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                        METAL SLUG X: SUPER VEHICLE 001


                     *                                  *
                     *  GAME NAME: Metal Slug X         *
                     *                                  * 
                     *  SYSTEM: PSX                     *
                     *                                  *
                     *  WRITTEN BY: Orochi K            *
                     *                                  *
                     *  E-MAIL: [email protected]      *



 Copyright 2001 by Orochi K. This FAQ is for personal use only. Do not 
 distribute it or use it for profitable purposes. If you want to post 
 this FAQ on a website, contact me at [email protected] before doing 
 anything. Plagiarism is a crime, just ask. I have no objection on my
 FAQ being posted on someone else's website but you must give credit 
 where it is due. Also, please keep in mind that under no circumstances,
 are you allowed to make any changes to this FAQ! It must remain as it is
 and moreover, you are not allowed to rip off part(s) of this FAQ to put
 in another FAQ. You are allowed to use this as a base for a more elaborate 
 and in-depth FAQ but bear in mind, that you must ask for my permission 
 first. Just ask and I will give you permission, don't steal!
 Metal Slug X is copyright SNK, Japan.
 Feel free to e-mail me if I've forgotten about something. Credit will be 
 given where due. And if you think I've made a mistake somewhere, please 
 write to me and point out the mistake, it will be greatly appreciated. 
 This is my first FAQ, so I will surely make a lot of mistakes.
 This FAQ can be viewed at: www.cheatcc.com
                                REVISION HISTORY


  Version 1.0 on April 16, 2001.
  - Mission 1 complete.
  - Started Mission 2.

  Version 1.1 on April 17, 2001.
  - Completed Mission 2.
  - Mission 3 complete.
  - Mission 4 complete.
  - Mission 5 complete.
  - Final Mission complete
  - Added HINTS AND TIPS Section.

  Version 1.2 on April 18, 2001.
  - Corrected spelling mistakes.
  - Added information about the hanging zombies in Mission 2.
  - Corrected info on the Karateka-soldier in Mission 4.



 Special Notes: none
  -When you jump from the parachute, go to where there is a sign. Now, jump 
   and shoot down at it for a bonus.

  -Walk forward until you see 2 hostages on a building. Free them and the
   go near them so that they each give you one bonus (you'll need to jump
   here). Don't forget the cat on the building where the 2 men are talking, 
   it's a bonus.

  -After that, just go on to the right until you see 2 men talking. A truck 
   will appear, soon followed by a helicopter. Destroy both of them and go 
   on to the right. There will be 2 hostages on a building. 

  -Destroy the tall machine which shows up afterwards (just jump over the
   balls it will shoot at you).

  -When you are able to move to the right, you'll see another hostage on a

  -As you continue moving to the right, you'll eventually come across a 
   hostage on 2 nearby houses. You will also see 3 towers in the background. 
   Now, as soon as you free them, the 3 towers will open and they'll start 
   throwing rockets at you. Luckily, the hostage you've just freed will give 
   you the Enemy Chaser which fires some homing missiles at the enemy. All 
   you have to do is keep shooting upwards. Beware though as some soldiers 
   will come crawling towards you, so you'll have to deal with them before 
   they kill you. When it's destroyed, you can get a bonus by going to the 
   left door, just jump and shoot down a it. And if you keep shooting up 
   at the middle of the 2 houses for some time, some bonuses will eventually
   pop up. 
  -When you've dealt with the sub-boss, continue forward until you come 
   across 2 camels. First, place yourself near the first camel and shoot
   down at it for bonuses. Then, jump in the second camel which is your 
   first vehicle in the game. 

  -You'll eventually blow up a truck and get your second vehicle,a tank. 
   Change vehicle here, the tank is better! And here's where you'll see 
   Rumi for the first time.

  -You'll see another 2 hostages after that. When you are attacked by the 
   helicopters, try to destroy the red one first; you'll get more points 
   if you manage to do so.

  -You'll meet the level boss after that, there's a hostage next to him.
   Free him first. 

  LEVEL BOSS:This boss is fairly easy. Just make sure you aren't too close 
  to it when it raises itself a bit and shoots a flame at you. When you do 
  so, destroy this weapon first and you'll see 3 hostages. Now, all you have
  to do is stay below it and continue firing up at it while avoiding its 
  missiles (you can destroy them by shooting at them).

