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                     RIVAL SCHOOLS : UNITED BY FATE
                          FAQ/MOVE LIST v. 2.5
                By: Gino Caparas ([email protected])
                      Copyright 1999 Gino Caparas
                    Last modified on August 7, 1999

 Table of Contents
   I. Disclaimer
   II. Introduction
   III. Version History
   IV. Legend
   V. Information every fighter should know
   VI. Schools and characters
   VII. Move list
   VIII. Extra stuff I threw in
           A. Minigames
           B. Victory Symbols
           C. Miscellaneous Stuff
   IX. Acknowledgements
   X. Conclusion



This unpublished work is Copyright (c) 1999 Gino Caparas. All rights

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this big hunk of text, you know.

Remember, If you're thinking about plagiarizing this work, then don't. 
Plagiarism is a crime, you know. My FAQ is also not responsible for
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creatures in this game. (Corny joke there... CORNY...) This FAQ is also
not responsible for any form of damage done to the fighters in this game
(oh no..... not another corny joke!) 

Rival Schools: United by Fate, Legion of Heroes and all the characters
in the game are trademarks of Capcom 3D Development Team. All rights
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trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved.



   When Rival Schools: United by Fate was released in the US, it became 
an instant hit among many gamers, Japanese and non-Japanese alike. It
sported swell 3D graphics (not the best in the trade, though), nice
sounds, cheesy names (well, a lot of fighting games have fighters with
cheesy names, too) and a resemblance to Street Fighter (as if this the
first). Come to think of it, you MIGHT say that this game is pretty
mediocre in all sorts, but what makes Rival Schools a winner is the
tight controls, fast gameplay, an excellent Japan-only RPG-type Story
Mode (I never understood a thing in this part since mine both of my
Rival School games were Japanese and I only have small knowledge about
their language, but nevertheless, it's good) and something that most
fighters don't have: a storyline that doesn't involve a tournament. 
Here's how the story goes:

Recently, mysterious and unexplainable incidents have taken place that 
have rocked the country. In high schools all over, students have been 
mysteriously disappearing with no clue as to their whereabouts. 
Furthermore, it appeared that these unspeakable acts were occurring in 
direct defiance of the school system. These disappearances were taking 
place in many different locations simultaneously and many thought that 
they were being staged by an organized crime ring. It was also rumored 
throughout the country that these acts were being plotted by either 
school officials, or agents of a rogue foreign government. All 
government agencies cooperated with each other in the investigation to 
stop these mysterious events. Despite their good intentions, all of the 
blame fell onto school officials and nothing was ever resolved. "We will
protect our schools," they cried. Yet, the uneasiness still remains. 
Will the students get to the bottom of these strange occurrences and 
bring true justice? The great fight begins. 

Now on to the FAQ. This FAQ is mainly a movelist containing a few extra
"goodies" just like how the minigames work, a list of super moves, some
extra moves, etc. I hope this will help you!



   v. 1.0 - First version. Already contains the moves, combos, etc.

   v. 2.5 - Man, I've made a LOT of additions to this FAQ. I've added
     the real story of Rival Schools, the last names plus a lot more 
     extra info. It should be a lot longer (and hopefully better) than
     the first version now.     



     These abbreviations will be used in the FAQ. Remember what they
   mean so that I won't have a hard time in writing this whole file. It
   also makes the FAQ look neater. Anyway, start memorizing these:

        F   - Forward               B   - Back
        U   - Up                    D   - Down
        DF  - Down-forward          DB  - Down-back
        P   - Any punch             K   - Any kick
        LP  - Light punch           HP  - Hard Punch
        LK  - Light Kick            HK  - Hard Kick
        QCF - Quarter Circle Forward (D, DF, F)
        QCB - Quarter Circle Back (D, DB, B)
        FDF - Uppercut Attack Motion (F, D, DF)
        HCF - Half Circle Forward (B, DB, D, DF, F)
        HCB - Half Circle Back (F, DF, D, DB, B)



    Winning a fight doesn't mean beating your opponent using cheap,
  unstrategic attacks. Winning a fight while mashing buttons isn't a
  real victory. Winning a fight using a tactic so cheap, dirty,
  low-down, shameful, unconstitutional, and despicable the other
  player will probably kill you isn't a TRUE victory. To win, you gotta
  win FAIRLY. Don't cheat. Anyway, here are some special tricks you can
  use so that you can wipe the floor with your enemy. Once you master
  these and all the moves, you're guaranteed to be a winner. The only
  person you won't win against is someone who has a GameShark. ^_^

   1> Air Block
       A basic technique. Pressing back while on the air will execute
     an aerial block.

   2> Air Throw
       Pressing the two punch buttons simultaneously or R2 while your
     opponent is right in front of you will result in an air throw.

   3> Backstep
       Press back twice to backstep out of the enemy's attack. Best for
     evading short-ranged attacks.

   4> Burning Vigor Attacks
       Burning Vigor attacks are simply the "super attacks" in the game.
     Motioning a quarter circle movement on the pad/joystick and
     pressing a punch/kick button will often result in a Burning Vigor
     attack. Each character has at least 2 B.V. Attacks. On the lower
     left or right of the screen, there is a meter that fills up when
     you do an attack or a Lightning Crush (see below). That is the
     Burning Vigor meter. Each BV Attack uses up 1 full bar, while a
     Team-Up Technique Attack (see below) uses 2 bars.

