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PS4 players can now play one of the scariest games conceived to date. 
Originally a PC exclusive, Outlast is free on PS Plus for a limited time.

Outlast Guide
Written by Dalton "HorrorSpooky" Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2014

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. Walkthrough
   Administration Block
   Prison Block
   Male Ward
   Female Ward
   Return to the Administration Block
   Underground Lab
3. Conclusion

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1. Introduction and Controls
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
A journalist investigates an insane asylum. The horrors of the asylum far 
exceed his expectations...

L2 - Lean
L1 - Run
R2 - Lean
R1 - Camera
Triangle - Reload Camera
Square - Action
O - Crouch
X - Jump/Vault
Left Stick - Move
Right Stick - Look
D-pad (left) - Notes
D-pad (right) - Documents
Share - Share Video
Options - Pause

There are four difficulty settings for Outlast. They are as follows:


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
2. Walkthrough
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Upon exiting your jeep, ignore the guardhouse. Approach the front gates of the 
asylum, and you will find that they are locked tight. To the right of the front
gates is a smaller door that can be opened. Go through this door and then head 

You'll find another small door to open here. The double doors that lead 
directly into the asylum are locked tight, so they're a no go here. Open this 
small gate and you will find some scaffolding. Climb up the scaffolding and 
you will be able to climb your way through a window here.

As you explore each room, keep an eye out for shiny items. These items can be 
collected. Such items include blue document folders that offer more information
on the story of the game as well as batteries for your camera.

To use your camera, press R1. Toggle night vision by clicking in the right 
analog stick. Whenever an area is too dark to see, this is what you need to 
use in order to find your way around places.

You'll come across an injured soldier. When he's done talking, step out of 
this room for a short scene. Upon recovering, go to the turned over wheelchair 
on the ground. You need to find a keycard so that you can unlock the security 

The keycard can be found through the large office, at the end of the hall, in 
the last room on a dead body. You'll move through a few rooms with creepy 
characters in it, but they do not pose any threat. Upon collecting the keycard,
return to the security room hallway. Use the signs on the walls to help find 
your way around much easier.

Use the keycard and then open the security room door. Use the keyboard here. A 
big monster, the one that triggered the cut-scene earlier, will start coming 
your way. Hide in the locker. Wait for him to leave, then get out of the 

Make your way back to the room with the wheelchair. Go down the stairs and a 
door down here will be open. Make your way through the little system here by 
squeezing through the crack in the wall and you will get a new objective. Your 
new objective is to turn on the two pumps and flip the main breaker switch.

This area is flooded, so that means you will make more noise than usual. In 
turn, what this means is that you will be way easier to find from the lunatic 
that will show up shortly. You may need to make a run for it a couple of 
times in order to get out of this area alive.

Go around the center of the room counter-clockwise. There are three doors in 
this room. Two of them are unlocked (the first two encountered when exploring 
counter-clockwise), and the one that is last (or first if you go clockwise 
around the center area) will be locked for now.

Anyway, go through the first door. There is a switch in here. Press the button 
and then immediately leave the room and head to the second door. Enter it and 
close the door. The locked door will be knocked down by the lunatic with his 
nail-filled 2x4. He will go investigate the first pump room.

Hit the button in the second pump room and then make a break for the door that 
he came out of. You'll have to vault over a couple of barricades, but the halls
aren't too twisty. The last room you encounter will have the lever for the main
breaker. Pull it, and then GET IN A LOCKER.

The lunatic will stop by to check out the room. Wait in the locker until he 
leaves. When you leave, peak around the corner. When you can confirm that he 
is not in the area, make a break for it. Sprint the hell out of here. Sprint 
all the way back to the security room.

When you get to the security room, use the keyboard again.

In your cell, whip out the camera to record the events. The game gives you a 
friendly reminder about this gameplay mechanic at this point, so might as well.
Exit the cell when the door opens. Don't pay any attention to the various 
lunatics that are roaming around; they will not hurt you.

Check their cells to find one with a hole in the wall. Crouch down to move 
through the hole and get inside the wall. There is a box in here marked 
fragile. Climb on top of the box and look up. A hole is in the ceiling above. 
Jump up to pull yourself through the hole.

