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 	 ***    ***    ***  **        ***    ***    ***   
	  *** *** *** ***   **         *** *** *** ***
	   ****    ****     *******     ****    ****	
	  ***     **  ****** ******  ******  *******
	  *****   **    **     **    **  **  **	  **
	  *** **  **    **     **    ******  **	  **    FAQ
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by JckHamr123
Version 2.0

As you may have noticed I changed the title.  I thought the old one looked to
gettoh.  If you liked the old one better tell, but if you want to compare 
the two. The old one is at the bottom of the faq.

1.  Frequently Asked Questions
2.  Summary of Modes
3.  Codes
4.  Character List
5.  Basic Moves
6.  Signature Move List
7.  Signature Moves Rating
8.  Random Stuff

1.  Frequently Asked Questions

	Why does the Battle Royal mode play so slow?
It is because the system has alot of things its trying to do at once.
There is a way to fix it though.  Use the secret ring select code
to select the Turbo ring.  Start the Battle Royal and it will play
at normal speed.

	Why do none of the hidden characters have their real
	life finishers?
THQ simply ran out of memory.  The only wrestlers that have their 
finishers are Dean Malenko, and Chris Benoit.

	Why is there no FMV like PSX version?
Again THQ didn't have the memory left for it.

2.  Summary of Modes

1P Tournament-  You fight for the WcW Heavyweight Chapionship belt.
		This is the mode you use to unlock the hidden characters.

1P Exhibition-  Fight a single match.

1P Tag Team-	An exhibition tag team match.

2P Vs.-  	Fight your friend to find out who is the best.

2P Tag Team-	Face you friend in an exhibition tag match.

Battle Royal-	Free for all.  30 men total.  Throw your opponent
		over the top rope to eliminate them.

3. Codes

Secret Rings-  In the options menu, act like you are selecting a ring
regularly, but instead of pressing left and right enter: C>,R,C>,R,Z.
You will then here Macho Man, and the ring will change.  Now use Z to 
cycle through all the rings.

Big Head Mode-  In the options screen, enter C>,C>,C>,C>,C>,C>,C>,R,Z.
You'll hear a sound to confirm it.

Swelling Head Mode-  In the options menu screen enter:  C<,C<,
C<,C<,C<,C<,C<,L,Z.  You will hear a sound to confirm it.

Big Heads, Hands, and Feet-  In the options menu screen enter:  R,R,R,

Giant Head Mode-  In the options menu enter: C>,C>,C>,C>,C<,C>,C<,C>,Z.

Instant Win- In the character select screen, enter: C<,C>,L,R,Z.  
Depending on what character you had highlighted you will get one of the
hidden wrestlers.

4.  Character List

Ex.  If you beat the Tournament mode with Hollywood Hogan, you will get 
Brian Adams, if you beat it with Brian Adams, you will get Eddy Guerrero,
and if you beat it with Guerrero, you will get Eric Bischoff.  The 
difficuly level must be set to medium to get the secret wrestlers.

Hollywood Hogan		Bret Hart		Sting
Brian Adams		British Bulldog		Booker T.
Eddy Guerrero		Van Hammer		Stevie Ray
Eric Bischoff		Mean Gene		Miss Elizabeth

Lex Luger		Giant			DDP
Dean Malenko		Wrath			Ultimo Dragon
Scotty Riggs		Horace			Rey Mysterio Jr.
Arn Anderson		Bobby Hennan		Kimberly

Raven			Saturn			Goldberg
Billy Kidman		The Disiple		Chris Benoit
Lodi			Sick Boy		Disco Inferno
Larry Zbysco		Sonny Oono		Mongo

Kevin Nash		Scott Hall		Curt Hennig
Scott Norton		Konnan			Anvil
Ernest Miller		The Barbarian		Meng
Kaz Hayashi		Jimmy Hart		Rick Rude

Macho Man		Rick Steiner		Scott Steiner
Roddy Piper		Buff Bagwell		Kanyon
Fit Finley		Reese			Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Enos			Psychosis		Juventud Guerrera

Chris Jericho
Alex Wright
La Parka
Rick Fuller

5. Basic Moves

Note:  All moves are for when your wreslter is facing the right side of
your screen.  Switch any L or R commands(With the d-pad not the C buttons)
if your wrestler is facing the left side of your screen.

