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 EA SPORTS _ _ _ _ _ _ _      _ _ _     _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _     _ _ _
          /             /    /    /    /              /    /     I
         /   _ _ _ _ _ /    /    /    /    _ _ _ _ _ /    /      I
        /   /              /    /    /    /              /   I   I
       /   /              /    /    /    /              /   /I   I 
      /   /_ _ _ _ _     /    /    /    /_ _ _ _ _     /   / I   I 
     /             /    /    /    /              /    /   /_ I   I
    /   _ _ _ _ _ /    /    /    /    _ _ _ _ _ /    /    _ _    I 
   /   /              /    /    /    /              /    /   I   I
  /   /              /    /    /    /              /    /    I   I
 /   /              /    /    /    /              /    /     I   I
/_ _/              /_ _ /    /_ _ /              /_ _ /      I_ _I
                        S O C C E R ' 9 9                   SONY PLAYSTATION
                   Version 0.9 (March 1st 1999)
              By : Stephan Lee ([email protected])

Copyright protected.1999.All right reserved.This FAQs is written by the author.
No part of this could be reproduced without the prior writer's permission.
This Faq is allowed for individual use but not for commercial use or publishing.
No part of this FAQs could be re-edited without the writer's permission.Any 
enquires or additional info about the game may contact the author through 
email [email protected] Fifa Soccer '99 developed by EA Sport. Reach 
their page at www.easports.com.
This FAQs is original and based on the author's own experiences and 
strategies. Any tips and strategies are welcomed to submit.

Revision History

- Ver 0.9 (March 1st 1999) : remove the cheat section, enough ! no more e-mail 
                             about this section.

- Ver 0.8 (Jan 24th 1999) : because a lot of request about player's attributes, 
                            i'll try to explain it, even i'm not so sure.
- Ver 0.7 (Jan 19th 1999) : add Unlimited Bankroll in cheat section. If there
                            are no more cheat i think this is the last update.

Table of Contents

 1. Introducing the game
 2. Features
 3. Setting up the game
 4. Game Mode
 5. Team Management
 6. Edit your players & teams
 7. In Game Menu
 8. Playing the game
    a. basic moves/offense
    b. defense
    c. heading
    d. volleying
    e. skills
    f. goalkeeper
    g. deadball position
    h. penalty kick
 9. Strategy
10. Tips & tricks
11. Player's Attributes
12. Music
13. Acknowledgement


   Fifa Soccer '99 is one of the 1999 sport series released by EA Sports,
   (the other are Nhl 99, Nascar 99, Nfl 99, Knockout Kings, Nba 99 and 
    PGA Tour featuring Tiger Woods)
   Fifa Soccer '99 recently released for Playstation at 25th Nov 1998
   I never get bored playing Fifa'99, i don't know why maybe because
   i'm a real soccerfans, i never miss Serie A or Premiere League game
   on television every week. Enjoy Fifa' 99 & get the spirit of football.

   - Official Release Date : 25th November 1998 (PSX)

   - Play as and against 250 Club teams from the greatest Leagues 
     in the world. Including USA, Spain,England, Brazil, Italy, France, 
     Germany, Portugal, Sweden, Scotland, Belgium and Netherlands Leagues.

   - Players now have different heights (even not really "different")

   - 19 new high class stadiums around the world. 

   - Game's artificial intelligence delivers better support for more 
     realistic wing play and more responsive tackling.

   - New real-time lighting effects give players an unprecedented level 
     of realism & improved control make your player handling the ball easily.

   - EA SPORTS' vision of the future-Play competition of the best club teams 
     in Europe. A league with the best teams in Europe consisting of 
     AC Milan, Arsenal, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Benfica, Brondby,
     Dortmund, Dynamo Kiev, Feyenoord, Galatasaray, Gotenborg, Rosenborg     
     Inter Milan, Juventus, Liverpool,Manchester United, Monaco, 
     Paris St. Germain, Rangers, Real Madrid. 

