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FAQ for
J-League Jikkyou
Winning Eleven 2000 
Ivan Atmaja

Version 1.4

What's new in this version :

Version 1.4 – 26 February 2001
HI! It's me again after a long long break I've decided that I gonna 
write this FAQ again. Maybe this is my last version, because now 
there's a new J-League WE and that's J-League WE 2nd. Not much change 
from the previously J-League WE, maybe just the graphics and gameplay 
has changed a little bit. Some changes that I've made
- There's a problem with the long range beautiful goal and that is you      
CAN'T do it. I have tried many times to do it but it won't work. This 
goal can only you do in WE 4 (sorry he..he..). Anyway thanks for Ronald 
who told me about that.
- The name of all the 7 big clubs are now completed. Please e-mail me 
if find any mistakes. Oh, yeah thanks to everyone that helped me on the 
names. Thanks to Valdiserri Luca, Gluviax, and everyone.
- Have you got the J1 & J2 All star East & West because I haven't got 
- That's all folks, and see you on other FAQ

Version 1.3 – 6 September 2000
- Added the Training Mode in Game Explanation
- Corrected some mistakes
- Updated Extra Stuff

Version 1.2 – 22 August 2000
- Lots of Updated on Game Explanation
- Updated Hints and Tips
- Updated Extra Stuff
- Corrected some mistakes
- Added few words

Version 1.1 – 18 August 2000 
- Corrected some mistakes
- Updated Hints and Tips
- Updated Game Explanation

Version 1.0 – 16 August 2000
- Document created



This FAQ is made for personal use only and can't be used for anything 
besides non-profit. This FAQ can be posted on any sites as long as the 
document is not changed and I am fully credited.

This is the FAQ that I want to do for a very long time. I really like 
all the Winning Eleven series. This is the first FAQ that I wrote and 
if you find any hints and secrets that I don't write in my FAQ and also 
if you find some mistakes or errors, please e-mail me at 
[email protected]

That's okay for now. :-)




1. Disclaimer and general info

2. Contents

3. Introduction

4. Game Explanation

5. How to Play

6. Hints and Tips

7. Extra Stuff

8. Credits




It's finally come the new series of Winning Eleven...and that is J-
League Winning Eleven 2000. Although I have heard that a more new 
Winning Eleven series is going to show up. But, never mind about that.
This FAQ is going to show you what is inside the new Winning Eleven.




J-League Winning Eleven 2000 is one of the best series of W.E. The 
graphics is more improved, the music is good, and the best I can say is 
the commentary is very good (It's because I love to hear the 
commentator voice).
As you know according to the title, this W.E is no else than J-League 
clubs from J1 to J2. I can see you are upset because there's no nation 
in here that maybe one of your favorite nation, but don't be upset 
because after you played or finished some League or Cup, you will see 
some good news (See Extra Stuff below).
This game can be played by 1-4 players (Of course if you use Multi-Tap) 
and compatible with ANALOG controller. There are some that new in W.E 
2000, that is you can now select your captain, short or long sleeves 
costume, the skills of the player now is value by 12-19,the player can 
now be injured, and of course new opening and new ending movie.
The other difference is now the menu option are in Japanese word, but 
for you W.E series mania that's not a problem because the place of the 
option is almost the same from the other W.E series. But anyway it's 
more useful if I write the menu explanation. However if you read this 
explanation and still confused, I suggest you to see the explanation in 
W.E 4 because W.E 4 the menu is in English word and most of W.E 2000 
menu same with W.E 4.

