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Frogger 2 GBC
Version 1.2
Written By: Ikillkenny ([email protected])

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction To This FAQ
Chapter 2: Gameplay
Chapter 3: Walkthrough
Chapter 4: FAQs
Chapter 5: Credits

Chapter 1: Introduction To This FAQ

Section 1: Frogger History

	Frogger, back in "the day", was as much of an arcade figure head as Pacman was
(heck, he even had his own Buckner and Garcia song).  He has his own arcade
game where he would dilligently try to get across a bustling metropolis highway
full with motoring commuters who wouldn't let anything stand in their way (not
even our cool little Frogger.)  As time grew on, and the first era of video
gaming went under, people forgot about Frogger.  But when retro fever struck in
1996 Frogger was reborn on the playstation and pc.  This time he was in full
3D, and he did a lot more than just cross the road and save his fellow frogs
(this time he's cross roads *and* go up hills to save his fellow frogs.) 
Anyways, the game was mildly sucessful, so a sequel was released.  The sequel,
like the originial, also spawned a Game Boy version.  This FAQ covers the
gameboy version of Frogger 2, called Frogger 2 GBC.

Section 2: FAQ History

Version 1.2
Started: February 4th, 2001
Finished: February 4th, 2001
--Finished Walkthrough through World 5

Version 1.1
Started: January 31st, 2001
Finished: February 3rd, 2001
--Finished Walkthrough Up to World 4

Version 1.0
Started: January 30th, 2001
Finished: January 31st, 2001
--First Version of this FAQ
--Walkthrough up to World 3

Chapter 2: Gameplay

Section 1: Introduction

	The most fun thing about all of the Frogger games is the addicting gameplay. 
This is because back in "the day" (again) gameplay was all that mattered in a
game, because the graphics and sound had quite a few limitations.  The general
purpose of Frogger is to get your character from the beginning to the end in
the shortest ammount of time possible.  However, as the times change, so does
Frogger.  So, in Frogger 2 GBC one must also collect gems to restore his or her
time and earn more bonus points.

Section 2: Controls

	The controls in Frogger 2 are very, very, very simple.  They're your standard
idiot controls, meaning up is up, down is down, and the A and B buttons
generally don't do too much.  But, in case you're having trouble figuring them
out, here are the controls for Frogger 2 GBC:

Hop In Any Direction: D-Pad
Talk To The Helper Frog: A Button
Pause: The Start Button
Advance In Menus: Start Button
Go Back In Menus: Select Button

	And there you are.  Simple, eh?

Section 3: New Stuff

	Each level will have atleast one flag that you can get to continue from if you
die (so that you dont' have to go all the way back to the start of the level if
you die.)  However, don't recklessly go for a flag, as a dead frog isn't worth
nearly as much as a live on in the same position.

	Also, gems are avalible to get for highscore purposes.  If you are able to get
all 15 gems in a level, you'll be rewarded with additional time and points.

	Plus, you can get helpful hints from the blue frog in the various levels by
pressing A when you're over him.  Of course, you shouldn't need any of those
tips if this author has anything to do with it.

Chapter 3: Walkthrough

Section 1: Main Walkthrough

	Here's the meat and bones of this FAQ.  In this walkthrough you'll
(eventually) have everything you need to know about beating the single player
version of this game.  If you find anything in this FAQ to be incorrect, please
give me a hollar (please don't hollar, use email) at [email protected] 
I'll do my best to respond within 12 hours of a question being asked.

	The first thing you'll want to do is to turn on your gameboy (no crap.) 
Choose the game you'd like to play, and enter a name for it (or, if you're a
guest, use the guest function.)  Then you'll want to go to the Play option. 
Here's where the game begins.  Each time you begin a level you'll get a short
introduction.  Some of these are humorous (most are not.)  The first world that
you'll be playing is the Frog Pond.  This level acts very much like the classic
arcade levels with slightly upgraded graphics (and the courses are a little
longer.)  Here you'll encounter the Frogger trademark of cars, logs, snakes,
and water.

