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OddWorld : Munch's Oddysee F.A.Q. v2.0 December 15, 2001
by: Jeremy Guthrie ([email protected])
For : Microsoft XBOX's OddWorld: Munch's Oddysee 
English Version Copyright 2001 
 ######     ##     ##                       ####       ##          
 ##  ##  #####  ##### ##   ##  ####  ##  ##   ##    #####  ###   
 ##  ## ##  ## ##  ## ## # ## ##  ## ######   ##   ##  ##  ###   
 ##  ## ##  ## ##  ## ## # ## ##  ## ###      ##   ##  ##        
 ##  ## ##  ## ##  ## ####### ##  ## ##       ##   ##  ##  ###   
 ###### ###### ######  ## ##  ###### ##     ###### ######  ### 

    ##   ##                      ##      ##                    
    ### ### ##  ## #####   ####  #####  ##  #####          
    ## # ## ##  ## ##  ## ##  ## ##  ##    ##              
    ## # ## ##  ## ##  ## ##     ##  ##    #####           
    ##   ## ##  ## ##  ## ##  ## ##  ##        ##          
    ##   ## ###### ##  ## ###### ##  ##    ###### 

       ######     ##     ##                                  
       ##  ##  #####  ##### ##  ##  #####  ####   ####   
       ##  ## ##  ## ##  ## ##  ## ##     ##  ## ##  ##  
       ##  ## ##  ## ##  ## ##  ## #####  ###### ######  
       ##  ## ##  ## ##  ## ##  ##     ## ##     ##      
       ###### ###### ###### ###### ###### #####  #####   

1.   Introduction

2.   Game Mechanics

3.   Walkthrough

4.   Quarma

5.   Appendices

6.   Version History

7.   Credits
8.   Disclaimer

1.   Introduction
Welcome to my OddWorld: Munch's Oddysee F.A.Q. Although this is rather small at 
this point, I'll try to stuff it to the brink as I get more info. Munch's Oddysee 
is one of the biggest games of the xbox's launch. Although the learning curve of 
it is pretty small some of the puzzles can have you scratching your head for 
awhile, especially in the search for perfect quarma. Yes, Quarma. More on that 
later. I haven't played the previous oddworld games, or written an f.a.q. for 
anything before, but I loved this game and I felt it needed to be done. So what 
the hell, sure why not. This F.A.Q. is still in the early stages so feel free to 
email me if you have any tips or extra info on things. Note: This F.A.Q. contains 
mega-spoilers. If you dont want spoilers, figure out the game on your own, 
its a blast :) 

And now, a little info on the history and setting of this great game :
We first met Abe, hapless floor-waxer-become-hero, in Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee, 
where he rescued his fellow Mudokons from RuptureFarms ans struck a major blow to 
the Glukkons of the evel Magog Cartel. When, ancestral spirits showed him there 
was more to the slaughter of his fellow Mudokons than met the sutured eye. 
Because of this, in Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus, Abe had to save the remaining living 
Mudokons as well as save the spirits of his dead Mudokon ancestors, sabotaging 
the SoulStorm Brewery boilers in the process. It was a lot of work for a simple 
Mudokon like Abe, but in the end he was Succesful. 

In Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee, our new hero Munch is the last surviving Gabbit on 
Oddworld. Gabbits were an amphibious species that were hunted to the verge of 
extinction for their lungs and their eggs. Munch finds out that one can of 
Gabbiar (egad, them's Gabbit eggs!) remains, and that the Vykkers and Glukkons 
have it in their possession. In much the same predicament, Abe needs to find the 
eggs containing his unborn Mudokon brothers, which just happen to be warehoused 
in Vykkers Labs. But Abe can't break out of his shell-shackled family without 
help from Munch, and vice versa. Together our heroes must find the eggs in order 
to save their respective species from total extermination.

2.   Game Mechanics
The Controls : 

Left-Trigger = Chant(Abe)/Sonar(Munch)
Left-Analog-Stick = Sneak>Walk>Run Depending on pressure applied
Left-Analog-Stick Pressed inwards = Faster Sneak
Directional-Pad = Moves the Camera
Pause = Pauses(Duh!)
Right-Trigger = Check Health+Quarma Status
White = Centers the Camera 
Black = Switch Characters
A = Performs various actions
Right-Analog-Stick = Aims Weapons
Right-Analog-Stick Pressed Inwards = Fires Weapons

GameSpeak : A very cool feature used to speak to the Oddworld universe...

Y Tapped = Greet an Individual
Y Held down = Greet Crowd
X Tapped = Command an Individual to wait there
X held down = Makes Abe or Munch disperse gas one way or another LOL
B Tapped = Makes the group work for you (Abe only)
B Held Down = Makes the group attack

3.   Walkthrough - WARNING: Contains Spoilers!!!!!

Level 1 - Raisin's Cave

Walk over to the green-light switch and use it to open the door. Go through it 
and explore the room to get hints on how to control Abe. When you get the hang of 
things, collect all the little spooce shrubs and regrow two of them with the left 
trigger to get the 50 spooce to open the next door. Walk outside to start the 
next lvl.

