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Hundred Swords FAQ v1.12 (3/25/01) by Gene

Hundred Swords
1-4 Players (Multiplayer in Network mode only)
1 Disc
Genre:  Strategy
Memory: 27 Blocks
VGA Box Support, Puru-Puru (Rumble) Support, Keyboard and Modem Support

1)  Introduction
2)  Frequently Asked Questions
3)  How to play
	3.1)  The Battle Screen
	3.2)  Joystick Controls
	3.3)  Keyboard Controls
	3.4)  AI Setting
	3.5)  Generals
	3.6)  Building
	3.7)  Resources and Mining
	3.8)  Shells
	3.9)  Between Battle Screens
4)  Background
	4.1)  General Background
	4.2)  Armies and Characters
5)  Play Modes
	5.1)  Tutorial Mode
	5.2)  Adventure Mode
	5.3)  Mission Mode
	5.4)  Network Mode
	5.5)  Record
	5.6)  Option
6)  Strategy
	6.1)  General Strategy
	6.2)  Adventure Mode Strategy
	6.3)  Mission Mode Strategy
7)  Unit and Structure List
	7.1)  Nalavale Units
	7.2)  Gran Units
	7.3)  Mascar Units
	7.4)  Ruplustorie Units
	7.5)  Other Units
8)  Shell List
	8.1)  Offensive Shells
	8.2)  Defensive Shells
	8.3)  Movement Shells
	8.4)  Special Shells
9)  Secrets
10) Miscellaneous / Et Cetera

1)  Introduction

This game was released on February 15th, 2001 in Japan for the Dreamcast.  An
@Barai (Sega's internet store) version was also sold the week before.

This is a real-time strategy (RTS) game similar to many of the PC strategy games
that are on the market.  However, it is the first RTS for the Dreamcast in a
similar vein.  However, it has some varieties from the PC RTS games such as an
Adventure mode, RPG-like items, etc.

For those who may not have played a RTS game before, you control troops (units)
to try and destroy the enemy.  But, you only decide which units to make and tell
the units where to go, who and when to attack, etc.  There is no action part to
these games.  You don't hammer the buttons to attack your enemy.  The outcome is
decided by timing and your strategy.  A real time strategy game is different than
turn-based ones because the action happens simultaneously.

The game also supports up to four players over the network using the Dreamcast

2)  Frequently Asked Questions
Q) Why is it called Hundred Swords, are there a hundred units to choose from?
A) No, actually you can control a maximum of a hundred units at a time.

Q) Is the game any good?  How are the reviews?
A) Yes, it's good.  It's not perfect.  I feel that the major flaw of the game
comes from the controls.  They take a while to get used to (when you try to
move a unit close to another, if you press on the unit, you choose that new
unit instead!).  PC players of RTS games will be screaming for a mouse!  It is
frustrating when you lose units to poor control of flawed computer AI (ie.
walking around the wrong side of a building).  But, the graphics are interesting,
the music is good.  The game is a bit difficult and it makes it worse with the
faulty control.  I would give it an 8/10.  In Japanese Famitsu magazine, it
received scores of 8,8,8,9 (33/40).  Famitsu Dreamcast magazine gave it 8,8,9

Q) Is it necessary to have internet access to play?  Is there an offline mode?
A) Internet access is necessary to access the Network mode.  But, there is a lot
to play in the offline modes (Mission and Adventure modes).  The Adventure mode
is about 10-15 hours of play and there are at least 18 missions in the Mission
mode.  In total, probably around 25-30 hours of offline game play.

Q) Is the game import-friendly?
A) No, it is rather import-unfriendly.  The menus are all in Japanese (lots of
Kanji) as well as the Tutorial mode.  The conversations are all in Japanese.
English in the game is rarely used.  I think that the likeliness of it reaching
America are probably slim as the translation would be long and difficult (I can
attest to that!).

Q) When I disband troops, do they count as a death in the result screen?
A) No.  They are not counted towards totals in the result screen and therefore
cannot affect your rank.

Q) Can I use two shells at the same time?
A) As soon as you use the second shell, the effects of the first shell expire.

Q) Why does production of troops hang sometimes?
A) You already have 100 troops under your command OR sometimes it hangs when
building Golems and Catapults because you are about to build one that will
exceed your maximum that you can control.

Q) Why can't I mine resources sometimes?
A) There is a maximum number of buildings in the game.  Destroy one of your old
ones first, then you should be okay.

3)  How to play
This is an RTS game.  You have to destroy your enemy troops, Generals and
buildings to win.  In the game, you control Generals who control your troops for
you.  You tell your generals where to go, what to do, when to attack, etc.  The
Generals order the troops to do what you say.  You have to gather resources to
build buildings from which you can make more troops that are used when attacking
the enemy or defending your buildings.  There are two results to each game, win
or lose.

The game uses the joystick for menu controls.
The keyboard is not used in the game controls, rather for sending messages, etc.

3.1)  The Battle screen
The Battle screen is laid out in the following manner:
In the top left of the screen, there is your level of current resources
 - The top resource is Dragon's Bone
 - The bottom resource is Dragon's Blood
In the top right of the screen, you see your Generals
 - The Generals sway when moving, red when attacking or under attack and blue
   when in a building and use exclamations when notifying you.
In the bottom right, you see the map and the scenario goal.
In the bottom left, you see your selected General, his health (or selected
troop's health), current AI setting, Shell Points (SP) and how many forces of
his unit are remaining.

3.2)  Joystick Controls
During the battles:
Either the analog or digital joystick may be used.
L/R Rotate view 45 degrees left or right
Press and hold L+R together to see an aerial view of the map.
A:  Command / Bring up Menu / Hold A to place flags 1-9, tap to start movement
Y:  Switch to next commander
B:  Cancels
X:  Select Troop / Structure

Pressing A on a General brings up the Action menu:
- Attack
- Stop
- Build / Repair
- AI / Orders
- Shells (Use Item)
- Heal (Gran units only)
- Disband unit
Pressing A on a troop when you are unselected, brings up a similar Action menu:
- Attack
- Go to General
- Stop
- Disband troop
Pressing X on a unit when you are unselected, brings up info on the unit or
Start goes to the Pause menu.  The options are Goal, Hints, Restart and End game.

3.3)  Keyboard Controls
The keyboard is used only for Network mode (as always!).

3.4)  AI Setting
The AI setting is how the unit will attack.  It is not an auto-battle function.
There are ten AI settings to choose from.  In Adventure mode, you get more AI
settings when your King level increases.  In Network and Mission mode, you
always have four per General.
- Standard (Blue Horn): Follow General (default)
- Hunt (Red Horn): Chase enemies when spotted
- Defend (Shield): Increase Defense, won't attack unless attacked
- Lead (White Leader): Protect Leader
- Berserk (Double Swords): Str +20% and pursue enemy until death
- Defend Area (Flag): Hold this location
- Heal (Arrow in Heart): Heal own unit (Gran only)
- Surround (Diamond): Break enemy's ranks and surround
- Run (Runner): Increases movement, lowers attack by %10
- Skirmish (Chicken): Troops run away when being attacked and attack back when
  out of melee range.

3.5)  Generals
The Generals are displayed in the top right of the battle screen.  You need a
General to control troops.  Without a General, they will fight if attacked or
will continue fighting in a battle, and you can still move them, but they cannot
execute any executive orders (like building, mining, etc).  Each General can
control a maximum number of forces.  You can also re-direct single troops with
or without a General by giving the Go to General (G) Order.
You can control a maximum of 8 Generals at one time.

3.6)  Building
There are four types of buildings in the game:  Halls, Factories, Mines and
- To build a Factory, select a General and choose the Build order.  Then choose
  the location of the Factory.  After a short while, they building will be
- To build a Refinery or Mine, select a General and move the cursor over some
  resources.  Once the General and the unit reach the resources, they will start
  to build.
- To repair any building, choose the Repair order and select the building.
- To Destroy one of your own buildings, select the Destroy building order.
- Once you start building, there is a status bar displaying the time remaining
  until completion.
- More than one unit can help building which completes it faster.

You cannot build Halls.
If you Destroy an enemy Hall, usually the army is destroyed.
A Hall is used to dispatch Generals.  It costs 200 Bones and 200 Blood to
dispatch a General.
  Hall Commands:
  - Dispatch General

Factories produce troops (see below).
When a General is moved into the Factory, you may produce units depending on
the General.  When an injured General enters a Factory, he slowly heals as
does his troops.
Generals cannot are not injured when a Factory is under attack.
Factories cost 400 Bones + 200 Blood
You may upgrade a Factory.  There are three choices.  From left to right:
Improve Production (Arrow at roof), Add Infirmary (Heart) and Reinforce
Foundation (Building)
* Improve Production (800 Blood):  Allows Heavy Production
                                   (Golems, Catapults, and Transports)
* Add Infirmary (400 Blood):  Allows faster healing

* Reinforce Foundation (400 Blood):  Triples the HP of the Factory

  Factory Commands:
  - Make unit / Leave, Upgrade, Destroy building
  - Upgrade -->  3 choices
  * During Production, Leave, Stop production, Destroy building
To produce a unit, move a General into the Factory.  The cost of the unit is
displayed along with the maximum number that you can control.  After selecting
you will see a timer bar and the number of units still to be produced.
Production will be halted if you already have 100 units on the battlefield.

