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By Areku Orichizu a.k.a. Adrian Ortiz (BombZero)

Version History:
June 20, 2001
Ok, I added the walkthrough for Ori-Mental Fields, and some 
other things you should check out.
This was an average update.
June 16, 2001
Alright, the strategy for Chilling Fields is up. I'm 
beginning to have the feeling that hardly anyone has Team 
Buddies, is it just me? Uh.....Nah. Anyway this was an 
average update.

June 12, 2001
I have just finished the strategy for Droopy Woods. I guess 
that's it.
An average update.

June 11, 2001
I just added another world of walkthrough for Dirtbox 
desert (FYI I have beaten the game, it's just that I'm too 
lazy to write the whole FAQ in a day), updated the legal 
junk section, and I guess that's about it.
Between the big and average sort of update.

June 9, 2001
I have added extra walkthrough for some levels, and some 
hints too! Plus I fixed the difficulty ratings so they seem 
more appropriate to fit that level. Don't worry, I will add 
some more stuff once I get around to it ok, be patient.
This was an average update. 

June 8, 2001
Hello, I have just started this FAQ because there was no 
other Team Buddies FAQ on the Net! (Well none that I could 
find anyway)
So now I have the duty to make this FAQ, which is my first 
so don't burn me right away okay? You should be grateful 
you have some help at all!

.Hints and Secrets
. Legal Junk


Ok this is where you will find the basic controls of the 
game, slightly confusing at first but you'll get the hang 
of it soon.

The directional pad is for controlling your Buddie, you can 
also use the analog stick if you want to.

Start: to you guessed it, pause the game! Wow what would we 
do with it? It also brings you to the pause menu.

Select: Changed your view when playing the game.

X button: jump

[] button: Fires your weapon/Pick up/Drop/Throw crates 

O button: action (get inside vehicles, kick crates) Also 
taunt some other player in multi-player only.

Triangle button: Switch to another Buddie to use. (if you 
have more than one, the other Buddie that you are not 
controlling will be controlled by the computer.

L1: Look at something and press L1 and your team members 
may attack (enemy, enemy base, ect.), pick it up (crates) , 
get in (vehicles).

L2: When your too lazy to build your own stuff press L2 to 
toggle through the things you can build and your team mates 
would do it for you, but when they are done building it 
make sure to grab it before they do if you make them wait 
too long.

R1: Strafing, or when a target goes over your enemy press 
and hold it to circle around them. Also press when you are 
inside a tank to center the turret in the middle.

R2: Use your binoculars to look far distances, you can also 
give orders with L2 while using the binoculars.


The idea of the game is simple and quite fun:
Blow up your enemy or die trying.
The characters are called "Buddies" and kind of look like a 
cross of Bomberman and Lego kind of look.
Looks cute? Well just wait till you start playing then it 
gets a little ugly.
You begin the game all by yourself and you have to find 
crates . These crates can be kicked opened by pressing 
circle, when opened you either  get ammo for your weapons, 
or hearts which restore HP.
Crates can also help you build things. When placed on your 
stacking pad you can build more buddies, weapons and 
1 crate: light weapon
2 crates horizontal: grenades
4 crates horizontal: heavy weapon
4 crates vertical: Different Buddie
2 crates vertical: Buddie
8 full: vehicle

Super crate can also enhance what you are building, all you 
need is what to make what you are building "super". For 
example, if you make a regular Buddie but instead of using 
the regular crates  you use the special blue and yellow 
with the red. The result, a regular buddie that is faster, 
in a way stronger, and smarter.

The reason I did not specify what the different variations 
make is because weapons, Buddies, and vehicles differ from 
level to level and from world to world.

