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                              Time Crisis
                        FAQ and Espionage Guide
                             Series Gamma 2
                 Compiled by Mark Kim (Vesther Fauransy)
              Last Update: October 31, 1999 (Date not given)
           Date of Release: October 31, 1999 (Date not given)
                       For the Namco Arcade Game

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A lot has happened ever since I have released this FAQ for public view.
At first, this file was to remain private on my own web account for
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There has been a lot of removals from this file due to interface refresh
considerations.  You will no longer see any useless bios from the past
as this FAQ was always meant for tips and always tips.

It become obvious to know that Time Crisis will always stand out to be
one of the most complicated Light Gun Games regardless of the platform
(next to Konami's Silent Scope) due to the nature of pressuring the
spy to clear the stage the quickest manner possible.

I had personal reasons why I decided to discontinue publication of the
Time Crisis Rekishi, and among them was the lack of support and all of
the useless information.  However, being a Deluxe Machine antic, I have
decided to rectify this file of useless information and decided to only
stick on the basic stuff of the game.

Also, some of the credits have been either rectified, purged, or whatever
under my discretion due to legal considerations.

Please bear with me as there are still bugs noticeable from the Interface

Enough rambling, let's get it on.


- What is Time Crisis?
- What is the Action Pedal?
- What is the Light Gun?
- What are the game modes?
- Note
- Arcade Stage 1
- Arcade Stage 2
- Arcade Stage 3
- PlayStation Strategy Section
- The Skill Verdict
- Game Tips
- Do's and Dont's
- Suggesting fixes and other tralala
- Resources
- Acknowledgements


What is Time Crisis?

Time Crisis is programmed and developed by Namco as an answer to Sega's 
popular Virtua Cop Series.  Although Time Crisis was thought to be a rip-off
of Virtua Cop at first, Time Crisis has set a new standard for light gun 
games:  a two-purpose action pedal.  The Action Pedal performs the hiding, 
attacking, and reloading functions of the game, thus giving the game more 
strategy than most standard shooters.  What sets Time Crisis apart from all 
other games is the strict time limit which ensures that you can't duck 
forever, thus the title is aptly named.  Time Crisis also features the gun 
that you may have used in Point Blank.  A chip stores a great portion of the
screen's image rather than relying on infrared sensory for enhanced accuracy.
Not only this reduces the amount of effort you must calibrate, but realism
is enhanced by the blowback feature that simulates gun recoil.

Players play the part of Special Agent Richard Miller, who's been assigned 
to rescue the president's daughter Rachel MacPherson, who has been kidnapped 
by Wild Dog by the order of Sherudo Garo.  Safe return of Rachel requires the 
government to reveal all the military secrets to Sherudo Garo by sunset of 
the same day.  Shall the government refuse to comply, then Sherudo Garo will 
execute Rachel in cold blood.  It's up to you to save Rachel and to save 
Sercia from impending anarchy.   In the PlayStation-Only mission, you also
play the part of Richard Miller, but this time around you are going up
against the villainness named Kantaris, who is secretly creating illegal
weapons at her hotel.  I am expecting to cover the PlayStation-only Story
Game as early as October, when the release is expected.


Namco's Time Crisis comes with this gun which is probably the most accurate
light gun in the industry.  The procedures for the gun is simple:  A chip
stores a huge portion of the image inside the lens, and then the lens "reads"
the screen one pixel at a time, thus waiving the need to rely on the same-old
infrared sighting that most light gun games use.

As you move the gun's lens to other places within the screen, the chip reads
a new portion of the image, so everytime the image changes, the chip changes
the image, keeping the image fresh, and keeping the accruacy from pixel-to-
pixel high.

The light gun also comes with the blowback feature, which simulates gun
recoil.  Please do not attempt to break or block the recoil because you will
be responsible for damage done to the machine.

The gun was tested so many times to prove its accuracy before it's even used.
This practice ensures that the gun is reliable to use.  You may have seen
this gun in Point Blank.

Namco has issued a fine replica of this gun for the PlayStation called the
GunCon.  It boasts the same features as with the gun you used at the arcade.
Although there is no recoil, there is a button which serves as the action
pedal for Time Crisis (The Hide and Attack Feature).  If you want enhanced
realism, then (Namco doesn't recommend this) you can let the controller do
the dirty work for you, as you can step your toe through a button, like you
would step on the pedal at the arcade.

Time Crisis 2 is out at the arcades now and if your arcade doesn't have it,
then beg them to get it!


This is often referred to me as "Namco's Espionage Simulation System."  When 
you release the action pedal, you can duck to avoid taking any direct hits 
from your enemies, and reload your gun automatically.  Each clip holds six 
bullets.  Keep in mind when the pedal is released, you can't shoot.  Press 
the pedal to attack your enemies.  Once all of your enemies are defeated in 
that section, you will move forward with some time extended in your clock.  
The pedal offers some strategy to the game, and gives the game a tad more 
complexity than other standard shooters.

Time Crisis offers two game modes for the Arcade, and more game modes for
the PlayStation

Story Game:  Start the game from Richard's assault on the castle and end 
with Rachel's rescue.  The game ends when you lose all three lives or if 
your time limit expires.  Players may continue.

Timed Game:  Choose a stage you want to practice with unlimited lives.  
The game ends when your time limit expires.  There is no continue feature.

The Hotel of Death:  This is a PlayStation-Only Game.  You start the game
from Richard's invasion.  The ending depends on what path you use, and how
fast you beat the game.  The game ends in the same fashion as in the Arcade
Story Game.  I have yet to confirm if there is a continue feature or not in
this game.
Note:  Checkpoint times are taken from a visit at Aladdin's Castle at
Bloomingdale, IL.  TT Game times are taken from a visit at Dave and Buster's
at Addison, IL.
Stage 1

Here we see Sherudo masquerading that the nation will soon be his, and he 
then yells at Rachel that her father will pay the price for destroying the 
imperial rule at Sercia.  Things seem to go well for Sherudo until Wild Dog 
pronounces that Richard has invaded the castle.  Wild Dog tells Sherudo to 
calm down because his syndicate will gun Richard down.  Richard then begins 
the assault on the receiving basement of the castle, where the game begins.

Area 1:  On the first part, shoot the right foot soldier first since he
gives  you 2 seconds bonus for shooting him first.  After shooting the right
foot soldier, then shoot the sergeant and the left foot soldier.  The second
part has a negotiable foot soldier telling Richard to halt.  Shoot the foot
soldier the earliest possible to earn a 2 second bonus.  After the yelling
foot soldier is shot, then you will encounter a bazooka soldier.  Once you
see the bazooka soldier coming out, shoot him before he shoot a missile out
of his RPG.  Then after the slain bazooka soldier blows up his submarine,
then you will face five more foot soldiers appearing at different angles,
some will be partially hiding their corpse in the cradles.  Sometimes you
can catch them while part of their body is stuck outside of the cradles.
The final soldier will roll, so shoot him quickly.  Things get tough on the
third part:  You have some task force soldiers to deal with.  Shoot outside
of the shield to kill them.  Onceyou finish them off, then you have four
more foot soldiers to deal with.  The final foot soldier should be shot
before he reaches the crates.  Not only this saves time, but you will get
bonus time if you shoot the fourth foot soldier before he can hide in the
crates.  On the fourth area, shoot the foot soldiers and the bonus guy
immediately.  After that, you will have to deal with a grenadier, two more
foot soldiers and a marksman.  Take special care when facing the marksmen
because their magnums are powerful, and if you just stick your head too
long, you can give up one life.  If you are unsure how fast you are, it's
always good to hide from the marksmen the moment you see them.  If you are
fast enough, then you can shoot the marksmen before they get a chance to
fire.  Finally in the fifth part, just shoot the box at the vehicle to
detonate the bomb.  The box is at the middle, and you can clear the stage
more quickly if you shoot the box.

