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                       KNOCKOUT KINGS FAQ v. 1.7
                By: Gino Caparas ([email protected])                             
                      Last Modified: Mar. 19, 1999
                      Copyright Gino Caparas 1999


  I. Introduction
  II. What's New
  III. Controls
  IV. Game Mode Info
  V. Tips During Gameplay
  VI. Move List
  VII. Videos
  VIII. Thanks
  IX. Other FAQs


  Hello! This is my Knockout Kings FAQ. Are you one of those poor, battered
souls who always lose? Ever had this type of dialogue?

 TV: "The winner by TKO....... Chip the Champeen!!"
 Player: "Crap! This is the 3rd time I lost! I need to do the cheap shots!"
  (played again, but lost)
 TV: "The winner by disqualification........ Chip the Champeen!!"
 Player: "GRRRR... useless game! I shouldn't have bought you!!! (sob)"

  The next day...
 Player: "I'll try again."
  (tried again, but failed...)
 TV: "The winner by....   
 Player: "Gahh!!! This is useless!!!"

What's the solution to these sleepless nights? An FAQ! Yep! This FAQ contains
moves, tips and combos that may be helpful to your game. Now, what are you
waiting for? I quote: "Let's get it ON!"

By the way, thanks a lot to Blair Parsons for giving me a great tip!


 Want a list of the newest I've put? Here...

v. 0.00001
  Only the letter "K" is present.

v. 0.5
  Halfway there!

v. 1.0
 The things you saw before. Surprising, isn't it?

v. 1.2
 Fixed an FAQ suggestion at the end of this FAQ
 Fixed the misspelled word "dialouge" into "dialogue" at the Introduction part
 Fixed some bad grammar at the Tips section and Introduction section
 Fixed two things at Moves section

v. 1.5
 Added 2 new parts.

v. 1.7
 Renamed this FAQ from "Move list" to "FAQ"
 Modified the FAQ once more
 Added an excellent tip at the Tips during Gameplay section
 Added a name in the Acknowledgements section


 Here are the default controls for this wonderful game:

 D-Pad:         SELECT: n/a    Triangle: Uppercut    L1: Block High
 Move around    START: pause   Square: Left Punch    L2: Block Low
                               Circle: Right Punch   R1: Penalty shot toggle
                               X: Body Shot          R2: Powershot toggle

 L2 + R2: Change Stance                       R1 + R2 + X: Taunt
 L1 + R1: Clinch (hold your opponent)         L1 + forward: shove opponent
 L1 + L2: Bob and Weave (dodge, actually)



  Knockout Kings boasts of 3 excellent gameplay modes: Slugfest, Exhibition
and Career modes. Slugfest mode pits your fighter against a fighter of ANY
weight class. Lightweight vs. heavyweight is certainly OK. Imagine Sugar Ray
against Evander Holyfield. Not only that, it's a no-holds-barred game. That
means low blows are as legal as body shots! You can keep doing headbutts until
your opponent falls down to the mat! Cool! Exhibition mode, however, is your
normal one-on-one match. A lot unlike Slugfest.
  Career mode is probably the best game mode in Knockout Kings. You'll get to
make your own fighter, along with the hair, hair color, skin tone, glove color
and even the alias. It won't be easy, because you'll start at rank #20 and
will have more than 10 fights until you retire from boxing. At your fight with
#19, you will have up to 4 Penalty Shots to do. As you climb up the Ladder of
Fame, the number of Penalty Shots will soon be 2.

  When fighting #19-11, you can either skip a fighter and fight the next one
after your next in rank, or fight the next opponent. For example, you're at 
#20. You can either fight #19, or fight #18.

  Before fights, you will be prompted which kind of bag to practice on: Speed
bag or Heavy bag. The speed bag raises your punching speed, while the heavy
bag raises your attack power. Both bags raise your life meter.



 Need help when fighting the computer guys? Always counted out by that big
lights-out punch? Drooling for the Championship Belt? Want to be the pro and
sweep the floor with your opponent's face? Want to kick your friend's BIG,
FAT............ CONTROLLER??? DO YA WANNA WIN????? Then read these:

 I got this tip from Blair Parsons . It stated
 something about getting a 7 footer boxer in your roster!!! Check this out:

     "In Career mode, create a boxer with any weight and height. Call him
      psirules. Save the boxer and switch off the console. Reload the
      boxer. You should now have a 250 pound, 7 foot monster of a man."

