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Hercules The Legendary Journey's

FAQ by DGenerateKane

Author: DGenerateKane
Name: Brandon Bierman
E-mail: [email protected]
Date Created: 8-22-00
Last Updated: 8-26-00
Table of contents
1. Version History
2. Introduction
3. Controls
4. Items
5. Enemies
6. Characters
7. Walkthrough
	a. Training
	b. Journey to Traycus
	c. Traycus
		1. The cookbook
		2. The key
		3. The teddy bear
		4. The Cyclops
		5. The wheat
		6. The letter
      d. The Vines
		1. Ioles
		2. Journey to 
		3. Aphrodite
		4. The lost cat
		5. The pie
		6. The key
		7. The mayor
	e. The key to Thrace
		1. Journey to Thrace
		2. The switches
	f. Thrace
		1. The calfskin
		2. The sacred garden of shrines
		3. Ioles
	g. Journey to Alpsius
		1. The switch
	h. Alpsius
		1. The (?) skin
		2. The letter
		3. Hercules
		4. Hephaestus
		5. Prometheus's torch
		6. The Minotaur
		7. The Rune
		8. The maze
		9. The Minotaur
i. Journey to San Tomanicus
	j. San Tomanicus
1. The trade
2. The key
3. The minotaur

8. Codes
9. Gameshark Codes
10. Dex Drive Saves
11. Coming Soon
12. Contributors
13. Contact Info
14. Rules on this FAQ
1. Version History

0.5 first version, not much up yet.
0.6 fixed Traycus walkthrough, added character section, updated sections 
7, 8 and 11.
0.7 added codes, gs codes, and dex drive sections, fixed a few things in 
the walkthrough, updated contributors section.
0.8 Revised a part of the walkthrough, updated section 14.
0.9 Revised walkthrough, updated section 2 and updated section 14.
2. Introduction

Will be added soon.
If there is a introduction/story in the instruction booklet, could 
someone send it in? I will credit it to you. Also if anyone could creat 
a story based on the game send it in!
3. Controls   (Hercules/Ioles/Golden Hind)

Joystick-move character (move left/right while blocking to dodge)
B-punch/staff strike
B,B,B-punching combo/striking combo
hold b-power punch
A-open doors/chests, talk to people i.e. action button
c-left-back kick/reverse staff strike
c-right-first person view
c-up-Potion sub menu (Hercules only)
Z-change views
L-not used
4. Items