Area 2:
Here things begin to get more hectic:  When you face the first two foot
soldiers in the area, then you encounter a hook that will chop off a life
unless you can release the pedal.  Shoot the foot soldiers quickly, then
release the pedal.  After the hook passes by, shoot the jumping foot soldier
and the bonus guy, and you will encounter another hook waiting for you.
Shoot the foot soldier and the bonus troop and then release the pedal.  Now
you must contend with three more foot soldiers and a sergeant before you
move on.  On the second part, you will see a sergeant on the left side, and
two foot soldiers on the middle and right.  Shoot them as quick as possible
to save time.  There are four more foot soldiers after this group of enemies.
One foot soldier jumps off the cradle, so you can shoot him as soon as he
jumps off.  Sometimes the second to fourth soldiers come out from right,
jumping inward to hide in a cradle, and from the left, and at times from the
left of the cradle, to the right of the cradle, then jumping onto the
platform.  Shooting them quickly as possible will save you time.  The third
part is chaotic:  You will encounter two foot soldiers, a marksman, and a
sergeant at the hallway.  Be sure to shoot the marksmen as quickly as
possible or you will lose a life.  Always shoot the marksmen first because
they cause great harm to your game.  Also, lots of lead will fill the
hallway, so you will have to use the duck-and-counter method to destroy
your enemy.  Now when you reach the kitchen, you will have to concentrate
on your accuracy to save time:  Shoot when you see the enemy at once.
However, don't let the orange guy annoy you because he's just here to ruin
your aiming, but if you want to get 10 skill points, shoot him, but you may
need to release the pedal during one of the shots to ensure you clear that
section as quick as possible.  Otherwise, it's only essential to shoot all
the foot soldiers and marksman as soon as they appear.  Be careful of the
marksman on this level because he will also distract your aiming as well.
After the marksman is killed, you must then deal with the final foot
soldiers quickly.  The fifth part should be no problem:  Just shoot both
foot soldiers quickly and shoot the Sergeant from the cashier's counter as
soon as you see them pop-out.

Area 3:
Here in the first part, be sure you shoot the grenadier and the RPG trooper 
before the foot soldiers and the sergeant distract your aiming.  Shoot the 
grenadier, bazooka soldier, then shoot the foot soldiers, and then the
sergeant.  Afterwards, shoot the guys coming out of the door as soon as you
see the door opens to save time.  The second part is hectic:  You have to deal
with multiple enemies from this point on.  Try to shoot the sniper with the
machine gun first before taking the other enemies, and then it's a matter of
taking on the other enemies quickly.  Be sure to shoot the foot soldier hiding
behind the car quickly.  After taking out the other guys, then you must
encounter a helicopter.  It helps to have a fast finger when taking out the
helicopter as it takes about 15 shots to destroy it, but before you know it,
we have two stick fighters coming out, so you must shoot the stick fighters
quickly.  Then take on the helicopter, but quickly!!!!  You must have a fast
trigger to destroy it.  At the third part, shoot the first four punks as
quick as possible.  Now you got three enemies who come out first from the
right side of the screen, so shoot them as quickly as possible, then you got a
foot soldier and a marksman at the left.  Shoot the marksman before he gets a
chance to fire a shot.  Now you have two more enemies to go before the car
comes out.  Now after you shoot the final two enemies before the car,
concentrate on the car.  It helps if you have a quick finger and a full clip
before Richard Miller says DANGER, then shoot the car before it kills the car-
masher.  If you choose to hide from the car, then you must face one more
enemy.  Now on the fourth area, just shoot the box next to the grenadier and
clear the scene more quickly.  Now on the fifth area, shoot the first two foot
soldiers first, but hide in the middle of the process.  Here the duck-and-
counter method is important in this final area.  The best tactic to use is to
shoot the first two foot soldiers in the right and hide, then shoot the
sergeant commanding the HE cannon for two more seconds, then shoot the task
force soldiers.  One task force soldier usually gets out of your reach by
hiding behind the gazabo first, and then returns for your aim.  Now when the
drawbridge opens, shoot all of the RPG soldiers before they can shoot.
After the RPG soldiers are slain, you must now contend with a sergeant and a 
foot soldier to the right, and you must also contend with three more task 
force soldiers and a sergeant exiting towards the drawbridge.  Take on the 
right-hand enemies first, then take on the left-hand enemies.

Boss Area:  Right when you see a door, you then see Rachel within your reach.  
Rachel commands that you do not come any nearer because you will be trapped, 
but suddenly, Rachel is dragged out of your reach, and we see the Adamantium 
soldiers coming out.  Now you must battle them out.  First, you must know how 
to shoot these suckers before they even get a chance to get close to you and 
chew off a life.  As soon as you hear "Action", shoot all of the guys quickly, 
then hide, then shoot the two adamantium troopers after that batch.  Now the 
Adamantium Leader and two more adamantium soldiers now appear on the third 
batch, and then you must negotiate them by shooting these baddies quickly.  
Now the Adamantium leader will try to get you with a jumping method, and it 
will be up to you to either shoot him while he's jumping to get you, or to 
hide, then nail him.  This area is a matter of negotiating the patterns of 
these toughies.  Move onto the next stage after beating these guys.  It helps 
to shoot them right away and hide (Duck-and-Counter Method) to clear the 

Epilouge:  After the Adamantium Leader falls, Richard then knocks on the door.  
It won't open.  So Richard then make the Adamantium leader talk!  "It's all
over," says the adamantium leader.  "The girl's right at the top of that
tower!!!!"  Suddenly we get a glimpse of the clock tower where Sherudo moved
Rachel to.  "She must be dead by now..."  Hearing this annoying quote, Richard
punches the Adamantium leader into a sac of potatoes, and then we see Richard
walking away from the melee.  Stage 1 completed.

Area 1 Checkpoint: 0'41"28
Area 2 Checkpoint: 1'21"75
Area 3 Checkpoint: 2'20"72
Area 4 Checkpoint: 2'30"30
Time Trial Game: 2'29"20
Mail me your best times at [email protected]

Prologue:  After questioning the Adamantium leader about Rachel's whereabouts,
Richard begins his search for that mysterious clock tower.

Area 1:  On the first part of the area, when you open the door, shoot both of
the lackeys right away.  They should not be tough, but this gives you some
room to test your mettle.  On the second part, just hold onto the pedal, and
when Richard says "Action", then shoot the lackey immediately.  On the third
part, there is a foot soldier on your left, and a marksman on your right.
Shoot the Marksman at the right first, then shoot the Foot Soldier.  BTW it
helps to have a quick trigger here.  On the fourth area, just shoot the two
foot soldiers just right from the center.  Shoot at one place, preferrably
at the apex of the right wall to hit them.  On the fifth part, you will have
a foot soldier, a machine gunner, and a marksman to deal with.  Be careful of
the marksman because in some Upright Cabinets, it's hard to get him here.
Shoot the marksman first, then the machine gunner at the right apex of the
wall.  Be careful of the Marksman because he will make a surprise appearance
from the top via a chandelier.  Shoot him early to receive a 2 second bonus.
Keep the pedal held for the sixth part.  There are two foot soldiers, a
sergeant, and a grenade soldier on this part, and the gunfire is rather heavy
there!!!  Be sure you shoot one of the soldiers first, then immediately shoot
the kink as quickly as possible so you don't get toasted.  Release the pedal
if you are unable to shoot the kink.  Be sure you release the pedal AT LEAST
once because six shots from their guns can chew off a life!!!  On the seventh
part, you will have a problem.  There is about two foot soldiers, two task
forcemen, and a sergeant waiting for you at the door.  Release the pedal, land
a few shots, and repeat.  Now on the eighth part, just shoot the girders at
the right hand of the screen.  You can't miss it because the girders are held
by a white stabilizer.  Watch out for the Adamantium Soldier as you reveal the
trap.  Now keep the pedal released as the enemies are destroyed.  You will go
to the next area even if the pedal is released.

