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NASCAR Thunder 2002 for PSOne by JayWag
Last Update: 11/13/01 - v1.1


I.   Intro
II.  Cars
III. Tracks
IV.  Thunder Card Strategy
V.   FAQ
VI.  Closing


I.   Intro
Hey!  This is JayWag!  This is my FAQ for NASCAR Thunder 2002 on
PSOne.  While alot of the things are simular to the PS2 version (or
will be in the case of the X-Box version), there are many
differences, the main ones being there are NO bonus cars and NO
career mode.  But, even with out them, this is, in my opinion, the
best PSOne NASCAR game to date, edging out my previous favorite of

If you want to contact my, see my contributor recognition page at
http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/7603.html to get my
latest e-mail address and web site URL.

v1.0 - 11/05/01
Everything is new!

v1.1 - 11/11/01
Not much of an update.  I added some tracks I unlocked and how to get


II.  Cars
There aren't many cars that race each week that aren't included
compared to other games.  The only ones I can think of are...
7-Mike Wallace
11-Brett Bodine
14-Ron Hornaday
32-Ricky Craven
44-Buckshot Jones
66-Todd Bodine
71-Dave Marcis
77-Robert Pressley
92-Stacey Compton
93-Dave Blaney
...and I'll be honest, the only ones of those I really miss are the
32, 66, and, many people think I'm kidding, but good ol' Dave Marcis.

Anyway, these are all the cars in the PSOne version.  In other
versions (PS2 & X-Box), you can unlock fantasy, Busch, and special
Cup Schemes, and the X-Box has a more updated roster, but the PSOne
version has none of these.  So, without further wait...

#   M  DRIVER               SPONSOR
01  D  Jason Leffler        Cingular
02  F  Ryan Newman          Alltel
1   C  Steve Park           Pennzoil
2   F  Rusty Wallace        Team Rusty*
4   C  Kevin LePage         Kodak MAX Film
5   C  Terry Labonte        Kellogg's Corn Flakes
6   F  Mark Martin          Mark Martin*
8   C  Dale Earnhardt, Jr.  Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
9   D  Bill Elliott         Dodge Dealers
10  P  Johnny Benson        Valvoline
12  F  Jeremy Mayfield      Mobil 1
15  C  Michael Waltrip      NAPA Auto Parts
17  F  Matt Kenseth         DeWalt Tools
18  P  Bobby Labonte        Interstate Batteries
19  D  Casey Atwood         Dodge Dealers
20  P  Tony Stewart         Home Depot
21  F  Elliott Sadler       Motorcraft
22  D  Ward Burton          Caterpillar
24  C  Jeff Gordon          DuPont
25  C  Jerry Nadeau         UAW-Delphi
26  F  Jimmy Spencer        KMart
27  P  Kenny Wallace        Eel River Racing
28  F  Ricky Rudd           Texaco/Havoline
29  C  Kevin Harvick        GM Goodwrench Service Plus
30  C  Jeff Green           America OnLine
31  C  Mike Skinner         Lowe's
33  C  Joe Nemechek         Oakwood Homes
36  P  Ken Schrader         M&M's
40  D  Sterling Marlin      Chip Ganassi Racing*
43  D  John Andretti        Cheerios
43  D  Richard Petty        STP
45  D  Kyle Petty           Sprint
55  C  Bobby Hamilton       Square D
88  F  Dale Jarrett         UPS
97  F  Kurt Busch           Sharpie
99  F  Jeff Burton          Citgo SuperGard

* = This driver's sponsor is either of a drug, alcohol product, or
tabacco product.  EA is not allowed to put this in due to the fact
the game's ESRB rating is E (Everyone).

(M) Make Key
C = Chevrolet Monte Carlo
D = Dodge Intrepid-R/T
F = Ford Taurus
P = Pontiac Grand Prix


III. Tracks

For the first time ever, a NASCAR game has every track they visit in
a season!

I still need to unlock all the fantasy tracks.  I know that if you
win each season (Speedway, Short Track, etc.) you get one and also
are available through Thunder Cards.

TRACK        LOCATION        TYPE        DIST.      AVG. SPEED FANT.?
Atlanta      Hampton,GA      Speedway    1.54 mi    179 mph
Bristol*     Bristol,TN      Short Track .533 mi    126 mph
California   Fontana,CA      Speedway    2.0 mi     186 mph
ChicagoLand  Joliet,IL       Speedway    1.5 mi     183 mph
Darlington   Darlington,SC   Speedway    1.366 mi   174 mph
Daytona*     Daytona Bch,FL  Speedway    2.5 mi     210 mph
Daytona Bch  Daytona Bch,FL  Road Course 2.15 mi    145 mph    Half**
Dover Downs  Dover,DE        Speedway    1.0 mi     160 mph
Homestead    Miami,FL        Speedway    1.5 mi     156 mph
Indianapolis Indianapolis,IL Speedway    2.5 mi     181 mph
Kansas       Kansas City,KS  Speedway    1.5 mi     178 mph
Las Vegas    Las Vegas,NV    Speedway    1.5 mi     192 mph
Lowe's       Charlotte,NC    Speedway    1.5 mi     186 mph
Martinsville Martinsville,VA Short Track .526 mi     95 mph
Michigan     Brooklyn,MI     Speedway    2.0 mi     189 mph
New Hamp.    Loudon,NH       Speedway    1.058 mi   132 mph
N. Carolina  Rockingham,NC   Speedway    1.017 mi   158 mph
Phoenix      Phoenix,AZ      Speedway    1.0 mi     134 mph
Pocono       Pocono,PA       Speedway    2.5 mi     170 mph
Richmond     Richmond,VA     Short Track .750 mi    126 mph
Sears Point  Sonoma,CA       Road Course 1.949 mi    99 mph
Talladega    Talladega,AL    Speedway    2.66 mi    185 mph
Texas        Fort Worth,TX   Speedway    1.5 mi     192 mph
Watkins Glen Watkins Glen,NY Road Course 2.454 mi   121 mph
Boca Chica   Key West,FL     Road Course 1.83 mi    145 mph    Yes
Devil Canyon D.H.P.,UT       Road Course 3.23 mi    161 mph    Yes
Southern     New Orleans,LA  Road Course 1.996 mi   156 mph    Yes
Tr. Island   San Fran Bay,CA Road Course 2.095 mi   152 mph    Yes
4th from Sun Milkyway,Galaxy Speedway    2.0 mi     189 mph    Yes