   5> Burning Vigor Counterattack
       A Burning Vigor conter is simply a Tardy Counter (see below) done
     using a B.V. Attack.

   6> Ditching (sidestepping)
       Press the two kick buttons or R1 to sidestep away from the
     screen. To sidestep towards the screen, press the 2 Kick buttons or
     R1 while crouching. To quickly sidestep behind the enemy tap the 2
     Kick buttons or R1 while the enemy is in the middle of his/her

   7> Forward dash
       Press forward twice to quickly dash toward the enemy. Holding the
     forward will result in a run (see below).

   8> Get up
       To get up after a fall, simply press up. If you want to get up
     away from the enemy, press back. To get up near the enemy, simply
     press forward. Pressing down will execute a rolling get up. If you
     do an attack while getting up, you will do a get up attack.

   9> High Jump
       To do a high jump, press down and then up. You will then jump
     twice as high as your normal jump.

   10> Mid-air recover
       To regain your balance after getting hit, press any 2 buttons
     or tap B + HP or HK and you will be back on your feet in no time.

   11> Rival Launcher 
       A Rival Launcher is a move that launches your rival (duh) in the
     air. This is a good way to make an textbook or aerial combo.

   12> Running
       As stated above, holding forward after pressing the first forward
     motion will result in a run. To do a tackle, run, and then press
     any punch button. To do the slide kick, press LK while running.
     Pressing HK will result in a flying kick.

   13> Tardy Counter
       This is simply the Alpha Counter with a different name. To
     execute this, wait for the enemy to attack, and while your
     character is doing his blocking animation, do an attack. The green
     shield-like thing that appears everytime someone blocks will
     shatter, and then your attack will follow.

   14> Team-Up Technique
       Press a punch and a kick button simultaneously to execute a Team-
     Up technique with your sub character. You need 2 full Burning Vigor
     gauges to use a Team-Up Technique attack.
   15> Textbook Combo (aerial combo)
       After launching your enemy in the air using a Rival Launcher (see
     above), quickly press up and do attacks in mid-air in order to do a
     textbook combo. The best way to use an aerial combo is to press two
     light attacks first, one heavy attack and then a Burning Vigor
     attack (if available).

   16> Throwing
       Press the 2 punch buttons or R2 to make a throw. To do a throw on
     a crouching opponent, press the 2 punch buttons or R2 while
     crouching. Pressing the 2 P buttons or R2 behind your opponent will
     execute a Reverse Throw. You have to be very near your opponent in
     order for the throw to work.

   17> Throw Escape
       To do a throw escape, you have to do a throw at the exact time
     your enemy does one. If you do this, both characters will stagger,
     not able to do a throw.

      That's it. Remember to practice these so that your fighting skills
    will be honed and sharpened.



     The cream of every fighting game crop is always the characters.
   Since all of the characters are from a certain school, I've put in
   a list of schools and the students in them. 


     Taiyo High School is your normal, everyday Japanese school. The
   only thing special about them is that the students are good in
   special fighting techniques. Batsu is the primary character in this
   school, while Hayato is definitely the eldest among the 5.


     Gorin High School specializes in sports like baseball, volleyball
   and soccer. The 3 classmates, namely Shoma, Natsu and Roberto, have
   joined forces to find out who injured their fellow schoolmates.


     The third school, Pacific High School, is something like an
   international school based in Japan. This is so because Roy, Tiffany
   and Boman are all American (bad English for Americans, though). Among
   the 6 schools, they have the second least number of fighters in their


     Gedo High School is the most twisted and weirdest academy among
   all. It is where gangs assemble and study. Once, Gedo HS was peaceful
   thanks to Daigo. Suddenly, he disappered, and then the gangs return
   and the story goes on.


     The Justice High School is somewhat a school for the elite. Their
   leader is the beast-like Raizo. He started the school so that he can
   conquer the world through education. Hyo then usurps his throne
   after Raizo gets beaten and then he becomes the new principal. All of
   the fighters are adults, except for the extra characters. All of them
   have been brainwashed (including Kyoko and Hideo) by either Raizo or
   Hyo using the infamous Imawano brainwashing technique.


     This is the only school that has one representative. For all you
   fighter-heads out there, Sakura is certainly a well-known figure for
   this game. She has been around in the Street Fighter Alpha games, the
   Vs. Street Fighter games (like Marvel vs. Street Fighter) and the
   Street Fighter EX games. I don't know if her school is a serious part
   of the battle, but the fact of the matter is this: Sakura is in the
   game. In the Japan-only Story Mode, she suddenly shows up to fight
   you on several occasions, and when you do beat her, you'll be given
   some stat increases.