   - Bringing the game into life with player head-tracking, in-stadium 
     lighting, night games, and improved player animations.

   - 1-8 players & dual shock/analog controller compatible.

   - Create and play in your own Cups and Leagues - select between 
     2 to 24 teams and apply a cup or league structure to test your 
     soccer skills. 

   - New Semi-Automatic goal keepers will allow you to tell the keeper 
     when to run out for the ball. 

   - Holland International Dennis Bergkamp will be featured in the box.


   - Button Functions
     D-Pad    : moves highlights through button.
     Start    : moves forward to next screen.
     Select   : moves back to previous screen.
     X        : select button & icons.
     R1 or R2 : move highlights between button & icon group.
     Triangle : ativates / de-acivates help text.

   - Match Select Screen : Go to the Match Select Screen to choose a game 
     mode, set options, edit teams, or load a saved game.

   - Options Menu : The Options Menu is comprised of 3 sections: Match 
     Options, Gameplay Options, and Audio/Visual Options. Select the tabs 
     on the right to go to the desired screen.

   - Match Options : Use this screen to set your match options, including 
     length of half, clock options, weather conditions, and more.

   - Gameplay Options : Use this screen to set the difficulty level and 
     set up rules on the field. Options include: Offsides, Injuries, 
     Referee Strictness, Substitutions, Fatigue, and more.

   - Audio/Visual Options : Sets your sound and screen options.


   - Friendly Match : A friendly match is a single match between 2 teams 
     of your choice. No cards, injuries, stats, or fouls carry over between 
     friendly matches. You can match up any team from any league to play 
     against each other.

   - Quick Start : a shortcut option to play the game directly without setting
     up anything. Default Manchester United vs Arsenal.

   - Golden Goal Matches : Instead of being a timed affair, teams play a set 
     goal total (1-10 goals). The team who scores the preset number of goals 
     first wins.

   - Training : Practice your skills in a custom, competitive area. Choose 
     your team then choose the scenario you'd like to practice.

     Training Scenario           Attack side              Defend side

     * Penalty Shootout          try to score         try to catch the ball
                               (as a kick taker)        (as a goal keeper)

     * Free Kick                 try to score         try to clears the ball
                              from any directions        from your area
     * Corners                   try to score         try to clears the ball
                               can use volleying         from your area
                                or bicycle kick

     * Training Match            try to score         try to clears the danger
                                  as usually                 & score

     * See the Movement List in playing the game section.

   - European Dream League : Take one of 20 of Europe's top clubs and compete
     throughout a whole season. Once you reach the end of the season, the top
     two teams from each group advance to a home and away Semi-Final series 
     with the winners meeting in the Finals.

   - Season Mode : Take control of a team in any one of 15 FIFA 99 league or 
     cup competitions. You can also create your own customized league or cup.

   - League : Choose from Belgium, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Italy, 
     Netherlands, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, and USA.
     * Custom League : Create your own league structure and choose teams.

   - Cup : Choose from 3 European Cups, champions cup, Uefa cup or Winners cup.
     * Custom Cup : Create your own Cup tournament and select the teams.


   - You can access the Team Management menu from the Match Select, Standings
     screen, or from the in-game menu. Use the In-Game Management to change 
     formations, positioning, and strategies on the fly.

   - Starting Lineup : to change the starting lineup or substitute players, 
     select the first player then select the second player and they are 
     automatically swapped. To toggle the pitch or field, select on the 
     field/table icon above.

   - Transfers : Buy or exchange player from another team .

   - Kick Takers : Select the player name next to the type of kick that you 
     wish to change. Select the name of the player you want to take the 


   - you can customize player appearances (hair color, skin color, etc), name
     team shirts, aggresion (calm or nutter), etc.
     Also you can build a player to excel at his position by changing 
     10 different skills or change his position, the skills are numbered 1-16
     the highest number mean the greater skill of your player. 
     Use the Save Changes Icon to save the changes. 

