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NJPW: Touken Retsuden 2 for N64 FAQ by Tim Jost ([email protected])
version 0.5, 03.26.99

This FAQ is Copyright 1999 by Tim Jost.
This FAQ may be distributed freely. It may not be sold in any medium,
including electronic, CD-ROM, or database, packaged with or within any 
commercial product, or published in print, without the explicit, written
permission of Tim Jost.
Please give credit to the author if you transmit this FAQ any further.

Lots of information on NJPW: Touken Retsuden 2 can be found on the net but
seeing no FAQ and looking at all the demand, I decided to write one. I use some
material I found in the news and message boards, added some new things and mix
everything to write this FAQ. You can see a partial list of contributors at the
end of this FAQ. I am sorry if forget someone but I can't remember everybody.
If you think I forget you, e-mail me and I will put you in the credits...
I am also waiting for comments, corrections and adds for this FAQ.


This is a first version of the FAQ for Touken Retsuden 2 for N64. This
wrestling game features 21 wrestlers (+5 hidden) from the New Japan Pro
Wrestling Federation. Each of the wrestler comes with his own set of moves and
the number of moves per wrestler as well as the total number of moves in the
game is enormous! This game is also the first one to propose to play a full
year of wrestling with the same guy, competing in different events and for
different titles. The cartridge comes up with its own battery so everything is
automatically saved on the cart. To clear cartridge data, turn off the N64 and
press and hold down START. While holding it down, turn the game on. A screen
pops up, and you can clear off old data.

The wrestlers in the game are:  (h is for hidden)

Shinya Hashimoto
Kensuke Sasaki
Tatsumi Fujinami
Manabu Nakanishi
Satoshi Kojima
Osamu Nishimura
Jushin "Thunder" Lyger
El Samurai
Koji Kanemoto
Shinjiro Ohtani
Tatsuhito Takaiwa
Kendo Ka Shin
Riki Chosyu (h)
Power Warrior
Masahiro Chono
Keiji Mutoh
Hiroyoshi Tenzan
The Great Muta
Dr. Wagner Jr. 
Shiro Koshinaka
Antonio Inoki (h)
Tiger King (h)
Naoya Ogawa (h)
Don Frye (h)
Kazuo Yakazami
Genichiro Tenryu

Menu Options (each menu is given up/down and left/right, letters from A to G
are the options of the main menu)

A. Exhibition
1. Singles match
2. Tag-team
3. 4 man battles royal
4. 8 man tournament
5. Exit

B. IWGP Championship
1. IWGP World Title
 1.1. continue
 1.2. wrestler select
 1.3. exit
(note after you continue a title match the green option is exit) 
2. IWGP Tag Team Titles
 2.1. continue
 2.2. wrestler select
 2.3. exit
3. Champions
4. Exit

C. Wrestler training/learning
1. Wrestler select
2. Continue
3. Exit

D. MVP/year of NJPW
1. Continue
 1.1. go to the card
  Left: look at the match (or play)
  Middle: skip (simulate) match
  Right: save card, back to MVP main menu
 1.2. view wrestler statistics 
 1.3. erase MVP mode 
 1.4. some kanji about the current events 
 1.5. save/exit
2. Start MVP mode
 Left: wrestler selection, choose the 18 wrestlers to be in the season
       there can be multiple version of the same wrestler (Player only)
       Activate a wrestler slot tapping A. You can then change:
       A. Wrestler, B. outfit, C. CPU/player (up to 4 players)
 Middle: continue. this will start the MVP mode (same options as 1.Continue)
 Right: return to previous menu
3. Exit

E. Wrestler shuffle
1. Select wrestler
2. Change shuffle wrestler selection screen
3. Exit

F. Wrestlers moves.
Left: continue (show move list)
1. Wrestler select
2. Move type select (all moves, hitting, submission etc..., default is all)
3. Opponent condition select: (all moves, normal:F, small groggy:S,
med. groggy:M, large groggy:L)
Right: Exit
G. Options.
1. Difficulty: 1. training, 2. easy, 3. strong, 4. hard
2. Time limit
3. Match type: 1. normal (pin & submission), 2. ufight (submission & KO)
4. Names on or off during match
5. Reversal: 1. manual, 2. auto 
6. Sound: stereo, mono, bgm, SFX...
7. Data (delete data)
 7.1 learning wrestlers
 7.2 shuffle wrestlers
 7.3 champions
 7.4 belts

Some comments about some game modes:

A. Exhibition

This mode is just simple matches: single, tag, battle royal or tournament.
You can choose the wrestlers with Dpad or 3Djoy and you can change the outfit
with L, R buttons.
Each wrestler has 4 outfits.
When choosing a wrestler, you can hit Cdown to set the handicap.

