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                          PHANTASY STAR ONLINE VERSION 2

                          Platform: Dreamcast
                          Release: June 7, 2001 (Japan)
                                   August 16, 2001 (North America)
                          Price: 4800 ¥, $40 USD

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 ## ##### #### ## ### ## ## # ### ### ### ####### ### ########## ### ### ### ## ## ####
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Table of Contents:

*Hint: Press Ctrl+F*

i.  Forward
ii.  Version History
iii.  What's To Come

1.  Introduction
2.  Why upgrade?
3.  Creating a character
  a. Using your old chracter
  b. Making a new one
    i. Character types
    ii. Changing costumes
  c. Secret costumes
4.  Playing
  a. Controls
  b. Main Menu
    i. Item Pack
      a) Equip
      b) Items
      c) MAG
      d) Area Map
      e) Quest Board
    ii. Customize
    iii. Techniques
    iv. Chat
       a) Shorcut
       b) Symbol Chat
       c) Guild Cards
       d) Simple Mail
       e) Log Window
    v. Quit Game
  c. Areas
5.  Online
  a.  Getting online
    i.  Setting up an ISP
    ii.  Using a free ISP
    iii.  Using the BBA
    iv.  Getting online with the import
  b.  Starting out
    i.  Joining a ship/block
    ii.  In the lobby
    iii.  Joining/Creating teams
  c.  Playing
    i.  Different areas
    ii.  Difficulties
    iii.  Quests
    iv.  Beats
    v.  Courtesy
  d.  Chatting
    i.  Word Select
    ii.  Shortcuts
    iii.  Symbol Chat
    iv.  Guild Cards
    v.  Simple Mail
    vi.  Courtesy
  e.  Battle Mode
  f.  Challenge Mode
6.  Offline
  a. Completing areas
  b. Quests
7.  Rare Items
8.  Misc. Stuff
  a.  Cheating
  b.  Glitches
  c.  Booting
  d.  Other Tips
9.  Final Words

i.  Forward:

Playing this game is like sneaking into a maximum security building—once I got past one
barrier I would run into another.  First it was delayed in Japan (twice) then I had problems
with FedEx getting it shipped...and don't remind me about getting online.

But I must say that it was well worth the trouble!  Bare with me while I try to complete this
guide, it's in much better condition than before but I still have several things I want to
add.  I got several new games that I'm playing (and writing for) so this may take some time.
If you have any specific question NOT ANSWERED IN THIS FAQ then feel free to email me.  I
added the most important info for importers about getting online.  Thank you.

ii.  Version History:

v1.1 - I added missing sections, and changed some things to reflect this particular version
of the guide like the forward.

v1.0 - I gave it a general makeover to feel more complete.  I added a lot to the rares
section (which is new) but there is still a lot to add to that as well.  The site I got the
info from is in Japanese so it may be longer before I have a better description of them.

v0.9 - I did some finishing touches, but still have quite a bit to work on.

v0.8 - I added info on how to get online with the import, and a few other questions and stuff
related to the import version.

v0.6 - Section 6 is complete and now I will think of anything else I need to add.  I'm pretty
much done with everything I can write at this time. (I don't have Ver 2 yet, I started this
FAQ based on Ver 1 knowledge.  I still have a couple days before I'll be getting Ver 2!)

v0.4 - I got permission to use information on rare items and section IDs.  I will add that
which should be helpful.

v0.3 - The majority of section 5 is complete except for Battle and Challenge mode
information. I'll move on for now.

v0.1 - Section 4 is complete!  I know that I will have to add a lot more, but for now I will
more on.  I found an old "Playing Online FAQ" for PSO that I wrote, I'm going to use that to
help me complete section 5.

v0.09 - I've progressed quite a lot on this, and am through 4a. and 4b.  I'm close to
completing section 4 (of course I'll have to add more later).  I'm shaping the Table of
Contents to its complete form as well; I have a better idea of what the final FAQ will look

v0.04 - I'm slowly making my way down the list in creating the different section, despite and
incomplete Table of Contents.  I need to think of anything else I can add which I'll do later
on.  Most of the Character Creation section is finished and now I'm moving on.

v0.03 - I modified the Table of Contents a bit, but it's still not done.  I also finished the
Introduction and Why Upgrade sections.

v0.01 - I started it and added the Table of Contents (part of it).

iii.  What's To Come:

The Challenge Mode section will be up soon, and then of course I have to fix about everything
else on this FAQ...Rare items by Section ID will change too.  Expect the Rare Items part to


1.  Introduction


The "Pioneer Project"
-- A plan born of desperation,
conceived in response to
the imminent destruction of their home world.

As plans for evacuation began,
unmanned probes were sent into deep space
to find a habitable location.
When a potential site was discovered,
the first interstellar transport ship, Pioneer 1,
was sent to establish a colony.

Pioneer 1 confirmed that the planet Ragol
was a suitable location,
and the initial colonists started preparing
the planet for the main wave of refugees,
beginning with the constructin of the Central Dome.

7 years later...

Pioneer 2 completed it's long voyage
with the main wave of refugees aboard.

But as Pioneer 2 entered orbit and opened
a communications link with the Central Dome,
an enormous explosion shook the planet.