3.7)  Resources and Mining
Resources are an important part of the game.  They are used to build buildings
and to make troops.  There are two types of resources in the game:  Dragon Bones
and Dragon Blood.  Resources must be mined from the ground.  A Dragon Bone Mine
and Dragon Blood Refinery are necessary for this.  However, the resources are not
infinite and will dwindle away after a period of time.  This is represented by a
bar when the cursor is brought over the Mine or Refinery.  If a Mine or Refinery
is destroyed, the resources are still intact and may be captured again.  A place
where Dragon Bone may be mined looks like a nest of eggs.  The number of eggs
mean how much is available for mining.  A place where Dragon Blood may be refined
looks like a geyser with some gas coming out of it.  More geysers represent more
Blood for refining.
  Mine Commands:
  - Stop production

3.8)  Shells
Shells are the items in the game.  There are used by the Generals and affect him
or her and the entire unit.  Each General can carry up to two different Shells.
There are four types, Offensive, Defensive, Movement and Special shells.  There
are no disadvantages to using shells.  However, you need shell points to use a
shell.  At the bottom of the screen, when you select a General, you will see an
area with blue lines or bars.  This is your current shell points (SP).  Shell
points are used when you activate a shell.  Some of the shells require more than
one Shell bar, but most require only one.  To activate a shell, go to the action
menu and select shell.  Then, select the shell that you wish to use.  It will only
last for a limited time, so don't activate it too early.  Shell points slowly
accumulate.  You receive shells after battles in the Adventure and Mission Modes.
However, you cannot change the shells that you use in Mission Mode.  Shells may
only be used by a specific troop, for example Cavalry, Infantry, etc.

3.9)  Between Battle Screens
Before a battle, you choose the Generals for the battle and their Shells.  You
can also sort them by HP, SP, etc.   Here, you can only pick items in Adventure
and Network modes.  After a battle, you are shown a Result screen.  The first
screen shows the armies and your rank from A-D.  It also shows any items received
from the battle.  The next menu button shows the casualties inflicted, then
casualties received, resources captured and the last button continues the game.

4)  Background
4.1)  General Background
The setting of the game is a fantastical world based on Eastern Europe.  However,
there are fantastic creatures in the game such as wizards, lizard men, and
intelligent animals.  The period is based during medieval times but there are
contraptions and devices that exist outside that period in the game.  The
artistic style is hand-drawn, but not that of typical Japanese anime.  It IS
Japanese, just not typical anime style.  It is very similar feeling to a comic
book, using conversation bubbles and overlaying pictures on top of one another.

4.2)  Armies and Characters
There is a legend in the peaceful land of Nalavale speaking of the atrocious acts
portrayed by the Mascar clan.  People live in fear of the Mascars returning and
wreaking havoc on them.  The land of Gran also desires peace, but the young queen,
Fals cannot bring the realm under one banner.  What evil awaits the people of Gran?

There are 4 different armies in the game.  Here are the main characters:

 Raaf Nalavale (15 years old)
 - He leads the people of Nalavale, a race occupying territory on the eastern part
   of the continent.  Nalavale people are dark skinned and very tough.  They are
   fond of horses and are natural riders.  Raaf's father died when he was young.
   Eventually, when he reaches the age, he will become the new king.  People like
   him and trust him.
 Palmira Nalavale
 - Raaf's mother and husband to the old king.  She desires peace in the land
   and is tired of the constant strife in the land.
 Rashid (Day Danon)
 Nell Shrinkman (16 years old)
 - Nell's mother died when she was born.  Palmira took her in, and treats her
   like her real daughter.  She likes Raaf, but she envies him and has
   difficulty showing it.  She controls the archer cavalry division.
 Johan Aabras (18 years old)
 - Raaf and Johan are childhood friends.  Now, he is 18.  His father is a great
   General for Nalavale and he wants to continue in his father's footsteps.
 Diamond Aabras
 - Father of Johan, powerful General in Nalavale's army.  He is an expert
   spearsman.  He is a strict commander and teaches the Nalavale forces how
   to fight with fierceness.
 Anna Lewisman
 - The leader of Nalavale's archers.  She is a gentle girl, and under different
   circumstances, you could see her kind nature.
 Rune Somervill
 - He is Raaf's uncle, and good friends with him and the Aabras generals.
   He is a natural leader, but possesses a rash temperament.
 Jelky Dakro
 - He is the leader of the 2nd division of infantry for Nalavale.  He is a
   quiet, experienced leader.
 Shu Anbro
 - A friend of both Fals and Raaf.  He is their liaison.  He is a young bear

 Fals (Ru Gran) (16 years old)
 - Fals is the queen of Gran.  She controls the country of the northern part
   of the continent.  However, her rule is not absolute and she barely controls
   a factional country.  The people of Gran possess a natural ability to
   control the forces of nature and bend them to their own will.  They have
   strong wizards and healers.  When Fals was a child, her mother tried to kill
   her because she wanted to retain all of the power for herself.  Igor
   Winogradu saved her.  Now, she trusts him well.  He holds the highest
   position in her counsel.  She corresponds with Raaf often and they are good
 Igor Winogradu
 - He saved Fals from the evil queen.  This heroic act has led to his promotion
   to the highest position, besides Fals.  Igor attended Gran's coming-of-age
   ceremony in Fals' place.
 Ashley Winogradu
 - She is the eldest daughter of Igor.  She is the caretaker of the Eternal
   Tree, which is an essential part of the Gran culture and history.  She is a
   powerful healer and very wise for her age.  She is familiar with the
   history of Gran and its olden times, when extravagance and greed did not
   spread throughout Gran like disease.
 Edith Winogradu
 - She is the youngest daughter of Igor.  She is young and innocent.  Often she
   does not realize the ways of the world.  But, she possesses a powerful
   ability to control nature.
 Vary Winogradu
 - She is the middle daughter of Igor and protects Edith when Ashley and Igor
   are too busy to watch over her.  She feels her sense of responsibility
   growing, although she is still young.
 Akka Rebelholt
 - Akka is a cat creature and leader of the first infantry unit.  He is also
   a correspondence for Raaf and Fals.
 Altwool Pro
 - Altwool is a cat creature and leader of the first division of archers.
   His leadership is expressed through his strong will.
 Krut Gaal
 - Krut is a cat creature.  He is the leader of the second division of archers.
   He is also an expert marksman himself.
 Yuri Fongol
 - He is the leader of the cavalry for Gran.  He is thin, yet strong.
 Feofan Godo
 - The leader of the second infantry unit.  He taught himself the way of the
   sword when he was very young.  Due to his self-reliance, his ego is strong.
 Eroll (San Just)
 - He is an expert in strategy and tactics.  He is the wisest man in the land.
   But, he is also a little eccentric.  He was dispatched by Fals to contact

 Zaan Kaliostia
 - Zaan leads the Northern armies of Ruplustorie.  They are an elite, cruel
   people that believe in the superiority of their own race.  They are a
   very intelligent and mechanical race of people.  Zaan sits at the top
   of the hierarchy.
 Eris Arlington
 - Her family is closely allied with the Kaliostia family.  She is next in
   line to succeed her mother.  She wants to become a strong military leader
   to gain more power.  She controls the first archery unit.
 Natalia Backett
 - She controls another archery unit for Ruplustorie.  She is a close friend
   of Eris and seeks power through the Ruplustorie army.
 Gail Roadkilly
 - Gail is Zaan's second in command.  He controls the cavalry for Ruplustorie.
   But, he has waited long as a loyal assistant to Zaan and holds some
   contempt for his leader.
 Ing Godresh
 - He is a young man still studying Ruplustorie's doctrines.  He controls a
   unit of archers under Zaan.  He is completely loyal to Zaan and
   Ruplustorie's twisted beliefs.
 - She is a famous opera singer and also possesses magical abilities.   Now,
   she is learning to control the forces of nature more and more.  She desires
   to learn the secrets of Gran to increase her power.
 - Marilion is also a famous opera singer.  Through Udedd, he has become
   curious about the world of magic.  Together with Udedd, they control the
   witches of Ruplustorie's army.

 Lentz Mascar
 - He carries the nickname "Crazy Dog".  He has lots of enemies, and desires to
   destroy all who oppose him.  He is a ruthless general and looks to Nalavale
   as his next target.
 Priscilla Kaloon
 - She joined Mascar after Lentz saved her.  She is the next-in-command after
   Lentz.  She was born in Nalavale and seeks revenge on those who would
   imprison her.  She commands the first cavalry unit.
 Davidov Wodred
 - Davidov is a master of disguise and deception.  He appears kind, but is a
   vicious and brutal murderer.  He teaches the dervishes to deceive the minds
   of his enemies and to alter their appearance to hide their true form.
 Hem Sakin
 - Hem and Moepp are twin brothers.  Hem is an expert archer and leads Mascar's
   archers into battle.
 Moepp Sakin
 - Moepp is the younger twin.  He commands a unit of infantry in Mascar's army.
 O Bando
 - He controls the second division of cavalry.  He was part of Priscilla's band
   that was caught by Nalavale.
 Ed Kragin
 - He is Mirapo's student.  He is learning to control the forces of nature and
   already controls a strong unit of sorcerers.
 Mirapo Antisanct
 - He's been gathering forces for Lentz's army, especially dark sorcerers.
   Mirapo will sacrifice himself for Lentz, if he is forced to do so.

5)  Play Modes
There are six modes:  Tutorial Mode, Adventure Mode, Mission Mode, Network
Mode, Record, and Option.

5.1)  Tutorial Mode
This mode describes how to play the game.  If you pick the final option, you can
play a sample four player map.  The computer does not actively control the other
forces, but they defend themselves when attacked.