    ***  TAIYO HIGH SCHOOL  ***

 1>  BATSU ICHIMONJI (or Batsu Imawano) "Hot-blooded transfer student"
      Birthdate: January 1, 19??
      Blood Type: O
      Height: 171 cm
      Weight: 64 kg
      Vital Statistics (cm): 95-72-80
      Likes: Straight things, ninjas, his mother 
      Dislikes: Dogs, "unstraight" things, unfair things
      Good at: Eating fast 
      Subjects good at: Physical education 
      Subjects bad at: Everything except physical education 

       Batsu is an emotional, hot-blooded young student of Taiyo HS. 
   His father, Raizo, left him and his mother, Shizuku, to join the 
   Imawano Clan when he was still a baby. One day, Shizuku, working as
   a clerk in Taiyo HS, disappears mysteriously. Batsu transfers to
   Taiyo to investigate his mother's disappearance.

 2>  HINATA WAKANA "Whirlwind schoolgirl"
      Birthdate: April 12
      Blood Type: O
      Height: 155 cm
      Weight: 41 kg
      Vital Statistics (cm): 78-56-78
      Likes: Cake, rare things, martial arts 
      Dislikes : Filthy things, insects
      Good at : Anything that uses her body, karaoke 
      Subjects good at : Social studies, Japanese, physical education 
      Subjects bad at : Calligraphy (she cannot stay still.) 

       Hinata is a bright, spirited, curious high school girl who is 
   good at all kinds of sports. She can never sit tight and is always 
   running around after school. She has tagged along Batsu and Kyosuke
   in their investigation on the mysterious attacks. She is also Natsu's
   childhood friend, and is also a good friend of Sakura.

 3>  KYOSUKE KAGAMI "Mysterious comittee of discipline"
     Date of Birth: April 4th 
      Blood Type: B 
      Height: 182 cm 
      Weight: 66 kg 
      Vital Statistics (cm): 95-75-79 
      Likes: Chess, mirror (He looks at it at least 30 minutes everyday) 
      Dislikes: Sweat, effort 
      Good at: Calligraphy, flower arrangements 
      Subjects good at: Math, science 
      Subjects bad at: Nothing particular 

       A quiet man, Kyosuke is a cool person, much unlike Batsu. He is
   Hyo's brother, although it isn't too obvious in the Japanese version
   of the game. Among the two, Kyosuke is the "weaker one" while Hyo
   seems to be stronger than him. Kyosuke also joined Batsu because it
   was his duty as the head of the comittee of discipline to find out
   who was attacking his schoolmates and who kidnapped Shizuku.

 4>  HAYATO "Burning teacher"
      (no special information yet)

       The eldest in the Taiyo team, Hayato is both quick and agile. A
   teacher in physical education, he likes to chew some kind of grass
   during a fight. Using his wooden weapon (or kendo stick that looks
   like an epee), he can easily win a match in no time. He somehow likes
   Kyoko, although he simply laughs at this fact. 

 5>  RAN "Scoop girl"

       A newcomer in the game, Ran is a journalist-turned-fighter. She
   has this special camera that, when wielded, damages the enemy with
   an invisible shot of light (maybe). She has no other elements, but
   she has an unlimited supply of newspapers in her vest that can
   damage the enemy when thrown ^_^.

    ***  GORIN HIGH SCHOOL  ***

 1>  SHOMA SAWAMURA "Explosive slugger"
      Date of Birth : October 10th 
      Blood Type : O 
      Height: ???
      Weight : 57 kg 
      Vital Statistics (cm): 92-78-80 
      Likes : Pro-baseball, Baseball videogames 
      Dislikes : Big and strong things, basketball, volleyball 
      Good at: Baseball
      Subjects good at : Physical education 
      Subjects bad at : Music, English 
       My personal favorite, Shoma is a batter/pitcher that is only 5"
   something tall. He is trying to take revenge from the people who have
   injured his brother, Syuichi's, right arm, therefore preventing him
   from being a pitcher. He carries his bat around as a weapon against
   those who try to stop him. Among all the other fighters, Shoma seems
   to be the favorite of a lot of players. He argues with Natsu most of
   the time, but he has a secret liking for her.

 2>  NATSU AYUHARA "Powerful attacker"
      Date of Birth : February 14th 
      Blood Type : B 
      Height : 182cm 
      Weight : ??kg 
      Vital Statistics (cm): 92-59-83 
      Likes : Cakes, hard-working persons 
      Dislikes : Bullies, liars, small insects 
      Good at: cooking, making cakes
      Subjects good at : Homemaking, P.E., Japanese, English 
      Subjects bad at : Art 

       Natsu is a very tall volleyball player in Gorin HS. She has a 
   club for little volleyball players, or "juniors," in which she is a
   teacher. She tries to avenge the injured juniors by defeating the one
   who did all this. She is Hinata's childhood friend. She likes to 
   quarrel with Shoma, but she likes him secretly.

 3>  ROBERTO MIURA "Talented goalkeeper"
	Date of Birth : November 16th 
	Blood Type : A 
	Height : 177cm 
	Weight : 73kg 
	Vital Stats (cm): 101-82-88 
	Likes : Everything related to soccer, guns 
	Dislikes : Gloomy things 
	Good at : Shooting a gun quickly 
	Subjects good at : English, physical education 
	Subjects bad at : Japanese, math 

       Roberto is both a goalkeeper and a forward in their soccer team
   in Gorin HS. He simply tags along Shoma and Natsu and acts as a
   mediator between the two. He is very quick and agile, therefore
   making him a great close-range attacker.