	As a Frog you're unable to actually swim, so you must avoid falling in the
water at all costs.  You also, naturally, don't want to be run over by a truck.
 Other baddies include snakes and turtles that go under water.  If you're
scared about a turtle, wait it out.  There will defantly not be a sinking
turtle after a previous sinking turtle.  Of course, since you can't go off the
screen, you'll need to jump even if you're not sure at the last minute.

Level 1: The little frogs wandered across the pond.  You better go look for
Comments: This level is pretty easy, even for the new player.  You just need to
cross about 2 sections of cars and brave only about 2 sectinos of pond.  Plus,
the cars are slow, and there are no snakes to be found.  The turtles don't even
go underwater!  Just don't be foolish and lose a live early in here.
Flag Location(s): The flag is located in the middle of two ponds.
Gems: Comming soon!

Level 2:
Comments: Again, nothing too hard.  The highway crossings are a little longer,
but there aren't actually any water sections in this level.
Flag Location(s): Right after the first highway crossing.
Gems: Comming soon!

Level 3: Watch out for the Wall O' Dozers.
Comments: This level gets a little harder, as there are now snakes in it. 
Plus, you start right next to water, so you may accidently jump in (I
frequenlty do this.)  The "Wall O' Dozers" is the first highway, which is right
after your first river crossing.  It's nothing real bad, just a lot of slow
moving bull dozers.
Flag Location(s): After the "Wall O' Dozers."
Gems: Comming soon!
Other: A 1-Up is located after the first flag on an isolated lilly pad on the
left.  Watch out, it can be hard to get off of this lilly pad alive.

Level 4: There's been an oil spill. Who's slide are you on?
Comments: Wow, this is a really easy level.  The oil spills warned by the intro
are nothing, you just automaticly slip forward when you step onto the oil. 
There's only like 2 or 3 highways in this one, and the only problem might be
the snakes.
Flag Location(s): None!
Gems: Comming soon!

Level 5: Oh no!  Someone must have a flat tire.  I hear lots of hissing.
Comments: Obviously the hissing is from snakes, who aren't that much of a
problem in this level.  They're at their worse on the logs where they'll travel
real fast in one direction.  Try to get on the logs when they're moving at a
slow pace, and then get off quickly.  The highway crossing in this level can be
semi-annoying, and don't get killed by those snakes at the end of the level!
Flag Location(s): Right after the first highway crossing.
Gems: Comming soon!

Level 6: How come all the other frogs know how to swim?
Comments: This level is decently hard, because of the turtles at the end of the
level that go underwater all at the same time.  Before that there will be
several isolated and grouped lilly pads that you'll need to cross to get on to
the small moving logs.  You can grab an easy one-up in this level if you're low
on lives.  Once you get towards the end, watch out for the drowning turtles! 
Get on and off as quickly as possible, and only get on when the frogs just come
up from being underwater.
Flag Location(s): On a lily pad about 1/2 through the level.
Gems: Comming soon!
Other: A 1-Up is located before the flag on an isolated island.

Level 7: Welcome to the treasure room.  Check out all the diamonds.
Comments: The goal of this level, as opposed to the previous ones, is to
collect all of the gems.  This isn't too bad, as the gems are in an easy to get
to location.  The most annoying part about the level is the conveyer belt where
the firey pits will kill your poor frog if they come in contact with him.  So,
make sure you have a good bit of room if you're going to change belts.  Once
you finish go back to where you started to finish.
Flag Location(s): Right after the first highway crossing.
Gems: Comming soon!

	The next world up is called The Gator King's Layer.

Level 8: This place looks dangerous.  I hear rumbling, and it's not my stomach.
Comments: The 'crossings' in this level are a lot harder than in the previous
world.  Because each boulder (is that what it is?) takes up two whole lanes,
you'll have a tough time making it across the fast moving ones.  You'll also
have to cross alligators.  Make sure not to step on the end tails or heads of
Flag Location(s): After the first alligator crossing.
Gems: Comming soon!

