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| There will be spoilers for the game past this point, so read ahead at your   |
| own risk.                                                                    |
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============|                    TABLE OF CONTENTS                  |===========
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                                                       |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

Due to the nature of the game, I have added a search engine of sorts to help
look for specific parts of the game. Hit CTRL + F and then input the code to the
right of each section to instantly jump to it in the walkthrough.

   I. Introduction
  II. Gameplay
 III. Main Story Missions
      01. Delsin Rowe.......................A100
      02. The Visitors......................A101
      03. Aftermath.........................A102
      04. Parting of the Ways...............A103
      05. Welcome to Seattle................A104
      06. Catching Smoke....................A105
      07. The Gauntlet......................A106
      08. Chasing the Light.................A107
      09. Go Fetch..........................A108
      10. Light It Up.......................A109
     11a. Fight Intolerants (Evil)..........A110
     11b. Trash the Stash (Good)............A111
      12. The Test..........................A112
      13. The Fan...........................A113
      14. Reggie Takes Flight...............A114
      15. Heaven's Hellfire.................A115
      16. Zero to Hero......................A116
     17a. Hunting the Hunters (Evil)........A117
     17b. Flight of Angels (Good)...........A118
      18. The Return........................A119
      19. Quid Pro Quo......................A120
      20. Smoke and Mirrors.................A121
      21. Kill or Expose Augustine..........A122
  IV. Powers/Skill Tree
      01. Melee Powers......................B100
      02. Smoke Powers......................B101
      03. Neon Powers.......................B102
      04. Third Power.......................B103
      05. Fourth Power......................B104
   V. Hidden Cameras........................C100
  VI. Updates
 VII. Frequently Asked Questions
VIII. Acknowledgements

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============|                    I. INTRODUCTION                    |===========
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                                                       |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

Welcome to my walkthrough for Infamous: Second Son, the Playstation 4's newest
exclusive by Sucker Punch. It is the fourth game in the series and has become
one of my favorite series, due to my love for superheroes and sandbox games. The
walkthrough will mainly cover the main story missions, as the in-game map does a
pretty good enough job at pointing out the collectibles and side missions (which
may be added later).

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============|                      II. GAMEPLAY                     |===========
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                                                       |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

Infamous: Second Son is a sandbox, open-world game that focuses on superpowers,
like the previous entries in the series. It retains the same Karma system as
previous games, but introduces the ability to have a total of four different
kinds of powers in your arsenal.

======|  Powers/Skill Tree  |

Delsin starts out with just one power, Smoke, but will gain access to three more
throughout the game. In order to switch to these other powers, Delsin must find
them in the environment and drain the source. For example, he gains Neon not
that far into the game and in order to switch back to Smoke, Delsin will need to
find a source for it and drain it.

Also, each power, as well as melee, has their own skill tree, which can be
accessed by pressing Options, then R2. In order to purchase a powerup, you need
to find Blast Shards in each of the districts. Some of the powerups are
restricted to a certain alignment, and some even locked to a specific level of
Karma. Note that certain powers remain locked until they are gotten during the
actual storyline.

======|  Districts  |

When the player first enters Seattle proper, they will find it divided into
thirteen different districts. Each district is occupied by the DUP and it is up
to the player to drive them out. In order to do this, they need to destroy the
Mobile Commands in each district, which are introduced early in the game. Doing
this will reveal the game's collectibles and side missions for that district on
the map.

To completely drive out the DUP from each district, the player needs to complete
the side missions and get the collectibles. This will drive the influence of the
DUP down in that district and once it reaches a certain point, the District
Showdown will unlock. Completing this will drive the DUP out of that district
for good.

======|  Karma  |

The Karma system from previous entries has returned in Second Son, and it is
divided into Good and Evil. Performing certain actions and completing certain
missions will increase your Karma, where it will eventually level, unlocking
more powerups for your Powers. Other than unlocking new moves, Karma doesn't do
much else than affect the storyline.

____________|                                                       |___________
============|                III. MAIN STORY MISSIONS               |===========
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                                                       |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

======|  1. Delsin Rowe  | (A100)
The game opens up with a cutscene and once you gain control of Delsin, you'll be
in charge of doing a little bit of graffiti. You need to turn the controller
sideways and then shake it like it was a can of spraypaint. What you need to do
is spray in the stencil areas with R2. There's quite a bit with the white and it
will automatically switch to another portion with black paint.

When you're finished, there will be another cutscene and you'll have to escape
through the back door. You have to make your way to the Longhouse and the path
is fairly linear that you don't really need directions. There will be yet
another cutscene at the Longhouse, bringing this mission to an end and
automatically starting the next.

======|  2. The Visitors  | (A101)
Your brother went over the two running away, so go ahead and investigate the
truck that landed on its side. Go to the back and use the touchpad to lift the
door off the guy, then watch the cutscene that occurs. When you stand up, try to
walk forward only to dash forward with some strange powers. Keep doing this
until you get to a tree, which you can dash through using the Circle button now.

Keep going through the trees until you come to your brother, who gets trapped
underneath a car. Approach it and press and hold both thumbs on the touchpad to
launch the car. Follow Reggie to a locked gate, which you must dash through.
There doesn't seem to be a way into the cannery, but Delsin can use the vent by
the door to get onto the roof and into the building.