 4>  NAGARE "Sleeping fish"

       A talented swimmer, Nagare is a character who doesn't seem to
   mind others. He is very quiet. Too quiet on many occasions. He only
   says at least one or two words as a response to what someone says. 
   For some strange reason, he has this ability to swim in mid-air. ^_^
   I don't know the reason why he tagged along with Shoma and the others
   for now, but when the American version gets released, I'll be sure to
   add it.


 1>  ROY BROMWELL "Stouthearted american"
	Date of Birth : May 2nd 
	Blood Type : B 
	Height : 181cm 
	Weight : 85kg 
	Vital Stats (cm) : 122,82,88 
	Likes : Fashion, high-class brands 
	Dislikes : Japan, Japanese, foul things 
	Good at : Arm wrestling (Boman is a good rival) 
	Subjects good at : Everything 
	Subjects bad at : Nothing 

       Roy is an American student in Pacific High School. Being a 
   straight-A student and a Q.B. of Pacific HS football team, he is an 
   object of every girl student's affection. He hates Japan very much 
   because his grandfather lost one leg in the Pacific War and has been
   told the story again and again since childhood. 

 2>  TIFFANY LORDS "Flamboyant cheerleader"
	Date of Birth : December 23rd 
	Blood Type : B 
	Height : 164cm 
	Weight : ??kg 
	Vital Stats (cm) : 93-56-86 
	Likes : Roy, dancing, her family, ice cream 
	Dislikes : Natto (?)
	Subjects good at : Physical education, Music 
	Subjects bad at : Japanese 

       Tiffany is very well-endowed cheerleader in the Pacific High
   School. She is very cheerful, but she can also be sensitive. Roy is
   very close to her, and the two consider each other as brother and
   sister. In fact, they have been schoolmates with Roy when the two 
   were studying in the US.

 3>  BOMAN DELGADO "Fighting clergyman"
	Date of Birth : July 30th 
	Blood Type : A 
	Height : 200cm 
	Weight : 101kg 
	Vital stats (cm) : 138-90-95 
	Likes : Praying
	Dislikes : Violence 
	Good at : Cooking 
	Subjects good at : Theology, Philosophy 
	Subjects bad at : Math, Science 

       Boman is a man who is gentle, well-behaved and grown-up. He is a 
   pious Christian and never fails to go to Mass on Sunday. After each 
   inevitable fight, he prays to God to forgive him. When he fights 
   well, he clasps his pendant tightly to thank God. 

    *** GEDO HIGH SCHOOL ***

 1>  EIJI YAMADA (or Edge) "Bloody knife"
	Date of Birth : April 1st 
	Blood Type : AB 
	Height : 173cm (excluding his hair) 
	Weight : 60kg 
	Vital Stats (cm) : 88-59-72 
	Likes : His army knife, winning 
	Dislikes : His real name, making an effort 
	Good at : Throwing a knife 
	Subjects good at : Nothing 
	Subjects bad at : Almost everything especially math 

       Foul and irresponsible, Edge can become extremely violent once he
   gets angry. His nick name is "Army knife's edge" because he always 
   fights with his army knife. He is very careful about his attire and 
   it is his habit to adjust his clothes when they get even barely 
   wrinkled. He hates his real name and gets angry if someone calls him 
   by it.

 2>  AKIRA KAZAMA "Kung-fu rider"
	Date of Birth : March 3rd 
	Blood Type : AB 
	Height : 160cm 
	Weight : 45kg 
	Vital Stats (cm) : 81-62-83 
	Likes : Motorcycle, Daigo, friends at Gedo HS 
	Dislikes : Talking 
	Good at : Chinese martial arts (Taikyoku-ken), cooking
	Subjects good at : Japanese, Social studies, English 
	Subjects bad at : Physical education, music 

       Shy and quiet, Akira's personality changes when she takes off her
   helmet. She is normally tender, but once she puts on her helmet, she 
   turns into a strong minded rider

 3>  GAN SEKIDOU "Powerful juvenile gang leader"
	Date of Birth : January 3rd 
	Blood Type : O 
	Height : 198cm 
	Weight : 115kg 
	Vital Stats (cm) : 170-159-165 
	Likes : Rice balls 
	Dislikes : Studying 
	Good at : Sumo Wrestling, eating a lot and fast 
	Subjects good at : Physical education
	Subjects bad at : Anything but Physical education 

       Gan is a man who has extraordinary power, the only thing he can 
   be proud of. He is ignorant and always made fun of by other students.
   What he loves more than anything is eating and he never fails to eat 
   5 bowls of rice at every meal. 

 4>  DAIGO KAZAMA "The man of men"
       Daigo is a mysterious but powerful man. He is Akira's older
   brother who restored peace and unity in Gedo High School. When he
   suddenly disappeared, the peace and unity disappeared as well. Akira
   then goes on a search for his brother.


 1>  HIDEO SHIMAZU "Mobile teacher"
	Date of Birth : May 5th 
	Blood Type : A 
	Height : 165cm 
	Weight : 68kg 
	Vital Stats (cm) : 93-80-85 
	Likes : Japanese literature, Japanese dishes, his students 
	Dislikes : Fighting, foul things 
	Good at : Karate, cooking, washing, cleaning
	Subjects good at : Japanese 
	Subjects bad at : ------ 

       Hideo is a teacher of Japanese. He is gentle and has a strong 
   sense of justice, but is shy and afraid of socializing. He does not 
   smoke or drink. He is single, in his 40s and is looking for a future 
   wife. He doesn't look very good, but he is a karate master and used 
   to be the heir of Shimazu-style karate. After his father's death, he 
   was involved in the fight by successors, but he dropped out because 
   he got disgusted.