Level 9: Sometimes I feel like I'm walking on air.
Comments: The crossing part of this level is really, really easy.  There are no
fast boulderss which is quite nice.  The hard part about this level is the 2nd
part, where you must walk over "solid air."  To figure out what places are safe
to watch, pay attention to the brick's path that travels in front of you.  The
last one will be tricky because it's fast, so pay close attention.
Flag Location(s): Right after the first crossing.
Gems: Comming soon!

Level 10: Want some advice? No stoppin', keep hoppin'.
Comments: This level is actually just one big crossing.  The only hard thing in
this level is not getting caught in a corner.  If you think that's going to
happen, don't hesitate going backwards to stay alive (but this shouldn't be too
Flag Location(s): N/A
Gems: Comming soon!

Level 11: The bolder I get, the more boulders I get.
Comments: The first boulder crossing in this level is pretty easy (you only
need to cross 3 boulders.)  However, those annoying invisible paths are back. 
This time there are platforms to go to, one of them containing and extra live. 
However, don't step on any invisible square twice!  It won't be there the
second time you try to step on it.  After you get across, you'll have only one
fast barrel to cross (this can be semi-hard, you'll have to time it pretty
Flag Location(s): N/A
Gems: Comming soon!

Level 12: Do you like the music?  It's croc and roll.
Comments: Ugh... this one is really hard.  The boulders in the three crossings
here are really close to each other, and you'll have to wait for a while to
find a good path.  And because you need to get directly off the crocidiles into
the boulder path, you don't have this option.  Try to find a mild opening in a
boulder and then try to move to a path with a bigger opening.
Flag Location(s): N/A
Gems: Comming soon!

Level 13: Hey, I don't hear anymore rumbling.  That's great... I think...
Comments: Well, there aren't any boulders in this level, so that's good, right?
 Ha!  Think again!  This level is one long invisible tile crossing.  Ack.  This
gets pretty annoying because sometimes you can't even see where the tile goes! 
Sheesh.  I'll write a detailed map of where to go soon.
Flag Location(s): N/A
Gems: Comming soon!

Level 14: I guess it's my turn at bat.
Comments: This level acts like the last level in the previous world.  You have
to complete all the gems, which isn't terribly difficult.  Remember, on the
conveyer belts, don't enter on a place where you have no change of getting out
(like at the beginning of the level, don't go ont he belt on that left
platform.)  There are several spiders and bats in this level, but they aren't
that bad.  The gems are easy to find, too.  Once you get all the gems, go back
to the place with the 2 bats and 1 spider and the big hole in the middle.  The
green frog where you need to exit the level is on the left there.
Flag Location(s): Right after the area with a large middle hole, 1 spider, and
2 bats.
Gems: Comming soon!

	Congratulations, you've now completed the first two worlds.  However, you're
not nearly done yet (why in the world would you think you are?)  Here comes the
next world, the Ice Cave.

Level 15: This is a nice place to visit, but there's snow place like home.
Comments: Heh, here's where you actually have to think in this game.  In this
level it's all covered by ice (this will become a staple in this world.)  So,
if you make the wrong move you'll just go on sliding towards the water and die.
 However, you have saviors in the form of mud spots.  So, you must travel from
spot to spot trying to stay alive and get to the river crossing (where you'll
have to go across in one shot, because all of the logs are icy.)  If you think
ahead, this level isn't too bad.
Flag Location(s): Right after the first river crossing.
Gems: Comming soon!

Level 16: This place gives me the chills, and the last thing a frog wants is to
have goosebumps.
Comments: This is a rather annoying level, as you really have to plan ahead not
to die.  Plus, immediately after you get off of a river crossing, you have to
hit a safe dirt spot or else you'll go sliding into the water.  There are
several annoying ponds in this level that you may run in to periodicly, as
well.  Remember, don't go anywhere if you haven't seen where you're going
first!  You'll most likely slide right into the water.
Flag Location(s): N/A
Gems: Comming soon!

Level 17: Life has it's ups and downs.  So does ice.
Comments: Like the short intro says, ice has a lot of ups and downs.  What this
actually means is that you'll be moving up and down the level until you get to
either the extreme top or bottem.  Once you do that, look for a path to your
right to go to.  It's really easy to get a 1-Up in this level, as well.
Flag Location(s): After you move progress up and down once, this is to your
Gems: Comming soon!

