turns as that will send into the walls.

The hardest track on the circut. Almost impossible to run side by side.
Be very careful not to hit the wall while passing. Also be careful on 
the U-turn that is near the middle of the course, that is a very slow
turn. Be careful on the pit exit as it is very narrow.


This course has some sudden right angle turns, but they are not too 
difficult.Be careful with the U-turn as you tend to ram into the wall

Be careful not to take to much speed on the two mini turns next to the 
pit entrance because you may end up hitting the wall on the last turn.


One of the fastest tracks on the circut, be sure not to overshoot the 
turns because of the sudden turns. Don't take the first turn too fast.


On the first turn, take it slow and go to the right as it may seem that
it is to the left.

Really fast track with some sudden turns. Be careful not to overshoot 
the turns.





VI. Grand Prix Mode

Go through the entire Formula 1 season in your quest to become World 
Champion. Here you will go through 17 races and earn points for not only
the Drivers Championship, but also for the Constructors Championship.
(If the setting is on Champion, the 107% Rule is in effect. This means 
when you qualify, your time has to be within 107% of the best time)


VII. Challenge Mode

This is one of the coolest things about this game. In the Challenge Mode,
you have to get through events that happened in the 1997 F-1 season.
There are three different divisions.(In Challenge Mode the game is set
on the Professional setting)

In these events, your goal is to move up in position in the amount of 
time given.

Your goal here is to keep your postion and move up if possible.

In these events, your car goes through problems such as losing a tire or
losing your brakes.

? ? ?


VIII. 2 Player Mode

Take on a friend for some friendly competition.(In this mode only two 
cars are on the track, yours and your competetors)


Have any comments or suggestions for this guide, feel free to e-mail me
at [email protected]

This guide is copyright by me Luis Solis and may not be copied or used 
for profit without written consent by me. If you wish to use this document 
in it's entirety, e-mail me for permission as I will most likely allow it.
If you wish to only use a small part or section of this guide, all I ask 
is that give proper credit.

This document Copyright 2001 Luis Solis

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