Area 2:
With regards to the first part, there is a sergeant at the right center, and
two foot soldiers from the jewelry display.  You should shoot the sergeant
first, then the two foot soldiers from the jewelry display, but watch out!!
If you destroy the first three enemies, then a marksman shows up!!!  Be sure
to hide immediately after taking care of the two foot soldiers at the jewelry
display, or you'll get toasted by the marksman's Browning Hi-Power.  You can
shoot the marksman just before the marksman shoots, but it's rather dangerous.
There is a bonus guy coming out from the right pillar at the same time the
marksman comes out.  Now a foot soldier will take stance hiding from the
right pillar, and there's yet another foot soldier about to shoot you from the
center pillar, and there is a foot soldier coming out from the right pillar by
surprise.  Now on the second part, the first group involves three task force
soldiers, and a sergeant coming out from the right pillars.  I suggest you try
to shoot the task forcemen at the heads as they take stance.  A bonus guy will
pop out twice at the left pillar.  The Foot Soldier will come out shooting
from the right pillar.  If the Marksman comes from the right, then both the
Marksman and the foot soldier will come from the right.  Shoot both of them as
fast as possible.  Otherwise, the Marksman and the Foot Soldier will come from
the left, shoot them to avoid damage.  Now you got two Machine Gunners coming
from the left and right pictures, and a marksman coming from the center 
picture, all coming out at varied invervals.  Starting on the third part,
there will be a machine gunner on the middle, two foot soldiers at the left
and right, a task forceman at the left pillar, and a sergeant just right of
the center.  Be sure you shoot the sergeant and the machine gunner first
before taking on the others.  Keep in mind that rapid shots from the machine
gunner can cause harm to your game because all of those six shots comes out
rapidly.  On the second part, you have a foot soldier coming from the right,
a task forceman taking stance at the left pillar, a task forceman taking
stance just right of the center, and a RPG soldier at the right apex of the
door.  Once these enemies are taken care of, you will have a foot soldier
coming from the slanted pillar, a foot soldier coming at the right apex of
the door, and two adamantium soldiers coming at you!!!!!!  On the fourth
part, the first part consists of two foot soldiers trying to annoy you from
both in close and a little away from you.  A bonus guy usually comes out
from the far left.  Now there will be two foot soldiers walking:  one
walking leftwards slightly away from you, the other sneaking right near you.
Now shoot the foot soldier coming out from the top, then shoot the final two
lackeys coming from the left and right, John Wayne-style.  Now on the fifth
part, you will encounter a machine gunner from just left of the center, and
a machine gunner just right of the center.  Shoot them quickly to avoid
losing a life.

Area 3:
Once you finish glancing at the clock tower, you then begin your journey to
the tower by facing a task forceman at the left, three weak lackeys at the
center.  BEWARE!!!!  If you shoot the three weak lackeys, then a MARKSMAN
will pop out like a joker's box (from the right side)!!!!!!!  After that
joker is slain, then another taskforceman comes from the right.  Slay the
weaker lackeys first, then take care of the shielded jokers.  When you get
to the second part, there will be two taskforceman advancing from the far
center and an Adamantium trooper trying to catch you from near!!!  Shoot
the claw-wearing lackey first (just a recommendation).  You can shoot the
left task forceman first before the claw-wearing lackey jumps near, but
it's dangerous if you are a beginner.  After the two taskforcemen are slain,
a bonus guy will be walking around the door.  Most of the final enemies will
either roll to the left or right, or will just swing over, but these enemies
are easy as cake, so you should have no problem dealing with the enemies
beyond the first three.  When you open the door on the third part, you will
see a sergeant and three taskforcemen right close to you!!!!  Regarding
about the task forcemen, I suggest that you shoot them at the heads.  You
will then see two foot soldiers coming from the stairs, and a foot soldier
at the near right.  Don't let the bonus troop annoy you, though.  You're
better off concentrating on the foot soldiers.  If you fail to catch one of
the foot soldiers coming from the stairs early, then he will eventually
attack you from the floor, so be sure you shoot them early.  Let me know if
you have a fast pattern involving the bonus guy's death by e-mail, and I'll
change it.  Finally, you got a marksman from the left, a foot soldier and a
grenadier at the right, and a foot soldier jumping just left of the center
from the stairs.  The fourth part is one of the most interesting parts of
the game:  Just shoot the two soldiers at the middle first, and you should
shoot the guy coming from the top right as fast as possible to save time,
but it's not that easy because the chandelier is making it hard to get a
clean shot.  There is heavy gunfire at the fifth part because there are
five gun soldiers there at once, and you may have a hard time clearing this
section if you are playing this game on a standard monitor cabinet.  Shoot
the center guys first, then shoot the sergeant at the lower right, then
shoot the two soldiers at the left, and then shoot the Adamantium trooper
just top of the center.  Be sure to release the pedal if necessary, or you
can kiss a life goodbye.  On the sixth part, the first two soldiers would
usually be a foot soldier and a marksman.  If you are a beginner, then I
suggest you to shoot the marksman first, then take care of the rest.  A
sergeant comes at the right apex of the hallway.  If you are an expert, then
you can take out these three soldiers John-Wayne style.  Finally on the last
part of the area, the first two soldiers are a piece of cake at first, but
watch out as a marksman makes his way from left of the center!!!!

Boss Area:
Just when you think that you get a hold of Rachel once and for all, Sherudo
comes up to you with knives on his hands!!!!  The first part has Sherudo Garo
attacking either from rolling to the left and darting, jump-darting from the
center, popping out from either the left and right.  Be sure to shoot Sherudo
and hide right away or the knives will damage you.  During your fight with
Sherudo on the first part, you will then encounter two personal soldiers
tossing grenades at you from the left and right, and you will face a personal
soldier and a marksman who will strafe at you with powerful guns.  The bonus
guys comes out when Sherudo attacks you for the first time, when the personal
soldiers throws out those darn kinks, and when the personal soldier and the
marksman strafe at you.  It's extremely dangerous to catch them because these
suckers attack with great severity, and you really need to be careful when
facing the personal soldier and the marksman because sometimes they switch
positions, and you need to act fast to see if you can catch them with little
time or not.  You can shoot right before you go back into "hide" mode, thus
giving you time to nail the second gunner.  Be quick, though.  On the second
part, Sherudo attacks you either from the bottom right, from the left, and
right at the dead center.  It's really hard to tag Sherudo at the bottom right
on the 27" Upright because the lens cannot really read bright areas of the
screen, which is why I recommend playing the game on a 50" Deluxe version if
you are a beginner.  After Sherudo gets tagged for the fourth time on the
second part of the area, then you will see five personal soldiers, three of
them carrying guns, and two of them carrying knives.  Be careful of the
personal soldier popping out right away from the bottom center of the plants
because he will then attack you all of a sudden.  Neutralize all of these
white-clothed soldiers right away, or they will pose more problems!!!  On the
final part of the area, Sherudo will then show some parts of his body before
he attacks you from the right, dart up right away and attack you, or he may
jump to the left, then attack you at the dead center.  However, before Garo
dies, you will have to deal with three personal soldiers with Browining Hi-
Power automatics, a Browning Automatic equipped-personal soldier teaming up
with a personal soldier with a machine gun, and two personal soldiers waving
their bodies from either the left or right before they throw knives.  With
regards about the personal soldier at the left, when he shows up the first
time, shoot at the left apex of the door immediately, but watch out for Garo
as he will simultaneously will attack you from the right.  This is the most
dangerous part of the stage because you must know if you are fast enough to
take the group of personal soldiers in only one take or not.  With regards to
the first batch of personal soldiers, if you are unsure on how fast you are,
please do not hesitate to release the pedal after shooting the first two
personal soldiers, since they may be dangerous.  Also, with the second batch
of personal soldiers, shoot the guy with the machine gun first, then shoot
the lackey with the automatic next.  This area must be taken out with skill,
speed, and finesse.

