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1. Raditz
There are two ways to beat him.
1. Stand far enough away from him so that he doesn't charge at you and then shoot 
him like crazy with your KI blast
2. Use Solar Flare and then go up and either punch/kick him or use that time to 
charge up your KI blast and then shoot close quarters.

2. Nappa
There are three ways to beat Nappa. The first two are the same as Raditz, but the 
third one is use Solar Flare, get close, then use Kamehameha.

3. Vegeta
There are only one way to beat Vegeta. This time you can't just stand around so he 
stays still and waits for you to hit him, if you are in the same screen with him, 
he will charge at you no matter where you are. The only two ways to beat him is as 
1. Solar Flare him, then use Kamehameha (close quarters), Ki Blast, or punch/kick.

4. Recoome
You can defeat this guy using the smae technique as you used on Vegeta, just don't 
get caught in a corner, that is bad news. >:-(

5. Burter
What you want to do with him, is chase him, then get him on a hill so he can't 
escape, then keep using S. Flare and punch/kick, Kamehameha, Ki blast, whatever. 
Just remember to use Solar Flare.

6. Jeice
All you have to do with Jeice is do the same you did with Burter.

7. Captian Ginyu
Same              ^

8. Frieza
For the first part, you will want to stay away from him. Then, you will turn Super 
Saiyan after awhile. Then you will want to use Solar Flare and get close, also, 
your Solar Flare will last longer even if you don't charge it but I would still 
charge it.


WHAT                      WHERE             

Roshi's magazines       Roshi's house
Herb                    Everywhere
Senzu beans             Everywhere (rare to get though)
Rocks                   Forest
Capsules                City
Spirits                 Other world 
Yemma's fruit           Other world
Flight charges          Everywhere
Flowers                 Village
Namekian trees          Namek
Namekian Artifacts      Namek
Sailboat                Village


WHAT           WHERE(where do you get it)

Melee Attack   Start out with it
KI Blast       Start out with it
Solar Flare    Old man's house in village
Kamehameha     King Kai's planet

If there is any information that I am missing please tell me thank you!


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