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Fuzion Frenzy FAQ
By OrochiJin- Tim Garza
[email protected]
November 1, 2001 
Version : 0.1 
Initial Version

Disclaimer: Please do not post this FAQ without my permission. If you 
decide to use this FAQ it cannot be changed in any way. This FAQ is 
copyright 2001 Tim Garza AKA OrochiJin. There will be no more 
permissions to post this FAQ aside from those listed at the end.

Fuzion Frenzy : Copyright Blitz Games

Version 0.1 - Just getting everything up and running. I have the 
controls as well as the zone descriptions and some of the games you will 
run into.

Table of Contents:
1. Overview
2. Controls
3. Main Menu
4. Tournament
5. Fuzion Frenzy minigame
6. Zones
7. The MiniGame Walkthroughs
8. Frequently Asked Questions
9. To Do List
10. Permission/Credits/Thanks

1. Overview
More like a review, but oh well!

Alright, I've played Fusion Frenzy for 4+hrs now. Here's a mini review. 
There's two modes. Tournament and Mini Game. Tournament allows you to 
have up to four players and select 2,4, or 6 rounds. Each round consists 
3 minigames from each zone, and then a Fusion Frenzy minigame on the way 
to the next zone. Minigame allows up to 4 players to pick their minigame 
and just go at it. In Tournament, 1st place in a minigame get 6 orbs, 
2nd gets 4, 3rd gets 2 and so on. During the Fusion Frenzy minigame, you 
can actually risk some of your orbs for more points. And you can set the 
computer AI to three difficulty levels. 

Minigames are split into different categories. Basic categories would be 
Rolling Ball, Ice Car, Fireworks, Music, Demolition, Tail, Pod, Tank, 
Hopper, Jetboat and Orb. Some games share some similarities - (Pod, 
Rollerball, and Jetboat all have a racing type). Overall there's few 
games that everyone seemed to hate, though I seemed to be the only one 
who liked the music ones ( I love Parappa, Bust a Move etc). They range 
from simplistic (one player has a bomb which goes off every 30 secs. 
Attack other players to get rid of it. Think hot potato.) to ones with 
twitch gameplay (One game has a jump and duck button. You don't move, 
but you have to jump and duck obstacles accordingly and get a real 
horrid sounding BONG noise everytime you get hit in the head by a pipe 
etc). Others require teamwork (or lack thereof). Some games are Tron 
like (avoid the tail behind other ships while the tail gets longer over 
time) and one game even plays like Qix (you capture what is inside a 
square you make with your tail). My favorite was Sumo, where you're in 
rollerballs and trying to knock each other off a constantly shrinking 
As for sound, nice. There's an announcer who may get on your nerves with 
his "3...2....1....go!" but you'll hear insults from the characters 
while the announcer keeps you up to date (Samson has been eliminated!) 
There's music, which doesn't seem stage specific really, except in the 
Music DJ stages. Nice, but you're so focused on the minigames you may 
not notice. 
Graphically, it looks good. I'm impressed by the water effects in the 
waterfront stages, and the lighting effects are nice (in the Tron 
stages, I love the way the tails look). The fireworks stages are great, 
though you may find yourself distracted by the fireworks effects that 
may block your view.  
So.....buy or rent? For me it was a buy(it's at home awaiting an XBox). 
Depends on if you constantly have a group of friends to play with. The 
single player will leave you lacking, but get a group of friends (drunk 
helps) and you'll have hours of enjoyment. A solid launch title either 

Left Analog Stick - Move Character, Rotate Jetboat

D-Pad    - Move Character, Rotate Jetboat

Right Analog Stick - Used to move your bomb in the Misguided Missle game

A Button - Depending on minigame, is usually Jump, Forward, or Reverse

B Button - Depending on minigame, is usually Attack, Shoot or Reverse

X Button - Only used in Music Minigames

Y button - Only used in Music Minigames

L button - Not used

R button - Used to drop a bomb in the Misguided Missle minigame.

