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Herdy Gerdy FAQ (Final version)

Submitted by Iain Noble ([email protected])

Copyright 2002. This FAQ may only be posted at http://www.cheatcc.com and 

This is not a walk through for the game. I think it would be difficult
(if not impossible) to write a walk through without maps of the levels.
This is beyond my capability so I will leave that to the commercial

Before deciding to email me please note that:

a) I CANNOT tell you the location of all 100 bells in each level.
b) I CANNOT tell you how to clear each level other than by giving you the hints
and tips in this FAQ.
c) I DO NOT know any codes or cheats for this game. As far as I am aware there
aren't any and as far as I can see you can't cheat in this game. Either you
manage to herd all the animals and trap all the nasties or you don't.

It is always helpful to read the manual for a game. It is even more
important to do this for Herdy Gerdy. The manual explains:

1. The controls (so I won't repeat them here.)
2. Items and pickups (so I will just give additional information as
3. The game map and what the various symbols mean. Although the map
takes up rather a lot of the screen, I found it essential.
4. Basic herding techniques.
5. Some of the additional characters you meet in the game (and what they
can give you.)
6. Extra moves and what is required to do them.
7. Hints and tips.

So let's just concentrate on 'Frequently Asked Questions.'

1. What's with the camera in this game! OK, let's face it, the camera
sucks! There are 3 views you can select using the R3 button (press the
Right analog stick in) but the camera has a mind of its own and keeps
shifting views of its own accord. Plus it gets 'stuck' behind bits of
scenery so you can't see what you are doing. Either learn to live with
this or return the game.

2. The game won't load! Well actually it will load if you wait long
enough. The loading times are LONG (I thought my PS2 had broken when I
first started playing.) It takes about 2-3 minutes for the game to load
up first time. I spent the time reading the manual. Once again learn to
live with this.

3. The bells! The bells! There are 100 bells on each level. Collect them
all and you get a great big bell that you can give to the cow man in the
Valley to unlock a secret from the extras option on the main menu. So
far these seem to be working graphics for the game and out takes that
never made it to the final release. I don't know what happens if you
unlock all these secrets. I do know that you may need to come back to
earlier levels after you have acquired extra moves in order to get all
the bells.  You will often have to complete a special task or find a
particular person to get the final bells for the level.

4. Clearing a level. If you manage to herd all the creatures into their
pens and trap all the gromps in a level, then LEVEL CLEAR will flash up
in big friendly letters. It is not necessary to get 100% in all the
levels to finish the game but as yet I don't know you get anything
special if you do.

Don't worry too much about clearing the levels or missing a few
creatures along the way. Provided you get the required % in the level,
you can unlock the route to the next area.

You may have to return to a level after you have acquired extra items
and abilities in order to clear it. For example Mid Mear and the
Mountain Pass have pushable blocks, and you need to be able to swim to
get all the bells in Valley Floor.

5. What's with the locks? Some locks require you to herd a certain % of
creatures on the level to open them. Others require you to carry out a
certain task or beat a challenge before they will open.

6. There's a mole in the system! Listen to what your friend the mole has
to say. He will pop up at regular intervals with helpful advice about
any new creatures and items. His golden pal will let you do a quick save
within a level as well.

7. How do I get:

The Herding Stick - from Yggdrasil by beating his record.
The Magic Boots - from Sara in Meadow Village when you go to find her by the
The Flute - by beating Red's record in Mid Mear.
The Feather - by finding the Ghost miner's bones in the Spring.
The Magic Hammer - from the leprechaun at the top of Moonlit Peaks.
The Horn - by beating Efrin's record in the Elven Wood.
The Suit - from the Skrag's nest.
The Gloves - from the Mole in Crystal Lake.

8. The Gypsies.

These lovely ladies will let you travel to the different areas of the
Island. Sometimes they will do it for free, other times you need to have
herded the required % of creatures in the level. Others need a specific
item from you herding kit to wake them up or to get to them.

9. Gromps.

Although it is a good idea to avoid these nasty creatures in general,
now and then you will need to let yourself get clobbered by one to reach
parts of the level. For example in Mid Mear to get to some bells and a
pushable block. Or on Moonlit Peaks to break the ice to the hidden pen
(you need to do this a few times to crack the ice.) Don't forget to say
hi to Santa whilst you are down there!

10. Hints and tips for the various levels

Gerdy's Hut

You need the magic boots to get all the bells here.

Meadow Village

You need to be able to swim to get all the bells here.

Valley Floor

You will need to return here after you have won the flute in Mid Mear so
that you can put the tree to sleep. This will enable you to cross the
stream. There you will need to rescue the bee so that you can take it to
the bear and unlock the route to the next level.

Once you have won the horn in Elven wood you will need to return to use
it to wake up the gypsy.

You will need to return with the feather so that you can climb the
ladder in the mill to collect the bells there.

You will need to return with the ability to swim to collect all the
bells in this level

The route splits into 3

Mountain Pass

You will need to come back after you have the feather in order to climb
the ladder to Moonlit Peaks.