If you select single player mode at the main menu you will 
have some neat objectives and mission. Be warned though 
that most of these are quite hard. There are many different 
objective that range from protect the generals to rescue 
some penguins and liquidate everything! There are also side 
objectives like for example the main objective is to 
protect some soda pop factory, but you can also destroy the 
enemies but if you just fulfill the main mission you won't 
be able to gain certain secrets and cool things for battle 

 Now in multi-player mode you gain certain mini-games as 
you progress through single-player mode. Let's say you 
completed this level with all objectives met, then you will 
probably be awarded with a new mini game like bomb ball. 
You can also be rewarded with new building schemes to 
choose from, ghost modes, skins for the buddies, new battle 
maps and much more.

Now here is the description of the mini-games for multi-
player mode. Computers can play too just in case if you 
have nobody to play with.

Death Match:
In this mode you build, fight, win or die. Just destroy 
everything that moves! (Except your own team! Duh!)
To unlock: You already have it

In this game, you must touch an item, like a trash can, 
ankh, tree, whatever it may be, just keep it your color by 
touching it and when the time runs out whoever has the most 
areas controlled wins pretty simple huh?
To unlock: Beat That's Rubbish with all objectives met

In this game you must go to your opponent(s) base and steal 
an animal and take it back to you base and put it inside 
the animal pen. The more animals you steal the more points 
you get, same for them, so get ready to steal!
To Unlock: Beat Piggy in the middle with all objectives met

Bomb Ball:
To me this is one of the most fun mini-games in the whole 
game! Your Buddies have infinity continues  so don't worry 
if your about to die, you'll come back. So you start off in 
your side of the field, a bomb appears in the middle of the 
field, pick it up run and throw it at your opponents goal 
(make sure it's on the bomb pad) and run like the wind! 
Once you have enough points or your time runs out the game 
is over, sound easy? Sort of, maybe, you decide.   
To unlock: uh... I forgot, but I think you have to beat one 
of the Egypt world levels, or one of the snow levels, sorry 
but if anyone knows email me!


    Well, Buddie land was quite a peaceful place, somewhere 
where you could take your kids and not worry about a thing. 
Well one day a giant block eclipsed the sun! Then all of a 
sudden crates began to fall from the sky! One Buddie just 
kicked a crate open and found a rocket launcher, another 
Buddie picked it up, "What's this?", he asked, the other 
Buddie shrugged and looked into the hole, Blam!!!! Only his 
shoes were left of him. 
    Soon there was sparks flying everywhere and lots of 
empty shoes were lying everywhere. Though when night time 
came Buddies began to form groups and they retreated . The 
next morning we found our base destroyed and smoking! That 
was giving out the signal that "Hey our base is destroyed! 
We're losers!" all throughout Buddie Land! The Next day we 
showed them that we may have lost the battle, but we have 
won the war! But now , other groups have heavy weapons of 
mass destruction 
     Well that's how it is and will probably be for a 
while. Nobody know where those crates came from but for 
sure killing each other may not be as civilized but it sure 
is fun!

( I got some of this from the instruction booklet, but 
redid it a little) 


World 1 
Central Park

Battle Hill
Difficulty *** of 10
Objective: Destroy all enemies

When you start the level, make a rocket launcher by putting 
4 horizontal crates together on your stacking pad, after 
that quickly make a commando Buddie by stacking 4 
vertically. Once done order to make a weapon for himself 
and just proceed to the enemies base South east of yours. 
When you get there hide behind their base and start 
shooting like heck! If you position your self correctly you 
can make them hit their own base. If you are fast enough 
you can keep them from making more weapons and buddies, 
would make your life a whole lot easier! When you fight 
them try to stay a much as possible away from the crates so 
when they need health they won't get any! Just keep your 
health high and you can beat 'em!


That's Rubbish
Difficulty **** of 10
Objectives: Destroy enemy team and touch all the trash 
Side objective: Pick up ten pieces of rubbish to really 
impress the president.