 2>  KYOKO MINAZUKI "Devillish school nurse"
	Date of Birth : June 7th 
	Blood Type : B 
	Height : 173cm 
	Weight : ??kg 
	Vital Stats (cm) : 87-56-89 
	Likes : Sake (a Japanese alcoholic drink), horseracing 
	Dislikes : Any kind of housework 
	Good at : Massage, surgery 
	Subjects good at : Biology, chemistry 
	Subjects bad at : ------ 

       Kyoko is a teacher in personal hygiene and Japanese, and is also
   a nurse in Justice High School. A genius surgeon and expert masseuse,
   she is very attractive and a very talented doctor. She is an 
   intellectual, energetic doctor at work, but outside of work she is 
   careless, loose and drinks a lot of alcohol. She is also a terrible 

 3>  RAIZO IMAWANO (or Raizo Ichimonji) "Fierce principal"
	Date of Birth : October 3rd 
	Blood Type : O 
	Height : 188cm 
	Weight : 124kg 
	Vital Stats (cm) : 165-163-170 
	Likes : Sirloin steak 
	Dislikes : Telling a lie, crabs, lobsters 
	Good at : Conquering Japan 

       A very grotesque figure, Raizo is Batsu's father and the
   president/principal of the Justice High School. He left Batsu and his
   mother when he was still a baby to join the ninja clan called the
   Imawano Clan. His moves are rip-offs from Wolverine. Such is the 
   Berserker Barrage which he adapts as the Kyoujyuu-Reppa. His 
   Sekisaiga grab is also a rip-off of Wolverine's normal grab wherein
   he stabs the opponent a couple of times. His Yasha-Guruma is also 
   similar to the Drill Claw. 

 4>  HYO IMAWANO "Detestable madness"
	Date of Birth : April 4th 
	Blood Type : B 
	Height : 183cm 
	Weight : 67kg 
	Vital Stats (cm) : 95-76-80 
	Likes : Power (?), Japanese swords 
	Dislikes : Love, friendship 
	Good at : Brain-washing 
	Subjects good at : All subjects 
	Subjects bad at : nothing 

       Hyo is the man who is in charge of student affairs. He is a very
   sinister man who plans on usurping Raizo's throne. He does anything 
   to achieve his goal. He has inherited his aggressive personality from
   his father Mugen Imawano. He controls others by brain-washing, but 
   actually he has been brain-washed by his father since his childhood.


 1> SAKURA "Fighting Schoolgirl"

       Sakura is a very popular name in streetfighting. She is one of
   those characters who have been introduced in the Street Fighter Alpha
   series. Since then, she has appeared on a lot of other fighting games
   like this one. She has a crush on Ryu and dreams of fighting him



     Here are the moves for (almost) every fighter in the game. The only
  moves that aren't here are for the edited characters.

   ( * = Usable in both mid-air and ground)


  1. Batsu
     * Guts Bullet: QCF + P
       Guts Upper: FDF + P
       Crescent Star Kick: QCB + K
       Shooting Star Kick: QCF + K (in air)

     Burning Vigor Attacks:
     * Super Guts Bullet: QCF, QCF + P
       Rival Launcher: QCB, QCB + tap P rapidly (Arcade and Disc 2 only)
       Super Shooting Star Kick: (in air) QCF, QCF + K (PS Disc 1 only)

     Team-Up Attack: Double Guts Bullet


  2. Hinata
       Rengekiken: QCF + tap P rapidly
       Shouyouken: FDF + P
     * Enbukyaku: QCB + K
       Renkyakudan: QCF + K (in air, can be done 3x in succession)

     Burning Vigor Attacks:
     * Fire Senpuu-Kyaku: QCB, QCB + K
       Super Rengekiken: QCF, QCF + P

     Hinata Team-Up Attack: Guts & Power
     Hinata2 Team-Up Attack: Flying Kick Combo

  NOTE: Make use of the Fire Senpuu-Kyaku's sucking power. It will suck
         in an unwary opponent trying to do an attack.


  3. Kyosuke
       Cross Cutter: QCF + P
     * Shadow Cut Kick: QCF + K
       Lightning Upper: FDF + P
       Shadow Wave: QCF + P (in air) 
       Lightning Strike: QCB + P
       Stun Prod: F + HP
       Spin Fist: B + HP
     Burning Vigor Attacks:
       Super Cross Cutter: QCF, QCF + P
     * Double Shadow Cut Kick: QCF, QCF + K, then tap K for 1 extra hit

     Team-Up Attack: Last Symphony

  NOTE: Use Kyosuke's Cross Cutter as an offensive against enemies who
         like to fight up close. The great splitting effect hits 
         fistfighters most of the time.