Level 2 - Spooce-Shrub Forest

Grab the spooceballs and walk over to the right corner and tap Y while facing the 
mudo to get his attention. Walk over to the big reddish circle by the door and 
tap B to get the mudo to chant the door open. Follow the spooce down the hill to 
the left then take a left and open the spoocelock. Get them to follow you and 
then go down the trail of spooce untill you get to the mine-field. Tap X to have 
the mudos wait there for you and carefully go through the mines and unlock the 
well. Jump in and follow the spooce down to find 2 more mudos. Hold down Y to get 
both of them to follow you. Use B to make them open the door just like the first 
mudo did. Walk through the door and get the 1st group to follow ya again. Follow 
the signs to go to the big well untill you get to the resurrect totem where you 
can res dead mudos. Use it to get another mudo so you have 6. Get all of their 
attention and go back to the 6 circles and make them chant. Go through onto the 
bridge and then tap X to get them all to stand still. Move behind them one by one 
and press x to pick them up and then x again to toss them over the rocks. If you 
miss and kill any of them go back to the res totem and try again. Get all of 
their attention and make them chant to open the door. Follow the spooce through 
it and open the spooce-lock. (theres more spooce to the left if ya need it) Head 
to the right untill you get to the trapped mudo. Get the group to stand still 
then hope over the mines and grab him, toss him over to the rest of the group, 
then jump back yourself. Run around to the left side of this area to find the 
other trapped mudo and get him to follow you. Make sure you have 65 spooce then 
head over to the zap henge sign and go up the ramp to the top of the hill. Open 
the spoocelock and toss the mudos into the wells to open the big door and enter 
the next area with the leftover 3 mudos plus the 5 by the door. Tap b to open the 
gate then hold b to get the gang of mudos to protect you. Make the mudos stay 
there, then drink the bounce and hop over the wall. Drink the expresso and keep 
running back and forth avoiding the muts untill ya get 85 spooce then head on 
past the spoocelock and run into the tunnel. 

Level 3 - Fuzzle Testing

After the funny little movie they hand over the controls to Munch and you're in 
the Vykkers Lab. Go up the ramp then head left and press a in front of the cages 
to free the fuzzles. Free them all then go to the other side of the room and free 
them then press b to sick them on the intern. flip the red switch and head down 
to the exit and press a while you're facing the circle of flying birds to make 
the fuzzles escape. Open the spoocelock then go through and drink the zap. hop 
down the ramp then push in the right control stick to zap the intern to death, 
free the fuzzles then repeat this on the next section., and the next after that. 
You can let the fuzzles help but if you want perfect quarma have them wait or 
take them up to the birds to escape. Take the remaining fuzzles down through the 
next door and sick them on the interns. zap them as fast as you can to keep them 
down so they dont kill the fuzzles. when theyre dead, free the rest and let them 
escape. pull the switch, hop down, get the spooce, and go out the exit. 

Level 4 - Hydroponic Vats

This level is extremely simple. Gather up all the spooce and make sure to get the 
ones up high against the wall by getting shot up there in the cannon thing. Swim 
around past the dogs following the spooce balls untill you get 99, then swim to 
the spoocelock and then go through the tunnel. 

Level 5 - Fluoride Tanks

Dont touch the water mines or munch will go ka-blooey. swim forward following the 
spooce shrubs. *sigh* get MORE spooce in the next room of mines then jump up on 
the platform, drink the zap, free the fuzzlets, turn them in at the birds, and 
unlock the spoocelock. Jump in the cannon it opened, and repeat: zigzag through 
mines, get spooce, drink the zap, shock the interns, free the fuzzles, turn em 
in, and open the next cannon. Quickly jump off the dock before they chew you up, 
and hop into the next pool. this next part gets a bit tricky. jump carefully over 
the water-mine lines getting all the spooce untill you reach the next dock. Drink 
the zap and kill the interns. use the fuzzles if you want but they die easy and 
one dead fuzzle means non-perfect quarma! :P Turn in the fuzzles and open the 
next cannon. jump through and follow the spooce to the end (make sure you have 
99) and beware the stoopid sea-muts. one you get to the platforms with the mines, 
hop over both and swim forward to the spoocelock. after its open drink the 
expresso and flip the switch. race through this part avoiding the mines and 
interns untill you get to the portal platform. jump in the final cannon, kick 
back, n read the newspaper.

Level 6 - Snoozie Lab. 

Swim through the tunnel and grab the spooce in the water and on the ceiling then 
jump over the mines to the first remote control. these are really fun 
bwahahahaha. no. really. use the remote control to control the snoozer. walk into 
the next 2 rooms and blow the intern bastards to hell with the machine gun the 
same way you use zap. once theyre asleep, quickly free the lil fuzzles and flip 
the switch, turn em in, and fly down the poop chute!

Level 7 - Mudokon Pens

You start out with munch and abe in the forest. Grab the 4 spooce and regrow one 
to open the spoocelock of 5 spooce. Run out and grab the spooce by the shaman, 
then throw munch onto the platform, and use abe's possesion orb and make the slig 
hop in the water and drown HAHAHA. Switch to munch, hop in the water, and swim 
over to the right. Follow the right wall and quickly zap open all 4 fuzzle cages 
so they eat the slig guard. and follow around the right wall killing all the 
sligs and freeing the fuzzlets. Once you got all 12 fuzzles make them wait by the 
dock and jump in, drink the zap on the other side of the water, and kill the two 
sligs on the platforms and get the spooce. Turn in 60 spooce over by the 
wheelchair to open a canon for abe to get across the water. Then you take abe to 
each fuzzle cage area and grab the mudo's in each so you have three to chant at 
the dock, to open a canon in the water for munch to jump in the water canon and 
use the remote control claw to drop bombs on the sligs & t.n.t. walls. Once you 
kill the sligs and walls in reach of the remote control claw...(its a good idea 
to turn in the fuzzles by the dock now). Rally up the mudo group together with 
abe n munch and follow the passage where you break down the walls, tip: u can 
kill the huge group of sligs by possessin them then tapping the left trigger and 
the explode, or get creative send them marching into bombs or water or recycle 
disposals or pick fights with other enemies, u can use this alot in the game for 
safe kills "spooce kills". Yes its evil but it's so fun!! Once you've killed the 
5 sligs in this part, take your group up the hill and make them wait, then drop 
down the left side and pull the switch to let out 2 more war mudos and bring them 
to the top of the hill. Make 'em wait there then drop down the right side and hop 
in the cannon, follow around the edge till you get to the last mudo, carry him to 
the top, and flip the switch, and have your mudo thugs fight the sligs. Its a 
good idea to help them out with spooce kills if you can. Then finally have them 
chant to open up the munch/abe portal to end the level.

