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Flappy Bird

    Game: Flappy Bird
    System: iPhone
    Author: Richard 'Sour' Hull
    Date submitted: 6.16.2014


I. Introduction

II. Controls

III. How to Play

IV. History of Flappy Birds

V. Frequently Asked Questions

VI. Game Credits

VII. Copyright and Legal Info

Welcome to Flappy Birds for iPhone! This game is extremely addicting if you're
looking for a quick time killer..or it can be very frustrating if you're looking
for a game for longevity. Especially since this version gets harder and harder, it
can be disheartening to lose when you are so far along.

The goal of this game is to keep your bird flying in the air for as long as
possible by tapping the screen. You also have to dodge through tubes that offer a
narrow opening for safe passage. Hitting one of these tubes ends your current game.

Keep in mind when playing this game, that it's created to be an addictive game
without a lot of depth. As you can see, this is a side-scroller that progressively
gets more difficult as the levels pass.

This document will help answer all questions you have, and maybe even offer some
tips for playing. If you have any suggestions or comments, don't hesistate to
contact me!

The controls in this game are one of the simplistic you'll ever come across. All
you need is your thumb.

Fly - Tap Screen with finger.

Fly Higher - Tap faster.
How to Play

With this game, the opening screen is the main menu. When you first open the game,
you will be prompted with three options: Rate, Play, and Scores.

Scores - This is where you can view all-time high scores of all the other players.
Or you can select 'Friends Only' and it will show your friends (connected with
Facebook) who also play this game. Each screen will show you, your global rank
against all users.

Rate - Here you can rate the game 1 - 5 Stars, as well as provide feedback. You
will be forwarded to leave your feedback if you are currently not signed into
iTunes. If you are, it will pop up with 5 stars and a spot for a quick comment.

Play - Selecting this option will bring you to the

Pause - Not on main menu, but shown in-game.

Be aware that you will be directed away from the App (it will close) if you choose
either of the first two options.

In order to play this game, you have to have patience and a decent concept for
timing. This game is a side-scroller as mentioned before so it is non-stop playing
until you hit something or reach the end. Once you select 'Play' from the Main
Menu, you will be prompted to the 'Get Ready' screen. This screen shows your
current score "0" as well as the directions to play: Tap. To start the game, tap
on the screen. Note: Once you 'tap' the screen to start, that counts as your first
tap and brings your bird higher in the air.

As the levels go on, the game does progressively get harder. The game starts to
get harder on level 10 by speeding up. The game starts speeding up again at level
30 slowly. It only speeds up noticably at level 60 which remains the same until
level 800. At this point you will see groupings of tubes in the sizes of 2-5 with
no spacing, so be careful! At level 900 the tubes begin to move up and down.

The next 20 levels are the hardest, beware. This is when the game gets incredibly
difficult. At level 930 you will get tubes that move up and down, no spacing, AND
they become diagonal so you have to go through, diagonally. From level 940 you get
everything you had previously, but now the tubes (or screen) shake. At level 945
the single tubes will go up and down very fast, time them correctly. (This was by
far the hardest aspect for me.) Finally you catch a break at level 950 when the
tubes stop moving and remain at the no-spacing & diagonal aspect of the challenge.
Removing the shaking, moving tubes, and inconsistant spacing. At level 980 the
non-spacing is removed and it becomes single tubes again, thankfully. However, the
tubes slowly follow you or move up and down starting at level 985. At level 990,
the tubes begin to have the 'fire-spitting flower' showed in the Mario games,
which does not spit fire but does go in and out of the tubes. Both from the bottom
and from the top.

At level 999 you will approach the final tube, the Golden Tube. Fire Mario rise
from the bottom tube, blocking your passage through them. Here you will have to
tap consistantly which will not move your character forward, but rather have him
wade in the air. For dramatic effect and all. The level will start to move again
and Mario will start shooting fireballs at you. In addition, his tube will go up
and down so you must dodge them. After about 5-10 seconds, Mario will jump out of
his tube and try to land on you; thus ending your game.

After many complaints of not being able to complete the game, the Developer
launched an update in March removing Mario. This allows both iPhone and Android to
be able to achieve 1000+. However, by the time the update was applied, immitators
were already out and game was losing popularity.

Bronze Medal - Level 10

Silver Medal - Level 20

Gold Medal - Level 30

Platinum Medal - Level 40

After level 40 (40 taps), you will remain at the Platinum Medal award. At this
current time there is nothing higher. So essentially, level 40-999 is all the
same; Platinum Medal.
History of Flappy Bird

Flappy Birds is not the original 'Tap' game, but it was one of few that made tap
games extremely popular. This game for example, in which many replicas, knock-offs
and imitators tried to succeed off of...Many did, but the original can never be
passed up, due to the novelty. Nearly half a year after it's release the game
finally got noticed and became an 'over-night' phenomenon. Nearly making over
$50,000 a day from in-app advertisements, this game quickly became the #1 most
downloaded game in the iOS App Store. Shortly after it's peak in January 2014, the
Developer removed the game from Apple's App Store due to it's 'addictive nature'.

This is what the Developer states, however there is more to it. Due to the clear
similarities to the Mario series (colors, theme, and tubes), Nintendo contacted
the Developer over Copyright issues. After ignoring the first few statemtns
assuming they would go away, Nintendo made the issue public and the Developer
finally removed the App from the market.

The original has yet to be re-released into the App stores, however imitators can
still be found quite easily. The Developer has released statements that he plans
to re-release the app with updates with multiplayer, and 'hopefully' will be less
Frequently Asked Questions

Does my game save if I pause and close it? - Yes and No. It will save your game if
you pause and close it, however if you close the application completely (through a
task manager for example) this will stop your current game progress.

How do I get to level 1000? - An update in March fixed this, if you still cannot,
look for an updated download.

I got to level 900 and died, can I start from here? - Unfortunately no, there is
no save points.

Is there a way to clear my high score and start over? - No, you have to uninstall
the application and reinstall it.

This game sounds great! Can you recommend a replacement until the re-release? -
Splashy Fish by REDBIT Games

Tip - The tubes are evenly spaced apart. This width does not change until the very
end when there is no distance between them. You will know what I mean when you get

Tip - The quicker you tap, the faster your height raises.

Tip - One tap is equal to the same as Flappy's height. This can help with timing
how much he will go up.

Publisher - .GEARS Studios

Developer - Dong Nguyen
Copyright and Legal info

This document may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any website or otherwise distributed publicly
without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web-site or as
a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
Do not copy or alter this guide, and do not present it as your own. The creation
of this guide took a lot of time, and we would appreciate it greatly if you'd
respect that. Below is a list of sites that are allowed to host this document
and/or adaptations of it. 

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