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*** Forsaken - the FAQ ***
Author: marshmallow 
E-mail Address: [email protected]

I'm just plain exhausted! I'm starting this right after finishing my 
Bomberman Hero one, which took me darn near forever to complete, it was 
such a long game. This game, Forsaken, it really am A+ title. Sure, the 
one player mode may be above average, almost hitting A, but what really 
pushes it over the edge is it's awesome four player deathmtach mode! 
Woohoo! What fun!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
- Version 1.0 -

Revision History: 

June 15th - I added tons of cheats thanks to Cheat Code Central, and I 
mainly changed the layout of the rest of the FAQ. Nothing major other 
than the cheats.
March 9th - Well, I spellchecked the entire thing with my new 
Spellchecker. New things? Changed font. Anything else? No :)

December 22nd - Original release

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

1) Story
2) Items
3) Enemies
4) Bosses
5) Levels
6) Multiplayer Tips
7) F.A.Q
8) Codes *NEW*
9) Credits *
10) Legal Stuff *
11) Farewell/Final Notes

An "*" will appear next to the sections that have been updated as of 
June 15th, 1999.

1) Story

This is straight from the manual:

The Terran system; the birthplace of humanity. Once one of the most 
peaceful and prosperous areas of the galaxy, it now lies derelict after 
a dangerous experiment went catastrophically wrong. For the better part 
of three decades, Earth had rested smugly knowing in the knowledge that 
no force, alien, or otherwise, could possibly penetrate it's defenses.

The Imperial Theocracy, ruling council of the multi-verse, had permitted 
Earth's installation of the Mechanoid Defense System (MDF). Based within 
a huge, menacing, 5-level repository known to the natives a Babalas, the 
self-repairing MDF was an awesome array of defense satellites, orbital 
minefields, and computer controlled defense systems guarding important 
sites, patrolling the space lanes and keeping the planet free from space 
vermin who inexorably worked their way through the system.

However, despite such ostentatious measures, in the year 2113, Earth's 
nemesis came from within...

For many years, particle physicists at Earth's Central Scientific 
Research Facility delved deeper and deeper into the very fabric of 
matter itself, unraveling layer after layer of subatomic. A dedicated 
team worked night and day in an attempt to seize the impossible. After 
eight long years - a breakthrough; they discovered the means by which 
they could manipulate matter at  its most basic level. The potential 
could revolutionize human life, providing countless high-technology 
spin-offs, including the creation of tiny fusion clusters that could 
keep a sun burning for close to 100 billion years.

Unfortunately, in their first great experiment into the unknown, they 
made an error they'd regret for the rest of their short, arrogant lives. 
The consequences of their actions soon became apparent, as an 
uncontrollable fusion reaction ripped through the central power network 
and communications infrastructure, sending a stream of unsolicited data 
into the heart of the MDF mainframe. The system, unable to cope with the 
immense stresses of a trillion errors, did the only thing it could: it 
turned its defenses Earthwards and fired.

The Earth lay in ruin. Almost torn from it's orbital axis, the shattered 
planet was no more than a lifeless husk, devoid of atmosphere and bathed 
in the searing radiation of the sun. Within a few short days, all life, 
human or otherwise, had bee completely extinguished.

News of the disaster soon reached the High Councilors of the Imperial 
Theocracy. An investigation into the disaster began in earnest, while a 
major salvage operation was initiated by Theocracy Troops. Anything 
considered valuable was removed and sites warranting further study were 
left heavily guarded by what remained of the Mechanical Defense Force. 
Unknown to the Theocracy, the MDF Mainframe's first priority was to 
repair itself, re-enforce the Babalas fortress, and manufacture 
thousands of new defense units for immediate deployment.

Several months later, the dead system was classified 'Condemned' and 
considered up for loot. Every bounty hunter, mercenary, fortune seeker 
and free-loading scum in the galaxy suddenly gained the unwritten right 
to raid the dead system and take anything the Theocracy didn't want - 
and that included the MDF. Enraged by this decision, the five commanders 
of the MDF vowed to exact revenge on the Theocracy and their pitiful 
race. Claiming the Earth as their own, the MDF units were subsequently 
re-programmed with a new list of directives. The first directive was to 
annihilate, without question, any humanoid lifeforms. Shoot first and 
ask questions later was not only their mantra - it was now their 

The first few scavengers who dared visit the Earth were slaughtered in a 
bloodbath of epic proportions. Rather than publicize the fact that the 
Earth was now an immense death-trap, the Theocracy actively encouraged 
more mercenaries to visit the planet - to them, it was a quick and easy 
way to rid the solar system of villainous scum. The planet of their 
forefathers had become nothing more than a huge waste-disposal system.