When you start the level quickly build another buddie, 
commando is preferred, then order him to build you a heavy 
weapon, one for you and yourself, and build another buddie, 
and make a weapon for him too, while he is working on stuff 
go around collecting rubbish and looking for fallen trash 
cans, this way if they get knocked down again you know 
where they are. Now once your teammates are done building 
weapons and all that good stuff assault the opposing team! 
Destroy their base first and then their buddies, once done 
with them , its time for some community service.
The easy way to spot unturned trash cans is to check on 
your radar. If you see a yellow square, then that's an 
unturned trash can. There is one by your base, one by your 
enemies base, one by a plateau with lots of crates, another 
on another plateau with lots of crates, one southwest of 
your base, and another north east from the enemies base.
Okay so you want to get a perfect score on this?
Well then that means you have to start hunting for rubbish. 
Rubbish can be found behind buildings, in between hills, 
besides some trash cans, and some other places where it is 
hard to see. 
An easy way to find rubbish is to change your view by 
pressing select, this could be very helpful when you really 
need to find some rubbish. Remember though, once you kill 
the enemies buddies and fix all the trashcans then the 
level will end, so leave one unturned so you can begin your 
trash hunt.


On Yer Bike
Difficulty *** of 10
Objectives: Ride your bike back to your bike park.
Side-objectives: Destroy the enemy team.
Okay so the yellow team has stolen your bike, and you want 
it back? What to do? Go there and ride it back in the heat 
of battle? Not that simple. Why? Well, if you want to get 
your bike destroyed and fail the mission go ahead, but take 
it from me, destroy them first. I know, it will take longer 
but it's worth it. Start out by building another buddie, 
order him to build some weapons for you, you should help 
him (remember if you don't act quickly, those yellow dudes 
will send a tank over to squish you) . Once done, order him 
to make stuff for himself and then go alone to destroy the 
enemy base, hide behind it so the enemies might hit their 
own base accidentally. Take them out, and anytime soon some 
reinforcements may be coming soon. Once there're finished 
shoot the bike stall off your bike and ride it back to your 
bike park. The reason its best not to just ride it back is 
because it's already in pretty bad shape and a couple of 
shots will give you a failed mission. So just follow my 
advice and you'll be okay! (hopefully)

Bow Wow Ker Pow
Difficulty ***** of 10
Objective: Protect your base for 5 minutes until the dog 
bomb squad arrives.
Side Objective: Defeat the enemy team.

This level can get quite annoying. When you start out build 
another buddie, (best if he's a commando) then begin to 
make a rocket launcher for yourself and for the other guy, 
then quickly make another commando buddie and make a weapon 
for him, repeat one last time and order them to protect the 
base. If you want to, build a tank ( 8 blocks full) this 
would make it lightly easier, then go on by your self to 
destroy the enemy base, (north west of your base) destroy 
everyone of them! Quickly head back to your base and back 
your people up from those evil bomb dogs. By then anyway 
the time should almost be up and you'll taste victory!


World 2
Insane Plains


Country Vile
Difficulty ***** of 10
Objectives: Find and bring back the farmer's tractor and 
keep them both in one piece, punish the culprits.
Side objective: Destroy enemy bases

In this level enemies attack quite fast, especially the 
yellow team. In your not quick enough they will send a tank 
to clobber you! So start off by making a heavy weapon 
(gattling gun) and another buddie, if you want to (they 
WILL die quickly) now start shooting trees to get ammo and 
power-ups, once you have a shield start attacking the bases 
and enemy buddies. (Best to destroy the yellow first). The 
orange team is south of your base, and the yellow is south 
east. If nobody is inside the turret cannon go inside and 
you can damage the buddies and maybe their base with out 
taking damage (that is until it starts to smoke and you 
can't move anymore, that means get out!!!!!). Once finished 
knocking out both teams (its ok to leave the farmer alone 
he's a grown boy, and also make sure to NEVER fight near 
your base because that leave the farmer vulnerable and he 
COULD die so be careful) head for the far-southeastern area 
(by the bull) to find the tractor now with all those 
trouble makers gone it's a safe trek towards victory!


Piggy in the Middle
Difficulty ******* of 10
Objectives: Rescue the pigs and put them back in their pig 
Side objectives: Destroy those thieves and their bases!

