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NHL '99- An FAQ
Copyright 1998 by Victor Broccoli
Contact for redistribution information
Version 1.0
E-Mail [email protected] to suggest section or to correct me

Table of Contents
1. Basic Controls
2. The teams
3. Strategy
4. Adjusting Strategy
5. Scoring a goal
6. Passwords and Glitches

Basic Controls:
This section is just in case some retart at Blockbuster loses the
instructions or one of your little brother's friends loses the book.

Player With Puck:
A = Pass
B = Shoot
C-Down = Speed Burst
L = Spin-O-Rama
Z = Spin-O-Rama

Player Without Puck
A = Switch Player
B = Hook
C-Down = Body Check/ Speed Burst
L = Block shot (lay on the ice)
Z = Change skating direction 180 degrees

Goalie Controls (Goalie Must me on Manual in Option Screen)
A = Pass
B = Save, Flip pass
C-Down = Cover Up
R = Take control of Goalie
Z = Spin-O-Rama (I still don't know why a goalie does a Spin-O-Rama)

Strategy (Press corresponding button to option you want once in menu)
C-Left = Offensive Strategy Menu
C-Up = Line Change Menu
C-Right = Defensive Strategy Menu

Fighting (Nothing like knocking opponent on his keyster)
A = Throw a hook punch
B = Throw a jab punch
C-Down = Grab jersey/Break away

The Teams
I have grouped the NHL and International teams into different groups:
Great, Good, OK, and Avoid like the plague. So here we go:

Great Teams:
Detroit Redwings
Colorado Avalanche
Dallas Stars
Philadelphia Flyers

United States

Good Teams:
New Jersey Devils
New York Rangers
Buffalo Sabres
Carolina Hurricanes
Washington Capitals
Phoenix Coyotes

Czech Republic

OK Teams:
Chicago Blackhawks
St. Louis Blues
Edmonton Oilers
Pittsburgh Penguins
Montreal Canadiens
Florida Panthers
Calgary Flames
San Jose Sharks
Vancouver Canucks
Mighty Ducks of Anaheim

All the International Teams not mentioned except England, France,
and Italy

Teams you should Avoid Like The Plague
New York Islanders
Boston Bruins
Ottawa Senators
Toronto Maple Leafs
Tampa Bay Lightning
Nashville Predators
Los Angeles Kings

(I had no idea these countries played hockey)


These are the strategies that former Colorado coach Marc Crawford used for
this game. They are select able from the Strategy menus in the Start Menu
and from the C-Buttons:

Offensive Strategies:

Positional- In a positional offense, players patrol zones like the old game

of slot hockey.It's a conservative strategy, but it can work. The benefit
is that if you are out of position,your teammates can cover for you.

Triangle- The goal is to overload one side of the ice and create a 3-on-2
situation. When this is achieved, give-and-gos and One-Timers are
It works best with offensively aware skaters.

Funnel- The goal here is to shoot from the point and score on a rebound.
The strategy focuses on moving as many players as possible to the slot.
When you charge the net, it is possible to put home a rebound

Combination- Puts your offense in the best setup possible to counter your
opponents defense

Defensive Strategies:

Zone- Similar to the Positional Offense, but on Defense. It is
and if you mess up,nobody is there to cover you.

Man-to-man- Use this strategy with caution. If one man gets beat,
it's going to be a breakaway. Use this when your first line is out
against the third line.

Box + 1- This strategy requires a good center. It has everyone else in a
and the centerin the middle. The box rotates so there is always a man on
the puck

Combination- A Zone defense, but your man is playing Man-to-man.

Adjusting strategy:

It is possible to tinker your strategy so it is more effective. In the
Start Menu, select Strategies.The options for defensive pressure,
offensive pressure, and power play and kill strategies. For example, if
your style of play is to get the puck to a guy and just blow by everyone
else, your defense will in turn be weak. So if you turn the
defensive pressure up and turn the offensive pressure down, it will
compensate. Play around with this option and see how it improves your team.


Scoring the easy goal

I have been playing the NHL series for a few years, and during that time
I have figured out a few ways to put the puck in the back of the net.
I'll be a nice guy and tell them to you.

1. Across the crease
This weakness of the goalie wasn't in the 97 and 98 games, but now it
is back. Simply speed burst in front of the crease and shoot before the
goalie gets there.

2. Fake leaving the zone
Go behind the net and come out near the boards. Right before you reach
the blue line, shoot the puck really fast. If you did this all right, the
goalie won't know what hit him

3. Spin-O-Rama
Just do a Spin-O-Rama across the crease. Another goal, ho-hum.

4. Deke
When you're on a breakaway, head towards the right or left side of the
crease, but don't go outside it. Fake to the other side, and go top
shelf to the side you're on

Also, be creative. Try something new and you just might light the light.

Codes and Glitches (Codes are entered in the Password screen in the
options menu)
BIGBIG- Big players
BRAINY- Big heads
FAST- Faster gameplay

Hitting Z when the auto-replay after a goal comes up will let you make
noises. Tap Z to pick one out, then hold it in to play it repeatedly.

During a replay, select a guy along the boards. Rotate above him, and try
to come down to icelevel through the boards. It will instead zoom in.

In the words of Porky Pig, Thththaaats all folks!
E-Mail [email protected] to suggest a code, glitch, or anything else.

This is just for the person that gets this from the FTP.
Don't publish this part. My name is Victor Broccoli, E-Mail is
[email protected], website is highgroove.webjump.com, and this
is my first FAQ. Thanks for putting it up, and your site is
awesome. I'll be sure to write more

Victor Broccoli
[email protected]

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