Key:  U = Up		B = B Button			C/\ = C Up
      D = Down		A = A Button			C\/ = C Down
      L = Left		LT = Left Shoulder Button	C<  = C Left
      R = Right		RT = Right Shoulder Button	C>  = C Right
* = Large Wrestlers Only
** = Small Wrestlers Only

 Standing		Opponent on Ground
C/\ = Chop		    RT  = Pin
C<  = Puch		    C<  = Elbow Drop
C\/ = Kick		    C/\ = Leg Drop
C>  = Action		    C\/ = Knee Drop
LT  = Block		    D,C\/ = Stomp
A   = Switch Focus	    L,C>  = Drag Opponent
B   = Taunt		    U,C>  = Lift Opponent Up
Z   = Call for help

  After Throwing Into Ropes		Off of The Top Rope
L,C>  = Throw into ropes		  C<  = Jumping Elbow Drop
C<    = Clothesline			  C/\ = Gulotine Leg Drop
C/\   = Spinning Heel Kick		  C\/ = Jumping Knee Drop
					  D,C\/ = Missile Dropkick

  Opponent Dazed in Turnbuckle
C<   = Elbow
C/\  = Chop
C\/  = Knee
D,C\/ = Forearm
R,C/\,C/\ = Boot Choke*
L,C>,C> Repeatedly = Ten Puckes

  Standing Moves
D,C\/ = Dropkick
L,C\/,C> = Throw out of ring
L,C< = Hiptoss
U,C< = Snapmare
C/\,C< = Belly-to-Belly Suplex
D,C<,C/\ = Backbreaker
U,C/\,C/\ = Scoop Slam
D,C/\ = Ab Stretch
U,C/\,C> = Gorilla Press Slam*
C<,C\/ = Powerbomb
C/\,C> = Piledriver
L,C/\ = Vertical Suplex
U,C<,C/\ = Head Scissors**
L,C<,C\/ = Frankensteiner**

6. Signature Moves
*    = Opponent standing with meter flashing red
**   = Opponent on mat with meter flashing red
***  = While standing on turnbuckle, and opponent meter flasing red
+    = After whipping opponent into the ropes
++   = With oppontent dazed in corner 

		Hollywood Hogan
Knee Bashes	Big Boot+	Hogan Leg Drop**
C\/,C>,C>	C/\,C/\,C/\	U, C<, C<, C\/

		Bret Hart
Leg Sweep	A. Headbutt	Sharpshooter**
C<,C<,C<	C/\,C<,C<	D, C<, C/\, C<

Death Drop	S. Splash++	Scorpion Death Lock**
C/\,C/\,C>	C\/,C>,C\/	D, C<, C\/, C<

		Lex Lugar
Mahhattan Drop	Forearm+	Toture Rack*
C\/,C\/,C>	C/\,C/\,C/\	U,C/\,  C<, C/\

1 H. Pancake	2 H. Choke	Choke Slam*
C<,C/\,C/\	U,C/\,C<	U, C\/, C>, C>

Tilt a Wirl	Pancake		Diamond Cutter*
C<,C<,C\/	C/\,C>,C>	U, C\/, C\/, C>

Cheap Shot	Armdrag		Evenflow*
C<,C\/,C<	R,C\/,C>	D, R, C/\, C/\

Saturn Driver	Gargoyle Suplex	    DVD*
C\/,C>,C\/	R,C\/,C>	  U, C\/, C\/, C\/

G.Press Slam	Spear		JackHammer*
C/\,C>,C>	D,C/\,C>,C>	U, C/\, C/\, C/\

		Kevin Nash
Side Slam	Choke		Jacknife PB*
C<,C<,C/\	U,C/\,C<	U, C<, C\/, C<

		Scott Hall
Heatbutt	Fallaway S.	Outsiders Edge*
C\/,C<,C<	L,C/\,C>	U, C<, C<, C\/

		Curt Hennig
Belly-Back	Snap Suplex	Hennig Plex*
U,C\/,C<	C\/,C\/,C<	L, C/\, C/\, C<

