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                         KENGO: Master of Bushido FAQ



    Japan's Genroku Period was from 1688 to 1704. The Age of Bloody 
warfare had ended & warriors could no longer make a name for themselves 
through battle. Yet there were those who were fascinated by the Arts of 
Swordsmanship. They trained hard each day, polishing their skills... 
like the blade of their razor-sharp swords. The Samurai single-mindedly 
devoted their lives to the way of the sword. No one may ever really know 
why the chose such a hard life. Thrust into a world where they battled-
never ending fear, they put everything they had into each stroke. 
Survival only came to those who no longer feared death. Now it is your 
turn to follow the path of a Sword Master.

    To become Kengo, Sword Master, requires absolute commitment. 
Studying in a Dojo is only the beginning. You must test your stamina 
under an ice cold waterfall, learn absolute concentration with Zen 
monks, and hone your speed and accuracy in a bamboo forest. All of these 
skills will be vital as you face Samurai intent on your death. Custom 
combinations, lightning reflexes and precision timing all combine to 
make you a formidable opponent. But be prepared, only the bravest, 
strongest and swiftest will win the Emperor's Tournament to become 
Master of Bushido. 

                       Taketsune Nakayama

Born the elder son of a Samurai of the Shibata Clan. His parents died 
and he lost his family home when he was very young. Taketsune was raised 
by his elder sister who married into another family, he has vowed to 
live by the sword and restore his family honor.

                         Shozaemon Hyuga

His father, who ran a Dojo in Kagoshima, was brutally murdered when he 
was but a small child. His grief-stricken mother commited suicide. The 
family dojo was closed down & he was shipped off to Edo (Fedual Tokyo) 
to be raised by relatives. One day while watching a duel, he recognized 
the voice of one of the Samurai. It was his fathers murderer. Swearing 
revenge for his fathers death & his mothers shame... Shoezaemon went to 
one of the city's training halls to learn Bushido & the Art 

                        Yasutomo Yoshimura

Although born the son of a farmer, in his childhood years he learned the 
basics of sword fighting from a respected Ronin. Yoshimura was falsely 
charged with murder and he was forced to flee to Edo. He made his living 
using the sword skills he'd learned as a child.


NOTE: In order to tap into the characters "TRUE POTENTIAL", it is best 
that you select a sword style that compliments the characters 
attributes. Technically speaking the 3 main characters are designed for 
certain particular styles. Below I have made a list of which styles are 
best suited for each individual character!

Taketsune Nakayama 
Skill Level: Relatively high abilites across the board. Nakayama is 
suited (or designed) to learn from any school.

Shozaemon Hyuga:
Skill Level: High attack speed and powerful blows. Hyuga's real 
potential lies within styles that either rely on speed, power, or a 
combination of the two. 

HIRATA DOJO: (Muja School) 
MORIYA DOJO: (Suigetsu School) 
TANBARA DOJO: (Muishinjin School) 
UDAGAWA DOJO: (Isshin School) 
TSUBAKI DOJO: (Kumomushin School) 
KADOKURA DOJO: (Fudo School)

Yasutomo Yoshimura:
Skill Level: Fast movement & combos. Yastomo character is desgined for
sword techniques that rely upon speed & (or) combination attacks.

HIRATA DOJO: (Muja School)
KASUKABE DOJO: (Kyoshin School) 
OOISHI DOJO: (Muni School)  
TANBARA DOJO: (Muishinjin School)


HIRATA DOJO: (Muja School)

This school emphasizes combined techniques. Their technique variations 
are seamless, yet this style relies upon quick bursts of speed above all 

Juuro Hirata: "Master" of the Hirata Dojo
Kangoro Morobushi: Disciple of the Hirata Dojo

Liscensed Katana: KANEMITU

Shadow Strk ->Blade of Fury ->Blade of Doom 
->Lunging Blade 
->Multi-Strk ->2-Handed Thrust        
->Mod Flying Swallow 
Solar Strk ->Swd Grd Throwback->Swd Grd Throwback 
->Flying Swallow 
->Mod Flying Swallow 
->Blade of Fury ->Blade of Doom 
->Lunging blade 


MORIYA DOJO: (Suigetsu School)

This school strives for balance between technique & power. The Suigetsu 
style incorperates rotational swings that can deliver a considerable 
amount of damage! The Suigtsu style is perfect for "CONSERVATIVE" 

Genpo Moriya: "Master" of the Moriya Dojo
Toranosuke Matsui: Disciple of the Moriya Dojo

Liscensed Katana: MURAMASA

Direct Blow ->Solar Blade ->Shadow Blade 
->Whirlwind ->Water and Clouds 
Horizontal Slash ->Rev Horz Slash ->Whirlwind 
->Shadow Blade ->Solar Blade 
->Water and Clouds 
Blade of thunder ->Solar Blade ->Shadow Blade 
->Whirlwind ->Water and Clouds 

Secret Technique: WILD TOP

KASUKABE DOJO: (Kyoshin School)

This school emphasizes combination attacks. They have many 
unconventional (or abstract) techniques, Their main feature is the use 
of one-handed attacks. In my opinion this is the worse style in the 
entire game!