Level 8 - Sloghut 1027

Switch to munch right off, and wabble over to the remote control. Pick up the 3 
slogs and 2 dogs in the pens one by one and let them down right in front of the 
recycle disposal HAHAHA fun fun fun! Once the mayhem is over, pick up the two 
reachable mudokons and set them down AWAY from the recycle. Then hop down with 
abe, switch to munch, pick up abe, let abe down on the unreachable mudo platform, 
then have abe throw him down to safety. Next, use the remote control to pick up 
abe and set him down by the switch over the door . Flip it, then gather up abe, 
munch, and the three mudos, to the next area. Throw the 3 mudos down with the 
others by the expresso pen, and one by one drink an expresso, pick up a mudo and 
step on the circle, then proceed to run down this gauntlet of slig shooters and 
mines, and run up the ramp at the end full tilt and you will reach the 6 
switches. You only need 6 but be thinkin about your quarma! It helps me to hug 
the right or left wall and try to keep a straight path, and not get shot as much. 
This is one of those levels you just kinda have to die alot hehe. I would 
recommend only doing 2-3 mudos per life, so you dont die while carrying one of 
them. So then now once you have 6-9 of the mudos, make em flip the switches. Have 
munch hop along the side rail careful not to hit the mines, get him to the other 
side. Turn in your mudos, and portal out to: 

Level 9 - The Mudokon Fortress

Take the 4 mudos at the beginning area, and run through the slogs on the left. 
Stand over the hovering zapper once you get through and it will take care of the 
slogs for you. Head up the hill with the 4 mudos and put them to work inside the 
fortress along with the 1 mudo in there. Next, head out to the mudo cages in the 
water with munch and abe. Stop when you get to the fuzzles, and have abe 
spoocekill the 3 sligs beyond this point. Leave munch by the fuzzles, and take 
the 2 mudos back up to the fortress. Make em chant to close the door. Go back out 
of the fortress and grab the mudo that wouldnt stop pacing before. Take him back 
inside the fort, along with all the mudos, and head out the door just to the 
right of the ramp up. Slide down the ramp down, and hang a left past the 
scoreboard and turn in 50 spooce 10 at a time so you have now 8 warrior mudos. 
Make them all follow you now back to the scoreboard, and make them wait. Hop in 
the cannon, and follow the brown bridge across, and spoocekill the sligs here. 
Open the door by standing on the circle, and call the mudos through the door and 
have them chant to restore the environment. Now take them back out by the 
scoreboard and switch to munch. Head out of the are along with the fuzzles 
towards the fortress but instead go right untill you get to the wheelchair. Leave 
the fuzzles here and rush out across the bridge and jump into the water and take 
shelter at the remote control. Kill the two sligs on the pedestals here, and then 
kill the other 3 with abes spooce. Switch back to munch, and hop up and flip the 
two high switches on the platform, plus the other one up the ramp quickly. 
spoocekill the remaining sligs here or if you dont care about quarma bring the 
warrior mudos and fuzzle into a big brawl. Anyways, when they are done, turn in 
the fuzzles by the birds at the new scoreboard, and have 3 of the mudos chant at 
the portal out point. Then head out of this confusing level into an even more 
confusing one!

Level 10 - Sloghut 2813

Okay first of all, this level will be much easier using spooce-kills then the 
snoozer provided, so regrow about 40-50 spooce shrubs out of the cluster of four 
at the beginning of this level. Next, take abe around to the right, spooce kill 
the first slig by the cannon, then jump in. Now, you can either try to jump to 
the platform in front of you, then over to the switch platform, or you can very 
carefully walk across the edge of the floor running between the platforms. Once 
across, yank the switch then switch to munch. waddle over to the remote control, 
and pick up all of the *ahem* trash running around on the floor and dispose of 
the sligs and slogs in their proper container. The recycle disposal. After they 
are no-more, have abe make another run around and toss the 3 mudo's down to 
safety, and have them follow into the next room, the slig run. This next part is 
so much easier if you dispose of the sligs first, trust me. run around the right 
edge spooce killing the 4 sligs up on the right side of the railwalk. Also, brew 
up some possesion orbs for the many sligs at the bottom and have a "blast" 
showing them where all the bombs are =) After the whole room is clear of sligs 
except for the 4 pulling switches on the right wall, carefully take the 3 mudos 
you started with and the 4 mudos scrubbing the floor in this room, and toss them 
into the cannon on the far right corner. Next, bring munch+abe into the cannon, 
and have the mudos pull all of the switches. This next part is only required if 
you want perfect quarma. Drink the invisible and bounce cans, then carefully run 
over to the sligs on the right wall, and walk up behind the sligs, toss them off 
of their platforms, and then spoocekill them into the mines. Toss down the 4 
mudos and carry them to the end to turn into the birds for better quarma. Then 
hop on the portals to send munch and abe into...

Level 11 - Paramite Run

This level is a walk in the park yet it doesnt seem to be at first. You have two 
objectives. To get 99 spooce, and to get abe+munch to the end. You have a 
wheelchair and plenty of expresso at your disposal. Flip the switch here, and 
have abe drink the expresso. With abe, hop through the half opened door and run, 
collecting as much spooce as possible, hugging the left wall tight untill you 
reach the end. Be real careful about the hogs and mines. once you get to the 
other side, switch to munch, drink expresso, and repeat the proccess. If you are 
short on a bit of spooce, youre lucky theres a few spooce shrubs to regrow at the 
safe area by the spoocelock. If you feel bold hop back out and explore this level 
to get more spooce but if you die you have to take either munch or abe back to 
the start to hatch the egg. Anyways, once you got the spooce, enter it into the 
spoocelock and head on to...