Once you land, approach the blocked doorway straight ahead and Delsin will end
up picking up the chain. Use Square to destroy the barriers and keep going until
you meet up with Betty. After the cutscene, follow the Conduit and keep up with
him, hitting him with your chain repeatedly. He will keep running away, so
follow him as best as you can until you come outside.

There will be a cutscene here and your first Karma Choice. Hold L2 until you can
press X to choose Good, or hold R2 for Evil. It's best to stick with one side
throughout the game. Watch the cutscene to the end of the mission.

======|  3. Aftermath  | (A102)
You'll wake up in a makeshift hospital, so follow the path inside until you
reach Betty. This mission is really more of a cutscene than actual gameplay, so
watch it until you reach the point where you can control Delsin again, beginning
the next mission.

======|  4. Parting of the Ways  | (A103)
Go forward at the beginning until you reach some device that will end up giving
you a new power, the Smoke Shot. Aim and shoot down the thing flying around,
then when you get the chance, push in the touchpad to drain and get a Blast
Shard. There are three more around here, but you need to refill your Smoke power

There should be a car smoking on your left, so go near it and when prompted,
push in the touchpad to refill your smoke meter in the bottom left corner. With
it refilled, shoot down the other two flying things and grab the Blast Shards.
The final one is on the wall ahead, so shoot it first and then grab it. Keep
going until you get to the bus.

Shoot the concrete slabs in the way, only to have it do nothing. This prompts
the game to make you go into the Powers menu (press the Options button) and
purchase the Cinder Blast ability. All you have to do is hold R2 down until
Delsin fires the Cinder Blast, which is similar to a shotgun. Use it to clear
the way, shooting a car and refilling your smoke along the way, until you get to
another cutscene.

You should now be in front of a bridge, or was once a bridge before it was
destroyed. Drop down and go to the first Core Relay, which will give you the
ability to launch Delsin off the top of cars. Use this to get to the next
section of the bridge and keep going to the next Core Relay, which grants the
ability to hover for a short period of time.

You'll learn to combine the abilities you have learned thus far, like using the
Smoke Dash while in the air to cover longer distances, as well as using the
hover. Keep going until you reach the end of the bridge, where you will see the
bus Reggie was driving fall into the water, but you'll see Reggie in the
distance. Hurry to him and you'll automatically grab him out of the water.

======|  5. Welcome to Seattle  | (A104)
Although Delsin wants to just trash the DUP guards, Reggie suggests that they
try to sneak through the Scanning Station. Follow him to the checkpoint and wait
your turn, then move to the scanner when you can. Go to the scanner and push the
touchpad, then slide your finger in one motion to the designated point. Of
course, the scanner recognizes you're a Conduit and now you'll be forced to
fight the DUP security.

At the moment, you only have the Smoke Shot, Smoke Dash, and Cinder Blast as
your primary abilities, as well as your melee capabilities. The DUP will
basically use their guns, but some of them can launch grenades at you, so it's
wise to keep moving. If you need to refill your smoke meter, you can shoot a
vehicle a few times and drain the smoke.

You should see some towers, which you can destroy easily with a few or a well-
placed Cinder Blast. Keep going, watching out for the sniper at the second set
of towers, and Reggie will chime in and tell you about the Mobile Command. These
are basically vehicles that the DUP use to monitor the various districts. They
are located in restricted areas where the DUP will attack pretty much on sight.

There will be a lot of resistance in the area and your goal is to destroy the
vents on the Mobile Command to make the power core exposed. Before you do that,
take out all of the DUP in the area, so you won't be interrupted. When it's
clear, shoot the vents until you see the power core appear. Jump on top of the
Mobile Command and do the motion on the touchpad (hold it), then press R2
repeatedly to destroy it.

With the Mobile Command down, the DUP will send a heavily armored guy after you
now, who is armed with a minigun. What you want to do is keep shooting him from
a distance, using cover if needed, or by using the rooftops, allowing you access
to refill your power meter. Once you've dealt enough damage, the big guy will
retreat into a barrier, which is your cue to sneak up behind him and press the
shown button to take him out. Go over to his body and try to drain him to no

======|  6. Catching Smoke  | (A105)
Delsin mentions to Reggie about trying to find the locations of some of the Core
Relays, which will be displayed on your map. You'll have to go to each location,
take out any DUP guarding the devices, then break open and drain them to gain
new abilities. The one in the northeast gives you Comet Drop, the southeastern
one grants Cinder Missiles and the one in the southwest gives you Sulfur Bomb.
Try out the power after acquiring it and the mission ends with all three gotten.

======|  7. The Gauntlet  | (A106)
Head to the Space Needle and find the mission marker to start it. You'll have to
climb to the top of the Space Needle, so start with the ladder and then use the
air vents to launch yourself to ledges you can grab. You'll also need to use
wires and other parts of the Space Needle to get to the top. Whenever you see
that something is about to hit you, don't worry as it actually won't, so just

When you hit the observation deck, you will have to fight with some DUP enemies.
Take them all out, then use one of the air vents to get to the next area. Here,
you're introduced to a new type of enemy, who can use concrete as a shield, as
well as create a barrier around your feet, preventing you from moving (just dash
if you get caught). Should things get a little too hectic, you can retreat to
the level below to find some ammo crates to destroy and refill your smoke meter.

