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For Windows 95
Written by William Sigler, Jr. ([email protected])
Please do not reproduce this without my permission. Also, please do not change 
ANYTHING! And if you do have permission to copy this to your website, etc., 
GIVE ME CREDIT! Thank you.

Revision 1.00: Everything! (1/25/99)
1. What Do I Do First?
2. Building Vehicles/Vehicle List
3. Lego People's Skills
4. How To Get The Red Bricks
5. Tips And Tricks And Fun Stuff
6. How To Catch The Brickster
7. Credits

1.                          WHAT DO I DO FIRST?
Sign in, then click on the people and places on the map to hear their story. 
Then, you can drag your person to the place you want to go. Or, drag it to the 
`I' and then go to the double doors to go outside. Plus, there is an elevator 
with 2 other floors. 2 is Nick Brick swimming in the ocean, 3 takes you to the 
top of the building where you can throw paper airplanes, listen to a radio, 
change the sky color and shadow, listen to a pirate talking, and watch a 
monkey pop out of a closet. Then when you are done, you can explore on your 

The Vehicles let you cruise around the island faster, or let you compete in 
races, or missions. The car is just for driving, the Race Car can only be used 
for the race, the Jet Ski lets you cruise around in the water, and compete in 
a race, and the Helicopter lets you get a bird's eye view of the island, and 
is used when the Brickster escapes, and the vehicles you don't build are just 
for driving, except that the Ambulance and Tow Truck are for missions. Also, 
some vehicles have gas, which makes the vehicle go faster. To refill gas, just 
go through the gas place at the gas station. Plus, some have horns, to use the 
horn, click on the horn button. And, if you want to go to the Information 
Center, click on the `I'. To build a vehicle, just drag the parts to their 
flashing places below. You can also add color and decals to some pieces. Just 
click on the color or decal you want when it's available.

Car: Go to the gas station, and click on the door with a car on it.
Race Car: Go to the Tracks, and click on the thing to the left of the seats.
Jet Ski: Go click on the lifeguard seating place at the beach.
Helicopter: Go to Police HQ and click on the door inside.
Bike: By Information Center.
Police Motorcycle: By Police HQ.
Skateboard: Given by Brickolinis when delivering pizzas.
Ambulance: Go to the hospital and take the hat that he offers.
Tow Truck: Go to gas station, and take the hat that he offers.

3.                          LEGO PEOPLE'S SKILLS
The Lego people you can select have different skills. To use them, just click 
on someone or something.

Mama: Plants spin, People make sound and flip.
Papa: People spin, fall down, flip, etc.
Pepper: Change Form (Hats, Trees, etc.).
Nick Brick: Change Color.
Laura Brick: Same as Mama.

4.                     HOW TO GET THE RED BRICKS
In the Information Center, you can check out your Score Cube. Red is first, 
Blue is second, Yellow is third, and Gray means you haven't started. Also, if 
you click on the blue book, it shows all the scores for the people signed in.

Race: Click on your Race Car once you've built it. Try to keep at full 
throttle if possible, avoid obstacles.
Water Race: Get in your jet ski and drive to the buoy. Always have it full 
throttle, and avoid the obstacles, and you should do fine.
Pizza Delivery: Click on the Pizzeria. Go to the Brickster, but if you are 
Pepper and you have built a helicopter, he escapes!
Tow Truck: Go inside the gas station, grab the hat. Drive to the tracks.
Ambulance: Go inside the hospital, grab the hat. Drive to the Pizzeria, and 
Police HQ.

5.                     TIPS AND TRICKS AND FUN STUFF
-To pause the game, hit the pause button on your keyboard.

-To get cruise control, enter a vehicle and start driving. While holding the 
gas, click the hand. The vehicle will drive on its own until it hits another 

-To hear the radio playing on the credits, Press the escape key, you'll be 
with the Infomaniac. He'll ask you if you want to exit. Click the radio, and 
click the green brick. You'll hear the radio on the credits.

-To get to the secret cave, go to the part of the island that sticks up. Then 
go as far down as you can, then turn left to see a cave. Go into the cave.

-To make the trees and flowers dance, press `Z' and `T' simultaneously.

-Go near the pizzeria, there will be a jukebox. Click on it, and select one of 
the songs to listen to it. A couple of others will gather to listen, too.

6.                      HOW TO CATCH THE BRICKSTER
To capture the Brickster, follow him and grab the pieces he drops. After you 
grab all the parts, rebuild the helicopter, and then you will be flying it. 
Shoot doughnuts to Laura and Nick to speed them up, and pizzas at the 
Brickster to slow him down. If the cops catch up with the Brickster, he is 

7.                              CREDITS
William Sigler, Jr. ([email protected]) I made the FAQ!
GameSages (http://sages.ign.com) I used their site for the below people.
Sorcerer ([email protected]) He told me how to get to the cave.
Vikas Mandadi ([email protected]) He told me how to hear the radio in the 
[email protected]  He told me how to make the trees and flowers dance.
Michael Schwab ([email protected]) He told me the Cruise Control trick.
[email protected]  He told me about the jukebox.

If you have anything to add to my FAQ, or have some questions, e-mail me at 
[email protected]

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