Level 12 - Meep Herder Village

Run over to the right, and hop down to the slog area. Gather about 16 spooce 
first then jump on the mudo platform and pump 4 spooceballs each into these slogs 
and kill them. Throw the mudo here over to the chant circles and then hop over 
the fence to the meep area. Climb the lil tower in the middle of this area and 
grab the mudo, and throw him over to the chant circles. Pick up all 25 meeps and 
throw them into their pen with abe. This way seems faster but you can also heard 
them into the pen with munchs wheelchair. After their pen is full and shut with 
all of them in it, take the 4 free mudos by the pen and throw them into the chant 
circle area. Now, go into the slog pen area, and jump in the left cannon. Run to 
the right over the wall and throw the mudo here down with the others. Hop down to 
the meep pen area, and follow the walkway here up to the top, and grab the mudo 
on the pedestal, and resurrect the mudo at the res-totem, and head back down to 
all the other mudos with abe and munch. Make them chant the door open, and send 
in the whole crew. Have munch drink the zap and kill the first set of slogs. 
Drink some more zap and open the next door, and use munch but have the mudo crew 
help out against the big one. Repeat this proccess one last time and you should 
be at the end. Using only abe, hop over the barricade and stand on the circle. 
Use the spooce! Send it through on to the big chump vykker here and make him turn 
in the cash to the LuLu fund! head back and make munch and abe stand on the 

Level 13 - Brewery To Be

Collect the massive quantity of spooce here (60) and turn half in at the 
spoocelock. Race down with munch in his wheels and get as many scrabs to follow 
you as you can. Quickly turn into one of the open door spaces and go up the ramp 
to safety and pull the switch to trap them in. Jump up to the side walkway and 
get out. Repeat this if needed but there is only two trapping pens. Send abe up 
the middle section in the open area but just before you get across the last 
bridge spoocekill the 3 sligs on top. Go through the portal for abe, and slowly 
climb to the top, throwing the 3 mudos down as you go. When you get to the first 
slig in sight though, take control of him and send him up to kill the other slig, 
then make him explode. Once all 3 mudos are at the bottom throw them all into the 
cannon and make them chant. Use the gamespeak buttons to make him say some funny 
stuff. Jump through the cannon and go back out to the windmill. Throw down the 3 
mudos then make them follow you into the first caged area and get all 15 mudos to 
follow you. Run into the other caged area and free the mudos, then portal out to: 

Level 14 - Fuel Fields.

Take munch&abe out to the water area. Drink the zap with munch and kill the sligs 
on the water platforms untill you reach the bridge. Hop over it and swim till you 
can see the wheelchair switch. Switch to abe and CAREFULLY jump across the 
platforms untill you get to the bridge. spoocekill the two sligs to your right, 
then head around following the wall on this side untill you get to the gate. With 
perfect aim you can jump out towards the water and land on the other side of the 
fence, but if you fall in jump out quickly and you shouldnt lose more then a bird 
or two. Hop over the fence to the wheelchair section and hang a right. WOAH yeah 
thats what I thought too when i saw this. Carefully walk to the left, and jump to 
the next plaform, and throw the mudo towards the middle spooce then hop over the 
mines to get to the other side. Jump up on the other mudos platform and get him 
into the center spooce area. Make them wait here then jump over to the right, and 
follow the wall carefully going forward. When youre out, its a good idea to 
quicksave here. Throw a bomb into the field, and then rush in before they regrow. 
Quickly get the mudos to follow you and run to the right edge and go as far as 
you can before they regrow. Either carry them the rest of the way or throw them 
but get them out following the wall. now run under this platform, and send 3 mid-
power spooceballs up the ramp to kill the sligs, then go up and take a well 
deserved swig of Sobe-Energy. Next, send 5 mid/low powered spooceballs over to 
the left into the next crew and kill them. Flip the switch on the platform, and 
gather all the mudos over by the transform-totem. You should have 5 lazergun-
mudos. Ohhh but we need more MORE MORE!!!!! Leave them by the totem and run out 
across the bridge over to the first 2 mudos you ran into, and take them carefully 
over to the transform totem. Head back across the bridge with your wicked lazer 
crew and kick some slig ass! Chant the final door open then kill the last sligs 
and exit this annoying level. 

Level 15 - Magog Motors

First of all, take munch across the room to the three vending machines. Drink 
zap, and aquabounce, and quickly go out in the next huge room and hop on each of 
the  6 platforms zapping the big guns off. Recharge as needed. next take abe and 
hop to the top of the block platform thing and take a right. Get about 5 spooce, 
then come back around untill you get to the top of the platforms again, pump the 
spooce into a spooceball and send down the left corridor. Take control of one of 
the sligs and shoot the other one until it dies, then explode the slig you're 
controlling. Gather about 16 more spooce, and go back down and stand on the 
switch platform. Pull it, then send 4 balls of spooce about 3 each and kill these 
sligs. Go to the ramp they were next to, and put 4 spooce into a ball and send it 
up to the big gun on this platform, and make him blow up a path across the 
bridge, and when hes across, blow up the huge tnt wall then dispose of your 
possesed Big Bro. Now run around the top floor with abe and get all 8 mudos 
following you, and head around to where the big t.n.t. wall used to be. Throw a 
bomb at the wall of mines to blow them up and race across with your mudos or 
simply toss them over it. Turn them in at the rescue birds, then make abe stand 
on the portal out. Climb the ladder, then pump a big ball of 10 spooce into the 
poor stupid executive vykker. Make em go broke then get your blue but onto the 
next level!

Level 16 - Dead River

Run over to the bounce vending machine 2 times using it to get the 2 mudos over 
the broken bridges. Leave them by the chant circles. There is also a mudo on top 
of the spiral stairs, and one more way over to the right by a hut. Use these to 
chant the door open. It is a good idea to collect about 100 spooce in this area 
before moving on. Stand on a spiral platform by the door and spoocekill the 4 
sleepin sligs here. Run around the edge of the cliff to the left passed the door 
and upgrade your mudos to tamahawkers. (50 spooce needed) Now take the 5 
tamahawkers and the 1 mudarcher back to the bomb area. Leave them here and 
carefuly jump passed the mines and stand on the metal platform, but dont go past 
it. Take possession of one of the sligs here, and make him pull the switch to 
open the canon. Run the slig into the mines in the water, and then make sure you 
have 60 spooce before throwing your army of mudos into the cannon, along with 
munch. Take them all up the ramp, and upgrade the 6 tamahawkers so you have 7 
mudarchers. Run through the gauntlet of slig poppers and let the mudarchers do 
the work. Activate the zapper with 30 spooce, then leave the mudos by the storm 
circle. Pick up the tamahawker already there and run back to turn him into a 
mudarcher, come back, and you should have 8 mudarchers now. Have them activate 
the storm circle to fill the water back up. Have munch+abe drink the health up in 
the corner if needed, then take abe, and run back to the start of the wooden 
platform the sligs were on. Follow along it untill you can take control of the 
slig on the other side of the explosives. Make him shoot open the doorway the 
explosives are in, then kill him. Switch to munch. Go back to the water area, 
then jump passed the watermines and flip the switch on the land to the left. Hop 
along and flip the next switch and wait at the ending area on the portal out. 
Switch to abe. Go back and get the 8 mudarches, then take them through the now 
open pathway where the explosives were. Run through past the slig poppers to the 
portal-out platform before any mudos get killed and this lvl is over WOO HOO!