There is pushable block you need to use to complete the level, come back
after you have got the gloves.

I think some swimming may be involved as well so come back after you get
the suit.

Moonlit Peaks (for the hammer)

You get this be sneaking (use the walk control) along the path in the
leprechaun's cave. Stand still when he is looking around and only move
when he is asleep.

Gold Mine Gulch

You will need the feather to climb the ladder to collect all the bells.

Belders Spring (for the feather)

It is not necessary to complete the level to do this. All you need do is
trap a few Gromps at the locations with a piece of his skeleton above
them and herd one set of creatures into a specific pen. The feather then
appears at the top of the mountain in the centre of the level.

Midmear (flute)

When trying to beat Red's record you need to herd all the droops and capture
all the gromps.

Don't forget to chat to the guy on the pillar at the start of the level after
you have herded all the creatures. He will give you a present of some bells.

Elven Wood (horn)

In order to beat Efrin you need to capture all 3 gromps as well as herding all
the creatures.

You will need the magic hammer to hit the 30 bell rainbow block there to
get to the gypsy who opens the way to Forest Glade.

Forest Glade

You need to swimming costume and the gloves to get to the last group of droops
in this level.

Crystal Lake (gloves)

You need to hit the rainbow buttons to open the door to the mole's

Then you need to return to Midmear to open the Ancient Temple. There are
pens with the symbols required to unlock the temple door floating above
them. The pushable block in Midmear gives you the rest of the bells for
the level (get a gromp to clobber you to get to it.)

Ancient Temple

You need to get 100 bells to get all the rainbow buttons to
complete the level.
Quiz answers: 1. Pink 2. 8 3. Purple
I don't know if the questions change each time you play the level.
60 % in the Ancient Temple gets you to

Pirate Cove.

You need to beat your Dad's herding record here. Remember as always you need to
trap the gromps as well as herding the creatures. A little football with the
blurps helps here. Don't forget to hatch out the honklings as well.

Now go along the jetty through the unlocked gate and talk to the pirate. He
will take you to the Skrag's nest.

Skrag's Nest (swimming costume)

You need to get behind the big bird and use your horn to scare him. Do this 3
times and he will fly off leaving you to pick up the swimming costume.

Now you can revisit the other levels to pick up all the bells as many of them
are in water (for example Meadow Village and Valley Floor.)

However your main goal is to return to

Crystal Lake

A complicated level.

You must have the swimming costume and the gloves to finish this level. There
are several rainbow buttons you need to hit after you have collected enough
bells. There is a lot of pushing blocks and raising sections of decking so you
can get the creatures to their pens. There are a lot of nasty little critters
so make sure you don't bring them into contact with your honks. Remember that
both sets of creatures respond to the flute so beware of attracting the wrong
type of creature.

Once you have the required % you can get the gypsy to take you to

The Great Forest

Although you need to get a high 70% to exit this level, it is relatively
simple. Just don't forget to find all the bells to activate the rainbow buttons
that lower the gromp traps and raise the water gates.

Once you have your herding quota, go see the gypsy who will take you to

The Lost Bear

One of the more irritating levels. First of all talk to the girl bear to
discover that her baby brother is missing. Then navigate to the witch at the
centre of the forest and learn that unless you trap 3 gromps in 3 minutes, baby
bear goes in the pot. One of the gromp traps is through an entrance hidden
behind some bushes.

Just as you are sighing with relief, you find that you have to take baby bear
back to his sister through the scary forest without letting his fear meter fill
up (as well as his nappy.) So sneak past all the ghosts and ghoulies, push a
block down so he does not have a long drop and lead him over the planks to
clear the fences. Once he is reunited with his sister, she will take you out of
the forest to

Beaver Creek (no sniggering please!)

You need to hunt the beaver (I said no sniggering!) to find all the bells in
this level. As you find the bells you will activate rainbow switches that raise
the bridges over the various streams.

However to progress to the next area, you need to get your herding score up to
100%. So be sure not to lose any of the little creatures.

Then you can visit the quiz master in the cave by the waterfalls and answer yet
another trio of really 'hard' questions.

Answers. 1: Blurp 2: Jessica 3: Milk.

This lets you through his secret door to the gypsy who will take you to

Foxtown Bridge

Start collecting bells as you will need all 100 to progress. They will activate
the rainbow switch that opens the door to the cage where the doops are trapped.
When you get all the bells the rainbow switch will open the door the the sewers
where a somewhat smelly gipsy is waiting to take you to


Our country lad has arrived in the big city. The baker is having problems with
the vermin stealing his bread. So it is up to you to play the Pied Piper of
Foxtown and use your flute to get them to the Vermin Disposal Units (VDUS) at
various locations in the city.

You need to keep an eye on the guards patrolling the town and only sneak past
when their backs are turned. The meter at the bottom left shows you how close
they are to spotting you. If you get caught you go to jail (go directly to
jail, do not pass go, do not collect 200 pounds.) Your 'get out of jail free'
card is your pair of magic gloves.