Just when you are granted Rachel after Sherudo's death, Wild Dog comes in
and kidnaps Rachel once again.  Richard hears the scream, and sees that Wild
Dog is getting a hold of Rachel, knowing that Wild Dog is now accusing
Richard for killing Sherudo as of this time.  Wild Dog will then press his
luck by dragging Rachel with him, and as Richard approaches Wild Dog, the
door closes with Dog laughing at him.  What a nasty piece of work.

Area 1 Checkpoint: 3'16"20
Area 2 Checkpoint: 4'08"87
Area 3 Checkpoint: 5'05"35
Area 4 Checkpoint: 5'43"17
Time Trial Time: 3'11"04
Mail me your fastest times at [email protected]

Thanks to Wild Dog, Richard Miller is left in the Clock Tower alone!!!  Now
Richard looks towards one door, climbs out of the clock tower, looks down,
knowing that he is now looking at Wild Dog dragging Rachel to somewhere I
don't know, and then takes a drop down to uncharted danger.....

Area 1:
This stage tests your ability to be a competent spy.  You can NOT afford to
screw up at all on this stage.

You can step on the pedal before Richard says ACTION to land six shots on
the Huey, but it's rather dangerous since enemies will come out of the Huey.
Be sure you get clean shots on the six criminals jumping out of the Huey, or 
clearing the part becomes harder.  Use the gunsight to take these lackeys out.
After you clear the first batch, you will encounter AT LEAST two foot soldiers 
at the right hand side, a foot soldier at the left hand side, a marksman at 
the close left of the screen, and a grenadier at the right side of the screen. 
Right there, it's a matter of getting clean shots here.  The final club troop
shouldn't be a problem.

Next up, we will have a sergeant coming from the middle turret and from the
bottom of the screen, foot soldiers who will take stance at the left and right
apex of the middle turret, marksmen who will be operating the turrets at the
left and the right, a foot soldier coming from the top-right, and a bonus troop
coming out of the middle turret.  Shoot the sergeants and the foot soldiers
the earliest possible to avoid wasting time.  Shoot the marksmen as Richard
yells DANGER, but ACT FAST!!!!

The third part is one of the most difficult scenes in the game.  You will have
a foot soldier operating a hard-to-reach turret at the top-middle.  Be sure
you get a clear shot, or it's either "crouch-or-ouch."  There is a bonus guy
that is hard to reach.  If you shoot him, you will get a five-second bonus.
He pops out twice.  Go for the clear shot when he pops out the first time.
The huey then shows up afterwards and takes a beating before it goes down.

The fourth part is the most chaotic part of the area.  All enemies will be
showing up just next to you.  You will face two task force soldiers first,
then a grenadier, an RPG soldier, and a machine gunner will come out from the
left, while a foot soldier will make his way from the right.  Be careful of
the grenadier here because he is lightning fast.  Since you are fighting your
enemies up close, this could look dangerous, but tag 'em before they attack.

Area 2:
This is the hardest area in the game, testing your marksmanship and speed
competency abilities.

The first part of the area has nothing but three marksmen, taking variable
stances.  Take care when you fight them because their powerful Browning guns
takes away one life when you get shot.  This is the most uncomfortable part
of the area.

The second part will have boxes blocking the bottom of the screen.  In this
part, you will face foot soldiers from next to you, jumping from the right
computer, hiding back-and-forth from the machinery, hiding back-and forth from 
the computer, and running left-and-right just close to you.  You will have a
sergeant running left-and-right from far away (A bonus troop shows up after
you slay him), and a marksman following the death of the blue lackey at the
left side of the screen.  It's important to memorize these patterns and get
good shots because these guys have a good reaction time.

On the third part, the required soldiers you will face are two foot soldiers
taking stance from the left and right apex of the right pillar, a foot soldier
attacking right next to you, a sergeant who attacks you before the box blocks
your view, a foot soldier coming from the left apex, and a marksman who is
lying in surprise after the box reopens.  There are some unneccesary enemies
in this area, but you should shoot them because it helps your sight.  The
action can get frustrating because the box closes and opens in intervals.

You must get clean shots of the five-or-six foot soldiers in the fourth part
as the box tries to smack you in the face in order to save time.  Miss a shot
and you will be wasting time.  They arrive at different intervals as I know
of this writing, so stay tuned for updates.  Clean shots are required here or
you will suffer the consequences.

Here in the fifth part, taking out the enemies who come down from the stairs
will ensure you that clearing the final part of the area won't be difficult.
There are at least four lackeys coming down from the stairs, and two lackeys
who will attack you right away from the bottom of the screen.  I'm adding this
from memory, so please stay tuned.  There's two more enemies who come from the

Area 3:
Area 3 of Stage 3 is the longest regular area of the game.

You will see five or six personal soldiers by the time you step on the pedal
for the first time.  The personal soldier next to the time display is an
unneccessary soldier because he doesn't do any harm.  If you slay the soldier
at the bottom-left, a personal soldier will come out of the elevator.  If you
slay the two personal soldiers from the mapping table, a grenadier will come
out from the computers and will throw a kink at you the moment he comes.
After this batch is done for, it's a matter of saving time by shooting the two
personal soldiers at the right side of the screen.

If you have not slayed the two personal soldiers at the right side of the
screen at the first part, you will be facing three more soldiers at the
beginning of the second part, and you will be in trouble because I won't tell
you how to take care of them.  If you killed the two personal soldiers from
the right side of the screen at part one, then the part begins with a bonus
troop coming from the left side of the screen to throw off your timing by the
time a grenadier comes out from the mainframe.  Now you will have three more
personal soldiers from the mapping table, and you will be facing two personal
soldiers climbing down from the poles.  A personal soldier will come at you
wielding a club.  Remember that personal soldiers carry a variety of weapons.

On the third part, you will be facing five personal soldiers and a marksman
near the mapping table on the first stretch.  Then a bonus troop shows up at
the mainframe before two more personal soldiers come out from the left and
right side of the screen.  Before the two personal soldiers come out from the
left and right, a personal soldier will jump out of the mainframe.  Watch out
for the personal soldier and the marksman attacking you from the generators.

On the fourth part, you should have no problem killing the first three white
lackeys (as long as you can land clean shots).  Then Coz will appear just left
of the center.  On the second stretch, if the first enemy is a white lackey,
then the next enemies are a marksman coming from the right, a personal soldier
sneaking from the mainframe, and Coz hiding beneath the mainframe.  Otherwise,
you only have to face one personal soldier, marksman, and Coz.  The final
stretch of the part has a bonus guy leading the personal soldier running from
the left, grenadier at the dead center, an adamantium soldier from the top
left of the screen, and Coz positioning himself from the right side of the
screen.  If you can shoot Coz before he jumps, you will get a 3 second bonus,
but it's hard to get a clean shot here.  The benefits for getting a 3 second
bonus is one last look at the Adamantium Soldier.  Otherwise, the personal
soldier and the two clawmen will lead the way.

The fifth part will take at least 30 seconds.  You will face three blue lackeys
breaking the right hand group of windows, two foot soldiers breaking the left
hand group of windows, three foot soldiers taking stance at the church counters,
and three foot soldiers jumping from the ground.  Be sure to dodge that axe to
avoid having your head scratched.

Wild Dog Bridge:

Note:  I'm recalling this strategy from memory, but I'll try to stay as close
as possible.

As Wild Dog boards the chopper, we see Richard coming out of the door.  Then
Wild Dog slanders at Richard until we see Dog pull out a detonator.  With one
touch of the button, Wild Dog blows up the Clock Tower.  As the tower falls
down, Dog commands Richard to freeze, because he's trying to get out of the
castle with Rachel in his hand.  However, Rachel got out of Dog's hands, but
Dog tells Rachel to freeze (Richard couldn't do anything about it), and then
Dog hits Rachel in her arm with his .357 Magnum.  Richard tried to make Rachel
talk, but she is speechless, which opened up Richard's anger.  Dog thinks this
is funny, but Richard is demanding a fight right now.