Level 18: Oddly enough, I don't feel so hot.  I think I'm catching a cold.
Comments: How lame are these intros going to get?  Anyways, this level is
semi-hard because of the fact that there are 2 pretty hard river crossings. 
These crossings will be done by going over 3 consecutive ice logs, so you have
to have a clear path all the way through (make sure you can get across all
three logs without stopping.)  Also, make sure to *look* to see if there's a
place to stop after you get across the river.  Once you get across the first
two rivers, you'll have a relatively easy puzzle to solve to get from dirt spot
to dirt spot to get to the goal.
Flag Location(s): N/A
Gems: Comming soon!

Level 19: I'm so cold I can't feel my thumbs.  Wait, I forgot... Frogs don't
have any thumbs.
Comments: Frogger sure looks like he has thumbs.  Anyways, this level isn't too
bad, because it's pretty short and it's got easy dirt mazes.  Watch out when
you're crossing the rivers, though.  Make sure to get on two consecutive
penguins, as there's no way to align yourself to get to the next dirt pad
without going on them.
Flag Location(s): N/A
Gems: Comming soon!

Level 20: Chill out.
Comments: Heh, finally a better intro.  This level gets really hard, really
fast.  Just about all of this level is river crossing, and you'll often have to
cross over multiple rows (at some times even 4 of them) just to get safety on a
penguin (not much safety there, though.)  Watch where you are on the map, as
you will easily be drawn to the corners of a map.  If this happends, try your
hardest to move backwards if nothings gonig forward.  At the end of this level
you'll probally only see a 1-up and 2 dirt spots.  Head for the dirt spots,
because the 1-up is not located on a dirt spot.  On the dirtspots, move right
and slip over the 1-Up into the goal.
Flag Location(s): After about 5 or 6 layers of river crossing.  This is a
pretty important one to get.
Gems: Comming soon!

Level 21: Yikes! Another treasure room.  I wonder if any of these spiders has a
Comments: This one is pretty annoying if you don't know what you're doing. 
Again, like all of the other treasure rooms at the end of each world, you need
to collect all of the gems.  Several of them are on your start location, and a
few of them are on those small platforms that are safe spots on the conveyer
belt.  Where the big money is (hey, the are gems) is on the platform with the
multiple spiders.  These spiders move diagnoly to the side where they aren't. 
So, in order to have one of these get by you without you hitting them, run past
them when they're on one side (not moving towards the middle.)  When you get
all of the gems, you have to go back to the start location.  Problem is, you
have to travel back *against* the converyer belt.  This is pretty hard.  What
you have to do is run against the belt right after the 3 close-together
obstables and run to the nearest safety spot.  Continue doing this until you
make your way back to your starting platform.
Flag Location(s): After the conveyer belt and the first spider platform.
Gems: Comming soon!

	Congratulations, you've completed World 3.  That's an accomplishment, because
some of the levels in the previous world were pretty hard.  But don't get over
confident, you still have another more levels to complete in the Lava Pit.

Level 22: This looks like a place to find flame and fortune.
Comments: It looks like Frogger is going from one extreme to the next.  First
he was in the cold ice, and now he's in the hot lava pits.  By this time you
may have gotten used to not having to do any road crossings.  That's not the
case in this level, as it's predomantly road crossings and avoiding bees in
small areas.  Remember, you can't go contrary to the path of the fireballs very
much, so start all the way to the right at the beginning, not the left!  You'll
never make it past the big fireballs.
Flag Loctions: After the first 3 road crossings.
Gems: Comming soon!

Level 23: A frog who leaps without first looking, ends his days in lava,
cooking. (Note: I didn't mess up the punctuation here, it's really that bad.)
Comments: This level is pretty similar to the previous ones.  Again, you'll
want to look for the place to cross the road that will let you go in the
direction of the lava flowing (for instance, don't left when the big fireballs
are going right.)  Watch out, you'll have to pretty darn fast to get across
some of the road crossings.
Flag Location(s): After about the 3rd road corssing.
Gems: Comming soon!