You will need to activate a couple of rainbow switches to open gates and take a
swim in the thoroughly polluted water of Foxtown.

Once all the vermin are caught it is time to go shopping for the ingredients
the baker needs for his bread. Milk, eggs and flour from 3 shops in town. They
are indicated by the flashing stars on the map. The guards are still about so
be careful. Plus there are more of them!

Once you get the 3 ingredients the baker will ask you to meet him by his ship
in the docks and the final set of gates will open. Now for another irritating
section as you have to lead the baker (who like the camera tends to get stuck
behind the scenery) through an area patrolled by several guards to leave this
section and arrive at

The Docks

The most frustrating section so far! It is swarming with guards and you need to
collect the remaining 50 bells for the level in order to activate rainbow
switches to open the gates leading to the boat.

The bells are scattered around the docks and getting them all without being
detected will take numerous attempts. Save when you can and use the gloves to
get out of jail when you do get spotted.

Finally you sail off into the night to land on

Tournament Island

You need to limber up with a little light herding to persuade the
gatekeeper that you are a contender. Collect the 100 bells around the
trees on the beach and on the jetties to activate the 4 rainbow
switches. Hammer the first switch in order to release the doops. Use
your herding stick to keep them at a safe distance whilst you hit the
other switches, pen the honks and the 'critters' and trap the gromp.
Finally herd the doops into their pen to open the gates and enter the

Tournament Arena

Sadorf is a bad loser and a good herder so you are going to have to use all
your skills to beat him.

Tournament Island

Round 1. (3 minutes)

Plant the herding stick in the grass next to the wall. Herd the doops towards
it. Head down the ramp and attract the attention of the first gromp. Lead him
towards the trap. If he gets interested in the doops use your horn.

Jump over the barrier and do the same for the other gromp. Now go over to the
far side of the level and herd the doops along the narrow corridor one way, hop
over the barrier and blow your horn to make the blurp curl up so you can kick
it along the narrow corridor the other way and up the ramp for the gromp to
eat. While it is green go back and herd the doops into the pen and then when
the gromp recovers let it chase you to the trap.

Now go back to the original group of doops and pick up the herding stick. Drive
them down the ramp and then left of the bridge into the stream. Go to the ford
near the pen and wait for them to arrive and herd them into the pen.

Round 2. (9 minutes 10 seconds)

Jump of the ledge and go forward. Sound your horn and kick the blurp into the
area below with the gromp. When it has gone green, push the block away to open
the gap. Go through and let the gromp chase you towards the honk pen in the top
left. When it meets the other gromp and they start fighting, take this chance
to use the flute to pick up the 2 groups of 4 honks nearby. You will have
enough time to get all 8 into the pen before the gromps recover. Then let one
of them chase you to the trap near the pen and the other chase you all around
the side of the level to the trap there. Get the honks in the enclosure next to
this (note the trap there) and lead them back the way you came to fill the
first pen.

Now go back the the first gromp you poisoned and let him chase you all the way
around to the trap I just mentioned. Now you can take the 16 honks in the
starting area round to their pen near the bleeps in two groups of 8. Now bring
the bleeps around to the area where you poisoned the first gromp. Then go back
to the start and use a blurp to poison the gromp blocking you way to the bleeps
pen. Use the flute to lead the bleeps up and over the ramp, past the green
gromp and into their pen.

You will need to use another blurp to poison the gromp again to let you move
the block. Wait until he recovers and then let him chase you all the way around
to the trap where you got the bleeps.

Round 3. (5 minutes)

A maddening level with a high risk of controller/TV screen damage.

Jump over the barrier into the enclosure with the doops. Herd them through the
small gap into the stream. Jump across and kick a blurp next to the gromp.
Whilst he is poisoned take the bleeps around to their pen. Wait until the gromp
recovers and let him chase you to the trap. Now jump into the stream and swim
up behind the doops to herd them along and into their pen.

Now comes the tricky part. Run all the way to the other side of the level and
up the ramp to the grassy area with the trap, 2 bleeps and some blurps. Use the
horn to drive the bleeps down the ramp and kick a curled up blurp down the ramp
and into the area next to the gromp (there is a gap in the barrier.)

When he eats it and goes green take the bleeps up the ramp and along
the bridge to meet up with another 2. Then carry on until you can get
the other 4 to fly down from the tower where they are hiding (above the
trap.) Take them back along the bridge and 'park' them whilst you go
back to get another blurp. When you have kicked this next to the
gromp and he is green again, lead the bleeps past him and into their
pen. When the gromp recovers let him chase you over the bridge and into
the trap.

Now go back to the grassy area and use the horn on any remaining blurps and
kick them over the side. Finally go back to the last remaining gromp and let
him chase you all the way to the top of the ramp and into the last trap in the
grassy area.

My Best Times: Round 1: 2:27 Round 2: 7:15 Round 3: 4:51

You win the ultimate acorn, Sadorf is defeated, general celebrations, Gerdy
last seen having strange dancing relationship with the baker, his Dad wakes up.


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