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Author: Black Rider
Email: [email protected]
Version: 1.0
Date last edited: June 21, 2002
For Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
A Playstation 2 game by Konami
Legal crap:

All rights to distribution and redistribution reserved.  If you want to 
redistribute this material, get permission from me and go by my terms.


This is guide for the bosses on the extreme difficulty level.  Info about guards, 
items, and unlocking secrets are not included.  This guide has info only about 
the bosses.

About the Extreme difficulty setting:

In this difficulty level, you'll notice many things.  You can carry only two 
rations, which are a must for boss fights.  Bosses can kill you very quickly.  
There's more, but I'll let you figure that out.

A little help:

This may make me sound like a cheater and I hope it does.  The bandana, brown 
wig, and stealth are a must.  Chances are that you won't survive without them.  
Also, make sure to get the body armor and chaff grenades.

On to the Bosses:

Tanker Chapter;

Boss1: Olga Gurlukovich

You'll have to be good at dodging bullets in this fight.  Only try hitting Olga 
when you have a clean shot.  Taking out that tarp over the explosive equipment 
will help (it's right in front of you).  Don't bother with the light, you can't 
shoot it out and you'll be an easy target.  Two shots from Olga and you might be 
dead, depends on whether you have rations or not.  When she starts throwing 
grenades, the fight gets a little easier.  When you hear Olga say "Take this!" 
run out and shoot her, then run for cover.  Since you're blinded by the light, 
you'll have to take wild shots.

Plant Chapter;

Boss1: Fortune

Don’t bother using bullets, you can’t hit her.  She comes very close to hitting 
you if you run from side to side.  Duck behind the containers for some temporary 
cover.   When both of them are destroyed, run across the room repeatedly and use 
the Raiden flip to dodge the shots (run and press x when she fires).  At the end 
she brings the roof down in the middle.  After that, the fight is over.

Boss2: Fatman

Fatman doesn’t do very much damage when he runs into you.  His bombs have a very 
short timer, about 30 seconds.  Try to get as many bombs as possible frozen while 
hooting Fatman as many times as possible in the head.  You can slow him down by 
placing claymore mines in the edges.  You may need to use many continues until 
you kill him, but you can probably do it.

Boss3: Harrier

Rations help in this fight as well as all the others.  If you can get the Stinger 
out fast enough, you can hit the Harrier twice when it flies over at the start.  
When it flies off in the distance, look for the flash to get its location, then 
lock-on and fire.  Quickly hang off the railing right behind you so the Harrier 
can’t shoot you.  Watch out for the cluster bombs.  When you hear him fire 4 
rockets, get down to the lower level as fast as you can.  The cluster bombs do 
very heavy damage when you get hit by them.  When the Harrier uses the machine 
gun, stand behind the cylinder.  You'll have to move around a little because he 
circles the area with the machine gun.  Pop him with the Stinger when you get a 

Boss4: Vamp

This fight will most likely take a few tries.  If you have the brown wig, keep it 
up in this fight, or use with either of the automatic weapons.  Shoot him with a 
Stinger first.  While he's underwater, you can throw in a few grenades or use the 
M4 or AKs-74u.  The bullets won't do much damage unless you hit many times with 
one clip.  When his life is nearly gone, he will change his attacks.  He will 
jump around the room and then throw about 5 knives at you at once.  If you have a 
lot of life, by that I mean nearly full, try to shoot him with a Stinger.  If 
Vamp's life is low enough, it should kill him.

Boss5: Metal Gear RAY x20

This fight is all about the brown wig.  You will need chaff grenades.  At the 
start, throw a chaff.  Then shoot the knee of RAY in the middle, then pop the 
head.  Throw 2 more chaff grenades.  Repeat until he jumps onto the platform 
you're on.  throw another chaff and finish Ray off.  1 down, 19 more to go.  
While you're waiting for the next one to jump in, you can throw a few chaff, or 
wear down another RAY.  Just be sure to throw 2 chaff after each head shot.  How 
you attack is up to you.  After each head shot, throw 2 chaff, then attack 
again.  If RAY uses the knee missiles, run then do the Raiden flip at the last 
second to avoid them.  Keep at it and you'll get this fight done.

Final Boss: Solidus

The body armor is a must.  Make sure you are using the sharp edge (sword should 
be red in the bottom-right corner).  If you haven't learned to block with the 
sword, you'll need to learn very quickly.  The first part of the fight is easy.  
Just hang off the edge.  When Solidus comes in and he brings both of his blades 
up to attack you, get back up there.  Hit him twice only.  Keep doing this until 
he gets rid of his snake arms.  Use L1 to block.  Watch Solidus' attacks and 
strike when you have an opening.  His attacks will be one hit or a 3 hit combo.  
When you kill him, sit back and enjoy the end.


Thank you for reading throught this FAQ.  If you have anything to add about how 
to beat these bosses on extreme, email me. 

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