		Randy Savage
Face Smash	Macho Suplex	Flying Elbow Drop***
C<,C\/,C\/	C/\,C/\,C<	U, C/\, C>, C/\

		Rick Steiner
Spine Buster	Powerslam	Gargoyle Suplex		Football Tackle*
D,C/\,C>	C<,C<,C<	L,C\/,C\/		D, C/\, C> , C>

		Scott Steiner
Forearms	D.Underhook Suplex	Gargoyle Suplex	  Steiner Relcliner**
C/\,C/\,C/\	C\/,C\/,C\/		L,C\/,C\/	  D, C<, C<, C/\

		Chris Jericho
Body Scissors	Swinging Head Scissor	Lion Tamer**
L,C\/,C<	C/\,C<,C/\		D, C<, C<, C<

		Brian Adams
Tilt a Whirl	Gorilla Press Slam	German Suplex*
C<,C<,C\/	C/\,C>,C>		U, C\/, C>, C\/

		British Bulldog
Leg Sweep	Atomic Headbutt	  Death Valley Driver*
C<,C<,C<	C/\,C<,C<	  U, C\/, C\/, C\/

		Booker T
Scissor Kick	Harlem Flip	Death Valley Driver*
U,C/\,C<	C/\,C>,C/\	U, C\/, C\/, C\/

		Dean Malenko
Spinebuster	Snap Suplex	Texas Cloverleaf**
D,C/\,C>	C\/,C\/,C<	L, C/\, C<, L

Knee Bashes	Gorilla Press Slam	Beat Down*
C\/,C>,C>	C/\,C>,C>		U, C/\, C/\, C/\

		Ultimo Dragon
Body Scissors	Swinging Head Scissors	  Steiner Recliner**
L,C\/,C<	C/\,C<,C/\		  D, C<, C<, C/\

		Billy Kidman
Atomic Drop	Flying Headbutt		DDT*
C\/,C\/,C>	U,C<,C/\,C/\		D, R, C/\, C/\

		The Disciple
Knee Bashes	Fallaway S.	The Apocalypse*
C\/,C>,C>	L,C/\,C>	U, C\/, C\/, C>

		Chris Benoit
German Suplex	Flying Headbutt		Crippler Crossface*
C<,C/\,C<	U,C<,C/\,C/\		L, C/\, C/\, C<

		Scott Norton
Knee Bashes	Fallaway S.	Beat Bown*
C\/,C>,C>	L,C/\,C>	U, C/\, C/\, C/\

Power Slam	D.Underhook	Lion Tamer**
C\/,C>,C\/	C\/,C\/,C\/	D, C<, C<, C<

		Jim Neidhart
Leg Sweep	Snap Suplex	Football Tackle*
C<,C<,C<	C\/,C\/,C<	D, C/\, C>, C>

		Roddy Piper
Leg Sweep	Shoulder Toss	Crippler Crossface*
C<,C<,C<	C/\,C>,C/\	L, C/\, C/\, C<

		Buff Bagwell
Death Drop	Snap Suplex	Hennig Plex*
C/\,C/\,C>	C\/,C\/,C<	L, C/\, C/\, C<

Spear		Pancake		Outsiders Edge*
D,C/\,C>,C>	C/\,C>,C>	U, C<, C<, C\/

		Alex Wright
Pancake		Shoulder Toss	German Suplex*
C<,C<,C\/	C/\,C>,C/\	U, C\/, C>, C\/

		Eddy Guerrero
Body Scissors	Huricanrana	Frog Splash***
L,C\/,C<	C/\,C<,C/\	U, C/\, C>, C>

		Van Hammer
Knee Bashes	Gorilla Press s.	Beat Down*
C\/,C>,C>	C/\,C>,C.		U, C/\, C/\, C/\

		Stevie Ray
Spear		Shoulder Toss	Beat Down*
D,C/\,C>,C>	C/\,C>,C/\	U, C/\, C/\, C/\

		Scotty Riggs
Death Drop	Powerslam	Texas Cloverleaf**
C/\,C/\,C>	C<,C<,C<	L, C/\, C<, L

