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                         Faceball 2000 FAQ
                          By: Josh Machan

Table Of Contents

1. Legal Stuff

2. FAQ History

3. FAQ/Game General Informaton

4. Smiloids

5. Cyberzone

6. Cyberscape

7. Arena

8. Pods

9. Secrets/Codes

10. Contact Me
1. Legal Stuff

(c) 2001 Josh Machan. This FAQ may not be copied and placed on any website
other than websites I submit it to. However, it may be stored on a local
Hard-Drive for referance. Plagerism or copying of this document of any kind is
strictly prohibited, as this FAQ is protected by copyright law.

Faceball 2000 (c) 1992 Bullet Proof Software.

I am in no way affiliated with Bullet Proof Software or Nintendo of America.
2.   FAQ History

7/19/01- Version 1.0: Initial Release. All smiloid information complete. Levels
1-10 of cyberscape. Cyberzone/Arena descriptions done. Pod info complete.
Actually, the first part of this FAQ I had done before. I forgot to save it
(DUH) so I had to do it again. -_-()
3. FAQ/Game General information

       This FAQ is for the game Faceball 2000 for the Super Nintendo and
Gameboy. Faceball 2000 is a first person shooter along the lines of DOOM.
However, unlike most other shooters, Faceball 2000 is not bloody or gory at
all. Also, you do not play as a human. You play as a giant smiley face. And you
face off (no pun intended) against other giant smiley faces called smiloids,
who will make your journey a difficult one. To help you along the way are pods.
Pods contain helpful items such as armor or extra lives. Most pods, however,
contain clues (I think). If you can make it through all 70 mazes, you'll meet
the final smiloid. Can you make it to the Maze-Master in level 70: Master's
4. Smiloids

Smiloids are you giant smilin' enemies. If you are defeated by a smiloid, you
will get a picture of him saying "HAVE A NICE DAY!". On the SNES version, you
can hear him saying it, too. Smiloids have 3 attacks: Shot, explosion, and
bite. Smiloids may explode and shoot both, but a smiloid who bites will neither
explode nor shoot. No smiloid has all three attacks. Confused? Read on.

Note: Colours refer to SNES version only.
Smiloid Stats

Attacks: Explosion (SNES) None (Gameboy)
Appearence: Cylinder
Colour: Yellow
Number of hits to kill: 1
Description: A real pushover! He can't hurt you unless you ram into him... and
in the Gameboy version he cant hurt you at all. Just do what the name suggests:
shoot him.
Shootme 2

Attacks: Explosion
appearence: Rounded top, flat bottom.
Colour: Yellow
Number of hits to kill: 1
Description: Another easy one. He moves around with absolutely no sense of
direction. If he hits you, he will explode. Not hard.
Ishoot (SNES)/Ishootu (Gameboy)

Attacks: Shot/Explosion (SNES) Shot Only (Gameboy)
Appearence: Round top, pointy bottom (SNES) Cylinder (Gameboy)
Colour: Yellow
Number of hits to kill: 1
Description: This is the first shooting smiloid. He stays in the same spot and
spins around and shoots randomly. No biggie.
Ishoot2 (SNES)/Ishootu2 (Gameboy)

Attacks: Shot/Explosion (SNES) Shot Only (Gameboy)
Appearence: Pointy top, round bottom (SNES) Flat top, round bottom (GB)
Colour: Yellow
Number of hits to kill: 1
Description: Like a moving Ishoot. Moves and shoots totally aimlessly.
Mindlessly easy, yet smartest of the "Moron" smiloids.

Attacks: Shot
Appearence: Flat bottom, pointy top (SNES) Flat top, round bottom (GB)
Colour: Green
Number of hits to kill: 1
Description: Moves around aimlessly, but if he sees you, he will shoot back.
Smartest smiloid so far. Pretty easy.

Attacks: Explosion
Appearence: A pair of green eyes (SNES) round top, flat bottom (GB)
Colour: Green
Number of hits to kill: 2
Description: Gremlin will move in a straight line untill he hits a wall. he
will then turn around and go in another direction. If he sees you, he will dart
towards you.. exploding on contact. The only way they are dangerous is in mass.
They can be tough to destroy.

Attacks: Shot
Appearence: Flat top, round bottom.
Colour: Green
Number of hits to kill: 2 (SNES) 3 (Gameboy)
Description: Wally will hide behind walls. If he sees you, he will move from
wall to wall untill you go into hiding yourself... or destroy him.

Attacks: Shot
Appearence: Round
Colour: Green
Number of hits to kill: 3
Description: If he sees you, he will follow you around untill you are really
far away or one of you is defeated. Very dangerous in groups.