Once the enemies are clear, try and shoot the winch only for it to have no
effect. Find the nearby Core Relay and drain it to gain the Orbital Drop.
Basically, you need to perform actions that reflect your Karma and for every one
you do, a meter will fill until you can perform the Orbital Drop.

Take too much time in between actions or perform something relating to the
opposite Karma will reduce the meter to nothing. For now, you will see DUP
guards on the ground, so perform the relevant action to fill the meter (Square
for Evil and Triangle for Good). Once it's full, go near the winch and press
down on the D-Pad to perform the Orbital Drop. When you get the chance, pick the
design you want to be placed on the flag, which will end the mission.

======|  8. Chasing the Light  | (A107)
If the mission isn't available, keep exploring the city until Reggie calls you.
When you get to the mission marker, you will have to destroy the Mobile Command
in the area before you can actually start. If you haven't noticed, this one has
some Jammers in the area, which will obstruct your map, so take them out first
before going after the Mobile Command.

When it has been cleared, head back to the marker and begin the actual mission.
It's time to hunt down a Conduit who has been killing people. Reggie directs you
to a crime scene, so head there and follow the neon lights until you spot the
victim. Walk onto the camera icon and take the necessary pictures (you'll get
the R2 prompt at the right spot).

Reggie will call and say there's another victim, but this time the DUP has
locked down the area. Head to the second spot and you'll have to fight with a
bunch of DUP, including one of the big guys with the minigun. Once it's clear,
head to where the second victim is and take the pictures like before. Reggie
gets a hit on the face and says to check for the drug dealer's stash.

The stash is located just down the stairs and as soon as you check it out, you
get shot at by the sniper. Hurry up and head towards the sniper's located, where
the Conduit will take off...very fast. Continue giving chase until Delsin gives
up, which prompts Reggie to tell you to go back to the sniper's nest to check
out things. When you get there, take pictures of the sign, book, boots and

Once you get those things, head to the end of the walkway and snap a picture of
the neon picture. After some time, Reggie identifies the man's face and sends
you to the address where he was murdered. When you get there, you will have to
take out some drug dealers, so deal with them according to your Karmic standing.
Head inside and take the necessary pictures, which will bring the mission to a

======|  9. Go Fetch  | (A108)
The mission marker will be near Olaf's restaurant and upon starting the mission,
you'll see an activist rally in front. If you want Evil Karma, disrupt it by any
means, but leave it alone if you are Good. Either way, Reggie says to hide near
the neon sign, so go on the roof and press the touchpad near the cardboard

After the cutscene, you'll have gain some of the Neon powers, but only the dash
ability, so give chase after Fetch. You'll learn how to run up walls, which is
pretty much the extent of the ability for now. Eventually, you'll end up caught
up with Fetch, who will blow up the roof and you'll crash inside the building.

It's time to do battle with Fetch, although you really can't do anything to her
yet. Actually, the only thing you can do is go around the area and drain all of
the neon signs so she can't get more power. All but two are on the ground level,
with those other two on the second floor.

Once you've gotten then all, you can fire neon blasts with the R2 button. What
you need to do now is take shots at Fetch until you can deplete her health at
the top of the screen. Note that she'll stick to the ground floor and will move
around a lot, but you can trail her thanks to the light trail she leaves behind.
If you need to recover your health, hide behind something. After the fight, you
get to make a Karma decision and then the mission will be over.

======|  10. Light It Up  | (A109)
With your newly acquired powers, Delsin decides to have Reggie locate some Core
Relays to get some new abilities. Head to the first one to get the Laser Insight
ability, then you will have to follow Fetch's neon tracks to get to the second,
which gives Stasis Bubble, the third is Phosphor Beam and the last will give you
the Radiant Sweep ability. Try out each move as you get them and the mission
will be complete.

======|  11a. Fight Intolerants (Evil)  | (A110)
Note that this mission appears on your map, but you can only start it if you
choose to "Corrupt Fetch" at the end of Go Fetch. Your goal in this mission is
to go after the anti-Conduit activists, so head to the first location and just
start shooting at them until you get the message that they were silenced. Of
course, it's likely that the DUP will show up and cause some problems, so start
going after them until you get rid of them all.

Fetch mentions that she wants to go after the leader of the activists, but you
will need to flush him out first. There will be three rallies marked on your map
and you need to go to each one, disrupt the rally and take out the DUP that
interfere. Note that you don't need to defeat all of the DUP Agents, but just
keep at each spot until it disappears from your map.

Once you clear all three rallies, Fetch will say that she got a fix on the
location of the leader of the activists. Head to the tunnel and go inside, where
you will find plenty of DUP Agents, including one or two of the stronger ones
that can bind your legs. Remember to use the vehicles as cover and don't forget
you have two different powers now, so you can switch if you want.

At the end of the tunnel, you will fake surrender and be confronted with a
barricade of DUP Agents. Note that you will automatically get a Karmic Streak
attack if you didn't have one saved, so when you get the chance, use that to
take them all out. Now, a bunch more DUP Agents will come, so continue fighting
them until you finish them all off, which will end the mission.

======|  11b. Trash the Stash (Good)  | (A111)
Fetch wants some help taking out some drug dealers, who she says has a big
shipment at the marina. Head there and you will see that there are A LOT of
enemies in the area. Don't worry about the boats for now and just concentrate on
taking out all of the enemies. As you're fighting them, Fetch will likely
pinpoint the exact location of three boats with drugs on them.