Start    - Brings up Start Menu 
           Show Instructions
           Retire (character)

3. Main Menu
Well once you boot up, you'll be presented with the title screen. Your 
choices are as follows:

Tournament - Select a 2,4, or 6 round game
Minigame   - Select a minigame from the list and just go at it!
Options    - Set sound, music etc.

4. Tournament
Selecting Tournament gives you a few options. 

Round length (2-4-6)
Each round consists of 3 minigames in a given zone. The zones as well as 
the games are randomized. After three minigames, you will face the 
Fuzion Frenzy minigame. So picking 2 rounds means 8 minigames (3 in each 
zone + 2 Fuzion Frenzy games)

Character Select
Onto the character select screen. There are 6 characters to choose from,
and as far as I can tell there is no difference between them aside from 
attitude. They are as follows (color in brackets is the color of 

Jet    (Pink)
Geena  (Blue)
Dub    (Green)
Naomi  (Red)
Samson (Orange)
Zak    (Yellow)

Once you have chosen (and any other humans have chosen) hit Start and 
the computer will randomly select opponents to fill it to 4 characters. 
At this point :

Select computer difficulty

I will say this. On easy, the computer still owned us in a few 
Minigames, but overall it was a good beginner difficulty.

Once this is complete, the game will then randomize which order the 
zones will be played and what game will be played.

For winning a minigame, first place gets 6 orbs, second place gets 4, 
and third gets 2. Last gets none. Each of these orbs is then converted 
to points. When you leave a zone, the points you get are from these 
orbs. You'll then start fresh in each zone. At the end the winner is the 
person whose points tally out to the highest. Now here's where the 
Fuzion Frenzy minigame turns the tables.

5. Fuzion Frenzy
NOTE: It only is accesible in Tournament Mode.

Before the Fuzion Frenzy game, you'll be asked if you wish to risk orbs 
you've won in the zone. What occurs is each person automatically risks 3 
orbs. You can risk more if you wish, but if you are not sucessful in the 
game, you can hurt more than help. Here's how it occurs.

Each zone has a different playing field for this minigame, but they are 
all the same idea. Grab an orb and put it into the lighted circle to 
score. Those orbs you gambled earlier? Well they're here. A colored orb 
can only be picked up by that colored player. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. 
If you're Zak (yellow) and you see a yellow orb, you're the only one who 
can pick it up. However, once you pick it up, if you are attacked, you 
can LOSE it to the player who attacked you, allowing them to score it. 
See now why you're gambling those orbs? If you can successfully score 
all the orbs you gambled, you'll make lots of points, but not scoring 
the gambled orbs = lost points you could've banked safely by not 
gambling them.

Here's an example:
Zak has 10 orbs. He automatically bets 3, leaving 7. If he goes with 
this, he'll have 70 points in the bank no matter what. But he decides to 
bet 2 more. He puts 50pts in the bank, but now has to try to recover 
those 5 he's gambled.

On top of this, there are white orbs which belong to no one. Pick these 
up and take them to the circles to score as well.

There are a few power ups in this game:
Shield - You can't be attacked
Lighting Bolt - Speed
Hammer - Weapon. One hit knocks someone down.

6. Zones
There are six zones in Fuzion Frenzy:

Military - The solders and advanced vehicles the city needs to defend 
itself are kept in the Military zone. This zone consists of Pod and Tank 
games. Be prepared to fight over control of orbs as well as blast you 
fellow combants! Pods also race over ice in this zone.

Power Station - Electricity and bugs? Hopper and Splat games go down 
here. Hopper requires you to avoid obstacles such as fences, spinning 
blades and disappearing floors. Splat is just that. Kill the bugs! 
Protect your burger! Watch out for the exploding ones though!

Dockyards - In this zone it's all about boats and water. JetBoat and Orb 
minigames are the theme of the day. Race on a set path or clear gates, 
or fight it out over orbs without getting thrown in the drink!

Downtown - Celebrate while playing the Downtown zone. Fireworks and 
music at night will get you going. Launch the most fireworks to win, 
make the most colorful display, or make a beat on the turntables that 
your opponents can't duplicate!

