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MegaMan Legends 2
 ____    ____
\    \  /    / _____  _______    _____
 |    \/    | \   __|\   ____|  /     \
 |          |  | |_   | | ___  /   /\  \
 |  |\  /|  |  |  _|  | ||_  | |  |  \  \
 |  | \/ |  |  | |__  | |__| | |  | __\  \
/___|    |___\/_____|/_______|/___||______\
                            ____    ____    _____     ____   ___
                           \    \  /    /  /     \   \    \ |   /
                            |    \/    |  /   /\  \   |    \|  |
                            |  |\  /|  |  |  |  \  \  |  |\    |
                            |  | \/ |  |  |  | __\  \ |  | \   |
 ___                       /___|    |___\/___||______\|___\ \___\
\   |                                                               ____  ____
 |  |       _____  _______  _____  ____   ___  _______   ______    \    /\    /
 |  |      \   __|\   ____|\   __|\    \ |   /\   __  \ |   ___|    |  |  |  |
 |  |       | |_   | | ___  | |_   |    \|  |  | |  \  \ \  \       |  |  |  |
 |  |       |  _|  | ||_  | |  _|  |  |\    |  | |  |  |  \  \      |  |  |  |
 |  |____/| | |__  | |__| | | |__  |  | \   |  | |__/  / __\  \     |  |  |  |
/_________//_____|/_______|/_____| |___\ \___\/_______/ |______|   /____\/____\

An In-Depth Guide by -Bahamut Zero-

This Document is Copyrighted 2000 by Bahamut Zero. Any 
reproduction of this document in part or in whole without 
the author's consent is strictly forbidden.

Version 1.4
Original Release 00/11/??

Version 1.4- 01/2/24
  Changed the ASCII art again. Definately am going to try to release this 
Version. It's been much too long since the last update. Remembered that 
GameFAQs doesn't support WordPad, so I ditched the pictures. They weren't that 
good anyway. Tried to do a little something in each of the five sections and 
get a decent release in this version.

Version 1.3- 00/12/25 *Never Released*
  I was going to release this, but never got around to it. Guess I just forgot 
with all the other work I was doing. Besides, all I did was add a few Journels. 
I might do some work on the ASCII art in the next version. I added some 
pictures of the equipment.

Version 1.2- 00/12/8
  Second release, started adding Journels and added more weapons. Still not 
sure where to put everything. May add a few more things if I get the time. 
Added an FAQ Section and am now basically organized.

Version 1.1- 00/11/29 *Never Released*
  I didn't feel I should releases this version. Why? Because all I did was work 
on the ASCII art. Not much of an update, is it? Maybe I'll release another 
update in a few weeks.

Version 1.0- 00/11/??
  Initial release, started mapping the Guide. Put up ASCII art, might change it 
or get rid of it later. Added a few minor stuff like Section I and 
credits/closing statments. Many sections and areas listed are have been 
added... but don't know where to put them. Will probably move stuff around 
between now and the next update.
Table of Contents

   Section I: Before We Begin
I-     Author's Notes
II-    What is MegaMan Legends 2?

   Section II: Introduction
III-   Story
IV-    Cast of Characters

   Section III: Charts and Lists
V-     Items
 A-     Recovery Items
 B-     Development Parts
 C-     Unknown Items
 D-     Presents & House Furnishings
VI-    Equipment
 A-     Special Weapons Analysis
 B-     Equipment
  a-     Helmets
  b-     Armor
  c-     Shoes
 C-     Buster Parts

   Section IV: Files, Notes, Journals
VII-   Professor Barrell Gaskett's Journals
 A-     Forbidden Island
 B-     MegaMan's Discovery
 C-     Kattelox Island
 D-     The Digger's Manual
VIII-  Roll's Diary
IX-    Letters
 A-     Matilda's Letter
 B-     The Servbots' Letters
 C-     The Twins' Letters

   Section V: Quiz Q's & A's
X-     The Youngest Pupil
XI-    The First Pupil
XII-   The Mayor

???-   Frequently Asked Questions
???-   Credits, Closing Statements, Etc.

<><><><><><><><><>SECTION I:  BEFORE WE BEGIN<><><><><><><><><><>

	I-Author's Notes

  This my third Walkthrough for a Megaman game, I did one for The Misadventures 
of Tron Bonne (MITB), and one for MegaMan Legends (MML) that I never submitted 
and probably never will. I know that my MITB one isn't finished, and as soon as 
I can find the update I'll send it in.
  Unlike my walkthrough for MITB, this is an In-Depth Guide. Meaning I'm going 
to be covereing things that otherwise wouldn't be covered, or at least being 
more detailed. I might get around to doing maps, but I'm really busy right now 
and will probably do that late into the development, if at all.