You need to go onto each boat, find the drugs and then tag the boat for Fetch to
blow up later. On two of the boats, however, you will find someone trapped
inside, so open the cabin door to let them out before tagging. When you get all
three, Fetch says things are getting pretty hectic at the warehouse, so head
there to find still even more enemies.

Once you take them all down, meet up with Fetch and watch as she destroys the
boats. The mission isn't over, though, as they appear to be shipping one last
shipment via a truck. You will have to follow this truck without being seen, so
stick to the rooftops and follow Fetch. When the truck stops, take out the
remaining enemies to finish the mission.

======|  12. The Test  | (A112)
Head to the bridge that is marked, which you might have come across before, and
use your Neon powers to climb to the top. Delsin will take out the enemies on
his own, but it's up to you to actually cross the bridge. Note there will be
plenty of auto-turrets on the bridge, so you will want to use a lot of cover to
get behind them and take them out.

When you get past the turrets, you'll come to a large gap with two snipers in
towers on the other side. Quickly use the car as a launching pad to get across,
then blast the two towers. There will be some more DUP guys who can erect
shields past the towers and you can hop over the side of the bridge if you need
some breathing room.

Drop down into the large, open area and you'll be thrown into a boss fight with
large DUP Agent. At first, you want to drain any of the neon spots since you
likely have no smoke power left. The boss will surround himself with large rocks
and can throw them at you. Shooting his body will deplete his health, but if you
can aim the Phosphor Beams, they will drop the boss to the ground.

Doing enough damage or hitting with a Phosphor Beam will put the boss to the
ground, where it will come after you. Here, it will use a whip-like attack or
try a melee one, so quickly dodge. Since there are many different neon sources
to absorb, you can stick to Phosphor Beams for attack, which can take a good
chunk of his life. Once you defeat him, some cutscenes will occur and you'll be
in the Lantern District.

======|  13. The Fan  | (A113)
As with Chasing the Light, you can't start this mission until you take out the
nearby Mobile Command. Once you do, you can properly start this mission, where
you get to meet a fan named Eugene. After the introductions are over, you will
need to head to a spot where a convoy of Conduits are coming. Head over to the
spot and underneath the bridge, where you will need to destroy four of the
support beams.

Once you do that, head onto the bridge and wait until the convoy comes. It will
be foggy out and you need to take out all of the DUP Agents guarding the convoy.
There are quite a few of them, so make sure you retreat and find the power spots
should you need to. When you are finished, head to one of the buses and touch
the touchpad to initiate a scene.

It turns out the buses are long gone, but Eugene is able to track them by using
a phone app. He sends it to Delsin, so take out the phone and head in the
direction that the phone tells you to (basically, head in the direction where
you get closer and note you have to be so high to use it). When you get there,
take out the DUP Agents and you'll have to fight some new enemies who look like
they throw discs of concrete at you.

Take out those new enemies, of which there are three, and check out the bus,
only to find it empty. Make your way to the second bus, which has no resistance
and nothing in it. When you get to the third, and final, one, you will see what
look like angels and the DUP fighting. Just concentrate on taking out the DUP,
which will include some of the stronger enemies from before, then search the bus
to finish the mission.

======|  14. Reggie Takes Flight  | (A114)
It seems it's time to track down some of the escaped Conduits from the buses and
you will start out by checking the porta-pottys in the area. Keep going to each
one, swiping on the touchpad to open it, until you find the right one. The guy
inside will go to escape and you'll have to go after him, but the angels from
the last mission will come down and take him away.

For the next one, you should see three circles on your map. Just go around in
these areas until you hear about one of the Conduits being at the construction
site. Go there and get to the top, where you will see a crane. The Conduit will
be on the crane, at the end of the arm and he will jump when you get too close.
Of course, an angel will catch him and take off, so give chase for a little bit
until you realize you can't catch it.

At this time, Reggie calls and says he has a plan, so meet him at the park. You
need to chase after him and pretend to shoot close to him (you can shoot him a
couple times if you want), until an angel comes and scoops him up. Now, chase
after the angel and Reggie until you are on top of a building and a scene

You see angels and demons coming out of the TV screen and it's your job to
destroy the screens. Angels will attack you by shooting a laser, while Demons
will divebomb to your position (line of sight). There are a multitude of screens
you need to destroy, four on the one side and four on the other side of the
street. Use cover and be smart to take them all out, which ends the mission.

======|  15. Heaven's Hellfire  | (A115)
Walk around in the basement until you get transported to some large arena with
floating platforms and lava below. You will see a big angel called He Who
Dwells, and it's up to you to defeat it! The battle takes part in three phases,
and your best weapons to use are the Cinder Missiles and Phosphor Beams. There
will be sources for both powers throughout the fight on choice platforms, as
well as beams that propel you upwards like air vents.

The boss has two main attacks through the entire fight, one of which includes
firing a laser similar to the angels from before. The other attack is a large
blast that will explode when it hits you or anything else; this will increase to
multiple ones in the second and third phase. Once you have caused enough damage,
you will be back in the basement, so walk around until you get transported

For the first phase, just move from platform to platform and shoot either of the
two main shots to damage him. It is the second phase and beyond that things get
tricky. Once you cause enough damage, the boss will be invulnerable and the
platforms will start to fall into the lava (which does hurt you), so you need to
find the new stable platforms.