Spear		Fallaway S.	JackHammer*
D,C/\,C>,C>	L,C/\,C>	U, C/\, C/\, C/\

		Rey Mysterio Jr.
Body Scissors	Huricanrana	Hennig Plex*
L,C\/,C<	C/\,C<,C/\	L, C/\, C/\, C<

Juvi Driver	Gargoyle S.	DDT*
C\/,C>,C\/	L,C\/,C\/	D, R, C/\, C/\

		Sick Boy
German Suplex	Toss		Spear*
C<,C/\,C<	C/\,C/\,C<	D, C/\, C>, C>

		Disco Inferno
German Suplex	Gargoyle S.	DDT*
C,,C/\,C<	L,C\/,C\/	D, L, C/\, C/\

		Ernest Miller
Body Scissors	Huricanrana	Lion Tamer**
L,C\/,C<	C/\,C<,C/\	D, C<, C<, C<

		The Barbarian
Knee Bashes	Shoulder Toss	German Suplex*
C\/,C>,C>	C/\,C>,C/\	U,C\/,C>,C\/

Headbutt	Big Boot+	Beat Down*
C\/,C<,C<	C/\,C/\,C/\	U, C/\, C/\, C/\

		Fit Finley
Leg Sweep	Shoulder Toss	Death Valley Driver*
C<,C<,C<	C/\,C>,C/\	U, C\/, C\/, C\/

Side Slam	Choke		Choke Slam*
C<,C<,C/\	U,C/\,C<	U, C\/, C>, C>

		Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Body Scissors	Huricanrana	DDT*
L,C\/,C<	C/\,C<,C/\	D, L, C/\, C/\

		La Parka
Side Slam	Pancake		JackHammer*
C<,C<,C\/	C/\,C>,C>	U, C/\, C/\, C/\

		Eric Bischoff
Cheap Shot	A. Headbutt	Flying Elbow Drop***
C<,C\/,C<	C/\,C<,C,	U, C/\,C>, C/\

		Mean Gene Okerlund
Face Smash	Overhead Armdrag	Toture Rack*
C<,C\/,C\/	R,C\/,C>		U, C/\, C<, C/\

		Miss Elizabeth
Atomic Drop	A. Headbutt	Flying Elbow Drop***
C\/,C\/,C>	C/\,C<,C<	U, C/\, C>, C/\

		Arn Anderson
Spinebuster	Powerslam	DDT*
D,C/\,C>	C<,C<,C<	D, R, C/\, C/\

		Bobby Heenan
Spinebuster	Snap S.		Buzzkiller*
D,C/\,C>	C\/,C\/,C<	D, C\/, C>, C\/

Atomic Drop	A. Headbutt	Hennig Plex*
C\/,C\/,C>	C/\,C<,C<	L, C/\, C/\, C<

		Larry Zbysko
Beat Down	D.Underhook	Crippler Crossface*
C/\,C/\,C/\	C\/,C\/,C\/	L, C/\, C/\, C<

		Sonny Onoo
Scissor Kick	Huricanrana	Frog Splash***
U.C/\,C<	C/\,C<,C/\	U, C/\, C>, C>

		Mongo McMichael
Side Slam	Shoulder Toss	German Suplex*
C<,C<,C\/	C/\,C>,C/\	U, C\/, C>, C\/

		Kaz Hayashi
Body Scissors	Huricanrana	Sharpshooter**
L,C\/,C<	C/\,C<,C/\	D, C<, C/\, C<

		Jimmy Hart
Powerslam	Armdrag		Flying Elbow Drop***
C\/,C>,C\/	R,C\/,C>	U, C/\, C>, C/\

		Rick Rude
Cheap Shot	Gargoyle Suplex	    Hennig Plex*
C<,C\/,C<	L,C\/,C\/	    L, C/\, C/\, C<

		Mike Enos
Atomic Drop	Powerslam	Death Valley Driver*
C\/,C\/,C>	C<,C<,C<	U, C/\, C/\, C/\

Body Scissors	Huricanrana	Texas Cloverleaf**
L,C\/,C<	C/\,C<,C/\	L, C/\, C<, L

		Juventud Guerrera
Body Scissors	Huricanrana	Buzzkiller*
L,C\/,C<	C/\,C<,C/\	D,C\/,C>,C\/

		Rick Fuller
Spear		Gorilla Press Slam	Beat Down*
D,C/\,C>,C>	C/\,C>,C>		U, C/\, C/\, C/\

7.  Signature Moves Rating

Hollywood Hogon-  Horrible move.  Even though its his finsiher they seem to
		  always to pop up from it.  Stick with regular moves to win
		  matches with him.