It's pitch black so turn on your night vision.


You'll find a hall with an airlock door that needs to be opened. That is your 
next goal for now, to activate that door so that you can continue your twisted 
little journey through the asylum.

Anyway, you'll hear someone screaming for help nearby. You can see a man 
beating someone to death through a window, and there is not much separating 
the two of you. Quietly go behind him and in the dark room that his back is 
towards, you can find a replace battery for your camera.

Continue down that hall and you will find the room with that has the button 
you need to press to activate the airlock door. Unfortunately, a violent 
psychopath is inside of the room. Get him to chase you down the hall. Hide in 
a locker. Then make a break back to the room with the button and press it.

Run to the airlock door. If you aren't found, then try to be stealthy during 
this part by hiding in a locker here and there if needed to avoid being beaten 
to death. Because being beaten to death sucks.

You'll then be introduced to some new gameplay mechanics, such as shimmying 
along ledges, things of that nature. All in all, stuff that you should be 
familiar with. No threats to deal with here. There is a door that is 
electronically locked. Go down the hall a ways and you'll find the dead 
guard with the keycard on him. Grab it from his body.

Use the card to unlock the door, which leads to the showers. Move through 
and as you are walking down the hall, you will come across a freaky looking 
creature. Hop out of the window to your right and shimmy all the way down to 
the other side. Climb back through and then you can continue into the next 

You will find a security room here. Push the button to open the airlock. That 
big scary dude from before will show up. Turn around and run to the other 
end of the room. A grate on the ceiling will hang down. Jump up and climb 
through the air vents.

Drop down when you reach the first hole. Then run to the airlock. You will 
then land in a pile of dead bodies, and the big guy will be coming. Thankfully,
there are plenty of hiding spots nearby to choose from. I recommend moving 
towards the stairs, taking a right, and then hiding under the bed in the room 
that is closest to the stairs.

Wait a while for the big guy to move a safe distance past the room. Then go 
up the stairs. You'll find a locked door, so head the other way. Just keep 
going until the big guy cuts you off. At that point, turn around and SPRINT 
back to where that locked door was. The big guy has knocked it down, so run 

You'll see a place to crawl under. Go there now, and you'll be able to make 
it to D Block. D Block has mostly harmless lunatics, but there are a few that 
will attack you, so just keep your distance from everyone. Use the makeshift 
platform here to climb up to the second level.

You'll have to shimmy along a couple of ledges, but nothing too bad. There 
will be a point where you have to jump from your ledge across to the one in 
front of you; to do this, push the left stick forward and then press X.

You'll then get to an open door in a very dark room. There is a small hole to 
crawl under here, so do that and then you can continue your shimmying. Then 
follow the blood all the way down to the sewers.

The sewer system marks the final area for this part of the game. Your goal down
here is to activate the valves so that you can pump out all of the water. When 
you reach the sign with this information on it, you'll find a flooded ladder 
directly behind it.

Turn your attention to the room that is up next. SPRINT forward and then run to
the LEFT. There will be a few twists and turns, but the big monster is out to 
get you again. Squeeze through the enclosed space and then open the door. Turn 
the valve to get the first pump going.

Wait for the monster to leave, then make a sprint to the other side. It is a 
much shorter trip to the valve this time. Turn it and then quickly hide in a 
locker. Wait for the monster to look for you, and then when he leaves, make a 
run for the ladder and climb down.

Continue to descend in the sewers. Follow the tunnels and you'll start winding 
up in deep water, and it will be extremely dark. You'll then reach a very wide 
open area that is practically pitch black.

Hug the right side of the area and follow that wall all the way to the back. 
There will be some crates here with a battery on it, just in case you need to 
refill your camera's night vision.

The big monster will be here now as well, and he is practically invisible due 
to how dark it is. The area you need to go is the broken ladder in the center, 
which should be visible from the crates. Near the ladder is a catwalk that you 
can use to jump across to the intact part of the ladder.

Walk around the catwalk to the steps. Climb up them and then jump across to the
ladder. Be very quick about this as to avoid getting your throat ripped out by 
the big dude.