  4. Shoma
     * Fast Ball: QCF + P
       Grand Slam Smash: FDF + P
       Homicide Slide: QCF + K
       Catcher: HCB + P
       Baseline Shuffle: B + LK + HK, then tap HK for Homicide Slide
         or LK for a short sliding kick

     Burning Vigor Attacks:
     * Hundred Balls: QCF, QCF + P
       Homerun Hitter: QCB, QCB + P

     Team-Up Attack: Grand Slam

  NOTE: Use Shoma's Fast Ball as an attack from far away. It won't 
         disintegrate, and it's very fast, too. Best used against Hyo.


  5. Natsu
     * Jumping Serve: QCF + P
       Rolling Recieve: QCB + P
       Sliding Recieve: FDF + P
       Tokkun Spike: QCB + P (in air) 
       Set N' Spike: HCB + P

     Burning Vigor Attacks:
       Thousand Spikes: QCF, QCF + P
       Blazing Spike: QCF, QCF + P (in air)

     Natsu Team-Up Attack: Praise & Spirit
     Natsu2 Team-Up Attack: Double Sky Attack

  NOTE: The name for Natsu2's team-up attack is simply a rough
         translation of the real name. If someone is kind enough to send
         me the real thing, I'll appreciate it.


  6. Roberto
     * Shining Save: QCF + P
       Long Shot: QCF + K
     * Rising Kick: FDF + K
       Sliding Kick: QCB + K
       Bicycle Kick: QCF + K (in air) 
       4-hit body juggle: F + K, K, K, K

     Burning Vigor Attacks:
       Victory Goal: QCF, QCF + K
       Super Bicycle Kick: QCB, QCB + K

     Team-Up Attack: Double Shot

     Other Special Combos:
       LK, LP, HP, 4-hit Body Juggle, Up, LK, LP, HP, F + HP, 
             Shining Save (max 13 hit)
       LK, LP, HP, 4-hit Body Juggle, Up, LK, LP, HK, Bicycle Kick 
             (max 12 hit)

  NOTE: The Shining Save is mainly an aerial attack. If an opponent gets
         hit by the Shining Save on the ground, s/he'll just get 
         stunned, but not get hurt.
  NOTE: When you execute the Sliding Kick, you can move Roberto around
         while he is circling the opponent. This will confuse the enemy,
         leaving him open for the attack.


  7. Roy
       Dynamite Straight: QCF + P
       Twister Upper: FDF + P
       Touchdown Wave: QCB + P
       Fist Slam: QCF + P (in air)

     Burning Vigor Attacks:
       Triple Twister: QCF, QCF + Rapidly press P (normally, it does
          9 hits. If you do it correctly, it can get up to 15 hit!)
       Super Touchdown: QCB, QCB + P

     Team-Up Attack: Double Rising Tornado


  8. Tiffany
       Beautiful Spin: FDF + P
       Groovy Punch: QCB + hold P
       Groovy Knuckle: QCF + hold P
     * Exciting Kick: QCB + K
       Head Stomp: D + K (in air) 

     Burning Vigor Attacks:
       Wonderful Kick: QCF, QCF + K
       Groovy Combo: QCF, QCF + P

     Tiffany Team-Up Attack: Love & Peace
     Tiffany2 Team-Up attack: Dogpile!

  9. Boman
       Great Upper: QCF + P
       Haymaker Straight: QCF + P (during Great Upper)
       Haymaker Straight: HCB + P
       Great Rush: FDF + P
       Great Lariat: QCB + P (in air) 

     Burning Vigor Attacks:
       Best Rush: QCF, QCF + P
       Great Cross: QCB, QCB + P

     Team-Up Attack: Double Power Buster


  10. Edge
     * Reversing Blade Strike: QCF + P (can be done 3x on ground)
       Vertical Reversing Blade Strike: QCB + P
     * Destructive Kick: QCF + K
       Rising Blade Abuse: QCB + K

     Special Reversing Blade Strike Combos:
       Continuous Blade Strikes: QCF + LP, QCF + LP, QCF + HP, QCF + HP
       3-Way Blade Strike Combo: QCB + P, QCF + P, QCF + P
       Supreme Blade Strikes:
             QCB + P, QCF + LP, QCF + LP, QCF + HP, QCF + HP

     Burning Vigor Attacks:
       Bloody Festival: QCF, QCF + P
       Super Destructive Kicks: QCF, QCF + K (in air) 

     Team-up attack: Bloody Nightmare

  NOTE: Try to use the strong Reversing Blade Strike (QCF + P) sparingly
         since Edge will have to turn around, leaving you open for an


  11. Akira
       Gate Elbow (Gate Upper for Akira2): QCF + P
       Dancing Cyclone Kick: QCF + K (can be done 3x in a row)
       Leg Up: QCB + K
       Reflex Stance: QCB + K

          (From Reflex Stance)
       Launch Pad: LP HP, HK, LK
       Bully Beater: LK, LP, HP, HK
       Falter Bash: HP, LP, LK, HK
       Air Feast: HK, LK, LP, HP

     Burning Vigor Attacks:
     * Skull Aura: QCF, QCF + P
       Reflex Barrage: QCB, QCB + P
       Aerial Barrage: QCB, QCB + K

     Akira Team-up attack: Gang Buster
     Akira2 Team-up attack: Neo Synchronous Attack