On the first part, the well moves accordingly, giving Wild Dog a chance to
hit you.  Three shots from his magnum is all Wild Dog needs to take away one
life, and he shoots fast, so act fast!  The fifth time Wild Dog attacks you
has him shooting you with a stance so complicated, that one shot may or may
not take away one life.  He shows up at the left the fifth time.  Wild Dog
either shows up at the left or right of the pillar.

Now on the second part, you will face a foot soldier hiding on the right
cement work, AT LEAST two more foot soldiers, and a marksman who's waiting for
you at the center pillar.  Also, a bonus guy tries to run to the center to
avoid you.  Now you will face two taskforcemen up close, a grenadier on the
center, a machine gunner coming from the top, and a club man making his way
close to you.  It really helps to destroy the people coming from top to
stance when you see them to save time.  Now get ready to tag Wild Dog from the
center pillar.  After he gets shot, he throws a kink at the right statue.
Shoot the kink to cancel the danger.  Now there will be a machine gunner and
an RPG soldier coming from top to stance, a grenadier from the left side, and
a Lieutenant coming from the center.

On the third part, you will face a task forceman up close and personal, three
sergeants from the top, and one sergeant falling down to the center-left.
Wild Dog will show up again from the center.  Tag him to make him throw the
kink at the left statue.  While the kink is being thrown, a bonus guy comes
from the far right.  Just cancel the kink for the moment (since your accuracy
must increase if you want to shoot the bonus guy and cancel the danger at
once).  Now you will face a machine gunner, and four more personal soldiers.
Wild Dog will then attack you with a machine gun from the right.  Watch out
because a bonus guy distracts you in the middle of the batch.  Finally, Moz
appears from just right of the center.  You only need to shoot him once.

I'm leaving the final part on your own because this part is the ultimate
battle.  Good Luck.

Area 1 Checkpoint: 6'34"97
Area 2 Checkpoint: 7'21"45
Area 3 Checkpoint: 8'42"92
Area 4 Checkpoint: 10'07"77
Time Trial Time: 4'30"57
E-Mail me your fastest times at [email protected]
PlayStation FAQ:

You will go to different places depending on how good you are, and there's
no backtracking allowed.  For the first time of the FAQ's history, tips on
how to complete the Chateau Du Luc Mission is given.  This section is and
will always be under construction much to the fact that touch-ups of each
section of the hotel will be given on future updates.

                                /   \
                     The Ballroom   The Shopping Mall
                     (Web Spinner)        |
                         /   \            |
              Swimming Pool  Arms Factory |
                    /   \     /    \      /
              Heliport  Lounge   The Parking Lot
          (Lepoediatra) (Antlion) (Maikyusen)

How to play the Special Mission well:

1.	Don't try to do too much shooting on certain parts of the game.  This
	means that you have to get your eyes off the enemy for awhile if you
	have to reload.  If you are able to land a well placed shot on the
	head, you can clear the area much faster.

2.	Adjust the button configuration depending on the hand you will be 
	pulling the trigger with.  For example, if you use the left hand to 
	fire the gun, then you may have to enable the right button of the
	GunCon to perform the hiding/attacking functions.

3.	Don't configure the button press to reload.  Doing so may slightly 
	hamper your performance.  In the arcade, you stepped on the pedal 
	to attack, and release the pedal to reload.  Make sure that you 
	configure the GunCon button to enable attacking with the touch of 
	the button.

4.	Try to play the game on a smaller screen.  The System 11-like 
	capabilities of the game won't allow you to pull off fast stunts 
	as with the arcade.  It may take you some time to get used to the 
	System 11 nature of the translation.

5.	If the special mission isn't enough, then I recommend that you 
	wait until Time Crisis 2 comes out at the arcades in the middle of 
	the year.  Time Crisis 2 should feature 2 player cooperative play
	with 2 screens.  It may be likely that Time Crisis 2 will stay at 
	the arcades.

6.	Just keep on hoping for a Time Crisis follow up to show up on the
	PlayStation.  Maybe Namco may make a Role Playing Game based on
	this arcade hit.

7.	Neutralize the enemies as soon as you see them.  This shaves off time
	from your score.  Sometimes if you don't neutralize the enemy quickly,
	then you will encounter more foes.

Now that I'm through with the Special Mission Advice, let's get into the
Area 1, The Lobby (All Paths):

Prologue:  Richard, long time no see.  I hope you are ready.  Here is your
next objective:  Your mission is to infiltrate the criminal organization
Kantaris.  Their headquarters is a beautiful hotel on the lake.  Actually,
it's a front for their weapons factory.  Their leader is also known as
Kantaris.  Intell came up empty on Kantaris.  We don't even know a real name
or gender.  However, we do have positive verification that Kantaris is Wild
Dog's Arms Supplier.  Good luck, Richard.

Porter Davis,
Director of the Angels Team,
VSSE Group of Agencies

Now we see Richard Miller getting off his convertible and commencing an
attack at the Chateau Du Luc.

The first thing you see on the first part is a foot soldier just left of
the car, and a manager (brown guys) just near the far right.  You should
have no problem killing them.  Now there will be three foot soldiers coming
from the right-center of the screen.  Try to shoot them early to shave off
seconds.  Right when you commence attack on the three blue lackeys, you
will see a bonus guy pop up just near the dead center.  Now there will be
two foot soldiers coming from the left-center and the right-center.  You
will have to contend with a marksman coming from the right (overlapping
the right car), foot soldiers coming from the left side of the left and
right cars, a manager coming from the far middle, and a foot soldier
coming at you on the close left.

When you get on the second part, which is the well, there will be two to
three foot soldiers hiding beneath the bushes, and one foot soldier who
will be attacking you from the close right.  Shoot them at once when you
see them.  Next, two foot soldiers will be coming from the moderate close
left and near the car that you're hiding in.  A manager and a marksman
will tumble through the near left and right, and if you can get your shots
as they tumble, then you should do fine.  BTW there will be two more foot
soldiers at the bushes, one foot soldier showing near the car, and a
manager who will either be standing in the left of the well, right of the
well, or close to you at the left.

After you enter the hotel, you should have no problem dispatching the
enemies up close, but you may find it hard to neutralize the enemies up
the stairs.  The second batch has a foot soldier coming up on the quad,
a foot soldier coming from the right and left.  The third part has a
marksman coming from the right, a manager attacking you at the right,
a foot soldier coming down the right stairs, and a foot soldier taunting
you from the quad.

Your first priority on the fourth part would be to eliminate the
hard-to-reach lackey at the right side of the window (if you would insist,
it would be at the right of the manager coming up).  When you eliminate
the first hard to reach lackey in the game, you will see two more foot
soldiers poping up suddenly from the left and right side of the screen.
If you fail to neutralize the foot soldier at the right (who's hard to
reach), then you will face more enemies near the plantery.  A bonus guy
will walk out of the plantery and so will a foot soldier attacking you
at the left of the plantery.  Now you will have to face another foot
soldier who's lurking just about the center of the plantery, a foot
soldier hiding behind the piano, and a marksman at the left of the
plantery.  Now hit the foot soldier at the hard-to-reach window at the
left, but you will have to contend with another manager making his way
towards the screen, a foot soldier coming from the right side of the
screen and a marksman coming from the piano into the middle.

