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|Game: Oni|
|Platform:PS2 |
|Author: Mike277|
|E-mail: [email protected]|

     This is my very first FAQ, and this is a very hard game so please don't 
e-mail me and say I suck. If you have any questions that are not anwsered on 
this FAQ  e-mail me at [email protected]  . Thanks!  Also, please note 
that This faq is based on the "middiem" diffacutly settings.

1.Legal Stuff

|1. Legal Stuff|

      This is MY FAQ. You can not take this faq and cut, past, it onto 
another website(or alter it in any way.) This FAQ will only appear on 
Gamefaqs and cheatcodes.com. NO WERE ELSE!!!! Period. Do not print this FAQ 
and then, sell it. This FAQ is here for everyone to see. If you see this FAQ 
on any website besides Gamefaqs, and Cheatcodes, please E-mail me at 
[email protected] Thank, you for following the above rules.
This document ©opyright 2001 Mike277

|2. Updates|

Version:0.1=    Just, started FAQ I have added Legal Stuff, Updates, 
Controls, Weapons etc....

3. Controls:

L2: Flip (while in air), Crouch
L1: Jump (Hold, to jump higher)
R2: Kick
R1: Punch/Shoot
R3: Aim/look
Square: Reload
Triangle: Drop weapon
Circle: Use Hypo
X: Action (Open doors, talk to people, Activate Console)

4. Weapons (more to come!)

Campbell Equalizer mK4
-Ammo Type: Ballistic
--Magazine Capacity: 10

Using, the Campbell Equalizer mK4:

    This, is the very first weapon you start out with, It's not weak either. 
When, using it be careful of the recoil. Use the R3 (the right analog) to 
Aim after you firer. This is a very good gun to use, It is usefull at close, 
medium, and far range.

Hughes Black Adder SMG
-Ammo type: Ballistic
--Magazine Capacity: 30

Using, the Hughes Black Adder SMG:

    This, Machine gun is extremmly usefull at close range, It is way better 
than the Campbell hand gun. How ever, there might be a tad problem at 
middium range. And, to make things even worse, at far range this gun is 
USELESS. Plus, the ammo goes by way to fast. This is why I prefer the 
Campbell hand gun over the Hughes machine gun.

SML3 Plasma Rifle
-Ammo type: Energy Cell
--Magazine Capacity: 10

Using, the SML3 Plasma Rifle:

    The, SML3PR is a powerfull Riflel. It is very affecive at Close-medium 
range. However, At Far range this weapon is nearly useless.....

5. Moves (Coming soon!)

6. Characters (Coming Soon!)

7. Walkthrough

         Chapter 0.1 Trial Run
                              Syndicate Warehouse

      When, You first start off go to the stair way, and then continue down 
untill, you reach the end of it. Then, turn to your left and shoot the guy 
from afar. Once, he's dead go to the console he was walking to and press X. 
Then, turn around and you should see another console. Walk up to it and 
Press X. This will Unlock the door next to the stair way. Go, through the 
door and Shinatama will send you info about your compass. Then, You will get 
a new objective: "You must, make contact with TCTF operative Chung who has, 
been investigating this warehouse for Syndicate activity."

     You should, see two doors. Look Straight and you will see a door, but 
it's locked, so ignore it. Turn to the right a little bit and you should see 
another door that leads to a stair way. Go through that door. Go, half way 
up the stair way. There should, be a door there. Go past the door and keep, 
on goint striaght and you will end up in a room. Look, around and You should 
see a console, walk up to it and press X. This, will unlock The door that 
you couldn't get into before. But, before you go there, Another guard will 
attack you. Once you defeat him, go Straight and go past the door then, you 
will bump into another guard with a machine gun....Take him out FAST! Once 
he's dead, don't pick up his gun, because yours is better.

      Now, there should be a door, that leads to a stair way. Go down the 
stairs. When you come out go to the right and go past the door that leads to 
a room, Eliminate the guard there and pick up the hypo spray that he leaves 
behind. Walk up to the console and press X. This unlocks yet, another door. 
Leave, the room, and go down the stairs you came up from. Then, turn right 
and go past the locked door that you just unlocked. Then, continue going 
striaght, and you will find Chung.....dead. Then, Konoko Will Contact 
Griffen. After, that another guard will bust in. Take him out. Then continue 
going straight past the door that the guard came out of...and then, The game 
Saves your progress...

8. credit

Me(Mike277)-for making this FAQ.
CJayC-for posting my FAQ. (at Gamefaqs)
Cheatcodes.com-for posting my Faq.

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