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Persona 2
Eternal Punishment
[email protected]

Table Of Contents :
A. Disclaimer
B. Revision History
C. How To Play
D. Walkthrough
E. Contact
F. Character List
G. Persona List
H. Monster List
I. Miscellanous
J. Credits

NOTE : This faq is more than complete. Anyone who wishes to help me 
       are welcomed, and I will give them credits. Please don't send me
       any junk, because I will try to test it first before put it   
       here. Any 'bad-purposed' e-mail will be deleted without being 
       read first. 

A. D I S C L A I M E R

This faq is copyrighted to q_cept and created for personal uses 
only. Any rip off from this work is totally illegal and unforgivable. 
This include the magazine, game guide, etc that for commercial 

If you want to put this faq to your own homepage, please let me know. I 
will surely grant you a permission as long as it is not a commercial 
homepage. Surely, you don't want anyone rip off your hard work for 
their special profit, right ?

You may find this faq along at this site : 

If you find this faq not in this site, or in the any magazine or 
commercial-purpose-things, please let me know.

B. Revision History

Version 0.01
-> First FAQ written, not too much to say though.
Version 0.02
-> Expand the walkthrough, monster list and also character list.
-> Added Rumor in the Miscellanous.

C. How To Play

Ok, let's learn the basic of the game first. Like people says, once you 
know the basic, the rest will be easy.

I. Controller :

-> In city/dungeon/town :
   D-pad button       : control movement of your character.
   X button           : decide/talk/checking stuff'
   O button           : run/cancel.
   Square button      : access option menu.
   Triangle button    : access map menu.
   L1,R1 button       : rotate the camera angle.
   L2,R2 button       : rotate the camera angle.
   Start button	    : -
   Select button      : ?

-> Battle :
   D-pad button       : choose the monster, choose the option.
   X button           : decide 
   O button           : cancel
   Square button      : -
   Triangle button    : -
   L1,R1 button       : -
   L2,R2 button       : -
   Start button       : -
   Select button      : -

-> Option menu :
   D-pad button       : choose the sub-option menu.
   X button           : decide/use item/choose persona.
   O button           : cancel
   Square button      : (in the data menu) : access equipment menu.
   Triangle button    : (in the item menu) : change key/normal item.
                        (in the data menu) : access persona menu.
                        (in the analysis menu) : access status, etc. 
   L1,R1 button       : change between character/persona/monsters.
   Start button       : -
   Select button      : -

II. Option menu :

Spell     : access your magic that your persona already have. Use L1/R1
            Button to change between persona.
Item      : access your item. You can use or either see the effects of 
            item. With the triangle button you can change your option
            between key item or normal item menu. (Note : See item list
            for details of items).

Data      : access your character status. You can see their exp, the
            rank of Persona, etc. You can also change the equipment
            after pressing the square button, or change the persona
            after pressing the triangle button.
Card      : you can access your card you already have and view it. It
            contains your tarot, persona, material, spell, and incense. 
Analysis  : nothing you can do here, except viewing the monster status
            or you persona status. But, viewing the monster status will
            give you an idea how to defeat it and more (You'll see).
Configure : this is the option where you can change the color and all 
            other setting in game. You know, like the other 
            Configuration menu.
Load      : Load your previous data.
Save      : Save your game, you can do it anywhere as long as you can 
            access your menu.

III. Battle Menu :

Battle    : fighting against monsters and the last man stands win.
Strategy  : configure your strategy in the battle. 
            Person : configure your strategy/character. Either attack,
                     using Persona, defend, use item.
            Fussion Spells : configure your fussion spells. You can 
                             Make it auto, wait, or N/A. 
                             Auto : automatic cast when requirement met
                             Wait : ask you first when requirement met
                             N/A  : don't cast although requirement met
Contact   : make your contact with the monsters. 
Analyze   : see the monster status.   
Flee      : flee from battle. Seems like 75% chance of success.

D. Walkthrough

Well, here comes the longest part of all section. Let's get to the
point. This is all far from complete. So please don't give me any 
critical e-mail first.

NOTE : I will not tell you when you need to do level up or not. Just do 
it with your own suggestion.

