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FAQ for Gekibo 2 for the Japanese Playstation 2
Author:Undead King([email protected])
Contact:[email protected]

Ver. 1.0 2/5/2003
Final version. Finished. First public release. Don't expect any updates unless
I find some new levels. Enjoy!

Ver. 0.9 7/21/2002
First version. Pretty much complete. Decided not to release to public for
various reasons.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+IMPORTANT NOTE+-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
This guide was made using the Japanese version of the game and is therefor
based on the Japanese version. I know there was a Europeon release, but I
do not have access to it, nor was this guide intended to be used with the
Europeon version, entitled Polaroid Pete. I am not interested in expanding this
FAQ to include information for Polaroid Pete. I am also uninterested
in knowing the translated stage names used in Polariod Pete. Since this is
based on Gekibo 2, I'd rather use my "made up" stage names. Please do not
contact me about Polaroid Pete in anyway. Thank you.
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+END IMPORTANT NOTE+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

1. Purpose of this Guide
2. Stages
3. FAQ
4. Document Info

|Purpose of this Guide|
The purpose of this guide is to help you find the hidden stages and the picture
you need to take to complete each stage. This guide is based on the Japanese
version. Since the game is in Japanese, the stage names are very much incorrect
and are simply my personal names. Because of this, I will list where each stage
appears on the selection screen. Reaching the required points in stages is
fairly easy, and as such I am going to refrain from adding a help section for
that area. If time permits, I may one day list some high scoring photos, but
for now, this guides purpose is only to reveal the location of hidden stages
and each stage's main photo. This guide is being made with the Normal
difficulty in mind. I have not played the Hard difficulty yet, and do not plan
to play easy. It should be helpful for the other difficulty levels but I can't
promise anything.


Streets(Page 1 top left)
Main : Take a shot of the hostage situation abord the train that bursts through
the buildings.
Hidden Stage : Downtown - Right after the snow covered volcano jump up and snag
a shot of the LEOX sign on the skyscraper in the background.

Fair (Page 1 second one down on left)
Main : Take a picture of the floating train when it starts to take off with a
trail of fire. This event will happen after you pass the merry go round.
Refrain from taking a picture of the train before the merry go round and before
the fire appears beneath it's wheels.
Hidden Stage : Roller Coaster Mini Game - Take a picture of the roller coaster
located after the ferris wheel and ticket booth.
Circus - Get a shot of the elephant trunk that peeks out of the tent. The tent
is located under the train. Simply zoom in and snap a shot when the trunk
sticks out. This will unlock the Circus stage.

Roller Coaster Mini Game *Hidden* (Page 1 bottom left)
Main : Simply take as many photos as you can. Once you play this stage, it
disappears. you have to unlock it every time you want to play.

Downtown *Hidden* (Page 1 Top Right)
Main : The three Dancing Robots. Simply take a picture of the three dancing
robots when they pose. The robots are located in the second alley after the
Terminator. It is very easy to spot them.

Circus *Hidden* (Page 1 second one down on right)
Main : Just before the end of the stage, if you zoom in on the baby elephant
that is trying to balance on the ball, it will begin to fly. Take a shot of the
flying elephant to clear the stage.

Graveyard (Page 1 bottom right)
Main : Take a picture of the ghostly face made out of spare parts when it
smiles.It appears just after the jumping scarecrows.
Hidden Stage : None

Nighttime Festival (Page 2 Top Left)
Main : Near the end of the stage there are three flying objects in the sky.
Just take a picture of them.
Hidden Stage : Bath House - Midway through the level is a smoke stack. Take a
picture of the smoke ring that floats out.

Sports Gym(Page 2 second one down on the left)
Main Picture : About midway through the level there will be  a volleyball match
and a basketball match going on. Keep an eye on the basketball match. The ball
will bounce off of one rim and go in the other net. The main picture in this
stage is the ball going in the second hoop.
Hidden Stage : Track and Field - Zoom in on not the last window, but the one
before it. It will open to reveal a Japanese flag. Get a shot of the flag and
you've unlocked the track and field stage.

Traditional Japanese Town (Page 2 bottom left)
Main : After the two fighting swordsman there will be a row of sliding doors,
simply snap shots of each door until you reveal a guy groping the female
character. All you have to do is take a picture of her slapping the guy.

Bath House *Hidden* (Page 2 top Right)
Main : About midway through you will see a stack of three buckets. Use them as
a step and jump up, you should now be able to see the female bathing section.
Simply take a picture of the old woman.

Track and Field *Hidden* (Page 2 Second one down on the right)
Main: At the end of the stage someone in a chariot rides by right in plain
site. Just snap a shot of him and you've got it.

Zoo (Page 2 bottom right)
Main : Uggh, this one took me a bit to figure out. After you pass the charging
rhino you will see a cow. Very quickly take a pic of it. A dog will then jump
atop it's back. Again, take a pic as quickly as you can. Then a cat will jump
atop the dogs back. Once more, take a pic as fast as possible. After that a
chicken flies over and lands atop the cat. Wait until the chicken takes out a
horn and then snap a shot of him to complete the stage. You have to be quick
enough so you can get a shot of the horn playing chicken before you pass him.
If you've beaten every stage (including hiddens) up to this point, prepare to
play the final stage.
Hidden : None

| FAQ |
1.How do you view your photo album?
2.How do you get pictures in your albums?
3.Do you unlock anything by filling up your albums?
4.I'm having difficulty scoring enough points in [Insert Stage Here]
5.Are there any aditional hidden levels?
6.I'm having a tough time with the last level, any tips?
7.How do you "print"?

1.How do you view your photo album?

Press select when at the level select screen. Choose album from the menu.

2.How do you get pictures in your albums?

Whenever you take a "cool" rated pic of an event, it will be added to that
stages album.

3.Do you unlock anything by filling up your albums?

I'd love to give a definite answer, but I do not know. It will be quite a task
to fill up all of the albums and I am not sure if I'll ever get around to doing
it. If any of you know, feel free to let me know and I'll include it in here
along with credit to you.

4.I'm having difficulty scoring enough points in [Insert Stage Here]

My only advice is to take as many pics as possible. You only get 50 points for
each unused picture. Whereas taking pictures of noneventful things often nets
you 100 points. Also, practice your skills, try to center all photos as best as
you can. "Cool" rated pics garner you more points than normal pics. I know I am
simply stating the obvious, but this is my best advice. Practice and don't be
afraid to use film. As long as you aren't a lousy shot and aren't constantly
being hit, you have no worries of running out.

5. Are there any aditional hidden levels?

None that I know of. If you know of any I haven't listed, feel free to let me
know. I will give full credit.

6. I'm having a tough time with the last level, any tips?

My best advice is to be quick. Yeah, great advice, I know. Just practice
and you'll get it in no time flat.

7. How do you "Print?"

You need the printer shown in the advertisement that comes with the game. I do
not own, nor plan to own this device.

| INFO  |
*NOTE* Do not send me email regarding Polaroid Pete. Thank you.

Questions/Comments?Email me at:
[email protected]

email me at:
[email protected]

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Be sure to include the name you would like to be credited as and if
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© Copyright 2003 Ed Finnegan . It may not be stolen, altered, or used
for any type of profit. It may be reproduced electronically, and printed
for PRIVATE, PERSONAL use. It may not be placed on a CD, printed in a
magazine or any type of publication. If you would like to contribute to
this FAQ (you will be credited,) please e-mail me, as well as any
questions, comments, or corrections, to the corresponding address above.

This FAQ can be found at the following websites.If you see this anywhere
else please inform me of where you have found it.So proper action can be
taken.Thanks in advance.

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