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                         The Realm of Mortal Kombat's
                     Mortal Kombat Mythologies : SUB-ZERO
                          Sony PlayStation Text FAQ
                   Compiled By IceMaster 

-------------------------- http://mk.hotweird.com/ ---------------------------

[1] Moves List

** COMBOS **
6-Hit - 36 experience pts : HP - HP - LP - LK - HK - Back + HK
3-Hit - 18 experience pts : HK - HK - Back + HK

** MOVES **
1. Ice Blast:            Down - Forward - LP
     Allows Sub-Zero to throw an ice projectile.
2. Slide:                BL + LP + LK + Back
     Can slide under projectiles and high attacks.
3. Directional Ice Blast
   Angle up:             Down - Forward - HK
   Angle down:           Down - Back - LK
     Gives Sub-Zero the ability to throw ice to two additional directions.
4. Air Ice Blast:        Down - Forward - LP in Air
     Enables Sub-Zero to throw ice in the air.
5. Ice Clone:            Down - Back - LP
     Enables Sub-Zero to create an ice clone.
6. Ice Shatter:          Freeze Twice - Uppercut or Roundhouse Kick
     Enables Sub-Zero to shatter enemies after two ice blasts.
     (Can also freeze using ice clone then an ice blast before shattering.)
7. Super Slide:          BL + LP + HP + Back
     Same as normal slide except longer reaching and can take out
     multiple enemies.
8. Freeze on Contact:    Down - Forward - Forward - HP
     Allows Sub-Zero to freeze an enemy on contact when running.
9. Polar Blast:          Forward - Back - Back - HP
     Freezes all enemies on screen within the blast radius.

FATALITY - Spine Rip: Forward - Down - Forward - HP
           Distance: One Step Away
           Notes: Can be done easier starting with Forward twice.
           Description: Sub-Zero gives his opponent an uppercut to the neck,
                        severing the head.  Blood squirts from the victim's
                        neck like a fountain as the head, with spine still
                        attached, flies off and to the ground.  After a few
                        moments, the body drops forward.

[2] Tips and Strategies

Level 1 : The Shaolin Temples
            The Shaolin Temples is a nice and simple start to the game.  The
            enemies are good for practicing your turn-around, moves, combos,
            and anything you want to experiment with.  Consider this your
            MKM:Sub training mode.
     Pillars : The falling pillar traps in this level drop down when any
            object move underneath them.  To get past a pillar, do a LK at
            around sweep distance to lure it down, quickly run past it when
            it's pulling itself back up.
     BOSS - Scorpion : He can be easily defeated using freezes, uppercuts,
            and combos.  Avoid throwing him unless you freeze him first.  You
            can finish him off with your Fatality after you defeat him.

Level 2 : The Wind Element
            Wind Element is actually the most difficult level of the whole
            game, and its boss, Fujin (God of Wind), is the hardest boss of
            them all.  If you manage to get past this level, you shouldn't
            have too many problems with the rest of the game.
     Spinning Platforms : The small circular platforms on fans can be tricky
            to get past, but is fairly simple once you get your timing right.
            Be sure to control the velocity of your jump using Back while you
            are in the air.
     Swining Platforms : The stone platforms swinging toward and away from
            the camera view are also fairly easy once you get the hang of
            getting past them.  Your "3D" Z-plane position on the still-
            standing platform before the first swing of each set is actually
            equal to the position of the swing when it reaches its peak
            toward the camera view.  So in order to land on one, your feet
            should leave the platform just a slight moment after the swing
            has reached its peak position away from the camera view.  Also
            don't forget to control the velocity of your jump for these as
            well, or you will jump right past the swing.
     BOSS - Fujin, God of Wind : Fujin is the hardest boss in all of MKM:Sub.
            As soon as the fight begins, run in and throw.  Try to keep
            throwing him as much as possible before he starts to fly.  If he
            flies, freeze him with a diagonal ice blast as fast as possible
            and jump kick him to ground him again, then continue throwing him
            as many times as you can.  Once you have drained Fujin's energy,
            quickly walk to the LEFT edge of the platform, while he prepares
            a tornado in the center of the area.  When the tornado begins, DO
            NOT run left, just slowly walk toward the left or hold down+left
            to duck.  After a moment, if you have managed to stay in that
            position near the left edge, you will automatically hang on to
            the platform and Fujin's tornado will cause himself to explode.