This is quite hard since the pigs can wander through enemy 
fire and get killed, and plus since you have a timer! Start 
by building a heavy weapon for you, then another buddie, 
tell him to make a gun for him, repeat until you are sure 
you can beat the level, now just in case, (if you want to) 
build a tank or two to help on the assault on those evil-
doers, or you can be a slacker and stun the pigs (punch 'em 
a couple of times, and press square to pick them up) and 
carry them back without annihilating the enemy! No fun, but 
hey its your choice, right? You can also shoot the trees 
for some shields and ammo. You could find the pig pen by 
following the pig foot prints on the ground. Remember you 
can always find pigs on your radar if you get lost or can't 
find one. Just make sure the pigs don't get killed!

Quarrel Some Quarry 
Difficulty ****
Objective: Liquidate everything that moves!

Start out by building another buddie, order him to make a 
weapon for you, (best if you help him) and make another for 
your teammate, repeat the process until you feel ready, (it 
would be nice to have a tank or two around) now start  
clobbering! The blocks are in the center of the battlefield 
if you have a hard time to find any. Blue blocks are 
usually by the river.       

The Rong Brothers
Difficulty ******
Objectives: Protect the generals from the bombs on their 
way home, shoot the Rong brother out of the sky!

Okay, this is probably the first boss battle in the game! 
(in each boss battle you can't build anything, and you 
don't have any weapons at all!) Begin by running north east 
towards a bus. Every time you come to a stop sign a general 
will come out. There are two techniques in order to protect 

1.Pick up and throw the bombs in another direction.
2. Stun the general pick him up and throw him inside his 

I prefer the second strategy easier because the bus can't 
blow up and its less likely for the general to die, just 
make sure you have the right house! The first isn't as good 
because you could throw the bomb in the wrong direction on 
accident, and because it very likely you will be caught in 
the explosion. So whatever strategy you choose just make 
sure the generals stay alive! Once all the generals are 
safe, a mega-block will appear, open it and get inside the 
plane and shoot down the Rong brothers!


World 3
Dirt Box Desert

Difficulty ***** of 10
Objectives: Claim Ankhs and make them your color for your 
team, have the most points in 7 minutes.
Side Objectives: Destroy all the enemy bases

Okay, another domination game. You could have a rough start 
but its gets pretty easy by the end. Start out by building 
a flame thrower, then a ninja, quickly switch by pressing 
triangle, order them to make a flame thrower for you. Now 
hold X and jump around quickly touching all the ankhs and 
go back, they should be finished by then. Get your gun and 
order them to make something random (hold L2 then release 
after a world appears)so they will make what they need. Now 
its time to clobber those losers! Hide behind a base and 
start shooting! Need ammo? You can shoot trees for power-
ups, health, and ammo. Blow up each base one by one, and 
claim each ankh for your team! Victory has never been as 
simple as this.

Difficulty: **** of 10
Objectives: Claim the sacred ankh of Who-Ra for yourself.
Side Objective: Get the staff of Ra

Well of all, this level is a one man job. Trust me on this, 
you'll will soon find out. Anyway when you start follow the 
foot prints from your stacking pad to a pedestal thingy. 
Jump from there to the hill. From there jump on the tree 
and across. Keep going west until you find a bunch of 
blocks. Throw the blocks on the east side of the hill. 
(throw as many as you can until enemy tanks arrive)then 
throw the blocks on the hillside from whence you came and 
take 1 crate and set it right by the hill. Jump on it and 
jump up back to your side of the hill. Now build a flame 
thrower. Did I remember to tell you to step on that green 
button by the oasis? If you didn't step on it now! Now 
after you have your flame thrower, and stepped on that 
switch its time to destroy sphinxes. Why? Don't question me 
just do it! Destroy both of them, and from the top sphinx 
go south west to find a mega crate. Yay! The staff of Ra is 
yours, what do you know, it's a weapon as well. Now its 
time to "pop" some rebel buddies! (take note of your health 
and ammo supply as you enter enemy grounds because Ra's  
staff uses quite a lot of ammo, and there are missle 
turrents everywhere). After you are done blasting them to 
pieces, destroy the obelisk south west from the enemies 
base. Step on the teleporter and your done. Now wasn't that 

Camel Strain
Difficulty *** of 10
Objectives: Escort (and protect) the camels to the oasis 
Side  Objective: Destroy the enemy team.