*  = Day & Night Version of Track
** = Daytona Beach is based on the track they raced on before Daytona
     Int'l Speedway was built, but is not exactly like it.

How to Unlock Hidden Tracks
Boca Chica:  Finish first in the Road Course Season points.
Devil's Canyon:  Finish first in the Short Track Season points.
Southern:  Get the Thunder Card for it.
Treasure Island:  Unknown.
4th From The Sun:  Get the Thunder Card for it.


IV.  Thunder Cards

Thunder Cards is a great feature to the game.  There are various
cards which do things like:  unlock tracks, give you better fuel
mileage, better tire wear, faster pit stops, body protection,
engine protection, better acceleration, change the pit road speed
limit, a draft bonus, less air resistance, etc.

Note:  I'm only posting the challenge's I've completed.  Some of
their descriptions are not accurate, so I'm making sure that they
can be done correctly

Haven't Gotten:  5 Gets You First, 10 for First, First for Half,
Start to Finish, Thunder Valley Run, Threading The Needle Part 2,
East My Dust, Twenty-One, Rubbin' Pit Road Part 2, Speed Demon
Part 2, Speed Demon Part 3, Speed Demon Part 4, Maximum Drafting,
Martinsville Run, Stop N' Go, Skin of Your Teeth, Threading The
Needle Part 3, Threading The Needle Part 4, The Long Haul Part 1,
The Long Haul Part 2, The Long Haul Part 3, The Long Haul Part 4,
2nd Place Spinout

Threading The Needle Part 1
Track:  New York (Fantasy Road Course)
Driver:  Ward Burton
Objective:  Complete 2 laps at New York without any body damage.
Strategy:  Even though it you may hit something and no damage
appears, you won't get it.  You start last, so just drop back 20
seconds and cruise around at a steady, kinda slow speed.

1 Lap Challenge
Track:  Southern (Fantasy Road Course)
Driver:  Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
Objective:  Start in 12th place, & win in 1 lap at Southern.
Strategy:  Bump cars.  Lean into them in the corner.  Think
Dale Earnhardt.

2 Lap Challenge
Track:  Dustbowl (Fantasy Road Course)
Driver:  Bill Elliott
Objective:  Start in 15th place, & win in 2 laps at Dustbowl.
Strategy:  Same as 1 Lap Challenge, but you don't have to be
as aggressive or rough because you have an extra lap.

3 Lap Challenge
Track:  Hawaii (Fantasy Road Course)
Driver:  Jeremy Mayfield
Objective:  Start last, & win in 3 laps at Hawaii.
Strategy:  Same as 1 and 2 Lap Challenge, but once again, you don't
have to be as aggressive.

Top 5
Track:  Martinsville
Driver:  Steve Park
Objective:  Start in 5th place, & finish in 5th place at
Strategy:  You have 10 laps.  Stay in 5th place at all times.  If
someone infront of you crashes and you pass them, let another car by.
If someone gets by you, race up with him to get it back.

Rubbin' Pit Road Part 1
Track:  Michigan
Driver:  Mark Martin
Objective:  Force a car into pit road at Michigan.
Strategy:  Coming off the backstretch, get on the high side of a car.
As you get closer to the pits, drive down.  You also have to finish
the race.

Speed Demon Part 1
Track:  Dover
Driver:  Matt Kenseth
Objective:  Finish a lap at Dover Downs in 26 seconds & finish the
Strategy:  You need faster than 26.244 seconds.  You could either
slow and wait until all the cars around you are gone or use them as
an advantage for drafting.  It doesn't matter where you finish.


V.   FAQ

Q.   Is Dale Earnhardt in this game?
A.   He is not in any version of this game at the request of Dale
     Earnhardt, Inc., Richard Childress Racing, and Teresa Earnhardt.

Q.   I saw the #20 Jurassic Park car in the intro movie!  How do I
     get it?
A.   That intro movie is used in all versions of the game.  There are
     no extra cars in the PSOne version.  I believe the #98 Busch car
     is in the intro movie, too, but it, too, is missing from the

Q.   I heard that you could race all 43 cars?  Why are there only 18?
A.   Once again, that is in the other versions of the game.  You
     obviously can't race 43 cars since only 36 of them are in the

If you have a question, go to my contributor recognition page (link at
top of FAQ) and e-mail it to me.  If I get the same question asked
repeatedly, I'll put it in this guide.


VI.  Closing

Places That My Host This FAQ...
My Personal Web Site

If you want permission, e-mail me.  My e-mail address is found on my
contributor recognition page, which is linked at the top of the FAQ.

JayWag, Inc. - 2001©

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