    To acces in game menu, during play press Start button
    a. Resume match     : resuming match.
    b. Instant reply    : reply your last action.
       Instant reply Hotkeys :
       Triangle   : Slow motion play (Hold).
       X          : Play normally.
       Square     : Rewind.
       O          : Forward.
       Select     : Change Camera
                    * Free Cam Hotkeys :
                      D-Pad : Move to all direction.
                      L1 & R1 : Zoom in & Zoom Out.
    c. Team Management  : Manage your team peformance
       - Substitution : substitute your tired or injury player.
       - Formation    : change formation or IGM formation.
       - Strategy     : change your strategy or IGM.
       - Positioning  : Change you player position.
       - Kick Takers  : Change your kick takers.

    d. Controller Select : change which team you're in.
    e. Option            : change option such as difficulty, game speed, enable
                           vibration, bookings, injuries, etc 
    f. Match Statistics  : info of game stats, ball posession percentage, etc
    g. Score summary     : info of the goalscorer in the match.
    h. Booking summary   : info of players who had booked during match.
    i. Restart match     : Restarting match, best way to play without wasting
                           time to loading a new game again.
    j. Quit match        : Quit match, are you sure ?
   a. Basic Moves/Offense
      Move                       : D-Pad
      Shoot                      : O
      Lob                        : Square
      Pass                       : X
      Acceleration               : Triangle (push it rapidly)
      Evade tackle/jump          : L1 
      Through Pass               : R1
      Skills                     : L2 or R2 (Hold it)
      Change IGM                 : Select
   b. Defense
      Switch Player              : X
      Slide tackle               : Square
      Tackle                     : O
      Intentional Foul           : L1 (very high risk of beiing booked)

   c. Heading (ball in the air)
      Header to goal             : O (hold + D-Pad)
      Head to teammate's head    : Square (hold + D-Pad)
      Head to teammate's feet    : X (hold + D-Pad)
   d. Volleying (ball in the air)
      Bicycle Kick               : O (2x)
      Volley to teammate's head  : Square (2x)
      Volley to teammate's feet  : X (2x)
   e. Skills 
      Fake Moves                 : L2 or R2 + D-Pad
      Rainbow Kick               : L2 + Square
      Lateral Left 		 : L2 + X
      Lateral Right         	 : R2 + X
      360 Spin Left		 : L2 + O
      360 Spin Right             : R2 + O
      Flick Over                 : R2 + Square
      Step Over Nutmeg           : L2 + R1
      Dive/Pretend to fall       : R2 + L1
      Double Step Over           : R2 + R1  
      * Hold the L2 or R2 button first then press the following button *

   f. Goalkeeper
      Keeper Charge              : R2
      Pick up ball 		 : L1
      Drop the ball              : Triangle
      Throw                      : Square or X
      Punt                       : O

   g. Deadball Position
      D-Pad                      : Shoot direction (left or right, high or low)
      Cycle View	         : R1
      Move target arrow          : D-Pad
      Ball follows arrow path    : O(to shoot), X(to pass), Square(to lob)
      Add ball spin left         : L2
      Add ball spin right        : R2

   h. Penalty Kick
      * Player *
      Target Shot                : D-Pad (8 direction)
      Switch kicking side        : Square
      Switch shooter             : X
      Shoot                      : O
      * Keeper *
      Move along line            : D-Pad
      Attempt Save               : O, X, Square

 9. Strategy

   - IGM : IGM is an automatic strategy you can control during play. Press
     Select to activate it. There are 3 kind of IGM. IGM 1 is the default
     formation, IGM 2 is ultra defensive formation, IGM 3 is all out attacking 
     formation. So you must learn when you should use IGM 1, 2, or 3.

   - You can make your own IGM formation, go to the formation option
     in the in game menu or team management option, but i think the default IGM
     formation is the best.