  Unless otherwise noted, this will only be updated/available at GameFAQs- if 
you found this anywhere else it was posted without my permission. This is far 
from finished, I have tons of stuff written down in a large note book, so don't 
e-mail me telling me I forgot this or didn't add that. Thank you.

	II-What is MegaMan Legends?

  When CAPCOM decided to go 3-D with the MegaMan games, they decided it was 
time for a new MegaMan storyline. Unlike the X games which take place in the 
original MM storyline, the Legends (or Dash) series is completely different 
with no connection to the old ones at all.
  In Legends, MegaMan was found as a baby in ancient ruins and raised as a 
normal boy. He grew up to be a Digger, someone who searches ruins for 
refractors and atifacts from the past. His world, almost completely covered in 
water, uses large refractors as power sources and the smaller refractors are 
used as money. Ironically, the currency they use- Zenny- is the same currency 
used in CAPCOM's Breath of Fire series.
  The first game, which came out about three years ago, introduced the new 
MegaMan and his friends Data, Roll and her grandfather Prof. Barrell. It also 
established his, for lack of a better term, rivals- The Bonnes. At the end of 
MML, we were given a hint at what MegaMan's true identity might be, and 
although it was resolved, its shortness left open for a sequel.

  MegaMan Legends 2 is the sequel to MegaMan Legends (MML), unlike The 
Misadventures of Tron Bonne which was a prequel. In this game, MegaMan's past 
is explained more thoroughly and also serves to introduce a few new characters. 
This game also seems to change the way a few people, most notably Tron and 
Roll, react to MegaMan and may also set the stage for other things in the next 

<><><><><><><><><><>SECTION II:  INTRODUCTION<><><><><><><><><><>

(As taken from the Manual)

	IV-Cast Of Characters

  There is such a large cast of characters that I almost put them into 
different sections, but I decided against it. However, I may still do so later 
if it seems to big. Also, I put MegaMan Volnutt and MegaMan Trigger as two 
seperate characters. He has no recollection of the past and almost seems a 
different person, we'll have to see what the MegaMan Legends 3 brings.

MegaMan Volnutt-

MegaMan Trigger-
  Purifier Model, 1st Class, code name: Trigger. Thousands of years ago, 
MegaMan Trigger served the Master in Elysium alongside Yuna and Sera. When the 
Master died, he took up the Master's dying wish- that the System Library be 
destroyed for the sake of the Carbons that the Master loved so much.
  As his original form has never been shown, it is hard to tell just what 
Trigger may have looked like. He might have looked like an older version of 
MegaMan, but he probably had a larger reaverbot type body similar to that of 
Juno. It has never been specified whether or not he was a Carbon type or an 
Android like Yuna and Sera. He might even have been like Geetz and Gaatz, 
having a normal looking body and a Reaverbot body.


Roll Gaskett-

Prof. Barrell Gasket-

Von Bluecher-

Tron Bonne-

Teisel Bonne-

Bon Bonne-







<><><><><><><><><>SECTION III: CHARTS AND LISTS<><><><><><><><><>


  Some of the items that are found, like parts and unknowns, I did not write 
down where I found them. I'm going back through the game several times, so I'll 
have them eventually. Please bear with me. Most of the parts with a price are 
bought at stores.
  I tried to type the items and descriptions up, but if it's confusing, let me 
know and I'll change the format a little.

	---Recovery Items---

  These items have a symbol that looks like a first-aid kit next to them. They 
include recovery and remedy.

Binoic Parts- 1,000z/5,000z/10,000z/30,000z/50,000z
  Increases MegaMan's Health Gauge.

Energy Canteen- 600z
  Restores Life Gauge; can be refilled at stores.
Extra Pack- 3,000z/4,000z/5,000z/6,000z/7,500z/10,000z/
       12,500z/15,000z/17,500z/20,000z.. upto 99 packs at 20,000z
  Increases the max size of MegaMan's Energy Canteen.

Med. Bottle- 6,400z
  Heals special damage; can be refilled at stores.
Med. Pack- 6,000z/7,500z/9,000z/10,500z/12,000z/13,500z/
       15,000z/16,500z/18,000z/20,000z.. upto 99 packs at 20,000z
  Increases the max size of MegaMan's Med. Bottle.

Picnic Lunch- Found inside the Flutter's refridgerator
  Handmade by Roll; restores Life Gauge.
Fried Chicken- Found in Glyde's base
  With 12 secret herbs and spices; restores Life Gauge.
Hyper Cartridge- 1,600z
  Restores Special Weapon Energy.


	---Development Items---

  These items have a symbol that looks like a gear next to them. They are used 
in Roll's Development Room. The prices in front are how much they cost, not 
what they sell for. A name after a price is what it becomes in the Development 
  The Mechanic's Notes 1-6 are detailed info about various machines (i.e.- 
shields, blades) and change their description once Roll examines them.