All contact with the thousands of
men and women of Pioneer 1 was lost...


When you first start a new game, you're greeted with that.  With that initial goal in mind,
the game loosely plays around searching for the members of Pioneer 1.  Of course, the game
isn't focused on it's storyline and the real purpose is to play online and have fun.

Version 2 has more features than the first game, and is sure to give you a few hundred more
hours!  This guide was based on the import version and may not follow exactly with the US

2.  Why upgrade?

If you liked the original PSO, you'll love this even more.  It has everything from the first
one, so you can sell it off to help pay for the second version.  But why upgrade to ver. 2?
I'll list all the new features and let the question answer itself:

- New weapons and items
- New enemies
- Battle mode
- 2 new areas for battle mode
- Challenge mode
- You can change costumes
- Lobby soccer
- You can play with ver.1 people
- It has everything from ver.1
- There's still more...

Despite what I keep reading at several site, there is no Capture-the-Flag mode in it.  But
I'm sure there's enough to float your boat, so if you're interested, read on...

3.  Creating a character

When you first start a new game, you will go to the character creation screen after watching
the opening sequence.  Choosing the right character is important, so make the right choice.
And make a unique costume, this is what makes you look unique in the online world...

a.  Using your old character

You can use your character from ver.1 on ver.2, however the saves from the US version aren't
compatible with the Japanese version, and vice versa.  If you made a character with the US
version of ver.1 it won't work on the import ver.2.  It WILL work on the US version of ver.2

To use your old character from PSO1, you'll need to have both v1 serial numbers AND numbers
from v2.  US serial numbers won't work on the import.

b.  Making a new character

*Note to importers:  If you have US serial numbers saved on your Dreamcast (i.e. you played
PSO1 online with your Dreamcast before) then it will prompt you to enter them.  However...it
will not accept US serial numbers; only Japanese ones.  To get around this, you must either
have the Japanese PSO1 or a Dreamcast without numbers registered on it.  To erase the numbers
from your memory, pop in the Planetweb Broswer v1.0 (it MUST be 1.0 or this will not work).
Plus a controller into Port B and nothing else.  Turn on the Dreamcast and continuously press
X+B until the start-up screen.  Voila!  It should have erased your PSO1 serial numbers and
you are ready for Ver. 2!*

You get to choose between 9 different character, each is in 1 of 3 classes: hunter, rangers,
and forces.  Hunters deal with close range combat and use swords, etc.  Rangers deal with
long range gun types, while forces rely mainly on magic.  Also keep in mind that some of
these are andriods who can't do magic at all.  The advantage to androids is that they can see
traps and aren't affected by spells.  Androids can also lay traps!  Also remember that forces
are very weak and it can be challenging to play at low levels, especially offline.
Remembering all that, you first need to decide what class you'll be, then pick a character:

i.  Character types


Humar:  He's an overall good character who can do a little bit of everything.  Great for solo

Hunewearl:  She's about the same as Humar, only with different looks.  Another well balanced

Hucast:  He's an android, so he can't do magic, but he is the most powerful character in the
game if you don't care about magic.


Ramar:  Another well balanced character, dealing with weapons.  Another good choice.

Racast:  He's an android, so count magic out of the question.  He's still a powerful ranger
and can see traps!

Racaseal:  Another andriod ranger, but this one's female.  A good alternative for someone
looking for something more unique.


Fomarl:  Not as strong of a magic user as the others, but this force has better attack power
with weapons.

Fonewm:  The most powerful magic user (along with Fonewearl)...he rules at high levels!

Fonewearl:  She is just as powerful as Fonewm, and another excellent character at higher

Once you choose a character, you can customize the costume, face, hair color, etc., and of
course the name.  Some characters are more customizable then others.  Just remember that it's
better to have a unique character.

Section IDs:

The name you choose determines your section ID.  Different Section IDs can find different
rares (see Section 7).  Read the Section ID FAQ to see what section ID you get with different
names.  I also found a calculator to find Section IDs at .  I hope
that is of some help.

ii.  Changing costumes

One of the cool features about Ver. 2 is that you can change your character's costume for a
price.  It's at a price though...100,000 Meseta to be exact.  This feature is nice for higher
level characters who have money to waste and are getting bored of their current costume.  If
you have 100,000 meseta with you at the character select screen you can change your outfit.

To change costumes, you must have 100,000 meseta on you (it has to be on you, not in the
bank).  Then when you go to the character select screen after pressing CONTINUE it will give
you the option to change costumes.  It will prompt you saying that you have to pay the cost.
There is no turning back now, if you hit YES then you will pay...now once you're here you can
change your hair style, color, and your costume.  That is all you can change!  Click OK when
you are done remodeling your character.

c.  Secret costumes

For each character, type in the code you see below in the Name for your character.  This will
give you two additional costumes to choose from.  If you do it right, you should hear a
"pleasure" sound.


4.  Playing

OK, this section will cover what you do during the game.  I'll get into specifics of playing
online later, but this is what you do once you're in a game:

a.  Controls

Joystick - This moves your character.  Pushing it has your character walk and then develope
to a run after a few seconds.

D pad - If you assign chat shortcuts to these, they message will pop up.  Otherwise these
buttons do nothing.  See Section 4biv for more.