Next up you'll come to a hall and a lunatic will come running. To the left will
be a small alcove. Go in here. Wait for the lunatic to enter, then run by him 
and take a left. There will be some flights of stairs, and then you will 
finally be out of the sewers and in the male ward.

The male ward is quickly discovered to be just as twisted. Climb through the 
vents, and then you'll be chased by some lunatics. Just keep running from 
room to room. Shut the door behind you, and then push the shelf of canisters 
in front of the door to slow them down a bit.

Don't stop running. When you get to the dumbwaiter, mash on square so that 
you can get the hell in there and ride it to the top as quickly as possible, 
of course, that doesn't go as smooth as one would hope either...

When the scenes are over, shake the right stick back and forth to get yourself 
free. Follow the halls until you find a room with a living patient on a bed, 
with his head wrapped up. He will ramble about the Doctor guy that has been 
pursuing you. Hide underneath a bed and wait for the Doctor to show up and 
torture the poor patient.

Use this as your cue to make a break through the double doors. You'll come to 
a caged door that is blocked. If the Doctor is nowhere near, push the shelf out
of the way. This will make escaping back to the elevator much, much easier.

Anyway, climb through the vents that you see and keep away from the Doctor. 
You'll then find the key to the elevator hanging on the wall. Grab the key and 
the Doctor will start smashing through the door.

Retreat to the bathroom and hide. Watch The Doctor through the door and when 
he walks by, you can go through the door that he smashed. Make your way back 
to the elevator now and use the key to ride it to momentary safety.

The next area, you'll notice that it is smokey here. Climb through the open 
window to get to the cafeteria, with all the tables on fire. Your new goal is 
to turn on the sprinklers to put out the fires so that you can get through the 

You'll find the sprinkler control system quick enough. Two levers need to be 
pulled to activate it fully...and of course, the big guy will be back to make 
your job that much harder.

He will show up pretty immediately after you discover the sprinkler system. 
There are two pumps that need turned on; one in the "baths" and one in the 
laundry room. The signs on the walls will lead you to either one. The baths one
is in an area where you do not have to worry about the dude getting to you, so 
save it for last.

Go to the laundry room and pull the lever. Hide in the locker. When he leaves, 
make a break for the baths. Pull the lever. Wait for him to be a safe enough 
distance away, then activate the sprinklers. Sprint back through the cafeteria 
and now you can safely make your way to the open front doors that you saw 
before when the Doctor was wheeling you around...

Don't go through the front doors yet! The two rooms on either side of the 
door contain a document and a battery. You will NEED batteries because night 
vision is integral in the "outside" area. The lightning flashes do provide 
brief glimpses of you're surroundings, but the night vision will make this 
section infinitely easier.

As you step outside, stick to the brick path. To your right is a maintenance 
shed, but it is locked. To your left is another shed, and this one contains 
the key to the maintenance shed. Grab the key and go through the maintenance 
shed. Keep an eye on the ground for any loose batteries.

Maneuvering outside now is just a matter of going from one place to the next. 
You will have to climb things, shimmy along ledges, but it's all very routine 
stuff. You pretty much can only go in one direction, so it's virtually 
impossible to get lost out here.

You'll move through a gazebo and then be careful. As you move forward, the 
big guy (Ryback?) will return. To your right is where you need to go, and 
you should swing the camera around there to see the hole you need to crawl 

Sprint away and back to the gazebo. Lead the big guy around the gazebo in a 
circle, and then head back to the area you just looked at; crouch, crawl 
through the hole, and you'll be good for now.

Continue through the outside area. There will be no more threats. You'll come 
up to an open window. Climb inside.

Exploring the female ward, you will come to a locked door that is preventing 
you from ascending to the third floor to talk to Father Martin as the game 
wants. The key to this door is inside the nearby dumbwaiter. The dumbwaiter is 
inactive because three fuses are needed to power it up and allow you to open 

The three fuses are all very close together. The problem is there are a couple 
of lunatics roaming around that can make it a difficult process. Climb through 
the window and then go down the hall. You'll find the first fuse in the next 
room. All the fuses are located near little ritual areas adorned with blood 
and candles, so they are easy to find.