Starts with FMV, then you can see a young man standing in the temple.
Enjoy the talk and than the scene change to a mysterious conference 
Room, where some people talking about neat stuff of summoning 
(suspicious huh?).
The scene changed to the office and soon we will meet our main 
character, Maya. Let's go on and enjoy the conversation right now. 
Nothing is important, I guess. But I will soon add it if something is 
important. After you, regain control of your character, go outside the 
Mizuno's Office. And you'll encounter Yuki. After you back regain 
control of your character. Go talk again to Yuki near the elevator. She 
will mad that Maya can't get her time off. Talk to Fujii, person next 
to Yuki. And after that, make sure you talk to everyone in the office. 
After talking with all of them, go to elevator, and Yuki will inform 
you that your friend, Ulala Serizawa, is waiting in the receptionist.
Get to elevator and you will come to Receptionist. Enjoy talking and 
you will be assisted by Ulala in your research. After you regain 
control, go to the exit door, NOT the elevator. And you will now be 
taken to the first dungeon.

7 Sister HS
Well, once you enter. You automatically be taken to Faculty Room. See 
the conversation, as you'll learn more about the incident. After you 
regain control, be sure to talk to every teacher. After that exit the 
Here is a map of 7 Sister HS from the Floor 1 to the Floor 4.

History : S : stairs, L : locked.

Floor 1
Janitor Room                                           Bike Rack
 __________                                            ??????
!          !                                          !          !
!          !                                          !          !
!          !                                          !          !
!          !                                          !          !
!          !                                          !          !
!          !                                          !          !
!          !                                          !          !
!           ?????????????????????????           !
!                                                                !
!                                                                !
!                                                                !
!                                                                !
   S       1A(L)     1B(L)  Exit         1C(L)     1D(L)    S

Floor 2
 Faculty Room                                            
 __________                                            ??????
!          !                                          !          !
!          !                                          !          !
!          !                                          !          !
!          !                                          !          !
!          !                                          !          !
!          !                                          !          !
!          !                                          !          !
!           ?????????????????????????           !
!                                                                !
!                                                                !
!                                                                !
!                                                                !

   S      2A       2B(L)                2C(L)      2D(L)     S

Floor 3 
 Principal Office
 __________                                            ??????
!          !                                          !          !
!          !                                          !          !
!          !                                          !          !
!          !                                          !          !
!          !                                          !          !
!          !                                          !          !
!          !           S                              !          !
!           ?????????????????????????           !
!                                                                !
!                                                                !
!                                                                !
!                                                                !
   S      3A(L)    3B                    3C(L)       3D(L)     S

Floor 4
!           !
 Clock Towe!r          !
           !           !
           !           !
    ????                          !
!                                             !
!                      !
!                                             !

    After exiting the room, you are know in the hallway at the Floor 2.  
Make sure to grab 'Awaken' near the stairs, and now down to Floor 1.  
You can talk to students if you want to. In the Floor 1, go to  
Courtyard and you'll see an event happened. After regain control, you  
can either talk to people (there's another Maya here) or directly go to  
Principal Office in the Floor 3. In floor 3, there's money (1200).
    Once you enter, you'll realize the principal has been murdered  
sadistically. Katsuya will enter and soon you will encounter with Joker 
(the rumor is true!!!, if you listen to the story). And then, your own 
Persona will be draw out, and soon you'll come to magic land meet with 
Philemon who asked your help. You'll be back to your world, and then 
Katsuya will call the office for back-up and Ms. Saeko will show up. 
After you regain control of Maya, be ready for fun !!! Explore the 
school which now infested with demon. 
    Your first encounter will be Slimer, which will teach you about 
Contact (See Contact section for detail). After that, you will 
encounter random battle with demon in the school. 
    Your objectives now is to go to Faculty Room and find the teacher 
who held the Clock Tower Key. Answer yes to help him and he will hand 
over the Clock Tower Key to you.
    Now, go all the way to the Floor 4. Once you near the ladder up to 
Floor 4, the strange feeling will come up, which means Joker is near. 
Enter the Clock Tower using your Clock Tower Key, and you will see the 
scene. (Notice that Katsuya called Joker with #501). Now, be ready for 
the boss battle.

Boss Battle.
Enemy    : Empusas, 2 Apep
Reward   : 100 Exp, (5000) 
Strategy : It's easy, just keep attacking and using your fussion spells
           everytime possible. Healing when necessary and you'll win 
           eventually. (Note : If you're level higher than Lv.5, you'll
           find it easy, but if you're lower, than be prepared for
           though battle.)

After the battle, your characters will be asleep because the spell from 
the Joker. Now, here comes the rescue, the deja-vu boy, and will tell 
Maya go spread rumor in the MS Amano. And then he leave. The scene will 
change to the hall in front of Principal Office, when Kazuya talk to 
the other police officer. Now, you'll see that Kazuya are off the team, 
but it doesn't make him let the Joker loose. He decided to go with you.
Now, just walk to the stairs or to the black scene behind Ms. Saeko to 
reach the city map. 