When you in menu screen you will see many option with Japanese word and 
on the side of the menu there's an animation of a running player.
Starting from the top:
Match Mode
- Exhibition
- PK Match
League Mode
- New League
- Load data from Memory Card
Cup Mode
- Yamazaki Nabisco Cup
- Local Cup
- Load data from Memory Card
Special Match
- JOMO Match (Japan Dreams vs World Dreams)
- J1 East vs J1 West
- J2 East vs J2 West
Training Mode
Game Option
- Memory Card*
- Edit Mode*
- Appreciation*
- Key Configuration
- Sound Setting
- Screen Setting
* Memory Card
- Save data utility
- Autosave setting
- Option file load
- Option file save
* Appreciation
- Cup Gallery
- See Saved Replay (When you score a goal, press Square to save it)
* Edit Mode
- Edit Name (after you got the 7 big club, this option will show up)
- Pick players to put in Japan and World Dreams, J1 East and West, J2       
  East and West
- Edit Player : - Create player 
                - Create player but copy from the player that already 
                  on the game
                - Edit your create player
- Transfer Player (only for J1 and J2 club)
- Delete Player
- Data Save

After you choose a club you will see new menu coming out (the menu is 
the default option that you haven't change for the first time you 
played the game)
- *Day or Night 
- Long or *short sleeves/*dry or rain (See the costume below)
- Play time *10 minutes : 5-30 minutes
- Difficulties *Normal (the shortest word) : from Normal, press left 
for Easy and right for Hard (the longest word)
- Extra time *No/Yes
- Golden goal *No/Yes
- Penalty Shootout *No/Yes
- Choose stadium
- Choose costume color
Note :  *  is the default option

After you confirm this option there's an option coming out before you 
play the game
- Game Start
- Formation Changes : 
  - Change Formation
  - Load/Save Strategy from Memory Card for Away and Home Team
- Sound Setting
- Controllers
- Exit Match
*If you choose the Change Formation option this menu will come out
- Exit
- Member Change
- Kicker Select
- Captain Select
- Formation
- Strategy
- Formation Copy 
*If you choose the Formation option this menu will come out
- Set Formation
- Defense type : choose your man to guard your enemy then select the 
type : - Covering 
       - Zone Marking
       - Man Marking : - Normal Marking
                       - Tight Marking
- Awareness
- Position Edit
*If you choose the Strategy option this menu will come out
- Set Strategy
- OFS/DFS Level      
*If you choose the Set Strategy option this menu will come out
- Professional
- Normal
Whether you choose Prof. Or Normal the strategies will show up
The only different between Prof and Normal is in Prof the Triangle, O, 
Square, X button but in Normal is replace by A1, A2, L2, A3. See for 
yourself for further info.
Here are the strategies
- No Strategy
- Normal
- Center Attack
- Right Side Attack
- Left Side Attack
- The other side Attack
- Change Side
- CB Overlap
- Zone Press
- Counter Attack
- Offside Trap
- Formation Changes
- Formation Changes
* If you choose OFS/DFS Level this menu will come out (See the controls 
for info how to use this)
- Manual
- Defensive Auto
- Normal Auto
- Offensive Auto

I will show you the steps to create a player.
- When you choose option, the first thing is to select your player  
  (GK: goal keeper, CB: center back, SB: side back, DH: defensive half, 
  SH: side half, OH: offensive half, WG: wing, CF: center forward)
- And then write your name (English word is below the OK word)
- Choose the name that the commentator will call your player. After you 
  choose one word there will be a list of name that starting with that 
  word. The problem is the words are in Japanese. But don't worry about
  that, the first thing you do is look for the name that you want to 
  select by HEARING it from the commentator (PK MATCH is the best way  
  to hear it) and memorize the Japanese word, if necessary write the 
  name so you can input it in Create Player Mode.
  If you directly choose OK the name will be choose randomly by the 
- After that a menu will come out
  - Nationality - *Japan or Foreign
  - Face color
  - Hair type
  - Hair color
  - Facial Hair
  - Facial Hair color
  - Body type (weight)
  - Height
  - Age 
  - Shoes color
  - Preferred foot – Right, Left, Both (See the animation on the left 
    that showing the foot that you choose)
  Note : * is default option
- And the last is the menu for your skill. You can adjust your skill 
within 12-19. The skill words are in Japanese but you can see in the 
Formation Changes menu, the skill in there is written in English word. 
Below the skills there is one word in Japanese that I don't know what 
it is.