 Special Notes: Here, some enemies can shoot a purple flame at you and turn
 you into a mummy. When you're in this state, you'll lose any special weapon
 and move slowly. This  can be cured using special items. However, if you're
 already a mummy and are hit by the flame for a second time, you'll die.

  -Free the hostage by the sphinx for the Laser Gun. 

  -There's also a hidden bonus near the sphinx's right eye. Shoot up at it 
   (it's better to  shoot at it first and then free the hostage, so that you
   don't use up your ammunition unnecessarily). 

  -After that, you'll see a tomb surrounded by soldiers and there is a barrel
   near them. You can do 2 things here. You can either kill all the soldiers 
   and throw bombs up to liberate 3 hostages. Or, you can just shoot the 
   barrel and the soldiers will die. However, the door will open and you'll 
   miss the hostages.
  -You're now in the tomb. You'll see a man digging with 2 bats near him. 
   Kill the bats first. Now, stay by the man and he'll eventually dig up a 
   bonus for you. 

  -After that, you'll see a bunch of workers run towards you along with some 
   bats. Try to kill some of them (the bats!). 

  -See the sign saying "4m" just before the doorway. Keep shooting at it 
   until a hostage drops down.

  -After going right again, you'll come across a door with 2 arrows near it.
   Another bunch of workers will come running, still followed by the bats.
   You'll meet the mummies here for the first time. After killing them all, 
   a hostage will drop on the ledge above the doorway. Free him.

  -When you continue up, you'll see another hostage in front of a small door 
   marked "Temple". Free the hostage first and destroy it. You must destroy 
   it to move on.

  -You'll see another of these. Destroy that one too.

  -Now, there will be 3 hostages tied in the air. Free them.

  -After that, you'll see a closed door. Some mummies will come from above 
   followed by the dogs. Kill them all to open the door.

  -As you enter the screen, you'll see Rumi. Try to catch her while taking
   care of the bats. Don't let them drop the purple things on you or you'll
   be transformed into a zombie.
  -Kill the zombies on the winding staircase. You'll see a corpse. Use your
   close attack to take a gem from it. Do not stay near it any longer as it
   will blow up a dynamite after that.

  -After going up and getting the Flame Shot, you'll see an explorer near a 
   pillar. If you let him become a zombie and then kill him, you'll get 
   another gem.

  -When you go up and jump to the other side, a zombie will suddenly appear. 
   Don't let it touch you. Note that you can also jump on the zombie and then
   jump to the other side *Thanks to Evil Sphiroth 
   for this info*. 

  -When the boulder comes crashing down, try to take the bonus before that
   or it'll disappear.

  -When you see the next hostage, you have to be careful. As soon as you free
   him, 2 zombies will come from above. Kill the right one first, then kill 
   the left one. If you shoot at the left statue, some bonuses will appear 
   to the left.

  -You'll now see a chest. Be careful here as there are 3 holes and smoke 
   will come out of these. The pattern is fairly easy. The left and right 
   ones,then the middle one(where the chest is), the left and right again...
   Time your jump and shoot at the chest to get some bonuses. It's quite 
   hard to do (I've only managed to do it well once).

  -When you see the dog on the left ledge, it is better to take it from where
   you are and then to jump to the edge. You don't want to touch the purple 

  -At the place where you see an eye in the wall and whre the mummy dogs 
   appear, keep shooting at the eyes for bonuses.

  -Then, shoot the left-most torch to make coins appear.

  -Go up and collect all the bonuses. You'll get a vehicle here.

  -Continue going up, collecting the chest and you'll then encounter a boss.

  LEVEL BOSS:Just keep jumping up and shoot down at it. Use your bombs for a 
  good effect. Also, if your vehicle loses its weapon, get out of it and
  continue shooting at it.


 Special Notes: Some soldiers come with a shield here. You can use your knife
 attack if there's only one or two soldiers with a shield. But if there's a 
 group of them, throw a bomb at them.

  - Open the box with the cat on it for another bonus and the one near it 

  - Free the hostage and take the bonus from the box.

  - There's a railpost here(just before the house with a 2 on it). Shoot at
    it to liberate a hostage.

  - You'll see a soldier sunbathing, use your knife repeatedly on him until 
    the train starts moving.