Bret Hart-	  The Sharpshooter,(just like any other finshing hold in the
		  game), when slaped on, you are guarrentied a win.  It also
		  looks pretty damn cool.

Sting-		  Just like the sharpshooter, but Sting has better moves than
		  Bret.  Use the Death Drop to set them up for the Death Lock

Lex Lugar-	  Sexy Lexy, or what ever the women are calling him, is the
		  most useless character in this game.

Giant-		  It looks very damaging, but(I don't know if its the way I
		  play or what) I have had people kick out of it.

DDP-		  I also have had people kick out of this move.  Also 
		  sometimes the opponent will always land near the ropes.

Raven-		  He's damn cool in real life, but this move(for me at least)
		  is hard as hell to pull of.  When I get it to work I always
		  get a pin.

Saturn-		  Easy to pull, damaging, and they haven't kicked out of it
		  yet.  Nuff said

Goldberg-	  Use the Jackhammer and you win.  Its that simple.

Kevin Nash-	  Big man, if you watch wrestling, when you see him pull his
		  powerbomb in this game you can't help but laugh.  Even 
		  it looks nothing like real life, its very damaging.

Scott Hall-	  Good, realistic looking move.  If your not carefull you 
		  will throw them under the ropes.  To make sure this doesn't
		  happen put your back into the corner then execute the move.

Curt Hennig-	  Good move, but it doesn't pin instantly like he does in
		  real life.  Be sure to adjust for the fact that they easily
		  could me thrown under the ropes.

Macho Man-	  Good move, but if you want it to look life-like, you won't
		  like it.  Because move of the times when it connects when
		  they are on the ground they pop up.  If you hurry you could
		  make it look real.

Rick Steiner-	  Where the hell is the bulldog?  This move is just a freakin
		  Spear, you can't finish anyone with that.  But in this game
		  it get the job done.

Scott Steiner-	  Its a submission finisher so its easy to do.  But with the
		  Nitro graphics engine it looks pretty retarded.

Chris Jericho-    Finally he is in a game.  Lion Tamer is a good looking 
		  submission hold.  Thats really it.

Brian Adams-	  Damaging move most of the time gets the pin.  I don't know
		  what his real finisher is, if someone knows please tell me.

B.  Bulldog-	  Good move, same results as Saturn.  Would have liked to 
		  have seen a powerslam at least.

Booker T-	  Same results as Saturn.

Dean Malenko-	  Looks good and its a submission.  Simple isn't it.

Wrath-		  Where the hell is the Meltdown, thats got to be the coolest
		  move ever.(Besides the Jackhammer).  Beat Down is a really
		  boring move, but it finsihes them thoush

Ultimo Dragon-	  Steiner Recliner, looks crappy, but wins the match.

Kidman-		  This is the guy that pissed me off.  I can't belive that
		  they didn't use the shooting star press.  DDT is a good
		  finisher in its own right though.

Disciple-	  Instead of this move being a Stunner the decided to use the
		  Diamond Cutter instead.  For some reason no one has kicked
		  out of this version of it.

Chris Benoit-	  Cool looking submission.  The only thing about it is the 
		  you don't do it to the opponent when they are on the ground
		  , you do it when you are standing up.  I quess the made it
		  that way so it looked real.

Scott Norton-	  Why didn't they give him Nash's move.  How hard would that
		  have been.  Beat Down is boring but once again gets the job

Konnan-		  Lion Tamer instead of the Tequila Sunrise, how crappy is 

Jim Neidhart-	  Another person with a spear?  Does anyone know what this
		  dude's real move is?

Roddy Piper-	  Crippler Crossface wannabe?  Still it looks cool, and its a
		  submission hold.