Once you get to the third phase, there will be angels that will create a barrier
around the boss, so you need to shoot them to make them disappear (one shot
should be enough). After the battle, you get the choice to either corrupt Eugene
(Evil Karma) or redeem Eugene (Good Karma). When you've made your choice, the
mission is over.

======|  16. Zero to Hero  | (A116)
Try to use your newly acquired powers and you find out that you can't do
anything. So, you decide to meet up with Reggie in an alley. After some words
with him, he decides to help you, so drain the Core Relay to get the power of
Invisibility. However, this isn't going to help yet, so follow Reggie to the
next one.

This one will give you a melee ability, so use it in conjunction with
Invisibility to take out the DUPs. Delsin calls Eugene to find him the next Core
Relay, so head there and you'll have to take out some Akurans. Once you do, open
the Core Relay and drain it to get Video Surge, allowing you to move in the air
and up buildings.

The next Core Relay will get you Bloodthirsty Blades, which are similar to
Phosphor Beams and Cinder Missiles. Use it to take out the helicopter coming
towards you from the left,then head to the next Core Relay, which will get you
the ability to shoot normal shots with R2.

Take out the DUP Agents that show up, then there will be one last Core Relay to
get. When you get there, DUP will be hanging around, but you will have the help
of Eugene and his demons. Take them all out, then drain the Core Relay to get
Hellfire Swarm, the Karmic Bomb for the Video power. Use it on the DUP that come
and the mission will be over.

======|  17a.  Hunting the Hunters (Evil)  | (A117)
This mission will appear on your map, but it can only be started if you chose to
corrupt Eugene. He wants to go after the Akurans and needs your help. There are
some by the construction site, but he needs you to flush them out so his demon
friends can get to them. When you get there, get onto the top level and go down
the ramp to find some.

Now, you just need to keep killing them until Eugene says to go onto the roof.
Here, just continue taking out the Akurans until it's time to move on (even
though there will be more Akurans to fight). Eugene mentions that something big
is going on and says to use the signal app from before to locate the next batch
of Akurans.

If you don't remember what to do, get high enough and press up on the D-Pad to
bring up a signal. You want to head in the general direction where the distance
gets smaller and when you arrive there, there will be a few Akurans to kill. Use
the signal app once again to find the next spot, where there will be more
Akurans, as well as some DUPs.

At the third spot, there will be a lot of enemies, so make sure you use caution.
Once the first wave is cleared, two Enormous DUP Agents show up and things get a
little more hectic. Remember to use your R1 attacks here, as they will do a lot
more damage than normal shots. Eugene will eventually show again as a big demon
and more regular DUPs will appear. Clean the rest of the enemies up and the
mission will be over.

======|  17b. Flight of Angels (Good)  | (A118)
It appears the Akurans have been rounding up the suspected "Bioterrorists" that
were freed and plan to sell them back to the DUP. Head to the construction site
and you'll have to fight through a whole lot of Akurans, so make sure you
retreat should you get low on health or your power. Once it's clear, check the
enclosed space on each floor of the construction site (you can destroy the
boards with red Xs) to find the Conduits aren't here.

After you check the third one, you hear choppers, so go to the roof and you'll
see them trying to get away with shipping containers. Luckily, Eugene will use
his angels to keep the choppers close enough to where you can jump on the
containers. Do just that and shoot the winch in the middle on top of the
containers, then it will be lowered to the ground by Eugene.

There are a total of five containers and the last one will bring some DUPs into
its vicinity. Take out the first wave and two large DUP agents, like the one you
fought at the end of The Test will appear. Keep moving around and stalling until
Eugene comes with a big angel, which prompts more DUPs to appear. When all DUPs
are gone, the mission will be over.

======|  18. The Return  | (A119)
Reggie begins the mission saying there was a huge explosion reported on the news
that was since retracted, so he wants you to check things out. Head to the
marker on your map to officially start the mission, where you will need to go to
the Waterfront to investigate. When you get there, you find the place has been
torched and you decide to take a picture to show to Reggie.

After taking the picture, some DUPs will show up, so take them out and then pick
up the helmet nearby to learn that Hank is still alive. More DUPs will show up
now, so get rid of them and then there will be another photo opportunity nearby.
It is at this point that Fetch chimes in and says someone is nearby smoking out
DUP choppers.

Head to the marker to meet up with Fetch, who decides to sit this one out. Now,
go to the roof where Hank is said to be and when you get there, he will start
running away. Chase after him until he stops on a roof with some DUP Agents, so
take out a couple and Hank will get away again. Thankfully, Reggie knows where
he's at, so head there and another chase will begin. Keep going until a cutscene
occurs and the mission will end after some dialog.

|                                                                              |
| If you haven't done so, it might be wise to upgrade both your Video and      |
| Smoke powers before the next mission. Specifically, you will want to get     |
| Quick Drain for both, as well as upgrade the ammo capacity for their R1      |
| moves.                                                                       |
|                                                                              |

======|  19. Quid Pro Quo  | (A120)
You will need to take out the Mobile Command in the immediate vicinity before
you can tackle this mission. Unlike the normal ones, this one is a tower-like
Mobild Command, where there will be four vents on the pillars similar to the
ones on the normal Command. Once you destroy all four vents, you can pick up and
destroy the core like usual. Also note that there will be two helicopters in the

It turns out that both Fetch and Eugene were captured by Augustine and she's
holding them on some speciality built island of sorts. Hank has a plan to rescue
them and cause enough chaos that it will draw out Augustine. The game will
automatically go and meet with Hank, as well as Reggie, who has a plan for
breaking into the fort.