Outlands - They're always something to build..or destroy here! Use 
drillers, bombs and explosives to waste the competition! Demolition and 
Tail minigames rule this zone. Run enemies into your trail or just throw
a bomb at their feet!

Coliseum - Welcome to the stadium! Your games are Rolling Ball and Ice 
Car. Think American Gladiators when it comes to the Rolling Ball types, 
and the Ice Cars are just like bumper cars. Don't go off the edges 

7. Minigame List
Eventually I will get these grouped into the basic categories, but that 
requires me to finish the list :P

Bumper Race
Goal - Make 5 laps around the track.

Left Analog - Move
A - Turbo (must replenish after use)
B - Brake
Racing in bumper pods means going out of control when hit by other pods 
or hitting the walls! Be mindful of the bombs on the track as the will 
send you way out of control. Use turbo, but be aware it takes a few 
seconds to recharge.


Goal - Score the most points by knocking others off the ice!
Time Limit - 

Left Analog - Move
A - Turbo (must replenish after use)
B - Brake

Again in the bumper pods on ice. Get 3 points for knocking an opponent 
off the edge, but you're penalized 1pt for going off yourself! Use the 
turbo to smack people off, but watch out for sliding or flying right 
off. Also there is a large Ice Ray that activates in the center of the 
stage freezing anyone underneath, making easy pickings or you a target!


Goal - Roll your ball over the lighted goals to score points.
Time Limit - 

Left Analog - Move

In the roller balls, you'll be sent into the arena. There are multiple 
goals on the ground, but only 1-2 are lit at once. Roll your ball over a 
goal to score, but the goal will launch you in the air, possibly making 
you lose control.


Goal - Knock pucks (and opponents) into the goals

Left Analog - Move
A - Turbo (must replenish after use)
B - Brake

Use the pods to knock pucks into the goals. The puck turns your color 
when touched, which means last person to touch it before it goes in 
scores the point! If you knock an opponent into the goal, they'll come 
back but you get more points for it. 


Roller Ruckus
Goal - Complete 3 laps around the track

Left Analog - Move

Essentially a race, but when you get rolling, your momentum may send you 
off the track. Or use it to knock someone else off or out of the way.


Goal - Be last man standing on the platform

Left Analog - Move

Using the rollerballs, knock the other players off the edge into the 
water. The arena you are playing on will get smaller as pieces are cut 
away as time goes on.


Pod Hog
Goal - Score points by holding onto the orbs the longest

Left Analog - Move
A - Turbo (must replenish after use)
B - Shoot 

There are two orbs freely floating at start. Touch an orb to attach it 
to you. You get points for the time you have the orb. If an enemy shoot 
s the orb, it will fly off and another can pick it up. Get more points 
by having both orbs at once. There is a few powerups in this game:

Shield - invincible
Weapon - 3 way fire


Tank Tracks
Goal - Complete three laps to win

Left Analog - Move
A - Reverse
B - Shoot

Shoot the enemy tanks to stop them momentarily. There are a few split 
paths on the course, and a wall will always block one of the two ways. 
Be aware of bombs which will stop you if hit, and ? symbols will give 
you powerups (3way, speed, invincible). 


Special Delivery
Goal - Collect orbs and take them to the goals to score

Left Analog - Move
A - Reverse
B - Shoot

Touch an orb to pick it up. Shooting a tank will destroy it, causing it 
to drop orbs it was carrying. Run over the circular goal to score. There 
are energy walls which will appear from time to time. If you are right 
where one will appear, you will be killed. At this time, your shots will 
bounce off the energy walls. Use this for fun. Standard power ups (3 
way, speed, invincible) are here as well.


Goal - Collect Orbs and take them to the goal.

Left Analog - Move
A - Turbo (must replenish after use)
B - Shoot

In the flying pods, touch an orb to collect it, and fly to the nearest 
goal for points. Shoot pods off the enemy ships and steal them. Standard 
powerups are available.


Space Tails
Goal - Collect and hold on to orbs to make them your color

Left Analog - Move
A - Turbo (must replenish after use)
B - Shoot

In the flying pods, collect orbs. If you hold onto them long enough, 
they will turn your color. Once that occurs, you cannot lose them! 
Continue to pick more up and shoot more off enemies til time is up!