B. IWGP Championship

This is the run for the Heavyweight Title or the Tag Title. You can first
choose your wrestler and then you have to win about 6 matches to get the title
shot. If you win, you become the new champ. After that, you can defend your
belt. You can quit this mode between two matches, the current state will be
automatically saved on cart. To begin a new title road, simply choose:
select wrestler instead of continue. You also have the option to review the
title history (matches, time, player etc...)

C. Wrestler training/learning

You basically choose a wrestler and "train" moves in different area. It seems
you can improve the skill of the wrestler, which can be saved and used in all
the game mode (exhibition, MVP, IWGP).
I am definitely looking for more info on this mode...

D. MVP/year of NJPW

To choose your wrestlers in MVP mode, use the booklet.
Watch out as you can have multiple copies of the same wrestler, so try to find
him in the list before changing another guy into him. Using this, you can
choose all the 18 wrestlers that will compete in the MVP mode. It takes some
times but it's good to have the wrestlers you like in the MVP mode...
When you choose who will compete in the MVP season, for each wrestler's slot,
there is, from left to right: wrestler name, outfit num., control (COM, player)
When you select a wrestler, you can choose whether he will be NJPW regular, nWo
Japan, FREE wrestler or Heisei Ishigun. To do this, while pressing A to confirm
your choice, hold:

Cup & Cleft: New Japan regular
Cdown & Cleft: nWo Japan
Cup & Cright: Heisei Ishigun
Cdown & Cright: FREE agent

If during MVP, generally after a card, you see a question, this is generally
nWo asking if you want to join. (left is yes, right is no)
The alignment of each wrestler in the MVP mode can be seen in the view wrestler
statistics screen. This screen also shows the win/loss and title records. The
silhouette body shows injuries (it can be a good idea to know the weakness of
your opponents and to work on these parts). 

E. Wrestler shuffle

This is a kind of small edit: you can choose a wrestler and mix his moves with
another wrestler's moves. The result can be saved as a new wrestler (shuffle
wrestler) that can be used in all the game mode (exhibition, MVP, IWGP).
Of course, you can take a shuffle wrestler and shuffle with him again and so
on... Besides the other wrestlers, you can also use special sets of moves to
shuffle with. These are found at the end of the list and go as follows:

1.Lucha Libre: Mexican Style
2.The Island one: Michinoku Pro. The best of Delfin, Sasuke, and Hakushi
3,4.The steel looking one and the U submission one: Both are shooter/submission
5.the red one w/ the white symbol: nWo/ 5.rulebreaker style.
6.The Black and White one: It's just power moves
7.New Japan Strong Soul: A mix of all the New Japan people from NJPW3 (PSX)
8.American Spirits: Mix of Scott Norton, the Steiner Bros. and Chris Benoit


The following legend will be used for buttons:

A:   tap A button
B:   tap B button
C:   tap any C button
AA:  double tap A button
BB:  double tap B button
CC:  double tap any C button
AB:  tap A AND B at the same time
Z+:  hold Z button
L:   tap L button
R:   tap R button
LL:  double tap L button
RR:  double tap R button
3D:  analog 3D stick

One can also note that each wrestler can be in 4 state of health(groggy state):
F:   full health, normal standing
S:   small groggy, stunned, heavily breathing
M:   medium groggy, stunned, moving a bit from front to back
L:   large groggy, swaying in the ring

When you execute a move on an opponent, the move you will do will generally
depend of the groggy state of your opponent. CONTRARY TO POPULAR BELIEF this is
not limited to basic move when both you and opponent are standing in the ring.
If the opponent is down for example, some wrestler will do different move if
opp. is small groggy or large groggy. Of course, if opponent is down, you can't
tell in which state he is, but, generally, he is in the state he was the last
time he was up and groggy.
Consequently, the moves will be given in the following form:


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