     Other Special Combos:
       (from Reflex Stance) LP, HP, LP, LP, HP, DF+HP (Rival Launcher),
                             LP, LK, Aerial Skull Aura (max 13 hit?)
       (from Reflex Stance) LP, Reflex Barrage (max 6 hit)


  12. Gan
       Gun Stabbing: QCF + P (can be done 6x in a row)
       Rough Wave Stomping: QCF + K
       Rock Smashing: FDF + P
       Clapping Hand Destruction: QCB + P
       Thunder Clap: HCB + P
       Double Pound: QCF + P (in air) 
       Cannonball: QCF + K (in air) 

     Burning Vigor Attacks:
       Super Gun Stabbing: QCF, QCF + P
       Concrete Smash: QCB, QCB + P

     Team-up attack: Active Volcano


  13. Kyoko
       Shussekikakunin: QCB + P
     * Kaishin: QCB + K
       Shokushin: QCF + P then K rapidly
       One Wing Stance: QCF + K then tap P once or tap K rapidly
       Pop Quiz: B + LK + HK
       Knee Check: FDF + K

     Burning Vigor Attacks:
       Final Prescription: QCF, QCF + P
       Class Curve Kicks: QCF, QCF + K

     Kyoko Team-up attack: Rest & Relax
     Kyoko2 Team-up attack: Heart attack

  NOTE: Use the Shussekikakunin's sidestepping ability to escape from
         most attacks.
  NOTE: The Pop Quiz attack will usually make you get to the back of 
         your opponent with ease. This is better than ditching.


  14. Hideo
     * Seihaken: QCF + P (aerial Seihaken can be done 3x in a row)
       Anti-air Seihaken: QCB + P
       Jicchokuken: FDF + P
       Shinenkyaku: QCB + K
       Raieishuu: QCF + K (in air, can be done 3x in a row)

     Burning Vigor Attacks:
       Shimazu Seihaken: QCF, QCF + P
       Shimazu Jicchokuken: QCB, QCB + P

     Team-up attack: Shin Seihaken


  15. Raizo
    *  Horizontal Yasha-Guruma: QCF + P
       Vertical Yasha-Guruma: QCF + K
       Downwards Yasha-Guruma: QCF + K (in air) 
       Double Yasha-Guruma: QCF + P or K then any direction + P or K
       Kyoujyuu-reppa: FDF + P
       Roppu-zuki: QCB + P
       Sekisaiga: HCB + K

     Burning Vigor Attacks:
       Imawano Kyoujyuu-Reppa: QCF, QCF + P
       Imawano Roppu-Zuki: QCB, QCB + P

     Team-up attack: Ningen-Taihou

  NOTE: The Charged Imawano Roppu-Zuki takes a lot of time to execute.
         Use it only when you are sure that it will hit the enemy.


  16. Hyo
       Ichimonji-Giri: QCF + P
       Jyumonji-Giri: QCF + P then P
       Iai-Giri: QCB + P
       Kogetsu: When enemy is behind you. press P
       Ouryou-Zan: FDF + P
       Tenrai-Zan: QCF + P (in air)
     * Genei-Shuu: QCB + K

     Burning Vigor Attacks:
       Ankoku-Genei-Shuu: QCB, QCB + K
       Ankoku-Tenrai-Zan: QCF, QCF + K
     Team-up attack: Zankoku-Zan

  NOTE: The Kogetsu move is simply a counterattack for an enemy who is
         behind Hyo. You'll only see a vertical slash. Don't expect it
         to be something fancy. 


  17. Sakura
       Hadoken: QCF + P (or hold P)
       Soukuu-Hadoken: QCF + P (in air) 
       Tengyou-Hadoken: QCB + P
     * Shunpuu-Kyaku: QCB + K
       Shouou-ken: FDF + P

     Burning Vigor Attacks:
       Shinkuu Hadoken: QCF, QCF + P
       Shinkuu Soukuu-Hadoken: QCF, QCF + P (in air) 
       Shinkuu Tengyou-Hadoken: QCB, QCB + P
       Haru Ichiban: QCB, QCB + K
       Midare Zakura: QCF, QCF + K

     Team-up Attack: Shungokusatsu


  18. Daigo
       Phoenix Punch: QCF + P (can be done 5x in succession)
       Phoenix Kicks: QCF + K
       Phoenix Flame: QCB + P (LP for wide-area, HP for vertical)
       Skull Aura: QCF + P (in air)
     Burning Vigor Attacks:
       Phoenix Fury: QCF, QCF + P
       Super Phoenix Flame: QCB, QCB + P
       Air Rebel Aura: QCF, QCF + P (in air) 

     Team-up attack: Super Parry

  NOTE: Using the Phoenix Flame or the Super Phoenix Flame is a very bad
         idea on fast and furious fights. Since Daigo has to turn
         around, he'll be beaten up by the time he even executes the
         attack. Think wisely when using it.


  19. Hayato
     * Scolding Slash: QCF + P
       Counter Thrust: QCB + P
       Devastation Kick: QCF + K 
       Second Kick: QCB + K

     Burning Vigor Attacks:
       P.E. Smack: QCF, QCF + P
       Super Counter Thrust: QCB, QCB + P

     Team-up attack: Sphere of Confidence

     Other Special Combos:
       LK, LP, HP, Scolding Slash (max 8 hit)
       LK, LP, HP, DF + HP, Up, LK, LP, HP, Scolding Slash 
            (max 12 hit)
       LK, LP, HP, Vertical Devastation Kick, Scolding Slash
            right after the Devastation Kick (max 10-12 hit?)