5.2)  Adventure Mode
This mode is a long campaign type where the story develops.  There are a total
of 6 episodes.  In the first three (The Ballad of Fool), you control Raaf, the
young leader of Nalavale.  In the second three episodes (The Murmur of Sage),
you control Fals, the young queen of Gran.
During the Adventure mode, you will have choices to make in the conversations
that develop.  You make choices during the conversations that mold your character
(similar to another great Sega series, Sakura Taisen).   Each choice will either
help you become a better person or a better king.  If you show kindness, people
will see you as a good king.  But, if you are kind, then you are not a strong
person and you need others to fight for you.  You have to decide how you act in
becoming a great warrior or a great king.  After a choice, you will gain Person
and/or King points.  Once you have ten points, you gain a level.
  King Level Benefits:  Increases maximum number of troops and AI settings
  Person Level Benefits:  Increases General's HP, SP
Before and after each battle there are a set of options:
  Start, Save, Load, Encyclopedia, Letters, Options, End game

5.3)  Mission Mode
This mode offers eighteen different playable stand-alone missions.  There are
three different difficulty levels to choose from, and six missions each.  Each
mission offers different characters to play and as enemies.  You receive a rank
from A-D on based on your skill.

5.4)  Network Mode
Not covered in this FAQ, sorry.

5.5)  Record
There are two exciting options here, Encyclopedia and Letter.  Encyclopedia tells
of the game, the armies, their histories, societies, etc.  Letter shows all the
letters that the characters have received in the game.

5.6)  Option
Here are the options available:
Castle Speed: Slow / Medium / Fast (pointer speed)
Screen Saver: 1 / 3 / 5 mins
Sound: Stereo / Mono
Puru-Puru (Rumble): On / Off
Network Scenario Duration: 5 / 15 / 30 / 45 / 60 mins ??
Keyboard Macro Edit
Default Settings

6) Strategy
6.1)  General Strategy
Attacking: (best units to attack)
* Infantry attack Cavalry
* Cavalry attack Wizards and Catapults
* Wizards attack Infantry and Golems
* Missile Infantry are satisfactory against all troops.
* Catapults attack Infantry and Golems
* Golems attack Infantry and Cavalry

A note about the armies:  The difference in armies is not all that great when
dealing with similar units.  For example, Nalavale's cavalry and Mascar's cavalry
are not that different.  But, the big difference is how many of each you can
control and the speciality units.  All of the speciality units are awesome.  I love
using Zaan's Dragonflies and ambushing an enemy.  Mascar's Dervishes are such a
pain to fight, but I don't find them all that useful against the computer
opponent.  The Healers from Gran are incredible!  You have to take them out in a
fight, and it can be incredibly annoying otherwise.  And finally Nell's Crossbow
Riders are quite good due to their speed alone.  But, they are a bit weak when
they are caught.

6.2)  Adventure Mode Strategy
Generally, the Adventure mode missions are fairly easy.  The choices from the
conversations don't make a lot of difference either, because you gain points
either way.  It doesn't even matter if you lose Raaf/Fals in most of the battles,
as long as you don't lose everyone.  But, you do get different items depending
on your rank in the battles.  If you receive Rank D, you receive no items.

Some of the battles can be a bit difficult.  But try and remember to use the
Shells that you receive.  They can make the difference in a close battle.

Adventure Mode Walkthrough:
Legend:  P=Person +incremental value, K=King +incremental value

The Adventure mode begins with an introduction showing the characters and Igor
peering into the house as the queen tries to kill young Fals.  Then it shows
Fals and Igor discussing the past and the present.

The Ballad of Fool
Episode 1:  The Day of Blood
It shows our hero, Raaf, riding a lizard.  He meets Johan and he asks why he
didn't stop.
1)	A) P+1  K+2   	I'm sorry
  	B) P+2  K+1   	Don't apologize
More talking..  They arrive at camp.  The Commander yells at the troops.  He
gets scolded.  I want to become strong, he says.  The troops laugh.
2)	A) P+0  K+4   	I'm sorry again.
  	B) P+4  K+0   	Let's start the training!
Passes by Nell, she says he's late again.  Everyone knows that he can't lead..
3)	A) P+1  K+2   	Damn right, I can!
  	B) P+2  K+1   	I'll do whatever I want!
They yell.  The Commander screams to get moving.
4)	A) P+1  K+2   	Let it go
  	B) P+2  K+1   	Say one last comment  -->  Big fight!
The Commander (Diamond) tells them to get moving! Talking inside..
-- 1ST BATLLE --
*If chose 4A and Won the battle:
A5)	A) P+1  K+2		I'm sorry
	B) P+2  K+1		I've heard that you are unreliable
*If chose 4A and Lost the battle:
B5)	A) P+2  K+1		Give a white lie??
	B) P+1  K+1		Answer truthfully
*If chose 4B:
Troops bother Raaf again about Nell.
C5)  	A) P+1  K+2		I don't think so.
  	B) P+2  K+1 		See Nell.
Then, next scene, visiting the bear friend.  Meets priests, thinks about
Fals' letters
6)	A) P+1  K+2		Show patience and wait (Go to Route A)
  	B) P+2  K+1		Escape the situation (Go to Route B)
*Route A
Finds his old letters from Fals.  He leaves through the window.
Ceremony starts
A7)	A) P+2  K+1		Read letters from Fals
  	B) P+1  K+2		Chase after Nell
Go to the tower, she asks what's wrong?
A8)  	A) P+1  K+2		I must remain neutral
  	B) P+2  K+1		I have a little time, what's wrong?
*Route B
Somervill arrives, the crowd cheers from the picture of Nell... And Johan
B7)	A) P+2  K+1		Read letters from Fals
	B) P+1  K+2		Don't read
B8)	A) P+1  K+1		Nell
  	B) P+1  K+1		Johan
  	C) P+0  K+3		Don't say
*Routes A, B End
Talk in the tower.
Give gift..
9)  	A) P+4  K+2		If you get something, so should I
  	B) P+2  K+1		Which is good?
Johan Enters, more talking.  Outside, big meeting.   Mascar shows up!
10)	A) P+4  K+2		I am not from that time.
  	B) P+2  K+4		That time is over
King comes and says something to bad guys.  Asks you about something.
11)  	A) P+0  K+4		There is no certainty
  	B) P+4  K+0		Is the young queen coming?
Something from the sky.. Mascar ships arrive, let out troops.
Before battle:
12)	A) P+0  K+4		We've prepared for battle, let's go
  	B) P+4  K+0 		Maybe we can convince them not to fight
-- 2ND BATTLE --
Lentz comes up to ruined town.  Lizard guy shows up.  Kill townsman.
Return to camp, Everyone's tired and beat up.
13)  	A) P+2  K+1		I wonder if mother's safe..
  	B) P+1  K+2		Why's everyone sitting down?
Nell runs away.  Everyone wants to fight!
14)  	A) P+2  K+1		What?  Isn't everyone tired?
  	B) P+1  K+2		Let's go!
Edith shows up. She tells them that it exists!  They have to protect it.  She's
just a kid.  But she heals the troops.  Then her power fails.  Nobody knows why.
She starts to cry.  Palmira comes and comforts her.  Then, they find out it is
Igor's daughter, Edith.  Battle talk, they see a map, and try and figure out
where the next battle will be.
15)  	A) P+0  K+4		Jelky's right
  	B) P+0  K+2		No, Nell's right
They decide that Nell's idea is best.  Before the battle, Palmira is watching
the troops leave.  Raaf and Igor come up.  Igor is leaving.  He shakes Raaf's
hand before leaving.  They wish each other good luck in the future.  Raaf asks
if he's really got what it takes..
16)  	A) P+4  K+0		To come here was a mistake
  	B) P+0  K+4		Let's welcome the upcoming battle
His Mother says that's how he's supposed to feel.  It's okay.  He has to leave..
17)  	A) P+4  K+0		Gather the bodies
  	B) P+0  K+4		Go to see Mother
-- 3RD BATTLE --
Johan and Nell talk about the future.
They arrive at the destroyed town, and find a baby bear (Shu) crying.  Raaf asks
what happened.  They took Fals' letters.
18)  	A) P+0  K+2		We'll get revenge
  	B) P+4  K+0		It's good that Shu's safe
Nell says that it'll be morning soon.  Church bells.  The troops arrive, the
commander says something.
19)  	A) P+0  K+4		I understand
  	B) P+4  K+0		Me?
-- 4TH BATTLE --
Who do you want to crown you?
20)  	A) P+6  K+6		Nell
  	B) P+6  K+6		Johan
They begin the ceremony, it shows Fals reading a letter.
Episode 1 ends