Old Hoverjets- 500z- Jet Skates
  Old hoverjet engine found in ruins; too old to use as is.
Rollerboard- 3,000z- Jet Skates
  Board with wheels attached to it.

Joint Plug- 80,000z- Adaptor Plug
  Looks like it could be used to develop an item of some kind...

Aqua Chip- 8,000z- Hydro Jets
  Computer chip that contains data on underwater movement.
Light Chip- 30,000z- Hover Shoes
  Computer chip that contains data on avoiding electric current.
Resistor Chip- 160,000z- Asbestos Shoes
  Computer chip that contains data on avoiding fire and ice damage.
Spike Chip- Cleated Shoes
  Computer ship that contains data on how to avoid slipping on ice.

Broken Vacuum- 500z- Vacuum Arm
  Broken vacuum clean; worn down and covered in dust.
Broken Motor- Vacuum Arm
  Powerful motor found inside the Flutter.

Broken Model Gun- Machine Gun Arm
  Model Gun found in ruins; broken and unusable.
Long Barrel- 1,000z- Machine Gun Arm
  Long, heavy gun barrel.

Bomb Schematic- Reflector Arm
  Book found inside ruins that explains how to build bombs.
Super Ball- 400z- Reflector Arm
  Popular childrens' toy; has high resilliance.

Broken Drill- Drill Arm
  Electric drill; broken and unusable.
Heavy Duty Gear- Drill Arm
  Can probably be used to power something.

Rusted Mine- Ground Crawler
  Land mine found in ruins; trigger has been destroyed by rust.
Bowling Ball- Ground Crawler
  Very heavy bowling ball found in a trash can.

Rusty Bazooka- Hyper Shell
  Bazooka found in ruins; too rusty and old to be used as is.
Firecraker- Hypershell
  Firecrakker recieved from a townsperson.

Mechanic's Notes 1- Radar Notes- Homing Missle
  Detailed notes describing tracking systems.
Bottle Rocket- 1,000z- Homing Missle
  Be sure to play with fireworks only when an adult is present!

Mechanic's Notes 2- Artillary Notes- Buster Cannon
  Book describing how to calculate correct firing arcs for missles.
Thick Pipe- Buster Cannon
  Strong, think pipe found in ruins.

Mechanic's Notes 3- Spreadfire Notes- Spread Buster
  Military manual describing simultanious firing techniques.
Sower- Spread Buster
  Mechanical sower found in ruins- but what was it doing there...?

Mechanic's Notes 4- Beam Blade Notes- Blade Arm
  Manual describing how to build a laser sword.
Zetsabre- 2,000,000z- Blade Arm
  Legendary shining sword; won/bought in quiz game.

Mechanic's Notes 5- Shielding Notes- Shield Arm
  Book describing properties of force fields and defensive barriers.
Shield Generator- Shield Arm
  Portable shield found in ruins- but beware the slow blades!

Mechanic's Notes 6- Autofire Notes- Hunter Seeker
  Book describing how to make an autofire trigger.
Sensor- Hunter Seeker
  High-tech sensor found in ruins.

Laser Manual- Shining Laser
  *Forgot the description
Green Eye- Shining Laser
  Lens found in ruins.

Softball- Crusher
  Soft, spongy ball found in ruins.
Taser- Crusher
  *Forgot the description


	---Unknown Items---

  These items have a question mark "?" next to them, they usually are items 
given to other people or sold for money. A bunch of them though, are unknown, 
mainly the items won in the Pokte Village quiz game.
  I also put the refractors here, they look like crystals in the Item menu. As 
far as I can tell, they are only used for selling. I was hoping they would be 
used for some powerful weapon, bummer.
  There are two adaptor-like items that you can buy, they're a little pricy, 
but they provide defense against certain things.

Reaverbot Claw-
  From a Junk shop- might be worth something to the right person.
Notes- Give to Shu
  Notes won in quiz game.
Pencil- Give to Shu
  Pencil won in quiz game.
Textbook- Give to Shu
  Textbook won in quiz game.
Pokte Tea-
  Won in quiz game; special blend made in Pokte Village.
  Won in quiz game; famous design made in Pokte Village.
Pokte Pastry-
  Won in quiz game; recipe popular with locals and tourists.
Candy Apple-
  Sweet won in quiz game.
Candy Bar-
  Chocolate bar won in quiz game.
Strange Juice-
  Strange tasting juice won in quiz game.
Cute Piggy- Give to girl in Ruminoa/Nino Island
  Pig given as present by girl living on Calbania Island.

Refractor B- ?z- need at least a B Class License
  Large refractor; will probably fetch a good price at a shop.
Refractor A- ?z- need at least an A Class License
  Large refractor; will probably fetch a good price at a shop.
Refractor S- ?z- need at least an S Class License
  Large refractor; will probably fetch a good price at a shop.