Area : Rengedai
You'll now walk in the city map. The green dot represents you, while 
the blue dot represents other people. Now, let's explore this area 
first. You'll find the temple in the north and shopping mall (Lotus 
Plaza) in the southeastern part. Nothing too much to do though. But 
you'll find a rumormonger in the Sushi Gatten at Lotus Plaza. Exit this 
map, by walking until the end of street and choose Amano area.

Area : Aoba
Let's check the city. Right in the north is shopping mall (Aoba Dr.). 
In the center is Kismet Pub (the office where Maya work). At the west 
is Aoba Park.

Go straight to Aoba Dr. and enter Kuzuncha, you'll know get into 
conversation. After regain control of Maya, talk to Chief Todoraki, and 
choose spread rumor, then choose 'power that emblem holds', then 'It 
repels Joker'. After finished, enjoy the conversation again, then get 
ready to go to 2x Slash to meet Baofu. 2X Slash is located at Aoba Dr.,
the option next to Kuzuncha.

Enjoy the conversation, and at the pub, enjoy the FMV too. Now, after 
that, any pub will sell weapon! Upgrade your equipment now. You'll also 
get the new character, Baofu. :). Once you back to city map, Baofu will 
mention about Velvet Room. Go there, it is the last option in the Aoba 
Dr. Inside, you'll find the follower of Philemon : Igor, Belladonna, 
Nameless, and finally Demon Artist. Here, if you want to draw a card 
and have a Free Tarot Card, talk to Demon Artist. If you want to 
talk to Igor.

You can talk to rumormonger in the Sushi Gatten at Rengedai to find 
the new rumor. Back to Kuzuncha and spread it. Now, Time Castle 
(shop in the Lotus Plaza) will sell spell Cards. Good isn't it?

After you done re-equip yourself, go to Mt. Mifune, by exiting Aoba, 
and then choose Mt. Mifune. Be sure to bring some new Persona, and see
them in action.

Mt. Mifune

I bring Surya, Harpie, Pixie, Robin Goodfellow, and also Poltergeist 
here. Don't know if it's the best choice.

Talk to Shady Security Guard only to find out you can't keep going. So 
it means you need to take a turn around. There's a small pathway under 
the guard, take it and you will enter the 2nd dungeon.

                                                     Rear Entrance
                                                  !                  !
                                                  !                  !
                                                  !                  !   
                                                  !                  !
                                                  !                  !
                                                  !                  !
                                                  !                  !
                                                  !                  !
                                                  !                  !   
                                                  !                  !
                                                  !                  !
                                                  !                  !
                                     !                  !
                                     !                  !
                                     !  Aqua Spell Card !  
                                     !  2 Lovely Bags   !
                   __________________!  3 Snuff Souls   !
                  !                  !                  !
                  !                  !__________________!
                  !                  !
                  !                  !
                  !                  !
                  !  3 Antidote      !
       !                 !
       !                 !
       !                 !
       !                 !
       !                 !
       !                 !

Here is just easy actually. You just need to rely on your map (triangle
button), so you can just pass it. But, you also want to gain some level 
first right. Here is the good thing, you can turn in town and recover 
anytime you want, of course, you need to drive all your way back to the 
main entrance of the dungeon. I will include just simple map, the real 
one is too big and I don't think I can draw it accurately (you'll see 

The clue here is just to go to ascending slope. IF you go to descending 
slope, you'll be back to the entrance. There is only one condition to 
to descending slope, if you want to get an item (). (not considering if 
you want to get to town and heal).

Once you can reach, the rear entrance entrance of Sanitarium, you have 
just passed the Mt. Mifune. 

Once you go in, you'll find two body killed by demon. Then Kazuya and 
Baofu will have some argument, and Maya will be given the option (I 
choose the second). And after you back to regain control, go in, and 
you'll be in the long corridor inside. The first room is Velvet Room, 
the second is Healing Shrine, with Trish inside. Go all the way to the 


E. Contact
Here comes the trickiest part from Persona. Contact the monster. While 
your exploration in the Persona world, you will encounter many demon, 
and interestingly, you can make contact with them, and if you lucky, 
you'll get either Contract or Tarot Card. 
You'll learn the basic of Contact from the first Slime you encountered 
in the 7 Sister HS. He will tell you how to contact the demon and also 
the aura which show up their emotion. And lastly, about the demon 
personality, which is determined which kind of contact needed to get 
the best result.

