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                       Gundam: Journey to Jaburo
                             Suit Specs
                             Strategy Guide
                             and more...

                        Author: ZeroPilot195
                        Version 2.0

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19 August 2001 === Version 1.0 created
22 August 2001 === Revised Suit Specs
22 August 2001 === Added more notes
22 August 2001 === Added more hints
22 August 2001 === Started Strategy Guide
29 August 2001 === Strategy Guide updated
29 August 2001 === Added Movie Gallery Help
29 August 2001 === Added More Codes
29 August 2001 === Added Military Profiles
29 August 2001 === Added "Special Thanks"
29 August 2001 === Added Garma Zaku II Specs
30 August 2001 === Updated Blue Destiny Comments

I.    Prologue
II.   Introduction
        A. Menus
        B. Controls
III.  Movelist
IV.   Tactics Battle
        A. Suit Specs
        B. Military Profiles
V.    Codes
VI.   Notes
VII.  Strategy Guide
        B. Movie Gallery Help
                            I. Prologue

"It is the year 0079 of the Universal Century. A half-century has passed since
Earth began moving it's burgeoning population into gigantic orbiting space
colonies. Above the planet float hundreds of enormous cylinders with artificial
living environments so that people can live as though they were on Earth.

Nine months ago, the cluster of colonies furthest from the Earth, called Side
3, proclaimed itself the Principality of Zeon and launched a war of
independance against the Earth Federation.

Initial fighting lasted over one month and saw both sides lose half their
respective populations. People were horrified by the indescribable atrocities
that had been committed in the name of independance.

Eight months had passed since the rebellion began. They were at a stalemate..."
                            II. Introduction

Congratulations, if you're reading this FAQ then you have probably purchased
Gundam: Journey to Jaburo which is one of the best Giant Robot games there is.
All over the net you will more then likely hear alot of bad things about it and
you will also get alot of people complaining about things which really are such
a big deal. Here is a quick review of the game, which breaks everything down
into categories.

:Graphics: 8- The visuals in J2J (Journey to Jaburo) are amazing, the mobile
suits are modeled almost perfectly and they really look great even in
comparison to a game like Z.O.E. Right down to the beam sabers and other
weaponry you'll be using everything is accurate. The backgrounds are a bit
bland and repetitive, but the game follows the storyline of "MS Gundam" so it's
not really Bandai's fault there. Damage can be seen on the mobile suits, for
example when slicing a Zaku to pieces it may not be uncommon to see his
shoulders go flying off or if you are running very low on health you can see
your suit malfunction as electricity and sparks flow through your mobile suit.
The most impressive thing visually I would have to say is the explosions, when
a suit goes down and explodes it looks almost like a cut-scene straight outta
Final Fantasy 7. The difference is it's in-game graphics and it gives off
almost a matrix effect. The only problems I have with the graphics is the
pop-up, and as far as jaggies go, only jaggies you can really see is on the
smaller details like railing or signs and you can only see them from far away.
You really have to look for the jaggies to notice them, since the action is so
intense you shouldn't be looking for them anyway! I give this game an 8 on
graphics because of the backgrounds and some other small details, it's
definitely no FFX or MGS2, but it's a beautiful game.

:GamePlay: 7- Here's where most people would say the game suffers, because of
the "awful" control, but I'm going to have to disagree. If you're a newbie then
it will take some getting used too especially the manual aiming. But if you're
a pro (like me :D) or you're really good at Armored Core 2, then this should
give you no problems. Aiming is not really an issue because the lock-on feature
works so well, but when you're up against an Ace Pilot like Ramba Ral or Char,
then just targeting alone won't work very well because of the reaction time
they have. The overall control of the Gundam is done pretty well, you can only
choose 1 weapon though and I dislike that the most about the game. Every
"Gundam" has a beam saber, auxiliary attack, special attack, and another weapon
of your choice.

Note: You only get a weapon of choice in "Story Mode" with the RX-78-2

I'll get into that later in the suit specs section, but I've seen many people
complain that you move slowly and respond slowly whilst other suits can run
circles around you. This is only part true, the control is not sluggish and
unresponsive, the way I see it is they put it in the game purposely for even
more realism. If you look at Gundam on TV and a Zaku is behind Gundam, it
doesn't just spin around with blinding speed and attack. It takes time to turn
around and this is part of the more realistic in the Universal Century. For all
those people who only know of GundamWing, you won't like the realism on the
game. Don't get me wrong, I love GundamWing, but the suits in the series are
much more unreal and fantastic compared to others. I give the game a 7 in this
area because even though the control is perfect for me, to newer gamers or
casual players it will seem annoying at first.

:Sound: 10- What else can I say? Amazing! It has all the music tracks from the
original series including my favorite "Dashing Char." It has all the voice
actors from the show you see on Cartoon Network and in gallery mode there are
trailer movies of other gundam series and they have their original intro themes
playing in the background. As far as sound effects, it has all the sounds and
effects from the series. It's almost a completely direct translation,
especially the beam saber sounds when slicing up a hoard of angry Zaku! I do
wish that you could choose which track played during a mission, but almost all
of them are awesome anyway.

:Depth: 9- The story mode is extremely short even though it is pretty hard
towards the end, and the fact that you can only use Gundam in the story mode is
another pain. I THINK once you beat a stage in Story Mode you can play it in
"Stage Select" mode with suits you have unlocked but I am not sure at this
point. The Tactics Battle mode adds much depth and the (20) extra suits that
you can unlock are simply amazing, more on that in the suit specs section. The
extra movies, trailers, BGM, etc., make this the Gundam fan's ultimate
purchase! So I give this an 8.5 because though the story mode lacks, everything
else boosts the score up. Add on- I upped this to a 9 now that I see, the more
you play through story mode, the missions will change. Also depending on your
performance and the unlocking of many things, parts from the show which were
thought to be left out can be acquired. Like the upgraded G modules and such.

:Fun Factor: 9- What's more fun then piloting your favorite Gundam? Piloting
your favorite Gundam and cutting tons of enemy mobile suits down to size.
Dashing towards the enemy and ramming your saber right into his face. Assisting
your buddies in assaulting bases and going on missions with lower chances of
survival then winning the Lotto. This is what Giant Mecha games should be like
and again, Tactics Battle and Training test are awesomeness! For those of you
who are reading this and getting sick and talk about Gundams and other Feddy
mobile suits, you can goto Tactics Battle and serve the Principality of Zeon
faithfully! There's nothing more satisfying then destroy a federation base and
then having Char himself lend you his personal mobile suit!