By the time you got into the fifth part of the game, your time should
be at around the 1'10"00 mark.  The first thing you want to do is to
destroy the two foot soldiers hiding behind the staircase just right
of the center.  I shoot the right lackey of the staircase first because
you can shave off time this way.  There will be two more foot soldiers
coming from the left as the manager commands them just left of your
center.  You will now contend with yet another foot soldier lying at
the right side of the staircase, two more foot soldiers coming from the
left side of the screen, and a marksman who will mug you just left of
the center.  The area you shot the first foot soldier lying at the
right side of the staircase looks like an ideal place to start your
shooting, but be sure you shoot the marksman first if you are a
beginner.  At least one of the foot soldiers will fly at the right side,
and then he'll try to run as a car goes into the left side of the screen.
After you finish the second batch of enemies, you will hear enemies
saying, "Where is he?"  As soon as you hear this new quote, you will see
two foot soldiers coming from the right side of the car, and a foot
soldier trying to mug you just the left of the center.  One of these
foot soldiers will have a machine gun, so be sure to watch out for
this guy.  Now you will encounter a manager from the right side of the
car, and a foot soldier jumping from the top of the car as a last part
of your appetite.  I prefer to shoot the foot soldier first and then use
the remainder of your clip on the Manager.

The fifth part is where the split occurs.  You must neutralize all of
your enemies within 35 seconds to take the expert path, which is the
Ballroom (It took me only 25-something seconds to pass this area).  You
should have no problem dispatching the five first foot soldiers since
their position and stances are noticeable.  Try not to do too much rapid
firing in this split here, as shooting and reloading here will hamper
your progress.  Now we will see a foot soldier coming from the right door.
This is your cue to tag the many foot soldiers and marksmen popping out
of the plants and hiding back.  Shoot them immediately to shave off time
(And I MEAN shoot them as soon as you see them).  When you finish off the
second batch of enemies, you will see a marksman trying to mug you close,
and you will see a foot soldier walking from just right of the center (It
should be the pillar or the bushes.  I don't know if it's either, but
future updates will bring light to this area).  You will now see a
manager coming from the left elevator along with two foot soldiers with
machine guns.  Shoot the two foot soldiers coming from the left before
they get a chance to hide on the far-center plantery.  Now you will see
another manager coming from the elevator.  Now you will see two foot
soldiers and a marksman taunting you to hit them from the right side of
the screen, just right of the center, and just left of the center.  When
they first pop up, tag them.  If you were able to shoot the "taunting"
soldiers (the soldiers who pop up and then hide again in the plantery)
the moment you see them, then you should be able to clear this area in
less than 30 seconds.  If you take more than 35 seconds to clear this
area, then you will go to the Shopping Mall.  I hope that you will be
able to pass this area in less than 30 seconds (maybe even 25-something
seconds if you are a careful sniper) and take the expert path.  For this
walkthrough was meant to help you become an expert in the special mission.

Area 1 Checkpoint:  1'51"20
Area 2A, The Ballroom (Hard Path):

If you have cleared the sixth part of the Lobby Area within the 35-second
cut, then this is where you will make your next stand.

Prologue:  Just before the elevator doors close, Richard boards on one of
the elevators to see what the enemies are up to.  Little does he know that
Kantaris is waiting for him somewhere.........

On the first part, you will find AT LEAST three enemies shooting you as you
commence an attack.  There will be a foot soldier on the left-top of the
screen.  You will see a Marksman somewhere on the left side of the hallway
after you dispose the first four.  Suddenly before you notice, a foot soldier
with grenades show up at the far-right of the hallway.  A manager will be
shouting out orders at the right door:  Shoot the Manager for bonus time.
There will be two foot soldiers dropping to the hallway to make stance as
they make their way to attack you.  A foot soldier or a bonus guy will
attack from the top bridge as well as a foot soldier with a machine gun at
the left door.  Now a marksman will come out of the right apex of the
hallway from far out.  Now there will be two more foot soldiers and a
marksman attacking you at the hallway, a foot soldier awaiting for you from
the top bridge, and a marksman with a pipe who will mug you up-close.

On the entrance to the Game Room, you will first encounter two foot soldiers,
a marksman, and a sergeant.  Shoot the marksman first, then shoot the others.
Then foot soldiers will come from the right and left apexes of the wall.
You should have no problem disposing them.  Now a marksman will come from the
right side of the wall, and we will see a manager calling out a foot soldier
from the middle, but we also see a foot soldier and a marksman coming out from
the left.  Dispose the Marksman on the right, the Manager, the Marksman and
the Foot Soldier, and then take out the Foot soldier near the Casino Table.

When you get into the Casino Table, you will see a Bonus Troop attacking you.
Your next three enemies are a foot soldier and a marksman taking you down from
the fair left and right of the screen.  Then a manager follows up.  Now there
will be another foot soldier and marksman showing from the fair left and right.
As a foot soldier shows up just right of the center, the manager's head will
show up, moving.  The final course for this part is a foot soldier just close
to the right and a foot soldier making his way from the left.  You must shoot
the manager's head from the apex of the wall he's hiding from or you will be
wasting time.

On the second part of the Casino Table, you will encounter four soldiers who
attacked you while you underwent a Time Extension.  Shoot the Marksman first-
he's fast as lightning!  Then take out the remaining enemies in the middle,
but keep your eyes peeled for the foot soldier taunting at you just right of
the casino table.  Now you will see a foot soldier right of the left slot
machines as well as a marksman trying to mug you on top of the casino table
and a foot soldier just left of the casino table.  Now get ready to mug yet
another foot soldier right of the left slot machines, the enemy at the fair
right, a marksman standing left of the casino table, the manager at the right
side of the screen, and a foot soldier with a machine gun on top of the left
slot machines.

When you're near the arcade machines, you will notice that two foot soldiers
in their noticeable stances will be waiting for you at a plateau that it's
even easy to take care of.  Two more enemies (Marksman and Foot soldier) will
appear just right of the center.  Now you have two more foot soldiers just
left of the center to deal with.

When you get to the first part of the Dining Room, your first priority would
be to dispose the foot soldier at the middle of the screen.  There will be a
Manager, another foot soldier, a bonus troop, and a marksman coming at you on
the close left table, the not-so-far left table, the far center, and just
about close to you.  A foot soldier will be showing his head from the right
table.  It's hard to nail the foot soldier at the right since he has high
reflexes.  Now you will see a marksman with a machine gun take you out from
the right table after you nail the bonus troop from the left apex of the
right tables.  Now you will see a foot soldier and a marksman swing from the
top-left to make way to attack you.  Shoot them while they are airborne to
shave off time.  Now you will encounter a foot soldier who will be jumping
out of the right tables.  This means that a manager, foot soldier, and a
marksman will be attacking from the right apex of the left tables, taking
stance inside one of the left tables, and from the far center of the screen.

On the second part of the dining room, you will encounter two enemies from
the top screen as well as a foot soldier who will mug you up close at the
center.  Now you will encounter a foot soldier with a machine gun jumping
from just right to the center.  Now you will face a marksman who will be
attacking you from the top-left, a foot soldier who will be attacking you
walking from the close-left, and a manager and a foot soldier attacking from
the top-right of the screen.  These two creatures will be hiding for a moment
and then will pop up to attack you, so eliminate these lackeys as soon as
you see them.  Now you will see a marksman jumping from the top, a foot
soldier with a machine gun jumping just right of the center, two foot
soldiers attacking from the top-right of the screen, and a manager attacking
you from the top-left of the screen.

Prologue:  Guess what?  We see Kantaris trying to welcome Richard Miller
to the Chateau Du Luc for some idiotic reason.  Kantaris:  "How nice to meet
you Richard.  Welcome to Kantaris Base.  You've arrived just in time for the
party.  I have arranged a dancing partner for you.  Dance baby, dance.  Dance
to the death!!!"  Now we see Web Spinner coming in front of Richard, ready to
cut his head off!