HINT - When orbs go to your color, snake yourself so that they protect 
the orbs you have just gotten since enemy shots will have no effect on 


Blast Man Standing
Goal - Be last man standing

Left Analog - Move
A - Throw (hold for more distance)
B - Throw

On an elevator in the shape of an X, with not much room to move, bombs 
will be dropped on you. Pick em up and throw them at your enemies. Be 
the last person alive to win!


Misguided Missles
Goal - Get more points by blowing up enemies!

Left Analog - Move
Right Analog - Move bomb
A - Jump
R Trigger - Drop Bomb

Hit R to drop a bomb, and use the right stick to run it at your enemies. 
Now make sure you keep an eye on yourself or keep moving, or else you'll 
be on the receiving end! This is easily one of the most fun confusing 
games here!

HINT - Use your bomb to blow up other bombs as a defense.


Goal - Have the most points after 3 rounds.

Left Analog - Move

Think Tron. You'll have a tail which grows as time goes on. Run into a 
tail, wall or your own tail and you're out. First place get 5pts, second 
gets 3, and third gets 1. This occurs for 3 rounds.


Rubble Alliance

Goal - Have the most points after 3 rounds.

Left Analog - Move
A - Turbo

Think of the old game Qix. As you leave a trail behind, if someone 
completes a square or rectangle, everything inside it falls, including  
players! As above First place get 5pts, second gets 3, and third gets 1. 
This occurs for 3 rounds.


Air Raid
Goal - Get coins, but avoid bombs.

Left Analog - Move
A  - Jump
B  - Attack

Collect the coins, but beware. Bombs will fall, and when they turn red, 
they blow, costing you BIG points. Feel free to attack other players and 
leave them laying helpless near bombs which are about to go off.


Goal - Be last boat standing

Left Analog - Rotate boat
A - Forward
B - Back

Try to knock the other players off the waterfall. As time goes on, bombs 
and other debris will come out to hinder you. Shields can save you from 
bombs which can send you out of control. 


Jetboat Sprint
Goal - Be the first to complete 3 laps

Left Analog - Rotate boat
A - Forward
B - Back

Nothing too bad here, a simple race.


Money Pool
Goal - Collect the most points and avoid the whirlpool

Left Analog - Rotate boat
A - Forward
B - Back

Get all the points you can, but going into the whirlpool will cost you. 
Feel free to try to steer others into it though.


Watergate Scramble
Goal - Be the first through all the gates

Left Analog - Rotate boat
A - Forward
B - Back

Be mindful of the arrows as you can only go through a gate one way. Be 
the first to cross the finish line after going through all gates.


Goal - Last man standing

Left analog - Move
A - Jump
B - Attack

One player starts off with a bomb. To pass it, attack another player. 
Every 30 seconds, the bomb explodes, killing whoever had it. This 
continues til 1 person is left.


Goal - Your team has more points at the end.

Left analog - Move
A - Jump
B - Attack

There are two goals and two orbs. To score, both orbs must be on the 
Goals AT THE SAME TIME! Now what that means is it doesn't have to be 
teammates who are carrying the orbs to score. But at the end the 
teammates totals will be what counts. Attack another player to steal the 

So A+B are a team, and C+D are a team. A has an orb, as does D. They 
both step on the goals, so both score 10pts. But the team totals are 
what will matter at the end.

8. Frequently Asked Questions
Coming Soon!

9. To Do List
Complete the list of minigames as well as controls for them. Get the 
time limits that some games have.

Got a comment? Suggestion? Wanna complain?
Email it to [email protected] Thanks!

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If you see this anywhere else, please let me know as it is an 
unauthorized copy of this FAQ. Thanks.

The one and only CjayC for the site of course. (www.gamefaqs.com) 

BlitzGames for making one heck of a party game.
Thresher over at Gamestop. Aside from being a good friend, the fact 
that you let me abuse that Xbox was helpful for this FAQ. Oh yeah, I 
still own you in most of those minigames.

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