"Take your sorrow and turn it into anger, HAIL ZEON!"

Speaking of HAIL ZEON, throughout your battles and missions the cut-scenes help
move the story along and that adds even more fun!  It has revamped and
remastered scenes from the show including, but not limited to the great speech
at Garma's funeral. Not to mention that each time you unlock a federation
mobile suit in Tactics Battle you are treated to a brand new and exclusive
movie clip!!! Imagine my surprise when I destroyed an Ace Zeon core of Dom's
and was awarded a new mobile suit by Shiro Amada himself and better yet, having
him recognize me as an ace pilot myself!

::Overall (not an average):: 9
                            II.A. Menus

                          -={Start Screen}=-
                              Story Mode
                              Stage Select
                              ???? (Tactics Battle)

Story Mode: The main mode of the game, takes you through most of the storyline
of MS Gundam and the saga that is Amuro Rey along with RX-78-2 a.k.a Gundam.
You'll take on 9 missions with multiple tasks to be accomplished. Including
duels with Char himself, taking out GAW Carriers, fighting hoards of Zeon
mobile suits, and more!

Stage Select: Play through stages you have beaten in "Story Mode"

Tactics Battle: Once you have beaten the game, "????" will become "Tactics
Battle" which in my opinion is the best part of the game. You'll unlock new
FMV's, clips, mobile suits, missions, and more! You can play on the side of
Federation or Zeon and earn upto 20 mobile suits.

Record: Shows you the scores from your past battles which include:
-Finish Time: How long the mission took
-Demolished: How many enemies you destroyed of each type
-Life Remaining: Percentage of life your Gundam had left
-Success Rate: Averages of damage inflicted
-Newtype Potential: Grade of your overall performance S+ (the best), A, B, C,
D, E, F and G- (the worst)
-Total Newtype Potential: Average Newtype Potential from all stages completed

Gallery: Upon choosing gallery you will be asked to choose from 3 options:
-MS: Shows specs and info on mobile suits you've encountered or used
-Movie: View all the Cutscenes, trailers, FMV, etc.,
-BGM: Hear all the music tracks on the game

-Key Config: Choose from many different controller configurations
-Vibration: Dual Shock on or off
-Stereo/Mono: Type of sound
-BGM: Background music on or off
-SE Volume: Sound effect volume
-Memory Card: Save or Load Data
-Auto Save: Have the game save without being prompted to
                            II.B. Controls

DPad Up - Walk Forward
Dpad Down - Walk Backwards
DPad Right - Turn Right
Dpad Left - Turn Left

L1 Button - Straif Left*
L2 Button - Lock-on
R1 Button - Straif Right*
R2 Button - Must be used along with a main button:
-R2+Square= Auxiliary Attack
-R2+Triangle= Request Backup (Guncannon)****
-R2+Circle= Request Backup (Guntank)****
-R2+Select= Switch Radar Display Range

Square Button or R3 Button** - Attack with main weapon or melee weapon*****
Triangle Button - Switch between Main Weapon and Melee Combat
Circle Button - Guard
X Button - Thrust***

L3 Button (push down left analog stick)- Lock/Unlock camera
R3 Button (push down right analog stick)- Fire weapon

Select Button- Toggle between Walking/Running Mode
Start Button- Bring up area map

Left Analog - Move camera around your suit
Right Analog - Manual Targeting

-Double Tapping: Double Tapping any Dpad direction will cause you to boost
quickly in that direction. Double tapping forward or backwards and holding the
direction button down will allow you to boost in that direction continuously
until your thrust power needs to be recharged which varies between suits. (see
suit specs section)

*Hint: Straifing is running in one direction while still looking forward, you
will need to do this alot. The method most effective in alot of cases is to
Lock-On, and then Straif while firing your main weapon at the enemy. You may
also use the straifing in conjunction with boosting to fly sideways while
aiming forward. This will help alot.

**Note: R3 is used by pressing the right analog stick down

***Hint: Thrusters can be used in all directions, depending on what you use
along with the X button. For example if you press X+L1 then you'll doing a
flying straif to the left while facing forward. Also by repeatedly hitting X,
you can boost up higher and higher, this will come in handy when you have to
take out carriers, flying over buildings, etc.,

****Note: You can only request backup during story mode in missions where you
are accompanied by the two friendly suits.

*****Hint: If you hold square, while you have your Main Weapon (not saber) in
hand, you will perform a special attack. Most suits only have Special Attacks
that are effective on suits that are right in front of you and your lock-on
will turn off automatically when doing this move.
                            III. Movelist

Note: This section only applies to suits that come equipped with a beam saber
as their melee weapon. It also applies to Zeon suits which come equipped with a
heat sword or heat hawk.

Sequential saber slash: Square, Square, Square
Tap square quickly (3) times and you'll do a series of slices which are aimed
at different parts of the suit. It's your typical combo move.

Dash Attack 1: Up, Up+Square
You will dash forward quickly and slices diagonally across your enemy, when up
too close this move is ineffective and will cause you to dash past your enemy
and will leave you open to an attack from behind. Make sure you are at
medium-close range before attempting this.

Dash Attack 2: Up, Up (hold down)+Square
You'll Dash forward and slash across your opponents torso. When up too close
this move is ineffective and will cause you to dash past your enemy and will
leave you open to an attack from behind. Make sure you are at medium-close
range before attempting this.

Slide Dash Attack (left or right): Left, Left+Sqaure OR Right, Right+Square
Slash while dashing to the left or right. This is very effective if your enemy
gets beside you, and even cam be used to dodge enemy fire if timed correctly.

Jump Slash (While Jumping Up): Down, Up+Square
You'll slash downward while descendinh from a jump. This is tied for the most
powerful melee attack that you can perform, and it's hard to execute.

Downward Stab (While Jumping): Up, Down+Square
You'll turn your saber downward and ram it into the top of your enemy or
object. Tied for most power melee move you can perform.

Lower Level Attack: Up, Down+Square
Slash Downward, good for attacking ground units or the enemy mobile suit's
                            IV. Tactics Battle (????)