Ichuin Kasukabe: "Master" of the Kasukabe Dojo
Enshiro Tanabe: Disciple of the Kasukabe Dojo

Liscensed Katana: KUNIHIRO

Scarlet Leaves ->Scarlet Leaves ->Scarlet Leaves 
->Dark Payback 
->Solar Flamingo ->Crimson Death 
->Scarlet Leaves 
->Dark Payback ->Dark Payback 
Crimson Death ->Shadow Flamingo ->Roll 
->Dark Payback 
->Scarlet Leaves ->Scarlet Leaves 
->Dark Payback 
->Shadow Thrust ->Dark Thurst 

OOISHI DOJO: (Muni School) 

The very foundation of this school "RIVALS" Kyoshin's, it's techniques 
are also based upon single-handed strikes. Yet it's attacks are not as 
complex or problamatic as the Kyoshin Schools! 

Getton Ooishi: "Master" of the Ooishi Dojo
Tatsunao Kirigamine: Disciple of the Ooishi Dojo

Liscensed Katana: KANESADA

1-Hand Horz Slash->Parting Mist ->Parting Mist 
->Two Swords 
->Floating Boat ->Two Swords 
1-Hand Str Slash ->1-Handed up Slash->Devil Wind 
->Elbow Strk 
->1-Hand Horz Slash->Two Swords 
Horizontal Slash ->1-Hand Horz Slash->Tracking Thrust 
->Floating Boat ->Two Swords 


TANBARA DOJO: (Muishinjin School) 

This Style is known for its many feint techniques, they also implement a 
wide variety of thrusting attacks, many of which pack intense power in a 
single blow! The Tanbara style utilizes speed to maximize it's styles 
explosive thrusting techniques.

Zesuiken Tanbara: "Master" of the Tanbara Dojo
Hideyasu Takagi: Disciple of the Tanbara Dojo

Liscensed Katana: RAI-KUNIYUKI
Body Pierce ->Body Pierce ->mMlti-Thrust 
->Armor Pierce 
->Rolling Thunder 
->Multi-Thrust ->Multi-Thrust 
->Armor Pierce 
->Rolling Thunder 
Block and Strk ->Rev Down Slash ->Block and Strk 
->Sacred Gateway 
->Double Cut 
->Decapitate ->Decapitate 

Secret Technique: WILD THRUST

UDAGAWA DOJO: (Isshin School)

The Isshin Style strikes a balance between technique & strength to 
increase its attack power! This is one of the best schools by far! 
It's has strong based attacks, & it's diverse techniques make it a 
very formidable stye!

Kakuma Udagawa: "Master" of the Udagawa Dojo
Kotaro Suzuoki: Disciple of the Udagawa Dojo

Liscensed Katana: MASAMUNE
Up Slash ->Down Slash ->Thrust 
->Storm God ->Storm God 
->Storm God(sec) ->Storm God 
Crouched Slash ->Crouched Slash ->Crouched Slash 
->Draw & Strike 

Secret Technique: STORM GOD

TSUBAKI DOJO: (Kumomushin School) 

This school has an unrefined style, it's which is still in developement! 
Their techniques are slow, predictable, but powerful!

Jiroeman Tsubaki: "Master" of the Tsubaki Dojo
Seiichiro Shirai: Disciple of the Tsubaki Dojo
Liscensed Katana: SUKEHIRO

Rev Down Slash ->Direct Blow ->Goblin Smasher 
->Lightning Bolt 
->Stabbing Demon 
->Goblin Slayer ->Goblin Smasher 
->Side Slash ->Helmet Split 
->Stabbing Demon 
Rev Side Slash ->Side Slash ->Helmet Split 
->Stabbing Demon 
Netherworld ->Netherworld ->Netherworld's Gift 
->Goblin Smasher 

Secret Technique: PIERECE ARMOR

KADOKURA DOJO: (Fudo School) 

The only school that strives to kill with a single strike. They exhibit 
powerful & speedy combinations, but their technique is monotonus & their 
sword strokes are long. There moves can eventually become quite 
predictable by the trained "eye"!

Shigetoshi Kadokura: "Master" of the Kadokura Dojo
Kaneobu Nimura: Disciple of the Kadokura Dojo

Liscensed Katana: INOUESIN-KAI
Blade of Unyo ->Rev Down Slash ->Biting Steel 
->Down Slash 
->Biting Steel ->Cut Down 
Blade of Zangan ->Rev Down Slash ->Biting Steel 
->Down Slash 
->Biting Steel ->Cut Down 
Thrusting Blade ->Rev Down Slash ->Biting Steel 
->Down Slash 
->Biting Steel ->Cut Down 

Secret Technique: BLADE of ANNIHILATION

These are the combat mechanics your characters stats will be based on. 
Your characters abilities (stats) are represented as maximum and 
current values. Maximum values are raised through training. Current 
values are raised through combat!