A/B/X - These are all custom.  See Section 4bii for more.

Y - This brings up the chat window.  You can use the "virtual keyboard" to type messages.
Press X once to see a list of premade phrases.  These phrases are translatable and anyone
will be able to read them in their own language.  Press X another time to see a list of
Symbol Chats that you have made or were premade.  Press X again to return to the original

L - Press this to center the camera behind your character.

R - This does nothing by itself, but can do something when pressed at the same time as
another button.

R+A/B/X - These are also custom.  See Section 4bii.

R+Y - This brings up a quick weapon select feature new to PSO ver. 2!  This let's you easily
change weapons.  Press R when this menu is open to go through other menus to change your
item, techniques, etc.

Start - This brings up the main menu.

*You have a certain amount of HP (health points) and TP (technique points) that are displayed
on the top left corner of the screen.  When you run out of HP your character will die and
someone else will have to revive you.  If no one else is there, you can return to the city.
When your TP runs out you will not be able to use magic.  Androids do not have any TP.

b.  Main Menu

Because pausing the game online is an inconvenience to others, you can't pause the game
online.  You can't pause it offline for that matter, but it's not a big problem.  Instead,
pressing start brings up the main menu where you can control many aspects of the game.  Here
are the sub menus of the main menu:

i.  Item Pack

a)  Equip

You can equip weapons, armor, and MAGs here.  Press Y+R to quickly change weapons.

b)  Items

There are many items to collect in the world of PSO!  Selects 'Items' to see your inventory.
Each item you pick up, takes up 1 slot and you can hold 30 slots.  But recovery items such as
Monomates or Sol Atomizers can have up to 10 and only take up 1 slot (it will say Monomate
x10) so that gives you plenty of space.

If you are full, you can deposit items in the bank.  Go up to the bank in Pioneer 2 and press
A.  You can then choose to deposit or take items.  The bank can hold up to 60 slots.

If you run out of room or simply don't need an item, you can sell it to the shops for money.
Go up to one of the shops and you can buy or sell.  Select 'sell' and you can choose which
item to sell.  On the right it shows how much money you will get for that item.  In PSO you
get money called Meseta.  You can hold 999,999 meseta in your inventory and 999,999 in the
bank.  If you go to sell an item that would give you more money than you can take, you will
not be able to sell it.

Here is a list of every item you can get (excluding weapons or armor):

Monomate                Restores HP by 70
Dimate                  Restores HP by 200
Trimate                 Completely restores HP
Monofluid               Restores TP by 70
Difluid                 Restores TP by 200
Trifluid                Completely restores TP
Antidote                Cures a player of all adverse effects
Antiparalysis           Cures a player from paralysis
Moon Atomizer           Revives a fallen player
Sol Atomizer            Removes all adverse effects from the body
Star Atomizer           Completely restores your HP and HP of a nearby teammate
Scape Doll              If a player has this in his inventory then he will not die
Monogrinder             Adds +1 to the equipped weapon.  Will not go past the max.
Digrinder               Adds +2 to the equipped weapon.  Will not go past the max.
Trigrinder              Adds +3 to the equipped weapon.  Will not go past the max.
Materials               Add to a users stats.
Others...               There are other special items to be found.


I'm not going to list all the weapons (at this time) but just note that each weapon you pick
up has certain traits.  Each has its own percentages for different species - the higher the
percents, the more damage it will do.  Each weapon is + something as well.  The higher the +,
the more damage it can do.

You will occasionally find weapons with ??? in front of the name, or even see a ?SPECIAL
WEAPON.  If you find one, take it to the Tekker to find out what it is.  Beware that each
weapon has only one true tekker and other tekkers may give it lower percents... Also note
that common weapons such as DB'S SABERs don't need to be tekkered, they are no longer marked
as special weapons.  So if you see a special weapon, PICK IT UP!!!  See Section 7.


There are 2 types of defensive gear you can wear: frames types and barrier types.  Frames are
armor that has slots to equip items to.  Barriers are reefforcing units that you also equip.
Each has it's own stats and are more protective than others.  Frames can have 0-4 slots which
you can equip units to.

c) MAG

What's a MAG?  It's your robot friend that floats behind you.  Your MAG can evolve depending
on how you raise it.  Select 'MAG' to feed it, change it, see your photon blasts, and drop it
(note: you only get one MAG, unless you find another one, so you probably don't want to drop
it).  It has four stats:  DEF, POW, DEX, and MIND; each affect a different stat of the
actually player.  For example, if your MAG has 100 POW, your character would have 200 ATP
(attack power).  When you feed it an item, the some stats will raise, others might lower,
plus it can affect it's IQ and Synchro!  This can be confusing, so watch carefully what items
change what stats - try to focus on raising one stat at a time, while keeping it's IQ and
Synchro fairly high.

Some special things your MAG can do if it's IQ/Sync are high enough:

- Cast Shifta/Deband when you enter a boss
- Cast invincibility on your player
- Revive your player when he/she falls

You start out with a MAG that is lv (level) 5.  It has no photon blasts nor a photon meter.
Each time you completely raise a stat, your MAG will go up one level.  At level 10 it evolves
for the first time gaining a new photon blast as well as the photon meter.  The MAG evolves
again at lv 35 and 50.