Level 24: If I don't get through, I think I'll get fired.
Comments: This level gets decently hard, because of the annoying bee around the
middle of the level.  By this point in time you may have noticed that the logs
in this world look remniscent of Mr. Hankey from South Park (the Christmas
Poo.)  Anyways, the logs are safe to get on, but you have to make sure that
there's a place to get on after you get on the first log.  At the 3rd river
crossing, you'll need to wait for a log in the second row to be visible, or
you'll be out of luck.  Near the end you'll have to travel against the flow of
the big fireballs, but take safety in the little crevice and then head towards
the end.  The bee there isn't too hard, just wait until it's moving slow on the
opposite side of the goal and jump in.
Flag Location(s): N/A
Gems: Comming soon!

Level 25: I'll have to cross this lava river asbestos I can.
Comments: What does asbestos have to do with lava?  Despite what the helper
frog says, this level isn't actually that time consuming.  Just play smart, and
there's no need to go fast.  This level consists of one big river crossing, and
one needs to make sure that he or she does not get on a log without another log
to hop on to.
Flag Location(s): N/A
Gems: Comming soon!

Level 26: I'll have some ribbiting tales if I ever get back home.
Comments: The hard part about this level is the bees in the middle of the level
and the road crossing at the end.  The beginning consists of a few easy river
crossing where you just need to make sure you can get to an off point.  In the
middle, you have to watch out for 2 bees with wandering paths.  The best bet is
to go to a place where neither be is when the one closest to you is slowly
moving away.  Once you get across (and the 1-up... it's easy) you'll have to
cross a road with 3 layers of 3 fireballs.  What you need to do is make your
way to the left by moving between the first and second roads.  If worse comes
to worse, head back, off the road, and wait for a better oppurtunity.
Flag Location(s): Around the middle of this level.
Gems: Comming soon!

Level 27: Oh no!  It looks like my goose bumps will get cooked.
Comments: This level is pretty hard, but it's still nothing impossible.  What
you need to do is cross a few rivers at the beginning, but you have to watch
out that you don't land on a fireball.  Most of the getting off points in this
level have a series of fireballs on them, so you have to time it so you can get
past the fireballs *and* onto the next set of logs.  Luckily there's a flag in
the middle of the level, and an hour glass.  Plus, there are 2 one ups in this
level and they're not hard to get because they're protected by a bee that you
can sneak by when it's in its stopped position.  The hardest part is right
after the flag where you have to time the logs to be in sync with each other.
Flag Location(s): Around the middle of this level, again.
Gems: Comming soon!

Level 28: I'll treasure these moments.
Comments: This is a pretty hard treasure room, because of the annoying ending
part where there are a lot of insects crawling around.  Prior to that you have
a few easy conveyer belts.  If you get too far to one end on those converye
belts, just head back and you'll be gonig the other direction.  The spider in
the middle of the level isn't that bad.  When he's comming down, the safe spot
will be on the bottem (where the hour glass was.)  When he's going up, the
safespot is on the up little crevice.  Once you get across that platform, you
need to travel across a few more conveyer belts until you reach the big
platform.  Here there's a helpful hourglass (you'll always be pressed for time
in here) along with a ton of insects.  Your best bet is to avoid the path of
the spider, and just wait on the bats until you have a good oppurtunity to pass
them.  Once you get all of the gems you need to head back to place near the
beginning (not at the beginning mind you) where those four gems were arranged
in a diamond patern.
Flag Location(s): After a few converyer belts, it's located on a crevice.
Gems: Comming soon!

	Congratulations!  You've beaten the fourth world.  Now it's time to travel
into the mineshafts of the Lost Mines.

Level 29: Cool, an old mine.  I could fall for a place like this.
Comments: Ha!  What a joke.  This level is so easy, it will blow your mind. 
Watch out, though!  You actually have to get in the minecarts, not avoid them. 
I foolishly ruined a highscore by thinking it was a road crossing.  Anyways,
you need to get across a few mine shafts, and then jump on a bird(?) and get to
the next shaft.  In the middle of the level you have an oppurtunity to get 3(!)
really easy 1-Ups.  You'll want as many as you can get, even though it looks
like you're not getting anymore lives.
Flag Location(s): Around the middle of this level.
Gems: Comming soon!