Episode 2:  I Know It's Guilty
Raaf and the troops are travelling home.  A scout arrives.  Tells them of a
massacre at the Nalavale capital.  They rush to meet the other Generals there.
Raaf sees the Great Mother impaled on a spear.  Battle talk.  They talk about
the next target.  They're about to leave.  Nell tells them to wait.  She has
another idea.
-- 1ST BATTLE --
When the attacked Mascar, a Nalavale battlement was taken.  A troop wanders up
to tell you.  You have to counterattack at the strategic point.  It's a race to
save your battlement.  Also the Mascar army ...
1)  	A) P+2  K+1		Safest
  	B) P+1  K+2		Other route
-- 2ND BATTLE --
Raaf questions whether they should keep going.  It starts to rain.  Johan says
that the troops are tired and need rest.
2)  	A) P+1  K+2		Let's rest (Go to 4)
  	B) P+0  K+0		Hold on a sec	(Go to A3)
A3)	A) P+2  K+4		Okay, now we can rest.
	B) P+4  K+2		There's no time.
Nell goes to the back of the troops and sees Anna yelling at her brigade.  Shu
visits Raaf's tent.  It gives him some letters from Fals.
4)  	A) P+1  K+0		Read the letter
  	B) P+0  K+1		Don't read it
Nell comes in and asks to speak to him outside.  Anna is there.  Then Diamond
comes out.  They talk about the next battle in the forest.
-- 3RD BATTLE --
They arrive at the town.  It seems peaceful, but empty.  One of the houses is
open.  They peer in..  and sees bodies piled high!  Davidov is sitting on the
floor wounded, carrying holding his stomach.  He calls Raaf on.  Raaf is about
to accept the challenge and then he realizes that he's not like them (Mascars).
Davidov lunges at Raaf, but Diamond step in and protects him.
The next morning, the burn the bodies.  Shu is performing the ceremonies.  He
screams and runs off!  Myu is there too.  He is about to tell them about the
Mascars.  Raaf doesn't want to hear it.
5)  	A) P+2  K+1		Have to get revenge!
  	B) P+0  K+4		There's nothing we can do about it.
Everyone's confused.
6)  	A) P+2  K+1		????
  	B) P+0  K+3		There is no god!
Myu barks at him!  Then apologizes.  Nell suggest some rest.  Myu says he's
okay.  Nell gets everyone moving.  Map..  Talking about the next battle.
-- 4TH BATTLE --
Raaf is talking with Palmira?!?  Dream?  It wasn't her on the battlefield
before.  She asks what's become of him.  He says that now he's king.
7)  	A) P+2  K+4  		It can't be helped.
  	B) P+4  K+2		There must be a way!
Shu comes and tells them to follow.  Priscilla is there.
8)  	A) P+0  K+4		Deal with the problem.
  	B) P+0  K+2		What?!?
She wants peace.
9)  	A) P+0  K+4 		What will become of Nalavale?
  	B) P+4  K+0		What you say is good...
Nalavale becomes part of Mascar?  Will you do it, she asks?
They meet at the border of the two countries.  Here they come, says Nell.  Is
this right, she asks?  Peace at what price?  Priscilla says something about what
will happen.  Raaf says that he's not going to sign if it is like that.  Rashid
talks it over with Raaf.
10)  	A) P+2  K+1		Agree with Lentz (Go to A11)
  	B) P+1  K+2		Let's start peace...	(Go to 12)
A11)	A) P+4  K+0		We are going to kill eachother off!
	B) P+0  K+4		This isn't over yet!
There's some heckling between the armies.  Somervill is being held up by two of
his troops.  Everyone's laughing at him.  They go back to the table and finish
everything off.  They're disrupted again.  One of the Mascar troops is drowning
in the river.  They go to fish him out.  Then, Nell smells a trap.  She tries to
warn Raaf.  He grabs for the contract.  Lentz stabs his hand and Nell runs under
the bridge.  Palmira comes to see the problem.  Raaf is trapped.  Mascar has him.
12)  	A) P+0  K+4		Pay attention and look for an opportunity
  	B) P+0  K+2		Yell at Lentz
Palmira saves him.  Lentz tells her to go to hell.  She pulls a sword as he goes
for his.  More cursing.. Lentz goes for her.  Raaf dives in to save her.  More
rolling around.  Lentz smashes the bridge apart.  They leave with Palmira.
-- 5th BATTLE --
They won.  The go home back to the massacre.  Lentz is standing there.  Palmira
has killed him.  But, she's dead too!  I can't tell what the hell is going on
here either.
Episode 2 ends

Episode 3:  "The Boy with Thorn in his side"
They're burning the bodies of the dead.  They're saying goodbye to the Great
mother.  Raaf is by the river where it all happened.  He overhears the other
Generals talking about Lentz, Mirapo and Mascar.
If Nell is your next-in-command go to Route A
If Johan is you next-in-command go to Route B
*Route A:
Johan rides up and asks if he's okay.  Where's Nell?
A1)	A) P+2  K+1		Blame Nell
	B) P+1  K+2		It's nobody's fault
The troops are in formation, a lone rider comes forth.  Those bastards...  What's
the meaning of this, asks Johan.  Next, battle plans, they must renounce this
attack.  They argue where peace has got them so far.  They agree to attack the
certain stronghold.  Raaf is lost.  He can't answer.  He doesn't react to
anything.  Everyone's worried.  Nell shows the gift she received from Palmira.
She doesn't want it anymore.  Raaf tells her to hold on to it for a while longer.
Nell doesn't want to stop being his next-in-command.
A2)	A) P+0  K+2		I can't be your friend (Go to 1st Battle)
	B) P+4  K+0		hug her			
He walks away on her.  She calls him.  She asks what's happened to him lately!
He says he's sorry.  Battle talk, they talk about needing to resort to building
Golems.  They ask Raaf, but he doesn't have much to say.  Then, Johan disagrees
about it.
A3)	A) P+1  K+1		Receive the Dragon's flute
	B) P+6  K+6		Exchange it yourself
*Route B:
B1)	A) P+1  K+2		It's nobody's fault
	B) P+2  K+1		Keep silent
B2)	A) P+0  K+2		Ask
	B) P+4  K+0		Regret?
B3)	A) P+2  K+4		I'm sorry
	B) P+4  K+2		I've no desire to avenge Mother's death
*Route A, B end
-- 1ST BATTLE -- (Just survive 15 mins)
You see Mascar fleeing and then all sorts of destroyed Golems.  You've found two
left over troops.  Johan questions them.  He wants to kill them.
4)	A) P+0  K+6		Don't stop him
	B) P+6  K+0		Stop him
Raaf and Nell meet Eroll.  Raaf asks who he is.  He just laughs and mocks him.
Raaf keeps asking him.  Raaf slashes his mask off him.  He says that he's a
loyal servant of Fals (Gran).  Next, the Generals and priests start to question
him.  The priests don't trust him.  He is offering his help, but they don't think
that they need him.  He's starts to mock them again.
5) 	A) P+1  K+2		Stop them (your generals)
	B) P+2  K+1		Ask Eroll about his plans
He says that he's left Gran but he'll join with you for now.  At night, they meet
again.  Eroll has some letters from Fals.
6)	A) P+1  K+2		Say thanks
	B) P+2  K+1		Thank him slightly
He tries to do something when Raaf is bowing in appreciation.
*If Nell is your next-in-command go to A7
*If Johan is you next-in-command go to B7
Nell sees it.  He laughs at her and says, what are you going to do, kiss him
A7)	A) P+1  K+2		Hold your temper (Go to 8)
	B) P+2  K+1		What were you trying to do?	(Go to 9)

B7)	A) P+1  K+2		Watch over the change (Go to 8)
	B) P+2  K+1		Defend Johan	(Go to 8)
Outside, the priests still don't trust Eroll.  Then, they see him give some money
to Shu.  Somervill yells at Eroll.  The priests question him further.
Later we see Nell gathering the troops.  They're leaving if Eroll is here.  Raaf
tries to stop them.
8)	A) P+2  K+1		It's not a problem!
	B) P+1  K+2		It is a problem..
Raaf calms them down.  Then, Eroll shows up.  He is about to attack the troops,
then Nell challenges him.  Johan tries to get everyone to fight the right enemy,
Mascar, not themselves.  Nell runs off and Eroll goes after her.  Raaf feels
lost.  He wanders away by himself.  Then, he finds the Nell's present from
Palmira by his lizard.
9) 	A) P+2  K+4		We need ideas to keep order	(Go to A10)	
	B) P+4  K+2		We only need to solve the problem (Go to B10)
He thinks about all the terrible things that have happened lately.  It brings him
A10)	A) P+0  K+0		Stop thinking about it (Go to A11)
	B) P+1  K+2		They have their own ways (Go to B11)
He finds Eroll.  They talk a bit.
B10)	A) P+0  K+0		Stop thinking about it (Go to A11)
	B) P+6  K+2		They have strange customs (Go to B11)
Eroll asks him what he's going to do.  Raaf says that he just wants peace.
A11)	A) P+0  K+4		You must throw it away.						
	B) P+2  K+0		I don't know			
B11)	A) P+1  K+2		It's a duel, no matter what!
	B) P+2  K+1		You're still an idiot.
12)	A) P+1  K+2		Same feeling	(Go to A13)	
	B) P+2  K+1		What is the meaning?	(Go to B13)
A13)	A) P+0  K+4		You're saying that you want to take over the world?						
	B) P+0  K+2		You want to say something					
B13)	A) P+4  K+0		Fight until the enemy is completely ruined
	B) P+2  K+0		What are you saying?
Nell comes to them.  Battle talk, it's the last days of Mascar.  Eroll an attack
plan.  He wants to attack through the valley in the middle and split up the
forces.  Eroll will take the infantry and Raaf gets the rest.  Raaf is impressed
with his plan.
14)	A) P+0  K+4		Let's do it!
	B) P+0  K+2		I hope that this works!
-- 2ND BATTLE --

-- 3RD BATTLE --
Everyone is celebrating.  The war is over.  Raaf apologizes to Eroll.  Eroll
gives him a mask to wear.  Cheering.
Episode 3 Ends

The Murmur of Sage
From Episode 4, Person and King levels are reset.  Now you control Fals and
Gran's troops, except for some of the battles in the final episode where you
control Nalavale.  You also lose all of your items that you had with Nalavale,
even when you control them.