This is the best mode in the game in my opinion and will be what you use to
unlock extra mobile suits for you to use throughout multiple missions. I
haven't completed this mode yet, but when I do I'll describe the rest of the
missions if there are anymore. Look for improvements to this section in Version
2.0. Descriptions of the missions were written by me, hehe, sorry if they're a
little weak, but they're to get you fired up as a pilot!

{Earth Federation}
Mission 1: Multiple Zeon Squadrons are attacking a federation base which is
surrounded by trees and water which gives the enemy good cover. You must take
whatever mobile suit you have and destroy all enemy suits which attack, you
must do this while also protecting many vital points on the base.

Mission 2: You're in neutral territory and a Zeon force is backing out after a
failed invasion of the federation. They have sent many suits to keep you all
busy while their main force escapes, your job is to take out all the suits that
are sent at you to keep you busy. There are still many citizens in town, so
keep the city damage to a minimum.

Mission 3: You're in a battle at the desert and the battleline has been drawn
via a gigantic rift in the ground. An enemy GAW is going to be passing overhead
soon and your job is to destroy all the enemy mobile suits until you get the
word that the GAW is approaching. If you check your map, it will be coming from
the Upper Right corner of your screen right over the giant rift in the ground.
To take out the GAW Carrier you must boost upwards and land on top of it, then
using whatever your suit has, blow it up! Attacking the engines or the bump on
top where the cockpit is will destroy it fastest. For some suits the mission
ends here, for other suits the storyline will be a bit longer and the mission
won't end until all enemy mobile suits are destroyed.

Blue Destiny Test: The federation has recieved a new blue mobile suit nicknamed
"The Blue Menace" and it is equipped with a state of the art battle computer
which protects it from NewTypes, the problem is, the system is very unstable.
When the system goes berserk the suit can't tell the difference between
friendly suits and enemy suits and everyone is in danger. Your job is to choose
an mobile suit you have available to you and take it out!

Alex Test: The federation has recieved a brand new top of the line mobile suit
designed specifically for Amuro Rey. It has enhance NewType capabilities and
comes with magnetic armor, your job is to have a 1-on-1 duel with this suit and
see whose the better pilot.

*more coming soon if there are anymore*

{Principality of Zeon}
Mission 1: Our small Zeon force is in desperate need of supply lines and your
job is to take your suit and attack a Federation base. There are multiple
targets to be taken out, but the most important ones are giant half-cricle
shaped structures with sliding doors that are open. Use your radar to see them
labeled as "TARGET" and you may lock onto them if you cant' identify them
yourself. The enemy has GM's, Multiple Gundam units, Guntanks, Guncannons, and
typical base defenses so at times it may be necessary to pull back into the
forest and follow the river around to stage ambush attacks. MAKE THEM PAY! SIEG

Mission 2: We're in neutral territory and our main force is exhausted after a
failed sneak attack on the federation. Your job is to go out with a small force
and destroy all enemy suits and backup and keep them busy until our main force
can escape. The mission will end when all enemies in the area are destroyed.
And remember that you are fighting for the glory of the colonies now, destroy
the city if you have to! Take your sorrow and turn it into anger! HAIL ZEON!

Mission 3: Our GAW attack carrier will be heading over a giant rift in the
desert soon and you know that dirty federation will try and stop us. Destroy
all enemy mobile suits, plain and simple, TAKE NO PRISONERS! Make the
federation pay for the oppression they have given to use throughout history!
Glory to all the colonies!

*More coming soon*
                            IV.A. Suit specs

Note: Military Profiles for each suit coming soon also Version 2.0 should have
stats for every mobile suit. Lastly, I judge the suit specs by letter grade,
but taking a book out of J2J's book the highest is S and not A.

Grading Scale:
S: Top of the Line
A: Superb
B: Great
C: Average
D: Lacking
E: Terrible

Speed: C+
Armor: B-
Weaponry: C
Thrust: C
Turning: C

Main Weapon: Beam Spray Gun
Melee Weapon: Beam Saber
Aux. Weapon: Head Vulcan Guns
Specialty: Ace Marksmanship

Description: GM's were mass produced versions of the Gundams only cheaper and
easier to maintain, consequently some performance was sacrificed, but they're
more then capable of take out those pesky Zakus.

Military Profile: GM, model number RGM-79. A mass-produced mobile suit based on
field data acquired from the Gundam. These units are versatile, low-cost,
easily manufactured, and many variations are in development.

RX-78-2 Gundam:
Speed: A
Armor: C
Weaponry: C
Thrust: B
Turning: B

Main Weapon: Beam Rifle
Melee Weapon: Beam Saber
Aux. Weapon: Head Vulcan Guns
Specialty: Ace Marksmanship

Description: Typical Gundam, superior in every aspect as an overall suit to the
normal forces of the federation such as the mass produced GM.

Military Profile: Gundam, model number RX-78. This was the center piece of the
V project, the Earth Federation Forces initial mobile suit development program.
Equipped with beam weapons, it is a highly maneuverable, multi-task mobile suit
capable of hand-to-hand combat.

RX-77 GunCannon:
Speed: D
Armor: A
Weaponry: A
Thrust: D
Turning: D

Main Weapon: Beam Rifle
Melee Weapon: Fists
Aux. Weapon: Head Vulcan Guns
Special: Shoulder Gun Cannons
Specialty: Rapid Fire

Description: This suit is basically a gigantic walking gun and for that reason
the speed suffers greatly and the turning is a bit sluggish. Because it's so
big and heavy it eats up thrust power quickly, but it recharges pretty well.
This suit is VERY heavily armored and can almost take a hit better then the
Gundams can. The best thing about this suit is because of it's armaments which
lead me to give it the nickname "1 shot kill/3 hit deal." It can kill any
normal mobile suit with one shot from it's shoulder cannons and the stronger
mobile suits can be killed with 1 shot from it's beam rifle and 2 shots from
the shoulder cannons which is 3 hits.

Military Profile: Guncannon, model number RX-77. A mid-range support mobile
suit designed during the V Project, the Earth Federation Forces inital mobile
suit development program. It has limited maneuverability, but it's heavy armor
makes a shield unneccesary.

RX-75 Guntank:
Speed: E
Armor: B
Weaponry: A
Thrust: E
Turning: D

Main Weapon: Bob Missle x4
Melee Weapon: None
Aux. Weapon: Shoulder Cannons
Specialty: Rapid Fire

Description: Big and bulky suit that uses tank treads to move around instead of
regular legs like other suits. It's extremely heavy and for that reason it's
slow, turns sluggish, and eats up thrust power like a puddin' pop at Bill
Cosby's house. It's powerful shoulder guns make it a strong opponent though.