Light Barrier- 40,000z
  Prevents all electric damage from enemy attacks.
Flame Barrier- 80,000z
  Prevents all damage from fire attacks.


	---Presents & House Furnishings---

  These are items you give to Roll as presents and have a heart next to them, 
they show up in her room when you give them to her. Choose "talk" and then 
"presents" when you speak to her in the Flutter. Each gift, there are three 
that I know of, appears as an entry in her Diary as well.
  The other items, the house furnishings, are items with a "?" next to them. 
But if you buy them they go straight to the Flutter, you really can't give them 
to anyone. if I say something after one of these, it's what is affected by it's 
  Finally, because they are "house" things, I put the cost of the items Roll 
asks for when you "talk to Roll". They only appear after repairing the rooms 
damaged in the fire, which is also listed.

Stuffed Doll- 4,000z
  Cute stuffed animal- Roll would probably like it.
Model Ship- 80,000z
  1/200-scale model of the Sulphur-Bottom.
Cushion- 16,000z
  Soft, fluffy cushion.

Toilet Cleaner- 1,500z- check the toilet on the Flutter
  Liquid toilet cleaner sold in a store.
House Plant- 4,000z- check MegaMan's room
  Ficus; good for brightening up a room.
Comic Book- 960- on MegaMan's bed
  Popular comic; they're making a movie out of it this summer.
Vase- 24,000z- 
  Expensive antique vase.
Wallpaper- 36,000z- check Roll's room
  Stylish wallpaper.
Painting- 48,000z- check Barrell's room
  Expensive original oil painting.
Game Cartridge- 32,000z- check MegaMan's room
  Latest game in a popular series: "Resident Evil 43"

   Living Room & Storage- 4,000z*
  *If you didn't do it in time (for whatever reason) and Roll uses the 
Sprinklers, it's up to 6,000z

"There's Something I want"-
   Refridgerator-  5,000z
   Newspaper Subscription-  3,000z
   New TV-  25,000z

	---Special Weapons Analysis---

  Because the remodeling for the Flutter cost so much, Roll had to sell all of 
MegaMan's Special Weapons from the last game. So now it's up to you to find 
parts and give them to Roll so she can build you new ones. There's just one 
little problem- this is going to cost lots of money. Not to mention the fact 
that in MML2 the parts are much harder to find and are scattered throughout the 
islands and ruins.
  For the most part, everythings is correct and accurate. The only thing that 
bothered me was when Roll got a new toolkit. I believe it makes production 
costs lower, but I don't know when she get's it. I heard it has to do with the 
bath incident, so do that as soon as possible. And if my charts look a little 
off, it's cause you may have gotten the Toolkit before or after I did. 
  I'm putting these in the order that I made them. So as soon as I find out 
when I got the toolkit I'll mark it on the list.

Lifter- Can be used to pick up various objects.
  Like the "kick" attack in MML, it's for when yuo don't have a Special Weapon 
or are out of Energy for one. Can pick up enemies and hurl them at other 
enemies for good damage too.

Aqua Blaster- Used for stopping fires; not suitable for combat.
  This is your initial Special Weapon, no upgrades or part hunts.

Machine Gun Arm- Has a high rate of fire.
 Attack- 3,000z/30,000z/100,000z  Energy- 5,000z/15,000z/25,000z
 Range- 1,000z/5,000z/10,000z     Rapid- 10,000z/30,000z/100,000z
  I just don't know.... I think I liked it better in MML. It just doesn't seem 
to do as much damage as I remember, and it seems to eat up more energy too. Not 
bad though for a early weapon.

Homing Missle- Fires missles that track their target.
 Attack- 10,000z/120,000z/1,000,000z  Energy- 10,000z/50,000z/500,000z
 Range- 5,000z/30,000z/60,000z        Rapid- 10,000z/30,000z/100,000z
 Special- 10,000z/30,000z/1,000,000z
  Obviously didn't have the Toolit yet. I reallly liked this weapon, and used 
it until I got the Buster Cannon. Kinda pricy, but worth it if you can get the 
Zenny for it early on.

Vacuum Arm- Useful for picking up refractors and energy cubes.
 Energy- 1,000z/10,000z/100,000z  Range- 1,000z/2,000z/4,000z
 Special- 1,000z/2,000z/5,000z
  It's exactly like it was in MML. I just didn't use it as much in this game 
because I needed to pack more firepower as the game progressed. Although if you 
need to earn some serious money, this your best friend. Especially in the 
underwater areas where the zenny tends to disappear before you can reach it.