Here is the list of aura of the demon :
RED   0-----------? anger, once reached 3 times, the demon will either
                     attack you or leave you or break the contract if 
                     you have one.
GREEN 0-----------? joy, once reached 3 times, the demon will make a 
                     contract with you if you don't have one, or give 
                     you an option of item, money or info from him if 
                     you already have a contract.
YELLOW + '!' 0----? interest, once reached 3 times, the demon will give 
                     you a Tarot card and also a bonus if you have 
BLUE 0------------? fear, once reached 3 times, the demon will run away 
                     from you. 
Note : it is possible to have aura in the monster more than one from 
       above. For example, green with '!' mark means joy and interest. 
       BEWARE : You may get nothing when this happened.

About personality, you may find that demons have 8 basic personality
and their personality can be a mix between those 8. The personalities 
are : wise                 aggressive
      foolish              timid
      cheerfull            tempered
      gloomy               arrogant
Every personality has their own way to get a best result when you 
contact, sometimes, you need a particular character in your party 
before you can contact with the demon. 

If you manage to get contract with monsters, you will soon realize that 
the monster will have some circle under their feet. If you later 
encounter the monster again, and if you make them joy again, you'll be 
given item or money or info based on your choice. Also if, you make 
them interest, you can get double of tarot cards and an addition, Free 
Tarot Cards. The maximum number your contracts is 3. So, if you want to
make another contract, you must first have to break the old one first.

Well, you can see the best way to contact a demon from my demon list 

F. Character List
Here I will list every character/item/anything that the games give 
the description of it.

Maya Amano
  Editor of Kismet Publishing's teen Magazine, Coolest. The game's main

Editor-in-Chief Mizuno
  Coolest's Editor-in-Chief who hates Maya. An experienced woman who
  goes by the book. 30-something and still not married.

Yuki Mayuzumi
  Maya's ex-partner & apprentice. She's not really an employee at 
  Kismet, but an assistant photographer hired by Fujii.

Shunsuke Fujii
  A free-lance photographer. He's also Yuki's highly respected boss.
  He calls Yuji "Yukki" & Maya "Mackey".

Ulala Serizawa
  Maya's friend who sells lingerie. A ceramic girl infatuated with
  fortunes. Her bad luck with men has given her a complex.

Katusya Suou
  Young Detective of the Kunoun PD. His current rank is Sergeant. He
  has a little brother named Tatsuya.

Saeko Smith
  Teacher of class 3-B. She is very liberal-minded & she was hired for
  her policy of freedom.

Akinara Kashihara
  World History teacher for seniors. Though strange, he is a kind 

Principal Hardings
  The new principal from St. Hermelin High. There, he was hated & known
  as "Hardy". Here, he is also hated.

Anna Yoshizaka
  Student of 3-B. She doesn't look it now, but before the accident, she
  was a star track athlete.

Norika Katayama
  She looks up to Anna & is also a track &field athlete.

Maya Okamura
  World history teacher of class 2-C who also has the first name, 
  "Maya". I sense that I've met her somewhere_?

Narurato Stone
  A rock duck up during construction. It's made of thermanite, but it 
  gives off a magnetic energy. Legend ha it evil demons known as 
  "Narurato Hotefu" were sealed in this stone by "Hiremon Shounin".

The Statue Praising the Almighty Hardings
  Look at me! Follow me! Don't rely on me! _A contradictory statement
  is written. It's annoying just to look at.

  The rumored "mistery man" who kills by request when someone calls 
  themself on their cellular phone.

  Ruler over the ego, revealer of truth, and creator of all unconscious
  actions. It seems he has weakened for some reason_.

Deja Vu Boy
  A young man acting older. He ran into me. For some strange reason, I 
  feel I know him for long ago...

Captain Shimazu
  He is in charge of the bizarre serial murder case division. An elite
  crime investigate administrator.

Kenta Yokouchi
  A graduate of St. Hermelin_ A successful salesman who knows a lot 
  about rumors. His persona seems to have helped his career.

  While going to college, she works as a Devil Summoner.

Chier Todoroki
  He used to be a flunky, but he all of a sudden got smart. Now, he 
  works as a Devil Summoner.

  He is a Tap Buster, and has a webpage that collects all the city's
  rumors. He says he's from Taiwan.

  A stingy fairy who is obsessed with money. She's been banned from the
  Fairy world and can't return until she does good, but ...

More to come...