Attack Power: Affects power of attacks.
Attack Speed: Affects your reaction time.
Agility: Affects movement speed.
Insight: Affects how easy it is to parry & dodge.
Spirit: Determines the rise/fall of your Ki (or Chi).
Fame: Personal Victories

Your Attack Power, Attack Speed, Agility, Insight, Spirit along with 
your strategic prowess are the "KEY" elements which will determine your 
success in combat. The "BEAUTY" of this game... is that maximizing stats 
like power or speed doesn't necessarily determine who will be the 
overall victor in a match! 

Example: Technically speaking a character who's Attack Power & Speed is 
high... may not necessarily be successful against a character who has 
high Insight & (or) Spirit. Since a character with high Insight & Spirit 
can consistently parry & block another character with a high  attack & 
speed value. Now it is usually quite "EASY" to slash your way through a 
CPU opponent, especially if your stats are "HIGH"! Yet mindless swinging 
on a skilled human opponent will usually do little if any good!

This is where strategic gameplay comes in, a superior strategy will 
quite "LITERALLY" determine who wins and who doesn't! Learn your 
opponents moves, habits, patterns, etc, then implement the proper 
counter measures. If possible try and become over familiar with their 
favorite sword style, at the same time you must become unpredictable 
yourself. In "ESSENCE" learn to outwit & predict your opponents moves. 
Another factor that plays a "MAJOR" role is the set of moves you've 
customized for your character (in edit mode 1/2/3/4). Switch up your 
arsenal on occasion, this way your opponent won't be able to see your 
combat pattern as easily. 

TIP: My personal strategy, is I'm constantly changing the techniques I 
use... I learn to become "FLUENT"! This way my opponent is always second 
guessing what may or may not use!


                       How to get the "OAR"
You must beat "Noatsuna Yoshioka" when he issue your dojo with a letter 
of challenge. After his defeat, the "OAR" will become selectable in your 
private sword collection.

Secret Technique: NONE

                        How to get "SHAKU"
You must raise your Insight up to 9999, in the Zen Mediation training 
mode. Once you've maxed out your insight stats "SHAKU" will become 
available in your private sword collection.

Secret Technique: Randomly uses Secret Techniques from "ALL" Styles.

Once you are able to attend an "Imperial Tournament", go to "Illusion", 
located in the Training Feature. Successfully snuff out all the candles 
flames with your blade... and a "WRAITH" (a reflection of yourself) will 
challenge you to a duel! Once you have Inherited Mastership you can Duel 
with your "ILLUSION" at any given time, simply repeat the "ILLUSION" 
training requirements. 


                        "Unlock Hidden Ronin"
In Single Player Mode beat each of the following: Noatsuna Yoshioka, 
Nobutsuna Kamiizumi, and Jion Nennami during an "Imperial Tounament". 
They will become available in Tournament Mode.

Press and hold R1, L1, and press X. Students from different dojos will 
become available at random. NOTE: They cannot perform Secret Techniques.

                           "IKOSAI" The Monk"
After unlocking ALL of the "Hidden Characters", press and hold R1, R2, 
L1, L2, then press X. Ikosai will then become available. NOTE: Ikosai 
uses the "SHAKU" and his Secret Techniques are done randomly.


"The man whose profession is arms should calm his mind and look into the 
depths of others. Doing so is likely the best of the martial arts".

"Without knowledge of learning, one will ultimately have no military 

"If the enemy thinks of the mountains, attack like the sea; if he thinks 
of the sea, attack like the mountains. You must make the fullest use of 
your weaponry. It is false not to do so, and to die with a weapon yet 
 --Book of the Five Rings 

"One finds life through conquering the fear of death within one's mind".

"The flower of flowers is the cherry blossom - the samurai is the man 
among men. An effective stance is to be attached neither to the 
opponent's sword nor to one's own sword".

"The undisturbed mind is like the calm body of water reflecting the 
brilliance of the moon".

"Conquer the self and you will conquer the opponent".

"Cultivate the mind and do not be deceived by tricks, feints, and 
schemes. They are the properties of magicians, not of the Samurai".

"Mental calmness, not skill, is the sign of the matured Samurai".


Kengo: Master of Bushido FAQ was arranged & revised by Kwame' Burney; 
aka: Lamagra1, Tendo-GAI, & Natt the HATT. Special props go out to the 
following: theryuhi, Coka Cola Cat, Sansom "who made the movelist", 
replicant "discovered SHAKU", Janus 7, ZenReaper, Shin7, Lord Taco, 
Untimely Life, Gogogira... and anyone else I may have forgotten to 
mention (U know who you are). Last but not least, I'd like to give 
credit to www.cravegames.com for supplying the Samurai Quotes & 
presentation info.

To all the "Game Heads" who put in on this, I hope to work with U guys 
on the sequel. Until then.... PEACE.

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