Ground Crawler- Rolls along the ground until it touches an 		enemy; then 
it explodes.
 Attack- 1,800z/3,600z/5,400z  Energy- 2,700z/4,500z/6,300z
 Range- 900z/1,350z/1,800z     Rapid- 1,350z/2,200z/3,150z
 Special- 27,000z/45,000z/54,000z
  *Rating Pending~

Drill Arm- Can be used to destroy certain types of walls.
 Attack- 900z/1,800z/2,700z  Energy- 900z/1,350z/1,800z
  This is an intersting weapon. It has no range what-so-ever, yet it has 
incredible attack. I used this in the fights with (S Class) Klaymoor and won in 
seconds. Although I wouldn't advise it against an enemy that moves around a 

Buster Cannon- Good range & firepower, but can't fire while moving.
 Attack- 27,000z/45,000z/450,000z  Energy- 27,000z/54,000z/108,000z
 Range- 27,000z/45,000z/54,000z
  I know I had the Toolkit by the time I got this weapon. And this is one hell 
of a weapon! It's got great power and range. Unfortunately, it can't hit 
targets that are too fast, but usually only takes one hit anyway. Don't use 
this in the fights with Glyde on Nino Island though- you'll mostly end up 
hitting your own people and losing. I mainly used this, though, until I got the 
Shining Laser.


<><><><><><><>SECTION IV:  FILES, NOTES, JOURNALS<><><><><><><><>

  This is originally all I had written down. At the time I hadn't even thought 
about doing another Guide. These are the files found in Barrell's room, Roll's 
Diary and the various letter you get from people including Matilda's letter to 
her father.
  You might wonder why I'd bother to put this in. But I think it's good reading 
and it gives you some insight into the game and the thoughts of some of the 

	VII-Professor Barrell Gaskett's Journals

  If you look at the Bookshelf in Barrell's room, next to the white board. You 
find an asortment of books. These are Barrell's Journals from his orgininal 
trip to Forbidden Island to the events on Kattelox Island in the first MegaMan 

	---Forbidden Island---

   This is a report of my and Bluecher's expedition to Forbidden Island. The 
first problem we faced was the difficulty in approaching the Island. Any 
conventional ship gets turned away by the winds. Attempting to force a ship 
into the surrounding winds of the Island almost certainly results in that 
ship's destruction. In a worst case situation, a ship could be lost in the 
storm and never be seen again. We discovered that there is an "Eye" directly 
above the center of the Island, where the wind velocity is relatively light. 
Any ship attemping to land on the Island would have to use this as its entry 
point. We decided to biuld a ship with a rounded aerodymanic hull that was 
reinforced to withstand the atmospheric pressure above the Island. But, in 
spite of all our efforts and precautions, we failed. Although we were able to 
land on the Island, are ship was destroyed, leaving us without a means of 
returning home.
  Since we could not leave, we decided to make the best of the situation, and 
explore Forbidden Island as best we could. We were shocked to find that here, 
Reaverbots were active even above ground. Having lost most of our equipment, we 
were hard pressed to fend off their attacks. Struggling against both Reaverbots 
and the weather, we made our way to the center of the Island, where we found an 
ancient relic. I remember it well: a strange, diamond-shaped object, floating 
in midair. But by the time we found it, we were at the limits of our endurance. 
As I lost consciousness, I was aware of someone approaching us... A small girl 
perhaps... Between the snow and the encroaching darkenss on my vision, it was 
hard to tell exactly what I saw... When we recovered, we were on the outskirts 
of Yosyonke. How we got the was a mystery- our ship had been destroyed, and to 
this day, neither Bluecher nor I have any recollection of how we got there. 
After that, several Diggers tried to reach Forbidden Island... But none 
returned. How we were is a mystery that Puzzles be even now.   ~End File~


	---MegaMan's Discovery---

   Once, a long time ago, I went to the ruins on Nino Island to do some 
research on the civilzation that preceded ours. The ruins there are very 
dangerous and normally sealed off. I snuck inside without the Guildmaster's 
permission. Just inside the entrance, I found a strange, diamond-shaped object. 
When I touched it, it fell apart- no, melted- and from inside there appeared a 
small child, a baby, and a monkey. Seeing as I had broken into the ruins 
without permission I couldn't reveal where I'd found them. So, I decided to 
raise the baby along with my granddaughter.
   I decided to call the baby I found MegaMan. Actually, it wasn't really my 
idea... It was my granddaughter, Roll, who chose that name, after one of her 
favorite video game characters. I tried to get her to change her mind, but she 
insisted that should be his name. At any rate, I raised him like he was my one. 
He was no different form any other boy. He quickly became part of our family.   
~End File~