Web Spinner Strategy:
Web Spinner can be nasty if you don't know what you are doing.  It will take
about 16 shots to extinguish Web Spinner, but you must react quickly as you
take on Web Spinner because he moves really fast.  As soon as you see Web
Spinner, you should shoot him before he gets a chance to shoot his boomerangs
because if you let him shoot his boomerangs, you will not be given a chance
to counter-attack because he shoots so many at once.  You may have to be
careful at times because sometimes Web Spinner will come up close and mug
you with a karate kick before you get a chance to react, so I recommend that
you conserve your hit points.  After you shoot Web Spinner, get out of the
way quickly to prevent yourself from losing precious lives.  Some stances of
Web Spinner is noticeable while others are unpredictable.  If you can defeat
Web Spinner in under 50 seconds, you will be going into the Swimming Pool,
which is the hard path.  If not, you will be going into the Arms Factory,
which is the easy path.  If you are careful during the fight against Web
Spinner, then the fight should take no more than 40 seconds.  I beat Web
Spinner in just about 38 seconds, which is my fastest.

Area 2A Checkpoint 4'30"00
Area 2B:  The Shopping Center

Prerequisite:  If you have not cleared the final part of Area 1 within the
35-second cut, then no big deal.  You just won't get as many skill points
because you can get more skill points by taking more difficult paths.

The first part of the area represents a good opportunity to increase your
accuracy because many enemies are easy to destroy just because they are not
concealed as with the harder areas.  The only thing I'm cautioning you
about is when any foot soldiers hide behind the Customer Service Desk
(because they are hard to reach) and whenever any marksmen or Machine Gunners
show up.  Try to shoot anybody in the head to shave off time.  Remember a 40-
streak without missing will earn you an extra life.

In the second part, your main concern is trying to get the enemies who hide
behind the jewelry counter because they wouldn't want to stick their head
up because of your rage.  It's possible to nail them while their head is
within the glass but it's hard since you can't see the enemy that well from
the glass.  Some of these enemies are time-savers if you shoot them early
from behind the Jewelry counter.

Somewhere on the third part, there's a pretty concealed Sergeant behind the
hallway, so you need to hit him as early as you can.  Otherwise, the rest
should be easy, just be sure to hit the Marksman and the Machine Gunner

When you get into the Hallway Exit, even though the enemies are hard to hit,
you can still have a good shot at them because they are not as persistent
as the others.  So far, easy, right?

On the fifth part, and later on, there will be falling foot soldiers coming
from the top, and they move so fast to hide from the dirt, so it's not easy
trying to shave off time as you think because they fall down easy.  Once
they show up, shoot them.

The sixth part is where the split occurs.  If you happen to shoot the crane
operating center and then at the enemies, then you will advance to the Arms
Factory.  Otherwise, you may have to go inside the Parking Lot, which is
not a good thing.  If you want to go into the Parking Lot, just be sure to
dodge the Crane as it comes hitting you.

No data yet regarding about my clear time.
Area 3A:  The Swimming Pool

Prerequisite:  Defeat Web Spinner in under 50 seconds

Since Time Crisis is a lightning-fast game, it's even hard for me to provide
a decent walkthrough. From this point on, I will only cover the troublesome
spots that you may have throughout this mission. Nonetheless, the troublesome
spots is where you should try to shave off time. 

The foot soldiers who comes out of the door in the first part should be shot
as soon as they show up on the door.  Otherwise, they may pose a lot of
problems. If you are persistent, then you shouldn't worry about having to deal
with them while they are attacking you. Try to shoot almost all of the people
at the door before they begin hiding on the middle pillar.

Regarding about the second part of the area, when the Sergeant "peeks" his
head from the trees, shoot him right away, but be aware that a foot soldier
and a marksman are lying in wait the moment after the Sergeant makes his move.
Be careful not to be fooled with these twosome as you try to get these lackeys
out of your way. When a foot soldier jumps into the bridge, that's your cue to
nab the marksman coming from the bushes and the machine-gunner near the fan.
The fan at the center is where most of your problems will be at since some of
your shots may be blocked. Some of the stronger enemies, like the first RPG
soldier, benefits from the fan at the center, so be sure that you hit the
lackey, not the fan. 

The fan at the right side of the screen in the third part can really put the
hurt on you if you don't neutralize the enemies in the right side fast enough.
Just right after the marksman at the left jumps in, there will be a bonus guy
jumping near the fan and two hard-to-get foot soldiers coming in the right side
of the screen. Shoot them as early as you can to avoid further problems, but
remeber the fan will try its best to constrain you in sorts. The earlier you
shoot the guys in the right side of the screen, the less stressful it will be.
Also, there will be a sergeant and a hotel marksman coming from the right who
will pose deep trouble for an inexperienced Richard Miller if the fan blocks
any parts of their bodies. Don't let the fan make you mad, as these two final
guys can be neutralized just before they are given a chance to attack. 

You shouldn't have too much problems with the majority of the enemies on the
fourth part. However, right after a marksman throws a kink at you, there will
be three RPG soldiers who will show up at hard-to-reach areas. Take on the RPG
soldier at the right side of the screen first and then take on the two at the
left. Be sure that you are not doing a lot of hiding and reloading here as this
gives the RPG soldiers a good chance to fire (and waste precious time). 

On the fifth part, be sure that you are destroying the enemies as soon as you
see them or they may spray the area with heavy shrapnel (shoot them as soon as
you see them popping up their heads in other words). Be quick when doing this
because they usually hide faster than you think. Also, when the final foot
soldier thinks that he will attack you, there will be two club soldiers who
will try to hack your lives away. Watch out for these two! 

Just as you enter the sixth part, you will see two people from the left
trying to run to the left canister to prepare themselves and one person from
the middle who will try to hide then attack. Shoot them before they enter the
canister to avoid wasting time. There is a marksman at the right side of the
area who loves to play hide-and-seek and will do this until he thinks that
he's willing to attack you. Shoot his head (when you see it for the first time)
to shave off time.  At the last stretch, you will see a sergeant and a marksman
attacking you with a shield (Damn these shields, they make things too hard!).
That's your cue to catch the two machine gunners from the top-left and top-
middle of the screen.

The seventh and final part of the area is where the split occurs. Attack the
soldiers here with caution because they can spread a lot of shrapnel here.
When the first RPG soldier attacks you from the middle-left, that's when the
first yellow guy will come from just right of the top-center into the doorway
to the lounge. Shoot the yellow guy before he gets a chance to hide inside
the top-left canister. There will be at least one yellow guy who will join
the shrapnel party while you try to nullify all of the bonus guys. Be careful
of the marksmen and the machinegunners who will do their part to protect the
bonus guys during your attempt to destroy all of them. Also, watch out for an
armored foot soldier (with a shield, damn these shields gives me the creeps)
who will disrupt your process of killing all of the bonus guys making their
way to the lounge. Try to shoot all of them because if you shoot all of them,
then you will hear Kantaris say, "Damn that worm! How hard it is to kill just
one man!" That means that you will go to the heliport. You can miss one bonus
guy and hear Kantaris trashing just before the Heliport area begins but I
recommend you to shoot all the bonus guys for the best results (Just steer
clear of the shrapnel club while doing this). If you don't kill enough bonus
guys, then a sergeant will lead a bonus guy to the lounge and that's where
you will make your final stand.

Area 3A Checkpoint: 7'11"23
Area 3B:  The Arms Factory

Prerequisite:  You failed to defeat Web Spinner in under 50 seconds or you
destroyed the Crane Center before the enemies on either 2A or 2B.

On the first part, there are some pretty hard-to-reach Sergeants from the
left and right side, and some sergeants will try to hide once they show up
for the first time.  Be careful if you have to face the Marksman coming from
the right because all he can do is Karate-Kick you.  The key to defeating
the Sergeants is to negotiate their location and nail them as early as you

On the second part, right after you see some sergeants, two marksmen from
the left and right will Karate-Kick you, so I would recommend that you take
care of the Marksmen first before the Sergeants.  Be careful of the Sergeant
concealing himself just right of the center.

On the third part, sadly, there is no bombs to detonate.  The grenadier at
the center will throw a grenade at you and disappear quickly, so be careful
of him.  Also, steer clear of the some foot soldiers who will come from the
far left, so shooting them early would make a difference.  Also, watch out
for the Marksmen who show up randomly on some areas.