Level 17 - No Muds Land

Run around from the bottom up here at the start until you get about 70 spooce. 
Jump over on top of the platforms hovering in the area right passed the gate 
munch is next to. The idea here is to kill the sligs by throwing bombs down at 
them so munch can get through safely. Get munch in his wheelchair, and use abe to 
stand on the door switch to bring munch through. Once he is, take abe back up the 
platforms by jumping, and spoocekill the sligs on the other side of the door 
munch is now waiting at. Stand on the switch with abe, get munch through, and 
take abe back up. Walk over to the section next to the door munch is waiting by. 
Throw the bombs down to kill the sligs and stand on the platform, bring munch 
through, and send abe back up. Make him wait by the next door, send abe up. Kill 
these sligs with bombs, you know the drill: abe on switch, send munch through to 
the door, abe back up top. This next part is really fun. You get to take 
possession of your first big bro slig! With abe on top, send a spooceball down to 
take control of the big bro guarding the last door. Kill the slig on your side of 
the water, and the two on the other side, blow up all the crates then march him 
into the river MWUAHAHAHA. Send abe down, munch through, and treat both of them 
to the health up vendor on the other side. Send munch to the other side through 
the water and deposit all his spooce at the 99 spooce lock. Do the same with abe 
by carefully jumping passed the mines in the bridge. Send munch into the water 
cannon and have him wait there. Switch to abe. Stand on the switch platform by 
the ramp up, pull the switch, and spoocekill the 2 sligs on ground level here. 
Next, drink the invisible juice, and hop into the cannon on the far right. Run 
through jumping from platform to platform throwing the sligs off into the bombs. 
When you get to the last pedestal that is a little far to jump to, throw a bomb 
at it to send the slig flying off. Next, take control of the Big Bro Slig and 
shoot down the explosives, and kill all the remaining sligs. Then have him walk 
to the end of the pathway and pull the switch. Now run him into some bombs. HA HA 
HA. Switch to munch get in the wheelchair. Follow the right wall until you get to 
the switch. Pull it. Then use abe to Tap into the last Big Bro Slig and murder 
all the annoying little sligs. If you aim just right you can get the 2 sligs up 
the ladder area too. Once all is clear from the zap machine to the exit out 
portals, wheel munch over on top of his half of the portal out. Next, run abe up 
to that ladder area, and jump into the cannon. After the shamans funny lil 
comment, pull the switch, and get your blue butt down to the portal out!

Level 18 - Boiler Room

Hop down with abe, then switch to munch and plug into the remote control. Drop 
some bombs on these sligs here, and pick up abe. Set him down by the switch 
platform, and pull it. Take munch down, and use abe to throw him over the mines. 
Go around the corner, and leave munch by these two scrubs. Have munch drink the 
invisible juice, then run through to the ladder, and use the remote control to 
drop the bombs on the sleeping sligs. Be careful not to kill the 3 scrubs here.  
Use abe to throw bombs at the 2 sleeping sligs on this platform. Throw the scrub 
down with the rest and continue carefully down the path. You might want to carry 
the scrubs past the mines. Take control of the armored big bro slig around the 
corner, and blow up both sets of explosion boxes, plus kill the two plain big bro 
sligs. Self Destruct him, then send abe around that corner, and drink the bounce, 
then jump over the wall(btw, you need 20 spooce first, that you can easily get 
for setting free the 13 scrubs). Open the spoocelock, and climb the ladder. Stand 
on the platform, and take over the glukkon then make him give his moolah to the 
lulu fund. Go back down, and stand on the portal out up the ladder by the bounce. 
Get munch up there too and head on to:

Level 19 - Splinterz Manufacturing

Pick up Munch with abe and head along the railing untill you get to the door. 
Throw munch on to the door switch, and then walk through with abe. Make abe stand 
on the switch on the other side of the door, and then bring munch on through. 
Make abe stand on the next switch, then switch to munch, drink the zap, and take 
care of the sligs. When those two are gone, stand on the switch, then have abe 
run through, pick up munch, and throw him over the bombs. Hop over with abe, and 
keep proceeding like this through the next door untill you come to a break in the 
walkway. Pick munch up, and throw him across, then hop over with abe. Toss munch 
across the mines, then jump across with abe and go stand on the door switch. 
Drink the zap with munch and kill the next duo of sligs. Have abe run through and 
collect the spooce. CAREFULLY go down the ladder, and immediatly put only one 
spooce into a ball and send it to the sleeping big bro right next to you. Go over 
under the scoreboard and drink the Blitz Packer to get a gun for him. Now walk 
around down here killing all the sligs you can find. If you die, pull the call 
security switch with munch, then repeat taking over the big bro until all the 
sligs down there are dead. Once they are, self destruct the big bro, and run 
around gathering up the huge amount of scrubs down there. Run back to where the 
big bro pad is, and make the mudos pull the switch. Drop down with munch to join 
the group. Dont go in yet. First, send in a spooceball, take over one of the 
sleeping slig poppers. Shoot the other one, then self destruct. Go in, and set 
free your massive group of scrubs. Then take abe back up the ladder, drink the 
bounce, and jump up to the CEO's office path. Jump over the mines, and when you 
get to the corner, send a mid-sized spooceball down and take over the big bro. 
Face the Voice Authorization machine, and press a gamespeak button. Walk through 
the door, then pull the switch. After a long time with them respawning, you can 
eventually kill them all. Once they are all dead, self destruct and jump down the 
ladders to the bottom. Now, you have to jump into the mine trapped areas, and 
throw the scrubs to safety. Once you free all 3 of them, go back up the ladders 
and sneak in through the door with abe and jump on the door switch. You MUST 
sneak or the slig poppers will shoot you. Once on the switch, send a big juicy 
spooce ball on through to the ceo's office. Make the CEO give 400,000 to the lulu 
fund, and head back to munch. I know what you're thinking. WE'RE MISSING A SCRUB! 
Oh no! Go drink some bounce. Run back in the far left corner where 3 explosives 
boxes are. Right in that corner, there is a corner you can jump up to. Do so, get 
the scrub, and go set him free. Finally, take munch and abe and get on to the 
next lvl!