First just let the camels go around, don't worry they'll be 
fine. (just enough time for you to smash the enemy into 
pieces) Start by building a ninja, switch to him and order 
the other guy to build you a flame thrower, once done, grab 
it and order a world command (press and hold L2, then 
release when a world symbol appears) Leave them alone and 
go to a tree find a shield and start destroying their base 
(destroying their automatic missile turrents makes it 
easier) destroy their base then them. If you did everything 
correctly you should be able to finish easily. Now just 
lure the camels to the base and eventually they will get 

Sphinx Jinx
Difficulty: **** of 10
Objectives: Destroy anything that moves, DESTORY THEIR 

First of, just make a flame thrower, get some ammo, go 
north, destroy that base, get a shield, go south west, 
destroy another base, get another shield and start pounding 
on those buddies wandering and fighting against each other 
by the pyramid. That's it plain and simple. Expected more? 
Too bad, guess you just have to live with it.

World 4
Droopy Woods

Camouflage Sabotage
Difficulty ****** of 10
Objectives: Protect the secret soda pop facilities. 
Side Objective: If you save both facilities you will be 
given the highest ranking badge.

First, when you start the level, make a cyborg, (four 
blocks vertical) and make a heavy weapon. Tell the cyborg 
to attack the tanks, (don't worry he can mess 'em up pretty 
bad) After that take a buddy, and activate the switch east 
of the soda pop facility, go north and grab the helicopter 
and start to wreck havoc on their bases. This will draw the 
attention away from the soda pop facilities. Now start to 
attack the enemy troops. Hopefully if you still have your 
helicopter, this would be easy. Just make sure that both 
facilities don't get destroyed. 

Flock Rocking Bleats
Difficulty   *** of 10
Objectives: Eliminate the rebels
 First make a ninja (four blocks vertical) and then make a 
heavy weapon (four pack rocket launcher) and order your 
team mate (make sure to switch to the ninja) to make a 
weapon for himself. (you can also order the computer to 
choose what he needs by holding L2 and release when the 
world sign appears) Now you're a ninja with a four pack 
rocket launcher, so the best thing to do is to start 
trashing these rebel's bases! One is in the northwest, 
southeast, northwest, and our base is in the south west. 
After disposing of their bases it's time to take out this 
rebel scum, which I might add, is quite easy, you could 
probably do it yourself without looking at this guide, cuz 
this level is an easy one indeed.

Nursery Crimes
Difficulty **** of 10
Objectives:  Save little red riding hood from the evil 
Side objectives: Save little Bo Peep's sheep and put them 
in their pen.

First of, start by building 3 cyborgs, then make weapons 
for all of them, then if you want to, make a tank or two. 
After that, start attacking the enemy base and destroy them 
entirely. Don't worry about the sheep, if they die, they 
will come back. Now if you want to save the sheep, lure 
them in, (like with the camels) and bring them back to the 
pen (follow the sheep paw prints in the ground). Little red 
can be found by going north of enemy territory and destroy 
the ginger bread house, little red will now follow you, 
bring her back to base and be glad that's done! 