Note that you will need Smoke to get onto the island, so grab it before you
follow Hank. He will bust open a pipe and you can use Smoke Dash to get through
the vent and onto the island. The plan is to break certain concrete pillars
(marked by the touchpad icon) and draw out DUP guards. There will be a few
enemies at first, but things can get pretty hectic after breaking the second

You will be limited to your Smoke powers and due to the ceiling, you won't be
able to use your Orbital Drop either. There will be some snipers and one of the
bigger guys with the minigun, so make sure you utilize any cover you find, as
well as use the rest of your arsenal. Once you break four pillars, Hank will
uncover a vent you can use to reach a Core Relay. It turns out to be a trap, but
luckily, your brother helps you.

With your hands tied, you have to make it to your brother while dodging enemies
and auto-turrets. The enemies themselves will get blown up thanks to Reggie, but
you will have to utilize the cover to shield yourself from the Auto-Turrets,
going to the next cover in between assaults. You will get stopped near Reggie,
but you will break free and can continue to your brother.

Unfortunately, some horrible events transpire and you'll be thrown into battle
with Augustine. She has a concrete shield around her and her basic, and pretty
much only, attack is to throw small boulders at you whenever she hovers in the
air. At the start, you have the Smoke power and only that, and you need to hit
her with Cinder Missiles to make her lose her shield. Note that you can hit her
with normal shots if it's just her standing on her concrete platform, but they
will bounce off the shield.

Hit her enough and she will drop to the ground, allowing you to kick her
(Triangle for Good Karma and Square for Evil). Do this three times and you will
be able to perform an Orbital Drop on her, finishing up the first phase of the
fight. Before the second phase begins, you will have to fight through some DUP
chumps, including the stronger versions that look like they throw discs.

When they're all gone, Augustine returns to the arena for phase two. You still
have your Smoke powers, but Augustine can destroy the sources for it. The good
thing is that monitors will be revealed that you can draw for your Video power.
Note that the second phase of the fight is the same exact thing as the first, so
do what you did before and finish her off with your Karmic Bomb to finish the

======|  20. Smoke and Mirrors  | (A121)
You'll appear on solid land after the last mission and some DUP forces will come
to attack you. Take them all out and then Delsin will use the phone app to try
and track Hank down. Climb onto a high building and press Up on the D-Pad to get
a position on him. Get close enough and a marker will appear on your map, where
there won't be anything but some ruins of a battle.

However, some DUP forces will show up to ambush you and it's up to you to defeat
them. Once they're finished or enough time passed, you will have to locate the
signal again, so get onto a high building and use your phone to track Hank's
position. The next spot you have to investigate will be on top of a roof, where
there will be more DUP and likely a chopper as well.

Track him one more time and you'll see that Hank is heading to the marina, with
a marker appearing on your map. When you get there, you'll find him standing
there and all you have to do is hit him to initiate a cutscene. You'll be
presented with one final Karmic choice, either to spare Hank (Good Karma) or to
kill him (Evil Karma). Whichever you choose, the mission will be over.

======|  21. Kill or Expose Augustine  | (A122)
This final mission plays out pretty much the same no matter whether you're Good
or Evil. You should see a marker on your map after finishing the last mission,
so head there and you'll be on top of a building with a generator. Before you
can do anything, though, you will be presented with a choice to either kill
Augustine (Evil Karma) or expose her (Good Karma).

Depending on your Karma, pick your option and then you can use the touchpad to
shut down the power to the tower...only a little bit. There will be plenty of
DUP agents in front of the tower, so you will have to fight your way through
them all. Once it's clear, switch over to Smoke and use the vent shown before to
start your climb up the tower.

In the first area, you won't be able to progress, but a familiar face will show
up and help. Fetch opens a vent you can use to launch yourself to the next
section, where DUP goons will be there to fight. The next vent can be used to
launch yourself to the pillar, which you can climb to the next section. This
will keep going like this until two helicopters show up, but that prompts the
arrival of Eugene to take them out.

When you get to the point where you can switch to Video powers, do so and get
onto the roof of the building. You'll have to protect Fetch here while she cuts
a hole that will allow you to break into the building. Once she's finished, dash
at the satellite dish and then hold Square to bust through the hole that Fetch
cut out, sending you inside and into a boss fight.

|  BOSS: Brooke Augustine  |
The fight against Augustine starts out similar to the previous fight, although
she has a few extra moves in her arsenal. She still has the shield and will
throw stone boulders at you, but she can also send what look like buzzsaws along
the ground. Since you have Video for this battle so far, you will still do the
same thing as the previous fight, sending Bloodthirsty Blades to remove her
shield and knocking her down three times, prompting a chance to use the Karmic

Now starts the second phase of the fight and you will finish the battle with
Concrete powers, only you don't have any right now. Augustine will transform
into a scorpion-like creature and she will come after you with two attacks at
first. She will walk towards you, smashing her legs into the ground with each
step, as well as shoot projectiles at you. Note that both of these attacks will
stay throughout the entire final battle.