Military Profile: Guntank, model number RX-75. A long range support mobile suit
designed during V Project, the Earth Federation Forces inital mobile suit
development program. It's main feature is that it moves using catepillar treads
instead of legs.

RGM-79SP GM Sniper Custom II:
Speed: A- to B+
Armor: C-
Weaponry: C-
Thrust: B-
Turning: B-

Main Weapon: Sniper Beam Rifle
Melee Weapon: Beam Saber
Aux. Weapon: Head Vulcan Guns
Specialy: Ace Marksmanship

Description: GM's were mass produced versions of the Gundams with slightly less
abilities, but they were more cost effective and easier to maintain. Thus, the
performance is almost as good as a gundam. It's long beam rifle is great and
all, but it takes alot of shots to kill the enemy unless you constantly use the
special attack which takes alot of skill and it is far from unlimited use. It's
pretty fast and has pretty good handling almost as good as the gundam, it's an
overall average suit, but still better then a normal GM.

Military Profile: GM, Sniper II, model number RGM-79SP. A customized GM with
upgraded armor and propulsion for use by experienced pilots. It has upgraded
censor systems and as the name suggests, it has been specialized for sniper

RX-79(G) Gundam (G)
Speed: B
Armor: B
Weaponry: C-
Thrust: A
Turning: B-

Main Weapon: MS Cannon
Melee Weapon: Beam Saber
Aux. Weapon: Illumination Shot
Special: Chest Vulcan Guns

Description: The Gundam used by the great Shiro Amada, this is a ground type
mobile suit and this the mobility is average and slightly above the level of a
GM, but not quite that of a normal Gundam. It's beam rifle is not overly
strong, the illumination shell is pointless, and the chest gatlings take
precision. It's an overall average Gundam.

Military Profile: Ground Combat Gundam, model number RX-79G. A pre-mass
production Gundam for use in terrestrial combat. Adapted for mass-production,
the coreblock system has been removed. But, as the unit was designed mainly for
ground combat it is loaded with primer based armaments.

RX-79BD-1 GM Blue Destiny
Speed: A
Armor: B
Weaponry: D
Thrust: A
Turning: A

Main Weapon: Machine Gun
Melee Weapon: Beam Saber
Aux. Weapon: Head Vulcan Guns
Specialty: Rapid Fire

Old Description: This supposedly crazed mobile suit isn't all they make it out
to be it's the same as any other GM accept with a weaker weapon and it's MUCH
faster. That's about the best thing about this suit, the speed, but other then
that...it'll leave you crying the blues if you expected something really really
awesome from the Blue Menace.

New Description: (thanks to williambrtam) As you can see from my old comments I
wasn't really too high on the fighting capabilities of the "Blue Menace." I
loved it's speed however, and it sure looks like a Blue Menace, but it sucked
right? WRONG! How could I be any further from the truth... I got an email from
william good ole' william pointing me to something that happens when your
health gets low. And my health had never been as low as he suggested, so I
decided to go on a mission and just let the Zaku's pummel me. What happened you
ask? Well a red light went off on the back of my suits head and it started to
mumble things to me. My first thought is..."hmmmm," then I checked the email
again and I had just been informed on how to activated the Exam Operation
System and I love it! Kinda shady of me to turn my opinion around so quickly,
ain't it? But I can't help it. Not only does the saber grow a bit longer and do
3 times the damage, but your suit overheats less easily, and you have unlimited
thrust power!!!

Note: Unlimited THRUST power. NOT BOOST. Thrust would be thrusting forward
along the ground, boosting would by flying through the air, and hopping from
side to side.

So unlimited thrust power, triple strength saber, extra armor, increased speed,
and a larger sensor radius on the map. What more could a pilot ask for? For all
the GundamWing fans who bought this game just because it had the word "Gundam"
in it, the "Exam OS" is close to the "Zero System." Enjoy!

Note 2: Check the codes section for a better explination

Military Profile: Blue Destiny Unit 1, unit number RX-79BD-1. A prototype
installed with the anti-newtype operating system "Exam." A high performance
machine, but there are many unknowns regarding the operationg system "Exam."
Caution must be exercised in it's use.

RX-78NT-1 Gundam Alex
Speed: S+
Armor: B
Weaponry: B
Thrust: S+
Turning: S+

Main Weapon: Beam Rifle
Melee Weapon: Beam Saber
Aux. Weapon: Head Vulcan Guns
Special: Wrist Gatling Gun

Description: It's weapon is about as average as all the other gundams. But it
handles like a dream, speeds around with ease, has massive amounts of thrust
energy, and turns almost like a Gundam straight out of the AC. This thing is
the ULTIMATE mobile suit in terms of speed with a nice balance of power (so

Military Profile: Gundam Alex, model number RX-78NT-1. Designed and developed
to be used by Ensign Amuro Rey. Some of the latest technology has been
incorporated, including a 360 degree video monitor and magnetic coating.

Zaku II
Speed: D
Armor: C-
Weaponry: C-
Thrust: C-
Turning: C-

Main Weapon: Zaku Machine Gun
Melee Weapon: Heat Hawk
Aux. Weapon: Cracker*
Special: 3-piece Missle Pod

*Note: In Mission 1 of the Tactics Battle, when destroy the enemy garages the
cracker is extreme effective when used on the sides of the structures.

Description: Typical Zeon suit, it's average all around performance is reliable
and it has a good dose of weaponry.

Military Profile: Zaku II, model number MS-06. This main force, multi-task
mobile suit has been used by our troops since the early days of the One Year
War. With multiple armament and body variations, this masterpiece might be
called the symbol of Zeon.

Speed: c
Armor: C+
Weaponry: D++
Thrust: C
Turning: C+

Main Weapon: 5x 75mm Machine Gun
Melee Weapon: Heat Saber
Aux. Weapon: Heat Rod
Special: Heat Rod

Description: THIS IS NO ZAKU BOY! NO ZAKU! Actually their closer to Zakus then
they seem. The Goufs are much faster then Zakus and more manueverable, but the
normal Gouf is more weakly armed. It's finger machine guns reload slowly and
have to do so after each shot. Also the heat rod is very hard to connect with,
but the Heat Saber is much more deadly then a beam saber or a heat hawk.