On the fourth part, some of the foot soldiers will swing into the floor
quickly, but you can shoot them to save time, but it's hard since their
motion's rather quick.  All I'm asking you to watch out for is the Club
Soldiers who come as some foot soldiers attack you.  Be sure that you act
fast or the soldiers will make mincemeat out of you with their quick

On the fifth part, there will be one grenadier who will pop out from just
left of the center who will be throwing grenades at you and disappear.  If
you have not calibrated your gun properly, this is something to worry about.
There's also a sergeant who shows up at the right, and he's pretty hard to

You need to be careful with your shots on the sixth part because here is
where your buddies love to move around through the boxes a lot, and here is
where the Marksmen loves to get you by surprise.  Make sure you tag them
before they hide, or you'll be sorry!  Watch out for the Grenadier who comes
in later during the part.

On the seventh part, your main concern is the Grenadier and the Marksman who
loves to throw grenades and hide so quickly that they make themselves harder
to hit.  Try to shoot them as early as possible, steering clear of their

On the eighth part, if you want to go to the Parking Lot (and earn less skill
points), then just shoot the gas canisters.  Otherwise, you may want to play
a little Accuracy Crisis by shooting the hard-to-reach lackeys next to the
canisters.  If you want to go to the Lounge, then it's important not to do
too much hiding and reloading as you tag them.  Patience and Lackey awareness
are important as you try to reach the lounge.

Insufficient Clear Time for this Area
Area 4A:  The Heliport

Prerequisite:  Kill all of the yellow guys on the seventh part of the Swimming
Pool Stage before they even make their way onto the Lounge Door! You will face
heavy resistance while trying to do this, so take the necessary precautions.

In the expert area of the game, I'm not gonna mention too much about taking
out the enemies on the game because right here I'm pretty sure you know what
to do already! I'm pretty sure that you are tired of me of saying this and
that, but just for this area, I'll only describe something about Lepoediatra,
the helicopter who attacks you right after the first part.

Now for the Lepoediatra walkthrough...

The wings (The Side of Lepoediatra) is the Lepo's weak point. I would try to
land all of the shots right there because they do the most damage to the Lepo.
Don't shoot anywhere else than the wings because you will only be wasting time
if you do so. You must be careful when Lepoediatra launches its missiles at
you. Whenever you hear a launching noise, that's when you should duck down to
avoid getiing toasted. Keep in mind that Lepo will also fire its vulcan cannon
so you will have to take the necessary precautions while trying to shoot at
its wings. If you think that the Lepo's accuracy may be too high, then just
hide, then react again. One of the parts has Lepo throwing its vulcan hats
on you WHILE TRYING TO RAM YOU AT THE SAME TIME! Once Lepo gets hacked, it's
time to off Kantaris on the other Lepo before she escapes. 

Kantaris' last ditch effort to escape the VSSE once and for all...

Right after Richard says "Action", you will have to land 3 clips worth of
your gun's bullets in order to off Kantaris once and for all. Make sure that
ALL of your shots land on the escaping Lepo or Kantaris will be "hot for
Richard" at the end.  You will have a very short time period to land three
clips and it happens fast so get onto it! Only the best will be able to down
Kantaris. You must be valiant in the final part and be patient with your best
friend (The GunCon) to be victorious!

I pulled off a 9'03"60 as my final time for the AAA portion of the game and
earned 10 skill points.  Even though if you lose two lives or that, you can
score lots of stars by just going in the expert path.
Area 4B:  The Lounge

Prerequisite:  If you didn't kill all of the bonus guys at the end of the
Swimming Pool Area or if you decided to kill all of the lackeys instead of
turning the canisters into smithereens at the end of the Arms Factory.

I'm not going to be nosy about the first part since I'd rather focus on the
ED-209-like Antlion, who's the main attraction of this area. However, in the
first part, be careful of the shield guys who will help the marksmen find
their way to shoot you in the middle!

Now for the Antlion Walkthrough...

Antlion's weak spot is the lighting-esque eye (do the ED-209 thing). You
should land all of your shots at the eye.  During the course of the battle,
Antlion will fire fast and one of its shots may take away one of your lives,
so you should try not to stick out your head too long. Also, Antlion will
hit you with its arms so when Antlion begins to punch you, don't try to
attack him until you feel adventurous about commencing in a boxing bout with
Antlion. On the third and final part of the Lounge, Antlion will attack even
faster, and will punch closer to you so make sure that you do not get sloppy.
Whenever Antlion spins out of control, that's when he begins to fire even
more rapidly and with even greater flexibility.  Take caution when Antlion
spins out of control as any of his shots can get you. Antlion will then move
in a circular motion, and his fast motion will make him harder to hit. In
order to off Kantaris, you must not be spending any more than around 1'30"00
fighting Antlion. If you are careful, then it shouldn't take you any longer
than 85 seconds to kill Antlion. If you take too long fighting Antlion, then
Kantaris will kiss you goodbye, which is not a good thing. Well, if Kantaris
"loves you for being a gentleman to her," then you will learn that fast
reflexes are a must on Time Crisis! 

I don't have any sufficient data for myself in this area, maybe a future
update will compel me to do so.
Area 4C: The Parking Lot

Prerequisite:  You destroyed the Canister at Area 3B or you failed to destroy
the Crane Center at the end of 2B first.

OK so you haven't made it to the top, but you still can get Kantaris, although
you won't get too many skill points for clearing the game at the Parking Lot.

On the first part, you should have no problem with most of the enemies with
the exception of the Task Forceman and the Marksman nearing the conclusion
of the part.

On the second part, it's important to take care of the enemies who try to
take cover under the pillars around the areas, and some of these enemies are
carrying RPGs, so stay on your toes!  Be careful of the Sergeants, because
they are the ones who loves to hide when they see you as always.

Just shoot the bomb box in the middle on the third part to shave off seconds
because I don't want you to waste time killing the enemies in one area.

On the fourth part, you will see plenty of foot soldiers on top of the gun
car, and some of these foot soldiers will club you from up close!  Be sure
that you neutralize them as soon as you see them.  This has to be one of
the most chaotic parts in the Special Stage because the foot soldiers who
attacks you by gun have a good opportunity to improve their accuracy, and
the club soldiers enforce this assault by attacking you dead-near.

There will be some lackeys who will be attacking you while concealing almost
all of their body near the cars during the fifth and sixth part of the area.
Just steer clear of any Marksmen, machine gunners, and sergeants who love to
do this.  As always, prompt elimination will ensure time-saving.

On the seventh part, after you eliminate two Sergeants, you will face a
droid called Recuamaki.  Recuamaki will attack you with a Machine Gun that
is accurate enough to chop off a life away.  The weakest point is at the
glass.  After Recuamaki takes some damage, it will try to ram you several
times, so be sure that you hide before Recuamaki rams you.  After Recuamaki
finishes trying to ram you, then it will attack you with missiles.  Hit
Recuamaki at the glass while hiding from the missiles for the kill.  BTW
there will be some sergeants who will attack you while Recuamaki will squash
some of its own Kantaris lackeys.

On the eighth and final part, hard-to-reach Sergeants will attack you from
the concealed car, so aiming is important here.  Now you will see some
Marksmen "tarzaning" into the ground to attack you so there's no excuse
why you shouldn't hit them before they land on the ground.  Now when you
see the car, you will have only seconds to land three clips of bullets
before it flies out of the screen!  Be sure that you land 18 bullets onto
the car once you see the red Cadillac on the screen or Kantaris will escape.
If you see Kantaris slamming onto a pillar to her death, that means you've
succeeded in destroying one of the most feared criminal syndicates in the
planet.  If not, Kantaris will laugh at you and you will notice that fast
reflexes with lots of awareness are a must on Time Crisis!

No time data is available as of this update.

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