Attacks: Shot
Appearence: Flat top, pointy bottom (SNES) Cylinder (Gameboy)
Colour: Blue
Number of hits to kill: 4
Description: A real toughie! He can't move, but he has great aim, he can see
you even if you cannot see him, and he shoots fast. Extremely dangerous in
groups. If he somehow cannot see you, he will spin around and around. On the
Gameboy version, he bounces up and down.

Attacks: Shot
Appearence: Diamond (SNES) Flat top, round bottom (Gameboy)
Colour: Blue
Number of hits to kill: 4 (SNES) 3 (Gameboy)
Description: The big blue monster! He will hunt you down and fallow you very
closely, shooting all the while. He shoots hard and fast. When shot three
times, he will quckly back up, and continue mauling you. If he does not see
you, he will bounce between two walls. That, however, is unlikely. On the
Gameboy version, he bounces up and down.

Attacks: Shot
Appearence: Flat top, round bottom (SNES) Round Sphere (Gameboy)
Colour: Blue
Number of hits to kill: 4
Description: Territorial. This one seems to be a little easier than bouncer,
not because of their skill at shooting you... but because they do not harm you
unless you move into their area. On the Gameboy version, he bounces up and

Attacks: Bite
Appearence: A pair of blue eyes (SNES) Flat bottom, round top (Gameboy)
Colour: Blue
Number of hits to kill: 4
Description: Will dart around the room looking around four somebody to bite...
and your giant face looks tasty. Tough to kill, but bites only about once per
second. On the Gameboy version, he bounces up and down.

Attacks: Bite
Appearence: A pair of red eyes (SNES) Flat bottom, round top (Gameboy)
Colour: Red
Number of hits to kill: I'm not sure
Description: First of the red beasts. Alot like Vampire, but a lot less
dangerous... if you are in good health. If you are injured, he will come after
you like... well, like a shark to an injured fish. If you are healthy, he will
only bite you if you bother him.

Attacks: Explosion (SNES) Shot (Gameboy)
Appearence: Flat top, round bottom
Colour: Red
Number of hits to kill: 5
Description: Suicidal. He comes at you from long distances with amazing
speed... then explodes. Ridiculously hard to kill. Most likely, he will crash
into you before you can kill him. On the Gameboy version, he comes after you
with a barrage of bullets.
Sonar (SNES)/Crosseye (Gameboy)

Attacks: Shots
Appearence: A red mouth (SNES) Cylinder (Gameboy)
Colour: Red
Number of hits to kill: 6
Description: Sonar/Crosseye cannot see. If you sit very still, he cannot hear
you, and he will dart around aimlessly. Very hard to beat, because he moves
around alot, and backs away when he only has one hit left.

Attacks: Shots
Appearence: A red pair of eyes (SNES) A round sphere (Gameboy)
Colour: Red
Number of hits to kill: 6-10
Description: An absolute beast. The second hardest smiloid there is. Will hunt
you down from the other side of the maze. There is no escape. Near impossible
to defeat in groups.

Attacks: Speed/Shots
Appearence: Diamond (SNES) Round Sphere (Gameboy)
Colour: Red
Number of hits to kill: I'm guessing 10-30.
Description: This ravenous monster will rip you apart. There is only one, at
the end of level 70: Master's Castle. He will shoot you at a rate of 4 shots
per second. You cannot run, as he follows you like a shadow. Can you defeat him
to become the new Cyberscape champion?
5. Cyberzone (SNES Only)

      Cyberzone is only available in the SNES version. It is much different
than Cyberscape. There are a bunch of smiloids in a maze. After killing 10
smiloids, an exit will be revealed near the center of the maze. Flashing
smiloids take more hits than usual, but contain helpful pods, which will be
explained later. Every 5-10 levels, there is a bonus stage. The Maze-Master is
found in level 41: Master Control.
6. Cyberscape

     NOTE: To acces Cyberscape on the SNES version, hold the top L and R
buttons at the title screen untill after you have selected 1 or 2 players, then

     Another Note: These levels are from the SNES version, and may differ from
the Gameboy version.

     Cyberscape is the ultimate challange in Faceball 2000. Over 70 mazes make
up cyberscape, and most of them are quite complex. To beat each level, you must
find the flashing door, which is heavily guarded most of the time. Each time
this FAQ is updated, I will add the walthroughs for 10 levels.