Your photon meter is a yellow ring next to your HP and TP bars.  When it gets to 100% you can
cast a photon blast (PB) by pressing R and on of the corresponding buttons.  Sometimes your
MAG will also cast invincibility when your PB meter gets full.  Your PB goes up everytime an
enemy hits you.

d)  Area Map

This shows you a map of the area.  See Section 4c.

e)  Quest Board

This gives you a description of your current quest.  See Section 6b.

ii.  Customize

On the bottom right hand corner of the screen are four buttons represting the A/B/X/Y buttons
for the controller.  The Y button is always the chat/quick-select button, however the other
three are customizable.  Go to 'Customize' on the main menu to set actions to these buttons
(called the Action Palette).  You can set anything you want, from spells to attacks to
recovery items.

If you are using something that attacks another enemy (an attack or spell) you will lock onto
the enemy.  The lock icon will either be red, yellow, or blue - this color corresponds with
the color of the buttons.  If it's a red icon, hit the red button (A) and you will have a
better chance of landing your attack.  You can pull off three consecutive attacks at a time
with a little practice.  PSO virgins may need some time to learn this, but most of you know
how it goes - as soon as you finish the attack, hit the attack button again and again.  You
can attack three times before pausing.

iii.  Techniques

Techniques, or magic spells, or powerful weapons in the game.  Forces specialize in using
them, but all characters can learn spells with the exception of androids.  You can learn
spells from buying or finding disks.  Use the disk and your character will learn the spell.
But it's not as easy as it sounds - each disk requires your character to have a certain
amount of MST (magic power) in order to learn it.  Forces have high amounts of it, but other
characters will have to level up a lot to gain more MST.  You can raise your magic ability by
equipping any x/Mind units to your armor where x is the different rankings of units (Priest,
Angel, God, etc.).  Each disk is level 1 to 30, although only forces can use disks about
level 15!  Each spell you use requires a certain amount of TP which depends on the level of
the spell.

Here are the different techniques:


Foie:  A simple fire attack that can hit one enemy.

Barta:  A linear ice attack that hits multiple enemies in one line.

Zonde:  A simple lightning attack that strikes one enemy from above.


Gifoie:  Creates a ring of fire and burns nearby enemies.

Gibarta:  Shoots ice projectiles and can freeze enemies at higher levels.

Gizonde:  Hits multiple enemies with lightning in a chain reaction.


Rafoie:  Makes a huge fire explosion and hits nearby enemies.

Rabarta:  Launches ice and freezes enemies.

Razonde:  Hits all surrounding enemies with lightning.

Grants:  A very powerful light attack that hits one enemy. (rare)

Megid:  A powerful dark attack that has a chance of killing in one strike. (rare)


Resta:  Completely restores a player's health.  You can heal others at higher levels.

Anti:  Revives a player of all adverse effects.  You can heal others at higher levels.

Reverser:  Revives a fallen player.  There aren't any different levels for this spell.


Shifta:  Boots a player's attack power.  Can help others at higher levels.

Deband:  Boots a player's defense.  Can help others at higher levels.

Jellen:  Attack weaking technique for enemies.

Zalure:  Defense weaking technique for enemies.

Ryuker:  Creates a telepipe to the city.  There aren't any different levels for this spell.


- Techniques that strike a single enemy tend to be more powerful at high levels.
- Lightning is very efficient on robots.
- Grants is rare, but usually found in the Mines.
- Megid is rare, but usually found in the ruins.
- A force is very helpful and almost neccessary if you want to live!

iv.  Chat

Blah blah blah; yada yada yada.  Chatting makes the game worth playing so you might wanna
know a few tips.  Press Y to bring up the chat window and use the virtual keyboard to type
something.  Press X once (with the chat window open) to see the Word Select options.  Press X
again to see the different symbol chats.  But of course, getting a keyboard makes talking
MUCH easier and I highly recommend getting one to fully enjoy the game.  Whenever you type
something it comes up in a bubble above the player's head.  Remember that foul words are

a)  Shortcuts

You can assign words, phrases, or symbol chats to the D-pad buttons as well as the F1-12 keys
on your keyboard (which you WILL buy...=P).  Here's a few helpful phrases that you may want
to use:

For importers:

- I live in U.S.A.. (word select - TOPIC: LOCATION)
- Nihongo wakarania.  Daijobou desu ka? (Set the language to Japanese and type this. It
translates to "I don't understand Japanese.  Is that OK?".  Thanks to EGM for pointing that

For those without keyboards:

- No keyboard!
- I can't type fast.

Other helpful ones include simple things like "OK" or "lol" that you say frequently.

b)  Symbol Chat

In addition to using Word Select, you can also use "Symbol Chat" - this involves making a
face to have a certain meaning.  You can also choose from a few words to go along with your
face.  For example, you can have a smiley face with the word 'Hi' next to it, accompanied
with a sound effect.  You can also choose face parts and match them up to spell out words -
that's especially useful when trying to bypass the language censor.  I'm not going to
encourage using foul language, but it doesn't even let you say 'idiot'!!!  That's annoying.
A good thing to do is make a face that says "lv up" or something to congratulate people
whenever that happens.

c)  Guild Cards

Every player has his or her own card, which works a lot like a business card.  You can give
your card to people you meet online.  Cards can be used to find people the next time you
play.  You can search for a person and mail a person as long as you have their card.  With
guild cards you can now search people by their sex, class, and age.