	---Kattelox Island---

   Last year, we explored Kattelox Island- an island rich in resources. The 
island is riddled with ruins and tunnels, and a legendary treasure was said to 
be buried there. While we were there, we ended up fighting the Bonnes, a family 
of pirates, who had come to Kattelox looking for the legendary treasure. 
Although we defeated them a number of times, they continued to come after us, 
but MegaMan managed to hold them off every time. Although they talked big, 
their bark was worse than their bite. Looking back on it now, they were pretty 
amusing to watch. I'm sure that we'll run into them again somewhere.
   While MegaMan was exploring the ruins on Kattelox at the request of the 
mayor, Amelia, I saw something amazing. Alarge monolith descended for the sky 
over the island. I still don't know what it was, and I probably never will. All 
I know is that it had something to do with what was going on in the ruins. But 
the only person who knows the whole truth is MegaMan... Something tells me it 
may have had something to do with MegaMan's origins, and what he was doing on 
Nino Island so many years ago...   ~End File~


	---Digger's Manual---

  I kept expecting this to get larger, but it never did. If anyone has any 
information on this that I don't have, please e-mail me and if it's true I'll 
put you in the Credits Section.

--Prof. Barrell's Notes-- Defintions

*  What's a Dig?
	Dig: To explore ancient ruins in order to recover artifacts and 
resources. An essential elememnt in a successful Dig is that the Digger, who 
explores the ruins,and the Spotter, who gives support from above ground, trust 
each other implicitly.

*  About Ruins
	Ruins: Ancient underground structures constructed by the Ancients. The 
structures are filled with tools and machines of great value, but they are also 
dangerous places, inhabited by fearsome guardians called Reaverbots.

*  What are Refractors?
	Refractors: A powerful source of energy found in ruins. Smaller 
refractors are used as currency, while larger ones are used to power machines 
that provide heat and light.

*  About Reaverbots
	Reaverbots: The guardians of the ruins, presumed to have been built by 
the Ancients. Although ther exact purpose is unknown, they can be found in 
every ruin, and pose a great danger, as the attack anyone entering those ruins.

	VIII-Roll's Diary

  This is a log of all Roll's diary entires. The only entires that are missing 
are the ones that have multiple versions. An entry with an asterisk "*" by it, 
means that it has more than one version. An entry with a double asterisk "**" 
by it, means that it [i]might[/i] have more than one version. There were quite 
a large amount of these and they really help you understand how Roll feels 
about MegaMan. I've listed them in the order that I have them written down- 
which is to say, the order that I got them.

  Thanks to Data, the kitchen in the Flutter caught fire. Luckily, MegaMan was 
able to put it out before it did too damage.
  Thanks, MegaMan!

-MegaMan and Digouts*
  MegaMan and I went looking for Joseph together.
  This was my first time to go on a Dig with MegaMan- Those Reaverbots are 
really scary! I'm glad MegaMan was there to protect me! I'm so lucky to have 
him around.

-My Father?
  We got a dropship from Joseph in Yosyonke City. The funny this is, it looks 
just like the dropship my father designed all those years ago.....  We weren't 
able to talk to Joseph for very long, so I couldn't ask him about my father.
  I wonder what he knows.....

-Off to Manda Island
  It's looks like the First Key is in Pokte Village, on Manda Island. This is 
our first Dig in a while, so I'm a little nervous. But I'll try my best.
  After all, MegaMan is depending on me!

-Living Room Restored
  Thanks to MegaMan, I was able to repair the living room. We'll finally be 
able to sit down and eat again!
  Now all we need to do is get a new TV set.

-Class A License
  MegaMan passed the Level A test to get the Class A License! Now that I think 
about it, it's funny he hadn't gotten it before. I guess it's because we've 
always done Digs at non-Guild ruins. Congradulations, MegaMan!

-Class S License
  MegaMan got his Class S License! The test sounded like it was really hard, 
but now that he's passed it, MegaMan is certified as one of the best Diggers in 
the world! I always knew he was, but it's nice to see other people recognize 
him too!

  MegaMan walked in on me while I was in the bath....  We haven't talked to 
each other much since then....  I'm sure it was just an accident, but he did 
something like that last year too, now that I think about it. What if he's 
doing it on purpose? I don't know what I would do if he is....

-Tron Bonne**
  It looks like that Tron or whatever her name is was saying bad things about 
me to MegaMan. I'll have to ask him what she said later.

-First Key**
  We got the First Key!
  It's hard to being a Supporter- not being able to see anything, relying only 
on sensors....  I'll have to try harder next time- I owe MegaMan that much!

-Got a Penguin!
  MegaMan gave me a stuffed animal today- a penguin!
  I've always loved penguins and the way the swim through the water like they 
were flying. Now that I think about it, there were no penguins on Forbidden 
  I wonder why?

-Got a Model!
  Today, MegaMan gave me a scale model of the Sulpher Bottom. It's about 1/200 
scale, but it looks just like the real thing. There are some places that could 
use some more detail; I'll have to touch it up later- maybe I'll weather it a 
  Thanks, MegaMan!