Buff Bagwell-	  Does a Hennig Plex, and it has the same results.  I really
		  wish they had the Blockbuster in this game, because if any
		  of you have seen it on PSX, its an awesome move.

Kanyon-		  Who's better than Kanyon?  Everybody!  I don't get why the
		  people over at THQ decided to give him the Edge.  See 
		  Hall's description for details.

Alex Wright-	  In realy life the German Suplex is not good enough for a 
		  finisher, but in this game it get the job done.  I have had
		  people kick out of this move before though.

Eddy Guerrero-	  The same problems that plaqued the other wrestlers with top
		  turnbuckle moves, affect Uncle Eddy.  But this move is very

Van Hammer-	  Same as the other people with the Beat Down.

Stevie Ray-	  That Beat Down move is getting on my nerves.

Scotty Riggs-	  Cloverleaf, Texas style.  Thats really it.

Horace-		  See Da Man's description.

Rey Mysterio Jr-  After Goldberg, and Sting, little Rey(In my opinion) has to
		  be the best wrestler in this game.  See Curt Hennig.

Lodi-		  I think only a couple people have noticed the joke that is
		  being played on us, that is Lodi.  He is a Billy Idol 
		  wannabe.  Has any seriously looked at what Idol is spelled

Sick Boy-	  Spear.  Nuff said.

Disco Inferno-    Where the hell is his Chartbuster.  The DDT will do.  Its 
		  just as hard to pull of as Raven's though.

Ernest Miller-	  If this man is the greatest, why does he have to steal 
		  Chris Jericho's move?

Barbarian-	  This guy is a bigger retard than the Giant.  See Alex 
		  Wright for move description.

Meng-		  Barbarian and Giant where stupid, but Meng is the cream of
		  the retard crop.  He is one of the thousands of wrestlers
		  in this game with the Beat Down.

Fit Finley-	  See Saturn.

Reese-		  This guys moves are the Giant, and Nash put together.

Chave Guerrero-	  At least THQ got smart and gave him a DDT, instead of the
		  Beat Down just because they couldn't make his move.

La Parka-	  La Porka.  See Goldberg

Eric Bischoff-	  Eric Jerkoff.  See Macho Man.

Gene Okerlund-	  See Lex Lugar.  It is kind of sad, because I would rather
		  play as Mean Gene than Lex Lugar.

Miss Elizabeth-	  After Kimberly, this has to be the hotest woman is WcW.
		  See Macho Man.

Arn Anderson-	  A very good wrestler, even though the DDT is so hard to 
		  pull off.

Bobby Heenan-	  Its cool to see that THQ didn't waste syxx's Buzzkiller

Kimberly-	  If you saw this woman naked you would know what everyone is
		  fussing about.  They should have given her the Diamon 

Larry Zbysko-	  Crippler Crossface, what more is there to say.

Sonny Onoo-	  I hate this guy.  In real life and on this game.  But if 
		  you have to play as him, the Frog Slash is only as good as
		  Eddy's, its no better.

Steve McMichael-  This guy suckes, but the German Suplex gets the job done.

Kaz Hayashi-	  Sharpshooter in hand Kaz, not only has a stupid name but he
		  can't even get his own ring entrance.

Jimmy Hart-	  Mouth from the South, is even more annoying to play as than
		  he is to listen to.

Rick Rude-	  For obvious resons he does the Hennig Plex.  See Hennig.

Mike Enos-	  Why are the wasting memory with this jobber.  See Saturn.

Psychosis-	  He is another waste of memory considering his finsiher is
		  just a regular move in this game.

Juvi Guerrera-	  Buzzkiller instead of the 450.  It just doesn't seem like a
		  fair trade to me.

Rick Fuller-	  Yet another jobber wasting memory.  And to add insult to
		  injury his move is Beat Down.

8.  Random Stuff

Version 1.0 - The origional version of the fact

Version 1.1 - I corrected the few spelling errors I found.
	      If you find any more please mail me.

Version 2.0 - Changed the title. I added the move rating section.  

Any reproducing, and/or selling of this faq is prohibited if the written
consent of the writer is not given.

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