You can now sort cards on Ver. 2 (another fault in v1).  To do this, highlight the card and
select 'Sort' the find another card and hit A.  The two cards will switch places on your
list.  You can have up to 15 pages of cards that can each hold 7 names.  The guild card file
is the one that takes up 45 blocks on your memory card.

d)  Simple Mail

It's just like email!  As long as you have a person's card, you can mail him or her.  It's
like a private chat room, but you can't type much at a time.  When you press A to someone's
message you can either delete it, reply to it, or search for the person who mailed you.
Press B to cancel.

e)  Log Window

If bubble chats get too confusing, open the log window to few text more like a normal chat
room.  You can also check this to see what conversations you missed while you were idle.

v.  Quit Game

When you finish, select Quit Game to save and quit.


c.  Areas

There are four main areas in PSO each with its own sub areas.  They are:  Forest, Cave, Mine,
and Ruins.  Go to the main transporter in Pioneer 2 to travel to them.  At first the only
area you have is Forest 1.  Then you'll get Forest 2 and once you beat the dragon you'll be
able to go to Cave 1.  Remember that each time you play you can only visit X1 (X being the
name of any open areas) - all sub areas (X2, X3) will not be open.  Forest and Mine have 2
sub areas, Cave and Ruins both have 3.  At the end of each area there will be a be
transporter - this takes you to the boss.  Offline when you step on it, just select the
option to say that you are ready.  Online however you need all the members to transport at
once.  If someone activates the transporter everyone has 10 seconds to get on it otherwise it
will start without someone.  You are automatically transportered once all members are on it.

5.  Online

Phantasy Star what?  ONLINE!!!!  That 56k modem on your system is what makes the Dreamcast
fun and you should take advantage of it!  Get ready to have countless hours sucked out of
your life because it will happen...online play is about to take over you.

a.  Getting Online

i.  Setting up an ISP:

If you don't already have an ISP set up on your Dreamcast, then you will need to set it up on
your browser.  The only important information you need to get connected is your username,
password, and phone number (these should be easy to find).  DNS numbers, calling waiting
numbers, etc. can usually be left blank.

ii.  Using a free ISP:

For those of you who don't have a dial-up ISP, you can use a free ISP instead.  Keep in mind
that in order to use a free ISP, you need to "decode" the password to get it to work on your
Dreamcast.  And also keep in mind that NetZero charges if you use it for more than 40 hours a
month - which isn't good for PSO.

BLUELIGHT - This free ISP works best on Dreamcast, so to use it all you have to do is go to
 to find local numbers.  Once you
have found enter, enter the following settings:

Username: [email protected]
Password: 4ml8WWH
Phone Number: Enter the one for your area

*The password/username is case sensitive so be sure you have entered everything correctly.
If you are have trouble getting that to work, try using all dialup numbers given to you.  If
that still doesn't work try this:

Username:  [email protected]
Password: 4ml8WWHWYQ
Phone Number: Enter the one for your area

Hopefully this will work and you can enjoy free online gaming (outside if the pay-to-play
fee).  Enjoy!

iii.  Using the Broadband Adapter:  Although the Broadband Adapter with PSO is unofficially
supported by Sega, it is still possible to use.  It will not enhance the experience at all
because PSO doesn't have a lot of action, but it is still good for people without a dial-up
connection.  I'm not sure if PSOv2 officially supports it, I'll try to find that out soon.

iv.  Getting online with the import

The following instructions were found at   I don't
take any credit for it, it was written by xPridEx, I just cleaned it up a bit.  If you email
me with questions about this, I may not be able to help you.  I had someone make a dricas
account for me (thanks to kilikmaster) so I don't know anything about using Chabsign...if you
have a question about that there's a 99% chance I won't know the answer.  But anyway, I know
most of the other things, so here's what you do:

Downlaod the registration program at  and
download the Japanese Word Processor and CJK Viewer from .  Open up
the word processor and CJK viewer.  On the system tray click on the CJK Asian character
symbol, check Japanese Auto-Detect.  Right click on the same icon and click options.  Under
my windows system change that to Japanese.

Open up the word processor and CHABSIGN.exe.  On the first part of CHABSIGN make sure the
isao.net thing is highlighted and the in the combo box, choose .  Click (N).  A bunch of
stuff will show up, click the button where (N) was before.  Now you're at a screen where you
must fill out information.  You must put Katakana characters in the first two boxes.  To make
these, go to your word processor and in the bottom right corner of the program, gray out all
the icons except for the one on the left.  This should set the program to Katakana.  Type is
random stuff that doesn't matter, the copy & paste it into the program.  It probably won't
show up as Japanese in Chabsign, but it doesn't matter.

The two boxes below need to be Kanji.  To set the word processor to Kanji, gray out the
button that made it Katakana and click the two buttons to the right of it.  Type more random
stuff and put it in Chabsign.  Put in a birthday, then the next one is to choose male or
female.  Choose anything, it doesn't matter.