-Von Bluecher's Ship
  We were able to get the First Key to Von Bluecher safely. I'm always amazed 
everytime that ship of his. Maybe one of these days I'll be able to build my 
own ship like that.....

-Got a Cushion!
  MegaMan gave me a cushion today. I feel a little guilty- he always gives me 
things, and I haven't given him anything back. The cushion's soft and very 
comfortable. I can use it while working on designs or watching TV.
  Thanks, MegaMan!

  That Glyde was one of the tougher opponents we've had to face. He has a base 
somewhere on Calbania Island- we have to go there next.
  I know I shouldn't worry- MegaMan can take care of himself- but still, I hope 
he doesn't get hurt.

-Rescue Mission
  MegaMan was able to help Appo and Dah rescue their sister.
  I never would have imagined that people were living on that island!

-To Nino Island
  Now that Glyde is out of the way, we can get inside the Nino ruins.
  I wonder what we will find there?

-Second Key
  We got the Second Key!
  MegaMan's gotten even stronger than I'd imagined! I'm so proud of him! Maybe 
I can't go with him on Digs, but I can do my part by designing new weapons for 

-Nino Island Caverns
  Von Bluecher now has the Second Key. I hope he appreciates it- it sounds like 
MegaMan has a rough time in thr ruins on Nino Island.
  Everytime I go near him I can smell seawater.

-Teisal Bonne
  Now that we've defeated the Bonnes, we can get into the ruins on Saul Kada 
Island. I can't believe what a scoundrel Teisal is- using a priceless statue 
like that as a shield!

-Third Key**
  We found the Third Key!  Some of the Bonnes were exploring the ruins before 
Megaman got inside- including Tron. I really don't like her- she always says 
mean things and tries to get in MegaMan's way. I wish she would just leave us 

-What next?
  We gave the Third Key to Von Bluecher.
  Everything's going just as planned- but with MegaMan on our side, that's only 
natural! Now there's only one key left. I wonder what will happen when we get 
them all? Will they really take us to the Mother Lode?
  I don't know- for some reason, I have a bad feeling.....

-We got a letter!
  MegaMan received a letter from Appo and Dah.
  I wonder if MegaMan will ever write me a letter?

-Here we go....
  After defeating the Bonnes and Glyde one more time, we're finally able to get 
into the ruins! One more key to go! MegaMan and I both have our work cut out 
for us!

-The Last Key
  We found the Fourth Key! I knew MegaMan could do it!
  I'm so excited- we're closer to the Mother Lode than anyone ever has gotten 

-Good luck, MegaMan!
  Looks like MegaMan and I won't be able to see each other for a while....  But 
I'm not scared! I know we'll be able to see each other again soon! Good luck, 

  I realize now that everything I've up until now is because I had MegaMan by 
my side....
  I've only realized now how much I love him. I'm so happey I have him in my 

  That's it on the diary entries. I've heard rumors that there might be one or 
two more. But I'll wait until another day to check on that.


  There were several letters that MegaMan recieves from the Post Office during 
the game. Unfortunately, I didn't find this out until near the ned of the game. 
So I'm not completely sure when they show up. But the contents in the letters 
from the Servbots do refere to certain events. 

	---Matilda's Letter---

  If your wondering where Matilda's letter is, it is located in a drawer in 
Barrel's room. I'm not sure if reading has any impact on the game. But I'm 
pretty certain it doesn't.

Dear Dad,

	I've got exciting news- we're going on an expedition to Forbidden Island, 
where you and Bluecher went all those years ago! I remember you telling me when 
I was a little girl about your adventures there. About the snow and ice storms, 
and about the mysterious diamond in the sky protected by reaverbots...  And the 
mysterious girl you saw as you blanked out...  You know how I love a good 
mystery- just thinking about seeing all those things for myself gives me goose 
	Banner has designed a ship that he thinks can land on the island safely. 
We're going to test it tomorrow. We'll leave Roll at the neighbors while we're 
	If something should happen to us...  Please take care of Roll. Well, 
we're off. I'll tell you all about Forbidden Island when we get back!


	---The Servbots' Letters---

  There are two letters from the Servbots. I heard a rumot there might be more. 
But I doubt it. There is still something I want to try, so there might still be 
one more. Who knows...


	---The Twins' Letters---

  The twins, Appo and Dah, are learning to read and write from their sister. So 
they write MegaMan several letters during the game. Each one shows a 
significant improvement in grammer. I guess her lessons are paying off. Now if 
only they talked as well as they write.