You need to survive until Eugene throws in a Core Relay, which will grant you
the Boulder Dash ability once you drain it. Keep going until the next Core Relay
is sent, which will get you the Concrete Shrapnel, allowing you to shoot now
with R2 and damage Augustine. Once you get this ability, she will add a new move
into her set, which is to come forward and smash both front legs into the ground
when you cause enough damage.

The next ability you get is Concrete Thrusters, allowing you to hover in the
air. She'll keep using the same moves for now, so continue doing as you did
before until the last Core Relay drops, granting you the Concrete Barrage move.
This is triggered by hitting R1 and will do a lot more damage than the normal
shots, although you need to resort to those in between recharges.

Augustine's projectile attacks are likely getting quicker at this point, but it
should be pretty easy to dodge with the following tactic. Go to the opposite
side of the arena and just dash back and forth horizontally to dodge all the
shots, starting when she's about to shoot and going to the other side at the
same time.

At some point, she will likely gain a new attack, which is to make herself flat
and slide along the ground; use the hover ability to go over her. She will
follow this up by turning into a snake and lunging at you, so just wait until
she's about to lunge and dash to the other side to avoid it. Keep blasting her
and when her health is gone, you will have defeated her and completed the game.

|                                                                              |
| After completing the game and the credits are over, you will be back in the  |
| game's world. You can complete the rest of the side missions, remove the     |
| DUP's presence from all of the districts and gather the rest of the          |
| collectibles. There is also a trophy that you can only get after defeating   |
| the final boss, which is done by climbing the final tower the same way as    |
| before, using Video to launch yourself and then performing the Comet Drop    |
| all the way to the ground.                                                   |
|                                                                              |

____________|                                                       |___________
============|                 IV. POWERS/SKILL TREES                |===========
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                                                       |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

Delsin will learn various powers throughout the game, ending up with four
different kinds in the end. Each power has basic abilities, such as a basic
shot, a stronger shot that consumes ammo, a dash maneuver, and usually another
kind of skill unique to that power. Also note that three of the four powers have
an ultimate attack (Karma Bomb) that can be unleashed by performing actions
specific to the Karma alignment.

Each power also has a skill tree associated with it, as well as one dedicated to
melee attacks (making a total of five). In each skill tree are upgrades to the
abilities you learn for each power. In order to buy the upgrades, you will have
to find and absorb Blast Shards found throughout the districts. Also, some
upgrades are locked to a specific Karma alignment, and some even to a certain
level of Karma.

===============================(  MELEE POWERS  )==(B100)=======================

Delsin gets the ability to melee enemies during The Visitors, the second mission
in the game. The best thing about meleeing is that it doesn't use up any power,
so even when your meter is empty, it's possible to still attack. Depending on
the power equipped, Delsin will use different kinds of weapons that all function
the same, although some deal more damage than others.

|  Karmic Healing  |
REQ - 5 Blast Shards and Level 3 Good Karma
INFO - Subduing surrendering or coughing enemy will restore some health.

|  Execute  |
REQ - * Blast Shards and Evil Karma
INFO - Press Square to brutally kill surrendering or coughing enemy, earning
       Evil Karma.

|  Enemy Drain  |
REQ - 4 Blast Shards and Evil Karma
INFO - Executing a surrendering or coughing enemy will restore some energy.

|  Dash Slam  |
REQ - Dash Strike, 4 Blast Shards and Evil Karma
INFO - Dash toward an enemy, then quickly Melee for a lethal takedown.

|  Dash Subdue  |
REQ - Dash Strike, 4 Blast Shards and Good Karma
INFO - Dash towards a surrendering or coughing enemy, then quickly press
       Triangle to Subdue them, earning Good Karma.

|  Obliterating Drop  |
REQ - Comet Drop, 4 Blast Shards and Evil Karma
INFO - Land directly on an enemy with Comet Drop to instantly obliterate them,
       earning Evil Karma.

===============================(  SMOKE POWERS  )==(B101)=======================

Smoke is the very first power Delsin gets in the game and it can be quite the
power in battle, offering a variety of uses, from ranged combat and even up
close. Smoke Shot and its charged up version allow Delsin to attack both far and
close, with Cinder Missile supplementing the ranged attacks.

For traversal, while the second and third powers are much better, Smoke is still
great due to the abundance of vents that can be used to quickly get to the top
of buildings, as well as used to propel Delsin into the air. Sulfur Bomb allows
Delsin to quickly disable the lesser enemies, allowing him to rapidly earn Good
or Evil Karma.

================================(  NEON POWERS  )==(B102)=======================

Neon is the second power Delsin acquires in the game, during the Go Fetch
mission. This power is all about precision and speed, with the Neon Beam being
slightly slower than the Smoke Shot but being slightly stronger. With the Laser
Focus and its upgrades, you can slow down time for a few seconds when you use
the basic shot, as well as one-hit kill/takedown normal enemies by shooting them
in the head (Evil Karma) or in the legs (Good Karma).

One of the problems with Neon is that its R1 attack has to charge for a second
or two before it can be fired. However, Neon is definitely the best power for
traversing the game's world, as with an upgrade, it is possible to keep Circle
pressed and not have to worry about stopping. Also, Neon seems to be the easiest
power to replenish, since there are a lot of sources around.