For the three boxes directly below all that, type in anything.  These are bars from address
1, 2, and 3.  Put in random numbers from the next three boxes that go in a straight line with
'-' separating them.  For the three boxes that go in a straight line, these are to request
your user name.  Put them in order from most wanted to least wanted.  You can leave the other
boxes blank.  Click (N).  You should be able to figure out the rest of Chabsign because I
don't know the rest.  You should get a [email protected], xxxxx varies between each

Pop in the DC web browser.  Set the account settings to

Username:  [email protected] (whatever you got)
Password:  whatever your password came out to
DNS1 & 2:
Phone number:  Leave this blank

You may also have to enter email settings otherwise PSO will not recognize that you have an
account.  Now pop in your copy of PSO v2 and open up the WEBSITE section.  If you get an
error message saying that you do not have an Internet setting, this is most likely because
you do not have any email settings.  Go to the email settings in the web browser and enter
random stuff.  It may be a good idea to use the real dricas email settings if you have them.

Once the WEBSITE thing is loading, press L trigger or S1 on the keyboard.  Press down 2
times, then press A or Enter.  This should take you to an options menu with music.  When
here, press down twice and right twice so you're in the bottom right option.  Press A.  In
this menu, go down to the second option and press right.  Press A or Enter to enter in your
ISP data.  (NOTE:  You are entering your REAL ISP data, NOT the dricas account).  On the
first screen in the first line put your dialup phone number in.  If you only have 1 number,
leave the other 2 lines blank.  On the next screen put in your username and in the next line,
your password.  Once you're on the next screen, put in your Primary DNS, Secondary DNS, and
Proxy.  (For the DNS numbers, and usually work best.  Most people do
not need to enter in a Proxy, leave BLANK if not needed.)  You can leave everything else
blank, just hit OK to get through the next few menus.

Once you get through it all, hit B a few times, then hit L trigger.  Select the very button
option to reboot PSO.  You should then be able to play online!  Have fun!!!

Big thanks to xPridEx for posting that information at

You have two free days to play online.  After that, you will need to buy a HUNTER'S LICENSE
in order to continue playing.  To buy one, go to  and move your
mouse over the bars on the left into you see one called "license.html"  Click it to buy one,
then select the 90 day option.  Go to  for the
page translated into English.

On the next page, you buy the License.  In the first blank, put in your username (i.e.
[email protected]).  In the second blank, enter your password.  Now hit the gray
button on the left (the one on the right clears the form).  You should be at the next page.
There should buy a drop-down menu to select the type of credit card.  Belong that, enter your
credit card number in the four boxes connected with a '-'.  Below that write the expiration
date, and below that put in the name exactly as it appears on the credit card.  Now hit the
left button (the right one clears the form) and you should be all set!  If you get a page
with a black background and a picture of a fireball, that means the server is buys...try
registering again later.  The confirmation screen has a white background and a picture of a

Translated by KILIKMASTER with help from MATEK.  

b.  Starting Out

i.  Joining a ship/block

The game online is divided into different "ships" which are divided into different "blocks".
In each block there are ten different lobbies.  Once you've picked a place to go, you are
ready to begin. If you ever have problems with the server being full, you can still join.
You just need to find someone on your guild card list who is in that server, then select
"meet the user" - it will still let you get in.

If you are using the import, the default is the Japanese servers and if you have the US
version the default is the list of US servers.  Scroll down to the bottom to change
continents (go to the JP, US, or EU ships).  In case you are wondering, the ships are named
after the moons of different planets.  The Japanese servers are named after Jupiter's moons,
European servers after Saturn's moons, and the US ships are named after the moons of Uranus.

ii.  In the lobby

Each lobby is a little area that is basically like a 3D chat room.  Whenever you type
something, a little bubble will come up above your character's head.  In the center of the
lobby are four computers at the main desk.  Go up to one of them and press A.  This will then
let you join/create a team, transport to a different ship or block, and find out information
on server maintainence, etc.

To change lobbies, go the the transporters in the corners and select with lobby to go to.
Lobbies 11-15 are new to Version 2.  The ball will appear in the center every so often for a
short period of time.  Go to the counters in the far corner to change teams, etc.

iii.  Joining/Creating teams

Go to the desk to join or create a team.  The person who creates the team acts as the team
leader.  When you create a PSO Ver. 2 game you have the option of making different modes
(Battle/Challenge/None); on a PSO game you only have the options from PSO1.  All areas they
have unlocked offline are available online and their section ID determines what items you
will find.

c.  Playing

i.  Different Areas

When you beat a new area (i.e. the ENTIRE area, not just a section of it) offline you can
play the new area online.  That doesn't work vice versa though, if you beat anything online
you will not have it for next time online OR offline.

ii.  Difficulties.