Episode 4:  The Scoundrels
In the opening, we see the halls of Gran.  This is a country that was really
controlled by Igor, not Fals.  The princes govern their realms with their
own power.  Fals is to young to be trusted.  Edith is crying over the death of
Igor, her father.  He was attacked on the way from Raaf's ceremony.  It has
upset everyone and there are trying to figure out what to do.
1)	A) P+4  K+2		Console Edith
	B) P+2  K+4		She's just a kid, let her cry.
Knocking at the doors.  Who could that be?  Yelling is it closed?  It's Ashley.
2) 	A) P+4  K+2		Didn't you accompany him?
	B) P+2  K+4		Where did you say you were?
Ashley keeps wrecking things.  Everyone tries to tell her to stop.  She keeps
questioning Fals.
3)	A) P+2  K+1		Maybe the murderer is in here!
	B) P+1  K+2		What an ass!
Hannabella arrives.  Ashley escapes and says that she isn't her mother?  Vary
tries to convince Ashley to stop all of this fighting.  Ashley runs off and
everyone starts chatting about what happened.
Later, Fals is in her room.  Justine comes and they start talking about things.
There is some suspicion over the princes.  They might have killed him to try
and remove Fals from power.
4)	A) P+2  K+4		Who said that!
	B) P+4  K+2		Stop accusing the princes.	
They find out that Ruplustorie has begun to grow strong and may attack soon.
-- 1ST BATTLE --
Fals is in his room.  He is visited by Altwool.  Hannabella screams about
something.  A war is about to start.  Strange things are happening.  Hannabella
says that she's broke and defenseless.
5)	A) P+2  K+4		Did you know?
	B) P+4  K+2		There wasn't a detailed report.
The people of Gran won't pay for her extravagant lifestyle anymore.  Feofan
shows up and tells her to get a job for once.
6)	A) P+2  K+1		You have no job?
	B) P+1  K+2		Let's not start fighting.
Feofan pushes Fals for their help.  Fighting..
7) 	A) P+4  K+2		We must be prepared!
	B) P+2  K+4		Go outside
Talking inside..  Troops are moving outside.
8)	A) P+2  K+1		Read Raaf's letter
	B) P+1  K+2		Don't read it
Akka comes up to Fals' caravan.
9) 	A) P+2  K+4		Listen to Nalavale's plea
	B) P+4  K+2		Hold firm
Hannabella's town.  Altwool is guarding.  He lets the troops in.  They meet
-- 2ND BATTLE --
They sell her some Golems to her after she sees how good they are.
10)	A) P+2  K+1		The princes have no control.
	B) P+1  K+2		How is that related to Igor's death?
At cliff.  You need to confide in someone about the truth.
11) 	A) P+1  K+2		Tell Hannabella
	B) P+2  K+1		Tell Feofan
12) 	A) P+0  K+2		What is that going to do?
	B) P+0  K+4		No more cheating.
Akka arrives, Feofan laughs...
-- 3RD BATTLE --
We see Golems moving through a valley.  Then Fals and the army.  Akka asks if
this is right.  Fals reassures him.  Fades back to fight with Feofan.  Akka
leads the army. On to the next town.  We see them scouting out the town.  They
spot some Battlement Catapults on the towers.  Then, they send in some scouts.
13)	A) P+2  K+4		It's good not to believe in anything.		
	B) P+4  K+2		That's sad.
Inside, more squabbling...
14) 	A) P+1  K+2		Accuse Yuri
	B) P+2  K+1		Accuse Feofan
-- 4TH BATTLE --
Episode 4 ends

Episode 5:  So Pathetic
Gran is re-united again!  Then, we see the healers healing the Great tree in
the snow.  Edith asks Fals to help them heal.  She can't.  Some of Feofan's
troops arrive.
1)	A) P+2  K+4		Don't take the troops
	B) P+4  K+2		Take the troops
The Healer's won't heal the new troops.
Fals is talking with an old man.
2)	A) P+4  K+0		I'm optimistic for the future of Gran.
	B) P+0  K+4		Righteousness will lead us.
The Healers can't heal the other troops, only their own troops.
3)	A) P+4  K+0		Ride as a Queen
	B) P+0  K+4		Ride as a Queen and as a Mother
4)	A) P+2  K+4		Please go!
	B) P+4  K+2		Don't go!
Fals talks with Edith and Vary.  We see the past events.
Riding..  Yuri comes to Fals.
5)	A) P+1  K+2		We don't need reinforcements
	B) P+2  K+1		I Don't like that.
-- 1ST BATTLE --
In this battle, we see the Ruplustorie troops for the first time.  However,
they make it around them and safely into the castle.  The Ruplustorie troops
attack as they enter.  Fals talks with Ashley about the events concerning her
mother, the old queen.  Wait!  Stop!
6)	A) P+4  K+2		Meet Ashley to talk
	B) P+2  K+4		Stop
7)	A) P+0  K+6   	Reprimand Ashley
	B) P+6  K+0		Just lecture her	
8)	A) P+0  K+6		Everyone dies some time...
	B) P+6  K+0		You're a hypocrite!
Back in the battle tent.
9)	A) P+2  K+0		There's only one seed
	B) P+4  K+0		There's another seed.
Awtool is a spy!
10)	A) P+1  K+2		Warn Akka
	B) P+2  K+1		Ask Ashley
Send Awtool as a messenger to Hannabella
11)  	A) P+4  K+0		Yes
	B) P+0  K+4		No
Edith and Vary check the tombstones, looking for information about your mother.
12)	A) P+2  K+1		What do you think? (Go to 13A)
	B) P+1  K+2		It's uncertain (Go to 13B)
13A)	A) P+1  K+1		Stop Yuri
	B) P+1  K+1		Scold Feofan
Who's to blame?
13B)	A) P+0  K+0		I think it's Yuri
	B) P+0  K+0		I think it's Feofan
	C) P+0  K+0		I think it's Hannabella
Who will you ask?
14B)	A) P+1  K+1		Yuri
	B) P+1  K+1		Feofan
	C) P+4  K+4		Hannabella
Meanwhile, Edith and Vary are trapped by some refugees, Yuri arrives.
-- 2ND BATTLE --
Afterwards, Zaan attacks Hannabella and the other defectors.  They try to
return to Gran, but the gate is closed.  Serves them right!
15)  	A) P+4  K+0		Now they want my help!
	B) P+0  K+4		Forgive them
Trying to figure out Ruplustorie's next move.
16)	A) P+6  K+3		Can we really do it?
	B) P+3  K+6		What is their plan?
17)	A) P+2  K+4		Say it's good
	B) P+4  K+2		Please...
18) 	A) P+1  K+2		Vary, where's the seed?
	B) P+2  K+1		Lets go
-- 3RD BATTLE --
Ashley is safe.  More squabbling...  Vary yells at Ashley.
19)	A) P+6  K+2		Give her one more chance
	B) P+2  K+6		can't?
We see Zaan at a broken castle.  Ashley and her aid are wandering through the
Episode 5 ends

Episode 6:  The Resurrection
Zaan's armies are moving.  Talking in the battle tent.  Eroll returns with
Johan and some Nalavale cavalry
-- 1ST BATTLE --
Nalavale and Gran plan to sandwich Ruplustorie and attack from each side.
1)	A) P+1  K+2		Ask Eroll for advice
	B) P+2  K+1		Will it really be over?
Raaf is coming to help Gran with some cavalry.
2)	A) P+4  K+2		Accompany Raaf
	B) P+2  K+4		I can't let my personal feelings get involved
-- 2ND BATTLE --
Meet Raaf in the cave.
3)	A) P+6  K+0		Take their hand
4)	A) P+6  K+0		Brush off some of the blood				
Meet eachother...  Later in the battle tent
-- 3RD BATTLE --
After destroying Lentz, Raaf is among the ruins.  He sees Lentz again!  But
this time it is only his ghost.  Meanwhile, Ruplustorie has Ashley at their
Battle tent...
5)	A) P+2  K+4		We should guide them
	B) P+4  K+2		Wait for the right time
Ruplustorie has turned the tide and has now surrounded Nalavale!
-- 4TH BATTLE --
After the battle, the troops are returning.  Raaf introduces himself properly
to Akka.  Everyone starts to joke about Eroll and he runs off mad.
6)	A) P+4  K+2		Why?
	B) P+2  K+4		Because of the memory of my mother
--  5TH BATTLE --
The final battle is over.  The rest of the choices don't affect your levels.
Episode 6 Ends

6.3)  Mission Mode Strategy
The Mission Mode maps are more difficult.  I find the ones that are the most
difficult are the ones where you have limited troops.  Some of the missions
require the use of the AI setting.  These ones are generally the harder ones.
Anyway, with the other missions, it is usually just a matter of balancing
offensive and defensive forces.  Anyway, here are the mission descriptions and
walkthroughs.  If you have any suggestions, send them along!  Is it just me or
are some of the Beginner ones harder than the Advanced ones?!

Beginner Level 1 "Mascar Training"
Goal: Kill Priscilla in 8 mins.
Fail: Lentz dies or time over
- Go through the forest and destroy the trees.  Then head to the other forest to
  the SE and get the Golems there.  If you set the Berserk AI setting, he will
  destroy the trees quicker.  Ambush her.  To get rank A, you have to surround
  her with your Golems and Lentz.

Beginner Level 2 "The Caged Dog"
Goal: Rescue Lentz and get him to the Safe point.
Fail: Lentz or Davidov dies
- Follow Diamond's Scouts around using the Run Order.  Find the Transport.  It is
  right by the wall where Raaf's troops wait.  You have to time this exactly
  right or they will destroy the transport.  Then, use the Transport to save
  Lentz.  Beware of Nell's Riders and take him to the Safe point.