Level one: Find The Exit

      It can't get any easier. There are two Shootmes between you and the exit.
Kill them, and walk through the flashing door.
Level two: Shootme2s

      Blast the two Shootmes, and then walkinto the larger chamber, being
careful not to get hit by the suicidal Shootme2s. The exit is there.
Level three: Meet Ishootu
      Kill the shootmes and Shootme2s, then go down the hallway, blasting the
Ishoots. There is one "hidden" in a "cubby hole".
Level Four: Meet Ishootu2

     Blast through the Shootmes, Shootme2s, and Ishoots. In the last room,
there are Ishootu2s. Blast them and exit through the back.
Level Five: Shoot Doors

     You start in a small square. Notice that one wall is lighter coloured than
the others. Shoot it and it disappeares. Shoot your way through all of the
doors, fallowing basically a straight line, untill you reach the exit. This is
just like the last level... but with doors.
Level Six: Touch pods

    Similar to the last level, but there is aflashing pod in the second room. 
Touch in until it splits open, then press B. Proceed to the exit.
Level Seven: Floor Buttons

    The pod tells you about the use of buttons. Walk over one, and a hidden
door will open. Buttons are used alot in the game, so get used to it. Avoid
walking over the second button, as it will close the hidden door in front of
you. Move into the large room, and into the exit.
Level Eight: Key to success

   The clue tells you of keys. Keys are alot like buttons, but they are in
pods, and not on the floor. This level is like the last. Walk through the hall,
collect 2 keys, go into the big room with the exit.
Level Nine: Easy Money

   After the first pod, step on the button, and collect the 500 point coin,
located in the diamond pod. The clue pod beyond the second button tells you
that 5000 points earns a life. Collect  the other coin, and exit.
Level Ten: The First Test

  The pod tells you how your map works in Cyberscape. Shoot the door, then kill
the Ishoot and Ishoot2 on the other side. Go all the way back to the dead end,
then turn around to reveal another door. Behind it is a key. Grab it, then turn
around. A new path has been opened. Grab the coins, kill the Ishoot, then shoot
the door. Hit the button, killthe four Ishoots inside, then shoot yet another
door. The pod tells you to check your map. Blast the door and take care of the
smiloids inside. Shoot the level's last door. The first pod inside is
congratulatory, while the second contains an extra life. To the right of the
exit is a pod telling you of a secret warp on level one. That will be explaind
in detail later. Exit, and give yourself a pat on the back.
7. Arena

     Arena is a fight to the death between you and up to 6 (SNES) or 8 (GB)
other smiloids. The smiloids available are: Gremlin, Turkey, Rover, and
Bouncer. You can fight in 10 different arenas, and devide the enemies up any
way you want. For the ultimate challange, try 6 Bouncers in Feeding Time.
8. Pods

    Pods contain items and advice that is helpful to you. Here is a list of
items in pods, and what they do.

 Armor: Increases how many times you get hit before you die.

 Speed-Up: Makes your face move faster.

 Auto-Mag (Shots): Lets you have more bullets active at one time.

 Coins: Adds 500 points to your score.

 Clues: (Cyberscape Only) Information on enemies, items, and other pods.

 Band-Aids: (Cyberscape Only) Heals you to full health.

 Freeze: Stops Smiloids in there tracks.

 Camo: Enemies will ignore you for a while.

 Sheild: Temporary invincibility is granted.

 Extra-Life: Grants you an extra face.

 Sensor: (Cyberzone Only) Shows the location of enemies, untill you die.

 Map: (Cyberscape Only) Shows the complete map of the current maze.
 9. Secrets and Codes

  This section reveals secrets and codes for Faceball 2000. These codes refer
to Cyberscape only, unless otherwise noted.
Access Cyberscape (SNES Only)

  To acces Cyberscape on the SNES version, hold the top L and R buttons at the
title screen untill after you have selected 1 or 2 players, then release.
Ultimate Warp

   On level one, shoot the exit 5 times. You will be taken to a huge area full
of enemies and pods, with many exits. Each exit will take you to another level.
Access final 5 levels

    Even after the Maze-Master is defeated, 5 levels will remain. These levels
are extremely difficuly. The final 5 levels are:

          Hot Persuit
          Central Matrix

in that order. I have only beaten Central Matrix once. If you beat them, you
will be taken back to level 60. (I think).

How to get there: On level 5: Shoot Doors, Shoot the wall directly to the left
ofthe exit, then touch it. You will be transported to an alternate exit. before
you leave, shoot the walls to the left and right of you to recieve an extra
life and an Auto-Mag. The exit will take you to level 71: Guardian.
Game Setup (SNES Only)

  This code will work with Cyberscape and Cyberzone. On the main menu, move the
cursor to Cyberscape or Cyberzone. Hold the top (L) and (R) buttons, and press
start. In this secret menu, you can adjust the level, Armor, Speed, Auto-Mag,
lives, and reload. Set reload to zero, and you will get a rapid-fire.
10. Contact Me

   I'd like to hear from you! If for any reason you wish to contact me, I am
available through E-Mail or AOL Instant messanger.

E-Mail: [email protected]

AIM: Dovertornado1

   Josh Machan Says: HAVE A NICE DAY!

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