Troubled by a surge of conscience and overwhelmed by the flagrant 
disregard of human life demonstrated by his fellow council members, the 
Grand Councilor of the Theocracy decided to put a covert operation 
together, an operation which would take the participants deep into the 
heart of the MDF. Code-named 'Forsaken', those valiant enough to take up 
the challenge were furnished with fuel, supplies, basic weapons, and 
schematics to allow safe passage past the incredible firepower of the 
outer defenses. 

The rewards of success would be plentiful. The price of failure would be 

It was Earth's last hope.

You now become one of the ruthless mercenaries. Astride your anit-grav 
pioncycle, you prepare to brave the now abandoned settlements of Earth, 
battle the ruthless mechanoid adversaries of the MDF in a bid to make 
your fortune, dispose of rival gangs of bounty hunters, and ultimately 
infiltrate the Babalas fortress and destroy the commanders lurking 

Or perhaps you may simply raise your renown to that of the truly 

2) Items


Pulsar - This is your weapon by default, so of course it's quite weak at 
first. At the start of any battle, one player or four, immediately look 
for other weapons and/or a Power Pod (See Below). It shoots green balls 
of plasma.

Trojax - Probably the best gun to have in the one player mode, almost 
useless in Multiplayer. It shoots a purplish-blue circle which explodes 
on impact. This can be made 10 X as possible by charging it up, but it 
takes to long and if you miss you just wasted your time.

Suss-Gun - This gun has it's own special ammo (See Below), so you may 
want to save it for special occasions. Suss-gun sacrifices accuracy for 
dozens of machine-gun like bullets spraying everywhere, but it is still 
an awesome gun to have. Great against multiple opponents, especially in 

Transpulse - I hate this gun, but it is quite interesting. Firing it 
will cause a large, red, boomerang shaped object to eject out of the gun 
and go ricocheting off walls, the ground, and other various objects 
(except ships and items). The bullets also seem to be 'smart', because 
firing it will make it go towards the nearest threat, which makes it 
particularly handy for shooting around corners!

Beam Laser - Nice weapon if you can find it, this weapon fires two blue 
lasers in a straight line. It's effects are instant, no matter how far 
away, so if you have relatively good aim (i.e. getting the ships inside 
the cursor...) you should be able to cause a lot of damage with this. 
Too bad it's so rare. Just be careful not to shoot it too much, or it 
will overheat and not function properly. You can remedy this by shooting 
in controlled bursts, however.


Note: Yeah, primary weapons are nice, but in Multiplayer, you'll bed 
doing 80% of the damage with these!

Mug - This is your basic missile, and start each mission/battle with a 
few of these. They are fast, and somewhat powerful, but they have no 
homing capability. In other words, it's accuracy entirely depends on 
your aim. No suggested to be used against small, quick objects.

Scatter - This purple trail rocket does damage ships, but it's main 
feature is the fact that when it hits a ship, it will lose all of it's 
items! Use this to steal items from other players/enemies. It does home 
in, but if it doesn't 'see' anything in a few seconds it will just go in 
a straight path.

Multiple Fire Rocket Launcher (MFRL) - This is a great item, but not 
against small, quick targets. You get about 50 snub-noses missiles 
(which, according to the manual, is a "smaller variant of the Mug 
Missile with enhanced propulsion") per MFRL, so you can just keep 
tapping the fire button and watch your nemeses go bye bye. Again, you 
have to have good aim.

Solaris - Ah! Finally, a heat-seeking rocket with a large war-head! This 
one does a really good job of tracking opponents, as it goes around 
corners, hills, and just about everything else. It only has enough fuel 
for about 1000 feet, though.

Gravgon - This is a highly unique weapon...upon detonation, a large 
gravity well opens up. As you may or may not know, the tracks are anti-
grav...Ding! This means that anything near it will be sucked in and be 
sitting ducks for anyone on the outside. And yes, if you are in one, you 
can shoot outwards. 

Titan - AKA Nuclear Bomb. The rocket may be slow (slowest in the game), 
but the resulting explosion will wipe everyone 100 feet near it into the 
dirt, including you if you're not careful! Very powerful indeed, great 
for Multiplayer Mode...it kills instantly.