Offline you get new difficulties by beating all the areas.  Online, you can play Hard as soon
as you become level 20, and you can play Very Hard (V-Hard) as soon as you are level 40.
Ultimate mode is new to Ver 2 and you can only play it when you reach Lv 100.  You can go all
the way up to Lv 200 in Ultimate.  Ultimate I hear is VERY hard (I haven't gotten to it yet)
and the enemies run faster than you!  So it's fight or die...

iii.  Quests

If you go to the Hunters Guild and do a quest, you won't be able to do the same ones as you
can offline.  Once everyone is in the Hunters Guild, the team leader can start a quest.

iv.  Beats

In the world of PSO, time is measured in a system called beats, this way everyone can
understand the time in whatever time zone you live in!  A 24-hour day is divided into 1000
beats.  Here is a chart of beats to other times:

| US Eastern | US Central | US Pacific | UK London | Japan | Beats
| 1 am       | 12 am      | 10 pm      | 6 am      | 2 pm  | 250   |
| 2 am       | 1 am       | 11 pm      | 7 am      | 3 pm  | 292   |
| 3 am       | 2 am       | 12 am      | 8 am      | 4 pm  | 334   |
| 4 am       | 3 am       | 1 am       | 9 am      | 5 pm  | 375   |
| 5 am       | 4 am       | 2 am       | 10 am     | 6 pm  | 417   |
| 6 am       | 5 am       | 3 am       | 11 am     | 8 pm  | 459   |
| 7 am       | 6 am       | 4 am       | 12 pm     | 9 pm  | 500   |
| 8 am       | 7 am       | 5 am       | 1 pm      | 10 pm | 542   |
| 9 am       | 8 am       | 6 am       | 2 pm      | 11 pm | 583   |
| 10 am      | 9 am       | 7 am       | 3 pm      | 12 am | 625   |
| 11 am      | 10 am      | 8 am       | 4 pm      | 1 am  | 667   |
| 12 pm      | 11 am      | 9 am       | 5 pm      | 2 am  | 708   |
| 1 pm       | 12 pm      | 10 am      | 6 pm      | 3 am  | 750   |
| 2 pm       | 1 pm       | 11 am      | 7 pm      | 4 am  | 792   |
| 3 pm       | 2 pm       | 12 pm      | 8 pm      | 5 am  | 834   |
| 4 pm       | 3 pm       | 1 pm       | 9 pm      | 6 am  | 875   |
| 5 pm       | 4 pm       | 2 pm       | 10 pm     | 7 am  | 917   |
| 6 pm       | 5 pm       | 3 pm       | 11 pm     | 8 am  | 958   |
| 7 pm       | 6 pm       | 4 pm       | 12 am     | 9 am  | 1000  |
| 8 pm       | 7 pm       | 5 pm       | 1 am      | 10 am | 42    |
| 9 pm       | 8 pm       | 6 pm       | 2 am      | 11 am | 84    |
| 10 pm      | 9 pm       | 7 pm       | 3 am      | 12 pm | 125   |
| 11 pm      | 10 pm      | 8 pm       | 4 am      | 1 pm  | 167   |
| 12 pm      | 11 pm      | 9 pm       | 5 am      | 2 pm  | 209   |

If your time is not on the list, check  to find out what
time it is by you.

v.  Courtesy

If you want to have a fun time online, you will need to get people to like you.  So here are
the DOs and DON'Ts of playing:


- Help lower level characters; don't let them die and don't hog experience.
- If someone needs money and you have extra, give it to them!
- Give away items you don't need


- Take all the items
- Grab items before all the enemies are killed
- Hog experience points
- Steal or cheat
- Hack the game (i.e. PK)

d.  Chatting

i.  Word Select

You can choose from a list of preset words and phrases by pressing Y and then X.  Find a
catagory and pick the phrase.  The cool thing about using Word Select is that they are all
phrases that can be translated into other languages.  So if you say "Help me!  I'm being
overwhelmed!" in English, your friend from France reads "Aidez-moi, je suis submergé!" while
your German friend sees "Hilfe, ich werde überwältigt!"  Although I've noticed that most
people speak some English even from other countries, this is useful for saying more complex

ii.  Shortcut

You can assign words, phrases, or symbol chats to the D-pad buttons as well as the F1-12 keys
on your keyboard (which you WILL buy...=P).  Here's a few helpful phrases that you may want
to use:

For importers:

- I live in U.S.A.. (word select - TOPIC: LOCATION)
- Nihongo wakarania.  Daijobou desu ka? (Set the language to Japanese and type this. It
translates to "I don't understand Japanese.  Is that OK?".  Thanks to EGM for pointing that

For those without keyboards:

- No keyboard!
- I can't type fast.

Other helpful ones include simple things like "OK" or "lol" that you say frequently.

iii.  Symbol Chat
In addition to using Word Select, you can also use "Symbol Chat" - this involves making a
face to have a certain meaning.  You can also choose from a few words to go along with your
face.  For example, you can have a smiley face with the word 'Hi' next to it, accompanied
with a sound effect.  You can also choose face parts and match them up to spell out words -
that's especially useful when trying to bypass the language censor.  I'm not going to
encourage using foul language, but it doesn't even let you say 'idiot'!!!  That's annoying.
A good thing to do is make a face that says "lv up" or something to congratulate people
whenever that happens.

iv.  Guild Cards

Every player has his or her own card, which works a lot like a business card.  You can give
your card to people you meet online.  Cards can be used to find people the next time you
play.  You can search for a person and mail a person as long as you have their card.  With
guild cards you can now search people by their sex, class, and age.

v.  Simple Mail

It's just like email!  As long as you have a person's card, you can mail him or her.  It's
like a private chat room, but you can't type much at a time.

vi.  Courtesy

Again, I give you the DOs and DON'Ts, only this time it's about chatting:


- Be polite to people (Say "Thank you." and "You're welcome.")
- Congratulate people when they raise a level.
- Tell people tips and stuff like that.