Military Profile: Gouf, model number MS-07B. A successor to the Zaku II, it was
designed for ground combat. It is equipped with several weapons for use in
hand-to-hand combat, such as a heat rod and heat saber.

Speed: C++
Armor: C++
Weaponry: C++
Thrust: B-
Turning: C++

Main Weapon: Giant Bazooka
Melee Weapon: Heat Pole*
Aux. Weapon: Illumination Shot**
Special: Ace Marksmanship

*Note: I know the game says Heat Saber, but it is different from what the Gouf
has and extends straight out and is round like a pole.

**Note: I know the game says Scattering Beam Gun, but when you do the attack
it's actually just an Illumination shot.

Description: Made famous by the "Black Tri-Stars" of Zeon, the Rik Dom is a
very powerful mobile suit that far surpasses the Gouf and Zaku in speed and
manueverability. This is mostly because designers found a way to use hovering
technology to allow it to make more quickly on all terrain. The Giant Bazooka
is also a force to be reckoned with and can take any suit down quickly.

Military Profile: Dom, model number MS-09. A mass-production mobile suit for
use in ground combat. Heavily armored, it is capable of high-speed hover
locomotion. At this point in time, it is considered to be the backbone of our

Speed: E
Armor: B
Weaponry: B+
Thrust: E
Turning: E

Main Weapon: Torso Mega Particle Cannons
Melee Weapon: Claw
Aux. Weapon: Torso Missles 2x*
Specialty: High-Power Shots

*Note: The torso missles are much more accurate when you are standing still and
locked onto the enemy. If you fire them while running then they will fly off

Description: A big and slow amphibious suit with limited manueverability, but
extreme power.

Military Profile: Gogg, model number MSM-03. An amphibious mobile suit heavily
armored to withstand underwater pressure. It is also the first Zeon mobile suit
to be equipped with Mega Particle Cannons.

Speed: D
Armor: B
Weaponry: B
Thrust: D
Turning: E

Main Weapon: Mega Particle Cannon On Both Arms
Melee Weapon: Claw
Aux. Weapon: Head Missles 6x
Specialty: Ace Marksmanship

Description: Slow amphibious mobile suit that works well on land, but their
overall speed holds them back from being truly great. The big advantage of
these however is the main weapon, these were the first Zeon suits to use mega
particle cannons.

Military Profile: Z'Gok, model number MSM-07. An amphibious mobile suit which
is highly maneuverable on land. With a well-balanced design, it's arms are
equipped with mega particle cannons, and claws for hand-to-hand combat.

Speed: D-
Armor: B
Weaponry: B-
Thrust: D
Turning: E

Main Weapon: Right Mega Particle Cannon
Melee Weapon: Claw
Aux. Weapon: Head Vulcans
Special: Left Arm Missles 6x

Description: Another slow, yet powerful amphibious suit, only this one comes
equipped with slightly less firepower.

Military Profile: ACGuy, model number MSM-04. This amphibious mobile suit
shares many components with the Zaku II. It is easy to manufacture and
maintain. This unit has stealth capabilities.

Zaku I
Speed: D
Armor: D
Weaponry: D+
Thrust: C-
Turning: C-

Main Weapon: Zaku Machine Gun
Melee Weapon: Heat Hawk
Aux. Weapon: Cracker
Special: Hand Grenade

Description: The original Zaku, it's lack of a shield makes it a bit more
vulnerable then the newer models and it's special weapon is less effective then
the newer models, but it is still used by rear line troops.

Military Profile: Zaku I, model number MS-05. This unit will be remembered as
the first combat ready mobile unit in history. Although it lost it's title as
the main-stay of our forces with the development of the Zaku II, it is still
used by rear line troops and supply units.

Char's Zaku II
Speed: C++
Armor: C
Weaponry: C+
Thrust: C+
Turning: C+

Main Weapon: Zaku Bazooka
Melee Weapon: Heat Hawk
Aux. Weapon: Cracker
Specialty: Ace Marksmanship

Description: This suit is no typical Zaku II, it's increaed mobility and giant
bazooka make it much more formidable and it was made famous as the personal
suit of the "Red Comet." It's still a on par with Zaku performance, but it's

Military Profile: Zaku, Char Custom, model number MS-06S. The thruster output
of this custom type is 30% greater then that of the Zaku II. It gained fame as
the personal machine of Leutinent Commander Char Aznable
the "Red Comet"

Char's Z'Gok
Speed: C-
Armor: B
Weaponry: B+
Thrust: C-
Turning: D+

Main Weapon: Mega Particle Cannon On Both Arms
Melee Weapon: Claw
Aux. Weapon: Head Missles 6x
Specialty: Ace Marksmanship

Description: Almost the same as a Z'Gok only increased speed/mobility and it
now has Mega Particle Cannons installed in BOTH hands. This was famous as the
suit the red comet used during the attack on Jaburo.

Military Profile: Z'Gok, Char Custom, model number MSM-07S. A custom Z'Gok
featuring increased mobility. This unit is renowned for being the machine used
by Captain Char Aznable the "Red Comet" when he infiltrated Jaburo.

Garma's Zaku II
Speed: C++
Armor: C
Weaponry: C+
Thrust: C+
Turning: C+

Main Weapon: Magella Top-Gun
Melee Weapon: Heat Hawk
Aux. Weapon: 40mm Vulcan Gun x4
Specialty: Ace Marksmanship

Description: This suit is no typical Zaku II, it's increaed mobility make it
much more formidable and it was the mobile suit Garma Zabi used before his
death. Through hard work for the Principality of Zeon it can be attained by the
best pilot with special permission. It's still a on par with Char's Zaku
performance, but it's Top-Gun is equal to that found on a standard Zeon tank!
Hence the name Magella. Through this all, I would be led to say it's slightly
better then Char's Zaku in the speed/mobility category. Whereas I usually end
up with around 98% health with the Red Comet Zaku do to some slight problems
with the Gundams, I am able to squeeze out with 100% health using this model.
Of course the son of the sovereign of Zeon gets only the best right?

Military Profile: Zaku, Garma Custom, model number MS-06FS. A Zaku II F-unit
modified for the exclusive use of Garma Zabi. The most distinctive feature of
this machine are the quad 40mm vulcans mounted on it's head.