 Isn't that cool? Well, it worked for me, so be happy! Here are some more:

 - Career mode always gets progressively hard. It takes a lot of practice, and
  it's OK if you lose.
 - In career mode, try to fight your opponents one by one. It may take longer,
  but it allows you to train more.
 - If you lose, keep your hopes up: this also enables you to use the Power Bag
  and the Speed Bag more.
 - Frequently switch between Right-handed and Southpaw stances by pressing
  L1 + L2 to confuse your opponent.
 - Use the powershots sparingly: your energy will drop down, leaving you tired
  and open for a big shot.
 - Use cheap shots as soon as the match starts. Just be careful and don't get
 - Whenever the opponent punches, grab the opportunity and smack him while
  he's open!
 - Try to cut the opponent's face. When blood comes spurting out, use that cut
  as a target to deal more damage. Best seen with first-person view.
 - Shove the opponent to the corner then smack him with a powershot. This is a
  great life-drainer. You'll be disqualified if you shove too much.
 - Never use a Penalty shot to knockout someone unless you're playing Slugfest
  mode. If your opponent falls when doing this, you may get disqualified.



 There aren't actually any moves like in wrestling games here, but these may
 help even one bit.

When Standing:
 Triangle: Uppercut
 Square: Left punch
 Circle: Right punch
 X: Body shot

i. POWER SHOTS: Hold the Power Shot button and press these:
   Triangle: Multiple shots
   Square: Multiple shots
   Circle: Right Hook
   X: Multiple shots to jaw

   forward + X: big body shot (doesn't work for Butterbean)

   (as Sugar Ray Leonard) Powershot button + Circle: right hand wind-up fake

   Powershot + Tri./ Square / X, then immediately press forward:
       flying hook / uppercut (doesn't work for Butterbean)

   (as Butterbean) Powershot + Tri/square/X, then forward: forward jab thrust
iii. PENALTY SHOTS: Hold the Penalty button and press these:
     Triangle: none
     Square: Left Kidney Punch    
     Circle: Right Kidney Punch   
     X: Low Blow (at last!!!) 

 *NOTE* These shots can only be used for a limited number of times in the
     Career and Exhibition modes. However, in Slugfest mode, these are legal.

iv. CLINCHED POSITION: While hugging your opponent by pressing L1+R1, press
 Directional pad: move opponent
 Triangle: Head Butt, automatic desqualification
 Square: jab to face (body shot if in Southpaw stance)
 Circle: body shot (jab to face if in Southpaw stance)
 X: break up
 No buttons pressed: regain lost energy (not life!)

(Clinching won't work all the time since you'll have to break up later on when
the referee notices.)

  - Shove in corner then powershot = med-high damage
  - hold up to move around opponent, keep pressing Square/Circle = low damage
  - Square, X, Circle, Triangle = med damage
  - Square / Circle alternately = med damage
  - Circle, Square, right hook, low blow = high damage, VERY hard to pull off
  - (in Southpaw stance) Square, Square, Circle = med damage
    (in right-handed stance) Circle, Circle, Square = med damage




  As far as I know, Knockout Kings contains only 3 videos: the Intro, the 
Championship Belt video and the Ending (?) video.

  1> Intro: this one shows up when you start the game. Contains some cool
	clips during fights.

  2> Championship Belt: you'll see this one once you beat the Champ. It has 
	clips where some fihgters are knocked out. A belt will show up near
        the end of the video. It's rotating in the middle of the screen with
        the EA Sports imprinted in the belt. You are now the true Knockout

  3> Ending: this isn't actually an ending, as it is a sports game, not your
     average fighting game. You'll see the REAL Oscar de la Hoya and Sugar Ray
     Leonard in a one-on-one match with the REAL Mills Lane as the referee.
     Nope, they're not going to punch their lights out in a fight, but their
     videogame counterparts will. In the end, Oscar wins against Ray. It also
     showcases some clips on the making of Knockout Kings, as well as a very
     short interview with Sugar Ray on this game.


  Here's my very small list of creditable people:
   - EA Sports for making this GREAT game. Love it!!
   - My folks for buying the PSX and the games... including Knockout Kings!
   - All the boxers in this game. Without them, this game's just a dream!
   - Blair Parsons ([email protected]) for his VERY special tip!

   And you, too!


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Contact me at: [email protected]
You can also contact all the JOE Squad members (like me and Miko Jao) at
 [email protected]

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