Level 20 - Reservoir Row

Use abe, and jump across to the circle platform, and jump to the main-land.  
Switch to munch, and hop into the water. Hop on to the circle platform, and 
follow the trail. Hop across to the main-land, and open the spoocelock. Drink the 
zap with munch, then hop into the cannon. Once the sligs are toasted, stand on 
the switch with munch, and switch to abe and stand on the next platform. Take 
over the glukkon and make him give money to the lulu fund. Still controlling abe 
now, jump across from platform to platform. Once youre down on the last one in 
the water, throw a bomb into the line of mines to clear the path and quickly run 
through. Drink the invisible juice, and collect the spooce, then jump into the 
cannon. If you're feeling bold today, throw the sligs into the water heh heh 
heh...okay anyways. Four switches here. Not a scrub in sight. eh?? First, swim 
munch over to this area to get him to stand in the middle. Now then..Run through 
with abe, and keep switching back and forth with munch pulling the switches. 
Stand on the door switch, and make the glukkon give up the moolah. Run across the 
little bridge and get in the cannon. Stand behind tank #3, and send spooceballs 
around the corner and make the sligs run into the water. It's a good idea to use 
one of them to stand on the switch and shoot the 2 sligs inside. Next, bring 
munch around to stand on the door switch. Run through with abe, hop in the 
cannon, stand on the switch, and get lulu some more $$$. Go across to the cliff 
edge and grab all the spooce. Send down 4 spooceballs to kill the sligs. The 
sleeping slig's got a gun. Jump in the cannon. Eh? It's closed?? hmm..Get munch! 
Hop up onto tank #4 and drink the zap. Head up the railing, then kill the 2 
sligs. Pull the switch, and stand on the door switch. Change over to abe, and 
then jump into the cannon. Get lulu the moolah. Walk across to the switch, 
and...pull it. Reinforcements. Jump across towards the shore, and you should make 
it. Run along, hop onto the crate, and over the wall. Notice you're back at the 
start of the level. Take the mudarchers up the ramp for their first mission: 
Operation KILL THE SLIGS. It should be a total slaughter with none of the 
mudarchers dying. Leave them there, and hop up onto the left platform. Pull the 
switch. Hop back down, then bring munch around to join the group. Slaughter the 
next group of sligs, then press on. Get munch in the wheelchair, then switch to 
abe and make the group wait here. Jump over to tank #5. This is kinda tricky, so 
quicksave just in case you fall in. Once up these platforms, stand on the switch 
and get lulu some more cash. Hop down, and make munch drink the zap. Sick the 
mudarchers on the sligs and help em out with munch's zap. Once it's clear, bring 
the group through, and head up tank #6 the same way as tank #5. Make this last 
chump go broke then head back down and join the crew. Halfway up the ramp, stop, 
and make munch pull the switch over to the left. You dont have to fight this last 
group of sligs, just leave the mudos here safetly, and run to the exit out 
portals quickly and ya should be fine and not have to risk lowering quarma. 

Level 21 - Flub Fuel's Scrub Pens

Run out to the door switch with abe, then run through with munch and hop down a 
very, very, VERY, long pit. Swim through the doorway passage and hop up on the 
platform to the right. Pull the switch. Jump in the now open cannon with munch. 
Nevermind the cannons here, run on through to the other side. Stand right under 
the blue light here. Send a mid sized spooceball around the corner, and have the 
slig activate the voice lock with gamespeak. Send a few lazers into the 
explosives boxes and keep firing at the sligs. Still controlling the same slig, 
run around the corner to the 2 sligs here and shoot them into the water. Fire 
over to the 2 sligs on pedestals, they only regen a few times. Kill the slig 
you're controlling, then hop down to the left and free the scrub here. Head up 
the ladder, and pull the switch to the right. This gives munch access to this 
area, but he cant jump down there is too many mines. With abe, free the other 
mudos, and walk over to the last ladder. Drop a spooce on the slig, use him to 
pull the switch to raise the water, then kill him. Now swim over with munch and 
pull the red switch in the water. Drink the zap, and head into the doorway, 
around the corner, and zap the three stooges off their platform. Backtrack around 
and drink the health-up with abe and munch. Jump across all the platforms with 
abe. Jump across to the big circle of spooce platform. Jump over to the right, 
and free the scrubs. Then, jump over to the left, and hide behind the wall then 
send 3 spooceballs down the row of mudos to kill two of the sligs here, then save 
the last one. With him, walk over towards the spooce platform, and drop down by 
the zap machine. Shoot at the two sligs here to knock them into the water, then 
pull the switch here. Run to the other side, and stand behind the corner. Shoot 
at the far big bro, and the other one shouldnt attack yet. Once there is only one 
big bro, shoot at him till he is dead and dont let him get up. Then, run this 
last slig into the water. Send abe around and go in the passage behind the spooce 
circle platform to flip the switch. Then head down along with the rest of the 
mudos, and stand on the door switch. Get munch, bring him around, free all of the 
fuzzles, and take them down to the rescue birds. Then, make munch stand on the 
switch. Take the mudos with abe to be rescued, then stand on the portal out. 
Switch to munch, drink the expresso, tap the door switch, and wabble over to the 
exit out to go on to the next level. 