Level 3 : The Earth Element
            The Earth Element is fairly easy, but full of traps.  The regular
            enemies, however, get slightly harder by this level of the game.
            Most of the traps are fairly self-explainatory.
     Quake Ditches : Earthquakes occur often in this level.  They cause parts
            of the ground to crack open, usually leading down to a deadly
            spike that will impale you if you drop down to it.  However, it
            is necessary and/or wise to drop into certain ditches.  Carefully
            walk around slowly in this level.
     Swinging Traps : A swinging trap will knock you back and take away a bit
            of your energy if you stand too close to one, but will instantly
            chop you up into pieces if you stand right in the middle of it.
            Get past it by running past once it has reached its peak in the
            direction toward the camera.  Be careful not to run too far past
            though, since there may either be another trap or a ditch right
            past it.
     Floating Monks : The floating monks can easily be destroyed by freezing
            them right at the moment they are teleporting.
     BOSS - God of Earth : The God of Earth is strong but slow.  Get past him
            by sliding, this might come in handy in case you may be cornered.
            To defeat him, run in, uppercut, jump kick to the face, and jump
            away, then repeat.  If he is at the center of the room, you may
            also use the switch at the right end of the room to drop the
            raised platform down on him.

Level 4 : The Water Element
            The Water Element is nothing much more than a large maze.  Watch
            where you're climbing down, there are a lot of area where you can
            drop to your death or drown in water.
     Floatation Devices : Use the wodden barrels floating in deep pools of
            water to get safely to the other side.  Time your jump to get on
            one and be sure to control the velocity of your jump.
     Triangle Key Area : In the area where you use the triangle key, be ready
            to run out right after you use it.  Water will begin to fill the
            area and the door will begin to close, slide to get through the
            door before it closes, you will automatically hang onto the rope
            right outside.
     BOSS - God of Water : The God of Water is fairly simple, but be ready
            with herbs.  Freezes, uppercuts, and combos work well on him.

Level 5 : The Fire Element
            The Fire Element is a pretty impressive-looking stage with some
            aggressive and powerful enemies to fight.  Use them to gain more
            experience points or, if you would rather just get past safely,
            you may simply skip them by jumping over them and running.
     Platforms : There are a lot of switch-controlled platforms in this
            level.  When you hit a switch, you have to get from that end of
            the area to the other as quickly as possible to reach the
            platform that has been lowered before it returns to its neutral
     BOSS - God of Fire : The God of Fire can't be frozen.  Use combos often
            to defeat him.

Level 6 : The Prison of Souls
            The Prison of Souls is a pretty straight-forward level with some
            more difficult enemies to fight.  You can earn some impressive
            new moves with the experience points in this level.
     Scorpion Reincarnated : After you get past the beginning part of this
            level, the Executioner Bot will attack you and guards will beat
            you and throw you in a cell.  You will then encounter either
            Shinnok himself or a reincarnated Scorpion.  If you talk to
            Shinnok, you won't have to fight him (at least in this level).
            However, if you are confronted by Scorpion in the cell, you will
            have to do battle with the specter.  To defeat him here, just
            use freezes, uppercuts, and combos, they all work fine.
     Cannon Guards : The guards carrying cannons can be a pain.  When their
            projectiles are heard coming, duck until you see it go past.
            Sliding by then should reach far enough to reach the guard and
            cause him to drop his weapon (unless you're at the edge of a
            platform of course, in which case you should just carefully time
            your jump).  Without their cannon, these guards are nothing more
            than another common enemy in this level.
     Elevators : The elevators can only go to a certain level by the use of a
            key for that particular level.  When you have the key for the
            destination, operate an elevator by holding the USE button and
            pressing High Kick to go up, or Low Punch to go down.
     BOSS - The Executioner Bot : Soon, you will face the Executioner Bot.
            If he corners you, try to slide under him (you'll go past as long
            as he isn't standing ready. ie. if he's attacking.  Otherwise, he
            will kick you before you get through).  To defeat him, run in,
            roundhouse, jump kick to the head, and jump away, repeat.
     Shinnok's Statue : After you defeat the Executioner Bot and get the key
            to the 3rd level, go left to find an elevator that leads up to a
            small platform on the 3rd.  There, you will find an urn that can
            give you superhuman strength.  Go back to the end of the stage
            until you reach the large statue of Shinnok, and use the urn.
            You'll then have the strength to knock the statue down with a
            simple jump kick.