Speed: D-
Armor: C
Weaponry: C+
Thrust: C
Turning: E-

Main Weapon: Beam Cannon On Both Arms
Melee Weapon: Claw
Aux. Weapon: Leg Missles x4
Specialty: Ace Marksmanship

Description: A big and clunky amphibious mobile suit, it's size can sometimes
block your view when too close to the enemy. It's also a BIG target and easy to
hit, even when moving around and flying. However it's firepower is pretty good.

Military Profile: Hy-gogg, model number MSM-03C. This model is an improved
version of the Gogg. Upgrading it's configuration and equipping it with a jet
pack increased both cruising range and underwater speed.

Speed: D
Armor: C+
Weaponry: B++
Thrust: C-
Turning: D-

Main Weapon: Shoulder Mega Particle Cannons x8
Melee Weapon: None
Aux. Weapon: Head Sonic Laser
Specialty: Rapid Fire

Description: A big amphibious mobile suit with multiple mega particle cannons
and a head cannon

Military Profile: Zock, model number MSM-10. An amphibious mobile suit with
formidable firepower. However it's maneuverability on land is slightly under
par. Larger then the typical model, one could say that this machine bears a
strong resemblance to a mobile armor.

Speed: B-
Armor: C+
Weaponry: C
Thrust: c++
Turning: B

Main Weapon: Customized Shot Gun
Melee Weapon: Beam Saber
Aux. Weapon: Head Vulcan Gun
Special: Chain Main*

*Note: This weapon an take out structures in one hit.

Description: A big and ominous Zeon suit which specializes in it's customized
weaponry. Most noticeable would be it's custom Shot Gun and it's Custom Beam
Saber which glows a powerful yellow. This suit is very fastest, probably the
fastest of the Zeon suits.

Military Profile: Kämpfer, model number MS-18E. A prototype assault use mobile
suit. Developed for high performance, this unit is equipped with high output
thrusters and multiple customized weapons.

                            V. Codes

Tactics Battle:
Beat story mode to unlock this

Get Garma's Zaku:
1. Go back to STORY MODE (will not work with stage select)
2. Play through stage 1
3. Start stage 2
4. Destroy atleast 5-8 Dopp planes before destroying the Magella
5. Garma will appear on a ledge with backup
6. Defeat Garma in his Zaku
7. Defeat Char in his Zaku
8. Go back to the title screen
9. Check the gallery
10. You should have "Garma's Zaku II"
11. If you do then goto Tactics Battle
12. Beat any stage, with any suit
*Note: You must be atleast a major

Alternate Colors:
To get alternate suit colors in Tactics Battle, highlight the suit you would
like to choose. Then hold down one of the combinations and hit X to choose your

Color 1 (default): X
Color 2: L1+L2 (holding), hit X
Color 3: R1+R2 (holding), hit X
Color 4: L2+R2 (holding), hit X

Get G Fighter: (thanks to crs1219)
In Story Mode, before the end of Stage 6, destroy 18 or more enemy MSs. When
successful, Sayla's fighter is the G Fighter (TV version), not the Core Booster
(movie version).

Exam OS: (thanks to williambrtam)
While playing with "Blue Destiny" in Tactics Battle, allow your health to get
down to 30% or lower. A red light will start to shine in the back of your
suit's head and you will hear something that sounds like the suit speaking to
you. This tells you that you've unlocked the "Exam OS" until the end of the
mission. Your saber power will be increased, you'll have unlimited THRUST,
increased armor, larger sensor radius, extra mobility, and also your saber will
be slightly longer.

                            VI. Notes

Note: Get as far away from exploding suits as possible, and watch out for
flying shrapnel.

Note: When fighting mobile suits/gundams equipped with beam weaponry, try
flying into the air and shooting down on them. It's much harder to hit a flying
target with a beam rifle, then one walking along the ground.

Note: In missions requiring excessive ammunition, try the G Hammer because of
it's deadly close range damage and unlimited use.

Note: Rapid fire weapons like machine guns can overheat if you constantly use
them without taking breaks and giving them time to cool down.

(more coming soon)
                        VII. Strategy Guide

1. Gundam Rising!
-You start off by getting up from your transport truck and standing up, you
only have your beam saber to really rely on. Right in front of you should be a
Zaku, head straight and take it out with the saber. Then you'll get a clip from
the show where the other Zaku pilot will get angry and you'll have to find him
and take him out. Stage Over.

--Note: When you play this in Stage Select, after you defeat the second one
Amuro will say something along the lines of "I can't believe I forgot the other
one" and you'll have to fight a 3rd Zaku.

2. Winds of War
-Equip yourself with the Hyper Bazooka now and as soon as the stage begins, run
diagonally up and right. Or use the radar and find the first wave of "Magella"
which are tanks. The reason you were to get the Bazooka is because it can
destroy the whole tank in 1 shot. With the beam rifle you will only destroy the
bottom half and the second part will become yet another troublesome flying
enemy. Take out the magella by locking onto them from as far away as you can
and taking them out one by one. There should be a hill you can stand on as you
approach them. If you look on your map, to your left with be a Zaku, you can
take him our or leave him to your allies. Straight ahead from the first set of
Magella will be another set. Destroy them the same way and Amuro will exclaim
"That's their squadron leader?" Garma will appear in a red Dopp along with a
fleet and they'll start dive bombing white base.

This is another reason to pick the hyper bazooka, it's almost impossible to aim
at flying targets with it or the G Hammer. Take out a few Dopp's and then
they'll inform you the Red Comet has arrived. You'll be warped forward and in
the distance will be Char in his Customized Zaku II, ignore his backup because
your allies will take them out. Take out Char be running side to side with your
shield up and after each of his shots in closer and shoot. Continue firing
while inching close after each one of his shots and he'll be gone after awhile.
Garma will tell him to pull back and it's over.

--Note: To enable yourself to get Garma's Zaku in the Tactics Battle then
change the battle plan a little. Before you destroy the second wave of Magella
Tanks, fly back to white base and land on top. Shoot down about 5-8 Dopps and
then destroy the Magella tanks. Instead of being in a red fighter, this time
Garma will emerge in his Zaku along with backup. Your alilies will fight his
backup so beat him the same way you would beat Char. Right before you kill
Garma, Char will tell him to back up and then he'll drop. Now you must fight
Char in his Zaku.