  - You'll come across 3 soldiers guarded by 2 soldiers. Liberate them all.

  - 2 trucks will then come in from both sides. You can jump on the truck if 
    it hasn't been destroyed yet. Some soldiers armed wtih bazookas will then
    come from above.

  - When you are the cargos, kick the handle and you'll be able to jump 

  - There's a hostage between the first 2 cargos. Don't miss him.

  - Kick the door of the first blue cargo for some bonuses.

  - There's a hostage in the second blue cargo. He's guarded by a soldier 
    though. Be careful as there's also the item that makes you big here. 
    Better break in from the right side to avoid it.

  - There are 2 more hostages after that.
  - There are again 2 hostages at the front of the train. Don't forget the 
    crouching soldier first, he'll throw bombs at you.

  - You'll then meet a sub-boss. Just stay between the engines and keep 
    shooting at it. Avoid the tanks it throws down at you!

  - There's again a hostage between the first 2 cargos you'll come across 
    after defeating the sub-boss.

  - You'll eventually come across a tank and a helicopter. The helicopter is 
    a better choice.
    NOTE: There's a neat trick you can do here to easily beat the level boss.
    Just choose any vehicle and move forward a little (make sure the second 
    one is still on the screen with the "IN" arrow clearly visible when you
    do so). Then, simply jump out of the vehicle (done by pressing DOWN+X) 
    and go back to the second one. Now, choose the second one and go forward 
    a little.Leave it and come back for the first one and go on doing so 
    until you end the boss. You'll also earn a lot of points if you still 
    have both vehicles at the end of the level.

  - There will be one hostage on the platform. Don't forget the bonus. Time
    for the boss after that.

  LEVEL BOSS:This one sure is huge! And it is tough! Thankfully, Rumi and one
  other prisoner will appear during the battle. Otherwise, keep shooting at 
  it. When a weapon appears below, don't stay close to it as this will shoot
  a flame at you. You'll have to go to the other side to avoid it. You can 
  also jump on the Morden when it crouches down and keep shooting at it from
  there. When the pistol-thing shows itself, you can walk under it to avoid 
  the bullets. But don't stay there too long if you don't want to die 
  stupidly... You'll eventually defeat it.
  Special Notes: Some enemies appear on a motorcycle and come straight at
  you. Kill them as quickly as possible. And you'll get a lot of bonuses 
  here, keep shooting at the houses!
  - Shoot the truck for a hostage and some bonuses.

  - There is a hostage tied in the air, free him. You'll see another one on 
    the nearby grocery store.

  - There is a hostage in the bus.

  - There are 2 more hostages when you walk forward a little. They are at the
    top of the screen. To access them, you'll have to shoot the 2 buildings 
    until they explode. Then, jump on the right ledge and go on to where they
    are walking to get the bonuses.
  - When you destroy the tank, a soldier will come out of it with a bazooka,
    be careful!

  - You'll see a bus and a hostage above it. You just have to destroy the bus
    and the hostage will be free. To avoid the motorcycles, stay as close to 
    the bus as possible and just keep on shooting at it.

  - There's another hostage at the beginning where you'll see missiles coming
    from wells.
  - Here, some soldiers will come from above. Shoot them before they start 
    throwing bombs at you.

  - There's another hostage on the tall tank which you will meet after that.

  - There's also a well near the hostage. Some enemies armed with rockets 
    will come jumping out of it. Stay close to the well and keep shooting to
    kill them all, then quickly jump over it.

  - You'll now see a well-guarded hostage. Just free him as soon as possible.
    He will kill some of the soldiers with his cool fireball :D  He will 
    follow you if you killed all the soldiers first and then liberated him, 
    you must wait for him each time though... *Actually, he follows you even 
    if you liberated him beforehand-Info from Evil Sephiroth* Believe me, 
    he's a great help! However, he goes off as soon as you die (but he 
    salutes you first, like the great soldier that he was!).

  - You'll meet the aliens now!
  - Destroy the  houses here for some bonuses. There's also a hostage near 
    one house, you can't miss him!
  - There's 2 more hostages after that, one of them will give you the Enemy 
    Chaser! The aliens don't stand a chance now... :D

  - You'll get the tank as you move forward.

  - There's another hostage to the right of the place where you get the tank.