Level 22 - Flubco Executive Office

Jump over to the other side of the room, and hop up on the platform, and over the 
wall. Now this next part might take a few tries. Drink the expresso, and run down 
the pathway, and jump to the next part of the pathway to save some time. Dont 
stop till you hit the end of the path and they stop firing. Grab the spooce, and 
duck behind the wall for cover. Send in a spooceball to control one of the big 
bros. Kill the other two, then self destruct. Pull the switch along the other 
wall. Swim out with munch under the pathway and get to where abe is. Down on the 
vending machines platform, fill up on all the vending machines and go out one by 
one shocking big bros off their platforms. Yep, all 11 of em. Then, run abe back 
to the start. Get the 6 mudos to follow you, and go on down the path. When you 
get to the health-up vendo, make the mudos wait there, and go on a little more 
until you reach the green triangle. Jump up there. Pick up the mudo, then go back 
and throw him down to safety. Go back and drink the bounce, then jump on the next 
higher up platform. Pick up these two mudos, then walk out to the circle and toss 
them down aiming at the other circle. Next, jump across to the other platform, 
and throw the next two mudos down to safety the same way. Now, jump down to the 
first red pad, join the mudos there, then get the 6 left by the health-up, then 2 
more by the next red pad, and the last one a little further, and this brings us 
to 11 mudos. run to the end of the path where munch should now be also. Pull the 
6 switches, then set them free. Go in this room with abe now, and jump on the 
couch, then to the pillar, then on up to the doorway platform, then to the 
ceiling walkway. Run around, stand on the switch, and make this glockstar into a 
homeless poor sad little man. Run back out, pick up munch, and run all the way 
back to the beginning of the level, where you advance onwards. 

Level 23 - The Loading Dock 

Run down a bit, and free the 2 mudos here. The video will give you an idea on how 
to go about this level. Now then, go out the door to the right, and wait for the 
vykkers to come around. Hop over the gate, and trail a safe distance behind them, 
until you get to the second ladder. Climb it, and walk to the edge of the 
yellow&black platform. Drop a spooceball of 2 right on top of one of them, and 
try to kill all of them with the one youre controlling. You should be able to do 
this with the 4 spooce you got from the first 2 rescued mudos. After this, turn 
around and jump across the gap, be careful. Drink the invisible, then bounce, 
then run over to the far left corner and wait at the locked door. Switch to 
munch. Wabble down to the right and jump into the water. Swim to the ladder, go 
up, then drop down. Wabble to the other ladder, and go up to the gap you just 
jumped with abe, except this time fall down into the water. Go down the corridor 
and swim over to the right. Carefully zap all of the vykkers off of this platform 
untill it is clear. Drink lots of health-ups. Also, there is an intern on the 
other wall along the walkway. Zap em. Free the fuzzles, then go stand on the door 
switch on the walkway the intern was on. Abe should be waiting right there, and 
bring him through. With both of them, run back into the vykker platform, and 
quickly switch between the two to pull the switches fast enough. Now the water 
level raises and all the baddies in this level should be gone. Now, we have 2 
scrubs and 22 egg crates to take care of before the level is over. Once scrub, is 
in this room, up high. Use the bounce juice. One last scrub. Drink bounce, then 
run out the door left of the bounce vendor. Run to the end of the platform, jump 
up, throw the scrub down, and free him. Now, to get the egg crates out of here. 
Run back into the room with the invisible juice. Jump in the cannon, and follow 
the walkway, jumping back across the gap. Run across the walkway jumping 
carefully over, then jump to the middle island with the crates. Switch to munch. 
Drink some aqua bounce, and jump up to the door switch, and follow the same path 
munch did to the big room. With aqua bounce you should make it. Jump across and 
take over the remote control. Gently drop each of the 22 crates into the loading 
bay circle in the middle. Remember the 4 over to the far right platform. Once you 
have them all, pick up abe and drop him on the bullseye platform. Run over to the 
exit out with both guys and youre all set. Now hop over to the real exit out 
after the shaman speaks and youre done with this level. 

Level 24 - Labor Egg Storage

Drink the expresso provided at the start here with abe, and run out, untill you 
go passed the doorway and arrive at 2 vendos. Drink the expresso and invisible 
cans, then duck under the doorway here and jump up the ladder quickly. Keep going 
forward until you get to the bombs. Throw them down and kill the vykkers here. 
Remember, there is a health-up vendo right here also. Once all ten are gone, 
throw the 9 egg crates into the loading chute. Be careful not to miss. Bring the 
4 mudos on the bottom to the center of the room, then switch to munch. Bring him 
around to where abe is, and turn right. Stop at the health-up vendo. Head around 
the corner to the right, drink the zap, and have a seat. Make a U-turn and head 
down the ramp, and kill the 3 vykkers here. Go recharge health and zap, and go 
back towards where the vykkers were. In the next room, kill the 3 vykkers on the 
floor level, then quickly jump up towards a remote control for shelter. Tap into 
both remote controls, dropping these 4 vykkers into the trash where they belong. 
Switch to abe and run on down with the 4 mudos. There's 6 switches here, but only 
4 mudos...So walk into the main room with abe, and then pick him up via the 
remote control, and set him down on the high platforms the vykkers were on. Get 
the mudos on both platforms down and you should have 14 mudos and 12 fuzzles by 
the 6 switches(whew!). Pull the switches, and send down JUST munch. Drink zap, 
and kill these 2 vykkers. Connect to the remote control now, and load all 27 
crates into the loading chute. This sucks, takes a long time and you have to be 
careful. Once theyre all in, bring in abe, and set him on top of the switch. 
First, drink zap with munch, then pull the switch with abe, then back to munch 
and zap the vykker ambush sneaky guy to death. Set free your 26 friends here, 
then head on down to the last level! 


