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Q. Is PSO free online?
A. Yes, you only pay the monthly fee to access your ISP. You're only in 
   Trouble if you have only X amount of hours to use for the month. I 
   wouldn't want to see my Net bill if I was on that plan (50+hrs on PSO 

Q. What does my Section ID do?
A. Well besides putting a dot on your character, it affects which 
   Tekkers you have as well as mag evolution.
   (Thanks to Chaoshunter for the correction)

Q. I'm in the lobby online, and someone knew what Level I am. How?
A. When you first play online, all you see is name. Hitting R will let 
   you see what language they are playing in and level of the character.
   E- English J-Japanese and so on (there's 5 total)

Q. When I try to get online, it tells me Serial number is in use 
   already. How can that be?
A. Someone has somehow used your code to get online before you, or your 
   code is bad. Call Sega, but they may ask for proof of a legit 
   version. 1-800-USA-SEGA

Q. Can I play my save game on another DC?
A. Nope. The game save is specific to the DC it was created on.

Q. Can I play PSO on another DC? 
A. Not online, because the Serial Number/Reg Key will have already been  
   registered to the first DC.

Q. What about my import save on a US PSO?
A. Sorry, welcome to level 1 my friend.

Q. When I get killed, what do I drop?
A. Only your equipped weapon and any money on your person. Please
   put your money in the bank :)  

Q. What's the Black Screen of Death? (BSOD)
A. Never speak that name again.:P Seriously though, it's when the game 
   just goes to a black screen and does nothing. Turning off your DC or 
   pulling out the VMU can cause you to corrupt the save file. Bye bye 
   character. If online, disconnect the phone line from the DC, and it   
   may notice that it is disconnected and save the game.
   Another way as Richard Wyatt reminded me was the soft reset (press 
   Start and all controller face buttons together). I've never BSOD, so
   don't ask me :P

Q. Player Killing – is it in the game?
A. It is not a part of the game that was programmed. Multiple ways have 
   been found to do so, but I will not tell. This ruins the game IMO.

Q. Is there a way not to slow down when near mines or enemies?
A. Looking to run, and fast? Easy. Set your R menu of action buttons to 
   all non attack items. Holding R, you won't target an enemy and can 
   run full speed. 

Q. Is Hard mode really that hard?
A. At first yes, I've been with people on their first trips into hard, 
   and they've died at the hands of Rag Rappys. They can do around 60pts 
   of dmg if you go in there at lvl 20. Heck I died from one. Wait til
   you see V-Hard. 

Q. The almighty DB saber question (both Double and Delsaber)
A. The Double Saber will show up in Ruins on Hard and V-Hard 
   ([email protected] gets credit for being the first to notify me.)

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