<><><><><><><><><><>SECTION V: QUIZ Q'S & A'S<><><><><><><><><><>

  The Quiz game in Pokte Village was both fun and annoying. It was fun, because 
it helped test my knowlegde and find my limits; there were quite a few that I 
could answer without having to write down and try several times. I even wrote 
down some of those because I'm sure not everyone could answer those. But it was 
very annoying too! I mean, almost all of the questions don't even deal with the 
game, which is what I thought they would ask. I must written down at least 25% 
to 1/3rd of all the questions....
  Because the Mayor asks the same questions as the first two girls, I didn't 
put a section for her. Instead, I put two sections- one for thr Younger pupil 
and one for the older pupil. Since they seem to never ask questions that the 
other one asks, I thought it would be better. Heck, by the time I got to the 
Mayor I had most of them memorized! That's how much I had to work on. To be 
honest, some of the questions I still don't have the answers to, but that's 
because I never saw them more than once or twice. Too much randomization!

	X-The Youngest Pupil

  I am convinced that the youngest pupil is deliberately trying to make you 
lose. She asks you off the wall questions, changes subject at least 4 times per 
round, plus she scowls if you get a right answer and laughs if you don't. In 
fact, hers is the one I had the most trouble with.
  Anyway, here are the questions that she asks. The First Pupil never asked 
these questions, so I put them into different parts.

Q:Which of these is the hardest stone?
Q:What is the Capital of China?
Q:What is the main ingrediant of the Thai soup "Tom Yan Goong?"
Q:What year was Hall & Oates' hit album "Private Eyes" released?
Q:In Which Brazilian city can the famous Copacabena Beach be found?
 A:Rio de Janeiro
Q:What is the Capital of Brazil?
Q:The 3 most well known teas are Darjeeling, Assam and...?
Q:300 years ago, the first rollar coaster was built in what country?
Q:How many atmoshperes can a 30-meter water resistent watch stand?
Q:Which of these cities has the highest latitude?
Q:The highest mountain in the world is?
Q:Who starred in the 1996 movie Evita?
Q:Which of these has the lowest chance of being born?
 A:Male Tortoise-shell cat
Q:When did the American Civil War start?
Q:What Apollo prject was the first to land on the moon?
 A:Apollo 11
Q:The Java bat is the largest in the world. What is its wingspan?
Q:Who was the the composer of Canon in D Minor?
Q:What is the temperature of a cigarette flame?
 A:420 degrees
Q:What does mistletoe use to attach itself to a host tree?
Q:The humid planes around the La Pleta river in Latin America are?

*****More to come, I have a bunch more written down.

	XI-The First Pupil

Q:The monk said to be the Middle Ages' most famous Natural Scientist?
Q:Which part of an owl's body is different on the left and right?
Q:The French Revolution began in what year?

*****More to come, I have a bunch more written down.


<><><><><><><><><>FREQUENTLY  ASKED QUESTIONS<><><><><><><><><><>

  I've received several emails asking me questions and such. Surprisingly, none 
yet were about the quiz! Anyway, here are some of the questions I've been 
asked. I'm sure other people probably want to know the answers too.

Q: How do I get the 'Sower' in the Nino Ruins?
A: I didn't know where to find this either until I played the Race 
	mini-game, guess I'd forgotten it. You can speed up while on 
	the Jet Skates/Water Jets. Near the bottom of the ruins, you'll 
	come across this huge gap. Equip the Water Jets and hop onto 
	the very top ledge, not the hallway, and turn them on. When you 
	start to move, push up to speed up and you'll make the jump and 
	ctach the ledge at the last second. Climb up and grab the chest.

Q: Where are the 'Mechanic's Notes 5'?
A: These are needed to make the shield arm. I believe they are in the 
	S Ruins. Unfortunately I'm not sure where.*

*Maybe someone can find the exact location, or tell me if I'm wrong. I'm too 
busy with Night School to start over. If you can figure it out, E-mail me and 
I'll put you in my Credits Section.

Q: Where is the 'Taser'?
A: After you fight Teisel for the Gold Statue, you'll find a guy next 
	to one of the stone blocks. If you've been really bad and have 
	gone several shades darker, he'll deal with and you can sell 
	him the Reaverbot Claw and purchase some stuff. Unfortunately I 
	hadn't known this at the time and made some heafty donations to 
	the church. I spent two hours kicking pigs and he didn't even 
	change color once. My Advice- Don't give any money to the 
	church, and get darker by kicking the pigs later. Then once you 
	have the stuff, donate to get lighter again.


<><><><><><><><>CREDITS, CLOSING STATEMENTS, ETC.<><><><><><><><>

Me, Bahamut Zero- For having the guts to do a walkthrough.
***If you need to contact me, E-mail me at "[email protected]"
	but don't include the " " things***
CAPCOM- For making another great game.

If you're a Megaman fan who'd like to use it at your personal page, 
cool. If you're a "comprehensive" game guide site that simply trolls 
GameFAQs looking for new material to duplicate, don't bother asking.

MegaMan Legends 2 and related names are trademarks of Capcom. Please 
don't complain to me about the game if you don't like it.

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