   - There are 4 in-game strategy you can control by combinating buttons
     they are :
     a. Offence strategy (your player handle the ball)
        - Hold L2+R2 then press triangle : tell your wingback to overlap to
                                           opponents left or right area.

        - Hold L2+R2 then press X        : tell your forward players to run
                                           pass through opponents defender.
                                           From here use R1 to through pass,
                                           beware of offside traps.

     b. Defence strategy (opponent's player handle the ball)
        - Hold L2+R2 then press square   : tell all your defender to move forward 
                                           (can be use as offside trap)

        - Hold L2+R2 then press O        : tell 2 of your players nearest the 
                                           ball to tackle the opponent's player
                                           who bring or handle the ball.
        * If you do it correctly the in game strategy " board " will appear.
  10. Tips & Tricks
   - First time you play the game maybe you'll be little confuse, hey ! 
     Where the hell is Ronaldo ? Actually Ronaldo is named A. CALCIO in
     Fifa'99 find him in Inter Milan or Brazil subtitute players 
     you can change his name in the player edit mode and then put him into
     Inter Milan or Brazil starting lineup. (his position is right forward)
     Don't forget to save it on your memory card.

   - Juventus, Inter, Manchester United, Arsenal are the best team to
     date with.

   - The flick over skills is used to pass through two or more opponent's

   - If you try to shoot from distance, after press O (shoot) quickly
     press L2 or R2, this will make the goalkeeper only block you kick
     so you'll awarded corner kick. It's more easily to score from here.

   - Try not to bring the ball alone, cause it's easy to tackle. Pass through
     all you players, make sure that you pass to the right direction.
     If you find it's hard to do, go to the practice section.

   - Evade Sliding tackle with L1 button. Learn to do it at the right time.

   - The Square button is using to slide tackle but it's kinda' risky of
     beeing booked. Learn to use circle button to tackle.

   - The R1 Button is use to through pass, but you can score with it 
     the accuracy is better than X button.
     When you go one on one against the goalkeeper press R1 + D-Pad.

   - If you play against the computer the best way to get the ball from them 
     is using tackle (not slide tackle)

   - Corner Kick is the best opportunity to score, so don't miss it.
     Cycle your view by pressing R1 then press X to switch players
     find your main striker (ec Ronaldo in Inter Milan) then try to do
     a bicycle kick, usually works.

   - Even Fifa'99 is now compatible with analog/dual shock controller,
     you can only fell the vibration when you're being tackle/slide tackle
     Using analog controller is also make the game being more difficult
     because it's harder to control your players (can't move as free as using 
     the common controller)

   - Every players has skills number, the highest number he has, the greater 
     skills he has (it numbered between 1-16)

   - Ronaldo, Alessandro Del Piero, Gabriel Batistuta, Dennis Bergkamp
     are the samples of the player who has higher speed & technique.

      Player's attributes are rating from 1-16 that explain a player's ability
      the higher his number the greater skills he had.

      Spd : Speed = If you have players in a team that has 11+ skills of speed
                    the team's speed rating also will be raised, so try to find
                    player that has great speed in your bench.

      Spw : Shoot Power = Explain that if your player has high spw number, if
                          he shoot in the penalty area, even if you didn't push
                          any direction, usually he can score.

      Sac : Shoot Accuracy = Tells you that the accuracy of the player's shooting
                             is good as long as you use D-Pad to aim the 9 area
                             of the goal. Here i'll give you the description.

     I 1             2             3 I  O.k, that is a goal, the number shows you
     I                               I  the direction. 1 : Top left, 2 : Top Center,
     I                               I  3 : Top Right, 4 : Left, 5 : Center, 6 : right,
     I 4             5             6 I  7 : Low Left, 8 : Low Center, 9 : Low Right area.
     I                               I
     I                               I  I assumed that your area is left and you attack
     I 7             8             9 I  right. 