- Be rude to people
- TypE EvERyThINg LiKE ThIs MaKINg iT eVen HaRdER To rEaD
- Lie
- "ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELOW TO US"...don't type stupid phrases repeatedly.
- Don't use foul language unless that's okay with the other person. I know there's a censor,
but some people will get by it (i.e., "po.op")

e.  Battle Mode

Battle mode is where you can fight other PSO players.  When you join a battle mode game, you
need at least one more player to begin.  Once you have everyone that you want to join in the
game, go to the desk in the Hunter's Guild.  The team leader can then decide which mode to
do.  There are four types of battles:

1.  Spaceship Area, No special rules.  All players keep their current level and items.

2.  Palace Area.  All players start at level 1.  You do not keep any items, you can only use
ones that you find.  No extra enemies in this mode.

3.  Spaceship Area.  All players are equal levels but you do not keep any items.  There are
warps all over so it is easy to jump around the area.  There are enemies in the area as well.

4.  Palace Area.  All players are equal levels and you do not have any items.  The player who
collects the most meseta in the end wins.

Each time you die in Battle Mode, you are 5 levels higher than before.  Everything goes back
to normal in the end (i.e. you don't lose/gain any items or weapons.)  Hunter weapons are the
most common.  You get to keep all your spells but it is especially difficult for forces
because they don't start out with much TP.  High level forces on the other hand kiss some
serious booty on Battle #1...

f.  Challenge Mode

When you start a challenge game, you can start at the Hunters Guild.  Once everyone is near,
the leader will start the challenge.

Stage 1
Area 01-03
Target Time is 40:00

(This is all for now)

In challenge all players start at level 1.  You go through and try to complete everything
with a limited number of items.  If you beat the boss then you win, but you only live once so
be careful! (Well actually everyone starts with 1 scape doll so you have two chances).


- Teamwork is vital.
- Do not hog items, this can ruin the team effort.
- You may want to wait for all 4 people to join before begining.
- If you have extra monomates and someone needs it, SHARE!
- Let everyone hit every enemy at least once so you all can level up.
- Let classes get their respective items (mind stuff goes to forces, and so on).

You get a different rank each time you complete a challenge.  The first is Ra-GOU, then Gi-
GOU and so forth.  I'll add more as I learn them!

6.  Offline

So playing offline isn't the best part of the game, but it's still fun when you're bored.
Some of you may even prefer playing offline...so here we go!

a)  Completing areas

When you beat a new area (i.e. the ENTIRE area, not just a section of it) offline you can
play the new area online.  That doesn't work vice versa though, if you beat anything online
you will not have it for next time online OR offline.  When you beat Forest 2 and get caves,
you will not have Forest 2 next time you play.  You will only have Forest 1 and Cave 1
available.  Why?  Because you can only start out with the main areas each time you play.
Subareas are unlocked only for one game.  To get to the ruins you first must beat the Mines
boss.  Then go back to the previous areas and activate the totem pole switches.  Now go back
to the Mine and beat the boss again...the Ruins should be unlocked!  Enjoy.

b)  Quests

Go up to the desk of the Hunters Guild to choose from the available quests.  You can earn
rewards by completing different quests.  I will list them all at a later time (hopefully).

7.  Rare Items

The following is a list of rare items and which ID can find them.  Only certain IDs can find
certain items, so here is the list.  I DO NOT CLAIM COPYRIGHT TO THIS.  IT IS RELEASED TO THE

These are rares from Ver. 1.  As a side note, common rares such as DB's Sabers are no longer
considered 'Special Weapons' and do not need to be tekked.  They can also be bought at the
shops.  Ver. 1 rares are very common in Ver. 2 on Ultimate, so this list may need some
updating.  I'll add information about Ver. 2 rares as I find it.

Ver. 2 rares:

As Ver. 2 launches people are beginning to find more and more rares.  The following is a list
of rare items that can only be found in Ver. 2.  Thanks to  for
providing a list of them and Broccori Tree for originally posting it:

Item, Requirements, description
Flower Bouquet*, none, it looks just like a flower bouquet...I'm not sure if it's a weapon or
Red Saber, ATP 620, it's a Hunter weapon that works like a saber but looks like a Lavis!

Red Sword, ATP 620, it looks similar to a Claymore (sword type).

Red Dagger, ATP 710, dagger type that's red.

Red Partisan, ATP 860, I don't know why it's called red because it looks like it has a gold
tip...partisan type.

Red Slicer, ATP 970, another red Hunter weapon that works similar to a boomarang.

Red Handgun, ATA 140, a red handgun (duh) but I know from experience that it's very powerful
even at low levels (and I'm a force!)

Red Machinegun, ATA 175, a machinegun type that's red...two guns!

Chaoless cane, MST 900, I can't tell what it is from the picture but it's some kind of force
Ancient Saber, ATP 620, it's a type of saber.

Meteor Cudgel, ATP 950, double-saber type and looks to be quite powerful!

Sealed Sword, ATP 9

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