Ewe Fiend 
Difficulty ******* of 10
Objectives: destroy the Wolf Tank and Captain Anthrax

(hint: Anthrax's tank can recharge by sucking up sheep, so 
try to lead him away from them)
Darn, another boss level...
Anyway start out by running north west and grab that gun in 
the mega-crate, start destroying the teleporter devices he 
uses to teleport around, return and grab the shield power 
up that appears occasionally. Every time there is a new 
mega-crate available go get it! That is vital to your 
survival! Once you have a shied and any suitable weapon 
that could do damage (gatling cannon is the best you should 
use against him, it will come in a mega crate later on). 
After his tank's HP is low and is about to blow up, run 
like heck!!!!  You might get caught in the explosion, so 
did you beat the level yet? Well, remember you still have 
to kill captain Anthrax. If you survive congratulations, if 
you die, try again, anyway just be happy you have someone 
to help you with this game! 

World 5
Chilling Fields

Ice Scream
Difficulty ***** of 10
Objectives: Litter the area with smoking boots

Start off by building a ninja. Switch to the ninja and 
order your team mates to make weapons for themselves (L2 
remember?!), you don't have to make a weapon for the ninja, 
because you can find the all powerful flame jet north and 
to the right of your base. You can use my strategy by going 
around popping (gotta love that word!) enemy Buddies. 
Pretty simple mission, except, if you get frozen, and get 
punched/ shot (by any other gun besides the freeze and 
liquid nitro gun) you will instantly get popped (actually 
it depends how frozen you are, but still be careful!). 
Pretty simple and straight going level. 

Herdy Birdy 
Difficulty  ******** of 10
Objectives: Bring the penguins safely to the south pole 
Side objectives: Destroy enemy buddies

Start off by making another buddy, (make sure to be as fast 
as you can in this level, it really makes a difference!)now 
make a gun (multi-orb gun is better, it helps do away with 
the enemies faster) and head west to the enemies base alone 
(make sure to issue a world command to your team mate, and 
when you move out, make sure not to make contact with the 
penguins, because if they follow you into enemy territory, 
they will pop. Anyway, just destroy the enemy buddies, but 
not their bases because it takes way too long. After your 
down with the western enemies, go south east and demolish 
them (make sure you popped each and every enemy buddy, 
Yetis are optional). Quickly run back to your base and walk 
up and touch each penguin and make sure they all follow you 
to the south pole (south western side). This is where it 
gets hard! The penguins are too slippery on ice, so if they 
try to follow you they WILL slide around the screen making 
it hard to get them to the south pole in perfect time. If 
you did it correctly, I congratulate you on one of the 
hardest levels (to me anyway).

Sub Zero Hero
Difficulty **** of 10
Objectives: Find, save, and bring back Dr. Madasalorrie
Side objectives: open a can of whoop @$$ (TM) on your 

Start out by building another ninja (two vertical) and 
order him ( remember to switch to the ninja) to make a 
multi orb gun for you. Now make a tank for yourself, and 
then afterwards order a world command to your team mate to 
make things for them. Now with your tank, go up to an enemy 
stacking pad and shoot at the ice shooting turret (be sure 
to be as far away so it wont notice your shooting at it, 
but close enough to damage it) do this to all the ice 
turrets, then destroy the enemy bases and buddies. Once 
done get out of your tank. Have you noticed the mountain 
with crater in it? Well now is the time to go there, jump 
(and walk) to the top with your ninja and shoot the ice 
cube. It will melt exposing the scientist (what's his name 
again?), now he will follow you, bring him back to base and 
you are done, yay!

Kill 'em 'N Scarper 
Difficulty ****** of 10
Objectives: Guide the Dr. to the enemy factory base, 
protect him on the way back to your base, and make sure he 
gets his disc. 

First start off by making a cyborg, then an ice gun for 
him. Make a multi orb launcher for yourself (commando), 
then tell him to build another cyborg, while you attack the 
orange base (west of your base) so they wont be able to 
build things. Once done if you are still in one piece 
(hopefully), make a multi orb launcher for your other 
cyborg. Now the reason I didn't have the other cyborg with 
an orb laucher is because with an ice gun, you can freeze 
them, and punch them once to shatter them, no matter how 
much life they have! So switch to the cyborg with the ice 
gun and begin a full scale assault on the yellow base 
(north of your base) but, watch out for there are ice 
turrets waiting for you. Once finished with the enemy 
annoyance guide the Dr. to the factory place, get the disc 
(destroy it after) and return to base. Simple? Probably.