     This are the joystick button map :
     1 2 3     For example to shoot to #1 area press 3 + O, do you get it ?
     4 5 6     2 = 6 + O, 3 = 9 + O, 4 = 2 + O, 5 = O, 6 = 8 + O, 7 = 3 + X or R1,
     7 8 9     8 = 6 + X or R1, 9 = 9 + X or R1. Easy isn't it. Brrrl !!

      Accel = show how fast your player run if you push Triangle rapidly.
      Tackle = The highest number means, easy to tackling & low risk of booked.
      Hdacc : Heading Accuracy = accuracy of your player's heading.

      BCtrl : Ball Control = try to see it by hold L2 or R2 then press D-Pad,
                             if the ball out of control, the BCtrl must be low.

      Agility = show how great your player skills moves. See the Playing the game
                section to know the movement buttons.

      Fitness = Show how good is your player's stamina, the tired player move slow.

      Creativity = show how creative your player, you can see in the skill moves, or
                   try to dive/ pretend to fall, usually works.

      Aggression = Show your player's aggressive play, calm or nutter.
  12. MUSIC
   Since Fifa'98 which come with Blur : Song 2 and World Cup 98 with
   Chumbawumba : Thumbthumping, Fifa'99 come with more great soundtrack.
   Check the music credit below or visit http://www.astralwerks.com
   to listen via internet in Real Audio format.
   Written by F. Slim, John Winford Terr and John Barry (c) 1998 
   Polygram International  Publishing Ltd., Robbins Music Corp.and 
   Gold Forever Music Inc.administered by MCA Performed by Fatboy Slim
   Recording courtesy of Astralwerks under license from Skint Records.
   Written by Justin Robertson Published by Reverb Music Ltd
   Performed by Lion Rock (P) 1998 BMG Entertainment International 
   UK & Ireland Limited Taken from the album "City Delirious".
   Written and composed by Marvin Beaver (c) 1997 Marvin Beaver
   Reproduced and published by kind permission of Sherlock Holmes Music Ltd.
   Performed by Dylan Rhymes(P) 1996 Junior Recordings Limited
   Recording courtesy of Junior Boys Own .
   Written and composed by Scott Hardkiss (c) 1997 Chrysalis Music Ltd.
   All Publishing rights in the United States and Canada administered 
   by Chrysalis Music (ASCAP)International Copyright Secured.  All Rights Reserved.
   Performed by God Within Recording under license from Hardkiss.
   GOTTA LEARN (Dub Pistols Sick Junkey Remix)
   Written by Massimo Bonaddio and Dan Carey (c) Rumour Records Limited
   Published by Complete Music Limited and Rumour Music Publishing
   Performed by DanMass(P) 1997 Rumour Music/Complete Music
   Recording under license from Rumour Records Limited.
   PASSION (Harley Mix)
   Written by Brian Natonski (c) 1998 Astralwerks Published by Fatal Data
   Performed by Gearwhore(P) 1998 Astralwerks Licensed courtesy of Astralwerk.

   This is my first FAQs, so i'm really sorry if there is any mistaken. 
   I'm very busy in work, so if you find that i update this FAQs very
   often that's because i only have a few times to type this FAQs.
   I hope this FAQs will help you mastered Fifa'99 as much as i do.

   I would like to thanks to :
   - my friends : Ufuk Saputra, Julianto, Benny Gunawan, & Frans for the tips
                  & time they spare to become my sparring partner for Fifa'99.

   - Gamefaqs   : For keeping this FAQs & help me find the way out if i got
                  stuck in playing some RPGs. Keep up the good work !

   - EA Sports  : For developing this great soccer game but maybe you guys
                  must fix "something" here because i find that play Fifa'99
                  is not as fun as play Konami's Int'l Superstar Soccer 1998.
                  (Fifa'99 need more concentration & very serious game)

   - All of you who has use this FAQs as your reference.

                   * Stephan Lee ([email protected]) *

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