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When will Ike become a Hero?
He doesnt-he becomes a Lord in Chapter 18

All my people dies attacking the Blck Knight in chap. 11 what do i do?????
The only time youll be able to not Die is in chap. 27

Boyd and Oscar SUCK! what do i do???
Train them of course!

Do i Have to use mist and rolf???
No but they are a really good addition to your party...if you train them...

All my units SUCK!!!! What do I do?
Bonus EX of course-easy way to leval up people like mist or rolf

How long will it take to beat this game????
matters...if you do what i do and leave your game on for like 3 hours with out
saving-about 80 hours is how it turns out...but really about 30 40 hours...

will i be able yo beat this in a day?
i guess-if you dont eat,drink or go to the restroom-ya might in 24 hours...
but i wouldnt try...

Oscar(just random name happens for anyone) died-when will he come back-
he died-do people come back from the dead??????never-you will never see him again...

SOREN SUCKS!What do i do?
Ttain him as hard as hell-hes good as a mage-but even better as a sage-also pick
staff over knife when he does chang...

My whole party wont come to the feild!!!!What do i do?
Nothing-its sopposed to be like that-12 13 10 is about how much you can ussually take...

Ikes leval 20 and he wont gain EX-hes a rager still so what happened to Lord????????
CHAPTER 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(read above)

Is Titania sopposed to be almost indestructable or is that  glitch???
Not a glitch-shes like Seth from SS-except whe uses axes and lances...

Is there Great Knight in the PoR game?
NO!!!!!!! Each charector only has one class change-or even none...


Dark magic?

Light magic?
(finally) YES!

I got cought in chap ten...does it really matter?
Yes-you have to fight more people AND you dont get like 800 bonus EX

What!?!?!?! my charactor went back to leval one!!!!!!
Its a class change you Idiot...

How do i kno how much my attack will do?
MT on battle menu...the X means how many times he will attck
Shinon          Ike
Iron Bow      Steele Sword
-           MT     13X2
-           HIT     100
-           Crit      26
HIT=Hit percentage
CRIT=Critacal hit Ratio
I think thats the whole battle menu...

Did you read the last FAQ?

Volke cant use a steele sword!!!!!
this isnt SS guys-its PoR
theives use knives...DUH!

When will i get a dragon?
I wont explaine much but after you kill(or Nasir kills)the black knight-if YOU kill
him you get Nasir-if Nasir kills him you get Ena...

Can i reset the game from my controler?
Yep-pressX+B+start at the same time to go to the start screen!
It keeps your lazy ass on your couch-and no fuckin credits to look at!

Are there any SS chaactors in PoR?
Hmmm..Magvel and Tellius...Totaly diff. continents-So no...

Are there any cheats for PoR?
HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!Did SS have any?

Are there any glitches?
HELL NO!!!!!!!

I cant find PoR for Xbox or PS2!!!!!!!!!!
Duh-thats cuz it only comes out on the GCN...

Can you give me a walktrhu on wat to do?
I can-but i wont...

How many FE games are there?
2 in american release-another will come for the WII
ive no clue how many in Japan...

What games would you recomend that relate to PoR?
Any ledgend of zelda game-oblivion-...Ill think on that one...

What games would you sugest if i wanted some good ol fighting?
4 words for ya-Super Smash Bros. Melee

I dont have a GCN-what games would you recomend for PS2/Xbox?
Honesly i dont kno...((but hockey games are always fun-just check the shit out of em
and youll have fun))

What comp. games relate to PoR?
Oblivion-World of Warcraft-Star Wars Galaxies-Runescape-Adventure Quest
the only in there that you have to buy are Oblivion and World of Warcraft and Galixies...

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