===============================(  VIDEO POWERS  )==(B103)=======================

Video is the third power that Delsin will get in the game and it has its ups and
downs. Its normal shot has a high rate of fire, but doesn't hit as strong as the
previous two. The heavy shot paints the enemy with a green target and fires off
some swords that will home in on the target, and is quite powerful. Delsin can
become invisible, allowing him to sneak up on enemies and guaranteeing a one-hit

For traversing, Delsin uses angel wings to quickly fly through the air, similar
to the Smoke Dash. However, unlike with Smoke, Delsin can move up the side of
the building a lot faster than with Neon, although Neon is still better because
of the unlimited potential. A downside to this power is that it doesn't have as
many sources to draw power from as the first two.

==============================(  CONCRETE POWERS  )==(B104)=====================

Concrete is the last power Delsin will learn, and it comes pretty late into the
game. While it is certainly is very strong, in regards to its strength, the fact
it comes so late makes it potentially useless depending on the side missions you
have left. Also, it doesn't have as many upgrades as the other powers, and is
actually lacking a Karmic Bomb. You can absorb power for Concrete from defeated
DUP agents.

____________|                                                       |___________
============|                V. HIDDEN CAMERAS (C100)               |===========
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                                                       |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

Hidden Cameras, as its name suggests, are cameras that are hidden that are meant
to keep tabs on the general populace. These are different from the regular
Security Cameras that players can find surrounding the Mobile Command in each
district, as they don't alert the DUP to Delsin's presence.

Unlike the Security Cameras, which are shown on the map, players must start a
side mission of sorts to find the Hidden Cameras. Starting the side mission will
show you the camera's feed and it is up to the player to find the camera within
the circle shown on the map and destroy it. Note that the targeting reticule
will turn red whenever the camera is targeted, so use that hint to help find
them if they are proving difficult in locating them.

Use the following link to find pictures of each camera's location should the
descriptions below not be enough:


Behind you is the monument for Sundial Park and behind that is a building. If
you're looking at the building, the camera is in the upper left corner of the
wall closest to you.

When you initialize the camera feed, you will notice a tree in the way. If you
look to your northeast, the tree will be right there. There is an orangish-red
brick building right behind the tree and the camera will be hidden in the corner
closest to you.

You will notice that the camera is straight ahead of you, but it's a little hard
to find because of how dark its surroundings are. It is actually on a beam right
before you reach the end of the walkway above you.

From the initial location, you will find a very tall building to your southwest.
The camera is on the third balcony from the bottom on the east side of the

Just north of your position is the G. McClain Bank building, and the camera is
right above the name.

Right near the icon on the map is an umbrella in front of a building. The camera
is located at the top of this building, almost on the corner of it (above the

This one is located under the bridge, in one of the corners. It's not the corner
against the wall, but within the next set of beams, on the southeast side.

|  UPTOWN  |
You should be right in front of a Burger Mann shop. Face it and then head to the
left side of the building and two tables with umbrellas close together. Standing
near those, face the building and you'll find the camera in the top left corner
of the colored tiles.

You should be in front of a coffee shop, so face it and then look left to see a
brick building. Look at the first row of buildings and then the second window
from the left, where you'll find the camera right above it.

This one is pretty easy. There's a concrete barrier right north of your position
and the camera is right on it.

This can be a little tricky to find at first. See the blue-colored poles that
the string lights are connected to? The camera is on the easternmost pole, on
the north side (just above the blue part).

This one is stuck on the side of a tree. It's the tree with a clothesline
connected to it on the southeast side of the little camp there.

This is on the underside of the biggest part of the roof of the archway on the

Find the dock closest to you from the camera icon and look on the corner to find

From your initial position, look to the southwest to spot a building with
banners and an Oriental-style roof on top. The camera is at the top corner of
the normal section of this building.

____________|                                                       |___________
============|                      VI. UPDATES                      |===========
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                                                       |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

03/27/2014.....Walkthrough completed and submitted to GameFAQs

03/27/2014.....Minor update, as one of the missions' walkthrough was missing for
               some reason. I'm working on adding a section for Powers and
               possibly the Hidden Camera locations, once I figure some
               formatting problems.

03/31/2014.....I added a section for Powers, although it isn't finished yet and
               also another section for the Hidden Cameras, with all locations
               listed. There's a few other things I might add, such as the
               walkthroughs for the DLC content, but that will be after
               finishing the Powers section.

____________|                                                       |___________
============|             VII. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS           |===========
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                                                       |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

Q) What is the best power in the game?
A) For combat, I think it's a tie between Smoke and Neon. Smoke is all-around
   great in combat and the precision ability of Neon makes it great for taking
   out normal enemies. For exploring, Neon is my favorite because you can get
   unlimited running and can go scale buildings easily.

Q) Which is better, Good or Evil?
A) I don't think it matters too much in this game, as they both have their
   benefits. Evil is easier to play on Expert for some reasons, as you don't
   have to worry about repercussions due to being able to go wild in battles. On
   the other hand, it's easier to recover health with Good.

Q) Are you going to list the collectibles?
A) The Hidden Cameras aren't too difficult to find and most everything else is
   handed to you on a silver platter with the in-game map, so I don't see a need
   for right now.

____________|                                                       |___________
============|                 VIII. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS                |===========
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                                                       |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

- CJayC for creating GameFAQs and SBAllen and others for making it what it is

- Sony and Sucker Punch for creating another great inFamous game

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