barrels-can be picked up/thrown by herc and destroyed by Ioles, inside 
is a healing item.
apple-full health
beer-full health
bread-full health
fire potion-used by Hercules as an offensive attack, buy inside the 
earth potion-same as above
lightening potion-same as above
freezing potion-same as above
dinars-currency used to buy various things (you start out with 100)
small key-usually used to open locked chests
key to Thrace-self explanatory
Letter-deliver to a person
world map-self explanatory
leather coat- a coat
runes-used to open doors
(items used for trade are not included.)
5. Enemies
Bandits-small weaklings that will not only attack but also try to steal 
money from you when given the chance. (each one killed gives out 5 
Warriors-a bit tougher than the bandit, but wont steal money. (each one 
killed is 5 dinars.)
Ninja's-Tougher than the warrior, and wont steal money. (each worth 10 
Soldiers-a little tougher than the warrior, doesn't steal money. (each 
worth 5 dinars.)
Wolves-Tough SOB's to hit, but die easily. (each worth 5 dinars.)
Archers-They aren't that hard to dodge, so far none can be killed 
because thay are out of reach. (If you use GameShark and use moon jump, 
u can kill them, each worth 5 dinars.)
Barbarians-They wear wolf skins, and are as tough as the soldiers. (each 
worth 5 dinars.)
Knights-These S.O.B's have armor, and are harder than hell to kill. 
(each worth 10 dinars.)
Birds-As the Golden Hind You can shoot a couple birds. (each worth 5 
Skeletons-Found in the minotaurs labyrinth, these guys are hard. (each 
worth 5 dinars.
note: all names were conjured up by me. I didn't have the instruction 
booklet so I don't know what the actual names are.
6. Characters
Hercules-Main character you play as.
Ioles-Second most used character.
The Golden Hind-Third most used character.
Aphrodite-Goddess of Love, gives Ioles a message.
Scribe-The dude that saves your game.
Tavern owner-cant remember his name, doesn't say in the game, he sells 
potions to Hercules.
Hephaestus-Blacksmith in Alpsius, he is very helpful.
7. Walkthrough (please note this is entirely by memory, if something is        
wrong or out of order, email me) (also a tip, save at every scribe.
	a. Training
	This is easy, no need for a walkthrough here.
	b. Journey to Traycus
	Along the way you will find a few tents housing bandits. Each tent 
has five bandits you can kill. After you kill them power punch the tents 
until you destroy them to get 10 dinars.
	You will come across a big rock next to a wall, you must lift it 
and open the chest to find a key. Use the key in the keyhole behind the 
waterfall to open the gate.
	As you go along you will find a few chests with 100 dinars each, 
also you will run into a few rock walls, power punch them to continue on 
the journey.
	Near Traycus you will see a small cave entrance, ignore it, you 
will come back to it later.
	c. Traycus
	Upon entering Traycus the villagers inform you that a Cyclops has 
blocked the river with a giant boulder and injures the villagers who 
stand up to him.
	First cross the empty river and walk up the wood ramp ahead of 
you. Talk to the lady and she will inform you she has lost her mothers 
cookbook and is distraught because it is a family heirloom. Go back down 
the ramp and immediately to your right is the house with a shelf of 
cookbooks. On it is her mothers cookbook, return it to her. When she 
takes it she finds a key between the pages. 
Walk down the ramp and head towards the farmer's house with the 
fence, to the right of his house is a bridge you need to cross. 
Immediately to your left is a different wood ramp. Climb the ramp and 
jump into the river on your left, swim to the left until you find a 
chest. Open the chest and you will find a teddy bear. Get in the river 
and swim ahead, then turn left and swim under the bridge until you find 
the way out of the river. Turn right and walk towards the well. When you 
reach the well you should see the tavern and another building. Enter the 
other building and give the bear to the man inside. He gives you the key 
to the Cyclops. Head to the gate with the giant fence around it and 
inside you must battle the Cyclops. To defeat him, try to get at his 
sides to attack. After you defeat him, He removes the boulder and is 
swept away with the tide.
	In one house there is a man who asks you to deliver a letter to 
his cousin, say yes, you will need it. Go to the farmer who's crops are 
growing again and take the wheat he gives you. Take it to the mill to 
get it made into flour. Now you can return to the cave that you passed 
earlier where Ioles waits.
	d. The Vines
	Ioles informs you that the river has rejuvenated the vines and 
wonders if you want him to take a look. This is when you take over as 
Ioles, first off climb the vines. You enter what looks to be...well, I 
dont know. There are bandits and archers here, just run when you 
encounter the archers. It isn't much of a maze so I wont go into detail. 
You then enter a city which I don't remember the name.
	e. (?)
	First go to the house that Aphrodite resides in. She will say to 
you to tell herc. to go to alpsius and talk to a guy. Leave and go to 
the house right by it, inside is a girl who lost her cat. Go to the 
house with the vines (the one that the vines aren't behind a fence)and 
climb up to the top. Jump to the catwalk and you will find the cat. 
Return it to her and she wants to bake a pie for you but has no flour. 
Give her the flour and she bakes one for you. 
Take the pie to the house where a lady says she is hungry. Give it 
to her and she will let you use her secret passage behind her fireplace. 
Now head to where there is a small pool of water and walk around until 
your action icon appears. Press A and you should pick up a small key. 
Return to the hungry lady's house and use the secret passage. Climb the 
vines and jump onto the catwalk that leads to a chest. Inside is the Gem 
of Dispel, which you need to free the mayor. 
Go to the house in the middle of the town and inside is the mayor, 
free him and he will give you the key to Thrace. Now you can go back to 
	f. Journey to Thrace
	With Herc. return to Traycus and go to the door that leads to 
Thrace. Inside is a path to Traycus. Along the path you will encounter a 
series of switches that you must activate in order, which is the first 
one you should encounter until the last one you encounter. The paths get 
a little tricky but they shouldn't cause to much trouble. Upon 
activating the last switch you can now enter Thrace.
	From Thrace you can go to several places, one being the sacred 
garden of shrines. In each town there was an altar and a man asking for 
a 100 dinar donation to a god. Pay all of them and you get a medal from 
each. You then activate shrines in the sacred garden of shrines with the 
	The last villager remaining is selling a small calfskin for either 
100 or 200 dinars. Buy it, and return to Traycus to the tailor shop and 
have it made into a leather coat, it's free. Go back to Thrace and talk 
to Ioles, take over as him and with the coat, you can now travel to 
	g. Journey to Alpsius
	Not really much here, just fight some guys. When you approach a 
fork in the road take the left path. It leads to a switch that you must 
activate. return to the fork and take the right path. Soon you will 
reach the door that was previously locked, it leads to alpsius.
	h. Alpsius
	Not many villagers will talk to a mortal, and one of the few is 
selling something. It is a skin of some sort, and for 300 dinars!!! You 
must buy it though, and return to Thrace to give it to Herc. As Herc. 
take it to the tailor in Traycus to get it made into a coat for him. Now 
return to Alpsius as Herc.
	Being half-god, Herc. can talk to the villagers. Find the one who 
wonders what his cousin is doing in Traycus, give him the letter and he 
will give you Prometheus's torch. Now go to the blacksmith dude and talk 
to him, he will tell you about the Minataur. There is another path that 
leads to the guy asking for a 100 dinar donation to the gods which you 
should talk to.
	Return to Traycus and along the outside circle of the town, there 
are several other doors. Go to the one that has a sign saying, "do not 
enter". Enter it using Prometheus's torch.
	Inside is the first minotaur. Just beat him up until he is dazed, 
the throw him into the hot magma.
	Return the heart to Hephaestus in Alpius and he will make you a 
	With the rune, go to the secret door in Alpius and talk to the man 
near it. He will ask you a riddle and if you have the rune Herc. Will 
answer correctly and the man gives him the key to the door. Inside is 
the same area you took Ioles through before reaching the city with the 
former mayor of Thrace. Most houses are locked, but all you need to do 
here is enter the big door on the opposite side of town. 
Inside is a sort of maze, and since I can't remember the route to 
take I ask anyone who does to send in the walkthrough and I will give 
credit where credit is due.
This minotaur is a bit harder. First you must power punch all 
three gongs to make the hot magma appear. Then just beat him up and 
throw him into the magma. Return his heart to get another rune.
i. Journey to San Tomanicus
	You will come across several groups of soldiers along the way, all 
in threes. About halfway to San Tomanicus on your right is a cave, 
ignore it, you will return later.
	j. San Tomanicus
	Immediately take a left and go to the ship at the end of the dock. 
The lady will tell you she would like you to get some things for her. 
Leave the dock and along the left cliff wall you will see another path 
leading to a cove. Swim out to the small boat and the woman will give 
you her spare net. Return it to the woman on the ship and she will then 
need bait. 
Take the money and one of the buildings on the walkway above has a 
picture of a fish on it. Buy the bait from the shop owner (I think it 
cost more than the lady gave you) and take the bait to the ship. She 
gives you a clam in return, which a lady will shuck for you. She is also 
located in a building on the walkway. 
Inside is a pearl that you give to the village leader located 
inside the tavern. She gives you the key to the third minotaurs 
labyrinth. Unlock the lock on the pedestal and then open the door to the 
labyrinth with the rune.