Level 30: Mine! Mine! It's all mine!
Comments: This is one of those rare instances where the intro comment is
actually decent.  This level is mildly hard because one needs to jump from fast
moving mine shaft to fast moving mine shaft constantly.  If you don't time it
right, you'll miss and die.  Other than that, there's nothing too bad (although
there's no flag.)  At the end you just need to jump from bird to bird, which
isn't hard at all.
Flag Location(s): N/A
Gems: Comming soon!

Level 31: Time to boldy croak where no frog has croaked before.
Comments: This level is really hard.  Despite that fact that you can get 2 easy
1-ups, it's still really annoying.  What's hard is the many bird to bird to
cart to cart to bird jumps that you need to time perfectly.  One such annoyance
is right before the flag's platform, where you need to jump *really* quickly
from the bird to the cart to the platform.  After that it only gets harder, and
you have a really annoying big cart crossing!  The really, really, really
annoying part about this is that for 3 rows the carts all go in the same
direction, and for the first 3 rows there's no place to get off if you screw
up!  So, you have to basicly go across on one big hurrah (for the 3 carts going
the same direction, anyways.)  Once you get about half way through, it's not
that bad because you can atleast back up and go the other direction if you
hover too close to the wall.
Flag Location(s): On a platform 1/4 way through the level.
Gems: Comming soon!

Level 32: Wow.  You made it this far, that's fantastic.
Comments: A treasure room already?  Aren't these usually at the end of the
levels?  Nevertheless, this is semi-hard treasure room.  It combines all of the
stuff you've learned before about treasure rooms and combined it into one. 
You'll need to travel conveyer belts first, jumping onto crevices to get
diamonds.  Then, you'll get on a small platform with a bat.  You'll actually
have two paths to choose here, and in my opinion you'll want to get left first.
 Here there is a spider, and, like previously, there are two safespots, but
only one is safe depending on his directin.  Watch him for a while to determine
the correct safespot.  Then, head back right and head up the other path.  Here
there's an easy converyer belt path that leads to a flag pretty far up the
level.  Here there are quite a few bats and the final few gems.  Once you get
the gems, you have to head all the way back to the beginning of the level,
which involves some annoying back tracking on conveyer belts.  Remember, go
when the coast is clear and only go to the nearest platform.
Flag Location(s): Near the end of the level after the 3 conveyer belt
Gems: Comming soon!

	Congratulations!  You've beaten the game (it's semi short, no?)  You'll be
thanked for playing the game, and then you get to go through the credits which
strangely don't have music.  Now it's time to pat yourself on the back, and go
for a highscore!

Chapter 4: FAQs

Q: How does this game compare to the originail Frogger game in the arcades?
A: This game is pretty similar to the originail Frogger arcade game, atleast
gameplay wise.  The graphics are also pretty similar.  There are some enhanced
things, but it still feels arcady... which is good (right?)

Q: Where are the secrets?
A: They're comming soon.

Q: What's the difference between the two characters?
A: I think it's just appearance, but I haven't had too much time to test this
right now.

Q: How does this game compare to Frogger 2 on the Playstation?
A: Honestly, I haven't played that version of the game.  I hope you to have it
soon.  If you'd like to donate to the not mugging you for money fund, please
email me at [email protected] (btw, that was semi-ripped from Bender on

Have a Question?  I'll do my best to answer it.  Email me at
[email protected]

Chapter 5: Credits

Section 1: Credits
Written, researched, and composed by the astounding ikillkenny
([email protected])
Email: [email protected]
AIM: ikillkenny
ICQ: 33094162 (don't use much)

Feel free to steal, rip, print this FAQ out, etc.  I've stopped caring.  If
you'd like to give ikillkenny an ego trip, keep his name on it.  But if you
really find the need to put your name on a lowly FAQ, go ahead.

Section 2: Comming Soon

-Other Thinigs To Do-
-Inaccuracies fixed-

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