Level 7 : The Bridge of Immortality
            The Bridge of Immortality is the second-last level of MKM:Sub.
            It's hardest part is the dinosaur.  The rotating blade traps can
            easily be jumped past if you place yourself right in front of its
            cutting range without walking into it.  It is necessary to drop
            to some lower platforms in order to find the bosses that hold the
            keys in this level.
     BOSS - Robots : There are three Bots in this level, two of which are
            carrying keys.  They can all be defeated using a jump in,
            roundhouse, jump kick to head, jump away, repeat pattern.  The
            reason it is necessary to jump in instead of running in for the
            ChainGun Bot is because his bullets will hit you if you remain
            grounded on your way in.
     BOSS - Dinosaur : The dinosaur is as hard to defeat as he may have been
            for you to find.  He breathes fire, headbutts, and his extremely
            dangerous.  Have lots of herbs ready, there is no way to avoid
            energy loss when fighting this little monster.  One way to defeat
            him with as little damage as possible would be to give him a jump
            kick to the head, duck, and repeat.

Level 8 : Shinnok's Fortress
            Shinnok's Fortress is the final level of MKM:Sub.  It's actually
            one of the easiest, but longest.  You can skip past the dangerous
            enemies unless you want to be greedy about your experience points
            to get some nice new moves.  An easy way to lure one of the
            enemies to his death is to lead him near an elevator.  He usually
            won't happen to find a way to get onto it, take this opportunity
            to freeze him and attack.
     Elevators : The Elevators are operated the same way as in the Prison of
            Souls, hold USE and press High Kick to go up, Low Punch to go
            down.  Keys aren't necessary.
     BOSS - Jataaka and Kia : The first two of Quan Chi's female assassins
            can be defeated using freezes, uppercuts, slides, combos, and
            well-timed throws, but they can also be extremely dangerous.
     BOSS - Sareena : The third of Quan Chi's three assassins uses a hook
            sword and is just as quick as her partners.  She can also be
            defeated using freezes, uppercuts, slides, combos, and throws.
            When you defeat her, you will be given the chance to finish her
            off with your Fatality, but if you do, it will be to your own
            disadvantage later on.
     Quan Chi's Teleporter : Once you have defeated all three of Quan Chi's
            female assassins and have gotten their crystals, place them at
            the three outdoor areas of the fortress at its highest peak.  You
            must place the eastern and western ones first, they point toward
            the center.  Now use the center one, which points upward.  You
            will then be teleported into Quan Chi's sanctuary.
     BOSS - Quan Chi : Quan Chi is the subboss of MKM:Sub.  Freeze him when
            he tries to pull you in.  Use uppercuts, slides, and combos to
            defeat him.  Avoid trying to throw him unless he's frozen (in
            which case an uppercut would be more damaging anyhow).  Have some
            herbs handy too.  If you killed Sareena earlier in this level,
            you will have to defeat Quan Chi yourself.  However, if you have
            spared her life, she will use the teleporter when Quan Chi has
            around 10% energy left and uppercut him with her hook sword into
            the pit.
     BOSS - Shinnok : The fallen elder god Shinnok will be your final
            challenge in MKM:Sub.  With the power of the amulet, he is
            protected by a force field.  To defeat him, you must first get
            behind him with him frozen, there are two ways to do so:
            1) Time an ice blast to hit him right when he fires a projectile
            in order to freeze him (the amulet can't be used for his force
            field at the same time as power for a projectile).  When he's
            frozen, use the teleporter at the side of the room.
            2) Keep jumping at him, bouncing off of the force field
            repeatedly until he fires a projectile (it doesn't harm you, just
            keeps you away).  When he does, you will jump right past him.
            Now freeze him before he turns around.
            Once you are standing behind him with him frozen, simply walk up
            to him and press the USE button to grab his amulet.

[3] Level Passwords

Level     Name                          Password
=====     ====                          ========

  1       The Shaolin Temples           (N/A)
  2       The Wind Element              THWMSB
  3       The Earth Element             CNSZDG
  4       The Water Element             ZVRKDM
  5       The Fire Element              JYPPHD
  6       The Prison of Souls           RGTKCS
  7       The Bridge of Immortality     QFTLWN
  8       Fortress - Quan Chi           XJKNZT

(Passwords work for all difficulty levels, but levels
6, 7, and 8 can't be reached with Easy or Very Easy.)

[4] Cheat Codes

  Cheat         Pass     Brief Description
  =====         ====     =================

  Urns         NXCVSZ    Get full Urns.
  1,000 Lives  GTTBHR    Get 1,000 lives.
  View Credits CRVDTS    View the game's credits.
  The Ultimate ZCHRRY    Start at Shinnok's Fortress with full
                         experience points.  If you die before a
                         checkpoint, hit the USE button to teleport
                         right to Quan Chi or TURN button to Shinnok.

[5] Credits

TRMK Staff: Greesman 

Special Thanks: 3DKiller 
                Digital Chaos 

----------------- Copyright 1997 The Realm of Mortal Kombat ------------------

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