Purge Mine - Just a mine. Don't mistake it for a power-up...doesn't do 
much damage. Can be destroyed when fired at.

Quantum Mine - Basically just a floating Titan :) In Multiplayer Mode, 
if you're real desperate, set this down and when someone comes, blow it 

Pine Mine - In Multiplayer Mode, this can be one of your best friends! 
They are really stationary missile launchers, and will shoot at the 
enemies, and will ignore whoever set it down. Best way to use them is to 
get into a room with one entrance and crowd it around the entrance. 
Woohoo! Bloody it shall be.


Power Pod - These will make all of your Primary Weapons more powerful, 
have better fuel supply, and even make it easier to aim with. And it 
also mixes weapons, so two can be firing at once! You can carry up to 
two at once...no bike should be without 'em!

Golden Power Pod - This rare pod offers unlimited ammo, an awesome 
measurement of power, infinite Nitros, and mixes all of the guns 
currently held...for a short time, of course.

Shield Overdrives - This will boost your shields when low!

Nitro - This will make your bike twice as fast, allowing you to speed 
away from danger and such. There's only enough fuel for about 20 
seconds, so use it wisely.

Stealth Mantle - Basically, you can't be seen or heard.

Orbital Pulsar - Up to four of these can be circling you bike, and what 
do they do you ask? Well, they boost weapon powers, and also fire their 
guns at enemies, too! Sorta like mixing weapons.

Resnic Reanimator - I could go into a detailed, complicated description 
of this like the manual but I won't. It's a 1-up.

Chaos Shield - The rarest item of all gives you invincibility for about 
a minute! No known weapon can penetrate it.

3) Enemies


Snub Turret - These floor mounted turrets have a slow tracking rate, but 
once it spots you and locks on; look out! 

Pulse Turret - This one has a military laser (a red laser which is fired 
in controlled bursts to avoid overheating. Strongest enemy laser in the 
game...very painful) as it's gun. Although it is actually, for lack of a 
better word, dumb. It even fires when friendly (for them) bots are in 
the way! If you can get behind it won't be able to hit you.

Dual Turret - This is a pain...double military laser with 360 degrees of 
turning! Just take them out as quickly as you possibly can.

Beam Turret - Hard to see because of it's camouflage, these powerful 
(strength-wise) fire military lasers at you. A little dumb, but still a 

Missile Turret - This is, without a doubt, the most powerful turret in 
the game! It fires homing missiles at you with amazing speed and 
accuracy and they seem even faster than a Solaris! The only con it has 
is that it has slow tracking...no, it won't accidentally shoot it's 


Mek Ton - This is just a tank with a 360 degree axis on it's turret...It 
fires small, rainbow colored balls of plasma at you. Nothing to worry 

Legz - Originally designed as a scavenger, it is now a small robot that 
walks on two legs! It has a small missile turret on it's body, but it 
can rotate it's body around...in another words, it can shoot you 
wherever you are.

Snub Bot - An advanced version of the Mek Ton, this one has two Snub 
Missile launchers! Deadly by themselves, almost impossible when in 

Laz Bot - This one is just off of the design boards, there are very few 
of these...which is a good thing. They have a singly military laser and 
will relentlessly pulverize you with it! 


Fodder - These are the goombas of Forsaken, as they are present in every 
stage, and also travel in groups of three to four. They have a single 
pulsar gun, but don't have a good aim. Very erratic patterns...

Swarm - Always traveling in groups, these airplane shaped enemies are 
painfully persistent, and shoot lasers at you. Hard to hit, they're so 

Shade - Ouch! A large military laser armed bot, they will follow you to 
no end while shooting. They may be slow, but are highly maneuverable.

Airmobil - Armed with an infinite amount of Gravgon Missiles, they will 
shoot you with them and other bots will come in and finish you off.

Suppressor - Nice name, but pretty weak. It has two military laser, but 
it has awful AI and has poor aim.

Levitank - These floating ships have large amounts of firepower on 
board, but they are very slow and lack intelligence, so they should not 
be a threat.

Hunter - The ultimate machines, these are fast, can turn on a dime, 
highly intelligent, travel in groups, and have a strong military laser. 
Just give up and let them shoot you...=)

4) Bosses

Description: A large, white, shiny spider robot that drops down from the 
ceiling and shoots machine gun fire at you. Strafe around the room and 
shoot missiles and lasers at him at the same time.