This is as far as I have got. More to come as soon as I can get there.
8. Codes
I have found none as of this update. If you know any codes or tricks, 
send them here and I will credit you.
9. Gameshark Codes

1.	Infinite Health 810CF93E 270F
2.	Max Health 810CF942 270F
3.	Moon Jump [note 1] D017D2D5 0020 
                810CF994 44CB
4.	Infinite Dinars 810B6042 03E7

[note 1] Press and hold L button to rise and release L at desired 
height to fall.

Infinite health and moon jump I have tested and work. The others I 
will test soon. 
Codes 1-3 I found on www.gsccc.com. 
Code 4 I found at www.gameshark.com. 
10. Dex Drive Saves

I currently have one dex drive save. 
1. I am at San Tomanicus town ready to fight the third minotaur.

If anyone has a save at a different location, send it to me zipped up 
with winzip and I'll update this section with it and your name. To get 
winzip, go to www.winzip.com

To obtain a save I list here, email me with the number that it is.
11. Coming soon
More details on every part of walkthrough
Character Bios???
12. Contributors

To contribute to this FAQ email anything i have missed, or messed up on. 
You will receive full credit in this section.

www.gsccc.com - 3 gameshark codes were found here.
www.gameshark.com - 1 gameshark code was found here.

13. Contact Info.

Nickname: DGenerateKane
Real Name: Brandon Bierman
E-mail: [email protected]
AOLIM: DGenerateKane
ICQ#: 53809292
Message Board and chat name on Gamefaqs: DGenerateKane
14. Rules on this FAQ

This FAQ is for personal and minimal commercial uses only. You may print 
this out. Do not submit it to a web site or put it on your site without 
my permission. Do not alter this FAQ in any way. Do not sell this FAQ on 
paper, disk, or CD-ROM. This FAQ cannot be published in a book or 
magazine. Rules subject to change without notice. If anyone sees my FAQ 
somewhere other than these sites, PLEASE email me. Only sites allowed so 
far to host this FAQ are:

This FAQ is ©2000 DGenerateKane™ inc. Nothing in this FAQ can be 
reproduced without authors written permission. Stealing is a Federal 

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