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International Superstar Soccer 64 FAQ by Simon Pulman
[email protected]

Version 2.75 7/2/99

6/3/99: v1.00 Started FAQ
6/5/99: v2.00 Added Scenario Mode Guide, Codes and Team Guide.
6/26/99 v2.50 Added new scoring methods, and elaborated on other techniques.
7/2/99  v2.75 Added Penalty techniques, some reformatting of FAQ.

This is not intended to infringe Konami/Nintendo/anyone else. It is MY OWN WORK, 
using my own skills and experiences, so if you want to reproduce it please ask 
me. Do NOT change it and use your own name, send it in to a magazine or 
whatever- i will sue.. I am however going to put the latest version up on 
www.gamefaqs.com. Thanks. 
N.B I have added codes from Gamesages now. All original posters are 

If anyone wants to organise an ISS tournament invite me please :-) Oh and 
Konami- make ISS for the Dreamcast please!

Since nobody has written an FAQ for Konami's superlative soccer game, I thought 
I'd give it a shot. Feel free to contact me at the above address if you have any 
questions, or anything to contribute.

1) Background
2) Control Summary
3) Team Selection
4) Formations and Strategies
5) Preventing Goals
6) Scoring Goals
7) Penalties
8) Scenario Mode
9) Codes and Cheats
10) Notices


ISS 64 is the follow-up to the 16-bit console soccer games, ISS and ISS Deluxe. 
Critically acclaimed, it is an arcade style game rather than a simulation. This 
FAQ is aimed at mastering the hardest 'level 5' difficulty setting, since it 
provides the greatest challenge to all but the casual gamer. I will outline the 
basic moves and strategies before moving on to the techniques that will help 
ensure victory.


Basic Movement: Control stick
Run: Bottom C
Switch Player: Right Shoulder Button

Defensive Moves:
Block Tackle: A
Slide Tackle: Left C
Push/Elbow: Left-C and B together.

Attacking Moves: 
Shoot: B
Pass: A
Chip: Left C
One-Two (Wall Pass): Right C
Through Ball: Top C


The best team overall is obviously the bonus 'World Stars' (code is at the 
bottom of this document). Apart from this, team abilities correlate with real 
football- Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Holland, England, Columbia and Mexico are 
all very good. Personally, my favourite team is Croatia, since I got bored of 
the best teams. Croatia are strong nonetheless, and I won the long, long World 
League with them. Individually, Brazil, Argentina and Holland have great 
attacks. Germany are probably the best in defence, and Mexica and England have 
the best goalkeepers. Different styles suit different teams- Norway for example 
are great at heading, so search around for your favourite.


In ISS64, the players are divided into three main areas: Defence, Midfield and 
Attack. Although tactics do not play a massive part in success, the right 
formation and team layout can help.


On level 5, the greatest threat is the computer dissecting your defenders with a 
through ball, from which it has a good chance of scoring. Therefore a sweeper is 
essential. He should be backed up with two centre backs. The Computer is 
generally less of a threat down the flanks, so I find it best to have any wide 
players functioning in a 'wing-back' position, or with 'JOIN ATTACK' turned on. 
This way they can deal with the limited wing threat, whilst still helping in 
attack. Whilst player selection is limited, ideally defenders should be quick 
and be good in the air. Unless you plan on going on long runs frequently, 
stamina is least important in centre backs, though is certainly useful in wing-


The primary job of the midfield is to win the ball and create chances for the 
strikers. The best option is to play three centre midfielders, along with the 
wing backs mentioned above. Of these 3 midfielders, one should be played in a 
withdrawn role between the midfield and defence. The other two midfielders 
should be used to thread through balls to the attackers or wing-backs, or to go 
on solo runs (having the Defensive midfielder covers any counter attack 
resulting from this).


Obviously, the main job of the attackers is to score goals. If two are playing 
up front, they should both be central so they can link up and play one-twos. 
There is little to say about the attackers tactically- the methods of scoring 
are below.



In order to win in ISS, the first objective is to prevent goals. The main step 
in doing this is by learning the two tackling techniques:

Block Tackle:

This is used when very near another player, usually when head-on. The timing is 
easier than a slide tackle, and often you will come away in possession. If one 
of your players is robbed of the ball, the you should immediately tap A as it is 
quite likely you will win the ball back straight away. If an opponent is through 
on goal, press A just as he is pulling back his leg to shoot, resulting in you 
saving a goal in a very satisfying way.

Slide Tackle:

This should be performed against a sprinting opponent who is either side-on or a 
bit away from your player. The timing of the tackle really needs to be 
practiced, but after a while you should get the ball 95% of the time. The 
perfection of the ISS slide tackle is what sets it aparts, IMO, from inferior 

There are a few more general points about defending. Firstly, heading. When the 
computer opponent tries to knock the ball in the air, a well timed press of left 
C (for a looping header) or A (to knock it down to a nearby teammate) will 
suffice. Under no circumstances, shoudld the computer ever beat you in the air 

The second thing to remember is that when a CPU opponent is clear through on the 
goalkeeper, he will often save it, leaving it rebounding back towards the 
striker. YOU MUST GET TO IT FIRST- this can either be by simply picking it up 
and running to safety, or by sliding towards it and just knocking it out for a 
corner. It is SO infuriating when the computer scores from a rebound.