  NOTE: During the Counter Thrust or Super Counter Thrust attack, Hayato
         will seem immune to any form of attack. He gets damaged, but
         the effects are not very visible.




      Rival Schools has 4 minigames all in all. Here are some
    descriptions and tips on the minigames as well as how to get them:

    (NOTE: The minigames are not hidden in the Japanese version)

    1. Shoma's Home Run Derby
         In this game, you control the real Shoma as the batter, while
      another Shoma is the pitcher. Naturally, you have to get Home Runs
      as much as possible. You will be given 10 tries. The 5 highest
      scores will be tallied and will be your final score. To get this,
      finish the game as Shoma on the highest difficulty.

         TIP: Don't try to move Shoma unless you know what you're doing!

    2. Roberto's Target Game
         The corniest of all minigames. You control Roberto as you try
      to take down tags with scores on them. Pressing the D-pad will
      change the direction and angle of the ball. Press X to make
      Roberto kick the ball weakly, or Circle for a strong kick. Just
      before Roberto sends the ball flying, you can adjust the arc of
      the ball by pressing on the D-pad. This might sound easy, but it's
      not! To get this game, simply beat the game as anyone on any
      difficulty setting.

         TIP: Try to hit the tags as a group. That way, you can kill a
             lot of birds with one stone!
         TIP: An Artistic Hit is a hit with the ball's arc adjusted.
             You can get more points if you hit a tag using this trick.
         TIP: You can score the most points when you hit 4 tags using
             an Artistic Hit!     

    3. Roberto's Penalty Kick game
         Now this is my favorite. You control the real Roberto as you
      guard and score against the other Roberto, while he also does the
      same. You take turns on the offense / defense, while the Roberto
      with the most goals wins. Just like in the Target game, you
      control the ball the same way (see above). You will also be given
      3 shining attacks. They can make the ball fire up and damage the
      opponent, or on defense, make Roberto do a Shining Save. To get
      this game, beat the game as Roberto on the highest diff. setting.

         TIP: See that small screen on your lower-right hand corner?
             Take a look at the left meter. The middle part of it is
             obviously stouter. That signifies the top bar of the goal.
             Always remember to get the ball lower than that!
         TIP: When on offense, point the arrow on the left meter just
             below the middle part (see above), and the other arrow in
             the middle-left or right. If you do it right, the Roberto
             on defense won't be able to get the ball and you will score
             a goal!

    4. Natsu's Service game
         In this minigame, you control Natsu as she tries to take down
      some icons with equivalent scores. A Raizo icon is worth -200 pts,
      a Roberto icon 100, a Natsu icon 300, a Hinata icon 500 while a
      Shoma icon is worth 1000 pts. To serve the volleyball, hold the
      Circle button when the gauge gets filled up to the desired level
      and the altitude meter will rise. Release the button when the
      desired altitude is met. You will be given 7 tries. All your
      scores will be added and will be your final score. To get this,
      beat the game as Natsu on the highest difficulty setting.

         TIP: Hit the icons as a group to rake in major points!


      Whenever you win, you'll see those little icons just below your
     character's life gauge. Here's a small compilation of what they
     stand for.

       V - Normal victory. Includes victories from a normal attack,
            special attack, grab or a Tardy Counter.
       P - Perfect victory. This means that you won the match without a
            single damage.
       BV - Burning Vigor attack victory. This means you won using a
            Burning Vigor attack.
       2 - Team-up technique victory. Definitely, when you win with this
            symbol, you finished the match with a team-up attack.
       T (?) - Time Over victory. When the time expires, the one with a
            higher lifebar is the winner.       
       D - Draw. Both of you get knocked-out at the same time, leaving 
            nobody as the winner.

     (Draw and Time Over symbols contributed by Velian)

      That's all so far. If someone knows what icon a Time Over victory
     stands for, please tell me. Now on to the next part...



  1. Getting the bad ending
      To get a bad ending, finish Chapter 7 with a normal victory or a
    Burning Vigor attack.

  2. Getting the good ending
      To get a good ending, you have to finish the second battle of
    Chapter 7 (the fight with Raizo and another guy) using a Team-Up
    Technique attack. If you do this, you will fight Hyo alone or with
    a teammate in the Final Chapter. Beat him/them to see the good 



    Thanks go to these happy campers in the list:

   - www.gameFAQs.com and Jeff "CJayC" Veasey for publishing this work.
   - www.capcom.com for the information on the characters that I got
   - Eric Sanchez a.k.a. Velian ([email protected]) for the 2 extra
       victory symbols and 2 new combos for Akira.
   - My folks for the Playstation and the game.
   - My brother for fixing the computer a thousand times.
   - My dog for moral support.
   - Everyone who E-Mails me for the sake of an FAQ
   - You for reading this FAQ

    Once again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!


   How'd you like it? Contact me or send your comments, questions and
 other feedback to my E-Mail address, [email protected] As for my
 ICQ number, it's 43204398. I prefer the E-Mail address better, though.
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