How to Play 


Just like the previous series of W.E, the game controls is easy to 
learn and I recommend to you NOT to change the controls. Here are the 
controls :

X : -Shorts pass
    -Normal tackle  
O : -Long ball
    -Sliding tackle
Square : -Shoot the ball
         -Clear the ball
Triangle : -Through ball
L1 : -Change player
     -One-two pass (L1+X)
     -One-two air pass (L1+O)
     -Short lob pass (L1+Triangle)
     -Lob shot (L1+Square)
     -Playing with the ball (L1 rapidly)
L2 : -Use with X, O, Square, Triangle to set up the strategy
R1 : -Run
R2 : -Use with Square and Circle to set up the OFS/DFS level
      (see the light below the name of the player)
D-Pad : -Move player


Hints and Tips


There are some hints that you can learn like skills, playing tips, and 
many more. As you can see there is no skills have been added from the 
W.E 4. But for more info I will so you.

1) When playing, set up the exact strategies that you often play with.                
My strategies are 4-4-2A, man marking, zone press. I like that because 
I like fast and hard play.
2) Also set up the kickers because sometimes you can score from free 
kick and corner.
3) Oh yeah, when free kick, choose the exact kicker because if you 
stand on right you must choose the left foot player and so on.
4) When your opponent like to play with crossing ball, try to choose 
the defender with high heights and jump power, most of the cross will 
be clear out by the defender.
5) When your opponent like to play with speed, try to choose fast 
6) And if your opponent like to play with those two above the best  
strategies to set is the SB (both left and right) with fast speed and 
both CB with high heights and jump power (I use four defender). 
7) You can use Fake Shot (Square+X/Shoot+Pass) when you are one on one 
with the GK. I recommend you to do this if you sure you are pressing 
the right button because sometimes only X button that pressed (I made a 
few mistakes like that).
8) In W.E 2000 the referee is now more "aggressive" to show the yellow 
and red card. That's way I recommend you NOT often to use hard tackling 
except on certain condition like blocking cross or shoot.
9) Try to use variety skills like one-two and short lob pass. One-two 
and short lob pass is needed when two teammate were guarded by only one 
10) Don't use to much R1 button because once you at full speed, your 
enemy will easily steal the ball and is hard for your to dribble the 
ball to pass your enemy. You can use R1 button when you sprint with 
your enemy.
11) And last, try to practice with your friend that you think is good 
in W.E 2000 or practice versus CPU but with small club against big 
club. Try to practice as hard as you can because in this W.E the skill 
level of " hard " is getting more harder than usual W.E series(that's 
in my opinion).


Extra Stuff 


Like the previous W.E series, W.E 2000 has many secret teams. The list 
of how to get them is shown below.
So check it. But before that I recommend you to switch on the Autosave 
(you can see where is the Autosave option in Game Explanation).

- Getting Masters Cup 
First, finish 1st the Yamazaki Nabisco Cup with any skill level (easy, 
normal, hard). After that, finish 1st the J1 League mode, whether is 
half or full competition (full is the long word, half is shorter). 
Finally after the ending movie check out the new option below the 
Option Mode.

-Getting World and Japan Dreams
Finish 1st the Yamazaki Nabisco Cup with any skill level.

- Unlock 7 Big Club 
It's easy, just finish 1st in the Masters Cup with any skill level and 
look on the "choose club" screen. There are new 7 club, they are Man 
Utd, Arsenal, AC Milan, Juventus, AS Roma, Barcelona, and Vasco da Gama 
(the Italian club have been reduced and they add Vasco).

- Getting J1 and J2 East and West 
I'm still searching for them. But my friend told me that if you log 
into Konami/kcet, you will find how to get J1 and J2 (maybe). But the 
words are in Japanese.  