Beginner Level 3 "The Invisible Man"
Goal: Kill Davidov in 5 mins.
Fail: Diamond dies or time over
- Find Davidov quickly, don't get attacked by Lentz's troops. He begins directly
  NE of your position.  Hurry!  It just takes a couple of times to kill him fast
  enough for Rank A.

Beginner Level 4 "The Unexpected Guests"
Goal: Destroy the attacking (73) troops
Fail: Hall is destroyed
- Quickly move Fals' wizards to the valley to the south.  Then you can attack the
  troops without being harmed and you will draw the enemy there.  Move your other
  troops, except the Cavalry back so they don't draw the fire.  Use the Cavalry
  to aid the defense of Fals and use them to destroy the enemy wizards and
  catapults.  At the end, be ready for the dervishes that teleport in.  If you
  are sitting where they teleport, they won't come.  But, if you keep moving your
  troops around a bit, sometimes only one teleports in at a time.  There is no
  time limit or rank on time for this one, so don't worry about how long it
  takes, just your losses.

Beginner Level 5 "Happy Hunting"
Goal: Kill off all Nalavale Forces in 15 mins.
Fail: Eris dies or time over
- At the start, set the troops to the Runner AI Setting.  Now, pick off the
  infantry and the other troops from above.  Now, for the Cavalry, you will have
  to pick a couple of sacrifices.  Unselect Eris and then select one of your
  troops.  Get this poor Crossbowman to attract the Cavalry and run back to your
  trap.  Keep doing this until everyone's dead.
From:  Robert Ammirato 	
- It is very easy to not lose any troops.  You have to get to the area below
  Raaf then run to the bottom of the screen without attacking. then  go up the
  hill on the left and circle around him. Then when you attack him from above
  the other cavalry unit will run into the same spot.

Beginner Level 6 "The Tide Rises"
Goal: Destroy both Gran and Nalavale
Fail: Your Hall is destroyed
- This is rather easy.  Just keep some defense back for the attacks and
  concentrate on building up your forces.  The last fight is a bit tough.
  Take out the healers, or go behind them and attack the catapults and Raaf
  with some cavalry.

Intermediate Level 1 "Burn the Bridges!"
Goal: Destroy Ruplustorie Hall in 12 mins.
Fail: All leaders die, Hall is destroyed or time over
- Take the Eastern route, leaving the Nell and another unit back for defense.
  But leave them slightly to the south of the Hall.  Then, when the attacking
  force comes, some will try concentrate their attacks on it, leaving you more
  forces for the final battle.  Don't attack the catapults by themselves, just
  go behind the trees. The bridges are really annoying because your troops get
  confused easily.  After Zaan attacks, you can take Nell and the other troop
  to attack with the forces that remained from the Golem fight.  Go straight
  for the Hall if you have enough forces.

Intermediate Level 2 "Destroy the Alliance"
Goal: Destroy Gran's Hall
Fail: Your Hall is destroyed
- Head up the middle first with a lot of forces.  There are lots of invisible
  guys.  Once you have enough resources build some catapults and rain death on
  Gran while you attack in the canyon.

Intermediate Level 3 "The Arches"
Goal: Destroy the Ruplustorie Hall
Fail: Your Hall is destroyed
- This isn't too difficult as long as you have some Cavalry with you.  You can
  take out all those pesky catapults and the rest isn't too hard.

Intermediate Level 4 "Bring the Baggage"
Goal: Destroy the Nalavale Hall
Fail: All your Generals are destroyed
- Your healers are very important here.  Charge through the middle and get the
  extra wizards. Then ambush the followers as the enter the clearing.  Then go
  on to destroy the Hall.

Intermediate Level 5 "Deadly Dragonflies"
Goal: Destroy all 7 Factories
Fail: Zaan dies
- You only start with Zaan and a healing Factory.  You have 1000 Bones, enough
  for ten troops.  Take only Zaan to the Mascar infantry and bring them near
  the Gran wizards and they will basically kill them off for you.  Then go
  heal, attack the Catapults by yourself, retreating and healing when you need
  to.  Then, build your troops and take everything else out.

Intermediate Level 6 "Unlikely Alliance"
Goal: Destroy the Mascar Hall
Fail: Fals dies or your Hall is destroyed
- You must keep Fals alive from the Mascar attacks.  At the start, get the
  barely protected resources while building.  Build a Healing Factory near your
  base.  Then build a force to take the forces close to Fals while keeping some
  back for the Dervishes.  Be careful, the force that takes Fals is quick.  Keep
  some troops in the way to make sure once you've taken enough of the area.

Advanced Level 1 "Mascar's Revenge"
Goal: Destroy Nalavale's Hall
Fail: Your Hall is destroyed
- Go to the North first, then East, building and gaining momentum as you go.

Advanced Level 2 "Desert Storm"
Goal: Destroy Gran and Ruplustorie Halls
Fail: Your Hall is destroyed
- There are lots of Catapults and Golems to fight.  Build lots of Cavalry and
  wizards for the last fight.  It's a bit difficult, but not too hard.  Make
  sure you send some cavalry to take out those healers or it will be a long

Advanced Level 3 "Help the Healer"
Goal: Get Ashley and Feofan to the Safe point
Fail: Ashley or Feofan die
- Use the Healing Factory after killing off each of the close units.  To kill the
  close units, deselect and then choose only Feofan using the X button.  Then,
  make him go close to the enemies and they should target him and leave your
  infantry alone.  There are three chests!  The right and middle chests contain
  power ups and the left one has 2000 Blood.  But, use the far right path because
  it is the best for saving Ashley.  Attack the Archers quickly and save her.
  Catapults will destroy your Factory, but there isn't anything you can do about
  it.  As soon as you have the Blood, your Factory will be destroyed, if not
  earlier.  The key is keeping your troops from the first fights.  I just try and
  get Feofan in there to suck up the damage, but it is never just that easy.
  Then, the last battle is difficult.  You have to make sure that your troops are
  down the right channel and Ashley's placement is very important.  But, what
  often happens with me is that my troops run out of her healing range.  You
  can't make a run for the Safe point, because usually it takes a bit of work to
  get it to register that both leaders have made it.  So, kill all your enemies
  off and then you'll be okay.

Advanced Level 4 "Save Ashley Again!"
Goal: Destroy Gran and Ruplustorie Halls
Fail: Fals or Ashley die or your Hall is destroyed
- You have to save Ashley, who is trapped at the top of the map with some
  Generals.  To keep her alive, build a Factory up there with more troops and
  healers to protect her.  Watch out for the enemy catapults that come!  I
  usually build some A Golem or two for them.  Then, you can just keep building
  and attacking first Mascar then Ruplustorie.  It takes forever!  Ruplustorie
  has about 12 catapults waiting for you at the end, so you have to be ready for
  them.  This is probably the longest and hardest mission.

Advanced Level 5 "The Long Trip Home"
Goal: Destroy all Gran's forces
Fail: A refugee reaches the Factory
- You can't let the Gran refugees make it back to the Factory in time.  You also
  can't refine Blood, so no Catapults!  You just have the crossbowmen.  The first
  fights don't make any difference really because they are disconnected from the
  refugees.  So, just start mining during the fights.  You have three generals and
  they need time is the only important thing in this mission.  Once you've built
  your archers, send them down in the path of the refugees.  Set them all to the
  red horn so that they will attack whatever is available.  Keep control of the
  unit that is the last line of defense.  Sometimes you need to select which ones
  to attack or you won't be able to complete the mission because a couple of
  refugees will get through.

Advanced Level 6 "Assassinate the Young King"
Goal: Kill Raaf in 45 mins
Fail: Your Hall is destroyed or time over
- You must assassinate Raaf from the Mascars.  Use Zaan's Dragonflies to collect
  the middle resources.  Build some archers and put them on top of the ridge that
  Nalavale uses to attack you (from the east) to protect your Hall.  Then, take
  the eastern Nalavale encampment.  Finally, use Zaan's troops to drag the Mascars
  away from Raaf and then flee back.  Make a quick attack at Raaf with the
  Dragonflies.  You might need to do it twice.  There is quite a lot of attacking
  at the start, make sure you repel the initial attacks then take the eastern

7) Unit and Structure List
Legend:  Infantry:  Regular troops that may be produced without upgrading
         Cavalry:  Regular mounted troops that may be produced without upgrading
         Missile:  Troops use normal projectiles to attack
         Wizards:  Troops that use magical projectiles to attack
         Hand-to-Hand:  Troops must attack at close range
         Golem:  Heavy troops that need a Factory upgrade before production
         Catapult:  Heavy Missile troops that need a Factory upgrade
         Transport:  Carries troops from one location to another
         Special:  Troops only available to that army and a special leader
         General:  Who commands and can produce these units in the army
         Cost:  Resource cost, AV:  Armor Value, HP:  Hit Points,
	   Str:  Attack Strength vs Light armor (vs Heavy armor)
	   Mv:  Movement Rate

7.1)  Nalavale Units
Nalavale's Cavalry is its speciality.  They are stronger than the other armies'
Cavalry.  More Cavalry is available to control under Nalavale.