Thirdly, never let the computer cut across the edge of the box. He will usually 
unleash a screamer of a shot into the corner of the net, so get to him first.


This is divided into two sections: creating chances, and putting the ball in the 

Getting to the goal:

Long Ball:

This is the most uncultured of techniques, but is occasionally successful. Is 
also the fastest way of getting the ball down the pitch. Use Left-C to thump a 
ball down the wing to a striker who with luck will receive it and progress to 
goal. Even if a defender intecepts, he may be isolated so you can tackle him. 
Another long ball method is to chip a diagonal ball over the full back for a 


With skill and a bit of luck, it is frequently possible to beat the entire 
opposition defence to create a chance. The technique is to use the analogue 
stick to weave between opponents, while NOT sprinting. This is how to do it when 
running right: Approach the opponent straight on (-->) then as as you get near, 
gradually, move the stick 90 degrees in either direction. It is not a sharp 
turn, but a slight movement which should leave the defender floundering. You can 
then apply a touch of pace to accelerate away. It is hard to describe, but trust 
me, it works! Just remember that it is usually better not to sprint when trying 
to beat opponents.

Through Ball:

Obviously, it won't work every time, but it can provide great chances. The best 
thing to do is to unleash the through ball when your midfielder is about a 
quarter of the way into the opposition's half. Another method that frequently 
works is using Top-C to place a diagonal through ball when just outside the 
area, creating a good chance. NB: Sometimes a wide through ball will encourage 
the GK to come out and retrieve it. Often by tapping shoot as you approach you 
will be able to squeeze the ball through the narrow angle and into the net.


Scoring with headers and volleys is difficult on level 5. The best way to do so 
is to get to the byline at about six yards away from the near post. By lightly 
chipping it back to the man at the far post, you should avoid the GK and 
defenders, allowing the striking to volley into the far corner.


This is a bit hit and miss but can produce spectacular results. A tap of right C 
does a normal one two, while holding it flicks the ball into the air for the 
receiver. I find the one-two best used by a winger who wants to evade a marker, 
but it can also be used to produce good chances in the box. Using the hold 
right-C (high return) method when just outside the box, then running on and 
hitting the ball first time can result in spectacular goals.


Often the opposition defence will mess about with the ball, dribbling and 
passing even in their own six yard box.  I have scored hundreds of goals by 
tackling slack defenders, so use the tackling skills you have practised to 
devestating effectiveness. It is also worth noting that if you tackle a defender 
in the six yard box the goalkeeper will be quickly out, so you often have to 
shoot quickly.


The level 5 goalkeepers are stupidly difficult to beat. Luckily though, they can 
also be plain stupid, so use this to your advantage.

Shooting: The first skill to learn is shooting. Basically, Pressing up or down 
puts the ball in the respective corner, centring the stick puts it in the middle 
of the goal and holding away from the goal lobs the ball. Holding B for 
different times controls height.

I have found scoring goals on level 5 frustrating, particulary against the good 
teams (such is my experience with the game, I find anything easier boring). It 
IS possible however for South Korea to score 10+ goals against the World Stars 
by the following sneaky methods:

Cheesy Goal One:

Receive the ball on the side edge of the box. Sprint down the wing, then 
suddenly release bottom C and turn inside, using the dribbling method detailed 
above. Use this to beat the defenders in front of you, and then sprint along a 
line level with the penalty spot. When you are roughly level with the far post, 
hold the stick in the direction you are running and shoot using B. This will 
produce a goal 90% of the time, even against the best goalkeepers, and if the 
shot hits a defender, or you are tackled, it is easy for another striker to 
finish the task.

Cheesy Goal Two:

This is more hit and miss, due to the fact that it is easier to close you down. 
Approach the GK until you reach the penalty spot. At this point the Gk should 
come out. Quickly move backwards with the ball until almost at the edge of the 
box. Now turn and lob the ball, holding B for around 1/2 a second. The ball 
should go over the keeper and drop into the empty net. This method is more 
difficult since the lob requires precision and you can be tackled, but it should 
work at least a 1/3 of the time. NB. It is particularly amusing when a computer 
defender, trying to save the ball knocks it into his own net for an OG.

Obviously there are more legitimate tactics, but these the above should help 
bail you out when necessary.


Here are two more methods of scoring that I have found recently...

Method 1:

Take your winger down the flank until he is approximately half way between the 
penalty spot and six yard box, and just inside the area. Then hold the Right 
shoulder button and press left-C to chip a lower than usual cross in towards the 
far post. A forward should then steal in and head the ball into the bottom 
corner with B. This requires a lot of practice to consistantly put in accurate 
crosses, but can result in some satisfying goals.