Grab the fuse and then hide under the bed. An enemy will come into the room 
and start sniffing around for you. When he leaves, you can go gather the other 
two fuses. They are through the door in the dumbwaiter room. This branches 
out into different hallways, follow the blood and candles to find the other 
two fuses. You will be pursued by the lunatics, so get away from them, hide 
from them, block doors, do whatever that you need to in order to get it done.

After you've gotten all three of the fuses, go to the fusebox and put all three
of them into the box one by one. This will then activate the dumbwaiter. Press 
the button on the dumbwaiter, but unfortunately, the key will fall down to the 
basement level.

Make your way there now and get the key. Then unlock the door and continue 
going upstairs. You'll have to do some platforming, but nothing that you 
haven't done before. As you continue progressing upwards, you will lose your 
camera during a jump.

The camera will fall through the cracks in the floor below. You are told that 
you can't continue in the darkness without it. Climb down from the area that 
you're on and go through the open door. You'll find some bathrooms. Climb 
down and you'll land on top of some lockers.

Use the lightning and windows to help make your way through the darkness. It 
is mostly pitch black right now, but you shouldn't have too much of a problem. 
You will get to a wide open cafeteria room. The camera can be found on a 
trolley here. Get the camera and turn on night vision.

Immediately run back to the lockers. There will be multiple enemies in pursuit 
of you after you've retrieved the camera. Climb up the lockers and return to 
the area that was too dark to explore before. Now with the camera, you can 
continue through the darkness using the night vision, and you can then return 
to a familiar place.

The big guy will start coming down the hallway. Ignore the first set of doors 
you pass, but run toward the big guy. To your left will be a lit up room with 
an air vent. Go inside and climb inside the air vent. Crawl through until you 
reach a dead body blocking the way. Shove the dead body out of the vent and 
then you are free to drop down yourself.

Upon locating the elevator, your next goal will be made clear:  find the 
door key. Leave the elevator for now and maneuver through the building to 
a theater room. A movie will start playing on the screen. Head to the 
projection room and you will be shut out from entering by a crazed lunatic 
that is inside.

Don't worry about him though. You can scoot around to the projection room using
the ledge. Then you are free to get inside and grab the key. Return to the 
elevator and unlock the door next to it.

Now go up to the third floor. There will be people praying, but nothing for 
you to really worry about for now. Climb outside and scoot along the ledge of 
the open window when there seems to be no place else to go. You'll then reach 
the chapel.

Record what happens with your camera. Grab the elevator key. Now make your way 
back to the elevator and use it...

It's always something, ain't it? Move through the ice tunnels. Go all the way 
until the Wallrider shows up again. That's your cue to turn the hell around 
and start sprinting back the opposite direction. A scene will play in which 
you will get some justice, of sorts, and then all will be quiet again.

You'll stand back up and the game will automatically point you in the direction
that you need to go. Go down the tunnel and then you'll hear a man asking for 
you from inside of a room. Go into the room and then listen to the man talk 
through the glass.

New goal is to take "Billy" off of his life support. The Wallrider will pursue 
you at times. You know that it is after you because the music will increase in 
tempo considerably. That is your cue to hold in L1 and start sprinting away 
from it until the music stops.

When you reach the main laboratory, you'll have two goals. The first goal is 
to turn the valve to Billy's life support. The second goal will be to override 
the failsafe mechanism.

Facing the large computer that Billy is hooked up to, take a right to a pair 
of double doors. Follow the ice tunnels here and you'll then reach the valve. 
Turn the valve and then sprint the hell out of there and back to the main 
room before the Wallrider can kill you.

Explore the opposite end of the lab now. You'll find the failsafe mechanism 
here, in the form of a panel that is glowing green. Interact with the panel to 
successfully disable the failsafe.

Sprint back to Billy. Go to the main computer that is near his pod and interact
with it to shut him down for good. A short scene will play, and then you will 
be rendered mostly immobile. Start backtracking.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3. Conclusion
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I hope this guide helped you beat Outlast for PC and PS4!

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