G. Persona List
Here is just a list of the Persona in the Velvet Room, I don't right 
the status and ability right now, perhaps in the future :

Tarot Card      Persona's Lv       Persona Name          Card needed
Magician            Lv. 16         Tengu                      64
Priestess           Lv. 27         Tensen Nyan                81
Empress             Lv. 15         Arian Hod                  45
Emperor             Lv. 28         Marduk                     84
                    Lv.  9         Airgetham                  27
Hierophant          Lv. 14         Genjo                      42
Lovers              Lv. 18         Jack Frost                 72
                    Lv. 11         Robin Goodfellow           44
                    Lv.  2         Pixie                       8
Chariot             Lv. 15         Minotaur                   60
Strength            Lv. 21         Otohime                    84
                    Lv. 12         Ryume                      48
Hermit              Lv. 14         Nehomata                   56
Fortune             Lv. 51         Cerberus                  204 
Justice             Lv. 25         Mars                       75
Hangedman           Lv. 17         Shax                       68
Death               Lv. 22         Hell                       88
Tempeance           Lv. 19         Feral                      76
                    Lv.  5         Harpie                     20
Devil               Lv. 39         Surt                      156
                    Lv.  2         Poltergeist                 8
Tower               Lv. 24         Kanaloa                    96
Star                Lv. 23         Grandhurva                 92
                    Lv. 12         Kimnara                    48
Moon                Lv. 20         Pariker                    80
Sun                 Lv. 21         Krick Kakmo                63
                    Lv. 13         Surya                      39
Judgement           Lv. 17         Phaly                      68
World               Lv. 31         Demeter                   124

More About Persona

Right now, I'm experiment with the persona that can be summoned in the 
Velvet Room. The first thing comes in mind is that looks like every 
Persona has different compatibility among the characters. I realize it 
when I see the SP needed to summon Person differ each person, and also 
some persona can not be used by spesific character. I hope anybody can 
help me with this.


H. Monster List
This is the list of the monster with the way to contact them.

Monster's Name       Lv.     HP.      How to Contact
Slime                 1       8       Joy      : Maya + Katsuya
                                      Interest : Ulala
Ghost                 1       9       Joy      : Maya + Katsuya
                                      Interest : Ulala
Poltergeist           2      12       Joy      : Katsuya + Maya
                                      Interest : Ulala
Pixie                 2      13       Joy      : Katsuya + Ulala
                                      Interest : Katsuya + Maya
                                                 + Ulala
Guzfan                3      20       Joy      : Katsuya + Ulala,
                                      Interest : Katsuya + Maya 
                                                 + Ulala
Nightmare             3      24       Joy      : ?
                                      Interest : Katsuya + Maya
Ratatosk              4      24       Joy      : Katsuya + Maya
                                      Interest : Ulala
Zombie Schoolgirl     5      28       Joy      : ?
                                      Interest : ?
Harpie                5               Joy      : Katsuya + Maya + 
                                      Interest : Baofu
Blob                  5               Joy      : Maya + Katsuya 
                                      Interest : Maya
Puck                  6               Joy      : ?
                                      Interest : Katsuya
Phantom               6               Joy      : Katsuya + Maya
                                      Interest : Katsuya, Ulala
Zombie Kamikaze       7      56       Joy      : ?
                                      Interest : ?
Empusas               7               Joy      : Katsuya + Maya + 
                                      Interest : Katsuya


I. Miscellanous
In this section, I will try to put some neat stuff that might come to 
handy during the game. 

January  : Yellow Dragon              July      : Dragon of Light
February : Blue Dragon                August    : Red Dragon
March    : White Dragon               September : Black Dragon
April    : Scarlet Dragon             October   : Silver Dragon
May      : Gold Dragon                November  : Moon Dragon
June     : Navy Blue Dragon           December  : Purple Dragon

Yellow Dragon protects balance, Blue Dragon prefers reform, White
Dragon rules emotion, Scarlet Dragon leads battle, Gold Dragon protects 
the world, Navy Blue Dragon gives rises to liberation, Dragon of Light
values moral, Red Dragon rules passion, Black Dragon grants wisdom,
Silver Dragon protects moderation, Moon Dragon creates mysticism,
Purple Dragon honors justice. 

There's also Joka, The Death Dragon, but I have no clue right now about
him, except he usually show up in the Wang Lon Fortune.  

Blue Dragon doesn't match the Yellow Dragon and Dragon of Light.

I will try to list as many rumor I've got
NOTE : To find a rumor, talk to a rumormonger and choose hear a rumor.
       You may find a rumor, then bring it to Kuzuncha, spread it. The
       rumor will become true. :) 

Power that emblem holds :
It repels Joker. 

New services available at Time Castle :
Duplicates Spell Cards

Time Castle sells Mysterious Item :
Sells Spell Cards.

Parabellum's Shady Business :
Sells real weapon.

J. Credits
Atlus, for creating and translating this game. 
[email protected], for helping me with the secret Persona.
[email protected] , for helping me along the FAQ.

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