  - Boss time after that!

  LEVEL BOSS: A tough one indeed! Hope you still have the tank! If not, keep 
  shooting at it and unload your stock of bombs at it. A hostage will appear 
  to give you a better weapon from time to time. I advise you to destroy the
  smaller weapons first, there are 6 of them. A bigger one will appear then.
  Keep shooting at it to destroy it. There's a neat trick you can do for some
  time here. At one point, you'll see one of those towers. DO NOT DESTROY 
  IT!! Jump on it and keep firing at you. The boss won't be able to hit you
  where you are; it will shoot at the tower instead and destroy it, giving 
  you time to do some great damage to it!


  Special Notes: Most hostages here are hidden. Be careful not to miss them!

  - Shoot the taxi to the left for a Rocket Launcher.

  - Destroy the cars for bonuses.

  - You'll get a tank after you've destroyed the "HOG" van!

  - At one point, 2 tanks will come from above. You'll see a sign pointing 
    to the right here. Keep shooting at it until 3 hostages appear.

  - When you face the tall tank in front of the tunnel, shoot the arch first 
    to liberate a hostage. If you destroy the tall tank first, you'll miss 
    the bonus.

  - Hurry after Rumi or you'll miss her completely!

  - There is a hostage near pillar No. 7 who will give you a powerful Laser 

  - Note the warning lights near pillar No. 6. Shoot at it for another 

  - Do the same at pillar No. 5, shoot the lights for a hostage.

  - At pillar No. 4, the lights will flash and a train will come in your 
    direction. Keep shooting at it. Otherwise, it will block you and kill 

  - Shoot at the signal lights by pillar No. 4 after the train is destroyed
    for another hostage.

  - Soldier will keep on dropping from above after that. Be careful!

  - Shoot the lights by pillar No. 3 for yet another hidden hostage.

  - Another noe will drop from near the pillar while you battle against the 
    helicopters and will give you the Enemy Chaser.

  - There is a hostage near pillar 2, this one is not hidden. Be careful 
    with that one, he'll walk away as soon as you free it.

  - You'll meet a tough enemy tank here. It will keep on moving toward you 
    and if you don't kill it quickly, it will crush you. Use your bombs 
    against it!

  - Shoot at the lights near pillar No. 1 for bonuses.

  - Another train will come your way at pillar No. 0. Keep shooting at it 
    before it reaches you.

  - Another one will come after you've destroyed the first one. This one is 

  - You'll meet a third train after destroying the second one (the lights 
    will flash). This one is even quicker, use your bombs.

  - There's a hostage by pillar No. 0. Shoot at the lights to free it!

  - Shoot at the door to exit the place.

  - You'll see a door with "Keep Out" on it. Before it, you'll see a box with
    an arrow pointing down on it. There is a handle to it on the left. Place 
    yourself so that you are holding the handle and pull it to make the chest
    stuck in the ceiling fall down. The chest contains bombs.

  - Now, destroy the door.

  - Further on, you'll see another of these boxes. The lever is to the right 
    of it. Wind it for a Laser Gun.

  - The hole just before the metal gate will let out a smoke from time to 
    time. Don't get touched by it!

  - You'll again see one box with the lever to the right. You'll get the 
    Flame Shot and a vehicle if you wind the lever! Having these make the 
    stage very easy :D

  - You'll see a fourth box with the Down arrow. The lever is to the left 
    this time. Wind it for a Flame Shot (I think the Flame Shot is the best 
    weapon against the mutants).

  - Destroy the gate and the mutants that come out of it.

  - Destroy the tall tank that you'll meet afterwards. Shoot at the ground 
    where the tall tank was for a hostage.

  - The hostage near the tank with give you a Rocket Launcher.

  - A hostage will appear when you see the vehicle. You'll encounter the 
    level boss when you take the bonus.

  LEVEL BOSS: This one comes from below you. It's a bit difficult but 
  thankfully, you have a good vehicle to use against it. Shoot down at it 
  while avoiding its energy balls. Destroy the side weapons first. Just use
  your bombs to make this a short fight.


  Special Notes: None

  - Shoot the arrow near beginning for food (you'll get fat though, I always 

  - You can also destroy the barriers of the soldiers here. Keep shooting at
    them. Once they're destroyed, you can kill the soldiers.