Note : After you get the 7 big club, there is now a new option in Edit 
Mode (see Game Explanation). You can now rename your 7 big club 

And now I will show the name of the players on the 7 big club (Actually 
I like to write the name of the other club like Jubilo Iwata, Kashiwa 
Reysol, etc. Do you guys want to help me with that ? ). Anyway this 
name that I wrote just the short name of the players, some of the name 
maybe can't be fit but do whatever you like so the name can be fit.
If you find any mistakes please inform me ASAP and if you know the name 
that I don't know please inform me too.

Manchester United
1.  Bosnich
27. Silvestre
6.  Stam
3.  Irwin
2.  G.Neville
16. Keane
11. Giggs
7.  Beckham
18. Scholes
19. Yorke
9.  Cole
21. Berg
12. P.Neville
8.  Butt
20. Solksjaer
17. V.der Gouw
13. Curtis
30. Brown
25. Fortune
34. Greening
14. Cruyff
10. Sheringham

1.  Seaman
5.  Keown
6.  Adams
16. Silvinho
2.  Dixon
17. Petit
4.  Viera
8.  Ljungberg
15. Parlour
10. Bergkamp
14. Henry
22. Luzhny
11. Overmars
9.  Suker
25. Kanu
13. Manninger
18. Grimandi
3.  Winterburn
7.  Vivas
30. Vernazza
23. S.Hughes
19. Malz

A.C Milan
12. Abbiati
3.  Maldini
5.  Costacurta
19. Chamot
23. Ambrosini
15. De Ascentis
27. Serginho
8.  Gattuso
10. Boban
20. Bierhoff
7.  Shevchenko
26. Sala
4.  Albertini
18. Leonardo
41. Jose Mari
1.  Rossi
13. West
14. Ayala
24. Guly
2.  Helveg
21. Giunti
40. Fiori

1.  V.der Sar
13. Iuliano
4.  Montero
2.  Ferrara
26. Davids
20. Tacchinardi
23. Zambrotta
8.  Conte
21. Zidane
10. Del Piero
9.  Inzaghi
28. Tudor
7.  Pessotto
15. Birindelli
18. Kovacevic
12. Rampulla
3.  Mirkovic
5.  Oliseh
24. Maresca
19. Esnaider
11. Fonseca

AS Roma
22. Antonioli
20. Mangone
6.  Aldair
3.  Zago
11. Di Francesco
8.  Nakata
32. Candela
2.  Cafu
10. Totti
24. Delvecchio
9.  Montella
23. Rinaldi
17. Tommasi
18. Frau
12. Lupatelli
5.  M.Assuncao
4.  C.Zanetti
16. Tomic
13. Blasi
21. D'Agostino
27. F.Junior

1.  Hesp
22. F.De Boer
5.  Abelardo
17. Bogarde
32. Puyol
4.  Guardiola
8.  Cocu
10. Litmanen
9.  Kluivert
11. Rivaldo
7.  Figo
2.  Reiziger
26. Xavi
21. L.Enrique
19. Dani
25. Arnau
3.  Dehu
23. Zenden
29. Mario
6.  R.De Boer
20. Simao
28. Gabri

Vasco da Gama
1.  C.Germano
4.  Galvao
3.  Odvan
13. Gilberto
2.  Jorginho
6.  Felipe
5.  Amaral
8.  Juninho
9.  Ramon
11. Romario
10. Edmundo
17. J.Baiano
15. P.Miranda
23. A.Oliviera
19. Viola
12. Helton
14. Torres
22. Alex
16. Pedrinho
21. Nasa
18. Valber
7.  Donizete




- Thanks to KONAMI and KCET (www.konami.co.jp/kcet) for making such a                   
  great game. Hopefully they will keep making the W.E series.
- Thanks to SCEI (www.scei.co.jp) for making the best console in the 
  world called Playstation.
- Thanks to GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com) for providing place for me to       
  post this FAQ.
- Thanks to Marcelo Suzumura ([email protected]) for telling me the 
  name of " Yamazaki Nabisco Cup ".
- Thanks to Darning Freak ([email protected]) for telling 
  me the Training Mode
- Thanks to all of you that read my FAQ.

Copyright (c) 2000 Ivan Atmaja. All rights reserved

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