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                   Looney Tunes Racing for Gameboy Color     
                       last updated 12\8\01  
                  A faq guide by Chris Smith version 1.1


    I. copyright info.

   II. The characters and items

   III. Faqs and game info.

    IV. Special thanks to:

     V. Contact information

   I. Copyright info
        This guide is for your use. However, please do not copy      or
reproduce this guide in any way, shape, or form, in whole or part. In addition, 
please do not modify or change this guide and call it your own. Also, please feel 
free to post this faq on your web site after getting my permission. Thank you!!!

    II. The Characters and Items
        Looney Tunes Racing is a racing game for Gameboy Color. You can race with 
eight of your favorite Looney Tunes characters, like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and 
Marvin the Martian. You can buy funny gags to get ahead and stay ahead, such as 
Acme anvils, thunderbolts, and Acme bombs. Well, that's a brief description of 
the game itself, so now let's get to the characters and items, shall we?

         If you are a fan of the Looney Tunes, you'll probably find these 
characters and items of this game very familiar. The first four characters you 
can choose from are: Bugs Bunny, with his Karrot Kart, which is run on pure 
carrot juice, zooms around the track. Lola Bunny's kurvy kart aerodynamically 
cruises around it all. Daffy Duck and his bill kart took lots of money to 
customize this roadcruiser. Wile E. Coyote and his rocket kart could be good 
contenders for the big prize. Those are the first four characters to choose from. 
The other four, Marvin the Martian the Tasmanian Devil, Yosemite Sam, and Foghorn 
Loghorn. They can be earned by gaining money by winning races. As can additional 
       These all can be purchased at Sylvester's shop before starting any races, 
after winning the first two races, then after the fifth race. To visit the shop 
after the second or fifth 
races, choose the "shop" option to bring up the shop. Now, let's get to the items.
        Super Speed Rocket
        This gives you a sudden speed burst lasting about four seconds. This can 
be useful at any time during the races. It is cheap, too.

         Acme Whipped Cream Homing Pie
        An antenna- equipped pie that can spin out an opponent in front of you. 
Note: this only works if an opponent is directly in front of you, otherwise it 

         Acme MegaMagnet
       This item uses its super magnet power to steer other cars from your way.

         Acme Storm Cloud
       Creates a rainstorm with lightning to fry your opponents, with you passing 
them in the process.

         Acme Bombs
       These blast away your opponents directly in front of you!
         Acme Anvil
        Falls on opponents and flattens them for several seconds.

         Portable Hole
        Leave opponents behind you in the ground with this funny gag.
         Acme Zap-o-Matic
        Opponents are toast against this weapon!

         Acme Gremlin
         These guys run to the nearest car and dismantle it!

         Acme Heli-Mallet 
         Flies forward and smashes the nearest racer
         Acme Hive-o-Bees 
         Launches an angry hive of bees straight  into another car.
         Those are all of the items in the game. To use any object during a race, 
press "B". With all of that said and done, let's get to the walkthrough.
           III. Walkthrough
         When you start the game, If you want to get a hang of the races first, 
select the arcade mode. After one arcade race, it will bring you back to the main 
menu. Here, you can select "Options" to select an intensity level. "rookie" is 
the easiest, I would prefer that to start, "pro," is medium, and "expert" is the 
most difficult.
         After that, select "done" at the bottom of the screen. You'll find 
yourself back at the main menu. Now, choose championship mode. Now, press "A" to 
start the race. You then must choose a Looney Tunes character to race with. I 
prefer Bugs Bunny at this point. He's fast and has good traction. You're on your 
way when you choose your character. Now, let's start the first race. 
       The first race is the Arizona desert. To accelerate, hold down the A 
button. This race is a breeze. If you win, you get fifty dollars for spending 
after winning the next race. So try to get more money before the end of next 
        The next race is in the Wabbit Woods. This race is harder than the first 
one because there two ponds of water in your way. The only way to get across is 
to hit the little mounds of dirt in front of the water. This will elevate you 
over and across the water. Otherwise, this race shouldn't be that hard.
       After winning this race, select the SHOP button. You should have about two 
hundred dollars now, so if you want, you can buy some items within the two 
hundred dollar range, or you can save your money for additional characters shown 
at the top of the screen.
       When you're done there, once again, start the race, but, this time, pick 
the Super Cup, which you advanced to. Choose your character and you'll see that 
you're on Planet X. Look out for X street signs on this one. They can wreck your 
car. The opponents on this set of races are more competitive, so play very 
carefully. After leaving Planet X, you'll be in the pastures of Porky's farm. 
      At Porky's Farm, there aren't many obstacles to content with. This should 
be a relatively easy level.

      Now, at the final race of the Super Cup, at Marvin's Raceway. Look out for 
instant Martian's along your path to victory!

      Once again, you'll be at the shop. You can hire other racers, now, like Taz 
and Marvin, or buy weapons. Now, start the game and select the Extreme Cup and 
another character.

      You'll be going through Gossamer's castle, next. Watch out for instant 
ghouls on the track. They will throw you off of the track, possibly costing you 
the first place prize.

      You're almost there after winning What's Opera Doc with Bugs and the Looney 

      You've arrived at the final race with Daffy & friends at Duck Dodgers City. 
Make it past this, and you're champion!

      Well, that's the game. I hope my guide and walkthrough helped you.

   IV. Special Thanks To:
          Mr. Paul Keating for helping me so much.

    V. Contact Info.
         If you have any questions about this game, contact me
              At [email protected]

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