World 6
Ori-Mental Peaks

Chocks Wa-hey!
Difficulty: ****** of 10
Objectives: Destroy Everything That Moves
Okay, the objectives say kill everything right? Simple huh? 
Well it is easier said than done, that is unless you know 
exactly what to do. Start off by building a super (four 
vertical) then switch to that buddy and head to the nearest 
base and start shooting the enemy buddies (and remember to 
give him orders to make some more supers and other such 
weapons of destruction). Don't bother to destroy the bases 
unless they have made their own supers, and if they do put 
a block on the stacking pad, play dirty by picking it up 
and kicking it open for health and ammo. After you are done 
destroy all of one color type of buddy then proceed to the 
next base (but do NOT destroy the bases unless they have 
already made supers, do this just to prevent the team who 
has supers to be unable to build anymore, and plus it gives 
you the shield power-up to protect you). Repeat the process 
until you have beaten the level. If you are about to die, 
and all your team mates have popped (gosh I love that 
word!) then quickly kick open some crates and try to get 
some shields. If you run out of shields, it is best to try 
and destroy each buddy one at a time. Locking on with R1 
really helps also against regular buddies. Just keep your 
cool and keep your eye on that health gauge to assure an 
easy victory.

Chinese Burn 
Difficulty ****** of 10
Objectives: Turn on all the lanterns and destroy the enemy 
Side objectives: Destroy the enemy bases.

Okay, another domination game..(sigh) anyway the trick to 
this level is speed. Start out by building a heavy weapon, 
then a tank, (don't bother building any other buddies, they 
WILL get killed anyway) but if you want to, you could build 
a ninja, but I don't really recommend it. Once finished, 
hope in your hover tank and blow the enemy bases to bits, 
just ignore the enemy buddies, concentrate on the bases 
until your tank blows up, but if it is still intact then 
start to clobber those buddies. Sooner or later your tank 
will blow, and you will have to find another way of 
transportation, so from the orange base head south a little 
until you reach a slope leading to the top of a mountain. 
There is a cave on top where water flows from, enter the 
cave, and go north, step on the switch, and get the mega 
block. Now begin searching for those lights. Get as many as 
you can, and don't mind the left over buddies. Now once you 
have gotten the hard to reach lights, then start bombing 
the enemy buddies (it is easier to attack them if you fly 
low enough to bomb them multiple times) and finish them 

Return to Sender
Difficulty ****** of 10
Objectives: Find the jeep and put the doctor inside and 
bring him to the walled enemy base. 
Side Objectives: Try to keep the jeep from blowing up.

Start off by going north until a waterfall, walk up and 
into the cave, and go north and jump inside the vehicle. 
Drive back to base to pick up the Dr. (just ignore the 
enemies and try to go as fast as you can) and drive to the 
enemy base. When enemies attack try to hide behind 
buildings and trees to protect the jeep from harm. Just 
drive all the way to the enemy base inside the walls and 
your done. Make sure to not engage the enemy in battle 
because you will die, so be careful.
Mad Mechs
Difficulty ******** of 10
Objectives: Destroy the factory and all of its occupants

Another boss level? Ok... Start off by running behind the 
factory and press the switch. Grab the mega block by the 
river closest to it. Then search for all of the active 
switches and grab the weapons (the mega blocks appear on 
the waterfall closest to the switch). Once you have the gun 
ship, do NOT use it! Now, destroy one of the buildings to 
get a shield and destroy as many turrets as you can, then 
repeat the process until all of them are destroyed, but 
keep in mind that it is best to keep on moving, that means 
you should hold down the jump button to keep from being hit 
most of the time. It is also a good idea to trick the 
walking turrets by hiding behind the base so they will 
shoot it. Once all of the turrets (not walking turrets) 
have been destroyed, the factory will only have the walking 
turrets as its guard, but just ignore them, and grab a 
shield and shoot until it is finished. Once destroyed, a 
mech with a buddy inside will attack, this is where the gun 
ship will come in handy. Shoot the mech with the gunship as 
much as you can, then bail out when its about to blow, and 
run. Shoot some trees, kick crates, and destroy buildings 
to get some ammo, health, and most importantly shields. 
Hopefully with the shields on you will knock him out. If 
you run out of shields, shoot him once, run away and break 
some crates, shoot him again and run away. This will take a 
while but it is much better to assure that you will not be 
killed. With this said, you may have a better chance. This 
was a toughy but if I beat it, so can you! 