Level 25 - Vykker Suites (an abe only level, the last level)

You've come a long way. Here we are, on the last level. Walk down and talk to the 
shaman, and then walk around collecting the spooce along the pathway. Do NOT fall 
down. I would recommend regrowing the spooce here so you have a few dozen spooce 
if youre going for perfect quarma and dont want to risk losing mudos in fights. 
Walk around the left side of the room, and take over a vykker. Go over to the 
vending machine at the right to get double cleavers. Want MORE firepower? Go to 
the end of the path and get a snuzi gun. You should be able to kill all the 
vykkers here with this powerful gun. Double check they are all dead, and then go 
grab the 10 mudos and extra spooce. Gather them up and take your crew down to the 
switches, and open the door. Open the next set of switches but stand on the 
platform around the cage first, when the door open, send a few spooce in fast and 
try to kill them all so your mudos dont have to. If you can pull it off sneakily 
go get a snuzi and come back. Once the cage is clear, go inside and pull the red 
switch. Now, go outside the cage and up the ladder around the back of it. Pull 
the switch at the end, and then start throwing the 17 egg crates into the loading 
chute, starting with the ones closest to it, because if you run into another one 
when you're carrying one, they break. Once they are all loaded in, rally up your 
mudo crew and head through the middle of the cage and keep walking towards munch 
when you see him. Enjoy the movie sequence, and give yourself a big pat on the 
back. If you followed this guide pretty closely and saved alot you should have 
very good maybe even perfect quarma. If not, its explained here in the 
walkthrough how every creature in the game you need to save gets rescued. Also, 
you need to not have any creatures die to have perfect quarma, even if you 
resurrected them it still counts for them dying. Stay tuned here and I will try 
to add a bad quarma walkthrough so you can see that ending movie too. 



4.   Quarma
(Quarma determines the outcome of the ending movie in the game, there is a good, 
and a bad ending, depending on quarma.)At the behest of the Almighty Raisin, 
Mudoken Shamans are instructed to help Munch and Abe successfully complete their 
journey. This means our heroes are expected to rescue the innocent and exploited 
creatures of Oddworld and protect their friends. Rescuing these Oddworld friends 
brings Munch and Abe good quarma. The more rescues performed, the better the 
Quarma. Before he can lead Fuzzles to a rescue portal, Munch must first free the 
Fuzzles from the cages where the Vykkers keep them for experimentation. To set 
Fuzzles free from their cages, have Munch zap the cages with his headport by 
tapping the A button. Similarly, Abe needs to free Scrub Mudokons and save the 
precious mudokon eggs (his unborn brothers). Abe finds enslaved brethren working 
in Oddworld's industrial facilities, their head feathers shaved off, and their 
skin color pale-blue. To rescue Fuzzles and Mudokon Scrubs, have Munch or Abe 
lead them to the rescue portals. Then, tap the A button to activate the portal 
and the Fuzzles and Mudokon Scrubs will magically vanish before your eyes as they 
hop, step and jump through the portal. As for the Mudokon eggs, Munch must 
transport the egg crates to loading bay chutes with a crane, or Abe can carry 
them there. Be careful not to drop 'em!

Since Munch and Abe are a team they share one Quarma score and good Quarma means 
a better ending for Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee. To check on Munch and Abe's 
Quarma, pull the Right Trigger. You know you've been doing the right thing when 
you see a golden halo hovering over Munch's or Abe's head. On the other hand, 
when you've got bad, bad, bad Quarma, the halo is red and jagged. Another way to 
see your Quarma value is to choose Check Quarma from the Pause menu. Munch's 
facial expression on the slider, in addition to the number of Scrubs, Fuzzles, 
and Eggs indicated as rescued, Shows how your Quarma is doing. 

5.   Appendices
The Good:

Main Characters : 
Abe - Floor waxing revolutionary visionary
Munch - Amphibian revolutionary fuzzle freedom fighter
The Shaman - Your commanding guide for the overall objectives of the game
Raisin - The almighty all knowing all powerful dude!
Native Mudokons

The Bad:

The Snoozer
   Armored Bouncer
   Armored Popper
   Big Bro Slig
   Armored Big Bro Slig
   Shock Rocker
   Armored Worker
   Armored Shock Rocker
   Armored Shooter
   Shot Doc
   Armored Scientist
   Armored Sawbones
   Armored Shot Doc
   Big Cheese

6.   Version History
The latest version of this F.A.Q. can always be found at www.gamefaqs.com
FAQ Information: 
   Completion: around 95% complete 
   Started: Late November 2001 
   File Size: 58.4 KB 
   Emails: 6 total emails regarding my Munch's Oddysee F.A.Q. since December 12, 

Version 2.0 (Dec. 15th)
Added levels 16-23, Fixed some typo's, and the F.A.Q is now also hosted at:
- www.cheatcc.com
- www.xbox-cheat-codes.com
- www.thegamesnotover.com

Version 1.0 (Dec. 12th)
First version of the FAQ. Not that much completed yet, all sections started, but 
heavily under construction. Walkthrough about a little over halfway completed, 
WILL be updated soon. Next version expect a farther walkthrough, other sections 
to fill out, and maybe even a bad quarma walkthrough for those evil people out 
there that think they can stomach harming a fuzzle :( Also I will put up any info 
I receive from you guys, so email me if you have more content for me to put up 
and you WILL be credited and greatly appreciated. Direct emails to 
[email protected] and be sure to say it is for the F.A.Q. in the subject 
so I know it's not junkmail :) 

7.   Credits
A big Thank You go to the following people/places: 
-GameFAQ's for hosting this F.A.Q.
-OddWorld (www.oddworld.com), Infogrames, and Microsoft for putting out one of 
the best games ever made. 
-Pepsi for the massive amounts off caffeine that made this F.A.Q. possible.
-The Munch's Oddysee instruction manual for: the story, game mechanics, and some 
info on quarma.

8.   Disclaimer
And now for the crummy legal crap YAY!

This F.A.Q. is the sole property of Jeremy Guthrie, and shall not be modified in 
any way, shape or form unless consent by the author is attained. This FAQ shall 
not be used in a profitable purpose by anyone or anything. This includes 
magazines, websites, strategy guides, or any of the like. If you want permission 
for this F.A.Q. to be placed on your website, please contact me, at 
[email protected] If you do find a website that has any of the 
information here without my permission, or has modified it in any way, please 
notify me as soon as possible. Thank you all, and enjoy the F.A.Q. 

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