3. Garma's Fate
-First off you need to choose your weapon as the Hyper Bazooka, you'll find out
why later on. In the very start, don't listen to their orders to go after the
Zaku's, instead turn around and run back towards white base and just wait.

After a few second they will change your orders from taking out Zaku's, to
destroying a GAW Carrier which will pass overhead soon. Use the map to spot
them, they should be coming in from the bottom left corner of the map. Draw
your saber and run towards where it will be arriving. When the GAW is in sight,
boost up and land on top of it, then slice, blast, and do whatever you have to
do to blow it up before it reaches the dome where white base is.

After you destroyed the GAW, they will tell you that another one is coming and
that you need to destroy it...but ignore that. Destroy the normal Zaku's 1 by
1, try and avoid char until you can take out atleast 2 of them. Now, if the 3rd
normal Zaku is by himself then kill him... if not... go after Char. Now is why
you need the Hyper Bazooka, because Char is extremely fast and even if you miss
the shot a little, you will still cause damage if it explodes near him. Using
L1 and R1, run to the sides while firing at him. Everytime he shoots at you,
hold up your shield, because he doesn't have to hit you to do damage...he has a
hyper bazooka too. Each time he takes a hard hit... move in a little closer.
Keep doing this until you have blown him up.

Also, if he ever gets in REAL close, like in range for his heat hawk. Boost
into the air and float backwards while firing down on him. Don't forget to hold
your shield up whenever you're not shooting at him as well. Once Char is dead,
all you have to do is destroy 1 GAW before any of them bomb the dome. And it's

4. The Threat of Zeon
-Equip the hyper bazooka. There is a Zeon base in your midst and you along with
Gun Cannon and Gun Tank must take it down. As soon as you start you'll be
standing on a hill and GunCannon will mumble something about backing him up,
but don't bother.

Slide down off the rock and run forward a little bit, you'll have two Magella
to destroy. Next gead to the right using the rocks as cover and take out the
Zaku that awaits you over there. From the right side of the base you can begin
targeting the turrets, sattelites, magella, and other base defenses. Fly into
the air and target, then take them out with ease.

Now once you've taken everything on the base out, on the left side there will
be an old Zaku I, take him out. You'll get a contact from white base saying a
launch is incoming, it's Ramba Ral in his Gouf along with two Zakus. Look on
the radar and find your backup, they should be pretty far behind you. Turn and
fly back towards your allies and reunite with them. Gouf and the two Zakus will
come flying and will attack, concentrate on the Gouf and keep him out of Heat
Saber range. Once he's dead they'll pull back and the mission is over, so you
don't have to even bother with the Zaku II's backing him.

5. Cross of Sand
-You're alone on this one and are forced to use the beam rifle so make the most
of it. In the very beginning you need to fly around the perimeter of the base
taking out the Mega Particle Cannons, but you have to target and shoot them
from afar. If you get close then they'll drop down into the ground. Take those
out and then head towards the middle where you'll need to destroy a few
structures. They'll show up as read dots on your map. Watch out for the
Customized Zakus. Once you do this, a gian flying mobile armour will rise from
the ground and he has a Zaku back him up. You can ignore the Zaku or take him
out first, but watch out. The Armour will release "bits" and if they get close
they'll catch you in an electric shock.

Get close to the flying armor, but not directly under it, keep hitting lock-on
until you target the flying bits and shoot them down. Now while backing up,
just target the many different spots on the Amrour and keep shooting till it
goes down. You have to destroy 2 of it's guns which takes like 1 shot and 3 of
it's legs, then it's over.

6. Ramba Ral's Attack
-Flying, run, and boost after the yellow vehicle, but watch out for it's
gigantic cannon. Keep blasting it with your beam rifle until either it goes out
of the battlefield range or you take it down.

You'll get a contact after either of those happens.

Head back to white base using your radar and find the Gouf again, it's Ramba
Ral again. Use the same strategy you use on Char or any other suit and take him
down, but DO NOT try to fight him in close. His Heat Saber and Heat Rod will
take you down easily. While you're killing him he'll try to get into your head
by talking trash to you, just keep on shooting. And then in the end he'll say
THIS IS NO ZAKU BOY! NO ZAKU! just like in the show. Then he'll say JUST
"You're a sore loser," just as Ramba blows up.

Note: See movies section for a special secret about this stage.

7. Soldiers of Sorrow
-The White Base has made an emergency landing and word is that the Zeon has
sent out the "Tri-Star" group. In the beginning they'll tell you to hunt down
the enemy Dom's and take them down. But, you've gotta be a better strategist
then that! I saw this coming from a mile away, but anyway, no matter what they
say... run back towards white base. A Dom will be coming through the forest
behind it and will start to attack, so take him out. I used the G Hammer, but
whatever you want will work in his situation, though the beam rifle isn't a
good choice.

After you take him out, the true Tri-Star groups will show up and they'll gang
up on you 3-on-1. Retreat like your life depended on it, because it does. No
matter what, there is an EXTREMELY slim chance that you'll take out 3 Dom's by
yourself. Retreat and then request back up, then as the suits scatter, take
them out 1-by-1.

End of Mission...

Note: If you play story mode through again, not only will there be 4 Dom's, but
also several Zaku II's.

8. Across the Atlantic Ocean
-No strategy here, just fly around and take out the various Amphibious mobile
suits that show up. Try not to get yourself cornered or jumped by multiple
suits because their weaponry is POWERFUL. At all costs, try to take them out
from far away.

9. Tragedy in Jaburo
-Ah yes...the one that everybody and their family has trouble with, when the
answer was right under our noses! I too had much trouble with this one at
first. All ya do is use the good ole G Hammer, because the Bazooka or Beam
Rifle will run out of ammo and a saber just won't cut it. Help out the GM right
below you by taking out the Zaku and ACGuy, if you let him die then you'll
never get a grade of S. Once you take them out, turn around and head back the
other way. Take out the other ACGuy and you're done with him. Now Char with be
there in his Z'Gock, way on the other end, but it's a trap. Look on the radar
and try to take out his buddies which are separated at first.