Crossbowmen (Missile Infantry)
General: Anna
Cost: 100 Bones
Str: 12 (10)
AV: Light
Mv: Slow
HP: 50

Swordsmen (Hand-to-Hand Infantry)
General: Somervill, Jelky
Cost: 100 Bones
Str: 16 (8)
AV: Heavy
Mv: Slow
HP: 120

Lizard Riders (Hand-to-Hand Cavalry)
General: Raaf, Johan, Diamond
Cost: 100 Bones
Str: 14 (6)
AV: Light
Mv: Fast
HP: 110

Sorceresses (Wizards)
General: Eroll
Cost: 100 Bones
Str: 12 (30)
AV: Light
Mv: Slow
HP: 50

Lizard Rider Crossbowmen (Special Missile Cavalry)
General: Nell
Cost: 100 Bones
Str: 14 (8)
AV: Light
Mv: Fast
HP: 75

War Lizard (Golem)
General: any
Cost: 200 Bones + 200 Blood
Str: 60 (60)
AV: Heavy
Mv: Slow
HP: 240 or 400
* counts as 2 units *

Lizard Rider Catapults (Catapult)
General: any
Cost: 300 Bones + 300 Blood
Str: 80 (80)
AV: Heavy
Mv: Slow
HP: 160 or 250
* counts as 2 units *

Sky Ship (Transport)
General: n/a
Cost: 800 Bones + 800 Blood
Str: n/a
AV: Light
Mv: Flying
HP: 200
* can carry up to 22 troops *
* uses fuel which charges when on the ground *
* troops inside take no damage from attack *

-- Structures --
Nalavale Factory
Cost: 400 Bones + 200 Blood
HP: 1600 (upgradable to 4800)
* used to produce troops *

Nalavale Hall
Cost: nil
HP: 5400 or 7000
* used to dispatch Generals *

Nalavale Mine
Cost: n/a
HP: 400
* used to mine Dragon's Bones *

Nalavale Refinery
Cost: n/a
HP: 400
* used to collect Dragon's Blood *

7.2)  Gran Units
Gran's Wizards are its speciality.  They are stronger than the other armies'
Wizards.  More Wizards are available to control under Gran.

Crossbowmen (Missile Infantry)
General: Krut, Altwool
Cost: 100 Bones
Str: 12 (10)
AV: Light
Mv: Slow
HP: 50

Swordsmen (Hand-to-Hand Infantry)
General: Feofan, Akka
Cost: 100 Bones
Str: 16 (8)
AV: Heavy
Mv: Slow
HP: 120

Lizard Riders (Hand-to-Hand Cavalry)
General: Yuri
Cost: 100 Bones
Str 14 (6)
AV: Light
Mv: Fast
HP: 100

Sorcerers (Wizards)
General: Fals, Eroll
Cost: 100 Bones
Str: 12 (30)
AV: Light
Mv: Slow
HP: 60

Healers (Special Wizards)
General: Edith, Ashley, Vary
Cost: 100 Bones
Str: n/a
AV: Light
Mv: Slow
HP: 90
* can heal other troops using the Heal order *
* heal troops automatically if in range *

Iron Golems (Golem)
General: any
Cost: 200 Bones + 200 Blood
Str: 60  (60)
AV: Heavy
Mv: Slow
HP: 240 or 400
* counts as 2 units *

Wizard Discs (Catapult)
General: any
Cost: 300 Bones + 300 Blood
Str: 80 (80)
AV: Heavy
Mv: Slow
HP: 160 or 250
* counts as 2 units *

Cloud Ship (Transport)
General: n/a
Cost: 800 Bones + 800 Blood
Str: n/a
AV: Light
Mv: Flying
HP: 200
* can carry up to 22 troops *
* uses fuel which charges when on the ground *
* troops inside take no damage from attack *

-- Structures --
Gran Factory
Cost: 400 Bones + 200 Blood
HP: 1600 (upgradable to 4800)
* used to produce troops *

Gran Hall
Cost: nil
HP: 5400 or 7000
* used to dispatch Generals *

Gran Mine
Cost: n/a
HP: 400
* used to mine Dragon's Bones *

Gran Refinery
Cost: n/a
HP: 400
* used to collect Dragon's Blood *

7.3)  Mascar Units
Mascar's Infantry is its speciality.  They are stronger than the other armies'
Infantry.  More Infantry is available to control under Mascar.

Crossbowmen (Missile Infantry)
General: Moepp
Cost: 100 Bones
Str: 12 (10)
AV: Light
Mv: Slow
HP: 50

Armored Thugs (Hand-to-Hand Infantry)
General: Lentz, Hem
Cost: 100 Bones
Str: 16 (8)
AV: Heavy
Mv: Slow
HP: 130

Lizard Riders (Hand-to-Hand Cavalry)
General: Priscilla, Band
Cost: 100 Bones
Str: 14 (6)
AV: Light
Mv: Fast
HP: 100

Dark Sorcerers (Wizards)
General: Mirapo, Kragin
Cost: 100 Bones
Str: 12 (30)
AV: Light
Mv: Slow
HP: 50

Whirling Dervishes (Special Hand-to-Hand Infantry)
General: Davidov
Cost: 100 Bones
Str: 16 (8)
AV: Heavy
Mv: Slow
HP: 110
* invisible to enemy until attacked or attacking *

Firebreathers (Golem)
General: any
Cost: 200 Bones + 200 Blood
Str: 60 (60)
AV: Heavy
Mv: Slow
HP: 240 or 400
* counts as 2 units *

Tower Catapults (Catapult)
General: any
Cost: 300 Bones + 300 Blood
Str: 80 (80)
AV: Heavy
Mv: Slow
HP: 160 or 250
* counts as 2 units *

Doom Ship (Transport)
General: n/a
Cost: 800 Bones + 800 Blood
Str: n/a
AV: Light
Mv: Flying
HP: 200
* can carry up to 22 troops *
* uses fuel which charges when on the ground *
* troops inside take no damage from attack *

-- Structures --
Mascar Factory
Cost: 400 Bones + 200 Blood
HP: 1600 (upgradable to 4800)
* used to produce troops *

Mascar Hall
Cost: nil
HP: 5400 or 7000
* used to dispatch Generals *

Mascar Mine
Cost: n/a
HP: 400
* used to mine Dragon's Bones *

Mascar Refinery
Cost: n/a
HP: 400
* used to collect Dragon's Blood *

7.4)  Ruplustorie Units
Ruplustorie's Missile Infantry is its speciality.  They are stronger than the
other armies' Missile Infantry.  More Missile Infantry is available to control
under Ruplustorie.

Crossbowmen (Missile Infantry)
General: Eris, Natalia, Ing
Cost: 100 Bones
Str: 12 (10)
AV: Light
Mv: Slow
HP: 60

Swordarms (Hand-to-Hand Infantry)
General: Igor
Cost: 100 Bones
Str: 16 (8)
AV: Heavy
Mv: Slow
HP: 120

Lizard Riders (Hand-to-Hand Cavalry)
General: Roadkilly
Cost: 100 Bones
Str: 14 (6)
AV: Light
Mv: Fast
HP: 100

Witches (Wizards)
General: Marilion, Udedd
Cost: 100 Bones
Str: 12 (30)
AV: Light
Mv: Fast
HP: 50

Dragonfly Rider Crossbowmen (Special Hand-to-Hand Cavalry)
General: Zaan
Cost: 100 Bones
Str: 12 (8)
AV: Light
Mv: Fast
HP: 100
* can pass over any terrain *

Iron Walkers (Golem)
General: any
Cost: 200 Bones + 200 Blood
Str: 60 (60)
AV: Heavy
Mv: Slow
HP: 240 or 400
* counts as 2 units *

Tower Catapults (Catapult)
General: any
Cost: 300 Bones + 300 Blood
Str: 80 (80)
AV: Heavy
Mv: Slow
HP: 160 or 250
* counts as 2 units *

Sky Raven (Transport)
General: n/a
Cost: 800 Bones + 800 Blood
Str: n/a
AV: Light
Mv: Flying
HP: 200
* can carry up to 22 troops *
* uses fuel which charges when on the ground *
* troops inside take no damage from attack *

-- Structures --
Ruplustorie Factory
Cost: 400 Bones + 200 Blood
HP: 1600 (upgradable to 4800)
* used to produce troops *

Ruplustorie Hall
Cost: nil
HP: 5400 or 7000
* used to dispatch Generals *

Ruplustorie Mine
Cost: n/a
HP: 400
* used to mine Dragon's Bones *

Ruplustorie Refinery
Cost: n/a
HP: 400
* used to collect Dragon's Blood *

Other Units
Eho (forest creature)
Str: 14 (14)
AV: Light
Mv: Medium
HP: 100

Eho Nest
HP: 800
* produce Eho creatures *

Taleron (forest creature)
Str: 40 (40)
AV: Light
Mv: Fast
HP: 600

Str: n/a
AV: Light
Mv: Slow
HP: 100

Battlement Catapult
Str: 60 (60)
AV: Heavy
Mv: n/a
HP: 999
* Minimum range needed to hit *
* cannot be attacked by regular ground forces *

Trees and other Hazards
HP: 200, 400
* block your passage *

Treasure Chest
HP: 400
* get resources, Shell power-ups *

8) Shell List
Name			Translation
			Usable by
			Effect (Shell Level Required)

8.1)  UŒ‚Œn  Offensive Shells

‰Š‚ÌŒ•			Flame Sword
			Increases Attack Power (1)

‰Š‚Ì‘„			Flame Spear
			Increases Attack Power (1)

‰Š‚Ì‹|			Flame Bow
			Missile Troops
			Increases Attack Power (1)

‰Š‚̏ñ			Flame Staff
			Increases Attack Power (1)