  - You'll meet a hostage after the scene with the wells. He's well-guarded, 
    kill the soldier first.

  - After you go up the stairs, kill the soldiers. There's a sign with a 
    "21". Shoot at it to free a hostage.

  - Soldiers will parachute in armed with bazookas as from here.

  - Just before the bridge, there is an arrow pointing to the right. Shoot 
    at it for another hostage.

  - You can jump on the missiles here. Use them to shoot at the soldiers 
    from above!

  - You'll meet a sub-boss after the bridge. Don't shoot at him when he 
    appears and laughs, you won't touch him. Wait for him to say "C'mon boy!"
    and keep shooting at him. He'll keep jumping across the screen, go to 
    the next side when he does so to avoid being killed. When you kill him,
     he'll fall straight into a shark's mouth.

  - You'll see a well-guarded hostage after this battle. He'll give you some
    bombs as a bonus.

  - There's another hostage to the right. He'll give you the Enemy Chaser.

  - You'll come across a big tank 2 after that. Use some bombs against it to 
    make this a short fight.
  - You're now inside the base. Kill the soldier you see here.

  - There's a hostage above the man in the suit (wonder who he is!?).

  - There's another hostage tied to a ledge further to the right. He'll walk
    away to the right quickly. Make sure you get the bonus from him, he
    gives the powerful Laser Gun and it will be of a great help here.
  - You'll meet the aliens as from here. The Laser Gun is great against them. 
    Hope did as I told you and caught the hostage!!

  - At one point, more aliens will come using elevators and they will bring 
    2 hostages with them. Don't forget about them.

  - After you've killed all these aliens, the left elevator will come down 
    with 3 more aliens and a hostage.

  - Now that you've killed them all, the aliens will just appear from 
    nowhere. These ones are tougher, they need more shots to be killed and 
    they're quicker too.

  - When you can move on, jump on the elevator and use it to jump to the 
    forward. There is a bonus to the left of the grey cockpit with an alien 
    in it.

  - Destroy the cockpits for bonuses.

  - The soldiers here drop mines. Don't walk on them if you don't want to 
    get killed.

  - 2 hostages will drop from above when you go on further to the right. 
  - You'll meet white aliens now. You need to take care of those, they are 
    very quick!

  - You'll meet the final boss afterwards. The small cinematic is very 
    funny :)

  FINAL BOSS: You'll face a huge ball at first. Shoot up at it. When it opens
  and concentrates a blue beam, make sure you are nowhere near it as it will
  fire a ray at you. After some time, it will launch a number of smaller pods
  at you. Destroy these before concentrating on the main target. You can 
  stand on the house and throw bombs at it. When you  defeat it, a huge 
  vessel will appear and the ball will go up and attach itself to it. This 
  is the lass boss and sure is tough! The soldiers will help you here. 
  You'll also get a tank and the help of the Karateka-hostage! If you're 
  careful, you can make it through without losing a single life. Good luck...


                                 HINTS AND TIPS


 - When you begin a mission and are coming slowly down because of the
   parachute, you can fire a shot to make the parachute disappear and 
   fall down more quickly.

 - When you're facing a single soldier, better use your close attack. You
   will thus save ammo.

 - Your weapons (except the regular pistol) have limited ammo. Don't waste 
   them by keeping on shooting like mad even when there's no enemies around 
   (I've seen some people do this).

 - In Metal Slug X, the vehicles you can use (except the Camel) have a 
   life-bar which decreases as you are hit. Take good notice of this. When 
   your vehicle is about to explode, use your Vulcan Attack to kill 
   on-screen enemies (great against bosses).

 - Some vehicles can lose their weapons. When this happens, just use your 
   Vulcan Attack as you won't need it then.

 - Some bosses use a lot of weapons against you. Better destroy these first 
   before concentrating on the main thing. You'll have less chances of being 
   hit then.

 - And finally, good luck. If you're careful and pay attention, you can 
   finish the game without using any continues and with an amazing score. 




 Special thanks go to:
 - SNK
   for making such a great game.

   for posting this FAQ.

 - Evil Sephiroth 
   for pointing out to me that it is possible to jump over the hanging 
   zombies in Mission 2 and for showing that the Karateka-hostage will still
   help you in Mission 4.


                                    THE END


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