Meta Tank:
Description: A large, floating battleship that fires many homing 
missiles at you at the same time. Go in with full health and missiles 
and pulverize him with everything you got! Those missiles are tough, but 
don't get caught up trying to shoot them down. Concentrate on the boss. 
Sometimes he can't hit you if you go underneath him.

Man Mek:
Description: A strange looking, yellow robot that fires electrical beams 
at you from it's arms. It also has a missile launcher located in a place 
that would make perverts like me laugh for five minutes straight...When 
you see it, launch the Titan missile at it and then pound it with every 
missile, laser, and weapon you have. After seconds of this, Man Mek's 
energy will almost be to zero, but you can not destroy it at this point 
in time.

A-Force 1:
Description: A large, stationary platform that fires missiles and lasers 
at you. Even more difficult because of the four lasers in the 
room...Ignore them and concentrate on A-Force 1, because when you defeat 
him the mission is over. Go in only when you have high shields and a 
decent hull, because this one is mean! 

Description: A small ship...basically. It starts in a docking bay area, 
and after you destroy the turrets, it will go to a circling corridor and 
fly around a big circle, laying mines and bombs. I suggest you follow 
behind him and fire the Transpulse, because they lock on to him and 
always hit. Like Man Mek, you can not kill him in this mission.

Description: A small yellow bot with small cannons...this is a boss? 
You'll prolly kill it, thinking it was an enemy for crying out loud! 

Description: A yellow hoverbike that flies around, it will shoot lasers 
and mines at you. Just strafe and shoot.

Meta Tank 2:
Description: See the original Meta Tank.

Description: Like Nutta, except white. Use the same stragedy.

Description: See above

Description: See above...if you have the Scatter Missile, use it to get 
the item right away! >:)

Description: See above.

Description: Ah, something new for a change. This looks like a suped up 
legz, with missile launchers AND laser beams. Strafe as much as 
possible, because this one will be firing at you constantly.

Safety Comp:
Description: A large mechanical device with an eye that opens up. Shoot 
it in the eye...

Description: A bouncing red robot equipped with scatter missiles! 
Collect all the weapons you can and get in a corner, now if you get hit 
with a scatter missile your stuff won't go far. After a few hits it'll 

Description: Yet another hoverbike...except this time you have the Titan 
Missile! Muahahah!

Man Mek:
Description: He's baaaccckkk! Shoot him with your Titan Missile and 
other weapons until he starts to run away, follow him to a room with two 
switches. Hit them both and Man Mek will be squished under the 
floor...very satisfying =)

Maldroid 2:
Description: Kill him!

Description: Um...yeah, he's back, too. Shoot him until he starts to 
retreat and go away. He'll go through a large room, and finally pass a 
switch. Hit the switch, and with some luck, He'll be crushed! If not, 
try again when he comes back.

Description: Back for more, I see. Use the same tactics as before, but 
after she's almost dead she'll move onto a pedestal in the middle of the 
room. Go below, avoiding her barrage of shots, and activate the four 
switches that will lower her into the bath of acid...Glee!

5) Levels

Check out the official Nintendo site (www.nintendo.com) for this. It's a 
lot better than I could do, since it's so...er...detailed ;)

6) Multiplayer Tips

1. Dart! Don't just stand still...fly everywhere! Up, down, sideways...

2. Whoever gets the Titan shall prevail...unless they aim it wrong :)

3. Solarises are _good_

4. Don't stay in one place too long

5. Use Pine Mines as much as possible, except on Max Frags because you 
won't get the point.

6. If wounded, near death, take them all down with you!

7. Memorize the level's location

8. Quantum mines are quite useful in narrow shafts...

9. Use your GE007 Tactics

10. Stop reading this.

7) F.A.Q

Q: I was shooting my weapons, when all of the sudden they just slowed 
down! I mean, it still fired, but just barely. What happened?

A: Primary Weapons, like all of them, run on ammo. When you run out, it 
can still fire, but just barely. Look for more ammo!


Q: How do you defeat ?

A: Well, either check out the Boss Section or find it's blind spot. This 
is where it just won't be able to fire at you...though, this does not 
always work.


Q: I keep hearing about higher difficulties...what's with that?

A: Beat the first level in under some time and you go on a different 
path, kinda like Star Fox, except when you start on a path, you STAY 


Q: What's the best bike to use?

A: Well, the PC version does have the abilities of each bike graphed out 
(sorta like in Extreme G), but strangely, this is mysteriously absent 
from the N64 version. To answer your question, I like to use Earl Sleek. 
He's rather fast, and well...sleek :)


Q: I always kill myself with the Titan...tips?