‰Š‚Ì‘ÅŒ‚		Fists of Flame
			Increases Attack Power (1)

‰Š‚Ì–CŒ‚		Flame Cannon
			Increases Attack Power (1)

‹Æ‰Î‚ÌŒ•		HellFire Sword
			Doubly Increases Attack Power (2)

‹Æ‰Î‚Ì‘„		HellFire Spear
			Doubly Increases Attack Power (2)

Ž¾•—‚Ì‹|		Hurricane Bow
			Missile Troops
			Increases Attack Speed (2)

Ž¾•—‚Ì‘„		Hurricane Staff
			Increases Attack Speed (2)

Ž¾•—‚Ì–CŒ‚		Hurricane Cannon
			Increases Attack Speed (3)

‹R•º‚±‚낵		Long Spears
			Special Attack vs Cavalry (2)

•à•º‚±‚낵		Magic Missiles
			Special Attack vs Infantry (2)

‘o‰Š‚ÌŒ• 		Blazing Sword
			Increases Attack Power Long Duration (2)

‘o‰Š‚Ì‘„ 		Blazing Spear
			Increases Attack Power Long Duration (2)	

‘o‰Š‚Ì‹|		Blazing Bow
			Missile Troops
			Increases Attack Power Long Duration (2)

‘o‰Š‚Ì‘„ 		Blazing Staff
			Increases Attack Power Long Duration (2)

«”j‚è‚ÌŒ•		Sword of Balance
			Reduces Power of Enemy General (1)

«”j‚è‚Ì‘„ 		Spear of Balance
			Reduces Power of Enemy General (1)

«”j‚è‚Ì‹| 		Bow of Balance
			Reduces Power of Enemy General (1)

«”j‚è‚̏ñ		Staff of Balance
			Reduces Power of Enemy General (2)

”j‰ó‚ÌŒ•		Sword of Destruction
			Special Attack vs Buildings (2)

”j‰ó‚Ì‘„ 		Spear of Destruction
			Special Attack vs Buildings (2)

”j‰ó‚Ì‹|		Bow of Destruction
			Missile Troops
			Special Attack vs Buildings (2)

”j‰ó‚̏ñ		Staff of Destruction
			Special Attack vs Buildings (2)

8.2)  –h‰qŒn  Defensive Shells
d‰»‚̏‚		Shield of Toughness
			Increases Defense (1)

d‰»‚̃[ƒu		Robe of Toughness
			Increases Defense (1)

d‰»‚Ì”n‹ï		Barding of Toughness
			Increases Defense (1)

d‰»‚Ì‹¹“–‚Ä		Breastplate of Toughness
			Missile Troops
			Increases Defense (1)

‘Þ–‚‚̏‚		Shield of Magical Escape
			Increases Dodge (1)

‘Þ–‚‚Ì”n‹ï		Barding of Magical Escape
			Increases Dodge (1)

‘Þ–‚‚Ì‹¹“–‚Ä		Breastplate  of Magical Escape
			Missile Troops
			Increases Dodge (1)		

‘Þ–‚‚ÌŒRŠø		Banner of Magical Escape@
			Increases Dodge (1)

ŽçŒì‚̏‚		Defensive Shield
			Increases Defense Long Duration (2)

ŽçŒì‚̃[ƒu		Defensive Robe
			Increases Defense Long Duration (2)

ŽçŒì‚Ì”n‹ï		Defensive Barding
			Increases Defense Long Duration (2)

ŽçŒì‚Ì‹¹“–‚Ä		Defensive Breastplate
			Missile Troops
			Increases Defense Long Duration (2)

ŽçŒì‚ÌŒRŠø		Defensive Banner
			Increases Defense Long Duration (2)			

Œ«—´Ž÷‚Ì‚µ‚¸‚­		A Drop of Wisdom
			Recovers HPs (1)

Œ«—´Ž÷‚Ì‘§		A Breath of Wisdom
			Recovers Double HPs (2)

‚‘¬‚Ì‚µ‚¸‚­		A Drop of Speed
			Recovers and Increases Movement (2)

•—_‚̏‚		Shield of the Wind Goddess
			Defense against Indirect attacks (3)

—‹_‚Ì”n‹ï		Barding of the Storm God		
			Defense against Direct attacks (3)
•—_‚Ì‹¹“–‚Ä		Breastplate of the Wind Goddess
			Missile Troops
			Defense against Indirect attacks (3)	

8.3)  ˆÚ“®Œn  Movement Shells
‚‘¬‚̏¬‹ï‘«		Belt of Speed
			Infantry and Golems
			Increases Movement (1)

‚‘¬‚̃u[ƒc 		Boots of Speed
			Wizards and Golems
			Increases Movement (1)

‚‘¬‚Ì’û		Horseshoes of speed
			Cavalry and Golems
			Increases Movement (1)

‚‘¬‚Ì–ØŒC		Sandals of Speed
			Missile Troops and Golems
			Increases Movement (1)

_‘¬‚̏¬‹ï‘«		Belt of Quickness
			Infantry and Golems
			Doubly Increases Movement (2)

_‘¬‚̃u[ƒc 		Boots of Quickness
			Wizards and Golems
			Doubly Increases Movement (2)

_‘¬‚Ì’û		Horseshoes of Quickness
			Cavalry and Golems
			Doubly Increases Movement (2)

_‘¬‚Ì–ØŒC		Sandals of Quickness
			Missile Troops and Golems
			Doubly Increases Movement (2)

•‚—V‚̏¬‹ï‘«		Belt of Floating
			Infantry and Golems
			Ignores Terrain (2)

•‚—V‚̃u[ƒc		Boots of Floating
			Wizards and Golems
			Ignores Terrain (2)

•‚—V‚Ì’û		Horseshoes of Floating
			Cavalry and Golems
			Ignores Terrain (2)

•‚—V‚Ì–ØŒC		Sandals of Floating
			Missile Troops and Golems
			Ignores Terrain (2)

8.4)  ŽŽêŒn  Special Shells

ŽR‰z‚¦‚Ì‹|		Light Arrows
			Missile Troops
			Increases Attack Range (1)

ŽR‰z‚¦‚̏ñ		Walking Staff
			Increases Attack Range (1)

”š—ô‚Ì–CŒ‚		Explosive Catapult
			Increases Attack Range (2)

–‚ƒJ‚ÌŒ•		Magical Sword
			Allows Magical Attack (2)

–‚ƒJ‚Ì‘„ 		Magical Spear
			Allows Magical Attack (2)

–‚ƒJ‚Ì‹|		Magical Bow
			Missile Troops
			Allows Magical Attack (2)

•¨—‰»‚̏ñ		Staff of Power
			Allows Special Magical Attack (2)

‰¤‚̐M”O		Crown of Kings
			Raaf only
			Invinicibility and Heal (2)

”ñ“¹‚Ì‹Œ•		The Darksword
			Lentz only
			Invincibility and Attack Power Up (3)

‰e‘–‚è			Sandals of Thieves
			Davidov only
			Increases Movement Long Duration (2)

–À‚¢‚̃J		The Power of Ignorance		
			Fals only
			Invincibilty and Heal (2)

Œ`Œ©‚ÌŽð•r		The Everfull Jug
			Ashley only
			Increases Healing Power (2)
ƒtƒNƒƒE‚Ì•‘		The Wisdom of the Owl
			Feofan only
			Defense against Indirect attacks (2)

¹‚È‚éß‹Æ		The Scripture of Fallen Angels
			Igor only
			Invincibility and Increased Movement (3)

¹•¶‰»”rœ		The Doctrine of Saints
			Zaan only
			Special Attack vs Buildings (3)

‹­sŒR			Tracker's Boots
			Eris only	
			Increases Movement Long duration (2)		

9) Secrets
The picture on Adventure Mode changes with each episode.
There are some minor plot changes in Adventure mode after you beat it once.

10) Miscellaneous / Et Cetera
Official Hundred Swords Home Page:
 - http://www.hundred-dricas.ne.jp

Hundred Swords Comic Home Page:  (by Character Designer Yoshio Sugiura)
 - http://www.big.or.jp/~yoshio/

Thanks to Sega and Smilebit for making this interesting game!
This FAQ is not associated with Sega, or any of its products either software or
hardware.  Sega retains all copyrights of its products mentioned in this FAQ.

There was a demo version that was free with purchase of the February 2001
Japanese Dreamcast Magazine.  It allowed you to play one mission from the Mission
mode and two missions of the Adventure mode.

A Questionnaire was included with the game.  Participants could win a special
VMU or a special QUO card.  Anyone win?

There is a Hundred Swords wallpaper (1024x768) available.  I have a copy if
anyone wants it.  Email me and I'll send it to you.

There was a soundtrack released by Sega too, but I don't find the music
particularly moving.

This FAQ is best viewed in Japanese Notepad or a Japanese text-based editor.

I've had to use Kanji for the Shell list.  I hope that you can read them.  If
anyone has any suggestions on formatting for Japanese, please let me know.
A note on the translation.  Some of it is translated by me, but some is their
English, not mine.  The names are another problem.  It is very difficult to
translate names into English because both languages use different sounds.
Finally, it has been very difficult because the game uses a lot of old
Japanese.  Feel free to email any advice or suggestions!  Due to time
constraints, do not expect a reply on email.

Other FAQs written by me:
- Tetris with Cardcaptor Sakura:  Eternal Heart (PSX)
- The Typing of the Dead (DC)
- The Great Khan Game (Card game)
- Advanced World War (DC)

--  3/25/01 Gene([email protected])

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