Method 2:

Again run down the wing, this time with one of your strikers. You should be 
inside the area and level with the penalty spot. Now press Top-C to play the 
ball across the goalkeeper. Hopefully he will miss it, allowing your other 
striker to run onto it and score a brilliant goal with a first time finish. 
Again, this doesn't work all the time, but I have found that even if the 
goalkeeper reaches the ball, he usually parries it, allowing you to score the 
rebound. This works best if you use a more skillful player to make the pass.


I now have two methods of scoring!

1. This method was sent to me by Andreas Purzer ([email protected]). The 
technique is to aim your box above the goalkeepers head, directly at the 
crossbar. This will mean the GK cannot catch the ball and it will rebound to the 
kicker who can score easily. Of course this method is useless in PK shootouts, 
where there are no rebounds, but is excellent in open play.

2. This is a method I discovered this week. Like so many things in life it 
requires practice, but should yield good results. Move you box right into the 
top left corner of the goal. Now press R to make it invisible. Now press B to 
kick, and just before your player kicks the ball redirect the ball to the bottom 
right corner, leaving the GK rooted to the spot. Naturally, the directions can 
be swapped about, and soon you'll master placing the ball into every corner of 
the goal.


The lastability of ISS64 is improved with the inclusion of a scenario mode, in 
which the player has a limited amount of time to overturn a deficit and, quite 
literally, change history. The scenarios are grouped by difficulty, with one 
star being the easiest and five star being near impossible. I will include some 
general tactics here and then deal with the five star scenario (England-Holland) 

When you select a Scenario, you are first taken to the tactics screen. With many 
of the scenarios, especially the more difficult ones, it is important that you 
pick the right formation. I recommend either a 2-5-3 formation or a 3-5-2 
formation as both of these provide attacking wingers with which to penetrate the 
opposition defence. When the Scenario proper starts, you are usually given a set 
piece to either score from or defend. The primary thing to remember in order to 
be successful is NOT TO CONCEDE. When you are chasing a two goal margin the last 
thing that you need is to lose another goal. As regards to the timing, it is 
usually not essential that you score from the first set piece, but it will 
certainly ease the pressure. On the Four Star Scenarios, such as USA-Brazil 
(where you are 2-0 down) it is a good idea to go all out defence as soon as you 
are in the lead, and to clear whenever possible. Again, if you push for more 
goals the opposition could cut you open with a through ball leading to a very 
frustrating failure of the Scenario. Lastly, perseverance is the key- don't give 
up :-) 

England 4-1 Holland

Ouch. This is tough for several reasons. Firstly, you have around a minute to 
score 4 goals- not easy. Secondly, you start from a throw-on, which is less 
straightforward than scoring from a free-kick or corner. Thirdly, unlike most of 
the opposition in this mode, England are still playing and will score more 
against you if you give them the chance. Finally, England's goalkeeper is one of 
the best (he is the World Stars Keeper). This Scenario will probably take many 
repeat attempts, but it is satisfying to complete it. It is best to use a 3-5-2 
Scenario as England are good on the break.

From the start, use your left winger to run down the wing, then use left-C to 
throw it long to him. Cut inside, past the right back, across the box and score. 
4-2. That is really the only specific tip I can give, other than not to let 
England get possession at all. England appear to be weakest down the wings, so I 
have found the crossing technique works well, as do balls across the path of the 
keeper, particualarly to Koppers, the Dutch forward. Other than that, good luck!


I haven't tried these, but for completists here they are, direct from Gamesages.


Big Heads 
At the title screen, press C-Up, C-Up, C-Down, C-Down, C-Left, C-Right, C-Left, 
C-Right, B, A, then hold Z and press Start. 

Bonus Teams 
Go to the simulation mode where you are placed in a situation where your game 
has been started and you have to win or keep the lead given. Select difficulty 5 
in the options menu. Beat all 16 and you will get new teams (which much be saved 
to the controller pak). A few of the teams are Brazil 94', Argentina 82', 
Germany 60', and Italy 90'.

Note: All of these teams have the actual rosters, strategies, and formations 
used by these teams in the specific year. Have Fun! 
Submitted by Dave ([email protected])

Extra Teams 
At the title screen, press Up, L, Up, L, Down, L, Down, L, Left, R, Right, R, 
Left, R, Right, R, B, A, then hold Z and press Start.

Note: This may prevent you from saving your game in the American version. (It 
works fine in J-League Perfect Striker.) 

Extra Time in Scenarios 
In the Scenario mode, when you get a cornerkick, free kick, penalty kick, or 
when your goalie has the ball, wait a long time before kicking the ball. You 
will get lots of stoppage time.

NOTE: Do this only after your normal time has run out. 
Submitted by PsychoSoft

***FAQ WRITER'S NOTE: The above tip from 'Dave' about Bonus Teams (Brazil '94 
etc.) is false. No such mode exists. Sorry...

To Come:
More in depth strategy. 
Multiplayer Tactics. 
Set Piece/Penalty Tactics.

Any tips are welcome and you will get a mention.


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