World 7
Rubber Jungle
Check back in awhile, it will be done. 

                     Hints And Secrets
Want a different weapon? Press circle and square at the 
same time to drop your weapon. Now you are able to pick up 
a different weapon.

It's best when you are attacking you opponent to lock on to 
them with R1, just also remember to keep moving when under 

Build up your group as quickly as you can so you can smack 
your enemies when they are not ready yet!

Always destroy the enemies bases first before you attack 
them, that way, they can't build anymore.

Shooting trees and other objects releases power-ups and 
sometimes mega-crates.

If your frozen you talk double the damage as usual so be 

Read you mission data and objectives so you know what to 

Once your vehicle is smoking and you stop moving, press 
circle!! It's about to blow up!!

Need help? More advance stuff? That's what VR training is 
for! Go check it out!

Can't see something? Change your camera view with select!

Remember you can punch if you don't have weapons!

If you stun a buddie by punching him you may be able to 
steal their weapon!

Now, if you are really desperate, here are some codes!
You cheater!
To activate these codes press start and hold all the top 
shoulder buttons.

  Restore team Health      triangle x2 X x2

  Invincibility            X triangle Square circle

  Easy Gun Build           circle x2 X x2

  Easy Buddie Build        Circle x2 X circle
  All crates build like super crates   circle X x2 circle

  Finish building what your building    square x2 circle x2
  Get Jetpack                Square x2 Triangle x2

  Get Rocket Boots           Triangle Square x2 triangle

  Animals don't attack you     circle square x2 circle

  Restore all ammo to whole team   X x2 triangle x2

  Invincible base               X triangle x2 X

  Big Feet                     triangle square x2 triangle

  Big Guns                     Triangle circle x2 triangle

  Special Weapon 1 (replaces current weapon) Triangle X x3

  Special Weapon 2 Same as above          X x3 Triangle

  Infinity Ammo                  circle square triangle X

  Get Heavy weapon                   triangle X square x2

  Level complete                     circle square X x2

  All levels and worlds          Triangle Circle Square x2

  Unlock the next world : go to the info screen and press      
all top shoulder buttons. 

                       Contact Me

Have any hints, secrets, comments, hate mail, and 
suggestions, corrections, whatever just e-mail me at 

[email protected]

You can also e-mail me to contribute something, whatever as 
long as its not here yet, but be patient I will finish the 
walkthrough! Some day anyway.

                    Legal Junk

 You can do anything with this guide except for adding or 
subtracting, selling, or calling this work as your own, 
copying my guide without asking, putting this on your site 
without asking, (besides this guide should only be seen at 
Game FAQS!) 
No part of this guide may be reproduced or transmitted in 
any other form or by any means , electronic or mechanical , 
including photocopying, recording or by any information 
storage  and retrieval system without permission in writing 
from author.
 Here is a list of all the sites that are ALLOWED to post 
my FAQ.
 (Game FAQS ) gamefaqs.com
 (Cheat Codes Central) cheatcc.com
 (Playstation Codes) psxcodez.com
 (Neoseeker) neoseeker.com       

Just ask me first before you do anything!
Except for printing this out, then I guess that's ok, as 
long as you recognize me as it's author and don't sell it 
for profit.

 (c)copyright Adrian M. Ortiz 2001

  So far it's 19 pages long.

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