Once you may it to Char, run from side to side while holding up your shield and
at every opening wack him with the hammer. Even try flying into the air and
hitting him downwards. EVEN try double tapping either strafe button and getting
to the side or behind him. You should have about 50% health now. You'll be
inside of a cave and in front of you will be many enemies. Just double tap
forward and boost right past them, stop, recharge a bit, then flying past the
rest of them and head right for Char. Amuro will yell like an idiot and cause
Char to fly away. Then you'll get chokeslammed by the by flying suit and you'll
be in battle. Move in close while shielding yourself, then just like always,
use tactics and beat him up with the G Hammer. And it's over, so easily...

                            B. Movies

STORY note:
After you complete the story mode completely, there should still be one movie
missing. It will come after Ramba Ral's Attack A and is named, gee... Ramba
Ral's Attack B. To unlock it, play through STORY MODE, this will not work with
Stage Select. Play through STORY MODE upto Stage 6 "Ramba Ral's Attack."

At the very beginning, chase after the hovertank and target the many different
points on it while shooting. Preferably, shoot its giant gun off first, then
the wings, followed by the body. If you're good enough then you may try and
boost into the air and land on top of it before it flies off screen. From there
you can use your saber easily.

You COULD do that, however, DO NOT DESTROY THE HOVERCRAFT YET! Weaken it and
then leave it alone once you get a contact to return to White Base. Ignore the
Gouf and destroy the Zaku that came with him, then wait for awhile and another
Zaku will appear on your radar. Find this second Zaku and destroy it, watch
out, it has a Magella Top-Gun unlike the other Zaku's. Once you've killed this
second Zaku, destroy Ramba Ral, and then wait for a second. More reinforcements
will show up, destroy whatever Mobile Suits appear on your radar now. After
they're gone the stage will not end for some reason.

Why? Because remember how you spared the poor Hovercraft crew? Well not go hunt
them down like Zeon dogs an destroy them! Once the stage is over you should
have destroyed atleast 4 mobile suits.

1. The Zaku accompanying Ramba Ral
2. The next Zaku that appears
3. Ramba Ral
4. Any other mobile suits that appear afterwards

Note: Each time you play through story mode, each level changes a bit.

Now exit and check your movie gallery, Ramba Ral B should have been unlocked
for your viewing pleasure! Don't be fooled however. Even though the movie will
seem the same at first, it's different towards the end. Also once you have
unlocked this movie, your support fighter will no longer be the Core
Booster/Core Fighter. It will be the version with the upgrade modules seen in
the show.

T.B.1: (in order)
Fly Gundam! = Unlocked once you beat the game.

Gundam NT-1 = Unlocked once you beat the Alex Test

Blue Menace = Unlocked once you beat the Blue Destiny Test

Land Combat Gundam = Unlocked once you get RX-79(G)

White Dingo = Unlocked once you get GM Sniper Custom II



Matilda 1 = Unlocked the first time you get a new suit

Matilda 2 = Unlocked when you get Alex Test

Matilda 3 = Unlocked when you get Blue Destiny Test

Matilda 4 = Unlocked when you get a grade of E, F, or G

Matilda 5 = Unlocked when you get a grade of C or D

Matilda 6 = Unlocked when you get a grade of S, A, or B

Matilda 7 = Unlocked when you fail or die


Female soldier 1 = Unlocked first time you get a new suit

Female soldier 2 = Unlocked when you get a grade of S, A, or B

Female soldier 3 = Unlocked when you get a grade of E, F, or G

Female soldier 4 = unknown

Female soldier 5 = Unlocked when you get a grade of C or D+

Char 1 = When Char gives you his Zokk

Char 2 = When Char gives you his Zaku II

Char 3 = When Char gives you his Z'Gok

M'Quve and Vase = When you recieve Garma's Zaku II

Gihren Address = When you've completed all the missions, with the suits you
have available on the side of Zeon.

Bright Address = When you've completed all the missions, with the suits you
have available on the side of Earth Federation.


Creators of Gundam: Journey to Jaburo - Bandai

Official Gundam Website

CactusJakS and Nintendoald for pointing out mistakes in the suit specs, I have
taken them directly from the game in this version.

Williambrtam for pointing out the "ExamOS" secret
[Special: Other Games!]

---------Gundam Battle Assault-------- (From BandaiGames.com)
It is A.C. 19X, and although the world is technically at peace, some Mobile
Suit pilots are still clinging to their ideals and continuing their fight. You
take on the role of Heero Yuy, a pilot who is determined to maintain the
tenuous peace of the world at any cost. Your mission: fight the legendary Mobil
Suits and save the world from total chaos!

*From the hit television series! Take on the role of Heero Yuy, with his Wing
Gundam Mobile Suit, in his first-ever video game appearance!

*Revel in detailed hand-drawn 2D animation graphics.

*Choose from 20 Mobile Suits Fighting Units (including hidden ones), each
equipped with their own Mega Special Attack.

*Shatter your enemy with powerful, all-new aerial and ground attacks. Witness
your enemy's armor buckle with each blow!

---------Gundam Zeonic Front--------- (coming soon)(From PS2.ign.com)
Alright, let's face it. Yes, the principality of Zeon are the bad guys. Yes,
they're all nuts. Yes, they killed about two billion people in the opening
salvos of the One Year War with a combination of nerve gas, nuclear bombs, and
colony drops, and then tried to blow the living hell out of the world at least
two more times in 0083 and Char's Counterattack. We're not supposed to like
them. But if you've got heroes as gimpy as the ones in the Universal Century,
what can you do but root for the bad guys?

If you agree, Bandai of America will be bringing out the game for you later
this year. Gundam: Zeonic Front, the second major Gundam release on PlayStation
2, is a 3D realtime strategy game featuring all your favorite flat-colored
mobile suits in earthbound 0079 action. Imagine something like Rainbow Six, a
small-scale team-based game with a substantial action component, and replace
the olive-drab commandos with olive-drab one-eyed axe-wielding giant robots.

You are the commander of a three-man MS team, carrying out various missions on
Earth (most of which involve the destruction of a whole lot of faceless GMs).
Each begins with a preparatory briefing and logistics sequence, where you
organize your equipment and strategy beforehand -- each of your Zakus can carry
a load of weapons and equipment tailored to the role you want them to play in
the upcoming mission. Then, your squad deploys on the battlefield.

Author contact: [email protected]
Homepage: http://www.animewar.com

Note: This FAQ is NOT for commercial use and by reading this FAQ page you
hereby agree that GameFaqs.com and them alone has the right to use this guide,
unless permission is given by me.

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