A: Well, the best way to fire it is to make sure your relatively still! 
Of course, you don't always have this opportunity, but you should if you 
"don't want to kill yourself." Also, make sure no one is shooting at 
you. If someone hits it, BOOM! You die instantly. Your main problem may 
that you're too close to the blast...try getting a bit farther, okay?

8) Codes

These codes are not my responsibility, they were obtained from Cheat 
Code Central. Therefore, if they do not work or are incorrect, complain 
to THEM, not to me. Thank you. Also, before using these, make sure you 
can beat the levels, because using these codes would spoil the fun.


When "Press Start" appears on the opening screen, or while the game is 
paused, press A, R, Z, Up(2), C-Up, C-Down(2). If you entered the code 
correctly, the phrase "Missions Open" will appear. Then, any level and 
battle mode may now be selected.


When "Press Start" appears on the opening screen, or while the game is 
paused, press A, Z(2), Up, Left, Left-C(2), Down-C.


When "Press Start" appears on the opening screen, or while the game is 
paused, press A, R, Z, Right, C-Up, C-Right, C-Down(2).


When "Press Start" appears on the opening screen, or while the game is 
paused, press B(2), Z, Left(2), C-Up, C-Left, C-Right.


When "Press Start" appears on the opening screen, or while the game is 
paused, press B, L(2), Z, Up, Down, C-Up(2).


When "Press Start" appears on the opening screen, or while the game is 
paused, press A, B, L, Up(2), C-Up(2), C-Right.


When "Press Start" appears on the opening screen, or while the game is 
paused, press L, Z, Left, Right, Down(2), C-Down(2).


When "Press Start" appears on the opening screen, or while the game is 
paused, press Up(4), Right, Down, C-Left(2).


When "Press Start" appears on the opening screen, or while the game is 
paused, press B(3), L, R, Left, Down(2). -From: [email protected]


When "Press Start" appears on the opening screen, or while the game is 
paused, press R, Z, Right(2), C-Up, C-Left, C-Right, C-Down. -From: 
[email protected]


When "Press Start" appears on the opening screen, or while the game is 
paused, or while the game is paused, press A, R, Left, Right, Down, C-
Up, C-Left, C-Down.


When "Press Start" appears on the opening screen, or while the game is 
paused, press L(2), R, Z, Left, Right, C-Up, C-Right.


When "Press Start" appears on the opening screen, or while the game is 
paused, press B(2), R, Up, Left, Down, C-Up, C-Left. If you entered the 
code correctly, the phrase "Got it" will be spoken and a message will 


When "Press Start" appears on the opening screen, or while the game is 
paused, press Z, Down, C-Up, C-Left(4), C-Down. If you entered the code 
correctly, the phrase "Gore mode" will be spoken and you will hear a 


There are eight hidden characters in the game: Septre, Ex-Cop, Jo, 
Nubia, Cerbero, Mephistofun, HK-5, and Dr Nepenthe (Nutta). Find and 
kill them in normal game play or on one of the eight battle mode levels. 
Then, the corresponding character will become available on the Biker 
selection screen.


When the first screen appears, press the reset button. When the game 
restarts, press Start to skip the series of opening screens, which takes 

9) Credits

= = = = = = = = = 

Nintendo: Their system...

Acclaim/Probe: The developers....

Internet Sites
= = = = = = = = = = = = 
Nintendo Power : For the name of the bosses.

Cheat Code Central : Take Gamesages and then add N64cc, 
and what do you have? The largest cheat collection you could possibly 
imagine. That's where all of those codes came from.

10) Legal Stuff

You may freely distribute this FAQ as long as the following terms are 
1) The version you are taking is from gamefaqs.com
2) You give me credit
3) It is shown in it's full version
4) This fine print is included
5) It will not be used to gain a profit by ways of selling or bartering
6) You update it as I update it. I can not be bothered to send everyone 
the newest version, it would simply take WAY too long. And besides, I'm 
too busy (i.e. lazy). 

You may put it into HTML if you wish, but the above conditions must be 
met. It can be "broken into pieces" when in HTML as long as the text 
remains untampered, unaltered, unpirated, and just plain left alone 
(except for color stuff, bold, links, or whatever, but that's not 
changing the meaning). 

This document is copyrighted (c) 1999 marshmallow 
All Rights Reserved  

11) Farewell/Final Notes

I'm tired. So I'll just cut this section short...whheeehee!

The lazy one has spoken!

                              - marshmallow -

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